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Because Vocaloids are awesome.

My name is Ana and believe it or not, I'm twenty five years old. I'm just (unfortunately) extremelly childish. I'm Brazilian. My English isn't all that great, though, so forgive me for my grammar.

I was introduced to this site and had my life ruined by TV Tropes thanks to some post about Changeling Fantasy somewhere.

I started editing stuff and posting in the forums a couple of months ago, though, probably because I only feel comfortable talking about stuff I really enjoy, and even then, I'm paranoid about having bothered people. Probably because of the later (coupled with my perfectionism), I have yet to launch an article.

Due to my paranoia, freak outs and tendence to talk non stop about anything I'm interested in, I don't know anyone yet. I'm not exactly good with people, and sometimes I think I have no sense of self, so to say.


I tend to brood (is there a trope for a girl that broods a lot?), think, space out a lot. But I wish I wasn't like that.

Thinking a lot is nice, being almoust always off in space is not, plus, the constant brooding is annoying to other people. So, I try my best to keep it to myself, even more so than my navel gazing and thoughts full of Insane Troll Logic.

And according to the few people I talk to, I apologize a lot. Which sometimes leads me to apologize for apologizing. Not as cute as it sounds, I can assure you.

Speaking of unfortunate tendences I have, I often assume no one's reading the stuff I write. And this is kind of the case. So forgive me if I bothered you with my whining. Not to mention I get angry and upset easily, and tend to offend people and break stuff during my anger fits. For some reason, people don't really believe me when I say that.


I enjoy reading, writing (specially sci-fi and fantasy) and playing video games (normally RP Gs and visual novels). I also like reading about plants and gemstones, tarot cards and dogs.

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OLLEH. —Nein Le Padré Monstéir

A belated welcome for you, ma'am! betterthanstrawberry

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Welcome. I hope we can get along. — Liberated Liberater

Hellooooooooooooooooooo! — Wuggles

People from all over the world here! And don't worry, your English is perfectly readable to this native speaker, so I don't think you need to apologize~ — Random Vandalization <3

One time Randy Beaman's aunt was sitting on the front porch and she was in her bare feet, and she felt a lick and she thought it was her dog licking her feet but it wasn't; it was this crazy guy that did that a lot. 'K, bye. - Silveratus

I like dreams! My last dream was about...darn, I could remember when I first woke up! Well, this one dream I had a few years ago was about this old horror movie that didn't even exist. - Mort08

Thanks for the kind words on my profile! What's up with you? - Darkclaw

Heya! You seem like a nice person, and I thought you might want a welcome! I think we'll get along, even if we just met up! - Pulse

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