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Izuku was born with a Quirk, just not the kind of Quirk he wanted, or the kind that was liked by those around him; now he has to find his place among the heroes, with a curse that seems fit for the darkest villain.

Cursed Blood is a My Hero Academia fanfiction by Magnus9284 where Izuku has a complex regeneration quirk with a few... darker applications.

Beware of Spoilers!

Cursed Blood contains examples of:

  • Accidental Pervert: Katsuki walks in on the topless Spider Person Konno, who was disassociating to the point that she didn't realize he came in their shared room. To Katsuki's credit, he immediately ran out and refused to go back in until their handler manages to snap her out it.
  • Adaptational Intelligence: While Izuku wasn't an idiot in canon, here he is so smart that Nedzu is considering him to be his successor. He gawks at the written portion of the school's entrance exam for how "short" it is (100 questions, 25 mathematical inquiries, and an essay), he figures out who Aizawa is much quicker than in canon, he creates extensive and highly accurate dossiers on all of classmate's quirks only after a day's exposure to them, records an in-depth description of the USJ incident good enough to be used for the authority's investigation, he correctly deduces that Saki and her father's murder was related to SEELE instead of the Yakuza with the smallest of evidence and was able to engineer an effective USJ-esque scenario for Class 1-B at Nedzu's request. The only thing that keeps him humble about his genius is his massive reserves of self-doubt.
  • Adaptational Jerkass:
    • Bakogou, while far from a saint in canon, at least learned from his own mistakes and losses and is slowly loosening up. Here he checks more than a few boxes for being a sociopath, complete with Lack of Empathy and Never My Fault tendencies which nearly resulted in Asui getting killed.
    • Endeavor. As soon as he learns about Izuku, he begins to plan on how to get him to impregnate Fyumi, his own daughter, and then have Shoto breed with the resulting child, just to get a new "creation" that could surpass All Might.
  • Adult Fear:
    • Inko's son is heavily discriminated against for things he can't control or didn't willingly do, such as the quirk he was born with or the creation of his zombies.
    • Tsuyu was nearly killed in a routine school exercise because one of the other students had his long history of violence covered up by a corrupt school.
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    • Mitsuki has to watch as her son goes to a correctional facility due to his entitlement, violent nature, and inability to admit his faults. She failed to raise him better, which she acknowledges, and she fears her husband losing his job due to scandal and the family having legal debt.
    • Takeo Go learned his wife was horrifically abusive to his daughter Lily only after she had been killed by the pedophiles Ichigo would rent her to.
    • Aizawa was unable to help a young child who approached him once and the next time he sees her, she's dead from sexual and physical abuse.
    • Class 1-B goes through this to an extent. They begged for a chance to prove themselves ready and equals to 1-A by facing real villains and got that wish seemingly when a test went wrong. They learn that their chosen profession is actually very dangerous, they are not ready and many find out many faults in themselves. Ibara realizes that her goal for a pacifistic heroic career has left her little skill in using her powers offensively and she seemingly kills a villain due to inexperience actually fighting with her Quirk. Monoma wanted a villain attack as a way to prove himself and feels responsible when he can't save his classmates. Tetsutetsu sets off a shotgun trap into Kendo and realizes his gung-ho approach can get others killed because he's the one with Super Toughness.
    • Overall, it can be summed up as learning you're not as good at your job as you thought and getting yourself or others hurt or killed.
  • Ain't Too Proud to Beg: Mitsuki begs Nezu not to expel Katsuki as with the Attempted Murder charges, Katsuki would have no chance to get into any other school and no future. Seeing his Amazon of a mom actually beg disturbs Katsuki.
  • Back from the Dead: Izuku's blood can bring the recently dead back to life as sentient zombies.
  • Bad Powers, Good People: Izuku's quirk, "Cursed Blood", has multiple less than savory qualities. In chapter one, he turns a recent corpse into a zombie. Later, he learns that someone with his blood inside them is at least partially under his control.
    • Deconstructed in that a lot of the prejudice comes from how people perceive his powers rather than his actions or at least their intent.
  • Behavioral Conditioning: When Bakugo tries attacking Izuku for acing the ball-toss on the first-day exercises, Aizawa could not help but notice that Izuku wouldn't even so much as flinch away from the intended blow, recognizing that Izuku has been conditioned not to fight back against aggression. He would eventually find out that their middle school would let Izuku be bullied since there was "no lasting damage" and would punish Izuku if he defended himself because it would have made Bakugo look bad, making sure that Bakugo's record was as clean as possible to better his chances of becoming a hero.
  • Break the Haughty: The fake villain attack on 1-B is done to prove to them that they aren't ready for a real villain attack and how one is incredibly hard and terrifying.
  • Combat Sadomasochist: With the tenacity of Izuku's Healing Factor, many of his fighting strategies usually involve exhausting his opponents or getting a better reach at their weak points using Deliberate Injury Gambits.
  • Crossover: Multiple girls from Zombie Land Saga show up in the story.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Oooh, boy...
    • Izuku's bullying was ramped Up to Eleven just because his Quirk was considered freakish and dark.
    • Tae was sold as a Sex Slave and was shot when she finally managed to run away from her sex trafficking ring. Even after her death, people don't care about bringing her killers and torturers to justice because she was a Quirkless nobody.
    • Lily's Wicked Stepmother hated so much the poor girl, she repeatedly sold her to a paedo group which wound up killing her when they played it too rough.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Izuku gets back at Katsuki for a decade of physical and verbal bullying by calling him out and defeating him in the Battle Trial. Katsuki is so furious that he attempts to murder Izuku by blowing the building he's in.
  • Dude, Not Funny!: Kaminari joking that Tokoyami would need to find a girlfriend really into bestiality was not well-received. Even he felt bad for saying it.
  • Everyone Has Standards: All of Class 1-A was appalled at Kaminari for making a tasteless bestiality joke on Tokoyami's looks.
  • Fantastic Racism: Not only is Quirklessness despised, but Mutant Quirks are also shunned for not being as powerful as Emitter Quirks. And if your Individuality has "Dark" connotations, you're toasted. Tsuyu's parents actually specialize in lawsuits for Quirk discrimination because it gets so bad.
  • Foreshadowing: Beru Asui thinks about how Izuku may become a target for those who want to use his Quirk. Over ten chapter later, in comes Endeavor and All For One...
  • Fountain of Youth: When Izuku uses his blood on his mother when she is hospitalized from a heart attack, not only does the blood heal all the damage the heart attack did, but it actually improves her health and makes her 15 years younger. It is implied that what is "healed" was not only the heart attack but the long-term effects of childbirth.
    Inko had undergone a metamorphosis. Where once the single mother could've been safely described as homely and plump, now anyone who didn't already know the woman would've been hard pressed to believe she'd ever borne a child at all!
    It was incredible. It was unbelievable.
    It was maddening!
  • Fourth Date Marriage: Downplayed. While they don't get married (obviously), it is only a few days after they first meet before Izuku and Tsuyu are officially dating.
  • The Fundamentalist: Downplayed, but Ibara's problems with Izuku are based on her religious beliefs that his zombie making is unholy and enslavement of the deceased. She only acts on her religious beliefs in regards to Izuku, but he's a special case.
  • Good Thing You Can Heal: Izuku takes a lot of punishment that he only survives due to his quirk. This includes gunshots, losing a limb at least once, and a building collapsing on him.
  • The Greatest Story Never Told: All Might barge into the world superhero scene by singlehandedly stopping a missile crisis. He actually was helped by a CIA agent identified as "Roy" who asked for his involvement to be kept secret and discreetly retired to become a mechanic and have a daughter.
  • Healing Hands: It takes him a while, but Izuku learns how to use his blood to heal others. He successfully saves Tsuyu's life this way.
  • Heroic BSoD: Aizawa has one when Izuku brings Lily to class, recognizing her as a girl he vowed to protect, only to discover that she had been raped and murdered. He gives his class a study period and leaves, Midnight finding him in a Troubled Fetal Position in the stairwell.
  • I Reject Your Reality: While canon!Bakugo was a narcissist and had trouble coping with the real world, fanfic!Bakugo's delusions of grandeur goes so far as to paint himself as the next All Might and Izuku as the next great and terrible supervillain just waiting to show his true colors regardless of their mutually-contrary actions. This only gets worse after he witnesses Izuku saving a courtroom judge's life on live television and being called a hero for it, claiming that since he has no intention of becoming the villain, then Izuku has to be a villain to validate his world view and that Izuku will only admit his "true nature" and "be held accountable for the things he's done" if he pushes him into it.
  • Karma Houdini Warranty: Katsuki bullied and abused Izuku since they were four and their previous school allowed it. So when Katsuki goes too far and nearly murders Izuku with Tenya hurt and Tsuyu mortally wounded in the crossfire, UA throws the book at him. Katsuki is sentenced to a months-long stay in a juvenile mental institution and charged with Assault and three counts of Attempted Murder. While Katsuki manages to avoid expulsion with the skin of his teeth, he is kicked out of the Hero Course and dropped to General Education.
  • Major Injury Underreaction: With the strength of his Healing Factor and years of bullying, Izuku has gained a massive pain threshold in the process, being able to shrug off physical trauma that would kill or cripple most people.
  • More Than Mind Control: While any living person under the effects of Izuku's blood is more or less under his control and develops a psychological attachment to him, they still have a will of their own. Tsu's feelings for Izuku were genuine even when the blood works its way out of her system and Aizawa was self-aware enough not to let his new, temporary instincts cloud his judgment and show favoritism to Izuku. Of course, Izuku not wanting to take advantage of people certainly helps in this regard.
  • My Greatest Failure: Eraserhead was approached by Lily, but she couldn't tell him why she needed a hero. When they meet again, she's dead from sexual abuse and Aizawa blames himself for his inability to notice something and help her.
  • Never My Fault: After getting sent to a correctional facility, Bakugo refuses to consider he's in there due to his own actions. Instead, he blames Izuku.
  • Not So Different: Tokoyami easily offers his friendship to Izuku since the bird teen knows how hard it can be to be singled out for having a "Dark" Quirk.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: It becomes clear later on that Tae has regained greater control of her facilities than she lets on, but she keeps up the charade out of loyalty to Izuku.
  • Pædo Hunt: When Lily confesses the true circumstances of her demise, a gigantic sting operation is organized to find and arrest the ones responsible - an entire group of rich people who destroyed many children's lives.
  • Personality Powers: Aspirant Idol Singer Lily is gifted with a powerful sonic scream.
  • Pet the Dog: Katsuki manages to do this while he's screaming at a girl to stop wandering naked and get dressed. See, this girl was constantly bullied for having a Mutant Spider Quirk so was treated as a monster. Katsuki's reaction actually acknowledged her as a girl first and foremost.
  • Please Put Some Clothes On: Katsuki's first reaction to Konno is to refuse to be in the room with her until got dressed. This shows to his probation officer that Katsuki sees Konno as a girl instead of her monstrous quirk.
  • Reality Ensues: The story doesn't pull any punches when it comes to realistic consequences.
    • In the first chapter, Izuku tries to act as a Bullet Proof Human Shield, only for the bullets to go right through him and into the girl he was protecting.
    • During the Entrance Exam, Izuku gets sent flying when he's hit by the Zero Pointer. Ochako successfully stops him by using her Quirk, but the sudden deceleration snaps Izuku's neck. Fortunately, Izuku has a Healing Factor and is fine seconds later, though he does mention how much fixing his neck hurts.
      • Adding to this, Izuku still feels pain, his power is regeneration, not pain nullification. He can just push through because his body is healing itself already.
    • The Entrance Exams initially seem to only cater towards highly destructive Quirks, but Izuku discovers that each of the robots has an off switch on their back for those without the raw power to simply destroy them. He still remarks that there should be some fake civilians to simulate Search and Rescue operations for those with little combat ability.
    • Aizawa makes clear to Bakugo that regardless of whether Izuku can regenerate, attacking a fellow student or staff member outside of training is grounds for immediate expulsion.
    • While Izuku's Healing Factor makes him immune to any long-term consequences of injuries, that doesn't mean he can't still feel pain.
    • Izuku's Healing Factor burns a lot of energy so healing too much gives him significant hunger pains, forcing him and Inko to develop a high calorie, high protein candy he can quickly eat to restore his energy.
    • Ojiro holds an inherent dislike towards Izuku, while partially Quirkism, it's mostly the presence of Tae and other such zombies. In the real world, a man would be very open-minded if he didn't view Izuku as a literal monster.
    • Aldera Middle School being willing to overlook Bakugo's bullying due to his powerful and flashy Quirk isn't an isolated incident. With the rise of Quirks came a new form of discrimination called Quirkism where people are discriminated against for having weak, monstrous, or "dark" Quirks. It's apparently prevalent enough for Beru Asui's law firm to specialize in Quirkism related cases.
    • Aldera's habit of ignoring misbehavior from students with powerful Quirks results in some of said students Jumping Off the Slippery Slope in the belief they can do anything they want. One such student was expelled from Shiketsu and arrested for trying to rape a classmate.
    • After being humiliated by Izuku, Bakugo unleashes his strongest attack against the boy after the exercise was already over. Not only does the attack wreck the building they're in, it injures Iida and Tsuyu as well, the latter being fatally injured. It's only Izuku's Quirk that saves her life. Afterwards, Mitsuki has to beg Nezu not to expel her son and even though he accepts, the boy is still facing criminal charges by Tsuyu's family for Assault and Attempted Murder. Even if Bakugo manages to avoid jail time, he'll still be forced to wear cuffs that prevent him from using his Quirk until he's undergone extensive psychological evaluation.
    • Bakugo ends up messing up his probation and ends up in a detention center. His general attitude and mindset are too set in stone from being how his life has always gone for him to change. Or they're too set in stone to change near quickly enough for Bakugo to come off as redeemable to the authorities. The fact said personality involves loads of arrogance and belief he's better than everyone makes it even less likely for Bakugo to change.
    • Discussed, in a way Mitsuki is kept up by nightmares of the consequences of her son's actions. That's just a straight example. The discussed part is their content: Bakugo spending his life in prison, her husband losing his job in the scandal, and the family being saddled with crippling debt due to lawsuits. All are entirely possible, especially in Japan's culture.
    • The attack on the USJ and their need to defend themselves against villains leaves several students traumatized and requiring counseling.
    • Heroes are vulnerable to burn-outs. When Aizawa starts showing indications he's about to snap and cross the line from Hero to Vigilante, Midnight sends him a colleague to talk and unwind a bit.
    • Endeavor's plans for Izuku a partially this. Regardless of how it looks or PR damage, the ability to regenerate any wound including gunshots to the head with no repercussions is damn useful. As such, Endeavor wants that quirk in his family.
    • The fake villain attack on 1-B invokes this.
      • First of all, the exercise show 1-B how they are not actually ready for a real villain attack. Class 1-A only survived the USJ incident because the villains were mostly cannon fodder with the most dangerous ones occupied with a near-immortal student. A real villain attack by competent villains is a horrifying thing that can easily result in deaths. Next, a villain attack is not a publicity shoot. The USJ wasn't a publicity stunt but an actual attack where 1-A students feared for their lives. When 1-B is put into a supposed villain attack, they panic, make mistakes, don't think things through, etc. By the end of it, the entirety of 1-B is humiliated and humbled by realizing they've been begging for something terrible that they can't handle.
      • Shiozaki tries to be a pacifist. Her idea that she could go her entire career without fighting a villain is naïve and her lack of experience fighting with it result in her accidentally 'killing' the villain due to underestimating its power. She's also horrified to think she's killed, even in self-defense.
      • There is no plot armor. 1-B students are taken out with little warning or fanfare, just like in a real attack where your opponent had a chance to prep but you didn't.
  • Rescue Romance: Tsuyu and Izuku's bond as friends easily when they are put in the same team for the heroes vs villains exercise. They bond romantically when Izuku saves her life after Bakugo collapses a building on them.
  • Restored My Faith in Humanity: When finally able to talk through a dream, Tae thanks Izuku for saving her soul and treating her as a person worth saving. Considering that she was an unmissed victim of human trafficking when alive and as a zombie, she is loved with the power to fight those who have hurt her and fulfill her dreams of being a hero.
  • Revealing Cover Up: Aldera Middle School made sure Bakugo's record was completely spotless in hopes of gaining prestige when he becomes a famous hero. The clean record only makes Aizawa more suspicious because he knows there's no way someone with Bakugo's combative personality wouldn't have gotten in at least a few fights over the years. The situation is made worse by the fact Izuku's record mentions that he was frequently beaten but there isn't a single mention of a culprit.
  • Running Gag: Izuku and Tsuyu's couple time keeps getting interrupted.
  • Sentient Phlebotinum: Izuku's quirk is revealed to be alive and sentient. He can even communicate with it, or rather his blood.
  • Shout-Out:
    • In chapter 19, Hanabi Hyuga appears as the Final Judge at Ichigo's trial. The Byakugan is reinterpreted as a Quirk that allows her to relive a part of her target's life.
    • In Chapter 21, Miss Smith appears to help Izuku deal with some QRA agents.
  • The Sociopath:
    • Bakugo. He is incredibly self-centered with a notable Lack of Empathy. He views it as Izuku's fault that he's in a correctional facility despite the fact Bakugo blew up the building after the heroes vs villains exercise was over. He doesn't even really pay attention to the fact that Tsuyu and Iida were in there as well.Justified in that his upbringing; being constantly praised and all his wrongdoings covered-up, have led him to believe himself the most important person ever.
    • Lily's Wicked Stepmother, Ichigo believes it's unfair that her attempts to murder her stepchild, drive her husband to suicide and steal her husband's tech blueprints failed.
    • Mineta suggests that Momo allow herself to be raped during the USJ attack so the villains won't kill them.
  • Smoking Is Cool: Invoked and subverted. Izuku and his mom made a special candy that he eats to replenish himself after heavy quirk-use. It is shaped like cigars and Inko says he would look cool with them, but immediately begs Izuku not to actually smoke.
  • Sucky School: Izuku and Bakugo's middle school Aldera Middle School would routinely look the other way of Bakugo's bullying under the assumption that anything bad on his record would hurt his chances of being a hero, thinking that his impressive quirk was all he needed. They would get away with this by citing that Izuku's Healing Factor meant that there was no "lasting damage" and thus no physical proof of misconduct. It is also likely that they would overlook Izuku's general well-being due to systematic quirkism, as Izuku's quirk is both a Mutation-type (which is a commonly held target of Quirkism) and that it looks "scary" at face-value (the whole "zombie" thing). By the time Bakugo and Izuku are attending UA, Bakugo has become a monster with delusions of grandeur and nearly kills three students over a wounded ego while Izuku has been conditioned not to fight back when another student tries to hurt him. When Aizawa looks into the school's history, he finds a laundry list of negative behavior and isolated incidents from the students that have attended it, with a case of one of its students having tried to rape another under the delusion that they could do anything they wanted.
  • Superpower Lottery: While Izuku's quirk at first seems to only work as a mild Healing Factor, preventing him from ever getting sick and instantly healing from minor cuts and bruises, prolonged exposure to larger threats prove that he has one of the strongest regeneration quirks out there. He can survive gunshot wounds to vital organs (including the brain) and shrug them off, repair broken bones and torn muscles, shrug off fourth-degree burns and is even able to regrow limbs. He can also heal lethal wounds on living people and even bring back the dead as Revenant Zombies, and is even capable of controlling the will of those exposed to his blood. Add on his prodigal intelligence, if he wasn't dead-set on being a hero (with all of the virtues that came with it), Izuku would make a terrifying Big Bad.
  • Terror Hero: While Izuku has no interest in using any of his powers for evil or selfish purposes, the terrifying connotations of his abilities have left him little wiggle-room to be anything else, eventually embracing the idea of being a "sinister hero" when Nedzu asks him to help the school serve Class 1-B fresh Humble Pie with a USJ-scenario.
  • They Fight Crime!: Tae's a Zombie former victim of human trafficking, Izuku's a schoolboy necromancer. Together they learn to become heroes!
  • Villain with Good Publicity: Downplayed and Invoked. While Bakugo has no intention of becoming a supervillain and sees himself as the next All Might, his narcissism and temper make him more likely to become an Unscrupulous Hero at best, a career delinquent with a god-complex at worst. With research, Aizawa discovers that Aldera Middle School did everything in its power to keep his record clean and did nothing about his delinquent behavior because they thought that it would better his chances in getting to UA, thinking his cool quirk was good enough reason for him to be a pro-hero. The "good publicity" is immediately subverted after Bakugo tries to blow up Izuku with his gauntlet after he loses the Hero vs. Villain Exercise and nearly kills Tenya and Tsuyu in the process when the building collapses around them, Bakugo suspended for a month, sent to a correctional facility for evaluation, is moved to General Studies and is put on criminal charges by the Iida and Asui families.


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