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"This Ninja story is going to be so intense, you will burst into flames some point during the storytelling.

Ask a Ninja and Epic Lloyd

Ninja is a two-part web video done by Ask a Ninja, Epic Lloyd, Urban Ninja and Sam Macaroni. It is about a group of ninjas kidnapping a martial arts master, and two students of the master teaming up to stop the "damn ninjas down the street" (the students are also ninjas, played by Epic Lloyd and Urban Ninja). It also has some segments with Ask a Ninja introducing the story and ending it as well as telling people to click the link to the next video.


Despite the Excuse Plot, the action sequences are well choreographed and it features a rap about ninjas in the second part.

Part 1 can be seen on Epic Lloyd's channel here and Part 2 can be seen on Sam Macaroni's channel here.If you watch Part 2 first, Ask a Ninja may troll you.

The videos provide examples of the following tropes:


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