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Welcome, Tropers, to the Avatar Arena! Here, Tropers pit their forum avatars against each other in heated battle. As of the closing of v4, there are now (currently) two threads for this game: one run by SymeSynth, in the Roleplaying subforum, and one run by Trip, in the Forum Games subforum. Whichever one you choose to check out, please remember to read the Originating Post (OP for short) for rules, setting, and more info.

Tropes fitting the game

  • And Now for Someone Completely Different: One of the possible outcomes of a character's death, and the more usual one.
  • Anti-Climax: Right here.
    Inceptiond (IC): Criminy, what a letdown...
  • Author Avatar: (Part of) the basic premise of the game.
    • Player self-inserts are not a rare sight in the Arena. Pastry Person's, for instance, is very randomly and unnecessary cruel for some reason. When self-inserts go against characters from series their players know, that can lead to some funny meta moments (like that time when King Sombra inflicted a nightmare on Black Mage Anolis, and it turned out that the latter's greatest fear is to be caught with MLP-themed drawings in publicnote ).
  • Badass Boast: Done here in v6.
    • Seen several times during the Spiralblock Peak mid-boss rush in the spinoff (see Boss Rush below).
    • Zenkichi gets an absolutely epic verbal smackdown off against Glitchtrap in the spinoff, here.
  • Badass Normal: These show up on occasion.
  • Bag of Spilling: Anything a character is carrying that they didn't have when they entered the Arena for the first time is dropped when they die, even if they respawn.
    • Averted, though, in that if a character's player decides to pull them out of the Arena, the character will still have all their stuff when/if they come back.
  • Beam Spam: Used by the Gecko, along with Homing Lasers and Roboteching. In fact, only one of its attacks wasn't a laser of some sort.
  • Beam-O-War: It's happened several times.
  • Big Bad: Although the Arena has no intrinsic plot, individual players can build up a surprising amount of inter-character continuity; for a while, Devil Psyco's Pseudo Porky could have been considered as the Big Bad. He seems to have pulled a Heel–Face Turn as of now - but King Sombra would be more than willing to fill the gap...
  • Blood Knight: Several characters, but most commonly the "Humongous" mecha, especially the Red And Black ones that questor uses.
    • Isaki is also one, as well as Amber.
    • Zelos clearly loves to show he enjoys killing.
      • Indeed, many characters display traits of this, whether from their canon or just in order to throw them the Conflict Ball.
  • Blood Sport
  • Body-Count Competition: Surprisingly, kills actually seem to happen infrequently enough that nobody seems to have hit double digits as yet. Not that anybody's keeping track...
  • Boss Bonanza: The landmark Spiralblock Peak in the spinoff turns out to play host to an unofficial "Mid-Boss Rush", starting here, featuring Security Force, Proteus Ridley, and The Gravemind before finishing with a fight against Dark Fiddlesticks-X.
  • Boss Fight: A new feature in v3.
    • The 1st bossfight was against Mewtwo, and started here.
    • The 2nd bossfight was against Soul Edge, and started here.
    • The 3rd bossfight was against Tzekel Kan, and started here (only to be aborted a few pages later).
    • The 4th bossfight was against Crona, and started here.
    • V4 has no official boss fights, but Arachnos pulled an unauthorized one against The Anti-Spiral King - it was not originally meant to be a boss battle, but escalated into one when most players started focusing fire on the Anti-Spiral, forcing him to raise his power level.
    • Another "unofficial" boss fight is the one against Giegue/Giygas, which is also described on the "Awesome" page. Just to clarify, it forced Psycho!Ness to go One-Winged Angel and that still didn't damage Giegue (Ness got reverted back to his normal self after Giegue transformed into Giygas) that much. It could've easily turned into a Hopeless Boss Fight, had Giygas got immune to praying. Luckily, he didn't.
    • Yet another unofficial boss fight was the one against the Gecko. Similar to the Anti-Spiral King above, it was meant to be fought by fewer characters, but also escalated when players started ganging up on it. Unlike the above, the Gecko didn't get its power levels raised- it just used more evasive actions and attacks that were harder to avoid.
    • Another boss fight came from in the form of the Storm Giant Typhon, complete with 100 HP. The battle took 4 hours in total, and 5 inexact phases each adding more attacks: Regular Tornado, Poison Rain, Stomping and Smashing with cloud hands/feet, waves and volleys of lightning, and the Horseman of Pestilence. The battle ultimately ended with the massive tornado coalescing into the Horseman of Pestilence at 20 HP. Rain continued to fall, and he wielded thunderbolts with a magic crossbow. It would've been much much longer and possibly a Hopeless Boss Fight had some of metatron's followers hurled a bomb at it early on. Then they realized that blades and swords weren't, in fact, effective against a tornado made of disease or otherwise.
  • Boss Rush: The Finale of v3 was one of these, featuring Mewtwo, Nightmare, Tzekel Kan, and Crona.
  • Call-Back: Trolldoka strikes once again.

Alternative Title(s): The Avatar Arena