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Intermediate Gods

    Kyoichiro Kuroi/Kamen Rider 3 
Kyoichiro Kuroi, Divine Patron of Regretting Terrible Actions (Kamen Rider 3, Shocker Rider 3, The Phantasm of 3, The Phantom Kamen Rider)
Kamen Rider 3 
  • Intermediate God (Demigod in his normal timeline self)
  • Symbol: The Kamen Rider/Tacibana Racing Club Logo; alternatively, the SHOCKER Emblem
  • Theme Song: "Who's That Guy"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, originally Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Badass Driver, Cyborgs, Succeeding his mission of killing the Double Riders in the year 1973 while he regrets it, Being the One who caused the change of timeline where SHOCKER reigns supreme, Being a "Rider that should not have existed", Scarf of Asskicking, Remained loyal to SHOCKER until being snapped out and reformed as a true Rider, Set Right What Once Went Wrong, Fading his existence as a Cyborg and returned to his normal life as a Racer in the normal timeline
  • Domains: Racing, Combat, Cybernetics, Atonement
  • Allies:
  • Respected By: Tomoko Nozama, Karen Minazuki/Cure Aqua, Saitama, Kung Fury
  • Enemies: SHOCKER, HYDRA, Millennium, Master Xehanort, Gihren Zabi, Lord Chaos, Porky Minch, Ultimecia
  • Kyoichiro Kuroi was originally a failed racer in the normal timeline who strives to win by any means. He was turned into the cyborg "Kamen Rider 3" by the remnants of the evil organization SHOCKER in an attempt to alter the timeline by sending him in the year 1973 to assassinate the Double Riders. His existence is the result of the time alteration where SHOCKER ruled the world and the majority of Riders were brainwashed into one of SHOCKER's pawns as he seeks to fight them while he regret his actions of altering the said timeline until the final battle where he aids good-aligned Riders, along with the revived Double Riders, to defeat SHOCKER and restore the timeline proper with his existence as a Rider vanished as well while he resumes his life as a racer in the normal timeline, this time, he is under the promotion of the Tachibana Racing Club and BOARD.
    • Just to take note that Kyoichiro was not the true 3rd Kamen Rider since his existence as a Rider is the result of time alterations caused by SHOCKER. The true 3rd Rider was V3 who was existed after the demised of Gel-Shocker in 1973.
  • However the good-aligned deities, from the House of Time and Space, such as Trunks and Clockwork, were managed to ascend his alternate timeline self after they were impressed with his act of rectifying his earlier actions by restoring the timeline proper as they give him a position in this house in order to prevent any evil deities who dares to alter the timeline.
    • Due to his conviction, he became allies with Rika Furude, Oyashiro-sama, and Nozdormu since he also sympathizes with them for their dedication to fix the timeline proper. On the other hand, he has made enemies with the likes of Lord Chaos, Ultimecia, Master Xehanort, and Porky Minch due to the fact that they try to alter the timeline.
    • That being said, he and Trunks became close allies as they often seen training in the House of Combat to improve their experiences in their upcoming battles.
  • Upon his arrival in the pantheon, he had a brief reunion with the heroic Kamen Riders, although some didn't remember him since he came from an altered timeline, but the Special Investigation Unit's Kamen Riders, especially Shinnosuke, and the Double Riders may still remember him as he also thanked Shinnosuke for snapping him out of his obsession of winning which causes him to become a better person back then.
  • Being a racer himself, Kyoichiro can be seen practicing racing in the House of Travel since he's striving to win the upcoming race in this pantheon, he also gained an alliance with Dominic Toretto because he was amazed of him having a super car and being a Badass Driver like him, which he took it as a compliment as the two of them seeing practicing racing in that said house while their fighting their respective adversaries in the pantheon.
  • Kyoichiro became sympathizes with the Kombatant Raiden after he learned that he also regret his actions during the events of his own world. He also wishes he would become better someday.
  • Like many Showa Kamen Riders, he became allies with fellow cyborgs like Raiden, Victor Stone, Androids 17 and 18, Cyrax, and Genos as he also started to help them in their battles against their respective enemies.
  • He was initially opposed by Tomoko Nozama, Karen Minazui, Saitama, and Kung Fury, considering the fact that he helped SHOCKER to rule the world again by altering the timeline for the second time. However, after he helped the Riders to restore the timeline proper, his former opposition respected him as a true Kamen Rider for rectifying his earlier actions.
  • He became allies with Riku, Killia, and the rest of the atoners, because they were proud of him for atoning his past actions after he found the true meaning of being a true Kamen Rider. Riku also invites him to join him in his group of fellow atoners with his desire to live up with his purpose as a Rider.
  • He seems to have a disdain towards Gihren Zabi, Milleniun, and HYDRA because of how they similarly appear reminding him of SHOCKER in many ways. Speaking of SHOCKER, he was not happy that the organization has finally made their move in the pantheon. Due to this, he joins with the heroic Riders once more in order to fight this threat.

    Sol Badguy 
Sol Badguy, God of Atonement (The Guilty Gear, The Flame of Corruption, Frederick)

Lesser Gods

    Celistia Ralgris 
Celistia Ralgris, Goddess of Unintended Large-Scale Consequences and Guilt (Celestia Ralgris, Celes, Knight Squadron Leader)
  • Lesser Goddess (Greater Goddess with Lindworm)
  • Symbol: Her Sword Device
  • Theme: Lack of Communication
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Ace, Adorkable, Light Is Good, Fighter With Large Breasts, Unknowingly Causing a Chain Reaction, Does Not Like Men (except maybe she does), Deeper Voice When Serious, Hidden Heart of Gold, Guilty Conscience, Wanting to Make Up For Her Mistakes
  • Domains: Knighthood, Air Combat, Cause and Effect, Atonement
  • Allies: Lux Arcadia, , Lisesharte Atismata, Krulcifer Einfolk, Yoruka Kirhime, Origami Tobiichi, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka Tano, Princess Celestia, Kazumi Mishima (former High Preastess), good-align deities in the House of Felines
  • Enemies: Darth Sidious/Sheev Palpatine, Arcturus Mengsk, Sauron, Megatron, Celestia Ludenberg
  • Rival: Cecilia Alcott
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Night Raid
  • It was discovered that the destruction of the Arcadia and the fall of Lux did not happen overnight. After some research was done on the event, several of the most tactical minds of the Pantheon discovered that the event linked to one Celistia Ralgris. Before anything rash could be done, Lux quickly defended her: Celistia was the first to discover how deep the corruption of the the old empire went and informed what she found out to Lux's grandfather and her mentor, Wade Roadbelt. When Wade confronted the emperor about it, he was executed and Lux's family side was banished from the castle without warning. For the next five years Celistia would feel guilty over it and after meeting the grandson of her teacher she did whatever it took to keep Lux from fighting, even if it meant acting harshly towards him. Lux assured her that she had nothing to feel guilty about as she only did what she could do at the time.
  • Happy that she ascended, Lux took her on a date to one of the House of Food's finest restaurants, using money lent to him by Bruce Wayne. As time passed, Celistia had too many drinks and stumbled to the floor when she tried to leave, and when Lux tried to catch her, he lost his footing and ended up landing on her breasts. Many gods couldn't help but laugh at the whole thing, to the embarrassment of both knights.
  • Very fond of cats and spends a lot of time in the House of Felines taking care of them.
  • Much like Lux, Celistia doesn't look forward to working with Night Raid. While she acknowledges the sad state of their world and that the empire they fight is no better than Arcadia, her honor as a knight prevents her from associating with the likes of them. Night Raid isn't really fond of Celistia either. At least Lux tries to be cordial with them; Celistia comes off as posturing and sanctimonious at times.
  • Originally she was viewed as a man hater because of her cold and aloof attitude towards the male gender. That is not true. She is actually very shy around boys of her age group and only acts the way she does to put up a brave front. Also, as said before, strong and respectable men got her where she is now.
  • One day, while continuing her studies in the House of Knowledge, she came across the famous Obi-Wan Kenobi giving a lecture to a class of knights. Seeing much of her old master in Obi-Wan, she told him about what happened to her actions. Obi-Wan, ever the wise mentor, comforted her saying she only did what she thought was right, and ultimately gave Lux the opportunity to be the hero he was always meant to be. Accepting Obi-Wan's advice, Celistia felt her burden had become lighter.
    • Her conversation with Obi-Wan was overheard by Ahsoka Tano, who shared her feelings of failure towards her master. A friendship bloomed that day, and both girls agreed to do right by the masters they lost and the friends they still have.
  • Sees a kindred spirit in Origami Tobiichi, as they were both consumed by guilt from the loss of a loved one and only found redemption in the hands of the men they loved.
  • Being the third Celistia to join the Pantheon, it is only natural she interacts with the other two.
    • She gets along swimmingly with Princess Celistia, who finds her chivalry and honor admirable. Even so, she thinks Ralgris takes things so seriously (likely a side-effect of attempting to atone for her mistakes) and encourages her to spend some time relaxing with her friends.
    • Celistia Ludenberg is an entirely different story. Aware of her Lack of Empathy and self-inflicted lies, Ralgris has proclaimed she will stop her if she ever lays a finger on Lux. Ludenberg, for now, has kept away from Ralgris, but doesn't rule out the opportunity to manipulate her for her own ends.
  • Felt proud that Lux defeated Ichika Orimura in a simulated duel, owing his victory to his honor and skill as a Drag-Knight. Cecilia Alcott took issue with this, claiming Lux only got lucky and Ichika deserved that victory. Unwilling to let this insult stand, Celistia challenged her to a battle. While Cecilia gave Celistia some trouble with her sniper skills, the Lindworm's superior speed and short-range teleportation ultimately won the fight. Relations between the two have been chilly ever since.
  • Has earned enemies in Darth Sidious and Arcturus Mengsk, considering them no better than the emperor her master tried to stop. For that reason, she has associated with Jim Raynor in his fight against Mengsk.
  • Also has a seat in the house of Character Actions.

Oichi, Goddess of Guilt and Apology (Ichi, The Demon Queen, Night Whisperer)
  • Lesser Goddess (can reach Intermediate-tier powers when near Nagamasa)
  • Symbol: The Azai Crest cradled by a pair of black hands
  • Theme Music: Nemure hi no Hana
  • Alignment: True Neutral (can lean toward all shades of Chaotic depending on her mood and whoever affects her the most)
  • Portfolio: Apologizing, Super Tragic, Tear Jerking Life, Not-So-Evil Dark Power, Being Walked Over, Uncanny Valley Girl, Yandere, Voice of Mamiko Noto
  • Domains: Darkness, Emotion, Love
  • Herald: Kenta Usui
  • Allies: Azai Nagamasa (her husband), Midna, Setsuko Ohara, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Nodoka Miyazaki, Litchi Faye-Ling, Jigglypuff, Lynette Bishop
  • Enemies: Oda Nobunaga (her brother)
  • The first thing she did after ascending was APOLOGIZING for all of the breaks that Setsuko suffered... even if she didn't do it. "Everything is Ichi's fault..."
  • At least had the gall to call out Mildred back in the day when she was evil, saying that her light is a lie.
  • Was once the plaything of her evil brother, but when she was deified, many good Gods made sure that she was freed from her brother's clutches. It still didn't stop her from apologizing for the atrocities that her brother ordered her to commit.
  • She wanders the Pantheon as something of a blank slate, wanting a friend to hug... with her giant demon claws. She may have found what she is looking for in either Lord Happy (Ieyasu) or Lord Grumpy (Mitsunari).
  • Left a good portion of the Pantheon speechless when she single-handedly stopped her brother's attempt at genocide and even subdued him back to his throne. Perhaps the most startling of all, was that she didn't breathe a single word of apology or guilt over the action.
  • An untimely encounter with Nodoka Miyazaki has left her in tears of joy induced by the level of warmth, compassion and optimism she saw in the bookworm's heart. Out of sheer gratitude, she and Nodoka (who shares a similar voice with her) developed a sisterly bond, with the latter frequently visiting her and encouraging her to fill heart with more happiness, and not to lose her hope to find her beloved husband. Given her tendency to nickname people, “Honya-chan” came into her mind almost immediately, to the surprise of Nodoka.
  • As of now, calmly waits for her dear husband Azai Nagamasa to join her in the Pantheon. The rest of the Gods do their best to search for him, because sweet heavens know what would befall the Pantheon in any event she snaps.
    • Thankfully, she was informed that Nagamasa himself has made it to the Pantheon. What commenced was a grand uninterrupted re-enactment of their original wedding that made Oichi really, really happy. Still didn't stop her to apologize for anything that goes wrong, that's just her, we think...
  • When around Jigglypuff, she takes a form of a MUCH more positive persona of herself to the point you wonder if the two of them really are the same person.
    • Regarding that, her Koei-self which predated that, is more than willing to help her more depressed self in anyway possible, even offering her universe's version of Azai Nagamasa to give her a bit more encouragement than the other one would.

    Yuri Nakamura 
Yuri Nakamura, Goddess of Survivor's Guilt (Yurippe)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The SSS Logo
  • Theme: Brave Song, Theme of SSS
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, formerly with Chaotic Neutral leanings
  • Portfolio: Leader of the SSS, Survivor Guilt Due to the Murder of her Three Siblings, Immensely Driven to her Goal, Action Girl, Rage Against the Heavens, Crazy-Prepared, Effective Knife User, Bitter Anti-Hero, (Presumably) Committed Suicide, Resentment towards God, Deeply Cares about her Organization members, Purple Hair, Magnificent Bitch, Authority Equals Asskicking, Defrosting Ice Queen
  • Domains: Rebellion, Leadership, Self-Acceptance, Determination
  • Heralds: The rest of the SSS Members.
  • Allies: Yuzuru Otonashi and Kanade Tachibana, The Main Charlotte Cast, Joseph Joestar, Raiden, Houkago Tea Time, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Luke Skywalker, Akame, Night Raid, Naruto Uzumaki, Jim Raynor, Tomoya Okazaki, Nagisa Furukawa, Shirou Emiya, The Killzone Squad
  • Odd Friendship: Scorpion, Frank Castle/The Punisher
  • Enemies: Big Brother, Arcturus Mengsk, Nyarlathotep, Madara Uchiha, Regime Superman, Napoleon, Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious, Esdeath, The Helghan Empire (Scholar Visari, Colonel Mael Radec)
  • Opposes: Darkseid, YHVH, Qin Shi Huang
  • Pitied By: The House of Siblings
  • Normally, the afterlife would diverge into three different pathways; Heaven, Hell and Purgatory. Now in the case of the latter, its now a high school occupied and rub by teenagers who have died with regrets and failed expectations still strong in their minds. They can still die there, but would eventually come back completely intact. The students can move on from this afterlife once they accept their grievances and accept their struggles. In the case of one Yuri Nakamura, its a lot hardened. The eldest of four siblings in her life, Yuri was held by gangsters in a home invasion where they would kill her siblings one after another if Yuri didn't provide them with a valuable item on time. All of her siblings died. Now in Purgatory, settling her anger towards God for letting an event like this occur, Yuri sought retribution, forming the SSS Battlefront Afterlife.
  • Ascended into the pantheon with "Goddess" as an additional moniker, Yuri felt confused and went on to ask what to do with her situation. She was approached by Raiden, who empathized with her tragic past and admitted to his own struggles. He offered to be Yuri's mentor for the time being, citing her incredible leadership and planning skills. Yuri has since accepted and is taking strides to prepare for combat on behalf of the Grand United Alliance of Good.
  • Bruce Wayne took a good interest in Yuri and decided to help her out regarding loss and angst. He is advising Yuri to not succumb into the despair caused by her siblings's death and has given her access to some of his gadgets and weaponry for Yuri to use. Yuri sees Bruce as a good friend in need and is more than welcome to help him out, though she personally sees his Batman persona as rather weird.
  • She gets along well with the Charlotte Cast and seeks to fight alongside them, though they have their own issues to deal with. Yuri is also helping out with Tomoya Okazaki and Nagisa Furukawa and their struggles in maintaining their school activities. Although she is a Rebel Leader, Yuri also feels tempted to try sorting out issues with her friends.
  • Surprisingly found good company under Joseph Joestar. Joseph, in turn, likes her for being smart, talented and a capable fighter, but is also a goofball just like he is. Joseph is thinking about training Yuri to use Hamon, although she isn't really interested, instead wanting Joseph to use his own smarts more often rather than lacking out.
  • Formed an alliance with Akame due to their approach in leading their teams (Although Akame tends to be a leader regarding combat-based situations). As a result, Yuri found acquaintances with Night Raid and would often spend time with them. Night Raid enjoys Yuri's company, though she is not above teasing and belittling them for a quick gag. She also likes Naruto Uzumaki for his determination and for keeping true to his character.
  • Found good company under Jim Raynor with both of them leading a rebel team. Jim seeks to discipline and teach Yuri about improving her combat and leadership skills, which she is happy to accept. Yuri also takes the time to visit Luke Skywalker, becoming good friends with him. She wants a lightsaber partially for extra offense, but also how cool it is, though Luke suggests training with it first before going off to combat.
  • Yuri found someone to relate to with Shirou Emiya, the latter reciprocating the feeling. Both were motivated by the death of his loved ones, although Emiya was able to fight pass his grief and become a hero in his own right whereas Yuri (presumably) committed suicide due to said grief and later rebelled under that emotion. They do however agree in that their grief has made them a better person overtime, with Yuri expressing praise for the kind of person Emiya grew to be. That said, she finds his approach in heroism to be problematic and wishes to help him out on that.
  • Shockingly managed to become friends with Scorpion and Frank Castle. All three of them were driven by the loss of their loved ones and vengeance, although Scorpion and Yuri have since managed to move on from it, whereas Frank still feels the need to exert punishment on criminals. Scorpion and Yuri occasionally help each other out, with the former mentoring the latter. Frank is hesitant on allowing Yuri on borrowing some of his weaponry, but relented seeing how dedicated she is in her goals and her experience in combat.
  • As a proponent of freedom, Yuri normally opposes those who instill forced control and monitoring to their subjects. Regime Superman, Napoleon and Darth Sidious became noted enemies which Yuri continues to fight against. Esdeath and Madara Uchiha have been a thorn to Yuri, just like her other enemies, though they tend to be a lot more persistent. Nyarathotep is one being that Yuri tends to try ignoring as she's aware Nyarathotep would try corrupting her by tempting her mind about her siblings.
  • Opposes the Helghan Empire due to their aggressive approach on others and the very nature of their troops and their leaders Scholar Visari and Colonel Radec. Yuri has formed an alliance with the Killzone Squad to take them on. This culminated with a battle between Yuri and Radec, which ended in a stalemate with both retreating after wearing each other down. They've since sworn to take on each other again at some point.
  • Yuri's Arch-Enemy in the Pantheon, Arcturus Mengsk is someone who she would consider a total antithesis to a rebellious leader. Whereas Yuri earned the support and admiration of her followers and allies, Arcturus would backstab anyone if it meant furthering his goals. Yuri also treasured her loved ones and companions whereas Arcturus didn't care for anyone save for himself. As a result, Arcutus is the one being Yuri despises the most. Arcturus, seeing another rebellion leader like Jim, has decided to fight it out. The two have been battling ever since their first encounter and it's not going to die out soon.
  • Big Brother eerily reminds Yuri of the time students in the afterlife were assimilated by a supposed God and is quick to declare opposition. Big Brother, unlike Arcturus, sees Yuri as inconsequential, although it will not hesitate to eliminate her if it need be. Yuri always seeks out allies whenever she rebels against Big Brother.
  • Was not happy to learn of the actions of Qin Shi Huang. Yuri believes that everyone should live their life how they want it to be, and believes that Quin Shi Huang negates this by stripping away education and freedom. Yuri also finds its intentions of protecting humans to be counterproductive, given her experience with tragedy.
  • Yuri firmly opposes YHVH, seeing him as a clearly evil God, similar to Melkor and seeing him as someone who would want to put individuals in what she deems an "NCP" state. However, she finds Darkseid to be far worse, given the fact that slavery and forced reverence is part of his job and that he personally killed his brother for Godhood. While Darkseid doesn't have much to comment about Yuri other than simply being another threat, she is preparing a plan to take him on alongside her allies.
  • Fond of the Houkago Tea Time band and would occasionally rock out on their music. Yuri tells them that they remind her of a good friend, namely Masami Iwasawa and the Girls Dead Monster band back in her afterlife. The band members are planning on writing a song based on Yuri and her experiences in the afterlife.
  • Due to the incident regarding siblings, Yuri is rather hesitant to visit the House of Siblings. She couldn't even walk near it without getting nervous and often breaking down. While she has accepted their deaths and thus, able to move on, Yuri could never truly forget her siblings. Yuri is thinking about trying therapy in an effort to be more resilient, but also knows that her emotions are just as important as her leadership. The House of Siblings are highly sympathetic of Yuri and offer her condolences and support, especially those who wholly under how it feels to lose a close sibling.
We have no choice but to accept the one and only life we're given, no matter how cruel and heartless it might be.


    Soichiro Yagami 
Soichiro Yagami, God of Oblivious Guilt Slinging (Chief Yagami, Deputy Director, Yonjuro Asahi, James Turner)


    Karin Maaka 
Karin Maaka, Goddess of Embarrassment
  • Quasideity (Lesser Goddess if going berserk)
  • Symbol: A Red Flower dripping with Blood.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: High Pressure Nosebleeds, Luminescent Blushing, Friendly Neighborhood Vampire Being a rather unorthodox vampire, even by her native world's standards, Cute Little Fangs, Gag Boobs, Inelegant Blubbering, Shrinking Violet, Daywalking Vampire.
  • Domains: Embarrassment, Blushing, Unusual Vampires, Blood
  • Allies: Sorin Marko
  • Avoids: most other vampires, the Puella Magi
  • Being the token powerless member of her family, Karin has gone on record saying she's absolutely stunned that someone like herself managed to become a GODDESS. Of course, she finds her title pretty embarrassing...
  • Tries to stay out of her own house most of the time, by virtue of the more depressed gods and goddesses there setting her blood off. Avoids most of the Puella Magi like the plague as well: their level of misfortune triggers a truly MASSIVE nosebleed almost instantaneously, while she usually has a couple of seconds of warning to try to hold it in. About the only member of the Puella Magi she can safely be around is Madoka Kaname herself, and even then her blood gets a little jumpy.
    • To say nothing of The White: she actually lost enough blood to go into shock when she encountered them. Luckily, Flynn managed to bail her out and she made a full recovery in short order.
  • Has proven in times of extreme strain, usually if she holds her blood in for too long, to actually have a couple of the powers other vampires do, such as enhanced strength, senses, and telekinesis. The extent of her hidden abilities are unknown, as Karin tries to avoid this state if possible: it has the side effect of her going completely berserk.
  • Terrified to the point of borderline comatose of Alucard. The latter mostly ignores her, not considering her a threat worth killing.
  • Has forged an Odd Friendship with Sorin Markov of the House of Magic. Sorin has actually offered to teach Karin Blood Magic, considering how much of the stuff she has to work with. Karin has declined for the time being, but said she'd think about it.
  • Takes periodic trips to the House of Health and Diseases to donate blood. She's considered a dream come true in that regard: she has a far quicker recovery time than other donors, meaning she can donate more often, her blood can be received by almost anyone, and those who get a transfusion of her blood are less susceptible to complications after the fact.

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