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Greetings, I am Devil Psyco, which you probably already knew since you're on my page. I'm a pretty nice guy who may be slightly off in the head, but that's nothing to worry about. I'm mostly known for having a (probably too big) continuity with my characters.

I was told that I should put something here. By who, I'm not telling. But seeing as I'm active in the game 'Enter the Arena... as your Avatar! (Spinoff)' and I have a lot of O.C.'s (way more than what's healthy I think), I've decided to list them all here. Why not put something here about myself? Eh... because... I don't wanna.

Tropes that apply to them will be coming soon. Because at the moment of this edit I don't really have the time to look them all up. (Plus, I don't know anything about editing a page. I'm a noob in that)





It appears that the sheer amount of OC's I have crashed the file.

(Great, what do I put here now?)




See you later!

-runs off-