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  • Between Chabal2's Chernobog and Mu Nu Xi's ice phoenix (and, later, fire phoenix), these came about once a page, especially when the two colossi fought each other.
  • Near the end of the thread, Artemis92's Nac Mac Feegles attempted a Colossus Climb of the former.
  • The aerial antics of Rallyfan9000's, Strigon's, and Flanker66's respective air forces (which, in Flanker's case, was actually just the one plane).
  • Gloom's Honorius and Artemis92's Laeven had a tussle or two, and at one point both challenged Mu Nu Xi's phoenixes (unsuccessfully for the most part, it must be said).
    • The latter also fought Plumbum's Sub-Zero's Lin Kuei soldiers.


  • At one point, someone (I cannot recall who at this point) brought in a Transformer, which terrorized the locals; Mattias Nilsson (played by Art 92) fought it for awhile.




  • The battle against the Anti-Spiral, which begins here. Started as a Pokemon-style battle between the Anti-Spiral King and a fusion of Golurk and Solrock, turned into an epic boss battle against a (significantly scaled down) Grand Zamboa. Highlights include sweet Dragonite rides and Soldier revealing his powers as a Spiral Warrior by deadlocking (and breaking) the Grand Zamboa's massive drill with a shovel!
  • The two-days-long brawl involving Queen Larsa, Galacta Knight, Mewtwo, Daniel, Nanoha, and (late into the fight) King Arthur, which kicks off here.
  • An all-too-realistic conflict of religious ideologies tears friendships apart. Starts here.
  • The glorious battle between Archer and Optimus Prime and Grimlock, which starts here
  • Beginning here, the technically-speaking boss battle versus Alex Mercer, a glorious work of combat. In detail:
    • bEaTrIcE appears in Whiterun, being teleported by the voice inside her head. She encounters Alex, who intends to absorb bEa so he can use this voice to return to Manhattan. Pohatu steps in to defend her, as does Archer, respawning from the brawl with Optimus. Then, Belial joins in.
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    • Pohatu gathers up all of the cobblestone in Whiterun while Archer, bEa and Belial fight Mercer. Then, he drops all of it on Alex and himself, complete with a "The Reason You Suck" Speech and Badass Boast. Alex ends up killing bEaTrIcE just before being buried, but bEa disintegrates herself so as not to be incorporated into Alex.
    • With bEa and Pohatu down, Alex smashes his way out of the rubble, triggering his Musclemass and attempting to try and pummel Archer into the dirt. In order to match Alex's strength, Archer responds by tracing Alex's Blade Arm.
    • Then, Handsome Jack takes Pohatu's place, deploying a Super Badass Loader and a fleet of Surveyors. He proceeds to taunt Alex and give Archer a powerful shield.
    • Finally, Archer executes Unlimited Blade Works, while a biomass-starved Mercer attempts to counter with Tendril Barrage. Mercer's attack fails to kill Archer and Jack (with the latter barely noticing the Tendril Barrage); sixty swords later, he is defeated. Fuck Yeah.
    • All that being said, Alex deserves props for fighting all these enemies at once; even as he sustained injury after injury, he kept chugging along.
  • What was originally a battle between a Colossus, Braum, Kyubey, Homura, and Marcia (the Downnerd Magician) soon escalated into one of the most memorable fights in Arena history. Starts here. Prepare to have your mind blown.
    • First, Kyubey, who was originally a Joke Character intended to kick things off by getting killed, manages to score a Contract with Marcia when she gets terrified of the Sand Worm Colossus.
    • Meanwhile, Homura and Braum show up, and the Barrier Warrior teams up with the pair of Magical Girl Warriors (including the newly contracted Marcia) to knock the Colossus around a bit. Snorlax shows up soon after, and Kyubey gets nommed.
    • Afterwards, Homura, Marcia, Snorlax and Braum, after an massive tussle that stretched all around Whiterun, manage to beat the Colossus, Dirge, to near death, however, he manages to escape before they can finally kill him.
    • Not long after Dirge's disappearance, a new opponent appears to challenge the fighters, a Witch controlling a wireframe Pocket Dimension, which suddenly attacks the group, forcing an exhausted Dirge to intervene and pull a Heel–Face Turn. The team is sucked into the Pocket Dimension and are forced to fight through a small battalion of Mooks to survive.
    • Dormin also makes his appearance as an encouraging voice from nowhere providing aid to the team. Snorlax and Braum manage to hitch a ride on Dirge's back, protecting his remaining Sigil with gusto and fighting off Witch's familiars.
    • Eventually, said Witch manages to finish off Dirge and it briefly seems the fight has taken a solemn turn. Instead, Dormin raises what's left of Colossus' vital essence, aiding the team one last time in an incoming Beam-O-War where Witch's ultimate attack collides with Braum's shield - empowered with both Dirge and Homura's energy - and slowly gets pushed back thanks to combined effort of all combatants, finally dealing the killing blow to the Witch and ending the fight with two combatants dead(Dirge and Homura), but not before bidding their farewells and acknowledging the bonds they've made over this short moment of acquaintance.
    • A short while later, the Witch's remaining Mooks return, only to have their asses handed to them by Corvo, Archer, Kid Buu and Hakumen.
  • An epic brawl between Joshua, Elizabeth, Jonathan Joestar, Jecht and numerous others, which starts here. Particularly awesome was the appearance of Draco Cantus, Elizabeth "hopping over" to the UG and casting Megidolaon (multiple times, with Joshua somehow surviving all of them), and Jecht destroying Joshua's meteor of light with his Blitz King attack. The sequence of events, in order:
    • Elizabeth leaves the Cantina some time after fighting Roxas. Joshua sees her, and, needing a proxy for the Reaper's Game, decides to shoot her. She's just fine, but Joestar believes that she has been mortally wounded, and attacks Joshua. After brief hand-to-hand, Joshua rises up to the air... where Elizabeth's Persona, Thanatos can safely cast Megidola on him. To soak up the damage from the attack (which affects all enemies), Joshua summons thousands of Walls of Grizzly, and it works, for a little while.
    • Then, the remaining bears combine into Anguis Cantus, a huge serpent. Thanatos goes after Anguis while Jonathan and Elizabeth try to knock Joshua out of the air. After Thanatos successfully wounds Anguis, the latter transforms into Draco Cantus. During the transformation, Elizabeth successfully downs Joshua with Mahamaon, only for him to reappear in Draco's midsection. Then, Jecht and a Powerful Kyurem appear to assist in taking down Draco, while Nu-13 observes from a distance. Then, Thanatos cleaves Draco's head in half, accidentally releasing Joshua.
    • Joshua calls in a huge meteor of light to destroy Mos Eisely. He summons another army of bears to restrain the other combatants and enters the UG. Elizabeth somehow follows him, and begins executing her ultimate attack: Megidolaon, a huge non-elemental explosion. Joshua tries to stop it, but fails, being vaporized. As Joshua and Elizabeth leave, Jecht executes Blitz King, succesfully destroying the meteor. A sorcerer named Rubick appears and observes from a safe distance.
    • Joshua had been killed by the Megidolaon, but a player pin he was planning on giving Elizabeth falls onto his Angel Feather, and he comes back to life. Elizabeth returns to the RG to find that she accidentally destroyed Mos Eisely. Nu analyses the situation, and Elizabeth hears her. Joshua tries to give her a "The Reason You Suck" Speech, only to be totally ignored. Joshua tries to shoot her again, only to be interrupted by Nu, Rubick and the Powerful Kyurem, while Elizabeth simply keeps walking, not even turning around to look at the fight behind her.
    • Then, it turns out Rubick was studying Elizabeth's magical trace, and uses it to summon an exact copy of Thanatos. Joshua uses his Angel Feather to resurrect Anguis, while Rubick uses his copied Thanatos to attack them. Then, Elizabeth intervenes and summons the original Thanatos to attack Anguis. Joshua's Angel Feather randomly summons a Reaper to his side.
    • Then, the Powerful Kyurem reappears and diffuses into it's component creatures: Boldegeist, Dark Star, Primal Dialga, Kyurem and Volvagia, and each one of them decides to attack one being. Elizabeth casts Mahamaon again, on Joshua, Anguis, the Reaper and Dialga. None of the attacks hit, and Joshua calls down the Moon to crash in, Majora-style. With to time to lose, Elizabeth charges another Megidolaon, but Joshua flees to the UG.
    • Back in the UG, Elizabeth points out the irony of the situation, which is almost exactly like the first time she entered the parallel dimension. Joshua summons a massive group of Reapers, but almost all of them die in the blast. Joshua and a squad of surviving Reapers flee to the RG, making this the second Megidolaon he's survived.
    • Joshua and Elizabeth return to the RG just as the Moon lands. Elizabeth uses Megidolaon again, twice, killing Anguis mid-fusion with Joshua. She looks about, finding what appears to be Joshua's ghost. The specter reveals the Angel Feather, but, before he can reach it, Thanatos grabs it. Joshua's angel feather comes into contact with Thanatos', and by extension Elizabeth's soul, and Joshua is reborn (again), as Elizabeth, much to both characters' confusion.
    • Elizabeth!Joshua tuns back into normal Joshua, and Elizabeth decides that there is not much the two of them can do to hurt one another. She offers to leave him alone if Joshua promises to do the same, but he initially refuses. He explains that he needs a proxy for the Reaper's Game, and he had Elizabeth in mind for that role. Elizabeth tells him to find someone else, but Joshua points out that Roxas won't leave her alone because he thinks she killed Xion. Elizabeth explains that she can handle Roxas. She's about to leave, but asks Joshua if there's anything else he wants to say; Joshua briefly relates the story of Neku, and his tale of Defeat Means Friendship. Elizabeth picks up on an important message: fighting for others. The two part ways, Elizabeth continuing her journey and Joshua going elsewhere.
  • Homura and Corvo engage in a stealth battle that turns into a brutal melee in the middle of their combined timestops.
  • The Fight between DIO and Yoshikage Kira. Even though the odds were in favor of DIO, the fact that the two baddies got to fight each other is still awesome. It even ended with DIO finishing off Kira in a similar manner as his death scene in Stardust Crusaders.
  • The awesome brawl between Nu-13 and a Darker and Edgier version of Mario.
  • The kickass duel between Tohru Adachi and Minato Arisato. Watch out for Persona 4 spoilers.
  • Lumina challenges the Supreme King to a "duel". She forces him to summon one of his strongest monsters, and then proceeds to soundly outpower it. The Supreme King's response? Play Super Polymerization to steal Lumina's summon and use it to make an uber-powerful Dark Gaia, prompting Lumina to literally say Oh, Crap!.
    Supreme King: I discard a card to activate my ultimate magic card, the all-powerful Super Polymerization! And now I summon...Evil Hero Dark Gaia! [Its] power is equal to the combined attack power of both of the monsters used to Fusion Summon him, so this version is far stronger than the one you nearly slayed! Now go, Dark Catastrophe!
  • The battle between Fate Testarossa and Archer, which starts here. The fight starts out at melee range, escalates into an exchange of powerful long range attacks, then culminates in a giant clash between Unlimited Blade Works and Photon Lancer: Phalanx Shift. And in the end, after Archer defeats Fate, he spares her and gives her a few words that just might have been a catalyst for her eventual Heel–Face Turn.
  • Starting here, a meeting between Piroko and a reluctant Fate Testarossa (plus a lurking Homura Akemi) turns briefly chaotic, before becoming two memorable matches:
  • The entire battle between Stormer Aurion and Ryuko Matoi, beginning here. What began as a duel of blades quickly escalated into a brutal hand to hand brawl as Darth Vader and The Persuer had their own duel beginning at the same time. It was blow for blow, complete with a "The Reason You Suck" Speech from Ryuko and a Shut Up, Hannibal! from Stormer in response. The battle reached a head when Stormer activated his Gigabolt Tornado, burning and shocking Ryuko as he was being brutally beaten to death by her fists. In the end, Ryuko won out, reversing a last ditch attempt by Stormer to stab her in the heart with his blade, Raijin.
  • What begins as "just" a scrap between Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha and a shrunk and heavily modified Idolo eventually escalates into an epic Beam-O-War, which in turn further escalates into an Unrealistic Black Hole courtesy of Nanoha and Raising Heart of all people trying and failing to control Metatron energy and its influence, learning the hard way that Evil Is Not a Toy.
  • Calia and Amber versus Stormer and Chiharu in a battle between The Power of Friendship against The Power of Love, and also Ironcommando's first foray into the Arena! Calia and Amber are very De Powered here as their powers would break most of the game.
    • Both sides use team tactics to fight the other, with Calia and Chiharu being on the defensive, Amber and Stormer on the offensive.
    • Stormer and Chiharu's lightning-and-holographic petal Combination Attack against Calia. Calia responds by creating lightning rods to dissipate the electricity, but gets hit by the petals. Thankfully, Calia prepared an armor in advance.
    • Calia gets the upper hand by trapping Stormer in ice, but Chiharu manages to keep up against Amber's relentless onslaught with her Deflector Shields. Chiharu lures Amber near the frozen Stormer and lets Amber wail on her. Stormer, seeing Chiharu get hurt performs an Ice Breaker via The Power of Love and his electrical katana, rendering the Gifteds' efforts null.
    • Stormer and his girlfriend then double-team Amber to take her out, while Amber summons a fiery tornado to take them out. Calia tells Amber to take to the air, but Amber's impulsiveness causes her to strengthen her attack instead. This allows Stormer and Chiharu to successfully cut Amber up with a Combination Attack, but Amber's fiery blood and burning tornado severely burns Chiharu, who faints.
    • Stormer, now enraged from the defeat of his love, attacks the ever-so-stoic Calia in a rage. Calia creates an Elemental Armor to block Stormer's shots and performs an (mostly-)Unflinching Walk, while Stormer effortlessly dodges her Gemstone Assault Flechette Storm. Calia responds to Stormer's guns by grabbing them and coating them in crystal, rendering them useless.
    • Calia pulls a ruse to let Stormer attack her left arm with an electrically charged Raijin- this heavily damages the president's child, but by coming into contact with Calia, Raijin gets magically covered in rubber and polyurethane foam, rendering it completely useless and reducing Stormer to his last weapon, Foudre.
    • The battle ends in a Double Knockout when Stormer stabs Calia in the chest with his other katana Foudre, which Calia had underestimated. Calia responds to her impalement by summoning multiple crystal shards to impale him. As they fall, both combatants tell each other that they were a Worthy Opponent.
  • When Fractured Mancer is possessed by the Eldritch Abomination powering his Gateseal, all hell breaks loose.
  • Starting from here and ending here, a ten-year-old Black Mage is going up against the Regent of the Mask, and after the Regent steals Gigi's (the Black Mage) tome and he responds with a staff to the face, he decides to try to give the kid the Grip of Murder. And what does he do? He starts running, removing any articles of clothing the Grip has gotten itself upon, even flinging his hat into the air to distract it, which while that didn't work, he still got through. He even manages to get his book back and cast a Warp spell for him. The best part, however, comes at the end: the Regent, in a last ditch effort to seize the boy, teleports in front of him and fires an orb at him...which knocks Gigi through the portal. (Unless the org hit his feet, that is. It never specifies.) It's small, and it doesn't really matter in the long run, other than possibly setting up Spike with getting the Grip of Murder, but it was still pretty dang awesome.
  • An awesome battle against the Ultimate Chimera begins here. What really stands out is the way it's defeated: by dropping a massive Logic Bomb on its commander Pseudo Porky. When Pseudo Porky claims that the Ultimate Chimera is the most perfect of beings, Ryu points out that this means Pseudo Porky can never reach perfection himself. Because Pseudo Porky was created to become perfect, he refuses to accept that and weakens the Ultimate Chimera. When he realizes that he was tricked, he... does not take it too well. It's a very satisfying moment because Pseudo Porky is a recurring villain in the Arena.
    • Even better, it looks like this might be the beginning of a Heel–Face Turn for Pseudo Porky.
  • Starting here and ending here, we have the Male M.U.T.O of Godzilla fame, taking on Kirby, Original Characters Isana, Renault, and Stadrick Gl'adesh, and Mystia Lorelei all at once, in a battle that continuously shakes the entire Arena right to its core, eventually capping it all off with a nuclear climax. Here are some particular moments that stand out:
    • The entirety of the MUTO's Dynamic Entry deserves a worthy mention.
    • Also, the moment the MUTO arrives, the massive Kaiju very quickly incapacitates the group of fighters, proceeding to easily trump all who get in its way and desolate the Facility. Notably, Renault and Kirby manage to stall the creature briefly in its rampage.
    • However, afterwards, the MUTO miraculously ceases its rampage to feed, granting the fighters a moment to breathe. Stadrick is rescued from the ruins by Isana. In its feeding habits, the MUTO inadvertently reveals two weaknesses - its attraction to nuclear materials, and powerful explosives being one of the only things that can damage the Kaiju. Stadrick and Isana devise a plan to construct a nuclear bomb from Titan wreckage to kill the creature, while Kirby exploits its sensitivity to explosives to buy the duo some time.
    • Notably, Kirby, of all fighters, manages to duel the MUTO solo and stand his ground for a pretty decent amount of time! Special mention goes to the moment where he, near defeat, goes Crash Kirby and knocks the MUTO out with a well-placed explosion to the face!
    • The MUTO, while heavily damaged, wakes up and tries to fly away... only for Kirby, briefly aided by the surprise appearance of Mystia, to delay and distract the beast once more, resulting in a dogfight where the MUTO eventually ends up picking up entire buildings and tossing them at Kirby!
    • This grants enough time for Stadrick and Isana to finish the bomb, and fire it, just as the MUTO is about to tear the two apart... The resulting explosion not only kills the MUTO, but buries it under tons of rock, finishing the menace once and for all. Sadly, this comes at the cost of Stadrick, Isana, and Kirby's lives.
  • Starting here and ending here, Smaug goes on a rampage against a pair of fighters before being confronted by Thorin Oakenshield. After a brief exchange of words and a tussle that ends with both of them wounded (Smaug being hit in the eye by an arrow, Thorin getting slashed by the dragon's claw), Questor's OC, F, joins the fray and ends up duking it out with Smaug in a clash of the titans (with some epic Ham-to-Ham Combat, to boot) while Thorin searches for a ballistae with Black Arrows he can use to kill the dragon with. After Smaug ends up trashing F, the dwarf finds a Dwarvish Windlance and hits Smaug with a Black Arrow. Noticing this, Smaug turns his attention to Thorin and destroys the Windlance, but not before Thorin manages to fire one more Black Arrow right into the dragon's weak spot, slaying his foe right on the spot.
  • What do you do when a angel and a devil are fighting each other? you give them a stern lecture and offer to treat them, of course.
  • A battle against a fully corrupted Giegue/Gyigas begins here. Highlights include Psycho!Ness using his ultimate technique for the first time to turn into Ness' Nightmare, and the final Gyigas form, which is defeated just like in the source game - by praying. Almost every character of note in the Arena joins in, including even some of the evil ones. Featuring a Big Damn Heroes appearance from Mystia just in time to save Psycho!Ness from Gyigas' final attack.
  • Starting from here, is a duel to the death between two Master Swordsmen in the form of Questor's OC V and Hobo's Ryth, the Deathless Blademaster. It dragged on somewhat but the honor, skill and nobility displayed by both combatants is nothing short of inspiring.
  • Beginning here Wes and a Corrupted!Tare duke it out, ending in Wes getting corrupted and then healed by NotCorrupted!Tare at the cost of the latters memories
  • The reveal of Alpha, Daughter of Metatron sees her showing off her Metatron powers to a certain Knightess with familiar magics. Just as this provokes her to attack, fearing corruption, another mechanical knight shows up - the fully robotic Kain, seeking to prove his supremacy in the "heavily-armoured mechaknight" department in a three-way battle. The result quickly turns awesome, as the knightess tricks Kain and Alpha into a rather hostile fistbump, leading to the first of many awesomely explosive exchanges and Kain's infection with Metatron. The "Holy Shit!" Quotient then gets ramped even higher as the Knightess breaks out a concentrated death beam, prompting Alpha to reveal her own ultimate attack, and Kain to activate his Null Field and sheer Determinator-ness to protect her. The result can only be described as cataclysmic.
    • There's also another battle going on at the same time, which I didn't pay that much attention to, but... it seemed pretty awesome as well, if not as wordy.
  • Ironcommando's second foray into the arena brings with him Gecko, the third Mini-Boss of Einhänder, against Omega, Kain, Joffrey, and Vic Viper. The Spider Tank proves to be a tricky foe, firing various types of lasers, using its gravitation system to perform Wall Crawls and agile evasive manoeuvres, and using Combination Attacks with its summoned menions. The group gang up on it, leading to awesome stuff like Kain throwing one of the Gecko's own flunky trucks, Omega's fancy dodging skills, and Vic Viper's missile barrage entrance. Kain's, Omega's, Joffrey's and Vic Viper's attacks destroy its dual lasers, but it manages to take out Joffrey and (seemingly) Kain with well timed attacks.... and then reveals that it still has another, faster laser.
  • Starting from here, Norman Daggett; one of the many OC's Questor uses and perhaps the vilest out of all of them, given that he was responsible for the creation of the Revenant Squadron all but declares war upon the entire arena by first cutting the Prism tower in half and darkening the sky above the city with a literal cloud of Mecha-Mooks before starting a massive inferno that eventually burned the city down with a rain of napalm bombs. Highlights of the war include:
  • Starting here a more than 9 hour (RL) fight starts against Damian, ending with Damian challenging Ler to a Duel and getting a challenge from her, he says he thinks about it
  • Just as the fourth version of the Arena is approaching its end, it receives a visit from Nightmare Moon, somewhat symbolically bringing with her a total eclipse of the sun. What follows is a true no-holds-barred, over-the-top clash of the titans, involving Nightmare Moon, Madara Uchiha, Lucifrost (a tremendously powerful version of Jack Frost) and a few other divine-level beings. Featuring giant moon lasers, mountain-sized energy constructs, attacks that could give Dragon Ball Z characters a run for their money, and the moon blowing up because a hammer was thrown at it. Lucifrost eventually emerges the winner.

v5 (The Spinoff)

  • The sparring match between Isaki and Vestara Khai.
  • Starting from here Lucifrost makes his second appearance. What follows afterward is a destructive and projectile-filled clash between him and the fighters, which included highlights like Alpha attacking with a homing shuriken and Cross taking on Lucifrost's form at one point, only to get killed by multiple lightning bolts.
    • The CMOA comes in when two of the three remaining fighters: Alderoth and Alpha, try to use their strongest attacks to finish Lucifrost off. Cue in Alderoth going Super Mode with his Chaos Form and ripping through Lucifrost's Megidoloan, which, mind you, had triple the power thanks to Lucifrost's Mind Charge. Alpha also easily pummels Lucifrost down, dodging the Megidoloan in the process and damaging him severely, just before Alderoth unleashes a Finishing Move which utterly pulverizes Lucifrost and part of the Arena, turning him to dust and leaving no body in sight.
  • Minato, Elizabeth, Engie, Thana, Vestara Khai and Hibiki find themselves pitted against Team Rocket... using absurdly powerful legendary 'mons. Starts here.
  • The fight between Isaac and Pluto from Mega Man V, even though it turned into a Curb-Stomp Battle courtesy of Isaac, starting right here.
  • An epic battle occurs when an horde of Dolls attack the Arena... only to be confronted by Engie, Vegeta, Isana and Daydre, special moments include Isana and Daydre making a Dynamic Entry with waves of fire and a wireframe jet plane, Engie using his arsenal to lay waste to the dolls while finding their weaknesses, and Vegeta smashing his way trough them. Hell, the dolls ended up afraid of the warriors, even if props have to be given to them for initially surviving the opening attacks of Engie and Vegeta.
  • It started as a Free-for-all duel between Dead Master, Specter Knight and Lilith. Lilith left the battle fairly soon though, turning it into an epic and honorful duel instead, as the two reapers battled toe to toe with their scythes, their powers, the enviroment and all the techniques they could think of, to the point that both eventually stopped holding back, clashing in one final blow with full power that ended up in one big energy burst that nearly took them both out, with Dead Master winning by a small margin. Starts here.
  • Sasuke Uchiha, Revan, and a few other fighters go head-to-head with a squad of heavily-armed Brutes. It culminates in a climatic battle against a rather durable Brute Chieftain that, after taking an ungodly amount of punishment, is finally slain after Sasuke pulls an epic Taking You with Me on him. Starts here.
  • Vezon appears in the arena and unleashes chaos on the fighters. At the start of the battle the fighters couldn't do any damage to him thanks to the mask of life giving him immortality and protecting him from harm. He even sends a army of shadows against the fighters that reformed when destroyed and increased in numbers. Despite the odds stacked against the fighters they still continued to fight and endure Vezon's attacks. During the fight Vezon's mask of life regained it's full power and he planned to unleash more shadows against the fighters....Except the mask of life removed his shadow manipulation and all of the shadows as a result, much to his displeasure. The fighters kept fighting until one of them managed to snatch his staff of fusion and help defuse the mask of life while other one took the mask and destroyed it. Vezon lost his immortality after that and the fighters unleashed their final attacks on him. The attacks and loss of his mask of life left the master troll a complete wreck. After dying his spirit was then devoured by the Shadow Queen, thus possibly killing the piraka for good. Starts here.
  • Two sets of Tag Team Tournaments have been held in the Arena. With the first tournament having the teams of Derek and Neuff, Construct 13 and The Baron, Ike and Mario, and Dark Bakura and Dark Marik, and the second tournament having the teams of Ryu and Terry, Thalia and Bydel, and Dan and Yee. Yes, ''that'' Yee. Both have had plenty of awesome moments, such as Yee of all beings fighting strategically, or Dark Marik and Dark Bakura successfully stalling, without words, until Marik is able to summon Ra.
  • Starting here, Giorno Giovanna, Dark Knight Flint, Varuch, and Nyriss take on a Chaos Emerald-powered Mephiles and his army of clones in an intense battle. Despite the odds initially being stacked against them, the four nonetheless manage to slay their foe in the end. Especially noteworthy moments include:
    • Varuch showing just how powerful of a mage he really is by not only stopping one of Mephiles' massive shadow beams in midair, but sending it right back at him.
  • Starting from here, there's a Free-for-all airfight involving Planner, Neavenit, Evan Alto, Isana, and Deez. Highlights include Neavenit's portal attacks and dragons, Evan's piloting and revealing that he can summon missiles and even guided nukes, Deez' over-the-top, flashy and powerful attacks, Isana's resilience and capability to survive lots of what was thrown at her, and Planner, the seemingly weakest of them, managing to keep up with far less powerful weapons.
    • The end of the fight is also pretty spectacular. Having beaten Neavenit and Isana, Evan's aircraft is gravely damaged by Planner and Deez, prompting Evan to completely lose his cool, cocky attitude and start screaming a Badass Boast. Planner's reaction? To give him a short "The Reason You Suck" Speech, mainly focused on the fact that he's a one-man show and she had co-operation, right before Evan's plane falls apart, leaving Planner as the only one standing. Yes, that's right- Planner managed to outperform the rest, thanks to a little help from Neavenit.
  • Starting from here, Tamlyn and Neuff begin a friendly battle that ends in a draw, though not before destroying a ton of their surroundings.
  • Starting from here, Garou and Zelerie clash in a one-on-one confrontation. Said battle involves Zelerie going Super Saiayn to match Garou's own transformation.
  • Starting from here, Spiralblock Peak. The whole damn thing. From the first fight against Security Force with a tangible damage counter, to Proteus Ridley who gets bombarded by Bakura's card monsters, to the Flood, to the final showdown with Dark Fiddlesticks-X. It concludes with the birth of Morpho Knight as an Arena avatar and Green Jr. making plans for a new tournament, inspired by the battles of the treacherous mountain.
  • KiriK's first Epic Event of the Arena, a Marathon Boss fight against Derak, God of Nihilism. Words cannot do it justice. Highlights include the arrival of an 11th-Hour Ranger in the form of Amaterasu, Goku pulling off a Super Spirit Bomb, and everyone receiving their own Theme Music Power-Up as the fight against Derak's final form begins.
  • What happens when two beings who literally cannot die fight each other? We get a glimpse of the possible devastation to be wrought, when a scene that starts here ultimately leads to Mata Nui vs. The Stranger.
  • Starting here, Vegeta fights... DucktaleZ!Vegeta. It's both hilarious and amazing.
  • A hunt for Time Breakers, starting here, is truly a battle for the ages, revealing a new form of Super Saiyan that relies on Yellow Kirby's Friend Abilities to achieve. However, it ultimately leads into something even better: A sparring match between Middler and Eternal Kakarotto, two of the most physically powerful fighting characters to ever appear in this version of the Arena.
  • The battle against Troa. Featuring Loads and Loads of Characters, several people gather to fight Troa Tripadora, using the strength and wits to battle her across her base, enduring her blows and dishing the pain against her. After finally cornering the mob boss, however, she reveals her terrifying Limit Breaker form and proceed to shatter the mountains, killing off several characters and causing the survivors and the newcomers to group up to try and fight her. Gods, powerful sorcerers, dragons, powerful technomancers, Kirby, Sisters, the Homunculi, Dragon Ball characters and other powerful individuals launch themselves at Troa, who manage to outmatch them all, killing a few of them in the process. Ultimately however, good triumph when the good guys manage to stagger Troa and open her up for a ruthless telepathic assault by the squad, allowing a powered up Neuff to wail on her and set her up for a major beatdown by the rest of the team.
  • Behold! DevilPsyco's Fusion Master (who is actually Missingno) seeks misguided revenge for the death of a friend who he had "brought back", who he can't revive again due to the Assassins' curse. Thus, he summons Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre to destroy the Arena! Among the opposition are none other than a Rayquaza and a Deoxys, too.
  • After three battles leading up to it, a Tempered Deviljho attacks New Los Angeles, the de facto "safe zone" from large-scale threats, and rises from the rubble as a World Eater for one last showdown, starting here.
  • After a heck of a lot of buildup, including both the Tempered situation above and a fight against Storm Weaver leading into it, Xeno'jiiva awakens and a shitload of draconic characters go in to throw down against it, receiving backup in the later parts. Things begin here.
  • Eternal Kakarotto gets into another awesome fight (this time against Saitama), starting here.
  • Miki and Original Character Miles versus Ceph, starting here.
  • KiriK's unquenchable thirst for plot-based combat leads to three fights in a row - all taking place within the primary location of "civilization" for the then-current map. It starts with Kars and Karstodes VS Marinette and Miles/Nebula, here.
  • Towards the end of KiriK's Jamba Heart plot (which involved a lot of characters getting possessed by pieces of the MacGuffin from Kirby Star Allies), Crazy Hand attacks the Jambastion mages in the midst of their attempt at a Heel–Face Turn. The heroes pursue, and end up fighting against a creation of his - Maelstrom Ridley, which possesses an aura that prevents them from simply attacking their way to victory like most bosses. It all starts here.
  • Speaking of said plot, it all caps off with a battle against Crazy Hand, and then Void Termina itself, the latter of which starts here. Talk about a Marathon Boss that keeps the characters invested in beating it.
  • KiriK had the ambition to do a series of battles based on Xenoverse 2's DLC "Infinite History" storyline, and the first, which ended up quite a spectacle taking place in what might have been an Ur-Example Arena predating v1 itself, began here.
  • Saitama VS. Jiren. Again, Saitama versus Jiren. It shouldn't have to be explained why this 1v1 can be considered a clash for the ages.
  • Starting here, DevilPsyco runs a superb battle against Count Kevin, from an obscure manga called The Horror Mansion.
  • Rbade runs a rematch fight for Taro starting here. Starring a sudden "super-nerf" and all the combatants resorting to various methods to break their power limits (resulting in several crazy EX Fusions), the battle is a spectacle to behold.
  • A Smash-style version of Giegue (here called Giygas regardless of his form) ends up nuked by Galeem... as is Broly, and the two end up paired up as the first battle of a plot based on World of Light. The battle against Giygas possessed by Broly's Spirit begins here.
  • Super!Gogeta vs. Super!Vegito. The sheer power being thrown around in their battle is so great, it creates Spirits of them from the aftermath, without Galeem lifting a finger!
  • Can anyone say... creepypasta battle royale?! Featuring X from Sonic.exe, RED from NES Godzilla Creepypasta, Pinkamena from Cupcakes, BEN, Jeff the Killer, Suicide Mouse with a dash of Kingdom Hearts power expansion, and of course, the Slender Man. Slendy's also got his appearance from Enderman vs. Slenderman (the one where his sprites were a modified version of Oswald's), and fighting capabilities to match.
    • And then it happened again! Only this time, the setting was the Rainbow Factory (making its second appearance in the Arena, the first one being Daggett's invasion mentioned above in v4), with the freaks having to duke it out among themselves while also contending with the self-defense forces of the facility. Things escalate when Supervisor Rainbow Dash herself enters the fray, using a battle armor powered by no less than a Chaos Emerald, allowing her to match or even outmatch anyone in the fray. In the end, an unlikely winner emerges: GHOST from the Pokémon Black creepypasta, using its move Phantom Force in a creative way to Tele-Frag Dash inside her armor and nab the emerald. Unfortunately this fight dragged on for days upon days and was fraught with absences from several participants, so you often need to dig through several pages just to find the next post.
  • Dogfights are scarce in the Arena. Even Dragon Ball characters spend a lot of time on the ground or hovering in place, but a duel of Dark Pit and an alternate-universe version of Wriggle Nightbug manages to deliver on the kind of fight you'd expect between two shoot-em-up characters, in a sky-high battle that travels across a canyon as it progresses, starting here.
  • While it took a long time with a lot of "posts getting buried" going on (the story arc leading to it began January 3rd 2019 and it ended July 1st), Mothra's entrance is subdued awesome, being Description Porn of the finest degree. See here. Omega's self-insert's speechlessness is representative of how said troper believes he himself would feel if he saw such a sight, from the same perspective.
  • World of Light, reenacted. An entire plot spanning many months, which received focus from most if not all of the players who were largely active during its run. All events in the plot can be found in this Google Doc.
  • In a wholesale reference to 16 Ways to Kill a Vampire at McDonalds, Marie, who possesses no superpowers aside from the ability to see the future, manages to kill a vampire before he has the chance to murder Mary Hart (who's from Genki, a Japanese language textbook) within one in-universe hour, without attempting direct confrontation. Starts here.
  • In a sequence that starts here, Saitama singlehandedly fends off two of Bolded's biggest past bosses, Katre and Troa; as well as a third future boss who may have been created by their BE! counterparts named Eleven, all at once! Despite no longer being truly a one-punch man, this fight proves he's still got it, as he holds all three of them off until Set (their current master) decides to take them and leave rather than let the fight reach a conclusion. KiriK also noted that Oscurità di Xehanort fits oddly well with the premise of the battle - three characters, none of them going all-out or using their full arsenals, but all are treated like they're just as threatening as times before when they did do so - that is, if you read it from the perspective that they're the boss, and not Saitama.
  • After being antagonized by Arachnos' Dragonborn, Farandare, since one of the early boss battles in World of Light, IchigoMontoya and KiriK's Dragonborn Viserys and Awkeff, as well as their allies, finally get to take their sweet revenge, grind her authority and bravado into dust, and send her fleeing for the wilds before they hunt her down and kill her within her own world, ending her reign of terror for good, in a loooong sequence that starts here.
    • Coincidentally, although only relevant in the sense that Farandare is a vampire, at around the same time is the beginning of an epic battle between Azrael and Augus on THE MOON! Though the fight is slow and spread thin, it delivers on the kind of fight you'd expect between two Blood Knight powerhouses.
  • KiriK's entire "Toontown Online Reenacted" arc is cool, but the final battle against the Chairman of the Cogs really delivers the goods. It is notable that the Chairman is currently not in Rewritten aside from vague mentions, so KiriK created the character and his (surprisingly relatable) motivations from whole cloth. The first phase, which plays out mostly like a traditional Toontown boss battle with original attacks, is awesome enough, but things really start kicking up in the second, which goes full anime - or rather full Kingdom Hearts, with the Chairman crossing the Bishōnen Line and whipping out his secret weapon, the χ-blade, drawing out the darkness in the heroes' souls. The result is a chaotic high-stakes battle which reveals the protagonists' hearts - from their deepest flaws to the traits and bonds that ultimately allow them to keep their darker sides in check. Plenty of attacks on an epic scale ensue. Starts here.
  • Psyco strikes again with a giant tournament for a whole lotta money! Almost every participant gets their own theme, their own big moment (except both Saitamas and Sho'nuff), and the victor, in a twist that almost never happens in a situation like this, is Dark Riku.
  • The combined efforts of Arachnos and KiriK managed to set up and run an event that surpasses the awesomeness of the Anti-Spiral fight from the top of the v4 header, and it's an Infinite History revisit of the epic battle from the bottom of that same section. The twist this time? The Anti-Spiral crashes the fight, creating a neat nod to the Bookends of Arachnos' time in v4... until it destroys the alternate timeline, bringing the fight into the mainline Arena where the heroes of the present (and Sephiroth) must band together in a cataclysmic showdown to stop it from doing the same! Starts here.
  • Beginning here, Broly goes on a destructive rampage at the behest of Paragus. From there, things escalate to the point that not only does the usually neutral Odin step in to lend a hand, but nearly everyone present is pushed to their limit as they fight to stop the maddened Saiyan from obliterating the Arena.
  • A massively buffed Yamcha gives Sarah an intense battle and even (barely) defeat her, starting here. The best part - by Word of God, this version of Yamcha was originally meant to be akin to the raid boss Yamcha in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, who could shred anyone's Health to nothing in just a few hits, requiring his opponents to fight as a team and constantly revive each other - and Sarah Beat the Curse Out of Him on her own!
  • For the climactic penultimate battle of Infinite History, KiriK pulled out all the stops. What did he do? Give a warm welcome back to Chabal2 and his character of Chernabog, as well as the return of Baby Vegito Black, a villain favored by Rbade and DefRevenge24601 who was initially thought to be Killed Off for Real! The battle begins here, and is full of cool moves and old character throwbacks.
  • Infinite History ends at last... with a huge war between Dabura and Fu's respective minions from all the previous events (including one that was cancelled), plus the Demon God Demigra (on Dabura's side) and extra-temporal allies Middler, MCU!Thor, Godworld!Thor, Galacta Knight/Aeon Hero, the Goddess of Explosions, and Marcia the Morph Moth (on Fu's side). The cherry on top is a Post-Final Boss fight of sorts between Fu and GW!Thor, who had been aching for a chance to fight Fu since the very beginning of the plot!
  • After Inceptiond unexpectedly left the Arena, leaving the Yūki Terumi/Hazama issue hanging for a while, and Bolded ran a boss fight in which the villains defeated the heroes, KiriK spontaneously decided it was time for some Catharsis Factor and ran an Infinite History boss fight against Hazama. But it wasn't just a one-sided curbstomp that would be looked back on as 'insincere', though - he made sure to pull out all the stops, and it culminated in Terumi regaining the Susano'o Unit and going all-out, pushing the heroes towards their limits and even pulling off his Astral Heat on one of them before they finally brought him down in glorious fashion, gaining the Susano'o Unit for themselves.
  • When real life sucks away Def when he's running a 3v3 tournament arc, KiriK takes over for his characters during Round 1. The result is the Howard Estate clash between the Strawhat Pirates and the Great Scientific Alliance Team, a fight worthy of Grand Finals. Even when it's all over, the victorious team's last member standing can only wonder how much harder Round 2 will be.
    • Speaking of Round 2, it manages to get just as good then, with Team One-Winged All-Stars versus Team Rocket (not that one), opening here (though due to KiriK and AqueousBunnies having another fight in the same round, it takes a bit for the fight to actually get underway, here).
  • Beginning here, Darth Sidious falls out of favor with Maleficent, and ends up confronting the resident Jedi and their allies. What follows is an intense battle that culminates in Sidious transforming into a Heartless known as the Imperial Hate.
  • Neo Pseudo Porky's long-running feud with his siblings, Pseudo and Pilly, comes to a head when he faces his fellow Chimera and their allies in a climatic final showdown. Even when it seems like the battle has reached its conclusion, Neo's secret benefactor Polyphemus reignites the conflict by assuming direct control of Neo and forcibly transforming him into Omega Pseudo Porky. From there, things escalate into an explosive finale that ultimately ends on a bittersweet note. And like Pseudo in V4's Ultimate Chimera battle, this looks to be the start of a Heel–Face Turn for Neo.
  • A heroic OC belonging to KiriK, Aeleris Aki, has been corrupted by Ansem, Seeker of Darkness and Killer Bat simultaneously, turning him into a powerful minion of the Darkness called Leesarix. This is not the first time someone with a lover was Killer Bat's minion, but unlike last time, there is no heartfelt plea by the heroic better half, no hesitation to strike them down, only what KiriK calls 'the Joe Baker approach to dealing with corrupted loved ones'. And it's not one-on-one. Terlette Asti faces off against her corrupted lover with the help of the Travelers' most powerful members, a version of Red with a fan-content team, and Dragon Ball OCs. Leesarix transforms into an Animalistic Abomination, and everyone gives it everything they have to defeat him and save all of existence in a boss fight starting here.
    • Meta Awesome: Omega, one of the Arena players, was in a motivational slump due to RL work and issues. After reading the battle from start to finish, he achieved M O T I V A T I O N.

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