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Avatar: The Last Airbender

  • When All Your Dreams Come True is a For Want of a Nail story in which Zuko's dream of catching the Avatar and being reinstated as his father's heir comes true... and promptly turns into a scene so nightmarish that he eventually loses himself in increasingly desperate daydreams trying to wish the new reality away.


  • In the story Cinderjuice, in order to go with Lydia to her prom, Beetlejuice allows himself to be turned into an age-appropriate powerless mortal. Unfortunately, turning back is the real problem...


  • Child of the Storm: In the sequel, Ghosts of the Past, Harry gets hit with this hard when he darkly remarks that he hopes the then unknown telepath who intervened to keep him at Privet Drive to study him comes around and has a go, doubtless planning to wreak horrors on his person. Then he does. Cue the Forever Red arc, in which Harry is kidnapped, tortured, his Blank Slate body is reprogrammed into the Red Son, the Winter Soldier's heir apparent, hundreds of deaths, countless cases of Mind Rape to varying degrees, the geopolitical map of the mortal and spirit worlds being turned upside down, and worst of all, the rise of the Dark Phoenix, an event which leads to more than a few mortals and gods concluding that Harry is an Apocalypse Maiden and too dangerous to live, while Harry is a slowly recovering traumatised wreck from the memories of 6 months of black ops horror. All in all, it's fair to say that that particular wish backfired.
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  • Thousand Shinji: Keel and the rest of Seele sought reaching Instrumentality to create a new god and become one with it. When Third Impact happened, it turned Shinji, Asuka, Rei and Misato -the four persons in the whole world who had suffered the most at the Seele's hands — into gods. And they were pissed off. Cue the Seele members receiving horrible, horrible punishments.
    "You and the other members of SEELE wanted to shed your bodies and become one with a new god... well, no one ever said that God would be nice or particularly like you and your cronies for your involvement in its birth. I hope you prepared for the eventuality of an eternity being horrifically tortured by your worst nightmares."
  • A Crown of Stars:
    • When Shinji says he can not forgive his father and he can go to Hell, Daniel warns him about being careful about what he wishes for, since he can make it happen:
      "Be careful what you wish for around here, Shinji. If that’s what you want, I can make it happen. I maintain and operate my own Hell, for those truly unworthy or unwilling to seek penance and redemption. And I know of even worse places than that."
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    • Kensuke wished he had a girlfriend, right like his friends. Then he met one girl was interested in him. Then another girl came along. Then both girls argued. Then they agreed to share him. And he has absolutely no idea of how handling the situation.
  • In "A Simple Wish," Chi-Chi carelessly wishes herself out of existence. After seeing how the world has drastically changed without her, she comes to regret the wish.
  • Children of an Elder God: Shinji wishes to be a god during a dream, thinking it was just a silly dream. Later on, he gets godly power, but he doesn't like it because it corrupts him and gradually turns him into a Humanoid Abomination.
  • Constants and Variables: When she realizes that Elizabeth is much more complex and mysterious than she seems, Narcissa invites her to tea to talk politics. When Elizabeth finds out that she drugged her with veritaserum, she decides to tell her the whole truth, sending them into an alternate world where Voldemort wins. Narcissa seeing the calamity her family’s loyalties will bring certainly puts things into perspective for her.
  • In Miraculous Ladybug vs. the Forces of Evil, Marianette and Adrian wished they could have something new and exciting in their "routine" lives. Well they got it when Star Butterfly and her enemies came to town, and all the consequences that spring from this lead to some dark places for the two.
  • Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku!:
    • Overlapping with Gone Horribly Right. Bakugou constantly berates Izuku on his hypocrisy due to his refusal to be a hero, and wishes he'd apply for the U.A. so they can properly settle their score. A series of events eventually get Izuku to retake his dreams, and when he does, Bakugou demands that he trains for the entry exam because there's no way he's getting in after a whole decade of inaction. Izuku ends up taking that advice to the point he walks away with the highest entry score ever in the history of the UA, surpassing even All Might himself. Worse, he quickly becomes The Paragon and inspires other students to help each other, knocking Bakugou down to the bottom of the Top 10 ranking. As a result, on the first day Izuku quickly becomes the Big Man on Campus while everybody takes a dislike to Bakugou and some even make fun of him for his score, as well as the Sludge Villain incident.
    • Izuku and the premise itself are an example of this. Izuku wanted nothing more than an amazing Quirk so he could be like All Might and was devastated when he was declared Quirkless. He got his wish when his Kryptonian Super Strength and Nigh-Invulnerability manifested not long after he got home. Unfortunately, he's a four-year-old with powers he doesn't understand. So when he gets into a fight with Bakugou, he accidentally throws Bakugou into a building across the street, which nearly kills Bakugou and leaves him grievously scarred for life. Then Izuku slowly starts developing more powers than he knows how to deal with, including Super-Hearing that's so intense that he passes out after listening to every bad thing happening around the world at once. Then he learns that the reason why he has his powers is because he's an alien. His Earth happens to be plagued with anti-alien hysteria. He certainly hit the Superpower Lottery, but it came with a boatload of angst he wasn't prepared for.
  • Rick and The Loud House: Of course, but the multiverse setting has occasionally allowed for small crossovers with other media. Chapter 3 involved Rick, Lincoln, and Lola accidentally traveling to Mewni and Chapter 11 has Rick, Lincoln, and Lisa briefly travel to a dimension where Lincoln has Naruto as an adopted brother.
  • Cycles Upon Cycles: After Joker's boast that he could make the Normandy dance, Shepard tells him to be careful about saying such things as he just may need to do that someday.
  • Every chapter of Guardians, Wizards, and Kung-Fu Fighters closes with a narrative quote from a character, usually reflecting some theme from that chapter. In the case of Chapter 20, which is the one where Cedric finally tells Elyon the truth of her identity and takes her to Meridian, the quote is Elyon reflecting on how she used to dream of someone coming to tell her that she's a really a long lost princess, as that would mean she's special... and how the worst thing that ever happened to her was that dream coming true.
  • The Halloween Unspectacular anthology series has a few examples:
    • In "Wolf", from the fourth edition, Timmy accidentally comments on how cool it would be to be a werewolf where his fairies can hear, turning him into one.
    • In "Timmy Turner's House of Terror", from the seventh edition, Timmy wishes for the ghost of a famous person he can interview for a history project. But because he wasn't specific about who he wanted, he got stuck with Lizzie Borden.
    • In "Come and See" from the eighth edition, the Devil tempts Gaz with a pocket watch that grants seven wishes, with just two catches. First, every wish cast unlocks one of the seals of the Apocalypse, but with the caveat that Gaz herself won't be directly affected, which she's fine with. Secondly, which she's not aware of until it's too late, is that upon all seven wishes being granted, the Devil claims Gaz's soul.
  • In Chapter 26 of The (Questionable) Burdens of Leadership of a Troll Emperor, whenever someone in their empire expresses desire to not be ruled by Naruto and Xanna, the two offer them the chance. They can take all their personal belongings and be sent to a planet the two don't control. Most back down when they realize not having their rule also means not having any protection from the Goa'uld. At least one group who took them up on the offer later were attacked by the Goa'uld.
  • Point Me At The Skyrim: Back when Scion started nuking the planet, Victoria Dallon bemoaned the fact that she couldn't go out and help people as destruction was raining from the skies. Two years later she's been dumped in a strange land, and a dragon decides to nuke the area where she and other people are standing.
    In any case, I ended one day anxious on how my world could possibly be over with a botched surgery... and woke up to the world ending by a botched attempt at saving it.
    No, that wasn't fair.
    That was misplaced anger at being helpless while news and radio were alight with how the tallest buildings were crumbling down onto innocent people, bemoaning the fact I couldn't be with my family during this ultimate betrayal. To rescue those in dire straights.
    To be a hero once more.
    Balls of fire rained down from the sky like falling stars, streaking through air that seemed to have been made dimmer.
    Not through the smoke and ash of the burning debris, but by the fact that the world itself seemed to have been overlaid by a cosmic filter. Trees shattered into a shower of splinters, the ground exploded into craters larger than myself, and the people below cried out in fear and pain.
    Wish fucking granted Victoria.
  • In Abyssal Plain, the titular Abyss will give you visions on how to escape it's grasp, but it often comes at a cost to your humanity.
  • Gospel Of The Lost Gods: Weaver wanted Romp to make sure that King Robert Baratheon didn't walk over the Wards who were sent to visit him. Romp, naturally, takes it way too far and made the Wards sound unhinged and uncontrollable.

Danny Phantom


  • Hellsister Trilogy: During his wedding, Clark Kent surreptitiously makes Lois' bouquet land on Supergirl's hands; a subtle way to wish her good luck in finding a steady boyfriend. Next time he saw her, Kara had hooked up with Dev-Em, a former pain-in-the-ass bully whom he loathes.
  • With This Ring: In "Contingency" OL complains endlessly over the sloppiness of Martian Manhunter's training scenario, he complains that it's uncreative and unrealistic because the Justice League in it act very uncharacteristically. He definitely gets his wish for realism when Miss Martian has a breakdown and makes everyone forget it's a telepathic simulation.note 
  • One Day at a Time: Jason Todd's greatest wish is to see his family again and apologize for his initial poor treatment of them. His soul then travels back in time after his death and merges with his younger body, allowing Jason to reunite with a family that barely knows him. Jason, understandably, does not take this well.

Dragon Ball

Family Guy

  • Meg's Family Series has the chapter Time Stew. Stewie, after having a dream that Maddie will stop his plans of world domination, goes back in time to prevent Maddie from being born by making it so that Meg and Zack never met. Of course, Stewie realizes just how much he cared about Maddie and tries to get her born again. This goes to hell when after getting Meg and Zack (Whose married to Nikki in this timeline) together, Zack ends up murdered and Meg kills herself afterwords. Brian even says this trope word for word.

Fire Emblem

  • In Golden Threads Tie Us, Morgan sets out to find her disappeared father in the belief that he must be alive but he can't return home for some reason. Morgan manages to find her father, and finds out he's become the Fell Dragon Grima.

Game of Thrones

  • In Winter Is Coming Along With Ideas, Rhaegar gets his wished second daughter for his "three-heads of the dragon" prophecy from his love, Lyanna Stark. Unfortunately while Rhaegar survives to become king and put down the rebellion, Lyanna dies in childbirth and his wife and son are killed. He spends the story repenting for his actions and taking care of his daughters, Rhaenys and Joanna.
    • Cersei Lannister gets to marry the man she always wanted, unfortunately Rhaegar hates her because her father killed his wife and child and only married her because she was only one close to his age. She also has no Jaime to take comfort in because Jaime was banished to the Wall.
  • The Raven's Plan: After the return to the past, Arya misses the respect she'd earned in the old timeline, and wishes that all the people at Winterfell who don't Remember enough (or at all) would stop treating her like Arya Underfoot again. Then the Riverlanders arrive and start singing her praises for what she did to the Freys. So now, people are no longer treating Arya like a nuisance — because they're bloody terrified of her.
  • An Empire of Ice and Fire: Viserys spends most of his time in the story crowing about how he'll eventually return to King's Landing in triumph. He does eventually travel to the city... as a prisoner, about to be executed for his crimes.

Harry Potter

  • Spoken word for word in Chapter 10 of Harry Potter And The Power Of Paranoia. Rufus Scrimgeour is finally the Minister of Magic, a position that he had lusted after for years, but it just so happens to be during the rise of Voldemort. Furthermore, due to the Ministry building being unavailable (due to a prank by Sirius Black), the Ministry of Magic is temporarily housed in a run down building in Diagon Alley.
  • In The World As We Knew It, this trope is basically the core theme, when Harry, Lupin and Snape trigger an ancient magic whereby a wish will be granted if three separate people, without intending it, make the same wish at the same time. As a result, when the three wish that the prophecy about Harry and Voldemort had never been made, they find themselves in a parallel universe where the Potters are alive and Harry has a sister, but Voldemort has basically taken over the wizarding world, the Order of the Phoenix have essentially given up, muggle-borns are prosecuted (Lily is only allowed to remain as fake paperwork was created for her and Hermione had to relocate to France before she was old enough to go to Hogwarts) and Ginny has been in Azkaban since she was accused of opening the Chamber of Secrets on her own.
  • The whole premise of Wish Carefully boils down to this. In this Alternate Universe Fic, after Dumbledore dies, Harry decides to let the Death Eaters get what they want (no more Muggleborns, no contact with the Muggles, full control over Magical England, all of their enemies out of the way), but instead of being able to revel in their apparent victory, Lucius Malfoy eventually realizes that their wishes have actually condemned them to a slow and painful death. He actually mentions the trope, and calls it trite.
  • No Competition: Bigoted pureblood wizards and biased, high ranking ministry personel wanted nothing more than the removal from Wizarding society of 'unwanted' elements such as werewolves, vampires, hags, other assorted dark creatures and muggleborns. Well, they got their wish, but the exodus caused tax revenue to fall down sharply to the point Fudge is afraid that eventually they will be unable to pay the people working at the Ministry of Magic.

How to Train Your Dragon

  • Prodigal Son: When the parents of the village try to retract their children from training because Astrid sided with Hiccup (then under the name Prometheus), viewing her as a traitor, Astrid makes a point by having the incompetent and narcissistic Snotlout to take over for her. What follows is Snotlout trying to bully the students into a total offense attack on a monstrous nightmare all the while the terrified parents try and salvage the situation, Astrid's training advice being the only thing keeping them alive.
  • In The Boy Behind The Mask, Snotlout wanted to be chief and the people of Berk wanted an heir that exemplified good old viking machismo. Unfortunately, Snotlout had no idea how boring and hard it would be to be the next chief and the people of Berk don't like the fact that their future chief is a self-righteous idiot, the current Chief and Elders having little to no faith in him.

Invader Zim

  • In the fanfic Gaz Dreams of Genie, Gaz gets hit with this after accidentally freeing the genie Azie from her lamp and being granted Three Wishes in exchange. She wastes her first wish with a Freudian Slip (expressing her annoyance with Dib by saying she sometimes wishes he'd never been born), leading to a Villain World where Zim rules and she's a slave; she then has to use her second wish to hit the Reset Button. Left with only one wish, and specifically being told she can't wish for more, Gaz spends time contemplating every wish she can think of, and realizes that every single one could theoretically backfire on her. She tries to employ some Loophole Abuse by wishing for the power to grant her own wishes (thus allowing her to tailor things her way), but this just leads to her and Azie switching lives, leaving Gaz trapped in the lamp.

Jackie Chan Adventures

  • Jade Dragon:
    • Jackie decides that this trope is a very wise proverb while creeping towards Fei's palace, considering his job is to reconstruct the past, and it had come to life before him... at the behest of a demonic dragon hellbent on conquering the world.
    • Jade's narration lampshades this, with how her life switch with Shendu occurred right after her wishing that her adventures will continue.

Katekyō Hitman Reborn!

  • In More Than No Good, instead of Tsuna being the heir of the mafia, his twin OC brother is. When Gokudera challenges the brother and ends up being defeated, the brother rejects him and refuses to make him his right hand man. In an effort to make the brother reconsider and show how effective the bomber could be, Reborn has Gokudera guard Tsuna. Obviously Gokudera is not happy about this, and spends most of the time with Tsuna calling him names and wishing he could be his brother's right hand man. In Chapter 12, he gets his wish, only to realize it wasn't as good as he thought it would be. the brother is a petulant, cowardly asshole, who treats everyone around him (especially Gokudera) like shit. Instead of protecting people, or doing anything remotely worthwhile, his new boss uses his followers to belittle and make fun of others. Worse, his boss doesn't even bother treating him like a person, referring to him as a dog more than once. Gokudera realizes too late that he left Tsuna, a person who honestly cared for him and treated him like a friend, for someone who treats him no better than a pet.

Kill la Kill

  • Kill la Kill AU: In Comic 41, we have Ryuuko, in light of Satsuki's illness, and she wishes to be the "sick one" instead of her then ill sister. Unfortunately, this comes true and the comic ends with her in the hospital as her illness gets worse. In the second part of that arc, Satsuki wishes to be the sick one, too, so Ryuuko won't be alone.
  • The Outside seems to imply this, as Ryuuko wanted little more than to go outside. She does get to but, unfortunately, this costs her the life she had before, as her getting injured is the reason she's removed from Satsuki's care altogether.

Love Hina

  • In Love Hina: Like It Could Have Been, Naru and Makoto successfully drive Keitaro away from the Hinata Inn, meaning they don't have to deal with a male manager. Instead, they have to cope with the fallout, as a coldly furious Haruka promptly declares the girls will have to split all the chores he would have taken over.

Miraculous Ladybug

  • In Spellbound, Plagg explains that his usual solution to greedy and unworthy holders is to offer them a portion of his magic. When they accept, the magic overload changes them into beings that aren't human enough to wield a Miraculous anymore.

My Hero Academia

  • In Cursed Blood, after the events at USJ many students in Class 1-B started clamoring that they were just as good as the now famous Class 1-A and could prove it if given the chance... And of course they suddenly find one of their training sessions attacked by villains gunning for All Might that decide to involve them into a death game to kill some time and bait the #1 Hero, almost exactly what had happened to Class 1-A at USJ. Almost because these villains were far more competent and better prepared than Shigaraki's group. Thankfully, this was the training session, the teachers springing on them a surprise exercise very similar to the USJ events to make them realize that neither them nor Class 1-A were actually ready to face actual Villains and Class 1-A had just been lucky.
  • In Horizon: Star Driven, Katsuki gets his wish of making Izuku stop wanting to become a hero - and becomes shocked while trying to understand why it happened.
  • Three Guys Go to a Bar (And Then They Beat You With It): For final exams, Aizawa assigns Bakugou, Shinsou and Tokoyami to play the villains against all of their classmates, giving them two months to divvy their classmates up into teams and come up with a different scenario for each test. He dramatically underestimates just how far spite and pettiness will drive them to ensure that they give their classmates hell, rendering said exams practically useless because everybody else fails, forcing U.A. to redo them.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • The Curse of Beauty involves a story within a story about six pony princesses, each named for a fairy tale heroine, who each recklessly used a spell from a magic tome called "The Excess Magic of Wishes", with disastrous and ironic results: Princess Snow White wishes she weren't so tall, and shrinks to a tiny size; Princess Goldilocks wishes to be more "sensitive", and suddenly everything feels too hard or too soft, too cold or too hot, etc.; Princess Rapunzel wishes for a longer mane, and ends up with enough hair to swamp a tower; and so on. Princess Cinderella "merely" gets trapped in a giant pumpkin after losing her concentration while casting a powerful spell.
  • A Future of Friendship, a History of Hate: Episode 5 is built on this trope — Scootaloo, tired of the downsides of being a kid, accepts Miserain's aid in becoming an adult... only to figure out pretty fast that she has no idea how to be one, getting her into all kinds of trouble, eventually leaving her completely depressed. Which is what Miserain wanted, as Scootaloo's despair fed the woebeghoul sealed in the Tear of Covet. Once everything is over and done with, Scootaloo learns the episode's Aesop about waiting to grow up.
  • The Pony POV Series has this as the origin story of General-Admiral Makarov. The Hooviet Empire was struggling to stay afloat after the Dragon-Hooviet War (which ended with the Dragon's leader Queen Tiamat Curbstomping their entire military and leaving half the empire blazing ruin) and sought to create the Ultimate Lifeform to enable them to lead them back to greatness. The resulting Super Soldier experiment created Makarov. The good news? He's doing exactly what they wanted him to do. The bad news? He's playing his leaders for pawns and has his own goals of world domination. Made more literal by the fact he's actually a Equineoid Abomination called the Shadow of Chernobull created by Pandora and imprisoned in her box. A Hooviet experiment with an imagination engine ended up releasing him from his prison, after which he fed off their desires and wishes to become Makarov, in the process eating the existences of countless deer and threatening the entire world.
    • Chrysalis desires to complete herself and become an Alicorn (due to being the original Cadenza's Shadow of Existence), she eventually succeeds, but the Elements of Harmony, which did the completing also gave her a heart to truly complete her, which more or less drives her insane.
  • The Reading Rainbowverse has Bonbon being a bit annoyed that Lyra isn't taking their relationship seriously... and then Lyra finds out how Bonbon feels and breaks up with her, thinking that she can't return the affections.
  • No Maturity Here, a short comic, shows Fluttershy getting upset by Discord's pranks and demanding of him, "Act your age!" As it happens, saying this to a Reality Warper that is millenia old isn't a wise thing: Discord takes an undead form as starts terrorizing Ponyville.
  • An episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic has Twilight cast a spell on the parasprites, little creatures who are eating all of the food in Ponyville, to stop them from eating the food...which then leads to the creatures eating inanimate objects such as buildings. In one fanfic, Twilight thinks the spell through and casts a spell to stop the parasprites eating food and inanimate objects. Unfortunately, this leads to the parasprites now developing an appetite for the ponies!
    • In the same fanfic, when Twilight stops to think about the spell, she remembers that she cast the spell on a roommate of hers (back in Canterlot) to stop her from eating desserts to assist with a diet. While the friend did stop eating desserts, she then started eating lots of spinach instead, which led to her passing lots of gas.
  • Played for pure Nightmare Fuel in The Conversion Bureau: The Other Side of the Spectrum side story The Last Train From Oblivion, where Rio Deneter, a member of the PER, wanted nothing more than to be rid of her Dark and Troubled Past and she was convinced ponification would solve all of her problems and take the pain away. Rio does get her wish to become a pony granted, but given the nature of how the conversion process goes, she quickly regrets her decision but it's already too late for her. What happens next is a Mind Rape so thorough that even when Rio tries to fight it, she just loses more and more of herself until she's nothing but a hollow mockery of a pony with no free will or sentience.
  • In The Witch of Canterlot this trope is the reason Saddle Arabia went from the richest country in the world to a poor desert: in the older days the land hosted a large number of djinn who'd grant any wish to the letter, no matter what kind of wishes they were or who made them, resulting in the land first becoming incredibly rich and then being devastated by horrors conjured by people thinking out loud while a djinni passed by, children making poorly considered wishes (the example given is a child wishing a mountain of ice cream: not only he'd grow sick of in minutes, and the ice cream would quickly become inedible and attract vermins while it melts and ruins crops and the land it grows on), and wishes of revenge being made by irresponsible people, eventually resulting in the government hunting the djinn into extinction and very carefully administering what little remaining wish power remains.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • Advice and Trust: Asuka wanted to show everybody that she was the best pilot, and she wished that Shinji got her blatant hints. At last Shinji got her hints and because she became more psychologically stable -thanks Shinji- she became the Number One, and she and Shinji defeated an enemy together... but because they did not win as Gendo wanted, he fired them, rendering her accomplishments irrelevant.
  • Evangelion 303:
    • Asuka wanted to get the B-1C assignment. After doing a bit of soul-searching and bonding with Shinji she managed to become the chief test pilot for the experimental jet... and she was not happy because Shinji got to leave for one week as she got to stay to take part in the program. And during the assignment she had to put up with a harsh (albeit well-meaning) drill instructor while wearing an embarassing suit.
    • After a crash sends Asuka into a coma for several months Shinji spent the entire time desperately praying for her to wake up. She did eventually recover, but was an absolute mental and emotional wreck due to the trauma; becoming angry, spiteful, and lashing out at him constantly. For Shinji, this was like going from one hell to another, and sometimes made him wonder if this was what he had been wishing for. Fortunately she got better.
  • HERZ: Kensuke wished being an Humongous Mecha pilot. He managed becoming a jet fighter pilot, which it is almost so good in his opinion… but it entails that Asuka is his superior officer, and they never got along well.
  • In The Second Try, Shinji and Asuka were sent back in time because of an offhanded wish they made one night. They got their wish, but it came with a heavy cost. They wished that they could do something to allow their 3-year old daughter a normal life; a life where she could have friends. By going back in time they got their chance to make such a world, but it also erased their daughter from existence. Shinji doesn't take this very well when he learns of it. Ultimately averted when it turns out she was sent back as well, but to a later date than her parents.
  • In Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genocide, Misato wishes her ward Asuka had enough free time to recover from her latest physical and mental wounds. Then her Humongous Mecha went berserker, hurt another pilot, and Ritsuko considered firing her.
    Ritsuko: However she sees it is not really relevant. I do find it ironic that you were so concerned for her having some time off and now it bothers you that after next week she won't be required to pilot again. In essence, you have gotten just what you set out to get.
    Misato: Be careful what you wish for, right?

One Piece

  • In the One Piece fanfic This Bites!, Vice Admiral Jonathan wonders why he thought it was a good idea to let the Straw Hats stress test Navarone.
    • Fleet Admiral Sengoku wishes for the Strawhats to engage in 'traditional piracy' over the SBS and even plans on saying prayers for those who'll end up losing their homes. Then he recognizes the voices/names on the broadcast and realizes exactly which island they're destroying— The Judicial Island, Enies Lobby, which is one of the Marines' three greatest strongholds. It's also lampshaded by Cross during the broadcast almost immediately afterwards.
      Cross: We're going to take a leaf out of the pages of the big black book of piracy! Only... It's not the edition you were hoping for. We're tearing this straight out of the Four Emperors' personal playbook: you touch one of ours? We fuck you up.
    • Jabra taunts Luffy in hopes of getting the best possible fight. Unfortunately for him, he did so by not only pressing Luffy's Berserk Button, but slamming it with a sledgehammer. No-Holds-Barred Beatdown ensues.

Ranma ½

  • Account Transfer has Ryoga wish he had Ranma's problems instead of his own. He gets Ranma's Jusenkyo curse, Akari and Ukyo both get engaged to him, Shampoo starts chasing him after he defeats her in a fight (earning Mousse's enmity in the process), he accidentally learns the Nekoken, subsequently getting a phobia of cats, has to go to a school where Principal Kuno and Hinako work, and finally gets the same relationship with the Kuno siblings Ranma had. To add insult to injury, Akane gives Akari her Hyperspace Mallet, and Happosai vows to give Ryoga's female form all his attentions.

Rosario + Vampire

  • Averted and played straight on separate occasions in Irresistible when Yukari Sendo manages to purchase a Monkey's Paw with two wishes left on it. Yukari, having researched the magical artifact and knowing it's potential for backfiring, wished to be "Tsukune's dream woman" and is turned into an older version of herself who knows exactly how to become Tsukune's woman. Gin, knowing nothing about the artifact except that it can grant wishes, wishes for there to be more girls at Yokai Academy. Since the Monkey's Paw lacks the power to create life, it simply turns all the boys at the academy into girls (barring Tsukune whose heritage makes him immune).


  • In In the Kingdom's Service:
    • Blake spends some time wanting to figure out why Jaune is acting so suspicious. Ever since learning he's an agent in Vale Secret Service and, despite her fears, wasn't investigating her at all, she's wished she had just minded her own business since now she has another secret to keep and this one might get her killed.
    • Played for Laughs with Weiss who desperately doesn't want Ruby as a partner. Instead she gets Nora.

Sailor Moon

  • In Fist of the Moon, Sailor Moon Rei Hino is very bossy and tends to snipe at Usagi's leadership skills. Then they have to split the team, and Usagi leaves Rei in charge. The fiery girl is panicking about potential attacks and catastrophes less than an hour after Usagi leaves, because she can't bear the thought of disappointing her's lampshaded by another character that while Rei likes to be in charge and opinionated, the responsibility of leading is too much for her.

The Smurfs

  • A variation of this trope appears in this discussion in the Empath: The Luckiest Smurf story "Under The Cat's Paw".
    Brainy: You honestly think your praying is going to change the nature of the beast, Tapper?
    Tapper: I only know that the Almighty is capable of anything, Brainy, including changing your heart and your mind so that you will believe He is real.
    Tapper: Be careful of what you ask for, Hefty Smurf. It might just make you a believer someday.

Spyro the Dragon

  • In The Portal, Blizzard (formerly known as Thomas Smith before his transformation into a dragon) says to himself that he wishes that his best friend Alex could see him now. Just a few seconds later, Alex does appear in the Dragon Realms, now transformed into a dragon just like him.


  • In Gensokyo 20XX, this happens to Chen when she tells Yume Ni that she wishes for her to suffer and she does,... through long-term illness, from which she dies. Chen notes she wishes that weren't the last thing she said to her.


  • Transformers Mosaic: The Final Lesson a continuation from the Marvel story Aspects of evil. The Autobot student wanted to know what true evil was, and sought out Unicron. He demands the Fallen to take him to Unicron, and the Fallen does so, teleporting him to a seemingly endless glassy wasteland. The Student is trapped there for months, until he finally realizes his mistake.
    "In the eyes of Gods we are all just motes of dust."


  • In a "what if?" Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfic called Isn't It Grand What I've Managed to Do?, Pegasus beats Yugi during their duel, claims Yugi's Millenium Puzzle, and then uses the Millenium Items to bring Cyndia back to life, just as he wanted. However, before he brings her back, he is warned both by Shadi and by the pharaoh's spirit that although he will find what he seeks, it will end badly for him. He doesn't care, and resurrects Cyndia anyway. No, it's not a monkey's paw twist; she doesn't come back as a zombie or anything. In fact, at first, everything goes smoothly. Pegasus has Cyndia back the way she was before, and they make the most of their happy reunion. So why does "be careful what you wish for" come into play? Because as we know, Pegasus had to steal people's souls in order to pull off the resurrection...which Cyndia discovers. She then becomes absolutely furious that Pegasus would murder people to bring her back to life, and tells Pegasus to his face that she barely recognizes him, that she hates him, and she doubts he really loves her at all if he would treat her like a lost possession to be brought back at any price. This causes Pegasus to wish he had never brought Cyndia back to life; he would rather have her dead and loving him than alive and hating him, and he has a humongous My God, What Have I Done? moment. They do eventually reconcile when Cyndia, recalling Pegasus' childhood refusals to follow the rules, manages to forgive Pegasus...but Pegasus has to fake his own death in order for him and Cyndia to be able to live happily together.

Yuri!!! on Ice

  • In Rivals Series Viktor wished to have Yuuri's attention and to have some sort of relationship with him. Viktor gets what he wants when Yuuri chooses to sleep with him, but is very hurt when Yuuri admits to hating him and seems to only want sex from him.


  • Based off To Love-Ru, this darker fan fic, "To-Love-DEATH" has an element of this. When the alien Gruello kills Princess Lala, Rito freaks out and immediately regrets wishing his life away. Although his panic attack is cut off short when Gruello enters his chest cavity.
  • The Big Bad in Warriors of the World: Soldiers of Fortune fully possesses someone who asked to become the strongest because the villain is the strongest there is. The poor victim gets consumed for his troubles.
  • Sonic X: Dark Chaos has some particularly disturbing examples, most of them combined with a Deal with the Devil. Venus the Seedrian wished for the power to kill Tsali and prevent the destruction of her race. Not only did she fail to save her people, but her wish doomed her to slowly turn into a robot and damn her soul forever. Tsali made a similar wish for the power to get revenge on the Seedrian race for what they did to him. He got what he wanted - at the cost of his soul, sanity, and the utter destruction of most of the galaxy.
  • From The Legend of Total Drama Island:
  • An example both in and out of universe came from Super Smash Stadium. The SP Metal Man spent quite a while trying to be named head of the site. He did achieve his goal after every other person running it had moved on to different goals. In-universe, this left him with a Stadium so badly wrecked, he had to move to another dimension and run that one. Out of universe, Metal and his new staff were not as good as they thought they were, leading to Dead Fic status.
  • In Opal, Sapphire, Ruby, and STEVEN!, Steven and Connie use Rose's Room to reenact Connie's favorite mystery novel, "The Blank Tombstone". The two have so much fun with it that Steven wishes they could do it forever, and Rose's Room, being Rose's Room, tries to make it happen, despite the fact that it can't handle it.
  • With the Breach sealed in All This Sh*t is Twice as Weird, Cassandra remarks that the Inquisition will need new focus. Less than a moment later, incoming catastrophe prompts Mahanon to think this exact phrase.
  • Early in the Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers Fanfic Rhyme and Reason, Chip is disappointed with the cases the Rangers have had to solve so far. They're nothing compared to what his idol Sureluck Jones has to deal with in his novels. Since his birthday is coming up soon, he wishes for a really big and challenging case to solve. What he gets — before his birthday already — really stretches his "no case too big" rule. And he can't even turn the case down because it's up to solely him to find and rescue his team mates from certain death (and stay alive himself despite the perfectly timed attacks against him) until sundown.
  • Frequently occurs in the All Guardsmen Party. Arguably the result of Sarge's promotion - sure, their superiors are no longer insane, but they have worse assignments now.
    It was the complete opposite of all the horribly complex ops we'd suffered through since joining the Inquisition: it was the ultimate simple, straightforward plan. If it wasn't for the fact that we'd be outnumbered thousands to one, we'd have loved it. As it was though, there's no word for how much we hated that plan.
  • In The Royal Protector both Marco and Brittney get hit by this hard. Marco wished for more fun and excitement in his life and Brittney wished for him to get sucked into a dark abyss in a fit of anger, cue Star casting a Summon Everyman Hero spell at that moment and everyone blaming Brittney for Marco's disappearance.

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