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  • "WELCOME TO THE HERD" explanation 
  • " my hooves, on my head, in my saddlebags... in my mouth!" explanation 
  • SECRET BUTT FUN explanation 
    • Scary butt fun! explanation 
  • Gyrobowls. explanation 
  • "SHOO BE DOO" explanation 
  • Not so much a meme about the show as about the fandom: It's become something of a tradition among male fans to advertise their gender, age, and (sometimes) occupation in the comments section of the episodes posted on YouTube, often immediately followed by stating the name of a favorite pony or a general, "... and I love this show!"
    • A common variation is to comment on one of the earlier, but not the first ten, episodes, stating something along the lines of "why am I still watching this?".
  • I am gonna LOVE and TOLERATE the SHIT outta you. explanation 
  • STOP FAPPING TO HORSES! explanation 
    • I can/can't clop to this. explanation 
    • FiM is technically furry. explanation 
  • Thanks to the infamous "I watch it for the plot" image macro, "plot" has become a popular euphemism for pony rump.note 
    • Pony variations of the DAT ASS meme include DAT PLOT, DAT FLANK, and DAT CUTIE MARK.
    • Less popular, but this also makes "plot hole" a valid and stealthy insult.
    • And of course, it tends to be combined with Twilight Sparkle's Unfortunate Name, leading to jokes about Twilight having well developed plot etc.
  • Fans have copied the Hold Your Hippogriffs instances from the show, and created more of their own. In particular, it is almost required for "anypony", "everypony" and variants to be used amongst fans, even when not referring to the characters.
    • Occasionally, someone will embarrass himself using (for example) "everypony" instead of "everybody" in an inappropriate situation, such as giving a class or school presentation, or a teenaged brony talking with his parents.
  • "My Little [X]" explanation 
    • "Friendship Is [X]" / "[X] Is Magic" / "My Little [X]: [Y] is [Z]". explanation 
    • "AND X MAKES IT ALL COMPLETE!" explanation 
  • Thank Celestia for Lauren Faust explanation 
  • "Can you do that? Can you explode twice?!" explanation 
  • And then nothing sexual happened at all. The end. explanation 
    • And then everything sexual happened. The end. explanation 
    • In a similar vein to the above, it has become a bit of a Running Gag with the fandom that, whenever a picture is posted with a caption suggesting a rather explicit encounter, the fandom's typical response is to insert an obligatory non-sexual reason for the caption. For example:
    Fluttershy (curled up on the ground): Please be gentle. I-it is my first time.
    User: Hard to believe she's never had a hug before.
  • Truth Flower explanation 
  • "They know!" explanation 
  • "Bedroom eyes", taking a screenshot while a character is blinking their eyes and catching them half-lidded. The result is an expression that looks coy when taken out of context (as the Internet is often eager to do).
    • The phrase had become memetic waaay before ponies, mind, but the nature of Flash animation's keyframing makes it particularly easy to abuse in this show.
  • A metric ton of reaction images on the whole, but most notably by far the Shrug pony Began with an innocent Pinkie Pie, and quickly exploded. Ponyshrugs may now be found of nearly the entire cast, as well as of original characters, and even ponified versions of characters from other works.
  • A fancomic that was made to look like an official German magazine comic has spawned a couple memes of its own:
    • Terry. explanation 
    • "Around the zebras, never relax!" explanation 
    • "All my friends are here. And Applejack is here too."
  • "[X] IS NOW CANON" explanation 
    • "[X] IS NOW CANNON" explanation 
  • Tara Strong is best pony. explanation 
  • Pony hell. explanation 
    • Is there a special pony hell?
      • Yes. It's reserved for filly molesters, and ponies who neigh at the theater.
  • "IT WAS CHANGELINGS!" explanation 
  • The fire incident at Bronycon 2012 (aka "Burnycon 2012" aka "Burning Pony 2012") has been attributed to serveral culprits:
  • "Oh look there's a moose!" / "Oh look a moose!" / "Look a moose!" explanation 
  • "SIGN IT!" explanation 
    • Rich Swiss Bronies explanation 
  • Rabid Idiot Brony explanation 
  • "That's right." explanation 
  • GAK explanation 
    • "Gak got more screen time than King Sombra!" is a common observation regarding the new star of the show.
    • The trend seems to be continuing - it aired twice in a row during the premiere of Too Many Pinkie Pies, and another, similar product known as Floam also aired twice in a row. It remains to be seen if the Gak trend will continue for the rest of the season, or whether Gak vs. Floam wars will start up. In addition, during the premiere of "One Bad Apple", Gak commercials aired four times in a row during one commercial break, then twice during another break, followed by two Floam commercials - ironically enough, Floam was originally known as "Bubble-gak".
    • Gak bath/Gak is a product of the Crystal Empire explanation 
  • Winter-Tee-Tag (Winter Tea Day) explanation 
  • That's an academy record! explanation 
  • "Racist barn!" explanation 
  • "They're throwing pandas at us!" explanation 
    • Referenced in-show in episode 100, which featured a "bugbear" monster looking like a cross between a panda bear and hornet.
  • The Gameloft Game. Due to Gameloft's attempt at making money off the bronies, by forcing them to purchase Freemium currency with real money in order to buy certain plot-centric ponies, the main meme here is everyone hurting for gems. Spike starves, Rarity has emotional breakdowns at the thought of no gems, The Mane 6 steal all the jewels from Bejeweled, etc. A few more minor ones spawned from the game as well, most notably Derpy in a cardboard box (see below) and Big Macintosh, the heaviest known pony, somehow being able to fly with Rarity's gossamer-strand butterfly wings. Oh, and there's also the ridiculous amounts of money spent to cover the ground in roads, so as to prevent parasprites and rocks from spawning.
  • "I believe in M.A. Larson."/"Thanks, M.A. Larson!"explanation 
  • "That was a good final episode"explanation 
  • The Scrunchy Face (As seen here) is a common expression in the show that became extremely popular with fans (especially on Derpibooru) to the point that there's actually a blog that exists solely to track every use of the face in the show and in fanworks.
  • DON'T BELIEVE HER LIES! explanation 
  • Black vineexplanation 
  • "What's in the box?"explanation .
  • Flashback potionexplanation 
  • BASS IS COMING explanation 
  • Dash's replacementexplanation 
  • Party in the Tub explanation 
  • Chuck E. Cheese explanation 
    • Chuck E. Cheese Sandwich
    • It should also be noted that the Hub has been buying ad time at Chuck E. Cheese since at least the summer of 2012. Clips from Hub shows, including My Little Pony, have been shown at the restaurant during the intermissions of the animatronic show skits. Clips from "Hearth's Warming Eve", "Winter Wrap Up" and "Magical Mystery Cure" have been played in the past. Since Hub ads are shown all over the place at Chuck E. Cheese, it's only fair that Chuck E.Cheese ads are shown all over the Hub.
  • Season 4: Destroyer of headcanons. explanation 
  • SNACKEEZ explanation 
  • TASTE THE RAINBOW, MOTHER%#$&ER!explanation 
  • 70 percent! explanation 
  • "That frickin' eagle!"explanation 
  • Don't stop dreaming. Don't stop believing explanation 
  • Seasons 5 and 6: The Seasons of Eyebrows explanation 
  • Boop Edits explanation 
  • "No Title For This Episode" explanation 
  • "We are canon, bitches!" explanation 
  • Booty call! explanation 
  • "AND SHE'S DEAD! THE END :D!" explanation 

  • If it exists, there is pony of it. No exceptions.
  • Crossing Friendship Is Magic with anything and everything has become a meme all of its own. Portal (Better Living Through Science and Ponies and plenty of other fics), Team Fortress 2 (endless Gmod works with both casts), Touhou (crossed with everything anyway, it's MLP's Japanese counterpart), Doctor Who (thanks to the popularity of Doctor Whoof), The Slender Man Mythos, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt (thanks to Twilight Sparkle and Stocking having similar haircuts and color schemes), Star Trek (thanks to John de Lancie aka Q voicing Discord), Metal Gearexplanation , and many more. And practically every character ever has been "ponified" at least once.
  • MAGNETO. explanation 
    • In an "Evolution of a Scene", made by one of the animators on the show (for both season one and two), at the end there is an animation of pony Magneto at the gala, using the pony statue to take down the Wonderbolts while saying "WELCOME TO DIE!!!"
    • Magneighto has even become an official Canon Foreigner by appearing on The Merch, specifically the Magnet Pony shirt and hoodie (both of which are sadly no longer available).
  • Spider-Man's a brony explanation 
  • Congratulations! Your Twilight Sparkle has evolved into Rapidash! explanation 
  • Kamen Rider Fourze crossovers have begun to take hold, thanks to Gentaro's goal to befriend everyone in his school. LUNA, GRAB MY POMPADOUR!
  • It has become somewhat popular to mix "Lesson Zero" with Majora's Mask, due to how the sun moves.
  • "What is this fun thou speakest of?" "F" is for friends who do stuff together... explanation 
    • IT'S NOT JUST A BOULDER, IT'S A ROCK! explanation 
    • Are you feeling it now, Mr. Krabs? explanation 
    • In general, if the fandom can connect an FiM meme to one from SpongeBob, they will do so.
  • The Engineer is a Spy! explanation 
    • Going with the "Princess Cadence is X" meme below, there's "Cadence is Spy!" explanation 
  • THIS is what happens when you BUCK a STRANGER in the FLANK! explanation 
    • Nopony bucks with the Jesus. explanation 
  • My Little Steampunk explanation 
  • Daft Pony explanation 
  • X Y is best Y explanation 
    • X Y is worst Y explanation 
  • Jedi ponies explanation 
  • Rainbow Dash is Daredevil explanation 
  • LIKE A FAUST! explanation 
  • A shot of Pinkie Pie waxing to Rainbow Dash about delicious cider looked uncannily like the "X, X Everywhere" meme. Fans pounced.
  • Thanks to the Sonic Rainboom, there are videos that use some Gundam BGMs on a clip of Rainbow Dash doing the Sonic Rainboom in the episode of the same name. Examples: Unicorn NT-D mode, Super Mode, Hyper Mode, Final Mission ~QUANTUM BURST~ and FIGHT being the main examples.
  • As of Season 3, the new Littlest Pet Shop cartoon airs right after MLP FiM. The show shares quite a few of MLP's voice actors and other staff (in laymare's terms, Applejack voices the main human girl, Rarity voices a skunk, etc.), and then somepony discovered Zoe Trent happens to look quite a bit like Twilight Sparkle (resulting in the Fan Nickname Twilight Barkle), allowing for insane crossover fun.
  • Thanks to the fact that Sweetie Belle's voice actor plays Minecraft (and suffered a Rage Quit while doing so). There are a few pictures of Sweetie Belle in Minecraft herself (not counting the countless pixel art). It even inspired an animation.
  • Ponification / Ponified / [To] Ponify explanation 
    • Humanization / Humanized / [To] Humanize explanation 
  • Nolan North/Saints Bro explanation 
  • Bass and his robotic wolf Treble appearing in the next episode of Season 4.
  • Don't Mine at Night Explanation 
  • Jesus is a brony. Explanation 
  • My Little Pony has turned into Dragon Ball Z. Explanation 
  • "Fate decrees...that Friendship is ''Indeed'' Magic!" Explanation 
  • Who knew Pinkie Pie would make a great Tracy Turnblad, albeit as a pony? Answer: it's Marespray. There's even an MV inspired by the trailer, set to Without Love, with Rainbow Dash as Link, Rarity as Penny and Spike as Seaweed.
  • Sonic/MLP crossover when?Explanation 

    Website Specific 
  • Two of Equestria Daily's most well-known moderators, Cereal Velocity and Sethisto, have a serious thing for unicorns. Cereal firmly believes that "Rarity is the best pony!", while Sethisto firmly believes that "Trixie is the best pony"! The unicorn-love extends to their newest blogger Phoe, who runs the Artist Training Grounds and seems to have a serious crush on Lyra Heartstrings. Pretty much every ATG day has at least a few drawings referencing her obsession with Lyra using that day's theme. And now we have this.
    • Ratings are down! The end is neigh! Explanation 
  • *cue happy theme song* explanation 
  • Roboshi, Anchors, & yellowtdash are universal constants/fav'd this explanation 
    • They are typically considered the ponibooru "mascots", as they are the three most known members of ponibooru.
    • They have a tumblr which can be found here. [1]
    • Roboshi is credited with being the originator of faving whereas anchors is considered the fastest with a capped record of 2,000+ per day, Yellow is an artist who does the artwork behind the tumblr.
  • Faustpony loves her Subway sandwiches. explanation 
    • And on that note..."Subway — eat flesh."
      • It's not just Lauren; many other canon ponies have been shopped into similar fashions, as well.
  • Ask Tumblrs / "Ask [X]" / "[X] Answers" explanation 
    • Chubbies/Blobs explanation 
      • Rainbow Dash Chubby Flyby explanation 
    • Now with its own TVTropes page!
  • "MAKE IT HAPPEN" explanation 
  • December 9th is National Child Violence Day! explanation 
  • Nazi Ponies explanation 
    • Speaking of Nazis, Rarity's line "I didn't know you could burn juice!" is frequently misheard as "I didn't know you could burn Jews!" (Which gets even more bizarre in light of the Jewish Rarity meme...)
      • The fact that whilst she is speaking this line, Rarity's mother is holding her hoof up like a Nazi salute doesn't help matters at all.
      • And now Applejack's getting in on the fun. Racist barn, racist barn...
  • Lilo~explanation 
    • CHIKUBI explanation 
    • Aniki. explanation 
    • Air Wife. explanation 
    • Applejack is an ikemen explanation 
  • The Brony of Happiness explanation 
  • RandallJack explanation 
  • OP is a duck/OP is worst pony/OP is trying to start shit. explanation 
  • Invisible Stallion explanation 
  • That pony sure does love/hate X.explanation 


  • PONY VERBS THE NOUN explanation 
  • Since there is a toy for it, a few fanarts depict Applejack with a pink pickup truck, always with a cardboard cutout of Twilight Sparkle in the truckbed.
  • "No one man should have all that pony!" explanation 
  • DAMN YOU, HABSRO!! explanation 
    • PRAISE HABSRO!! explanation 
  • The Doggie Doo Game. explanation 
    • Creepily enough, there was already a video mashing up the theme song and another ad for the same game four months prior to the episode.
  • "Fanon names are best names." explanation 
    • "Toy names are best names." explanation 
      • Some fans take a third option and combine the two, making one or the other a surname, a full name, or a nickname.
      • Hasbro has officially made it naming policy in the fifth wave of Blind Bags to combine the names for Lyra Heartstrings and Trixie Lulamoon. PRAISE BE TO HASBRO!!
  • Star Swirl the Not so Bearded explanation 
  • Comic shorts in magazines of various languages are a fountain of memes, mostly due to their questionable quality, for example reusing low-quality vectors.


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