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I am Super Mafia. As far as I know, I have Asperger's. As such, I have varying interests, though some interests go away while others stay for a long time. As of the writing of this page, I am currently a Shantae fan, though this can change based on what interests me at the moment. I generally prefer platformers, metroidvanias, and first person shooters. I'm not a big fan of playing JRP Gs, and generic shonen shows don't really give me much in the way of excitement (outside of a select very few, like My Hero Academia and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

As for the type of media I enjoy the most, it's music, western animation, web-based originals, and video games. When it comes to humor, I personally prefer slapstick-based humor, though works with some drama is also good. Though why slapstick over something like Steven Universe or what else is out at the moment? Honestly, I love to see characters get the tar kicked out of them while they react or act in an exaggerated way, though bad slapstick is far too common in comparison to good slapstick.


I'm not necessarily a person who participates in shaping Tropes, though I do participate in the Pantheon as a voter and occasional profile curator. Generally, I have a specific range of taste, so I may not go into characters I don't fully understand.

Favorite Franchises

Pantheonic Works

Super Mafia is where I create and test out ideas for Gods, Items, etc.!

The Indie Gaming Brotherhood is a sandbox for a possible Lesser Alliance!


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