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Tear Jerker / Enter the Arena... As Your Avatar!

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  • Fate loses to Archer, despite her best efforts. She... doesn't take it well.
  • Stormer's reaction after a Double Knockout from Calia's impaling crystal finisher. Thankfully, they get medical attention in time.
    "Looks like...we'll die dear Chii..."
  • Yet another dramatic Puella Magi death. Mami tries desperately to save everyone around from her Witch Form, but is ultimately saved by Madoka anyway.
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  • Pastry Person mercilessly keeps beating on Milo and Duckus (the duo of the Duck Hunt dog and duck that appear in Super Smash Bros.), even though the two are exhausted, on the brink of death and pleading to be left alone, and had not done anything to him in the first place. Even merciless and sadistic Queen Chrysalis thought he was going overboard!
  • The tragic friendship between Mog from Final Fantasy VI and Walter from Hellsing that ends with Walter sacrificing himself to try and kill Porky.


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