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NOTE: Ponibooru has been Released to Elsewhere, so many links on this page are now dead. If you are familiar with the image behind a meme and know an alternate source,Note  Fixing is (Wiki)Magic!

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  • Mane 6 - Referring to the show's main cast: Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Applejack, and Rarity. This term has become an Ascended Meme and now often used by showrunners and other marketing to speak of the show's characters.
    • Mane 7 - The Mane 6 + Spike.
    • The Other Mane 6 - The most popular background ponies: Derpy Hooves, Doctor Whooves, Bon-bon, Lyra, Vinyl Scratch, and Octavia.
    • Humane 7 - The Equestria Girls variant of the Mane 6 plus Sunset Shimmer.
    • Student 6/Young 6 - The pupils of the School of Friendship introduced in Season 8: Gallus, Ocellus, Sandbar, Silverstream, Smolder, and Yona
  • It seems that if anypony makes a goofy face on the show, fans will pounce on it. Aside from Derpy Hooves and her Fish Eyes in the first episode, "Applebuck Season" brings us Rainbow Dash's gushing kissy-face (along with the accompanying phrase "So awesome!" and the emoticon "/)^3^(\") and Applejack's various loopy sleep-deprived faces, along with her look of disgust when she mishears the "wheat germ" part of Pinkie Pie's muffin recipe as "wheat worms", and "The Best Night Ever" brings "Flutterrage". The oft-used scrunchy face expression is also quite popular.
    • As of Season 2, there has been an abundance of Uncanny Valley-ish expressions whenever a pony's head is looking directly at the camera. Colloquially known as the FAIC.
    • And now "Daring Don't" gives us Smugdash and a reworked Dashface
    • A scene from "Marks for Effort" where Cozy Glow visits Guidance Counseler Starlight gave us this face
  • [X] IS BEST PONY explanation 
    • "Silly anon, that's not how you spell 'Pinkie Pie!'" explanation 
      • Another response is "You misspelled Fluttershy."
  • A few image macros pop up with some of the characters looking at the viewer asking for 'hugs'. Sometimes it can work, when done right.
  • Ponies. In. Socks. explanation 
    • Sweaters are the new socks.
    • Minty liked socks before they were cool. explanation 
  • "Congratulations, X! You're the new Y!" explanation 
  • Good morning, [X]! explanation 
  • "Lock it under a rock, I'm sure it won't get out." explanation 
    • Many fans exaggerate this by making it her go-to solution for anything she doesn't like.
  • [PONY] found a [VEHICLE] explanation 
  • Colt versions. explanation 
    • At least one Youtuber has taken it a step further, not only voice acting as the colts, but changing their dialog to be more male-specific (for example, Elusive designs suits instead of dresses and wants to find a princess rather than a prince charming). Think The Gender-Flip of Haruhi Suzumiya, only with ponies.
      • And this itself has spawned a VA project that seeks to voice the Genderswapped Mane Six to use as a live reading for the story "On a Cross and Arrow" which popularized the Male Cast. The casting call can be found here, the accepted voice list can be found here, a demo of the accepted voices can be heard here and the first episode here.
    • This has started slowly to spread to the other background ponies/characters. For example, Eris as a gender-bent Discord.
  • Spinning Turntable Ponies explanation 
  • [X] Cannon/Bazooka/Launcher explanation 
    • Party Cannon. explanation 
    • Bass Cannon.
  • Wet manes. explanation 
  • Baby ponies. explanation 
  • Smooth Cheerilee / Spike Criminal explanation 
  • Fluffy ponies explanation 
    • Fluffy pony drowns explanation 
      • Fluffy pony abuse explanation 
      • Now, let it be known that such stories has caused a bit of Creator Backlash from Mixermike 662, the creator of Fluffle Puff and the man who popularized the Fluffy Ponies concept to begin with. And by "Creator Backlash", they caused him to disown the fandom.
      • Many of the fluffy pony abuse artists must have intentionally been drawing parallels to the development of yukkuris as a meme in Touhou fandom.
    • Fuzzy ponies explanation 
  • Beep beep. I'm a cloud. explanation 
  • "[CHARACTER NAME]licious" explanation 
  • Ponytails. explanation 
  • Ponies drinking milkshakes through a straw, ever since the episode One Bad Apple featured Sweetie Belle drinking one and looking rather adorable.
  • Zodiac/horoscope poniesexplaination 
  • Sliding poniesexplanation 
  • Crotchboobs.explanation 
    • DON'T GOOGLE CROTCHBOOBSexplanation 
  • >Implying.explanation 
  • "Boop!" / Booping explanation 
  • Pointy ponies.explanation 
  • Pegasus ponies preening explanation 

    The Mane Cast 
  • Mane 6 DENIED! explanation 

Twilight Sparkle

  • Parodies of letters to Princess Celestia, involving Accidental Aesops or snarky comments relevant to the episode or the characters.
    (re: "Stare Master") "Dear Princess Celestia, I learned today that you do not f*ck with Fluttershy, ever. Your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle."
    • Less common is the habit of capping off any "TL;DR" or lengthy and irrelevant rant with "Your Faithful Student, Twilight Sparkle."
  • Twilight's attack of Power Incontinence during her flashback in "Cutie Mark Chronicles" has been compared, by various fans, to Dr. Manhattan, Dark Phoenix, the Protoss Archon, the Avatar State, and/or the Quickening.
  • The image from "Winter Wrap Up" of Twilight Sparkle hiding in a tree from snakes led to photoshopping Twilight hanging onto... pretty much anything. It's adorable.
  • Twiworm. explanation 
  • Twilight is a lion. explanation 
  • Twilight's speech in "Applebuck Season" getting interrupted inspired a lot of comparisons to Kanye West at the Video Music Awards. "Yo, Twilight, I'm really happy for you, and I'ma let you finish, but Applejack is the best pony of all time!"
  • Congratulations! Your Twilight has evolved into Rapidash!explanation 
  • Oh God, Twilight's about to miss a deadline! RUN! explanation 
  • "Hi, giirrllss!" explanation 
    • The face she made immediately before also gave rise to a lot of exploitable images. Not that the episode isn't already full of weird faces otherwise.
  • Twilight Snapple / Twilight Psycho explanation 
  • My Little Pet Twilight Sparkle explanation 
  • Twilight Benes. explanation 
  • Twilightlicious explanation 
    • The saga continues as Tara and her followers attempt to make "Twilightlicious" trending on Twitter.
    • Given the reactions (both ways) from her Twitters (typically, stating something along the lines of "Here's a picture of me naked", attached to a tasteful photo of one of the clothes-less characters she voices), Tara's even called out these acts as Twolling.
    • The Merch now includes an official Twilightlicious T-shirt.
  • The teaser clip for "It's About Time", which featured a time-traveling Twilight wearing a tattered jumpsuit and eyepatch with a disheveled mane, has inspired many crossovers with various After the End or Bad Future works such as Terminator and Escape from New York.
  • Recognition of Twilight Sparkle's voice actress in the video game Lollipop Chainsaw led to numerous people referencing her in Youtube comments and fanart such as this one depicting her as the main character.
  • Twilight is now a gun explanation 
  • Sweatervest explanation 
  • The image of Filly Twilight looking up from a book to her brother from the "BBBFF" song has sparked a lot of pictures such as this
  • Twilight Sparkle is a melting pot of friendship. From a line Tara Strong had said herself by popular request, this did not amuse a certain, Texan, capitalist who originated the line.
  • Twilight's Special Eyes explanation 
  • Twilight is a murderer. explanation .
  • Twilight's new form. explanation 
  • "Everything is going to be fine." explanation 
  • Twilight cat/twicat explanation 
  • Twiface explanation 
  • Twiscream explanation 
  • Twidayo explanation 
  • Crashlight explanation 
  • Twilicane/scepterexplanation 
  • "My cutie mark!"explanation 
  • Twilight Burgkleexplanation 
  • Super Saiyan Princessexplanation 
  • NOT THE BOOKS!explanation 
  • I'M PANCAKE!!explanation 
  • Punklight Sparkleexplanation 
  • Twilight Starkleexplanation 
  • "...but she's afraid of Quesadillas." explanation 
  • Melania Trump copying Twilight Sparkle explanation 
  • "Wait! Puuuddiiiiiiiing!"note 
  • "Liarjack" explanation 
  • Who's a Silly Pony? Who is, you is, Applejack! explanation 
  • In The Return Of Harmony: Part II, the shot of a smug Applejack bringing up Rarity's brief fling with "Tom" has been used by fans for various clever one-liners in image macros for different ways to one-up Rarity.
  • A minor, but interesting one: fans asking, "What if she decided to embrace sophistication when staying with the Oranges in Manehattan?" The result: Orangejack.
    • Followed up when the episode "Too many Pinkie Pies" featured Twilight Sparkle testing out an "Apple to Orange" spell, but always being interrupted and hitting something other than the apple. The inevitable result.
  • Applejack's Episode. explanation 
    • And then the episode was remembered not for Applejack, but for Derpy appearing throughout the opener, and actually talking. At least the following episode mostly focused on AJ, though in the context of her family and, again, being partially upstaged by the characters of the week.
  • "Forget you, I can eat ALL these apples!" explanation 
  • Appletroll explanation 
  • Babyapple/Babyjack saying "Ah'm Applejack. More apple fwitter?" explanation 
  • Applejack is the new Twilight Sparkle. explanation 
  • The buck's a hand?! explanation 
  • Stupid Sexy Applejack explanation 
  • Applebrow. explanation 
  • Applejack cries on the inside.explanation 
  • "Applejack is best background pony." explaination 

Pinkie Pie

  • Everything about Pinkie Pie. Everything.
    • "...and then I said 'Oatmeal? Are you crazy?'" explanation 
    • Pinkie Pie is everywhere.
      • FOREVER! explanation 
      • NOPONY BREAKS A PINKIE PROMISE!!!! explanation 
    • "And that's how Equestria was made!" explanation 
  • "The life of Pinkie Pie in 6 seconds" explanation 
  • Pinkie's "Parasprite Polka" from "Swarm of the Century" is gaining more and more fame.
  • Cupcakes explanation 
  • Francis Pie hates X explanation .
  • Chocolate rain. explanation 
    • Pinkie moves away from the mic to break the fourth wall.
    • Here is a ponified version.
  • Pinkie Pool. explanation 
    • Chimicherries? Cherrychangas? Ooo! Chimicherrychangas!
  • Many of Pinkie's lines as Chancellor Puddinghead have become quite prominent, but one in particular stands out, helped by the adorably ridiculous smile she makes while saying it:
    Chancellor Puddinghead: I am just about to be brilliant!
  • Doomie explanation 
  • Workout Pinkie explanation 
    • Housewife Pinkie explanation 
  • Balloonie Pie explanation 
    • Soon carried to pretty much every mane and background character.
  • Pinkie Blind explanation 
    • As well, soon carried to pretty much every mane and background character.
  • Pinkie's door reaction.explanation 
  • Pronking. explanation 
  • Pinkie can't do stairs. explanation 
  • Creamy creamy frosting explanation 
  • Pinkie's ghost sister/Obsidian Pieexplanation 
  • TO THE PARTY CAVE! explanation 
  • PONK explanation 
  • Pinkie fucked Weird Al.explanation (spoilers!) 

Rainbow Dash

  • X needs to be about/is now 20% cooler. explanation 
  • Ten. Seconds. Flat. explanation 
  • LIVING THE DREAM! explanation 
  • Wingboners. explanation 
    • Often used in conjunction with the infamous POMF =3 meme as the sound effect for said.
  • Rainbow Dash's "So... awesome!" face now has an emoticon: /)^3^(\
  • Hate detected. Fire the Orbital Friendship Beam. explanation 
    • Atomic/Tactical Rainboom/nuke. explanation 
  • Rainbow Dash has balsa-wood wings. explanation 
    • Zig-zagged during Season 2. At first her "Atomic Rainboom" scene (see above) essentially nullified all of them. Later during "May the Best Pet Win!", Dash gets the tip of one wing pinned under a boulder and later has to have it bandaged up after being freed. This either gave the fics some credibility again, or killed them off for good, depending on how you look at it (her wings aren't immune to damage, but she only needed a bandage after a boulder fell on one of them). In "Read it and Weep," she does in fact break a wing, giving the fics credibility again, but again she walks it off in under a week, and while she certainly wasn't happy about the incident, she was more grumpy than "traumatized".
  • Rainbow Dash dyes her mane. explanation . That this is possible is supported in the Magic Duel episode, wherein Fluttershy is disguised as Rainbow Dash to make it appear that Twilight had successfully executed a Duplication spell in order to fool Trixie.
  • Fans are trying to make a meme out of Rainbow's face in "May the Best Pet Win!" Just look at her grin!
    • It also overlaps with another meme: "I like turtles."
  • Rainbow Dash unmasking the Mysterious Mare Do Well, finding unexpected results, and reacting somehow (almost identical to the Mass Effect gag with Shepard removing Tali's facemask).
  • Rainbow Dash plus sunglasses (three times through the first 8 episodes of season 2, as well as in the Fashion Style Rainbow Dash toy, several licensed shirts, and the fanimation Epic Cupcake Time) equals numerous "DEAL WITH IT" memes.
  • Ninja Dash explanation 
  • What's Rainbow Reading? explanation 
  • Rainbow Dash is a lesbian. explanation 
  • Ropes. explanation 
  • CRUSH! KILL! DESTROY! SWAG! explanation 
  • Rainbow Dash will have a boyfriend in Season 3. explanation 
  • Rainbow Dash is Iceman. explanation 
  • Rainbow Dash bounces a ball.explanation 
  • Two Words. explanation 
  • Smugdash. explanation 
  • Alcoholic Dash. explanation 
  • Rainbow's stool/stooldash. explanation 
  • Rainbow Girrash. explanation 
  • DO I LOOK ANGRY?!explanation 
  • Rainbow Grinchexplanation 
  • Manebow Sparkleexplanation 
  • Apocalypse Dashexplanation 

  • Kotobukiya Dashexplanation 
  • The Stare. explanation .
    • YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE ME! explanation 
  • Replacing the CSI: Miami "YEEAAAAAHH!" with Fluttershy's "Yay" from the Cold Open of "Sonic Rainboom".
  • Fluttertree. explanation 
  • In the episode "Green isn't Your Color", a shot of a magazine cover featuring a mopey-looking Fluttershy with black streaks in her hair inspired a brief burst of "Emoshy" art.
  • Fluttershy is very loud. explanation 
    • Tying into that, Fluttershy as the Dragonborn is incredibly common. FUS RO yay!
    • Alternatively, she's violent.
    • Fluttershy is weak and helpless. explanation 
  • Fightershy / Flutterninja / Flutterzangief. explanation 
  • Fluttershy's Hidden Depths. explanation 
  • Fluttershy crying over Philomena's Disney Death in "A Bird in the Hoof" inspired a string of pics in which she is seen watching a sad or touching scene (like the death of Bambi's mother, the death of Aerith, the death of Littlefoot's mother, or the ending of Toy Story 3). A less popular version is where she actually smiles, basically watching anything to make her happy instead (or for those with a cruel sense of humor, something that starts out looking innocent, like the movie adaptation of Watership Down or an episode of Happy Tree Friends).
    • Later expanded to manipulated images depicting any character reacting differently to anything, such as Twilight enjoying an educational program like Bill Nye the Science Guy, Applejack being disgusted by a B-movie or reality TV, Rainbow Dash watching an action movie, Spike watching Anime/Sentai/ giant robot or monster shows, or Derpy Hooves watching something downright surreal.
    • There briefly existed a variant with Pinkie Pie having phone calls with other characters, such as Jay Sherman, Niko Bellic or Captain Picard.
  • Flutterjuice/Juiceboxshy. explanation 
  • Hey hey hey, stay out of my shed! explanation 
  • Fluttermat explanation 
  • Hootershy / Flutterack explanation 
    • Related to the above, Fluttersweater explanation 
  • Futashy explanation 
  • Fluttershy is an honorary Japanese. explanation 
  • Fluttershy confirmed for worst pegasus.explanation 
  • Bad Advice Fluttershyexplanation 
  • "Nature is so fascinating"explanation 
  • Kyubeyshyexplanation 
  • Dangerous Mission Outfitexplanation 
  • Flutterbat explanation 
    • Sweet, juicy Applejack... explanation 
  • Fluttershy's Explorer Outfit explanation 
  • Flutterbee. explanation 
  • Otakushy. explanation 
  • GET A JOBexplanation 


  • Dumb Rock! explanation 
  • No one must ever know that I am part marshmallow! explanation 
    • Marshmelodramaexplanation 
  • Rariquest explanation 
  • Rarity x Tom OTP! explanation 
    • Dan the boulder. explanation 
    • "Look Out! Here Comes Tom!" explanation 
    • According to his collectible card, Tom was the rock used in "Too Many Pinkie Pies" to block the entrance to the Mirror Pool.
  • <Mundane problem> Of all the worst things that could happen, this is the. WORST! POSSIBLE! THING! explanation 
  • "I'll show you something worthy of Canterlot!" explanation 
  • Rarity is Jewish. explanation 
    • Not too much of a stretch. Her parents can be described as stereotypically middle-class New York Jewish from their appearance in "Sisterhooves Social"; and Rarity herself has displayed some Jewish Princess tendencies from time to time (albeit considerably more generous and less spoiled than the stereotypical JP, though just as much a drama queen).
  • Rarity's newspaper reaction. explanation 
  • Bend over explanation 
  • Anaface Rarity. explanation 
  • Rarity vs. a Giant Crab. explanation 
  • I WHIP MY TAIL BACK AND FORTH! explanation 
  • Raricow explanation 
  • And then there's Rarity explanation 
  • Rariball explanation 
  • Prunity explanation 
  • NANOCRYSTALS, DARLING! explanation 
  • "I'll destroy her!" explanation 


  • Tailboner. explanation 
  • Spike is quickly becoming identified as a stoner. explanation 
  • Lame Pickup Line Spike. explanation 
  • EPIC SAX SPIKE! explanation 
  • Congratulations, Spike! You're the new Rainbow Dash! explanation 
    • "That won't end well..." explanation 
    • Pega-Spike explanation 
  • And then Spike died. explanation 
  • Spike is the new main character. explanation 
  • Spike is unemployed. explanation 
  • SPIKE WANT! explanation 
    • Run! It's Spikezilla! explanation 
  • Spike's Business Card explanation 

    The Cutie Mark Crusaders 
  • Photoshopping fake cutie marks onto the Cutie Mark Crusaders. (Bonus points if it's the cutie marks belonging to the previous generation versions of the Crusaders.)
  • The Sex Pit explanation 
  • Crusader 4koma/Reaction Crusaders explanation 
  • CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS, (fill-in-the-blank), YAY!!!!!explanation 

Apple Bloom

  • ONE. DAY. explanation 
  • Applecopter. explanation 
  • "My Sister's Speaking [X]!" explanation 
    • Gangsta Bloom explanation 
  • Apple Dictionary explanation 
  • Bunny Bloom explanation 
  • Pikabloom explanation 


  • Scootabuse explanation 
    • Scootalove explanation 
    • Not really confirmed Jossed, but the ending to "Sleepless in Ponyville" seems to imply that Scootalove is the canon relationship between the two as of now.
  • Scootachicken explanation 
    • Pinkie Pie dressing up as a chicken for Nightmare Night spawned a few more jokes about this.
    • Scootadodo explanation 
  • Cutealoo explanation 
  • Chickun explanation 

Sweetie Belle

  • Sweetieabuse. explanation 
  • Sweetie Derelle. explanation 
  • Sweetie Dictionary explanation 
  • Dumb Fabric! explanation 
  • "I, uh, really like her mane..." in response to a fan's OC pony (most of which aren't really that great, due to Sturgeon's Law). The quote comes from Sweetie Belle's original reaction in being forcefully offered a raggedy old doll named "Smarty Pants" by a crazy Twilight.
    • Has since expanded to a response to just about anything.
  • It's becoming popular to post various images inside Sweetie Belle's thought bubble in "Sisterhooves Social".
  • Sweetie Slide/Scootie Belle explanation 
  • Sweetie Bot explanation 
  • "OH, COME ON!" explanation 
  • Squeaky Belle explanation 
  • Golden Sweetie Belle / Sweetie Gold explanation 
  • Milkshake Sweetie Belle explanation 
  • Squeetie Belle, after a certain little moment in "Just For Sidekicks."
  • Sweetie's Noteexplanation 
  • Diasweetes explanation 
  • Thrackerzod! explanation 
  • Sweetie Belle and Minecraft/video games explanation 
  • Repeatie Belle. explanation 

    The Princesses 

  • Princess Trollestia explanation 
  • TO THE MOON! explanation 
    • Taken Up to Eleven in the fanimation Friendship Is Magic Bitch, which also spawned a few more memes:
      • "Do you like bananas? So, you're a bitch that likes bananas? Well, that's great. Cause you 'bout to GO bananas! On the MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONAAAAAAAA! BEE-YETCH!" explanation  extra note 
      • There's also a variant which involves being "banished to season 2".
    • Princess Molestia explanation 
    • Princess Momlestia explanation 
    • And on a similar note, "Your Momjesty!" explanation 
  • "No one mare should have all that power!" explanation 
  • Cakelestia explanation 
  • Pinklestia explanation 
    • MY WINGS ARE SO PRETTY!explanation 
  • "Haha! The fun has been doubled!" explanation 
  • Luna/Abacus OTP explanation 
  • On September 29, 2011, a leaked picture of an unfinished scene from the episode "Luna Eclipsed", the one with the return of Princess Luna, showed Luna with a sinister grin on her face and a cloak. This single picture caused some ponies to claim that Luna had joined The Dark Sidenote  and is now a Sith Lord.
    • Along the same lines, the leaked episode synopsis rekindled interest in the "Where My Woona!?" meme, seeing as she's finally making an appearance in the show proper since the whole Nightmare Moon incident.
    • Others use Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe for the Traditional Royal Canterlot Voice (or combine both aspects).
  • Canon Luna is the best Luna. explanation 
    • Luna killed my fanfics! explanation 
    • Redo the fanon! explanation 
    • Trollestia did it! explanation 
  • Luna Ducreux explanation 
  • Luna Dance explanation 
  • Luna is friggen' useless. explanation 
    • Counterpoint: Luna PUNCH! explanation 
  • Gamer Luna. explanation 
  • From the season 2 finale, "Hello everypony. Did I miss anything?"
    • The above is typically used whenever someone knowingly joins a conversation after some semi-interesting event has happened, considering what she missed in those two episodes.
    User A: Man, I'm glad we finally got rid of that troll.
    User B: Hello everypony. Did I miss anything?
    User A: Did you miss anything!? You missed a troll raid!
    And so on.
  • "You're my favorite princess!" explanation 
  • "LUNA IS BEST FREDDY KRUEGER!"explanation: 
  • Catapult Lunaexplanation 


  • Princess Cadence is X explanation 
  • Just roll with it. explanation 
  • Throwing Cadance/Epic wife tossing/Tactical wife launcher.explanation 
  • Cadance's Bedtime Stories.explanation 
  • Cadance laughs at your misery explanation 
  • MY DRESS IS SO PRETTY!explanation 

Flurry Heart

  • McFlurry.explanation 
  • Her giant wings explanation 
  • Flurry Heart - Season Six's villain! explanation 

    Villains/Former Villains 
  • Faster, cheaper! explanation 
  • Swiss Cheese Legs explanation 
    • Queen Swissalis explanation 
  • "X is a Changeling!" explanation 
  • An image of a pig wearing Diamond Tiara's tiara after the latter falls into a mud pit in "One Bad Apple" has led to representation of DT by a pig wearing a tiara.


  • Trixie wears her heart on her cloak. explanation 
    • Rarity is a fashionista cupid. explanation 
  • Trixie's favorite food is pinecones. explanation 
    • Trixie and peanut butter crackers.explanation .
  • TrixieYes.mp4 explanation 
  • Trixie doesn't trust wheels. explanation 
  • Trixie loves teacups. explanation 
  • Trixie's rocket. explanation 
  • Trixie will hit you so hard, it'll make your ancestors dizzy!explanation 
  • Trixie is Mega Man X. explanation 
  • "Trixie is Trans" explanation 


  • Discord dancing on Twilight's head seems to have swiftly become one. It didn't take long for a piece of fananimation showing the real Discord doing that dance, either. Then there's this.
  • DisQord. explanation 
  • Chocolate milk of glass explanation 
  • Discord's Dimension of Doom!Explanation 

King Sombra

  • Lord Donut SteelExplanation 
    • Has also been extended into Lord Donut Steel Of The Sombrero Republic.
  • King SombreroExplanation 
  • Sombra X stairs = OTPExplanation 
  • King Sombra can't speak properly.Explanation 
  • GAKExplanation 
    • GAK got more screentime than King SombraExplanation 
  • "Still a better villain than Sombra."Explanation 
    • Combining two above memes, we get "Still more screentime than Sombra."
  • King Sombra: BUCKING DEAD! explanation 
  • Stupid sexy Sombra! explanation 
  • Five Minutes... explanation 

Sunset Shimmer

  • Sunset Shimmer is Equestria Girls' Gary Motherfucking Oak. Explanation 
  • Prom Queen Meme Explanation 
  • Baconhair. Explanation 
  • Sunset's Art Critics Explanation 
  • Yeah!!!!!!!! Explanation 
  • Sunset Screamerexplaination 

Lord Tirek

  • Tirek Vs. Everyone Explanation 
    • Everyone Steals Tirek's Meme Explanation 
  • Tirek's outstretched arms. Explanation 
  • "Is this supposed to be humorous?" Explanation 
  • WHEEEEREEEEE IS [X]? Explanation 

Adagio Dazzle

Sonata Dusk

  • "For realsies?" Explanation 
  • Sonataco Explanation 
  • Thousand yard stareExplanation 

Starlight Glimmer

  • Starlight Justice Warrior.Explanation 
  • Ragelight Glimmerexplanation 
  • Starlight Glimmer is the new AmonExplanation 
  • ”QUIET!”Explanation 
  • Starlight Glimmer Normalizes some thingsExplanation 
  • " served cold!"explanation 
    • Starlight Stalkerexplanation 
  • Sarcastic Cloppingexplanation 
  • The image of Starlight eating popcorn in the Season 6 premiere has picked up a gathering trend, especially for posters wanting to put up Pass the Popcorn reactions.
  • PTSD Glimmerexplanation 
  • Starlight really likes kitesexplanation 
  • Starlight op plz nerf.explanation 
  • Wow! Glimmerexplanation 
  • Glimmerpostingexplanation 

    Minor Characters 
  • "Who is responsible for subjecting our eyes to these... horrors?" explanation 
  • Sapphire Shores' reaction to Rarity's latest design in "A Dog and Pony Show" and Pinkie Pie's family having a smile fit in "The Cutie Mark Chronicles" have become parallels to the reaction guys in the fandom.
  • Soarin' loves pie explanation 
  • The Most Interesting Pony In The World explanation 
  • Madame Jubilee explanation 
  • When you give a minotaur X explanation 
  • Daring Do cover arts explanation 
  • YEAH! explanation 
  • Peepingweight explanation 
  • Everypony is gay for Braeburn explanation 
  • Waifu/Husbando stealer explanation 
  • They told me not to list this meme, "BUT I DIDN'T LISTEN!"explanation 
  • "X NOT PERFECT! YAKS DESTROY!"explanation 
  • CAPITALISM! explanation 

Shining Armor

  • "TWILY!!!"explanation 
  • Shining Armor has horn herpes.explanation 
  • Shining Armor: Wife Tosser / Epic Wife Tossing explanation 
  • Liquid pride. explanation 
  • "That's right!"explanation 
  • Screaming Armor explanation 

Photo Finish

  • Photo Finish from "Green Isn't Your Color" is another Fountain of Memes. "It iz time to make... de magicks!"
  • Even her X is graceful! explanation 

Big Macintosh

  • "Eeyup". explanation 
  • Big Mac x Smarty Pants OTP! explanation 
    • Big Macintosh is a brony. explanation 
  • Serious Mac. explanation 
  • "Big Macintosh gets ALL the mares!" explanation 
  • Princess Big Macintosh.explanation 
    • See also...
    • (S)He is the one called Sailor Mac! explanation 


  • Thorax is best Princess.explanation 

Luster Dawn

  • Millennial Luster Dawn.explanation 

    Background Ponies 
  • "Brushie brushie brushie" explanation 
  • In Pinchy We Trust. One Wat explanation 
  • There's a popular trend on YouTube where DJ-Pon3's bobbing head animation is synchronized with some Electronic Music, making it look as if she's banging her head to the beat of the music.
    • Octavia adds her own spin to the trend by having her playing animation synchronized with a piece of Classical Music, making it look like she's playing the piece herself.
  • Bon Bon: Equestria's top voice actress. explanation 
  • "[PONY] [TOY NAME]" / "[TOY NAME] [PONY]" explanation 
    • Examples of name combinations are Lyra Heartstrings (which has since become Ascended Fanon), Blues Noteworthy or Noteworthy Blues, Rose's full name being Roseluck and Berryshine "Berry" Punch.
    • One that happened afterwards is Trixie—who is named in the show—being officially given the surname Lulamoon in the fifth wave after the fourth wave infamously called her just Lulamoon.
  • "Epic Wub Time", an original video where Octavia and DJ P0N-3/Vinyl Scratch are depicted as Odd Couple roommates. Features music by various dubstep artists connected to the MLP fandom, including The Living Tombstone's "Dubstep Dishwasher". A Fountain of Memes, most notably MAH BASS CANNON!
    Octavia: I was going to be first-chair cellist for the Royal Canterlot Symphony. How is this my life?!
  • Octo Octavia/Octotavia explanation 
  • Crackle is best dragon! explanation 
  • Background pony copies are actually changelings! explanation 
  • Button's video game reactionexplanation 
  • Ms. Harshwhinny's Professional ChalkboardExplanation 
  • Secret Agent Sweetie DropsExplanation 
  • Amethyst Star is the reason the Winter Wrap-Up was always late.Explanation 
  • Best Friends! Explanation 
  • Flaskhead Hearts Explanation 

Derpy Hooves

  • Derpy Hooves. explanation 
    • Lauren Faust said in response "she can be Derpy if everyone likes", and she showed up as a delivery pony in "Feeling Pinkie Keen".
    • Derpy Hooves became canon in The Last Roundup, having a speaking role with and being called "Derpy" by Rainbow Dash. To say the fans were pleased would be quite the understatement.
  • Derpy got corrective eye surgery! explanation 
    • But apparently it didn't take. explanation 
  • "I emptied your fridge." Explanation 
  • Ancient Muffins explanation 
  • Where's Derpy? explanation 
  • Derpy's plot is iron! explanation 
  • Derpy Drama/Derpygate. explanation 
    • Derpy Shot First explanation 
    • "I just don't know what went wrong." explanation 
    • They changed her voice/eyes, now we shall rage. explanation 
    • This character might be considered offensive; expect censorship. explanation 
    • Derpy's Back for the Finale! explanation 
      • Take that, Elena Barabrich!explanation 
  • Derpy is mad at Diamond Tiara.explanation 
  • That Pony/Mare!!explanation 
  • Derpy in a Box explanation 
  • Equestria's Best Mother explanation 
  • Derpy Hooves holding the ponyville flag. explanation 
  • And Derpy on the musical saw. explanation 
  • Derpy shuts the door. explanation 
  • Muffin 1 explanation 
  • She's a big kitty, really. explanation 
  • Derpy's Sacrifice. explanation 

Lyra Heartstrings

  • Sitting Lyra. explanation 
  • Lyra wants hands. explanation 
  • Seapony Lyra. explanation 
  • "Ew gay!" explanation 
  • Lyra teaches about humans note 
  • Multi-purpose, completely non-sexual Lyra plushie explanation 
  • Smoothie Lyra Don't Care explanation 
  • Lyra got shafted. explanation 
  • Lyrabon is best Catdog. explanation 

Doctor Whooves

  • Doctor Whoof/Whooves. explanation 
    • It also has a followup meme, involving splicing clips from the Doctor Who episode Day Of the Moon into clips of its show. explanation 
    • While most likely a coincidence, one of the background ponies during the party in "Sweet and Elite" looks suspiciously like the Eleventh Doctor.
    • A blue pony with a blonde mane from "The Best Night Ever", "Sweet and Elite", "MMMystery on the Friendship Express", and "A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2" looks like the Fifth Doctor.
      • He's speculated to be the Fifth Doctor, the Eleventh Doctor, or the Seventeenth Master Explanation .
    • "Sweet and Elite" also had Pokey Pierce appear with an hourglass cutie mark while wearing a red tailcoat and an ascot, making him look like the Third Doctor.
    • There's a blue pegasus with wavy black hair and that cutie mark in "Sonic Rainboom" who appears for a couple of seconds, rather appropriate as it resembles the equally briefly-appearing Eighth Doctor.
    • In "The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000" Doctor Whooves turns the sand timer for the competition. In other words, even the writers acknowledge that he should be in control of time.
      • And the trading cards have turned it into an Ascended Meme, or at least as far as they can take it without drawing the ire of The BBC. He appears on a card with Mayor Mare and is identified as Time Turner, Ponyville's official timekeeper — whose duties, aside from hourglasses, include maintaining the city's clocks and "all other things timey-wimey" (and yes, they italicized the Memetic Mutation reference to make sure people would notice it).
  • It seems that the BBC knows.

    Original Characters 
  • Krastos the Glue Maker explanation 
  • Ponysonas explanation 
    • Alicorn Original Characters / ponysonas are Mary Sues! explanation 
    • Donut Steel explanation 
  • Ponified Show Staffs / Show Staff Ponysonas explanation 
    • Fausticorn explanation 
      • Fausticorn is the exception. explanation 
      • Alicorn Bonnie Zacherle. explanation 
    • Sibsy's Wild Fire explanation 
    • Corey Powell's dragon. explanation 
  • I really like her/his... mane? explanation 
    • I really like her/his mane! explanation 
  • Food Pony explanation 
    • Coke Pony explanation 
    • Pizza Pony explanation 
  • Milky Way, the milkmare from Trottingham explanation 
  • Snowdrop explanation 
  • Wheely Bopper explanation 
  • Button's Mom explanation 
  • Fluffle Puff explanation 
    • Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows (PFUDOR) explanation 
  • Dim Sum the dragon explanation 

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