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Drinking Game / Enter the Arena... As Your Avatar!

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Welcome, Tropers to the Drinking Game for the Avatar Arena!

Note: Archive Bingeing more than, say, a hundred pages at a time is not advised; in fact, maybe fifty is better; I dunno. EDIT: Don't archive binge in large sessions. That's a surefire way of getting alcohol poisoning if you're using something stronger than beer.

  • Whenever a character says "this world/dimension/whatever appears to be some sort of arena," take a drink.
  • Whenever a character mentions or notices that people come back to life in the Arena, take a sip.
    • If a character has a special gimmick related to this, such as not reviving or being able to revive on the spot, take two
    • Take Three if the character making the observation has a habit of coming back to life in their source material, outside of just loading or continue mechanics.
  • Whenever Knowlessman enters the Arena as his avatar, take a sip.
  • Whenever a new player enters the Arena as his/her avatar and somebody other than Knowlessman asks if they've read the rules, take a drink.
    • If nobody asks them within two pages, take a sip instead.
  • Whenever a character snipes at another character, take the shot.
    • If the sniped character actually takes the hit, take another shot.
  • Whenever somebody complains about somebody else never taking a hit, take a drink.
    • If they're still complaining about it on the next page, take a drink, then take another drink for every page beyond that that it continues.
  • Whenever somebody says, "Quick, let's finish this before Knowless gets here and chews me/us out for using this/these guy/s!" and Knowlessman actually tells anybody off, take a sip.
    • If he doesn't, take a drink.
  • Whenever somebody leaves the thread just as they're getting ready to start a fight, take a drink.
    • Take another if they have their character suddenly leave the Arena in a justified (or unjustified) way as they do this.
  • Whenever a character challenges a character who both players know is lightyears outta their league, take a drink.
  • Whenever someone mouths off about the cause they fight for, take a sip.
    • Take two if it's Metatron.
  • Finish the drink when the phrases "Will of Metatron" or "Will of Life" show up.
    • And now it's "All Will be One in Metatron", so have a drink for that one too.
  • Finish a drink whenever someone explains their power.
    • Take a shot of something stronger, if it's safe, if they lied.
  • Have a drink for every transformation sequence.
  • Take a sip for every external link.
    • Two if it's a character's theme song or transformation sequence. (After doing the above.)
    • Take Three if it's a meme.
    • Take Four if it's not a meme but just for a joke.
    • Finish your Drink if they linked the wrong thing.
  • Have a sip for every technical rules violation that goes overlooked (typically for good reason).
    • Take two if it is called out by a Rules Lawyer despite being insignificant.
    • Finish the drink if it's epic enough to justify it.
  • Have a sip every time that ol' evil text shows up.
    • Characters which primarily speak in evil text, such as joker, on almost all occasions, MAY be omitted.
  • Have a sip whenever someone goes Leeroy Jenkins.
  • A character has a Pass the Popcorn reaction to other characters fighting.
  • A character is literally eating.
    • Take two if it's one of SymeSynth's avatars.
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    • Take two if it's FM eating from a box of donuts.
  • Finish your drink whenever a Finishing Move is used.
    • Take a sip of the next one if it utterly fails to finish the fight.
    • Two if the method used to evade it is something mundane/Boring, but Practical ("I dodge/jump aside").
  • Finish a drink if two characters have an intimate moment.
  • Take a sip every time someone receives a Dope Slap.
    • Two if it's from Pietro Maximoff.
      • Three if the victim is Epsilon.
  • Have a sip whenever someone asks another character who they are.
    • Finish the drink if the exact phrase used is some variant of "who might you be".
  • Take a shot if Alderoth has something bad happen to him.
    • Take two if it involves him falling into the trap or trick of an Obviously Evil character.
  • Take a sip every time Hazama makes a smartass comment.
  • Take a shot if someone horribly wounds themselves/ends near-dead.
    • Take Four Tiny sips if that someone is Mista.
    • Down your drink if that Self inflicted injury was Seemingly lethal, intentional, and NOT suicide
  • Take a shot every time someone asks who they should play.
    • Take another shot if someone else makes a recommendation.
  • Take a sip whenever someone bags out (psycho) Metatron cultists.
    • Two if they have Metatron themselves.
    • Three if it's Alpha.
  • Take a shot when someone resurrects someone else.
    • Two if the one resurrecting is Shadow.
  • Finish a glass if someone tries to reason with Mu.
    • Take a shot after that if Mu kills them.
  • Take a shot when a character acts OOC to a suspicious degree.
    • Take two shots if the narration points it out.
    • Down the bottle if it was a shape-shifter.
  • Finish your drink whenever someone's getting beaten on and their player ends the fight in a plot-relevant way rather than letting them die.
  • Take a glass whenever someone's tortured and/or painfully killed.
    • Chug the next if the one doing it is Hazama or Mu.
  • Take a sip every time the Conflict Ball is thrown.
    • Take a shot everytime it's popped.
  • Take a shot every time two -and only two- players ask others not to interfere in their interactions.
  • Take a sip whenever someone comes in already beat-up.
  • Have a shot when A character suffers from amnesia.
    • Finish your drink if they were Lying.
  • Have a sip whenever someone damages the scenery.
    • A shot if it's deliberately attacked.
  • Take a sip if someone makes a smart remark in spoilertext.
    • Two if it's Micool.
      • Three if it annoys a player.
  • Take a shot if someone ends up Tempting Fate.
    • Take two if it's a player who does this.
      • Take three if the player happens to be SymeSynth.
      • Down your drink if that character has Foresight.
  • Take a shot if a character proposes a toast, or pretty much anything involving wine.
    • Take another drink if it involves one of IchigoMontoya's characters.
      • Down your drink, If you're legal drinking age, if the character proposing a toast is under legal drinking age.
  • Have a sip of water whenever an underage character drinks alcohol
    • Have a shot of water when it's unexpected for that character to do so.
      • Down a glass of water if Madoka is the one drinking.

  • Have a drink whenever an unidentified character is introduced as "observing" other characters or their interactions.
  • Take a shot every time a character learns of someone they were previously unaware of.
  • Take a sip every time SymeSynth makes a new OC.
    • Two if said OC is at least Super Weight 4 or has the potential to be SW4+.
    • Finish the glass if the character is Super Weight 6 or has the potential to be SW6.
  • Take a shot whenever one of IchigoMontoya's male characters has a Shirtless Scene.
    • Down the glass if a female character is nearby.
      • Don't do it if said character does not react to it.
  • Extreme rules! Have a sip whenever:
    • A named attack is used. Two if it's called.
    • Power Glows. Two if a character gains a Battle Aura.
    • Something which would otherwise seem unimportant is specifically mentioned in the narration.
    • A character gains a power boost.
    • A character attempts to absorb power from another character in any way. Take two if it manages to succeed.
    • A sidestep is used.
    • A Sword Beam is used.
    • A character jumps over an attack. Two if they then follow up with an attack from above.
    • Instant Runes appear.
    • A weapon is magically summoned. (In extreme cases like Unlimited Blade Works, just finish the drink and move on if you value your life.)
    • A spell is cast.
    • Someone does a scan of the Arena, or one of the people in the Arena.
      • Two if the one scanning is Wanda Maximoff.
      • Two if people act in kind.
      • Three if people make a long description to describe their power level or something.
      • Bring the bottle to your lips, shrug and put it back when someone does not post to reveal the scan.
    • A character loses a limb.
      • Take two if it's decapitation
      • Three if they shrug off dismemberment short of decapitation
      • Down your drink and question your sanity if the character shrugs off decapitation.
    • Someone takes Clothing Damage.
      • Two if it's Questor taking paintjob damage.
    • A Flash Step is used.
    • Every time ReynTheLord forgets to post for a day, take a shot

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