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  • You, out there reading this. Yes, I'm Breaking the Fourth Wall and The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You. Go decide if I'm a Seme or Uke (heterosexually speaking). Post your handle to post response in this folder - "Seme vs. Uke: The Debate About Darkclaw". Cool, thanks and have a good day! Or night. Whatever. Now continue reading :)

Which tropes make up the troper darkclaw? Let us find out. This page will be updated every now and then.


STOP! Before you read the stuff that's on this massive page, you may want theme music. Open them in another tab so you can continue reading this page. Here you go. And if you are in a more...unrestrained mood, play this. Oh, and for a song with lyrics, go here.

Thank me later because after reading this, you'll know why I chose these songs for reading this page. Enjoy!

And opening the pictures/video/other stuff folder is guaranteed to make you want Brain Bleach. Even if you do somehow enjoy my kinks, there may be even more messed up stuff in there. Just saying. So, stay out to keep your sanity :P

Hey, I write stuff too! Check the pictures/video/other stuff for the links to some stuff I may post!

Me on Trope-Related sites:

  • darkclaw on TV Tropes
  • darkclaw91 on the Fetish Fuel Wiki
  • thrilldude91 on DeviantArt...what? It is technically an article on the site. So yeah. Warning though: I can't draw (okay, at least, I can't draw really good....I've only tried it a couple of times, and I can draw some characters enough so they're recognizable) so it is just a bunch of kinky favs. Yeah. You have been warned, so if you find my kinks make you need Brain Bleach...then don't go there! It will only end in tears if you hate my main fetish (which you can see if you scroll down the page, not even that far). So yeah, I'm warning you. You Have Been Warned.

Hobbies: Writing (yay for writing overly long and convoluted series), fighting (see The Mario trope for more on that), working out (enough that I have a job at a gym), flirting with the ladies and trying to Take Over the World. Joking on that last one...maybe.

Tropes Created and Launched:

Amazonian Beauty...somehow it makes sense that this would be my first trope made.

Work Pages Added:

What's Happening With Me Right Now:

November 30, 2012

Wow, haven't updated in over a year. You know that awkward moment when you put I Just Want to Be Badass as a trope on your page for over a year, but don't read the trope page and don't know what it means, and realize you're not actually an example after actually reading it? Yeah, I just had that. I like, no love, fighting; but I'm not an example of I Just Want to Be Badass, since I do it for my own enjoyment and know and worry about the risks of becoming Dented Iron and on top of that; I don't usually care what people think of me as long as they see me as a Nice Guy so I can help them. Since I like helping people. Plus, believe it or not, I sometimes worry if I am a good person due to my...tendencies to like fighting a bit too much.


Anyways, to anyone reading, have a great day!

October 30, 2011 s

Didn't post much in a while, due to my laptop screen breaking and being ill for the first time in what seems like forever. Much better now and have found a way to make my computer work through other monitors.

September 13, 2011

I apologize for not posting as much recently. I've been very busy with school starting, and recently went through a major Tear oldest dog died. So, I've been kind of down lately...

August 25, 2011

Dear fellow tropers who may or may not visit this page. At the bottom of the page, there is a new folder marked "Seme vs. Uke: The Debate About Darkclaw" (yes, it needed a dramatic name). Inside it, you can sign whether or not you think I'm a Seme or Uke. I am questioning this right now, as usually I'm more of a Seme in my opinion but my kinks scream Submissive Badass. So, head to the bottom folder and vote (by signing your handle)! You're legally obliged for visiting this page, anyways.

Oh, and although I've noted it down there, seme and uke in this case do not mean I'm homosexual and a Boys' Love Genre character. In this case, please apply the tropes to a heterosexual relationship, since I'm a heterosexual male. So, it's sort of like "Dom"/"Sub" for all you BDSM fans out there. For a quick rundown of the differences:

  • Seme/Dom = More dominating, stereotypically masculine, less emotionally charged partner.
  • Uke/Sub = More submissive, stereotypically feminine, more emotionally charged partner.
    • And note, before anyone complains about gender stereotypes, I used the word "stereotypically" and that masculinity or femininity can be different things to different people, and apply to either sex. Which makes me wonder...why are they named after gender? Anyways, that's another question for another time. Go vote!

August 23, 2011

Someone deleted my Quotes Page!! NOOOOO! Anyways, check the Quotes folder now.

August 22, 2011

My quote page is now a quotes page. Plural.

August 16, 2011

Moving out today. And finally updated this page :)

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     Tropes that apply to me or my writings...only I may post in here though 
  • Only I, Darkclaw, post in this folder, because I know me more than I know me. Wait, what? Anyways, if you wanna post tropes, do it here in the folder marked "tropes others want to apply to they already mentioned or not",

  • A Darker Me: Averted, this is basically how I am in Real Life, minus some restrictions since tropers are usually down to talk about more than my Real Life peers.
  • Adult Child: This side of me rarely is shown too often; but I sometimes act really silly and spontaneous, making some people believe I'm this. However, even when I'm silly; I can still be pretty smart according to my friends.
  • All Hercules Want Amazons: Yes, I'm a Gender Flip of All Amazons Want Hercules. If I'm a Hercules-in-training (I enjoy fighting and working out a lot)...I definitely want a Hot Amazonian girlfriend. Some say my standards are too high, and I should settle for a "normal" girlfriend. I don't really want to though. Some friends think I shouldn't date a buff badass woman due to their personal tastes. But I like what I like, right? A few friends have even gone so far as to compare me to Artemis due to this and my love of Classical Mythology. I guess the comparison makes some sense...I do advocate athleticism and being badass, and would very much like to be with a badass woman. Unlike some guys, I really don't care who's stronger or more badass in the relationship...I just know I want a woman with legs like Chun-Li and an upper body like She Hulk. And if she can kick ass, that's a definite plus. Though I guess it should be noted, that I do like pushing myself to become more muscular and more even in a relationship like that, I'd probably still push myself.
    • Just to sum up how badly I like strong women, here is a quote from me on Deviant Art (posting on a pic of a buffed Samus, though this is taken slightly out of context): "...when it comes down to it, for me...strength is beauty." ...I think that sums up my views on strong women well enough. But in case it didn't, there's a bunch of other stuff on this I suggest you skip all the anvilicious stuff.
  • All Girls Want Bad Boys: I have issue with this trope in Real Life, but it seems when I am more sullen/solemn/cynical/determined but still the previous three things or in Blood Knight mode, then the ladies notice me more. Weird. On the other hand, I know lots of ladies even when really nice. But the ones who know me most for being nice, are usually Just Friends (and usually not with benefits).
  • All Love Is Unrequited: More like All True Love Is Unrequited. Friends with Benefits and random flings can happen with me...but actual love? Nope, not in a long time. Sometimes I feel like love is pointless and I feel like it is only based on things like physical attraction, which I am not immune to either. It's not like I'm ugly, but as I look at relationships more cynically, I see them often like this. It is conflicting because I am usually very idealistic and want people to be happy...but I feel I may never be in a happy long-lasting relationship. I'm not quite at Silly Rabbit, Romance Is for Kids!, but I just don't always see it as an option for me in the near future...maybe when I'm a bit older, though.
  • Anti-Hero: Love writing them.
    • I actually have traits of anti-heroes according to the Sliding Scale Of Anti Heroes:
      • Type 1 - Used to be socially awkward, sometimes can't relate to people and am somewhat geeky.
      • Type 2 - When depressed, I'm cynical. But I still do the right thing.
      • Type 3 - If it comes to helping the greater good and helping everyone treat each other equally and with respect, as well as be happy...then I'll do it even if I can't be kind when doing it.
      • Type 4 - I have ideals...I want the world to be filled with equality, respect, happiness and kindness...I just know the world is full of different people and to force the world to change is hard, especially with all the cynicism and Humans Are Bastards belief that is prevalent nowadays. To be honest, I don't think I can fix the world by myself, but I hope to inspire others to help others change themselves and others for the better. Unfortunately, making a better world also conflicts with my Blood Knight side (if the world was always happy and peaceful, how would I get to fight?) and the fact that I'm a Cosmic Plaything who sometimes despairs but somehow manages to overcome his problems over and over...although I'm realizing to change myself to be always happy, I should just become a Unfettered Blood Knight who acknowledges the rules of society (meaning I do whatever it takes to make everyone happy while making myself happy by fighting for sport, and not seeking out fights outside of sport...not out of morality, but out of necessity to keep on living how I want). Unfortunately, to become The Unfettered and dedicate myself to embracing my darker side, making others happy and myself...I might have to give up some morals. But I won't, even if Being Good Sucks.
      • Type 5: Have the potential to become this. I do love fighting far too much, but I don't think I'll ever seek it out enough to sacrifce my morality.
      • Yet, somehow, I am still considered The Messiah AND a Ideal Hero by most people. I guess I just hide flaws well in Real Life.
  • Anti-Villain: Love writing them too.
  • Apologizes a Lot: I sometimes do this.
  • Author Appeal: Does the story have Badass Action Girls? Does the story have mythological beings? And is there at least one buff Hot Amazon/Amazonian Beauty? And lots of Fanservice/Fetish Fuel (for as many tastes as possible)? If so, there is a good chance I wrote it. (Except for one play I wrote, it only has mythological beings.)
  • Awesomeness by Analysis: Pretty much how I learn a lot of things; I have an insanely long memory (I don't think it is quite eidetic; but some have theorized that about me). Unfortunately; I encountered the Centipede's Dilemma when it came to fighting a couple of years back...but that turned out to be mostly because I didn't understand the "feelings" I felt when fighting. Fortunately; I managed to separate the Blood Knight part of me from my usual Nice Guy behaviour; so the Blood Knight only came out when fighting. But eventually I got therapy for it all anyways.
  • Badass Bookworm: Not a clear-cut example. I can fight well but I am way too nice to be considered badass in my opinion. That does not stop others from thinking I'm this though. Due to wanting to be an extremely amazing fighter in tip top shape when older like Street Fighter, I can be considered a mix of Badass Bookworm AND Genius Bruiser according to some friends. I'm in noticeably fit shape, with some fairly buff legs and my arms are more muscular than most I know. Still, I'm not as buff as some bodybuilders and some pretty buff martial artists I know, so I don't personally consider myself to be really muscular (hence I lean more towards Badass Bookworm right now in my opinion). But others who are not fighters and don't work out like I do think I'm more of a Genius Bruiser. ...So YMMV?
  • Badass Pacifist: I prefer to talk out and solve problems peacefully but people still think I'm badass enough to listen to me.
  • Beneath the Mask: Usually really nice and idealistic, but tend not to tell my problems to others until I REALLY need help. It isn't really because I want to make friends or anything like that, but more just because I was raised in a way in which a lot of the time, I had to solve my own problems. Hence, I'm good at helping other people but not so much myself sometimes.
  • Battle Couple: SO wants to be in one.
  • Berserk Button: I am a Nice Guy but...
  • Better as Friends: The girl in question, who I crushed on through most of high school, was really popular and nice. But other than the niceness, we are totally different now. I initially liked her because we were both into going to plays, Drama and she was beautiful. However, by the time I finally decided to ask her out (this was before I had become a Chivalrous Pervert)...I realized I had started changing a lot. However, I wasn't completely sure how, just that I was really getting into boxing, wrestling and working out. I still was flustered around her and found the girl in question beautiful, but I was starting to feel more and more like she was pretty but just not somehow right for me, which prevented me from asking her out. Eventually, even when I had a great chance to ask her out, I decided against it just because I felt we were Better as Friends. She might be a Stupid Sexy Friend, but I realized it was not going to work out between us if we were in a relationship as by that time, we were too different. If I were the same person I was when I first met her, it would've worked out. But since she is probably the closest example to Incorruptible Pure Pureness I know in Real Life (not a lovestruck exaggeration, trust me on this) and I...was now really wouldn't work out. She had always dated even nicer guys and although I was still nice, I was also starting to realize I had a "darker side" which knowing her, she would not approve of. So I decided against dating her, never told her my feelings (though they were really obvious) and stayed friends to this day. Besides, by then, she was more of a "conventional" attractive to me, not exactly my dream girl (in physical terms anyways) anymore... If you don't know what I mean by "dream girl"...have you read the rest of the page?!?
  • Beware the Nice Ones: I know a black belt martial artist who once said this about me. Apparently, for all my niceness, I may hide some serious Badassery. I don't consider myself badass due to being insanely nice (most of the time) but I can fight well, am fairly strong and I am a Guile Hero, so yeah.
  • Big Eater: I eat a ton. However, now I am trying to eat healthy so I can lose fat and build muscle.
  • Big Little Brother: My younger brother is taller than me at 6'3, but I'm stockier and more muscular.
  • Blatant Lies: I don't like lying, but I often link this trope to things I say in the forums on TV Tropes. Usually when I say something like "Darkclaw likes -insert fetish-y thing or silly thing here-? No."
  • Blood Knight: A tame example. Although I am a Martial Pacifist, I love to spar and improve my fighting skills. I would never hurt someone though outside of a sparring match unless it was self-defense or defending others.
    • Recently got deconstructed as while my injuries are recovering, I keep wanting to fight more and more. Although I can force myself not to fight because I know I need to recover 100% before I put myself through fighting and intense training again, I still seem to want too so badly that I sometimes daydream about it and find myself feeling bittersweet about it (the bitter is that I can't do it while injured, the sweet is that it makes me feel happy). After talking to a counsellor, I discovered that I am split between being an idealistic Nice Guy who geniunely enjoys helping others and trying to make the world better...and being an adrenaline junkie who puts myself in danger for fun, who also enjoys the feelings of confidence and pain from fighting. To further complicate matters, I'm a Martial Pacifist (no, seriously) who is capable of controlling himself to not fight...but due to my enjoyment of fighting, without fighting I feel frustrated.
    • ....And now my inner Blood Knight has been through a Reconstruction! If I enjoy fighting so much, I can still enjoy sparring and use my morals and logic to make sure I don't become a Heroic Sociopath. And if people want to think I'm badass for having fighting skills, as long as I don't do anything to worry them...well, who doesn't want to be considered badass?
  • Boisterous Bruiser: Well, obviously. Look at the rest of the page for evidence.
  • Born in the Wrong Century: Some close friends have thought due to my Blood Knight Combat Sadomasochist tendencies; I would be better off if I was born in Ancient Greece (probably helps I love Classical Mythology in their opinions). They are wrong...sort of. Although I enjoy fighting; I still have strict morals I adhere to and believe in Thou Shalt Not Kill; morals which I came to myself. I think I'd be better in Samurai times; probably because of Samurai Champloo...although they didn't really believe Thou Shalt Not Kill back then; I think I would've anyways. So yeah.
  • Break the Cutie: Has happened way too many times to me, to varying degrees. But I learn from the incident and move on...mostly.
    • Recently, I worried I was becoming too nice again. I decided after some talking to friends and soul searching, that it is more that I'm just really open sometimes and sometimes help others to the exclusion of helping myself. I guess old habits die hard. Well, I'll work on that. But I was down for like an hour or two. It was an intense hour or two though...
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: My general attitude towards schoolwork; high GPA and low motivation.
  • Broken Ace: According to others, I am extremely smart. I have been published, I learn quickly, I am fairly fit and build muscle fast, I can fight well and get good marks. However, I have multiple mental illnesses and a Big, Screwed-Up Family...which I'd rather not talk about, thank you. However, I seem to be getting through life and people seem to like me...I just need to gain more confidence in myself.
    • Currently; it seems my problems are now less related to confidence in myself; as I now have a lot more in myself after fully accepting my Blood Knight tendencies and other flaws. My problems are now more due to being utterly bored by every day life. Although I have the discipline to not go into Blood Knight mode everywhere and I still stick to my morals...Real Life bores me; unless I'm thrill-seeking, fighting or having fun somehow else. And Real Life isn't always fun.
  • Broken Pedestal: Used to idolize one of my older cousins...but slowly I moved away from doing so as I realized she often gave me advice that roughly translated to "Your parents are always right", while I believed both my viewpoint and my parents' views were important, and sometimes my problems didn't have anything to do with my parents. I eventually had a falling out with her; due to our different opinions on my relationship with my family (I believed I should respect my parents but still follow my dreams of writing and fighting as well as that I deserved respect from my parents as well; since they sometimes can insult me and yell at me, but they rarely apologize contrasted to cousin believed I should do everything my parents say, including not following my dreams due to their over-protective nature being "right" in her opinion, simply because they are my parents). I called her to apologize and ask if I misunderstood her...and she hung up on me. Needless to say; I no longer idolize her and rarely try to contact her now.
    • Additionally; although I wouldn't say I idolize my parents, my constant want to respect them and sometimes, my want to make them considerably less lately; after I've thought about how our platonic Tsundere-like relationship really doesn't help my self-esteem in the long run.
  • Bullying a Dragon: Recently, someone in one of my classes tried to get me to fight them. Apparently, the person believed that not drinking alcohol, smoking or doing drugs means that you can't fight. I left to avoid a fight, as it would only cause problems if I fought in a classroom...
  • Butt-Monkey: I can be the butt of a lot of jokes sometimes. Depends on the group.
  • Calling the Old Man Out: My relationship with my parents is complicated but not happy usually. Long story short, they don't want me to be a writer or fighter (which is annoying since I love to do those things). So, I called them out on it and told both my Mom and Dad that I gotta do what I gotta do. And they can either support me or not. But I will be who I want to be and nothing will stop me.
  • Canada, Eh?: I am Canadian, eh?
  • Chaotic Good: Was once described by a friend as this in Real Life. When younger, was probably a Chaotic Neutral.
  • Character Alignment: Chaotic Neutral when younger -> Chaotic Good now.
  • Character Development: Many examples-
  • Chivalrous Pervert: I really like to flirt with the ladies...though most ladies don't quite fit my tastes (see Fetish lower on this page or "All Hercules Want Amazons" above), I still find a lot of ladies attractive and never hesitate to flirt with them. Still, I prefer to not be in a relationship at the moment due to the above All Hercules Want Amazons and my fetishes and all...
    • Yeah, the above link to Celibate Hero doesn't really quite fit. I should've done the research. It's more like I don't want to be in a relationship that is not open, unless I am sure that I am truly in love. Aww.
  • Clueless Chick Magnet: Was recently told that I "ooze masculinity" and that I attract women easily...but don't actually understand their flirting, which leads to me making friends with a lot of women. And that some guys wonder if I'm actually gay, since I rarely ask women out. I usally don't ask women out because I want to know I'm in love before I do so and I want my life under control before I do so.
    • To drive the point home, when I was told the above, it quickly led to some guys I know telling me that I need to understand women, to having a female friend I know come in my room and stretch out on my bed. I still didn't understand the signals, so to speak, until I was told after she left.
    • Also, me being a Clueless Chick Magnet is also a Deconstruction of that trope. I wish I could understand flirtation more, but I don't really understand healthy relationships enough to ask someone out at the moment which sometimes leads to me wondering why I can't get a date and feeling down about it. However, at least I'm not one of those Entitled to Have You types. Although I'm a Nice Guy, who thinks some girls believe All Girls Want Bad Boys, I don't do kind things to get dates, I do them because I'm an Ethical Hedonist. That doesn't mean my lack of dates isn't frustrating sometimes though. But I try not to wangst about it in Real Life.
  • Combat Sadomasochist: To the point of combat and pain from fights are one of my main fetishes.
    • Which means to me, Sex Is Violence. Did I mention I'm adept at both taking and giving? Damn, I'm kinky :P
    • I actually analyzed this with a counsellor recently; as she believed I am too nice to want to hurt others. She was right; as I enjoy pain happening to me and the adrenaline rush and confidence from fights...I don't really like hurting others. I think I still count for the trope though due to other looser uses.
    • For record; on the "sadistic" side, I like the adrenaline and confidence; on the "masochistic" side, I can enjoy my own physical pain when I feel it (especially in combat) as long as I feel I can overcome it (which I usually do). Also; I can enjoy winning and losing a fight. Mix all the above in this paragraph and it equals...well, you can guess.
  • Cosmic Plaything: A lot of bad stuff happens to me. But I refuse to become a jerkass due to it. Besides, bad stuff happens to everyone. It's all how you deal with it.
  • Crazy Awesome: My writings, though they usually are deconstructive as well. I am as well to an extent, since I seem to have some weird plans to solve problems. And they often work.
    • Well, it turns out after some prodding and soul searching, I like female characters who are Crazy Awesome to varying extents.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Getting a play I wrote performed. It was a dream come true.
  • Cute and Psycho: This could explain my general personality. Due to my interests and mental illnesses, I tend to go back and forth from being really happy to really sad. On top of that, even when happy, it is quite clear that I love Black Comedy and have kinks that I'm unashamed of but others find weird or off-putting (you can guess which kinks if you've made it this far down the page).
  • Dare to Be Badass: One day, I felt my life really sucked. So I dared myself to do this. And never looked back.
    • Made another one to myself, to learn to control and accept my flaws and still accomplish all my goals.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Enough that I feel like an Iron Woobie sometimes. Still, Don't You Dare Pity Me! is in effect a lot. And I am not telling you all of it, if you ask. I'll tell you if I feel like it.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: My name is Darkclaw. I am a really Nice Guy.
  • Determinator: When it comes to writing. I will do anything to get into anime writing and anything for people to enjoy my writings. Anything.
  • Distaff Counterpart: After a Gender Bender incident on a forum game on this wiki, it turns out my Distaff Counterpart is basically me but female. And she's named Daca. The only really notable difference is that Daca loves high heels. Oh, and since I'm a flirtatious heterosexual male in Real Life...Daca is a flirtatious lesbian. Check out her trope section below!
  • Ditzy Genius: For proof, read the Genius Ditz section below.
  • Does Not Like Guns: Subverted. I want to learn how to use a firearm and practice sharp-shooting if I ever get the time (college + social life + fighting + writing + job + internet time + playing video games + watching anime and cartoons = virtually no time to do whatever I want other than those things); but I really, REALLY never ever want to use one outside of learning how to use one just in case it ever comes to me needing to use one. And I really hope it never does.
  • Double Standard: I hate this trope and the related problems it brings. In general, I believe people are people, regardless of gender. For some reason, a few Tsunderes I have known have attempted to hit me for trivial reasons (like disagreeing in a pointless argument) and then tried to justify it with the Double Standard. Either I dodge the hit, or if it is simply a slap, I may allow them to slap me due to me having a good pain threshold. Still, afterwards, I remind them I truly believe in equality...equal rights for everyone AND equal punishment. Meaning, I Would Hit a Girl in self-defense or to defend others, but only if my life or someone else's is in danger. Also, I like to spar with both badass men and women. In general, be it fighting or writing or even dealing with people in the everyday of Real Life...I always try to treat everyone equally.
  • Entry Pimp: For Amazonian Beauties. I personally think naturally buff women are hot, regardless of what others think (I don't like women who use steroids because it makes them my opinion, but I would never use steroids the moral is: Drugs Are Bad).
  • Fanservice: I hate this trope. No, I just dislike the Double Standard attached with it. Why can't a series have fanservice for as many orientations as possible? I guess because some authors tend to write only their own kinks into a series. If I write fanservice, I tend to try to limit to scenes which won't ruin the drama if they have fanservice. Also, I try to write fanservice involving both female and male characters, of varying appearances and kinks. Though I usually put in one or two Amazonian Beauties, I look at the amount of characters and amount of time I give fanservice to them, so I don't make them give too much fanservice or appear so often they become The Wesley. I do this practice pretty much whenever I feel a kink may become too prominent in a series or story I write, to minimize squick since obviously not everyone shares the same tastes as me or anyone else.
  • Fetish: Due to some health problems, I hit the gym. I got better but in the process, realized just how attractive I found women with muscles at the gym. Fitness models, female bodybuilders, martial artists, etc...short way of putting it is, the more muscle, the hotter she is to me (as long as you can still tell it's a pretty woman...I've seen some overdosed on is not pretty). It can be seen in my writings, see Author Appeal above...though to my credit, I'm trying to tone it down. That was not meant to be an incredibly lame pun. Despite my fetish, I have been attracted to many different women that don't fit my fetish at all. In fact, I probably have many more...the one listed is just my oddest, so I thought you might find it interesting. Or not. Or squick. If the last is the case, I apologize. ...I also like Action Girls and Badass women in general.
    • Seriously, trying to become a fighter and get insanely fit has only made my fetishes even harder to contain. It can be awkward when you know so many people who work out. I want to be buffer like the bodybuilders and more badass like the fighters. But did you know many martial artists combine their training with bodybuilding to make themselves even more dangerous in fights? Seriously, I have met some women who are fighters even buffer than say, Chun-Li or Cammy. They often have a little fat over their muscles though...but some play the Amazonian Beauty trope even further than Up to Eleven. Since there is a lot of overlap between fighting and bodybuilding, there are badass hot Amazonian Beauties whose muscles are on clear display (though they often have unnatural chests due to losing so much fat). Needless to say, it's hard for me to not get...excited around them.
    • Other fetishes include...HA! I am not telling you. You have to talk to me instead...though you could probably figure some of them out yourself. But I have a lot could probably just guess and have a 50/50 chance. As long as you're guessing about a female character. Or about Poison from Final Fight.
    • And finally, I have actually studied theories of attraction and fetishism. Sadly, it has not helped me in Real Life that much, but it interested me, so I decided to learn it on a whim.
    • And finally, finally, if you read this whole page, I'm sure you'll learn other kinks of mine.
  • The Fettered: Although I've wanted to be The Unfettered at times; I prefer to be this. My morals keep me in check and I want to help others despite being somewhat of a Blood Knight.
  • Foe Yay: In a really good fight, I sometimes...enjoy the fight too much. And if I think my opponent looks good at all, then it's going to be more obvious in a fight. In fact, some people think for me, fighting is basically foreplay. Which it can be to me...
  • For Happiness: Happiness is awesome.
  • Freak Out: Downplayed and subverted every time, but it has happened. Usually when I have a realization about something about me that I REALLY don't like about myself. The reason the trope is downplayed is because I usually just isolate myself when they happen and cry a bit. Then the subversion comes in when I realize I am not alone and talk to friends. Crowning Moment Of Heartwarming ensues, and I resolve to change whatever I don't like. And I believe nothing is beyond my ability to change, just like Xanatos. The reason these incidents are still FreakOuts in my opinion is because they do change my character...but in good ways after the initial trauma. Like being more confident or assertive...even though I'm REALLY cynical during the Freak Out part.
  • Friend to All Children: I can be this...except to my brother sometimes when we were younger. Ah, sibling rivalry.
    • I'm guessing it is because I still love Saturday morning cartoons. Or something. Not sure.
    • On a related note, after my childhood...I hate people who harm children. 110% hate them. With very few exceptions in fiction. And none in Real Life. I Wouldn't Hurt a Child...but if someone hurts them around me, they are going down. No exceptions.
  • Friend to All Living Things: I wish I were this; as I don't even like harming insects. And I usually am...but both of my toy poodles I've owned liked to bite me. But they also liked to lick me so it balances out.
  • Game-Breaking Injury: Downplayed and (thankfully) subverted. I have a back injury but it should heal completely according to doctors and physiotherapists. Unfortunately, I can't fight or work out heavily right now...but in a couple of months, I should be fully better from the injury. It turns out my medicine for my Bipolar screwed over my body's ability to utilize calcium...but fortunately, I am scheduled for surgery in a couple of months to fix that as well. After all that, my body should be able to handle injuries a lot better and they won't happen as often either. So, I'm very thankful, since a back injury could have been much worse, all things considered. Although I feel out of shape right now, at least I'll be able to get back into shape and continue fighting soon. Though I'm not going to say the wait is fun. :P
    • Yay; back is better! XD
  • Genius Ditz: Well, "genius" might be pushing it but I do have very good grades despite my odd tendencies.
    • For an example of this, when younger, I passed multiple tests in grade school. The first test almost the whole school couldn't do. The second was taken by a few people, most didn't pass and I did. If I passed the final test I would have to be taken to another school (...Or So I Heard...but I was REALLY gullible back then). So I almost passed the final test, by answering all the questions except the last one while talking about video games and how awesome Kirby is. The test was on a time limit, so by not answering the final question, the test was considered incomplete and I didn't have to leave my friends behind by going to another school. I was told by the instructor that I could have passed and that I was very intelligent. I told him I didn't care and just wanted to be with my friends. Later, other tests I would take continued to say I was really smart. However, I don't believe any of these tests. Why? If I'm so smart, why is it that I cannot solve all the problems in my life? Until I do, I will never call myself a "genius" and will continue to deprecate myself.
    • Yeah, note the "Ditz" part. Apparently, the trope I was actually looking for was NOT GeniusDitz. It was Ditzy Genius. So, I'm more of a Ditzy Genius. Whoops.
  • Gentle Giant: Yeah, I'm this.
  • Good Old Fisticuffs: I can do this, with my boxing skills. But I'm also learning a lot about martial arts. So I don't play this totally straight.
  • Grey-and-Gray Morality: Dabble in it time to time in my writings. But I believe Real Life is a lot like this.
  • Guile Hero: I always have a plan. Always.
  • Heroic Self-Deprecation: Prone to this when sad or when I Wangst over my flaws, usually in private.
  • Heroic Sociopath: Sometimes worried I may become this to some extent. Character Development isn't always "good", you know?
  • He's Back: Went through two weeks of trying to sort out and understand my more negative emotions and repressed memories; turned me to a Knight in Sour Armor briefly. I'm back to my usual self now.
  • Hidden Depths: Some people in Real Life know me as a Nice Guy. When they get to know me more, they are sometiemes surprised at the stuff that I describe in the rest of this folder. Just because I'm nice doesn't mean I don't have a wild side.
    • Though my Hidden Depths could end up being subverted as since I grow more confident and assertive, although I still like helping people in Real Life, some friends have said I'm becoming much less passive (and therefore, much more likely to do whatever I feel like or talk about what I want). For example; when I had a friend over to my place recently, we had a discussion about Lady Shiva (long story short, he was looking through my Batman encyclopedia, yes they have those). When he saw a picture of a buffed-in the legs Lady Shiva kicking a thug in the face, he was grossed out by the slight gorn of the pic. When he saw I was smiling apparently, he made fun of me for it. I immediately told him that I like women who can kick ass and asked what was wrong with that. He stopped making fun of me and put the book away. In the past, I usually would have been passive and let it slide. Now, according to my friends, I'm still silly but a lot more assertive and confident.
  • I Call It "Vera": My left arm is "Megan" (named after Megan Fox) and my right arm is Morrigan (named after Morrigan of Darkstalkers fame). My aim is to make my arms extremely buff and noticeable, along with the rest of my body. Then when people ask about my arms, I can call them by name. I'm weird. I know.
  • I Just Want to Be Special or I Just Want to Be Normal: Depends if I am bored (then I want special) or if I am dealing with my mental illnesses (then I want normal).
  • Iron Woobie: I sometimes consider myself due to my Dark and Troubled Past, which I rarely bring up the full extents of. Considering some of the stuff that has happened to me, my closest friends also often consider me this...but when I start being woobie-d over and people feel really sad for me when I'm not feeling sad, I usually say: Don't You Dare Pity Me!.
  • Irony: In my writings a lot.
    • Oh, and a Real Life example? When younger, a LOT younger, I used to be a lot more into stereotyping. I also loved Hollywood Thin women and believed No Guy Wants an Amazon until I started doing what I wanted to for a while, but hadn't become a Determinator yet. Once I started doing the stuff posted all over this page well...I turned out how you see me on the rest of the page.
  • Incorruptible Pure Pureness: Some people see me this way (albeit a Chivalrous Pervert is also a common interpretation of me). Some people don't know about what I like to keep hidden sometimes.
  • In Harm's Way: I sometimes find normal everyday life boring, unless I'm fighting or thrill-seeking; or at least doing something spontaneous and fun.
  • In Touch with His Feminine Side: I have a Brony wallet, I have small facial features and wrists and ankles (although they nicely contrast the rest of my I being pervy about myself?...Moving on), I am very emotional and despite being a Blood Knight, I'm a Nice Guy who would rather talk out problems than beat someone up. Though if we talk out our issues and then beat each other up consensually for fun that's cool.
  • Keet: A common first interpretation of me; despite my build and above average height. Even if I can seem intimidating at a glance; I still am (usually) very energetic with interests ranging from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (Real Men Are Bronies, didn't you know?) to cheering people up to doing whatever the hell comes to mind (within some reason, I do have standards and morals) fact some people have been surprised to find out I fight, considering I can sometimes act like my body is filled with caffeine.
  • Knife Nut: Weird example, downplayed I guess. I don't know too much about this, I'll admit. I know bits and pieces, but I'm not amazing...just slightly above average skilled I guess. However, since I find female KnifeNuts hawt (I'm looking at you Chane Laforet), I'm thinking of learning more in that area. For no reason like seeing hot women fighting with knives. Not Fetish Fuel.
  • Lightning Bruiser: I am quick. Very quick. I have an ectomesomorphic build, so I can move quickly and build muscle quickly.
    • The downside to this is that I easily can become a Glass Cannon, unless I consume insane amounts of food (specifically protein and calcium).
  • Madden Into Misanthropy: Barely averted. After a Trauma Conga Line of events; ranging from injuries to illnesses to my oldest dog dying and dealing with a crazy yandere and needing to call the cops on her, I felt that after four weeks of a lot of bad things happening...well, I wouldn't hate people, I just worried I was going down that path. Fortunately, thanks to friends and tropers, I realized You Are Not Alone and have the will to keep going on. I'm also working through the cynicism I gained from all that, and am starting to become idealistic again.
  • Megane: I usually wear glasses in my more casual times. The Glasses Come Off though in a fight.
  • The Mario: My fighting style. To date I have:
  • Martial Pacifist: This is me to a tee. It helps keep my Blood Knight side in check, check the Blood Knight trope above
  • The Messiah: I tend to believe all people are good at heart. I try my best to treat everyone equally as well. As in, actually equally. Some people have tried to manipulate me by trying to use the Double Standard or other ways of claming "equality" to help them and not others. I sometimes can convince them to help everyone instead. ...If not, well then I usually just leave them alone. Despite my Bipolar, I am very kind to a fault...but Beware the Nice Ones as I can also fight well and will defend myself and others from being hurt. Also, despite being The Messiah, I still have a Dark and Troubled Past (battling with depression partially due to it) and I love to flirt with the ladies.
  • Mistaken for Gay: Not in Real Life...but TV Tropes sometimes gives me ads to "date muscular men". It is...slightly annoying. In Real Life, my friends sometimes complain I'm too heterosexual for flirting with so many women...and the ones who say this are often YaoiFangirls. Honestly, I can understand how liking buff women is not always considered "normal" but seriously, advertisements on TV Tropes...what the hell? I have never been attracted to a man, muscles or not, but I like women with muscles. As you probably know from reading this far because I'm too anvilicious...
  • Mood Whiplash: I can be VERY happy to the point of sunshine and lollipops most of the time. The other 10% of the time I can be down (depressed, even).
  • Motor Mouth: If I get started talking about something I like or am interested in. This page is proof. Or some of my posts in the forum. Otherwise, I can be The Quiet One.
  • Murderous Thighs: Well, I wouldn't kill someone with them, but I am a male version of this trope. I somehow don't think my legs are being seen as fanservice by most people though. They are just really big, strong and I can pin someone with them. Which I have done, and it is awkward doing to guys or girls...for different reasons, but I'll let you figure out why it's different for each.
    • It's not to say I don't know how to fight with my upper body though.
  • Muscles Are Meaningless: Well, in terms of sheer physical strength, I avert this. In terms of not being knocked out...most of the time. Still, I know some much more experience fighters who could knock me the hell out with a really fast punch or kick or whatever. However, the trope is technically about strength last I has just gone through Trope Decay. Anyways, why would I want big muscles for a fight? Well, because this formula: Speed + Strength + Mass = A lot harder punch or kick or throw or whatever plus it's easier to take more damage and it's easier to knock someone out with an attack.
    • That's not to say there aren't downsides; like keeping up my endurance, speed and agility with my extra weight due to the muscle. Which is why one of many reasons I train naturally, otherwise it would be insanely hard to keep my endurance, speed and agility up. Currently, in terms of speed, agility, endurance, flexibility, and all that other stuff...I'm a Jack-of-All-Trades. Except in brute strength, which I'm more than a bit above average in. Especially in my legs...see the trope "Murderous Thighs" above.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: Sometimes, I like girls I really shouldn't. For Perverse Sexual Lust examples...Dark Phoenix from X Men, Juri Han from Street Fighter IV and even Irisu from Irisu Syndrome (though she's sort of more "cute" than "hot" to a weird way, even I don't understand). For Real Life examples, I'm not even getting into that right now.
  • No Doubt the Years Have Changed Me: Met an old accquaintance from high school, from way back in early Drama years (I was in Grade 10 when she graduated from the school) at a local bar once (was there to meet some friends, not to drink). This trope came up in a way, though I didn't say it. At first, my accquaintance couldn't believe she bumped into me again. As we talked, she at first also couldn't believe that I was bigger now and much less shy. This prompted me to realize just how much I had changed since my early high school days, though I didn't comment much on it since I needed to go see my friends.
  • Noodle People: Obviously averted (look at the rest of the page). However, when younger (as a child), I fit this trope due to running a lot and not getting into fighting or weights until after I gained a lot of fat due to some health problems and medicine for my Bipolar. However, I then took up working to go for a Heroic Build instead.
    • It is still a possibility for me, because due to being an ectomesomorph; I build muscle quickly but can lose fat and muscle quickly (if I don't eat properly and/or work out/stay active). I don't want to be a noodle person, but due to not working out heavily or fighting for a bit due to injury (see Game-Breaking Injury, but don't worry because it seems I shall pull off a I Got Better)...I look slimmer in my arms (but not my legs or abdominals, or anywhere else in my body). However, when I flex, my arms do bulge...which would be cool, if I hadn't lost some muscle during my injury. Oh well, I can still get back to where I was again. And then improve.
  • No Social Skills: Used to be this way. Some traces linger.
  • Nice Guy: Nice guys do finish last. I am proof of this. Oh well, I heard they also finish best. Hopefully. However, despite my nice guy attitude, I am actively trying to become "badass". It's not working out too well so far, since I can't get the attitude down. However, I can box, I lift weights and am learning mixed martial arts so it's a start.
  • Perverse Sexual Lust: Oh, how I try to hide this and fail miserably. My friends often point it out for laughs when we play Street Fighter...can I really help how fit and attractive Cammy, Chun-Li and Sakura are? I also actually find some of my own original characters attractive. I need help.
  • Pet-Peeve Trope: A few.
    • Would Hurt a Child: I am a Friend to All Children so if this goes down without adequate explanation (and there are so few reasons to "justify" it I can think of, I can only think of Black Lagoon and Darker Than Black story arcs at the of those series, you know what I'm talking about), you will be going down. No exceptions.
    • Lolicon and Shotacon...if you like that stuff, please keep it to yourself and do not pursue this in Real Life. It's illegal. And wrong in my and many others' opinions.
    • Maybe not a trope, but everyone is different. Do not be sexist, racist, homophobic, heterosexist, or anything like that. At least while you're around me. Unless it's for humour and you're making a point and not really insulting others. Though even then it can still have Unfortunate Implications...
    • Speaking of people being different... a lot of people have different kinks. If you are grossed out by someone's kinks, do not insult them about it. The only time I feel this should be revoked is if the kink in question is NOT Safe, Sane, and Consensual...and legal.
    • That is all.
  • Postmodernism: My writings. Plus Genre-Busting and deconstructedtropes. A lot of them.
  • Power Makes Your Voice Deep: My voice was usually somewhat high for a man due to my general happiness except when I'm working out, training for fighting, fighting or trying to intimdate someone. Fortunately, I haven't usually had to intimidate someone, but it has happened once or twice to end conflict so I don't have to fight. These incidents are NoodleIncidents though.
    • In a related phenomena, one of my friends noticed as I have become more assertive, confident and not afraid to say what's on voice is somehow deeper. After hearing this, I tried casually talking without thinking too much...and it was. My voice still sometimes go high, when really happy, but not as much anymore.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: I enjoy Shojo manga on occasion, and love cute animals, like my toy poodles (one of them has passed; but I still love them both). Oh, and I'm a Brony...I even have a muscle shirt with Rainbow Dash on it. Yeah.
  • Reality Ensues: Although I can fight; in an upscale town where I live...there is not nearly as much opportunity for fights as in comics or anime. This bores me greatly; so I enjoy fighting for sport whenever I can.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: I'm the Red one for almost all my friends. Basically; when a Brilliant, but Lazy Blood Knight Combat Sadomasochist Nice Guy with a few occasions of Large Ham and a love of being In Harm's Way is put against other people; it's hard to not be Red. I'm trying to gain more Blue attributes; so I can think more by logic...but it is hard, so basically I can be smart...I'm just too energetic.
  • Seme: Apparently a heterosexual version of this, according to forums. Except, I guess with my...tastes, I'm attracted to dominant and aggressive women. Which means if I ever do get in my dream's going to be...interesting. You know, since I can also be dominant and aggressive. Weird.
    • As a side-note: I used to be a sort of heteroseuxal Uke. Kinda, since I was so focused on being nice, that when my dominant side showed, people were like: Whoa. But it's a lot more noticeable now, so I'm not really an Uke anymore. And besides, most Uke I know of don't really fight and work out nearly as much as I do. Just saying.
    • As another side-note, check out the poll in the bottom folder. Seme or Uke? Switch? You decide!
  • Slash Fic: Someone online once wrote one of me. Sort of. It was like - insert another online name here - meets a bunch of guys, Even the Guys Want Him and ...stuff ensues. Yeah, I'll let you fill in the blanks there. I am not even saying where this is, so don't ask. I was mildly flattered, amused and weirded out. It's not often that happens.
  • Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism: Usually idealistic...but my writings and inner thoughts are sometimes cynical.
  • Submissive Badass: Let's see what we can pull from that index...
  • The Smart Guy: Despite my enjoyment of working out and fighting, I am more this trope than The Big Guy. This is probably because I'm a Martial Pacifist, I enjoy learning, get good grades and have a wild imagination which I can apply to Real Life. This allows me to be Genre Savvy by understanding the people I know and my previous situations and try to make situations play in my favour.
  • Super Fighting Crazy Side: This describes what happens when I give into my Combat Sadomasochist Blood Knight side...I go from Nice Guy to someone who is not afraid of pain (hell, I enjoy pain happening to me when I'm in this state), enjoys the adrenaline rush and I shift from a more refined style of fighting to being more unpredictable and enjoying the fight regardless of I win or lose. Fortunately; I have morals even while acting like this and I still respect my opponent; so I don't do anything bad. I do become a lot more competent in a fight though. However; I want to learn to control this side of me even more.
  • Tell Me How You Fight: In three main ways -
    • Quick, Elegant Strikes: I can punch well and palm strike well due to my boxing training. Apparently this means I'm refined...but this is more when I keep myself under full control.
    • Dance Battler...sorta: I can be unpredictable when I fight. I haven't really learned to dance, but I understand how to fake attacks and dodge well enough and usually am flexible and agile enough due to having somewhat thin bones (even if I have muscle over them). Apparently this means I have a fun-loving personality. True but it also means I have elements of a...
    • Combat Sadomasochist / Blood Knight: Yeah, I keep this crazy side of me in check.
  • Thou Shalt Not Kill: I believe in this, as one of my many morals.
  • Tsundere: I have actually once been told to date a friend of mine who is one. It's not going to happen.
  • Übermensch: Let's just say after enough Break the Cutie and reflecting on my knowledge of people and the world, I decided I wanted to be this. And then decided that wanting wasn't enough, I should just do it. At least I still believe in treating others nicely...but to still make my own path and not ever be dependent on others fully, and now have no problems with speaking my mind or accomplishing my goals over others. Additionally, I enjoy my Blood Knight side much more now and have no problems with it as long as I keep it to sparring and do not hurt others (unless it is self-defense), both for my morals and more cynically, that I could get into trouble and impede my goals by hurting people. And I will fulfill all my goals. Period.
  • Uke: I once knew a girl who liked treating me like this Up to Eleven. It didn't work out between us; especially since she kept saying she was an Action Girl despite being obviously out of shape and saying that all her combat experience was less than a year of Aikido lessons; over a decade ago...which she gave up because she found it too hard. I didn't want to be jerky and call her a Faux Action Girl, but I did end up seeing her somewhat less since she seemed to want to date me, according to friends, and I did not want to. I'm still friendly with her when I bump into her; then again I'm friendly with pretty much everyone I meet.
  • Underestimating Badassery: Yeah, this used to happen to me. Not so much anymore, since those who know me (mostly) know not to tick me off. Of course, to make me angry, it takes a LOT (mainly people attempting to hurt me or others).
  • Unholy Matrimony: When younger, before my teens, I wasn't evil but not necessarily really good...just a Chaotic Neutral, who did what he wanted, when he wanted a lot of the time. I didn't really do anything bad, but I really didn't care what others thought of me. Until I met my first crush, who was very similar to me in personality and didn't mind getting her hands dirty in a fight. Although when younger, I believed No Guy Wants an Amazon (see entries for Irony above) and she loved a good fight, we hit it off and always hung out together for a while, causing minor mischief and scrapping with each other (it was usually a toss-up to who would win). But, ultimately, we were forced apart and I haven't seen her in a LONG time and may never again.
  • Urban Legend Love Life: My friends over the years made this up for me. Due to shipping and rumors taken out of control. I still haven't been able to fix my false reputation at all.
    • That's not to say I don't know any's more to say that some people in Real Life have blown me to Memetic Sex God and Casanova proportions. And I am not a Casanova, since I care for women's feelings, just as I care for everyone's feelings.
  • Wham Episode: LOVE THIS TROPE. I have to be careful when writing to not fall into Mandatory Twist Ending just because I love Whams so much.
  • Would Hit a Girl: Due to taking fighting lessons and sparring with women, I went pretty quickly from Wouldn't Hit a Girl to this trope. However, I am not abusive at all as the rest of this page attests to, with me being a Nice Guy and all. Rather, I would hit a woman in a sparring match. And if I need to defend myself or others. Still, I prefer not to hit anyone, regardless of gender.
  • Wouldn't Hurt a Child: I absolutely would never hurt a child due to my messed up childhood and me being a Friend to All Children.
  • Yandere: Not me, but I had to deal with one. I called the cops and cut off contact with her after she started texting me violent threats for not seeing her every day.
  • You Are Not Alone: Have both given this to other people and been on the receiving end of it.
    • Recently, a lot of friends and tropers helped me through a lot of issues I've been going through. It was a Crowning Moment Of Heartwarming for me, as I help others without expecting help back. But people helped me in my time of need anyways.
  • Yuri Fan: Yes, I'm into this too.

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  • I am an existentialist, egalitarian and ethical hedonist. Yay for things starting with E!
  • Currently when I have little fat on me (as in Body Mass Index of 15% or lower) I have 14 inch arms and 24 inch legs. And a six-pack. That's not to say I'm even at 15% BMI right now :(
    • As a side-note to the above, as long as I keep my fighting skills up and improving...and I keep my speed and agility, I have no problem with buffing up (naturally) further. However, my trainer said in say 10-15 years, with my genetics, if I kept training, I could have 36 inch legs. To put that in perspective, my legs would be three feet thick. Yeah. I know it would be freaky looking to a lot of people, but I think it would be awesome albeit intimidating to a lot of people. But imagine the kicks I could do! As for arms, they'd be like only 18 inches or something. Not as cool. Sorry arms. But I'd be like the next Chun-Li...but male, real...and you know, maybe I'm not thinking about this right. Moving on.

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  • I came up with my name note  for a My Chemical Romance forum, and thought about "Bella" meaning "beauty" and about "-cide" so I put the two together for a slightly dark, cheery name. You were half right (and a lot of people have asked me about Bella, but nope, has nothing to do with her~ lulz) anyways, yay vandalization~! -throws party, confetti falls from ceiling- ~Bella
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    • Thanks :) I hope I don't need to kick asses in my every day life though. I do love sparring though, but that's probably obvious by now. - Darkclaw
  • Awesome fourth-walling, dude. - Who Needs Sleep
  • Your martial arts don't impress me. Once I accidentally made a blackbelt trip downstairs. And I wasn't even supposed to be there, I was with a friend. Long story. With enough Contrived Coincidences, I could do the same to you. Maybe. - Belfagor
  • Where have you been? You never pay a visit on my page! How are we supposed to be enemies if you never pay attention to me? Oh no, wait... there's another villain, is it? —Belfagor

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  • Darkclaw is the living embodiment of CMoAs - Dalexterminate
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  • "I Wish I Could Employ Someone to Come Up With Witty Song Titles, But For the Time Being, I Shall Write Them Myself, Even Though It Takes a Little Time, and They Get Absurdly Long" by inhopelessguy

I wrote this little ditty,

For a guy called Darkclaw,

In my eyes he is,

Awesome forever more!

What's the point of writing this?

I just want to say,

The guy is funny as always,

I think he's really smart,

My eurekas are his brain farts,

He's all-around nice guy,

And he doesn't even need to try.

     Favourite series/stories 

Now with reasons because praising is more fun than complaining sometimes...

     Unfavourite series/stories 

Now with reasons as to why because complaining is more fun than praising sometimes...

  • Training With Hinako: Seriously, I love working out but this is wrong on so many levels. One, a Moe loli is teaching people how to work out by flirting with them? What the hell?!?! And two, they Did Not Do The Research! At all! Sit-ups? For abs? Yeah; unless you have impeccable form, a strong back and amazing nutrition to keep it that way...DO NOT DO IT! And even then, be careful. And even even then, there are so many more safe and effective ways to get abs like circuit training! I'm going to shut up now, because I'm now in anvilicious mode...but seriously, I feel like somewhere right now, lolicons are watching this series. And it scares me.
  • Twilight: Okay, I know this is a Love It or Hate It series...but I've heard some people say FREAKING Bella is a "feminist" character who "empowers" women? How? By clinging to an abusive Bastard Boyfriend who's also a vampire?!? ARGH! That's like saying Lara Croft has a realistic body type for all the stunts she pulls off. It's not true! ...Though Lara is hawt :P

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??? - Unknown Date

Should be working on my philosophy essay...oh well, I'll get it done. Due to college, I feel I haven't nearly worked out or trained in fighting nearly enough in the past two weeks or so. I feel like less of a badass already. I think I'll work out when I get the chance soon, but in April when I get off school, I'm going to work out like mad. And join a dojo for Hapkido. And hopefully learn to use a katana. Yeah. By the way, you shouldn't start sentences with "and". And Now You Know.

Anyways, in writing news, I think I shall try to make my Magnum Opus a comic first then get it adapted. More on that as it happens :)

Feb 12, 2011

Was in hospital to get my meds changed and depression. Yeah. Oh well, I'm back and happy again, so I'm...happy.

In writing news, I need to write my Pitch Bible more. It is going well. However, I still worry if it will get made...

In TV Tropes related news, I cannot believe Fetish Fuel is its own wiki now. I must join that as well :)

Also, "Megan" is noticeably buffer (my left arm), almost as big as my right arm now (probably off by like 0.1 of an inch maybe). This is due to a lot of weight lifting on it.

Jan 29, 2011

Feeling down. So I'm just updating my tropes list. To feel better, I've put up my "goals folder". Basically, it's what I want to be when older. I hope I don't sound like I want to be a Mary Sue. Check it out.

Jan 25, 2011

Gotta do my Philosophy Essay. Damn, I hate essays. I really, REALLY, REEAALLLY do. But I have to go do it. So I will leave you with this update on my writings. Did I mention I hate essays?

I am currently working on blurring the lines of morality. Also, I have to work on my characters sheet since their moralities are changing. Was having fun but then my essay came up :P So yeah.

Anyways, will talk again soon hopefully. Bye for now.

Jan 20, 2011

Finished my exams :) To celebrate, I bought the Baccano DVD set and watched it start to finish. Awesome series.

Currently wondering about the Double Standard. Don't know why it exists, but I hate it.

On that topic, in my previous post, I alluded to a trope that's part of it, All Amazons Want Hercules. I said I was not exploiting it or anything. It's true that I'm not as I want to be buff (or, to be more specific, buffer than I am currently) but honestly, I don't care if any person, male or female, is buffer than me. Or better at kicking butt than me. Or anything really. I see it like there's Always Someone Better, so why care? All I can do is get buffer for me and enjoy doing so and continue my fighting training. I enjoy it anyways.

Also, I have already encountered some humorous and not so humorous things about the bodybuilding lifestyle and trying to get a Heroic Build. A lot of ladies I know are encouraging me to get buffer, but the second I say I like my ladies to have muscle, it's either:

A- "Oh so you have a fetish. Whatever." B- "Women aren't supposed to be buff. Eww."

I hate Double Standards. If a woman wants to build muscle, it shouldn't be squick just because "traditionally" men are usually buffer (Seriously, someone used this "excuse" on me). I think anyone who is fit and wants to be buff, can do it and should if they want to. But I'm biased, since I like my ladies to have legs like Chun-Li and upper bodies like She Hulk, with a healthy dose of the Statuesque Stunner trope. So why is it that it's cool for me to be buff but not women? ARGH, I could go crazy from trying to understand the Double Standard.

On a humorous note, someone recently believed I was jealous of Chun-Li. Specifcally, her legs. I rebuffed with that I am not and find her legs to be sexy. The reaction was surprisingly that quite a few others find her legs hot as well. Some still denied it though.

Oh, and my writing is going well but I'm on a CRAZY deadline. And I swear I won't talk nearly as much about muscle next post. I have Bipolar and OCD, so I tend to fixate on topics sometimes, sorry. Still, it's being Cursed With Awesome for the most part though...tons of imagination and my fixations allow me to focus like crazy on my goals. More on writing next post though :P

See ya soon :)

Jan 6th, 2011

I now am attempting to build my own Heroic Build. Seriously. I am dieting and bodybuilding now. It has interested me for a while and I've worked out a lot, but never really attempted to do hardcore natural bodybuilding. To my surprise, it's actually going well. The dieting isn't too bad, and I love to work fact, my personal trainer wants me to not work out too much because now I may be overdoing it in my pursuit of a buff bod. Oh well.

Sadly, I am not showing my abs yet and that could take a while to show. On the plus side, my arms and legs are noticeable. But my left bicep is a bit smaller than my right. So I'm going to work it out a lot more. Apparently with my mesomorph body structure, I could get seriously jacked in a couple of years.

Told you I was serious. And no, I am not only doing this to invoke/exploit All Amazons Want Hercules. Though I have learned that female bodybuilders tend to stay in relationships with fellow bodybuilders longer than those who don't bodybuild themselves, on average (according to my trainer and some bodybuilders, male and female, that I've met). I'm doing this to get buff, because I just want to. And maybe, just a bit, to get an Amazonian Beauty girlfriend. Actually, I'm not doing it for that reason at all. (If you have no clue that I like muscle on my ladies, see my entry for Fetish below...and I guess I want muscle on myself as well.)

Until next post, see ya.

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Sometimes I rant. Sometimes I feel the rants deserve to be posted to preserve their epicness.

This rant was when the Fetishes forum was discussing what would happen if different tropers took over the world; and forced their kinks on it. This is exactly why I should never Take Over the World as well: About the whole changing the world to match someone's kinks thing...

I disapprove of changing the world to match one person's kinks. It is horribly wrong And Thats Terrible.

...That said, here's what I would do if not bound by things like morality or things like how reality, society or people work.

•First of all, people would be a lot more open to things like sex and fetishes. If you're not into sex or toying with new ideas, then you eventually become like that, no exceptions. •Second of all, monogamy would be out and polygamy would become the norm for relationships. •Thirdly, everyone would find things like physical strength, speed, agility, flexibility, endurance, durability, etc. to be Fetish Fuel, regardless of other preferences. The Heroic Build would be the most desired body type for men and women. In addition, the populace would seek out ways for people to achieve the Heroic Build without resorting to dangerous things like steroids which would be frowned upon, though genetic experimentation is okay I guess. Also, people would have to train to not only gain vast strength but keep up and improve the rest of their physical attributes as well. •Fourthly, badassery would also be a major component of attraction. Basically, everyone would also be turned on by fighting; be it with hands, blades, guns, etc. ...which would probably lead to a lot of Sex Is Violence, but whatever. •Fifthly, the whole Dom/Sub thing would have to go. People would always be fighting for dominance and the loser would then go sub for them for the time being until their next rematch. •, all other kinks that could go with the above would also be allowed and be encouraged. In other words, if someone has a kink, they should be free to explore it with other like-minded people. In fact, there would be a whole scientific field just for this (everything from finding ways for Buxom Is Better to Catgirls to anything people can think of). •And seventh(ly), other than the above...equality for all, no matter how hypocritical this may sound now.

Of course, I would never actually attempt to make this as it sounds too Nineteen Eighty Four-ish meets my most major kinks...Or would I?

Rant About Bodybuilding's Effectiveness On Fighting (from Fetishes Forum) -

  • In response to an argument on the Fetishes forum, in which some people believed muscles are bad for fighting:

Darkclaw's response - Wall of Text below, but still helpful info about fighting and bodybuilding:

As a natural bodybuilder and fighter, I take offense to that last one :P Anyways, it all depends on how you train. I can see a lot of bodybuilders having trouble training to fight, as in my experience, there are two types of "bodybuilders":

  • The bodybuilders who either use steroids or do anything to bulk up quickly and don't actually think about the consequences or how to do so to achieve all their physical goals.
  • The bodybuilders who actually study the human body and therefore can do a lot with their bodies, because they train in specific and precise ways.

I'm personally aiming to be the latter, and although I am "bulky", due to doing both strength and endurance training equally as well as running training (in terms of sheer speed and endurance training), plus flexibility and agility training AND conditioning and fighting training....I don't really want to brag too much, but I'm a bit of a Lightning Bruiser. Of course, I know more experience fighters who are even more so than me but still...

Oh and if you know how to use your muscle mass and density in combat, it is not useless. Have you ever seen a UFC fight for example? Even a lot of female fighters are pretty jacked (...which may or may not be why I watch those matches :P). Anyways, when you fight, you can direct your body weight into a punch or kick to make it more effective (a lot of people refer to it as "ki"). However, although this is effective, if your opponent is equally skilled and can block it/use it to their advantage, it won't mean too much to them. Ever heard of the trope My Kung Fu Is Stronger? Often the deciding factor between two equally skilled fighters is their strength, because it helps them power through their opponents to deal more damage AND the muscle mass, if dense enough (read: they actually did the research on how to train and bodybuild for fighting), will give them some more protection against strikes (though pressure points and the like will still hurt just as much).

While I'm saying all this, I should probably say if I were to date an Amazonian Beauty, I'd preferably want one who is the second type I mentioned and therefore can do more things than just lift stuff :P

Oh, and also "about actual combat" note , there's a huge difference between stepping in the ring and the military. In the ring, you just need to knock someone out or restrain them, or in a lot of martial arts competititons....just gain points through quick hits that you make soft at the last second. Some competitions don't even let you touch your opponent and instead multiple judges decide who would win.

Plus, ALL of my senseis and instructors for boxing, wrestilng and MMA (Karate, Taekwondo, Japanese Jiujutsu) have not been Bishōnen or bishoujo. They run the gambit from lithe and putting emphasis on speed in attacks but still being really defined (like having a six-pack of abs for example) to flat-out buff (for example, the only female sensei I had was...which made it more fun, I mean awkward, to train with her; or the sensei I plan to go train under in Hapkido is pretty bulky). Honestly, being built like a twig is not going to help in a can be lithe, don't get me wrong, but you still will build at least some dense muscle from the crazy training that goes in dojos if you're there long enough. Just saying.

..Oh and since I mentioned speed...yes, a strike's power can come just from the speed and technique. BUT if you add strength and mass to that strike, thanks to the Square/Cube Law and how mass works...well, what do you think will block, take more damage and deal out more damage: a well-trained lithe arm or leg, or a well-trained massively buff one? And as for the disadvantage of Square-Cube Law (see: the bigger they are, the harder they fall), if you make sure your bones are strong and you know how to absorb hits/fall really isn't that big of a deal. Of course, if you're bodybuilding PROPERLY and learning to fight as well, you'll have dense and strong bones anyways.

It really pisses me off when people automatically assume all bodybuilders are too slow or whatever to fight...Because those people tend to not actually not have done the research on either field. And I pride myself in both. Just saying.

And just for the record, this type of training, hell even bodybuilders who only train for sheer strength, is INSANELY hard...and you need to be able to dedicate your life to it. I have to diet constantly and spend hours in gyms, rings and dojos each week as well as stretch whenever I can. And I do this all while in college and writing, working and having a social life. ...Of course, right now, I'm just chilling due to a back injury (never powerlift when a girl who hits a lot of your kinks is training nearby and you're prone to Distracted by the Sexy, let me just tell you that now).

     Pictures/videos/other stuff 

Why did you open this?!? ARGH! Anyways, feel free to post links and pics and videos and whatever in here. In fact; even if you find it fun, kinky or whatever but think I or others won't, you should post in here. I'll comment and stuff, since I'm always looking for new things to enjoy. Not meant to be a Double Entendre, really.

Oh, and anything linked below may be spoiler-ish and/or kinky in various ways and/or other offensive stuff. You've been warned.

- Darkclaw

Chane is moe, is she not?


  • Yay! Thanks so much Dhana! :) - Darkclaw

This is NSFW but check Post 212820 on the Fetishes forum for a Crack Fic about Morrigan/Dark Phoenix and Chun-Li/She-Hulk! It is here. - Darkclaw

some more fun, with less clothing ;-)

- Darkclaw Who does NOT want to conquer the world. Because he already has, and everything is going according to his secret plan. Even you reading this...

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