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Characters of MARDEK.

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    The Heroes 

Where would we be without our protagonists? This folder lists all playable party members.

Mardek Innanu El-Enkidu

Well, he's a young man from Goznor, who, together with his best friend Deugan, wishes to one day become a Grand Adventurer and go on quests and save people. He's joined the royal guard of Goznor in the hopes that he'll be able to help people like his hero Social Fox once did. He's a bit dim at times, but he's well-meaning and has a big heart.

The Hero of the story, though unlike many heroes, he's a submissive, "leaf-in-a-river" type of person who tends to assume that other people know best, especially since thinking strains his brain sometimes. Also, unlike the other characters, who all have deep personalities and fleshed-out backstories, Mardek is as deep as a puddle.

  • Ascended Fanboy: The first two chapters follow him and Deugan, who have dreamed about being heroes their whole lives, following in the footsteps of their childhood idols.
  • Betty and Veronica: To Emela's Archie. He's the sweet, valorous Betty to Steele's aggressive, sociopathic Veronica. Chapter 3 puts an end to this, though.
  • Character Alignment: Lawful Good. invoked
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: Mardek has a weird sense of imagination.
  • Combat Medic: He's primarily a Stone Wall and straight-up Medic in Chapter 2, but graduates to this in Chapter 3 after he starts picking up some Spellblade abilities.
  • Did Not Get the Girl: Emela leaves at the end of Chapter 2, and the events of Chapter 3 have her falling in love with Deugan instead. Mardek's unaware of all of this, however, as he never directly interacts with either Emela or Deugan for the entirety of Chapter 3.
  • Disappeared Dad: His father is gone adventuring.
  • Even the Guys Want Him: He has this effect on some NPCs.
  • Foil: To Rohoph.
  • Fourth-Wall Observer: Among other things: he's aware that new P-dialog is unlocked as people level up, he's unsure how to pronounce "Elwyen" properly despite having said her name (because he speaks in text, y'see), and at one point he notices that the music has changed (unless the sound is off, in which case he'll note that instead).
  • Genre Blind: Unfortunately.
  • The Hero: But of course. His role in both storyline and battles is greatly subverted, however, as he's a quiet, submissive, "leaf-in-a-river" type of person instead of a Hot-Blooded leader-esque one. He's also The Medic instead of a fighter or Jack-of-All-Stats like in most Eastern RPGs.
  • Idiot Hero: Played for Laughs. Though it's slowly deconstructed. Mardek's not particularly bright and knows it and the result is that he doesn't like making decisions which means that he follows whoever's ordering him around. It fine if it's Deugan but not so much when it's Rohoph
  • Kindhearted Simpleton
  • Infinity +1 Sword: In Chapter 2 (Where he's the only one who has one) it's the Champion Sword, obtained by completing the Cambria Tournament. In Chapter 3, it's the Champion Sword II, obtained by doing the same thing, but in Chapter 3. M Blade at the start of chapter 1
  • Knight in Shining Armor: Albeit one who's a little off when it comes to reality.
  • Light 'em Up
  • Lightning Bruiser: Give him Boots of Celerity or Haste, and Mardek will destroy basically anything in his way. It helps that for 100% completionists, he'll be absurdly overleveled by the end of the game.
  • Magic Knight: In Chapter 3, Mardek can learn Natural-Elemental attacks.
  • The Medic: He becomes more of a Magic Knight from chapter 3 onward, however.
  • Mighty Glacier: Mardek tends to be the slowest member of your party, but by the end of Chapter 2, he can really dish out damage. He can really absorb the hits too. Becomes even more so this during Chapter 3, as with a Dark sword, Soulstrike (for Light), and the elemental slashes, Mardek can strike every elemental weakness that isn't Aether or Fig.
  • Mind-Control Eyes: Whenever Rohoph speaks through him, his eyes glow white.
  • Nice Guy
  • Nice Helmet: Complete with an "M!" emblazoned on the front, it's almost humorously cheesy. Then you realize that he uses it to hide the glow in his eyes that appears whenever Rohoph takes over. As well as mysterious sores, according to Elwyen's dreamstone.
  • Oblivious to Love: Elywen is one step short of jumping him and he still doesn't get it. Even with Emela, when Deugan asks whether he likes her, he says they're great friends.
  • The Paladin: In Chapter 2. He's more of a Magic Knight in Chapter 3.
  • Power Degeneration: If Elwyen's dreamstone is right, it's possible that Rohoph's possession is killing him
  • Secret Legacy: It very heavily implied that Mardek's father isn't from Belfan
  • Sharing a Body: With Rohoph. Elwyen's dreamstone in Chapter 3 implies that it may be adversely affecting him.
  • Spell Blade: While it isn't an actual buff or effect, Mardek's Magic Sword abilities such as Flame Slash and Earth Slash are explained as being sword attacks enchanted by Rohoph's power.
  • Stone Wall: In Chapter 2. He gets good armor and has excellent stats, but his complete lack of attacking skills (and the fact that he's the party's only medic) means he won't be contributing much on the "killing people" side of things. This changes in Chapter 3, where he becomes a Magic Knight and Combat Medic instead.
  • Supporting Protagonist: Played with. The other characters do follow him and he is usually at the center of the plot, but he has a carefree, docile personality, and usually just does what other people (especially Rohoph) tell him to do, despite being technically being the leading man.
  • Sword and Sorcerer: He's the Sword to Emela's (In Chapter 2) and Elywen's (In Chapter 3) Sorcerers.
  • Touched By Annunaki
  • Verbal Tic: Take count of how many sentences he starts with "Well," especially in the first two chapters.
  • Weapon of Choice: A Cool Sword.

Deugan Selmae Eh-Deredu

Mardek's best friend, an 'adventuring partner'. Together, the two boys aspire to be Grand Adventurers like their hero Social Fox, going on adventures and saving people from dragons and such. Joining the Guard is the closest they've ever got to becoming mighty respected heroes who help people. Deugan's more level-headed and analytical than his friend, and tends to take things more seriously. Though he can be slightly exasperated by Mardek's dim-witted, carefree brashness at times, he's still very loyal to him and values their friendship deeply.

Mardek's childhood friend. The idea of becoming famous heroes was his idea in the first place; Mardek just tagged along with him. He tends to be the one with more passion and drive, and due to Mardek's personality, Mardek follows along with whatever he does. He's also much more serious and level-headed than his friend.

  • Ascended Fanboy: The first two chapters follow him and Mardek, who have dreamed about being heroes their whole lives, following in the footsteps of their childhood idols. Subverted somewhat in his case, however. When he DOES become a hero, he feels as if he doesn't deserve it.
  • Betty and Veronica: Fits the Betty more when it comes to Emela. They are hinted at liking each other while Mardek is mostly oblivious.
  • Character Alignment: Neutral Good. invoked
  • Dishing Out Dirt
  • Dumb Blond: Inverted. Deugan's the blonde, but Mardek is the dumb one of their duo.
  • Genius Bruiser: He is arguably the most intelligent and perceptive of the group in chapter 2, while remaining the strongest playable character.
  • He Knows About Timed Hits: He's usually the one to remind you of the controls at the beginning of chapters.
  • The Hero: Deugan fits the role of The Hero much better than Mardek. He wants to do good, makes all the decisions, is the strongest melee character in Chapter 2 etc.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: At the end of chapter 2, he holds off the Dracelon, allowing Mardek to escape. Chapter 3 reveals that he didn't die, however.
  • Hero of Another Story: As Lone Wolf
  • Foil: To Mardek. They're as different as can be
  • The Lancer: Played with. Mardek is the main character and the Weirdness Magnet but it's stated during Chapter 2 that Deugan's the one making the decisions and Mardek is just following Deugan and Rohoph.
  • Leitmotif: Lone Wolf, one of THE best character themes ever.
  • Magic Knight: To contrast with Mardek's holy-elemental abilities, Deugan learns a variety of Natural-Elemental Spellblade-based techniques.
  • Mighty Glacier: Not as fast as Mardek or Vehrn, but he makes up for it with fantastic durability and excellent damage.
  • Not Quite Dead: Subverted, amazingly. Although he survives his Heroic Sacrifice, he is reluctant to return due to various reasons, and instead decides to adopt the new persona of "Lone Wolf". So in a way Deugan does die, but is "reborn" as Lone Wolf.
  • That Man Is Dead: See Not Quite Dead, above.
  • Twice Shy: Emela and Duegan are painfully shy around each other. Chapter 2 has them communicate their crushes to Mardek despite being in the same party. Chapter 3 has them very slowly fall in love
  • Weapon of Choice: A greatsword.

Emela Andra Wu-Jardu

A young woman who served on the Gonzor guard alongside Mardek and Deugan. She joined the Guard at the same time as Mardek and Deugan, and the two mens' eyes have been on her since. She possesses the power to wield elemental magics. She is very shy, and although she claims to have come from Canonia, she is very vague about her past.

In fact, she is the child of the guardians of the water crystal, and grew up in a temple beneath Lake Qur, seperated from civilization. She returns there after Chapter 2 to find her mother and father dead. She cannot join in Chapter 3 because of this, as her duties as the new guardian keep her from leaving the temple, even if you get the crystal. It's also revealed in the dreamstones that she and Deugan had a short relationship.

Vehrn Juonour El-Ganobyi

A devoted Yalortian paladin from the southern lands. He was sent on a mission to explore the mysterious outbreak of monsters in Canonia, and the missing shaman, as the priests that he serves sensed that evil was afoot...
The typical paladin, Vehrn is self-righteous, arrogant, blindly religious and devoted to his cause. He means well and lives to help others, but he lives to serve and merely obeys his orders without thinking for himself, calling those who oppose his masters 'heathens' and suchlike.

Like the blurb says, he's annoyingly arrogant, and extremely devoted to his religion. If you level him up enough, he'll constantly pester Mardek to become a Yalortian. You'll also find out that he was apparently an orphan who was handed to a monastery when he was a baby.

Zach Ursus Ae-Jarino

A battle-hardened mercenary from lands afar. He doesn't speak much at all, so his past is a complete mystery, though it seems as if he's been scarred deeply or he's learned to suppress his emotions...
He kills for money and will slaughter whoever his employer wishes to without remorse.

A battle-hardened mercenary from far away lands, Zach rarely shows emotion and speaks even less. He can be hired at various taverns and inns throughout the series for various sums of money. He holds very little respect for his employers, though, over time, he does recognize Mardek as an exception.

Leveling him up and speaking to him more will eventually reveal that he followed an adventurer from the North, who is slightly implied to have been Mardek's father (despite being a Jerkass), out of his village of proud warriors, an act that went against his people's tradition.

  • Awesome, but Impractical: Given that the majority of major enemies in Chapter 2 are undead, including all bosses from the point you can recruit him, Vehrn tends to be much more useful.
    • Difficult, but Awesome: Crosses into this in chapter 3 due to two skills: Sure Slash and Sinstrike. The former is invaluable at dealing with those damned Pixies and the latter depends on how many kills Zach has, but has no known maximum limit on those kills affecting the move so the damage from it can become absurd if you grind enough.
      • Another skill that makes him incredibly useful in long boss battles is Crescendo Slash, which increases in damage dealt for every time it's been used in the battle so far.
  • Bald of Awesome
  • Character Alignment: Lawful Neutral. invoked
  • Crippling Overspecialization: He has no magical skills. At all. He only has a single attack that uses Mana, and at very generous rate. But he has a cool double sword.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: See Mysterious Past below. It's strongly suggested that his past is one of these, as he claims to avoid making emotional connections with other people because "less people get hurt that way".
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: If you level him up enough, he slowly starts opening up and revealing more of his past.
  • Facial Markings: Has a claw-mark tattoo above one of his eyebrows. This is more of a Tribal Marker, as it signifies him as a member of the Bear Clan.
  • Glass Cannon:
    • He starts out as one, having no defensive reactions and high attack when you first recruit him. Luckily, it'll probably only take you a couple dungeons to catch him up to everyone else.
    • By the end, he can get up to 70% physical evasion. More so if you let him rake in enough kills, as he has a move that gets stronger the more kills he has.
  • Hell-Bent for Leather: He comes pre-equipped with spiked leather armor, and his sprite/portrait is always wearing it as well.
  • Infinity +1 Sword: The Yin and Yang, which is dropped by a Bone Demon inside a cave on the Desert Path.
  • Jade-Colored Glasses: Becomes jaded as more and more of his employers treat him as a weapon. Mardek is his only employer who has treated him as a person so far!
  • Jerkass: Somewhat. His reply to meeting you again in Chapter 3? Offer up his services for ten times the original amount you paid in to recruit him in Chapter 2.
  • Leitmotif: Zach. Notable for how it is also slightly similar to Shadow's theme, as pointed out by Tobias himself.
  • Meaningful Name: His middle name, 'Ursus'. He came from the Bear Tribe.
  • Mysterious Past: He definitely has one. Too bad he isn't too keen on telling it to you. Unless you level him up and pester him enough.
  • Optional Party Member: The only true one in both games, and lampshaded if you talk to him in Chapter 3 without meeting him in Chapter 2.
  • Overshadowed by Awesome: In Chapter 2. He is a useful character in his own right, but Vehrn's Disrupt Undead/Silver Sword/Quarry: Undead combo lets him one-hit more or less every enemy in the endgame.
  • Permanently Missable Content: It's quite possible to be completely in the dark about his existence, and you can't recruit him in Chapter 2 once you defeat Moric in The Catacombs.
  • Professional Killer: Kinda, he's a mercenary who will work for whoever pays up, and he has no qualms about killing.
  • Proud Warrior Race Guy: From his armor to his attitude, he acts like one, at least. Said exactly word for word in dialogue. And he actually is from a Proud Warrior Race, too.
  • Scary Black Man:
    • A customer in the bar you recruit him in outright calls him one. And Zach fits the bill pretty well, since any character that comments on him will always mention how frightening and/or ruthless he looks.
    • Heck, Mardek's mother outright tells him that she'd prefer if Mardek didn't hang around Zach at all.
    • Ironically, it's this persecution that gets Zach where he is in the first place.
  • Shout-Out: He's basically a big, walking Shout-Out to Shadow. How you hire him, the comments that people make in the bar, the fact that he keeps his past mostly to himself...
  • The Stoic: He rarely speaks at all and refuses to elaborate on his past. Unless you level him up enough, then he'll start talking about it. But not too much.
  • Weapon of Choice: A staff with a blade on each end.

Donovan Gonoru Fa-Alregis

One of the Royal Guard recruits who signed up at the same time as Mardek and Deugan. He has long hair. He's a natural leader-type, naturally taking charge in missions, but does a good job of it and treats his teammates with respect.

Donovan is King Gonoroth's only son, and such, he is also the heir to the throne. However, he doesn't want his royal status to be known by his fellow Guards and Knights, as he wants to build reputation with his talents rather than his royal blood.

Sharla Qualle Ae-Andrias

A quiet girl who signed up to join the Guard at the same time as Mardek and Deugan. She's exceedingly shy and rarely speaks at all, and seems quite mild-mannered and kind of heart. She joined the Guard to help and heal people rather than destroy. She seems to have feelings for Donovan.

Elwyen Sirene Wu-Nympha

A young girl who lost her parents to a curse from the Lake Hag. She likes to sing. After Mardek defeated the Lake Hag, Elwyen fell for him, and the two have remained good friends since then. Mardek visits Elwyen frequently between his missions, but she tires of village life and longs to travel with him in order to partake in the exciting adventures that fill his life rather than just hearing about them in his stories.
Though she is not an actual siren by blood, she likes the sound of the word and calls herself a 'siren'. She uses harp music to significantly affect the playing field in battle.

  • Action Girl: Her fighting is mostly indirect, but she can still kick some serious ass.
  • Attention Whore: Only with Mardek, however.
    Elwyen: Maaardeeeek! I'm all covered in sweat, all wet and glistening and it's making me squirm around! Why aren't you watching?
    Mardek: Well, we're sort of on an adventure here...
    Elwyen: I still wish you'd ogle me lustfully all the time, just like you used to!
    Mardek: I don't remember ever doing that...
    Elwyen: IN MY DREAMS YOU DID!!!
  • Badass Normal: Like Zach, none of her skills use Mana.
  • Character Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. invoked
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: To Mardek.
  • Damsel in Distress: Defied, or at least she's hoping to defy it.
  • Foil: To Gloria, her best friend. Elwyen is a flighty, excitable girl, while Gloria's a mature young woman who's very much Wise Beyond Her Years. Their fighting styles are also counterpoint- Elwyen is a Fragile Speedster who specializes in StatusBuffs, while Gloria is a Mighty Glacier whose fighting style is a much more straight-forward Combat Medic. Their Love Interests are also complete opposites- Elywen lusts after Mardek, while Gloria has a much more stable, mutual attraction with Meraeador.
  • Fragile Speedster: Has high evasion but low health.
  • Hidden Depths: Her dreamstone shows that she's much more perceptive and wise than she normally acts. She's one of the few people to understand Mardek's personality and the only one notice that he's possibly secretly dying.
  • I Love You Because I Can't Control You: Scarily enough.
    Elwyen: Maybe it's why I like you so much... You're a challenge. You're so much better than the other guys in my village because I DON'T have full control over you. I can't take the easy way, and... that's love, right?! Right?! It must be!
  • Infinity +1 Sword: The Astral Harp, obtained by returning all the fairies to the Fairy King in the Lifewood.
  • Leitmotif: Siren Song
  • Magikarp Power: May look useless at first, but if you get sheet music for her, she is one of the most powerful party members. To elaborate: her skills allow her to damage enemies once their turn starts, ignoring defenses and resistances. Particularly effective against Pixies. She also has skills that decrease or increase damage from different attacks based on her stats. Train her up and you're near untouchable.
  • Meaningful Name: Sirene Nympha needs little explanation, considering how she's a Siren class and she practically throws herself at Mardek.
  • Musical Assassin: And she's damn good at it, too. One of her abilities allows her to deal damage to all enemies every time they get a move, ignoring resistances and defense. Slaughters the Demonic Spiders of the game (low HP, high resistances and defense) in a turn or two. A different version of the same skill functions exactly the same, but only works on undead and does 4 times as much damage.
  • No Pronunciation Guide: Subverted. She tells you her name is pronounced "el-oo-ee-en" in one of her P-dialogues.
  • Quote Mine: She is very happy when she can quote Mardek telling her she's hot. Note that Mardek was telling her this in a volcano.
  • Reverse Wife Husbandry: She tries to do this with Mardek. He's completely oblivious, of course.
  • Shipper on Deck: Only with people who get in the way of her relationship with Mardek, though.
  • Small Town Boredom
  • Spoony Bard: Averted. Elwyen becomes one of the most useful characters in the game. She's almost necessary when trying to fight the bonus bosses.
  • Status Buff: A few of her songs do this, increasing simple stats such as defense and attack.
  • Stripperiffic
  • The Tease: Solidified when she wants to dance around and tease the celibate priests. She tries on Mardek but that doesn't work.
  • Weapon of Choice: Harps. She can actually hit monsters with her harp, but much more effective is the Requiem and Dolorous Dirge skills/songs.
  • Yaoi Fangirl: Sort of.
    Elwyen: You've got friends like me now, Mardek! You don't NEED [Deugan] anymore! I can be a better friend anyway. I actually CARE about you, and, and... And I can show you a sort of appreciation and fun that he never could, wink wink. Unless he ever did?! Eww! Mardek! I shouldn't have thought of that! It is pretty hot though, now that I think of it another way.

Gloria Eh-Korey

Elwyen's best friend. She's kind, caring, and mild-mannered...completely unlike her brother. She was always teased by him, and considered him a negative role-model; she specifically made sure that she had none of the negative traits that he so obviously possessed.
Gloria always felt that she was 'at one with nature', and used to visit the Canonia shaman regularly... The position of shaman must pass on to another person whenever a shaman dies, and this other is chosen by the planet. Gloria was selected to take over from the old Canonia shaman, and now spends her time in the Shaman's Cave, solving minor village disputes, brewing potions, and et cetera.

  • Action Girl
  • Character Alignment: Lawful Neutral. invoked
  • Combat Medic: Gloria's spells are all over the magic spectrum, featuring everything from healing to buffs to straight-up damaging spells.
  • Deadpan Snarker: By and far the snarkiest person in the entire series.
  • Elemental Powers: Can use all 4 Natural Elements.
  • Everyone Is Related: P-key dialogue reveals that Steele is her half-brother.
  • Foil:
    • First, to Elwyen. Despite being best friends, the two are complete opposites in a multitude of factors, not limited to: personality, fighting style, element, Love Interest, the list goes on..
    • Secondly, to Steele. Gloria outright states that while he's a Child by Rape, and therefore a child borne of hate, she's a child borne to symbolize the love between her parents. In addition, their motivations for their actions are completely opposite- Steele does what he does because he cares only for himself, while Emela is sacrifice her own life and freedom to help others- even when it's not really necessary.
  • Good Is Not Soft: Gloria might be the Only Sane Man but she has a ruthless streak. She smiled finding out that Steele is dead (though she is fully justified) and she would rather see Saul's dungeon removed (though she quickly checks herself).
  • Green Thumb: Unlike most other earth-aligned characters, she leans more towards this than Dishing Out Dirt.
  • Infinity +1 Sword: Yggdrasil's Finger, found in a rather obscure section of the Dreamworld.
  • Leitmotif: Nature's Maiden
  • May September Romance: Meraeador is 31. She's 17. However, due to being a shaman, she'll age much slower than Mereador, and she's also Wise Beyond Her Years
  • Nature Hero: Unsurprising, as she is a shaman who is in tune with the planet.
  • Only Sane Man: Among the playable characters in Chapter 3. She's really the only one questioning whether the party's actions are doing more harm than good, and doles out a fair bit of snark at the rest of the party's antics along the way.
  • Red Mage: See Combat Medic above.
  • Small Town Boredom: Not only bored, but annoyed by how every guy in town wants to bang her.
  • Squishy Wizard: Subverted. She's weak with physical offense, but surprisingly durable.
  • Super Toughness: Surprisingly resilient for a wizard.
  • Weapon of Choice: A Simple Staff. Weirdly enough, unlike all other Chapter 3 characters with previously-unseen weapons, like Elywen or Legion, you can find staves as enemy drops in Chapter 2, which means they're all Vendor Trash unless you exploit the series' Old Save Bonus functionality.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: She calls out Meraeador on using an evil, eldritch spell that rips a soul out from the afterlife and binds it to be the caster's eternal slave. She does agree to cast it after Meraeador does a bit of explaining, however.
  • Wise Beyond Her Years: Despite only being 17, she's by far the most stable and sane- not to mention intelligent- among the protagonists.

Meraeador Dunsin Fa-Doch

Goznor's resident eccentric inventor. He s-s-speaks with a s-s-s-stutter. He's a skilled machinist, and spends most of his time constructing odd clockwork mechanical creatures. He claims that one day they'll be used in homes and on battlefields all over Belfan, though he despises the latter part if it's true. He's a pacifist, y'see.
Though most of the inhabitants of Goznor shun him due to their fear of the unknown and the unnatural, Mardek and Deugan have taken an interest in his work, for which he is glad.

  • Accidental Murder: His parents, revealed in one of his P-dialogues.
  • Character Alignment: Neutral Good. invoked
  • Crippling Overspecialization: He can only equip two inventions! He can only use three skills at any one time! And that includes two inventions that use a skill you usually only need to cast once per combat (to give the whole party a physical or magic shield).
  • Deadly Gas: His Gas Gun that you can make is actually a pretty useful weapon early on, as about any enemy can be poisoned as of Chapter 3.
  • Driven to Suicide: He briefly considers this after "The Accident", though he is saved by Mardek and Deugan's friendship when they were little, after all the townsfolk hated and feared him for it.
  • Fire-Breathing Weapon: You can build a flamethrower for him at his toolbench.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: He becomes this once he joins your party.
  • Infinity +1 Sword: He's the only one in Chapter 3 to not have one, which the official guide for the game lampshades.
  • Knockout Gas: The Sleep Gas Gun is another invention you can build for him.
  • Leitmotif: The Inventor.
  • Mad Scientist: He is pretty close to this at times. In fact, he pretty much goes mad with ideas for inventions if you speak to him within the volcano.
  • Magikarp Power: He may look useless at first, but take the time to build some of his inventions and he quickly becomes one of the most useful characters. His problem of only being able to use two skills at once remains a problem, however, and his poor variety in attacks can deny him killing blows. As a bonus, he can repair Legion in battle if they're on the same team, giving Legion a slew of stat bonuses.
  • May September Romance: Gloria is 17. He's 31. However, Gloria is also very Wise Beyond Her Years.
  • Playing with Fire
  • Speech Impediment: His aforementioned st-st-stuttering. This causes his spell to transfer a soul to his robot to go awry.
  • Technical Pacifist:
    • Justified due to his Dark and Troubled Past; see above. Also discussed in one of his P-dialogues, where he says that he has no qualms about killing monsters, since they don't have minds (they're made instead of a substance called "miasma"). Why he's okay with killing bandits, however, is anyone's guess.
    • Lampshaded in the very same discussion with him, where Mardek comments about how pacifists are supposed to be opposed to all violence, and Meraeador snaps at him for his pedantry.
    • Also lampshaded in the description for the Flamethrower. "Mwahaha! Meraeador's such a pacifist."
  • This Is a Drill: Another weapon/gadget you can build for him, though the 'drill' part is a bit hard to find.

Sslen'ck Ea-Sslenal

The twenty-sixth chieftain of Xantusia. He is honorable, fair, and strongly devoted to his people. He doesn't trust humans, but is willing to put his personal feelings aside to accomplish a goal, which he sees as more important. He has a deep fear of the undead for some reason.
Like all reptoids, he is a hermaphrodite; that is, he has no singular sex or gender. Reptoids are generally referred to as 'he' anyway, though.

Sslen'ck is first encountered in the lower chambers of the Sun Temple, the final boss of the area. He along with two other reptoids attack Mardek, Donovan and Sharla, believing them to be the cause of the dark creatures unleashed. Upon his defeat, he learns that Mardek and company are not to blame. He invites them to his village, of which he is chief, and joins them on their quest after their arrival, leaving Blatantly Evil Chancellor in charge of Xantusia.

He reveals to Mardek that his parents were killed by undead if you speak to him in Saul's dungeon. This could be important later on, as he never mentions what exactly happened and claims to be unable to remember why the attack happened.

Solaar - IXth of Lupidar

Solaar is a... strange talking wolf thing. Odd. His - her? - fur seems to glow with a pleasant light, and she twitches nervously every so often. His rapid, idiosyncratic speech and fidgety mannerisms suggest she's constantly anxious, almost paranoid... or maybe he's just energetic?
All Mardek knows of her is that he claims to be the dark crystal guardian... Odd, considering that she's Light. After the crystal was stolen, he came along with Mardek in order to take it back. She seems to be overly concerned with failing to protect the crystal... but what does he fear?

Solaar is first encountered, wounded, in the dark temple, in front of the chamber to the dark crystal. Xe challenged the Mystery Man to protect the crystal, but lost. Xe is then healed by Mardek - or Sharla, if she has learned Healing Wind - and joins the party to defeat the Mystery Man and find the other crystals under King Gonoroth's orders. Later, it's revealed by the Dreamstone #13 that Solaar isn't actually the guardian of the crystal; instead, xe is a Runare from a planet called Kalhu, and xe was sent to Belfan by Chieftain Eraluf of the Runare to guard the dark crystal from an evil - Zaephros the Chaosbringer - that has just been seen to steal Belfan's dark crystal by the Runari Seer.


Meraeador's invention, which he worked on for several years before using dark magic to trap a soul in it...but, due to his stutter, he accidentally summoned four souls, which now share the same body.
The 'red soul' is Baron von Doomkill; a man who seems to have once been some cruel tyrant or dictator. He's very evil, and would like nothing more than to use his new super-body to wreak destruction and cause misery to the world once more.
The 'blue soul' is a female shaman named Deena. She is one of Gloria's predecessors, acting as the Canonia shaman in ages past. She is wise and fair, and willing to help out where she can.
The 'purple soul' seems to be a depressive individual known as 'Miserable Ol' Martin'. He seems to be incapable of happiness, and does nothing but complain about how hopeless everything is and how hard things are for him.
There's also a strange 'yellow soul', Bostolm, who seems deranged, insane...


    The Villains 

Villainous characters native to Belfan. They tend to be of lesser importance and aren't very dangerous, at least compared to the Governance de Magi. note 

Muriance Pharezos Ae-Bross

A rather inept and overly dramatic bandit chief. He searches for the legendary elemental crystals, and uses people to help him find them, as he can't be bothered doing any dirty work himself. He's somewhat generically 'Evil', but in a Classical Villain sort of way; that is, he'd happily reveal his entire Evil Plan to the heroes in a monologue before attacking, and he'd never kill an adversary without a fair fight. He's cowardly though, and often flees at the first sign of real danger.

A recurring villain who tirelessly searches for the elemental crystals. However, he doesn't actually seem to want them as such, and instead seems to be driven to them more out of some sort of urge or instinct rather than conscious choice. Also has dreams in which he is some sort of dog with great power.

Mystery Man / Steele Brennte Du-Korey

He's brutish, loutish, and very, very manly. Girls love him because he tends to treat them like dirt. But he's manly. He joined the Guard when the others did, and though he tried to dominate the group and hit on the girls, the other recruits resisted and despised him.
He's supremely arrogant and egotistical, believing that nobody but him is deserving to lead, that violence is the answer to everything, and that girls can't get enough of him. He beats people up mainly for the fun of it, and joined the Guard just so he could legally assault people 'and maybe pick up some chicks'...

The Mystery Man is a character who is completely new and was not in any chapters earlier than the third, definitely. He is completely enigmatic and totally not another character veiled in a Paper-Thin Disguise!

Anyway, as the blurb says above, he's a Jerkass, and stole the dark crystal for his own purposes. However, he can't seem to actually use its power for some reason...

Saul Du-Xesphthar

A peculiar man who lives alone in a House in the Canonia Woods. He is a Necromancer, and, typical of his sort, has a morbid fascination with death and corpses. He acquires many dead bodies from who-knows-where - perhaps from the victims he lures into his trap? - and animates them as undead to act as servants, warriors, and even friends... They make great listeners, but due to the whole mindlessness thing, they aren't much good at putting forward their own opinion. He talks as if narrating his own life, though his wording is pretentious and self-aggrandising.

To put it short, Saul is a mentally insane individual whom you must track down for the quest to create Legion, Meraeador's 'Metal Man'. Saul has kept a certain Tome of Eldritch Lore from the library of Aeropolis 'far' past its due date. Unfortunately, Meraeador needs that book to make Legion, so the party is forced to track him down to his house deep within the Canonia Woods to borrow it. Of course, even though Meraeador offers to return it once he's done, Saul refuses to loan it to him. And so you have to make it through his hordes of undead minions to take it from him...

    The World's Saviours 

A group of heroes introduced in chapter 2. They seem to be searching for the elemental crystalsof the world of Belfan, but are for the most part hilariously incompetent at finding them.

Tropes relating to the World's Saviours as a whole:

Bartholio Strongarm El-Mars

A cornily generic macho Hero man who leads a group of other self-proclaimed 'heroes' that call themselves the 'World's Saviours'. He probably grew up on a farm and always wanted to be a Hero for whatever reason.
He and his party are searching for the Legendary Crystals, merely because that's what Heroes are meant to do. They want more power and glory.

He tends to be somewhat brash and arrogant, comparing your group to common monsters and the like, and he's the only real reason your two groups oppose each other at all.

  • Meaningful Name: "Strongarm" fits him well; he's the hard-hitter of the Saviours. Also, "Mars" was the name of the Greek god of war.

Vennie Vidi Ae-Vicci

He's a Thief who claims to have a 'Heart of Gold'. How very original.
He's one of the World's Saviours, and appears to be Bartholio's closest ally, but not much else is known about him. He speaks in a bizarre accent; I have honestly no idea what it's supposed to be and I bet you don't either.

As with the others, rather more friendly towards your group than their leader and somewhat silly, at times.

Aalia Kitregis El-Aureliae

The typical healing-magic-casting Princess of the World's Saviours.
She seems a bit dim, but is also probably in love with Bartholio, because that would be just typical, wouldn't it?

A rather ditzy princess type who, for whatever reason, talks in mostly chatspeak. Including emoticons.

Bernard Du-Monde

An old man who doesn't appear to fit in with the Saviours at all... He's a potent spellcaster, but is rather mysterious...

As said above, not much is known about him, but he doesn't really seem to care much about finding the crystals or any such thing.

    The Governance de Magi 

The Governance de Magi is the ruling body of Anshar, Rohoph's homeworld. They all used to be friends, but the Violet Crystal warped their minds and corrupted them, dividing them and causing them to turn on Rohoph. They're the story's main antagonists.

Tropes relating to the Governance de Magi as a whole:

  • And I Must Scream:
    • Due to the way Rohoph's soul sealing spell works, they aren't allowed to go on to the afterlife after they're killed — their souls are turned into fancy jewelery that sits in Mardek's back pocket for all eternity.
    • And that's to say nothing of the people the Governance de Magi possesses. The end of Chapter 3 shows that Rohoph has complete control over Mardek whenever he pleases..
  • Battle Theme Music: GdM Battle
  • Climax Boss: All of them, excluding Rohoph.
  • Elemental Powers: There's one council member for each element, excluding Fig.
  • Evil Is Not Well-Lit: The room they're in is rather dark and shadowy.
  • Face Framed in Shadow: Averted, despite them not averting the above trope.
  • Gotta Kill Em All: Deconstructed. Even though Rohoph insists that he must do this anyways.
  • Leitmotif: Governance de Magi
  • More Than Mind Control: They aren't being controlled by the Violet Crystal; it only exacerbates their own insecurities and negative traits.
  • The Omniscient Council of Vagueness
  • Orcus on His Throne: It's even lampshaded that the Magi kind of sit around doing nothing while Rohoph slaughters their group one by one.
  • Sinister Scythe: While it's not easily observed, the weapons that both Qualna and Moric use are classified as scythes. Also unusual in that when they attack with their scythes, they attack with the back end, instead of the blade.
  • Sorting Algorithm of Evil: The order they volunteer in is coincidentally from weakest to strongest.
  • Theme Naming: Gaspar, Melchior, and Balthazar are named for the three wise men from the Gospel of Matthew.
  • Voice of the Legion: All Annunaki have their chat in a special font, in the color of their element. Subverted in that Annunaki voice sounds exactly the same as a human voice, as many characters confuse Rohoph's speech for Mardek's. It is the text that this trope refers to. It should be noted that at least one Annunaki, Qualna, can also hide this at will when in disguise. He deliberately left it in during his possession of the King of Goznor, but hid it while posing as Clavis. Rohoph, meanwhile, cannot hide his even when he is pretending to be Mardek in the Epilogue.
  • With Great Power Comes Great Insanity


A strange being who arrived on Belfan when his 'flying chariot' came crashing down from the heavens. What he's doing here is unknown, but on arrival his original body was killed, and he came to inhabit Mardek's body alongside him.

The Healer and light-elemental member of the Governance de Magi. When the Violet Crystal came, he saw how it affected his friends, and tried to destroy it. Unfortunately, he was caught and sentenced to execution, but escaped and crash-landed on Belfan, where he performed a Soul Transfer into Mardek.

An interesting aspect of him is that, in chapter 3, Qualna hints that even before the Violet Crystal affected him, he was overly obsessed with goodness and justice, and it's heavily implied that he committed a massive homicide or something similar on Ninevah. This makes him the only Governance member to have issues before being corrupted by the Crystal...


Moric is a necromancer; his powers are rather dark and center around raising the dead as undead. These powers are used by the Governance de Magi to form a sort of unholy undead army, which, though effective, was highly controversial amongst the inhabitants of Anshar. The Governance considered it a good idea, however, because it was better than sending live inhabitants to their deaths fighting in battles. Moric is 'creepy' and reclusive, spending most of his time in his lab perfecting his magic. He is quite sadistic and loves pain and death, and the Violet Crystal amplified these negative traits, leading to Moric willingly chasing after Rohoph merely to see him suffer as he perished.

Not much more needs to be said. Moric was not on good terms with Rohoph, however, due to the fact that they specialized in opposite fields of magic. His mind is also somewhat fractured.

  • Buffy Speak: He really likes to make up new words and describe things in terms of themselves.
  • Character Alignment: Neutral Evil. invoked
  • Dark and Troubled Past: He and Rohoph were...not on good terms with one another.
    Moric: You specialise in giving life, I in taking it away and creating twisted, perverse imitations of it. You never liked me.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Before the Violet Crystal, he seemed to fill this role.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: He has earth-elemental powers, in addition to being a necromancer.
  • Don't You Dare Pity Me!: After his mind is damaged in his Soul Transfer, he denies Rohoph's offer for help, saying that it's a trick and he'll only make things worse. Considering what Rohoph did to Qualna at the end of Chapter 3, Moric may have been justified in doing this.
  • Famous Last Words: "You must die! Only then can I be free!"
  • Flunky Boss
  • Foil: To Anu.
  • Necromancer: Natch.
  • One-Winged Angel: Subverted, or possibly even inverted. You first fight him in his super-powerful non-human form, then he later possesses Social Fox's corpse and becomes more human-like, but when you fight him again, he's actually more powerful than he was the first time.
  • Verbal Tic: "Yeees..."
  • Weapon of Choice: A Sinister Scythe.


The Diviner and ether-elemental member of the Governance de Magi. He has the unique ability to look into a special plane of existence, the Astral Realm, which gives him knowledge of past and even potential future events. These abilities are obviously very useful to the government. He also has a silver tongue, and prefers to resolve things peacefully with words, rather than with fighting.


The "Firestorm" and fire-elemental member of the Governance de Magi. SPEAKS IN ALL CAPS and is a bit of a Large Ham. He also has serious anger management issues and is rather direct and unsubtle. He is set to be the villain of chapter 4, but not much else is known about him.

  • The Brute
  • Foil: To Qualna.
  • Hot-Blooded
  • Large Ham
  • No Indoor Voice
  • Playing with Fire
  • Pyromaniac
  • Rhymes on a Dime: Him of all people!
    (Moric is talking about how he wants to kill Rohoph)
    Qualna: Why Gaspar, that's awfully poetic for you! I'm amazed!


The water-elemental member of the Governance de Magi. Appears to be The Dragon to Anu, and is the most level-headed member of the Governance. Not much else is known about him.


The air-elemental member of the Governance de Magi. Also the odd one out. He appears to be completely bonkers, and whenever he speaks, it's pretty much guaranteed that you'll be laughing hysterically a few moments later. Not much else is known about him.


The "Master" and dark-elemental member of the Governance de Magi. Normally, they're an equal council, but due to the Violet Crystal's effects, he lunged for power, presumably because he was the most ambitious. Seems to want to take over the galaxy, or something cliché like that. Not much else is known about him.

    Everyone Else 

Though important to the plot, these miscellaneous characters don't fit into any of the other categories. note 

Enki Ea'seph El-Regis

Mardek's father. An adventurer of great renown, known as 'Enki the Wanderer'. He left his wife and child a few years ago to go on some quest he swore wouldn't take long. He's not returned since, and little is known about his current whereabouts; only a few rumors about sightings of him in the far, frozen Northern Wastes suggest he still lives. His family eagerly awaits his return.

There's not much else to say. He seems to have a Mysterious Past, though he refuses to talk about it. Not much else is known about him, as he has not appeared in-game yet.

King Gonoroth Fa-Regis

The king of Goznor. His power is absolute. He's a genuinely good person, and seeks to make the world a better place. He started the Guard so then he could aid people and keep law and order not only in Goznor, but throughout the whole of Belfan. Currently their range includes only Hadris, but some Royal Knights are sent out further on long missions.

In chapter 3, he is possessed by Qualna and is accidentally killed by Mardek's party. He is also revealed to be Donovan's father.


An unusual man with a fondness for using keystones as a metaphor. He claims to be an 'equilibriumancer' and likes to ramble in a way that almost seems like moral lecturing or something, made to make his audience think. His motives are is basically everything about him, really.

He's actually Qualna in disguise, who created the persona in order to teach Rohoph some important lessons. Unfortunately, they fell on deaf ears.


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