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2020 marks the point where Caddy transitioned his content from single-game reviews to making longer-form videos (usually) centered around a theme or group of games. As you can see by how each year from here on out has its own page, this format change brings more laughs to this show than ever before.

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    The Ripoff World of the WORST PS4 Games Ever 
  • Caddy starts off the new decade the same way he started off 2019, with Yungtown's voice triumphantly announcing his return, and Caddy walking into frame with his pants extremely hiked up. However, instead of guttural throat noises, Caddy simply announces that he's taking the bins out front.
  • Caddy summarizes his underwhelmed reaction to Orc Slayer by revealing the footage alongside the audio from "How to destroy the celebration with a trumpet"
  • Caddy's reaction to the usage of Synthetic Voice Actors in The Unknown City - Episode 1:
    Caddy: Yes! Daniel's in this game! Text-to-Speech Daniel!
    • And not only that, Daniel's the Text-to-Speech voice used in many MLG Montage Parodies and meme reading compilations!
    • Caddy then recreates Tidus's fake laughter scene using Daniel's voice. It's exactly as monotone as you think it is.
  • The Gilson B. Pontes trilogy consists of Samael: Legacy Of O' Fiddly-Chunks, Sword Of Fortress: The Onion Museum, and Spear Of Destiny: The Gilson B. Pontes.
  • "Leave me alone, Gilson Bollock Pontes! I'm trying to play your crap-heap game over here!"
  • Caddy gives up in the middle of playing one of the Gilson B. Pontes trilogy and decides to wander around on his own, coming across a lake. When he goes to see if he can swim, his character strides casually across the water's surface as if it were solid ground.
    Caddy: (head flips upside down) I'VE LOST IT NOW!
    Caddy: '[Imitating the game's narration, Voice of the Legion and all]' Oh man I am hungry I am gonna go make some dinner I cannot make any dinner because I have to play this game I must buy bread and milk from the shops later to make my dinner so I suppose I could not make my dinner-
    • Among the other things Gilson is credited for in one of the games is "Stinky Poo Poo Wiping" and "Man Who Made My Sandwiches"
  • "Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Postman Pat and his black-and-white SPLAT!"
  • "Flowers are Dead, violets are blue, give me a gun, I'm ending it."
  • Caddy taking the piss out of the shoddy ragdoll physics in Life of Black Tiger.
    Caddy (As a dead wolf with an outstretched jaw, in a new yorker accent): AYYYYY! EY, JOEY, HOW YA DOIN'?

    The Wonderful World of PS1 Demo Discs 
  • The beginning: Caddy makes innuendos to an offscreen entity, revealed to be a Majora's Mask cartridge, which he sits down to play, only for him to encounter a glitch, then declare that the cartridge needs a hole in the middle and shooting it with his fingers, turning it into a demo disc. He then tastes his gun fingers, stares off into space and strongly declares the following:
    Caddy: BEEF
  • At one point, Caddy tries imitating Robbie Rotten while talking about Demo 1, but finds himself doing a Bernie Sanders impression instead.
  • When discussing the trippy menus:
    Caddy: Every demo disc released month after month didn't only brand new utterly sickening fonts for the games, but even provided a slightly different hypnotic screen for you to watch and obey the walrus the walrus is my life the walrus will look after me the walrus will love me the walrus is all-knowing the walrus is all-powerful the walrus will guide me to eternity obey the walrus obey the walrus
  • One trailer for the Hercules PS game has the narrator challenging players to face Medusa's wrath...or "wroff" as he pronounces it for some reason.Explanation 
    Caddy: Sorry, I was sitting in my BOTH, working on some MOTH and ignoring everyone like a socioPOTH.
    The Weird World of PlayStation Magazines 
  • When Caddy begins discussing the concept of magazines, he lists off various ludicrously titled magazines that cover strange and unusual topics. And they're all real.
  • Steven Foo: a 23-year-old chef who can't decide the best PS1 game because there's too many to choose from, and can't decide the worst because he doesn't buy bad games.
  • Caddy's spiel on the history of regularly-published printed media contains hilarious Rapid-Fire Comedy.
    Caddy: And like, I don't need to give you a detailed history lesson on magazines because that means talking about the history of published written text that started in Get Stuffed B.C., but for a basic rundown, after the world's first newspaper column was published in 1605, which was aptly named RELATION ALLER FÜRNEMMEN UND GEDENCKWÜRGIGEN HISTORIEN the idea of releasing printed text media on a regular basis with constantly updated information seemed like a great idea. And then 6 years later, King James thought it would be very funny to release the same book over and over again for the next 400 years. Newspapers covered general topics and worldly goings-on, but that was just not very fun. (picture of fancy-dressed women playing golf) People didn't have hobbies in the 17th century! Until somebody called Armleg Nosefoot decided that if lots of people enjoyed throwing waste buckets on the vicar's head, then they could probably sell a regular releasing publication covering all the latest gossip in the world of poo in wood.
  • Someone wrote in to complain that the male body was being misrepresented on the PS1, so the magazine officials responded with a picture of Jin Kazama with a rather rounded physique.
  • The magazine held contests for money to see who could do the most outrageous things in the name of PlayStation. These ranged from painting the Tomb Raider logo on the side of a boat to getting married while dressed as PaRappa the Rapper for the entire wedding ceremony.
  • There was once a woman called Melissa who honestly believed that should there ever be a movie about Crash Bandicoot, the title role should be played by Brad Pitt. Cue Pitt's head on the body of Crash.
  • Apparently, Caddy's friend Ben (who is also an animator for asdfmovie) got into Issue 50 of the PS2 magazine for managing to play Killzone before anyone else in the UK. And during dinner with the editors, in the middle of discussing the brand new game that nobody else had seen, Ben decided to say "Ben doesn't like spicy food".
    Caddy: ...Dude, what is wrong with you?
    Ben: This is gooood-
  • Caddy states that his postman loves him for collecting 10 years worth of official PlayStation magazines. Cut to an offscreen postman trying to fit a magazine through the mailslot, then giving up and ringing the doorbell.
    Caddy: (grabbing the magazine) Ah, yes!
    Postman: (sticking a gun through the mailslot) IF YOU BUY ONE MORE OF THOSE I SWEAR TO GOD-
  • The footage from Caddy's mobile game sponsor is in vertical video, so he fills the black space with random gifs.
  • Caddy getting extremely upset over the amateur's mistake of referring to Wumpa Fruit as "apples".
  • After discovering the magazines he bought online still contain the registration cards, Caddy decides to fill it out: A free copy of Cash Banooca 2: Gringott's Steak House, delivered to the order of "King D. Deedee", Address: "I'm not doxing myself".
  • Apparently Noel Gallagher is the greatest guitarist in the world.
  • This bit:
    Caddy: Oh look, guys. You ever been in that situation where all you wanna do is play your viddy gums, but those women keep getting in the way? Bloody women! They don't Play the Station! They don't eat pizzas! Look at them not understanding anything, am I right, BOYS?!
  • After the launch of the PS2, magazine sales were dwindling due to the general British populace not considering magazines cool anymore, and only getting the console for the DVD player or because it was trendy. So they tried to appeal to the "lad" demographic by dumbing things down so much that, at one point, entire pages were filled with nothing but seemingly identical sex hotlines. While discussing this, Caddy decides to call one advertising "local tarts", only to find the number has been deactivated.
  • Caddy at one point says that the magazine can convert even the most die-hard Sonic fan to a PlayStation fan. Cue Caddy in a ridiculous Sonic costume reading the magazine.
    Sonic!Caddy: I must go quickly! (awkwardly runs crouching down the stairs as "Fist Bump" plays in the background)
  • "Men doing the kiss?! Ugh, no! It should be illegal! But women doing the kiss? Aw yeah, completely different. In fact, let's play a game where we find all of those scenes in every movie and post about how steamy it makes us!"
  • After learning that the Fast Food Rockers topped the UK charts in 2003note :
    Caddy: Why haven't we been nuked yet?
  • 🎵 And she will be loved... if she has a pole! 🎵

    The Horrifying World of PS1 Games for Babies 
  • The video happened because Caddy woke up from a bad dream of him being a baby to find that he now has tiny hands and figures he can only play baby games from then on. Later, the hands fall off, and Caddy gets his normal hands back, only to shrug it off since he already came this far.
  • Caddy's whole spiel on why the act of making video games for what he dubs "the lowest common denominator of human" makes complete sense.
    Caddy: Picture this: You're a dad. You get yourself a best-selling video game console like the PS1. You play it nonstop. Your wife asks you why you haven't said hello to her for 3 weeks or why the baby is cooking your chicken casserole for dinner, and she begins to blame THE VODDY GAMS for you being a neglectful dad. But then you turn around and tell her that NO! It ISN'T because you're addicted to Disney's TARZUN, that CAN'T be it, cause this isn't YOUR PlayStation, it's the FAMILY'S PlayStation, see? There's also games for our children too! PlayStation: Scapegoating for shitty parents since 1994.
  • Little cretins named Benjamin don't look for flaws in things, they just want whatever has Peppa Pig's face on it. That's how you get them to eat healthy Strawberry and Peach Biscuits.
    Caddy: Now shut up and eat your Peppa chops.
  • While discussing some of the baby games he already reviewed, he brings up Tweenies Game Time and how it didn't have the budget to give the characters clothes other than their trademark outfits.
    Jake: I've got a wizard's hat!
    Caddy: WELL WHERE IS IT?!!
    • He also mentions Santa Claus Saves the Earth, and then its atrocious title screen music starts playing again. Caddy's reaction?
      Caddy: [Crying] I'm sorry, everyone. I just... I haven't been this emotional since I saw Saving Ryan's Privates!
  • ♫ "Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh, chubby little cubby with BLACK. DEAD. EYES." ♫
  • Caddy faithfully keeps with his tradition of weird names for player characters/save files.
    Caddy: Hello, my name is "Munt".
  • After seeing that Eeyore isn't among the playable roster:
    Caddy: I think he might have finally done it.
  • Caddy doesn't seem to like Gopher.
    Caddy: Gopher pops up from under the ground, like the filthy vermin he is—
  • Describing the gameplay in Party Time with Winnie-the-Pooh:
    Caddy: The game begins, Gopher runs for about three seconds and then we're stuck in a loading screen. We play about a minute of a minigame and then we're stuck in a loading screen. Gopher runs for about three seconds, we slump along like we were caught evading our taxes and then we're stuck in a loading screen. We play another minigame for about a minute, watch Tigger get possessed by Beelzebub and then we're stuck in a loading screen.
  • "Ladies and Gentlemen, we apologize for the delays on your journey today, but a mental infant has decided to grab each end of the train and pull it apart. Thank You."
  • The segue into Play with the Teletubbies.
    Caddy: Oh, nice. Look at that, the sun's out.
    [cut to the Teletubbies sun with Caddy's face over it]
    [the Caddy Sun laughs and spits Play with the Teletubbies at Caddy, smacking him in the face]
  • Caddy understands the situation in a Teletubbies game as "a vacuum cleaner with eyes watching people eat". He then laments about how he hates vacuum cleaners that do that, illustrated with a vacuum cleaner with massive googly eyes watching and then subsequently stealing Caddy's cereal.
  • Inside the Teletubby Dome, you can make Tubby Custard, except not, because the Teletubbies never put a bowl underneath the dispenser, getting it all over the floor, and they then decide to flee the scene of the crime and leave footprints of blood for the Noo-Noo to eat.
  • When playing Barbie: Race and Ride, Caddy decides to name his horse "Baby", solely on the grounds that it's the worst possible name from the list.
  • "Even after all the fuss Barbeque makes over that funny-looking leaf she saw..."
  • Caddy decides to partake in some method acting to be able to tolerate the games better. He does this using an inflatable Dualshock 4 chair that takes way too long to actually inflate (and also segues into the Enforced Plug by way of Caddy kissing his phone).
  • "You are so committed to this jump arc that you've practically had kids with it by the time you land."
  • "So if Rayman and the gang already know everything about English and Maths, why do we care about a single book going missing? Can't we just go and get another one at Whuss?"
  • After seeing the number "69" while playing Rayman Junior:
    "Oh, and can you imagine doing that with Rayman? Do you think it would feel like lying on top of a Space Hopper?!"
  • "Oh! Sorry, little Billy! We got you this Rayman because we thought you wanted it! You weren't specific enough for a seven-year-old!"
  • When another Caddy barges in wearing the Sonic costume from the last video:
    Caddy: There has got to be something that kids enjoy doing other than this.
    Sonic!Caddy: It's OK, mate. Don't be frightened!
    Caddy: I AM!
    Sonic!Caddy: But I can show you other things that kids love doing!
    Caddy: Like what?
    Sonic!Caddy: Wanna play Silly Sausage?
    Caddy: What?
    Silly Sausage: Silly Sausage! Come on, play with me!
    Caddy: No thanks, I'm good.
    Silly Sausage: *poink* Dip Me! *plop* Stretch Me! *errp* Dip Me! *plop* Stretch Me! *errp* Poke Me! *poink* Stretch Me! *errp* Stretch Me! *errpErrpERRPERRPERRP*
    • Bonus points for Sonic!Caddy not changing his facial expression while playing Silly Sausage.
  • "In Bear and the Big Blue House, YOU WORK FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY!"
  • Because a game that teaches kids about how easy it is to read and spell is best left to a show that looks like it should be called "See-Same".
  • "So what do we do in See-Same Street: Elmo's Letter Adventure? Well, it begins with Elmo reliving some flashbacks from the war, and then Ernie puts a bird's nest on his head."
  • When your son or daughter is done playing Elmo's Number Journey, they'll know everything about the number 6 and nothing else.
  • This exchange when Caddy plays Sesame Street Sports:
    Cookie Monster: Holy fuck-
    Caddy: Cookie Monster! This game is for preschoolers!
  • "Easter Bunny has human legs!"
  • "And then your reward for finishing everything is to watch the robot walk very slowly all the way to the school to give the Easter Bunny's egg sac to the good little boys and girls at Pissington Hill!"
  • "You know what, at this point, I'd rather go back to 1605. Sure, they didn't have any video games, but at least you could blow up Parliament!"
  • At the end of the video, Caddy reveals that he needs to get a working copy of Bob the Builder: Can We Fix It? because his copy of the game is badly scratched, leading to this exchange:
    Singer: Bob the Builder, can we fix it?
    Caddy: No.
  • At some point, Caddy wishes he could go to Japan. What follows is a picture of Caddy in a chef's outfit standing in a desert while Italian music plays in the background.

    The Dreadful World of My First 24 Videos 
  • Caddy decides not to play any of the untouched games in his collection since he would rather play Bloodborne, The Last of Us, Days Gone, and Resident Evil again for completely no reason. But he doesn't feel comfortable playing them since they have moments that allude to then-recent events, so he decides to continue playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but he gets deterred from that due to the prescence of facemasks (and the fact that he was given a "Springy Ride-on"), so he decides to not play video games and go outside. But he can't even do that on account of the world literally turning into bricks.
  • Caddy expressing fascination that the universe practically imploded over what was essentially an 18 second long dick joke.
  • In the olden days, being a viral sensation was appealing to everyone, including children (Itsoo1), children (Misha), and even children (SammyClassicSonicFan).
  • Caddy seeing his old videos make him yearn for the good old days.
    Caddy: The days where we could freely catch diarrhea, and know that no matter what, we could use HEAPS of toilet roll with reckless abandon! The days where we could go out whenever we wanted and get a pint at The Vole and Vacuum! The days where we could book a holiday and fly anywhere! Even... to...... Bar-buh-doss! The days where gross people didn't BOTHER to wash their hands that much, and so, every time you went to a public bathroom, it was a lottery if you'd end up in the hospital afterwards! IT WAS EXCITING!!!
  • Caddy admits that he hasn't played Kid Icarus, despite it being the entire reason his channel is called what it is.
    Caddy: I don't want to play as a snotty little kid, even if he IS an angle!
  • Before getting to the actual videos, Caddy comes across one that he doesn't remember at all. When he plays it, it turns out to be a shot of a plane engine as seen from inside the plane, before abruptly smashing to red accompanied by an explosion sound effect.
    Caddy: WHA-?
  • Caddy kept all the alternate takes for his videos. The vlogging segments have stuff like a dog interrupting him and him screwing around with his digeridoo, but Caddy decides to look at the alternate takes of the songs.
    Young!Caddy: 🎵I used t'keep a close eye on m'girl/Life was fun when she was around/There was no denyin' that our love was strong/Our bond was quite resound🎵
    Caddy: (no words, has hand covering mouth)
    Caddy: Okay, I regret clicking on that one, so what's going on in this one?
    Caddy: (recoils in shock) FFFFFFFFFFF-
  • When covering his The Shining parody called The Cleaning, Caddy comments on the title for barely being any different than the original, calling it the equivalent to naming the Babe sequel Hot Piece of Ass.

    The Comical World of the 287 WORST Game Reviews Ever 
  • Caddy loves No Context Twitter accounts, especially those about YouTubers since it helps him know who he wants to watch. He was pointed towards the channel in question after seeing a picture of a ranking board giving Rugrats: Search For Reptar an E on almost everything, but an A overall.
  • If you must know, yes, the series is in fact, the infamous Gaming in the Clinton Years.
  • Caddy thinking that the abbreviation for Gaming in the Clinton Years, "GITCY", sounds like a Russian fizzy drink.
    Caddy: [with a Russian accent] Gitcy: it's good for your spleen!™️
  • How does Caddy react to their comment about Tomb Raider III for a potential storyline where Lara gets breast cancer? He breaks his laptop in half. No editing involved.
    Lara: 🎵 What have I become...? 🎵
    • "You know that Lara Croft? The millionaire explorer with handguns and a mysterious family history? I know how to make her character more meaningful... GIVE HER A TUMOR!!"
  • "If you know anything about me, I may not be stubborn, but I am extremely stubborn."
  • He mocks George talking about the "surprises" in Tetris, a game in which a key mechanic is telling you what block will come next (and in some versions, the next several blocks) by saying, "OH MY GOD IT'S A BLOCK! I'VE NEVER SEE ONE OF THEM BEFORE!!!"
  • "Well..."
    • The reason for this gag being many a Take That! aimed at certain complaints George makes, such as him claiming that no one buys FPS games only for multiplayer in the GoldenEye review, even though multiplayer has become a staple of many FPS games,note  and certain critically acclaimed and commercially successful FPS games are multiplayer only, note  him calling Gran Turismo a flop, despite the fact that Gran Turismo is currently the best-selling PlayStation game of all time, note  and the "It's like turning Mario into a sports game" complaint, even though there have been multiple Mario sports games. note 
  • "The game isn't good, and neither is the ending, now here's the ending, weeeeeeeeeeeeeee..."
  • Caddy's reaction to George telling him "You are stupid."Actual Context  after Caddy fails to understand what the E rating for the A Bug's Life game's difficulty means- whether it's too easy, too hard, unfair or imbalanced.
    Caddy, visibly smiling while feigning his feelings being hurt: Okay, Gee-org, you didn't have to be mean. Why'd ya *sad gibberish* to say that? Ya really hurt my feelings.
  • One theme you'll notice is the fact that various videos were uploaded twice, but with the video quality increased from 240p to 360p, Which, according to Caddy, is akin to "going from filming with a potato to filming with a peeled potato".
  • Caddy asks whether George's incompetence is due to playing the games blindfolded. When George doesn't know whether Spawn: The Eternal is more like Tomb Raider or Doom(since it has a third person camera and platforming elements, obviously the former), he concludes George is blind.
  • In general, it's hard not to laugh at the sheer insanity of the reviews. The unbridled levels of bad information, absurd complaintsnote , the fact that he constantly changes his opinions, sometimes within the same sentence and the fact that he has to cheat to beat the first level of some games on the lowest difficulty setting and still blasts the game for being too easy. Caddy sums it up best:
    Caddy: It's like you're watching a video of a carpenter repeatedly hammer his thumb, while complaining about the fact that he didn't buy any nails.
  • Another theme is George Wood being so bad at video games that he cheats to see the end of the game, but then complains that cheating either destroys the fun or makes the game too short.
    Caddy: Georgie Porgie, pudding and pie, kissed the girls and made them CHEAT AT VIDEO GAMES!
  • After George says he can "perceive real distances" in a Virtual Boy game, Caddy asks if he's a being of corporeal form, accompanied by an angelic choir and rays of light coming out of George's eyes.
  • At one point, Caddy talks about duplicate uploads of several videos with a longer length and/or added brackets with the background musicnote  speeding up while a scream is being heard slowly getting louder and louder. Then Caddy proceeds to say that every single video "begins with that same bloody—🎵DUUUUUUN DUN DUUUUUUN!!!🎵"note 
    • Before this, Caddy goes over how he noticed a few of these duplicate uploads and shows a small list he made on paper of which ones he found. However...
      Caddy: (Beat) And then I found more.
      (camera zooms out, showing that he was only showing about a sixth of the list)
  • After hearing that George is amused by part in which Princess Jean punches out the lens of a camera filming her in the shower, Caddy suspects that it reminds George of an actual experience from his life. Cue Caddy tiptoeing into the shower, opening the curtains and getting punched.
  • Caddy shows some interview footage of kids incoherently gushing about Donkey Kong Country and declares it to be proof that video games rot your brain.
  • When he brings up the poor audio mixing present in the reviews, he gives a sarcasm-laden rant about how great it is as various Bubsy sound effects drown out his voice, which apparently makes him want to take a Q-Tip and push it in further than the recommended amount.

    The Nightmare World of Dreamworks Games 
  • The video's semi-Cold Open: Caddy is 68 days into lockdown and...
    Caddy: HI! I'M COMPOST!
  • The world is still bricks and Caddy is going mad as he yearns for something to do. Suddenly, he gets delivered Ring Fit Adventure, and takes it up to eleven by donning 80s workout gear note  and calling it "Lit's Git Fit With Caddickydick".
  • However, Caddy is fully aware that all this is not what his viewers chimed in for. They only came for "Will Smith fish and the funny green man opening the door".
    SOME- (nothing happens)
  • When Caddy holds up Shark Tale on the Xbox, the camera does a quick zoom on Oscar's face, along with Will Smith's laugh from Youtube Rewind 2018.
  • During the opening cutscene, Caddy edits in a photo of a happy Will Smith. When Caddy mentions that Oscar isn't voiced by Will Smith, the photo's smile turns upside down and Smith's infamous Youtube Rewind laugh plays again while it descends.
  • 🎵Because every little thing, *clap* is gonna be alright🎵 when you're being evicted.
  • By simply swimming into the side of a mailbox, Caddy manages to build up speed for so long flailing that he clips through the mailbox and speeds off incredibly.
  • "Has anyone got the salt and vinegar? I wanna put this fish out of its misery."
  • His comment about the game having a similar mechanic to Zelda II, where Oscar can get his health restored by going into certain houses. Not helped by the fact that Oscar comes out covered in hearts.
    Caddy: Which means that somebody in that house is going down on this [an image of a goofy-looking Oscar plushie pops up].
  • Do you want to know how to ruin somebody's day in two steps? It's easy! Step 1: give them Shrek Treasure Hunt on PS1, and Step 2: remind them about Blue Waffle.
  • Caddy describes Fiona's face on the cover as "looking like she just realized who she shared a bed with".
  • "Hey, no. Get out of there Tomb Raider! Shrek's got some treasure to find!"
  • When Caddy is prompted by the language selection screen of Shrek Treasure Hunt:
    Caddy: Now what so we want to pick? Do we want to select, seleccionar, selectionner, or WÄHLEN?!
  • After getting to the menus:
    Caddy: Judging by this music, it sounds like we're off to Shrek's funeral.
  • The glitched intro:
    Narrator: Princess Fiona arrives- (cutscene ends)
    Caddy: Oh. She did?
  • Caddy says the collectathon gameplay is as appealing as soap scum and follows it up by licking a soap dish.
    Caddy: Mmm! That's some good scum.
  • Oh, look, it looks like Shrek has something to tell me. What's that? (Shrek turns around and presents some questionably-shaped balloon art reading "WIN") Ah, great! I WPPPPPHHHHHH-!
  • Every time Caddy makes a bee pun:
  • Caddy hijacks a car and forces the bee driving it to drive him to the next objective, but in doing so, renders the driver stuck in his car and forced to accompany him while looking like he's about to unhinge his jaw.
  • "The game turns into Elvis Presley before he died: unable to move properly."
  • "Oh no, Shrek. Please don't slam me in my soup."
  • The game begins with Donkey trying to get the Dronkeys to sleep, which makes Caddy remember that he and Dragon somehow did it, and he takes out the game disc to throw it in the trash.
  • Apparently, the CPUs in Shrek SuperSlam went to McDonalds and got the Lobotomy Combo Meal. This is followed up with a clip of a CPU-controlled Puss in Boots just standing around with Humpty Dumpty's pained groan added in.
  • After being unimpressed by Over the Hedge on the Xbox, Caddy gives it a Meaningful Name.
    Caddy: So, I'm going to throw Over the Hedge, over the hedge. [Caddy tosses the game over a hedge as a Super Mario 64 scream plays]
  • Caddy's initial reaction to seeing Hammy Goes Nuts on DS?
    Caddy: I'm out of here, I'm gone, thanks for everything, house! Sat Nav, please take me as far away as possible from Over the Hedge on the DS.
    Sat Nav: I'm afraid I can't do that.
    Caddy: Why not?
    Sat Nav: Your destination is behind you.
    (Caddy turns around to find the game behind him)
    Caddy: PFFFFFFFF
  • Caddy finds the opening cutscene for Hammy Goes Nuts to be unsettling.
    Caddy: I feel like I'm about to be jumpscared.
  • Caddy's attempt at a transition.
    (cut to Caddy sledding down his stairs)
  • "I'd prefer making an icicle out of my own piss and shoving it in my eye!"
  • Caddy's favorite characters from the timeless classic Turbo are "Roly Poly" and "Eyesonadick".
    • He doesn't like the voice bytes.
      In-Game Voice: Turbo: Super Stunt Squad, baby.
      Caddy: [in a whimpering voice] I need a parent. (...)
      [Caddy selects "Tournament"] In-Game Voice: TOURNAMENT!
      Caddy: Jesus! Where's my parent?!
  • Caddy takes advice from Tiddy the Teddy (voiced by Daniel) to play another kart racer, since it'll automatically be exponentially better than Turbo, all the while ignoring his insults, threats, and existential crises.
  • This.
    Shrek: DONKEH!
    Caddy: Oh look, it's Shrek! From Dreamworks Animation's hit comedy family film franchise called Shrek! What do you want?
    Caddy: And then we sat down together and played Shrek 2 on the Gamecube.
  • Caddy makes the grave mistake of calling the AI in Shrek 2 dumb as bricks.
    Caddy: Oh God, I didn't say that out loud, did I?
    Caddy: I'M SORRY, I DIDN'T MEAN IT!!!
  • Caddy refuses to play any more Shrek games and instead takes up residence inside his sweater.
  • "Yeah! Yeah! TDK! TDK! TDK stands for Tickle David's Knickers!"
  • Caddy’s horrified reaction to the Super-Deformed character models of Shrek Super Party.
    Caddy: I mean, the game doesn’t look too bad so far, there’s nice FMV at least, and OOOH! OH-HO! OOH! OH, GOD! WHO!?! WHO SIGNED OFF ON THESE, AND WHY!?!
    Magic Mirror: …a beautiful Princess…
    Caddy: I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but that doesn't apply when your head is the size of Saturn!
  • The intro cutscene for Shrek Super Party states that all Shrek wants is to live alone, even though he is starring in a party game where he rounds up his friends to compete in minigames for bugs and trade the bugs for higher valued bugs and not do anything with them.
    Caddy: Do you feel alone yet?
  • "Lord Farquaad is eating his own face."
  • This exchange.
    Magic Mirror: Put your hands together for Shrek!
    Caddy: (does just that) Now what?
  • "Goddammit, I've seen this stupid kid on this stupid moon so many times now that I want him to fall off!"
  • During the segment on Madagascar, Caddy discovers that he can kick the fence to scare away the children.
    Caddy: Yeah! Screw those bratty pricks at the zoo! Serves you right for smacking that glass with Willy in it! T-That didn't sound-
  • "What's that? The game doesn't work. Ahhh....That's a shame."
    • Shortly after:
      Caddy: What was that? They remade it for the Gamecube? [holds up Shrek: Extra Large] Whhhyy?!
      • Caddy's opinions on the box art:
      Caddy: Everything about this box art makes me want to vomit. I don't like this man's face, I don't like the eggs with mouths, I don't like Shrek's single pointy tooth, and I especially don't like the close-up on the back. Did anybody really need to be so close to Shrek that they could see his greasy sausage fingerprints?
  • When hearing the menu select noise in Shrek: Extra Large, a burp.
    Caddy: Hey Siri, cut the cord.
    • Followed by yet another weird profile name.
    Caddy: What's my name? Agh...'VOOF'.
  • Caddy loses it when he sees Extra Large's close-up camera, comparing it to a toddler stealing a camera phone and a knife, as well as saying it makes the game look like "a Picasso painting if he sniffed glue before painting it".
  • Highlights of Caddy's first foray into the Kinect include:
    • Him not being able to put it on top of his flat-screen TV, so securing it with Blu Tack.
    • Him doing a little dance with his on-screen motion-sensing reflection.
    • Him not even reviewing the game and instead playing it live.
    • Him being startled by the game starting when he holds his hand out.
    • Him not saying his name when prompted and breezing past that section by accident.
    • Him getting every single answer on the trivia question wrong.
    • Him cracking up at a picture he didn't even know the game took where he looks completely bored and disinterested and then deciding to end the video on that note.

    The Cruel World of Getting ALL 202 Platinum Relics in Crash Bandicoot 
  • Caddy, now 84 days into lockdown, seems to have developed a healthy relationship with the bricks. So much so that he decides he doesn't want to leave the house anymore.
  • "Yeah, that's all I ever do with my life. I'm either playing Crash or being an American traitor."
    • For context, a gaming website created a list of corporations and notable names that support the Black Lives Matter movement that was receiving significant traction at the time, a list that included Chuggaaconroy and ProJared (The latter's occupation described as "Tried and failed to become Sailor Mercury"), and of course, Caddy, the list maker making a rather large leap of logic saying that this somehow meant they supported murder and looting and were... well... traitors to America. This is, of course, in spite of the fact that Caddy is British, and doesn't even live in America.
  • Because June is Caddy's birth month and because of how much Crash has become associated with the month of June, he decided to call June "Bandicoot Month", where he talks about all things related to the manic marsupial... including his butts.
    Caddy: Creases...
    *N. Gin screams at a close up at Crash's butt*
    • "Okay, that video was late..."note 
    • Sure, "Bandicoot Month" isn't that creative, but at least it rolls off the tongue better than "Junedicoot".note 
  • As awesome as it was to see Caddy fully complete the N. Sane Trilogy (including the Platinum Time Trial Relics), it also cost him his sanity. So what better way to remedy that then by getting all the Platinums across the entire franchise?
    • "But first, you may not even know what I'm talking about, so here's some HISTRIE!"
      • Long story short, Time Trial Relics are collectables introduced in Crash 3, with Sapphire being a participation reward and Gold being the bare minimum needed for 100-percent completion.
  • "You guys think that playing the N. Sane Trilogy regularly is the Dark Souls of platforming games? You don't know anything until you've seen what I've seen! ...Shut up! And... stick it in your... chin."
  • At some points, Caddy thought his thumbs were going to fall off... and they did!note 
  • Caddy makes a note that the 202 relics don’t include the ones in Crash Bash, partially because they aren’t tied to timed challenges, but mainly because Crash Bash makes him want to die.
  • "Dashing through the snow, in a one-horse open COFFIN!"
  • The introduction to The Lab:
    Caddy: The Lab, Oh lord Jesus strangle a cat, The Lab. One of the hardest levels in the base game as it stands, trying to rush through this one is like trying to square dance on top of a kettle!
  • Caddy's Platinum runs through Cash Banooca 1 and Cash Banooca 2: Gringott's Steakhouse were... less than ideal due to these games preceding the Time Trials. So that must mean that every game onward will be easy to Platinum since they were made with the Time Trials in mind, right?
  • "Hangin' Out, unlike its namesake, isn't very relaxing, and doesn't lead to anything sexy."
  • "You can't really see the rolling barrels of acid, or the robots barreling towards you like they just saw the ice cream van."
  • Totally Bear has a main reason why it's so difficult to Platinum Run on.
    Caddy: But in case you can't see, let me spell it out... you can't see.
  • Hey, what's that on the floor there? What else, but Caddy's ego?
  • High Time from Crash 3 made Caddy's list because you can either screw up the timing for the platforms or clip through them, because who needs platforms in a platformer, right?
  • Apparently, the turning of the hog you ride in Hog Ride is so stiff and heavy, Caddy's knees want to be that stiff and heavy.
  • Sobek help you in Sphyxinator, because where do you begin?
  • Hot Coco, The perfect way to teach you a colorful new language comprised of naughty words and phlegm.
  • Caddy used the remakes of the original Crash games and Crash Team Racing to make the Platinums harder to obtain just because. No need to clap and bow. He's got kids to do that already.
  • While talking about how Coco Park, despite being the easiest track in the game, has Time Crates placed in areas that make you feel like an an idiot for missing then:
    "...And I'm not an idiot, because my mummy told me I wasn't!"
  • This bit during the segment on Blizzard Bluff:
    Caddy: Two words. This. FU- -ing. Jump. Oh wait that's three- This is it, this is the only reason why this stage is such a chore to get the Platinum Relic on. I suppose the ice physics can be kind of annoying, but those issues pale, they squeal in comparison to this bumbling piss-stick of a jump right here!
  • "Papu-Papu is many things. He's a belly, he's a terrible boss fight, he's a laughingstock, and he's a stereotype."
  • After being eaten by one of the Plant Mooks in Papu's Pyramid:
    "Get out of my face and let me race before I fold you up and shove you into a green pipe, dick!"
  • Of all the levels across all the games he's Platinum-ed, which were the hardest overall you ask?
    Caddy: Jungle Boogie, leave me alonenote , don't carenote , shutupI'mtired note , and I'mnevergonnadoanythinglikethiseveragain.note  NURSE, GIVE ME MY SEDATIVES!
    (a baseball bat knocks him out cold)

    The Depressing World of Bad Crash Bandicoot Games 
  • Caddy had to leap through several hoops to even finish the video, even if that meant it had to be uploaded after Bandicoot Month. For one thing, Vegas crashed so hard that his PC restarted and corrupted his save data, so he had to edit the whole video twice, and after all that, the video was uploaded in 240p, so he had to reupload it.
  • Lockdown Day 92: It's a great time for the life of Caddy. It's Bandicoot Month, Crash 4 is coming out, and he's getting married to the bricks. However, his happiness is cut short by his talking PS2, Jason Station, who forces him to play all the bad Crash games.
    Playstation 2: [With an overly raspy voice] Nah, you don't want any of that!
    Caddy: Who are you?
    Playstation 2: I'm Jason Station.
  • Cash Banooca is alright, but not as good as the sequel, Cash Banooca 2: Gringotts Steak House, and even then, Cash Banooca: Wrapped was way better, as were Cash Teat Rabies and Cash Twitanity. But Cash Banooca: The Wrinkle of Cow Pat wasn't that good. Such is Caddy's Law of Whatijustcameupwith: If you want your series to be heralded as a classic, you need to throw in a bad game every so often. This usually happens when people start to get bored with the series and the company tries to spice up the gameplay with new mechanics, often at the expense of what made the originals so good. And although this makes people realize how good the original games are, these bad games still exist and Caddy decides to take a look at the ones from the Crash series, just so he never has to talk about them again.
  • A gaming magazine on Metroid: "We know playing as a girl is a bit, well, girly."
    • Followed by "Real talk kids, Halo isn't a difficult game at all. You wanna know what's really tough? Spongebob!"
    Caddy: Why do I have this magazine?
  • Caddy usually doesn't re-review games that he already talked about if the topic of the video warrants it. But the 2012 era is an exception. So he revisits Crash Bash with his new reviewing skills to see if it truly began Crash's downfall after Naughty Dog left him behind and started to make games about angry hairy men.
  • The two moments where he pokes fun at his younger self.
    2020 Caddy: And because that video is—
    2012 Caddy: Let's talk about Crash Bandi- (has a mouth full of Monster Munch) phewrfueh.
    2020 Caddy: -terrible.
    2012 Caddy: Can we judge the game by the first world of Adventure? No, we can't.
    2020 Caddy: Ignore him!
  • You can't have an adventure without a story. Unless you're going hiking.
  • Unless you own a first-edition PAL copy of Crash Bash, the process of unlocking all the multiplayer options is pure tedium. However, if you own Spyro: Year of the Dragon, you can input a secret code to play a demo for Crash Bash. And if you input another code on the title screen, you can access a cheat mode that allows you to play almost all of the game. (It is a beta build, so some things are different from the final release, such as the Komodo Bros' lifebar icons using Homer and Bart Simpson as placeholders). This means that if basically all of Crash Bash could fit on Year of the Dragon's disc, that must have meant that Crash Bash didn't need to take up a lot of space, meaning basically no effort went into it.
  • This bit.
    Caddy: Maybe if I shout at [the game] it'll be good.
    It didn't work.
  • Cortex's hair in Crash Bash being on point. So on point that it IS a point. You could open an envelope with it.
    • According to Caddy, his arm turns into a canary when he runs.
  • Velo's beard is shaped like the first letter of his name.
    Caddy: (clean-shaven, except for a "beard" shaped like a C) I mean what kind of arsehole does that?
    • The fact that Caddy clean-shaved for the first time in 9 years for one joke.
  • When Caddy tries to imitate Nitro Kart's lip-sync for Aku Aku and Uka Uka, he accidentally gives himself lockjaw.
  • "Nitro Kart feels like somebody witnessed the birth of a miracle child, and while the mother was still splayed, shoved it back in. Crash Nitro Kart is an unbirthed baby that was already born."
    Caddy: I need therapy.
  • "At this point, I'd rather race that thing from Star Fox 64 called BACON!!!
  • This exchange.
    Cortex: WOOH! That did not feel good.
    Caddy: And I don't even want to know what noise you would make if you did feel good.
  • The Caddicarus Bouns Round. Words don't do it justice.
  • Apparently Jetix Magazine says that Crash Tag Team Racing is the best Crash game ever. Remember those guys?
  • "Hey, everyone, it's me! Your favorite prime-time family-friendly Youtube superstar, GUMP!"
  • Caddy was... shocked to say the least when he saw Willie Wumpa Cheeks.
  • Willie Wumpa Cheeks, Von Clutch's park mascot, sounds like a name from an adult movie Smash Brandi's Cootch. "Yeah, probably that one."
  • "Nobody can clink the clonk as good as Crash Badinkydonk."
  • Tag Team Racing was the debut of Chick and Stew, the chicken commentators that would later return as the anchormen for the DLC Grand Prix campaigns for Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fuelled. Shame Caddy doesn't like them.
    Stew: Spend it like crazy on new stuff! BLING BLING!
    Caddy: (more than a little annoyed) Bling Bling. Yeah, that's what all the kids were saying back then wasn't it? (flashes a gang sign unenthusiastically) Bling bling in my ding ding.
  • One of the things Caddy likes about Crash Tag Team Racing? You can attack the theme park's many visitors including kids and mainstay Crash cast members. This particuarly entertains Caddy due to his previous history in retail.
    (Crash assaults a child)
    Caddy: (points to the box's age rating, a 7+ from the European PEGI association) THIS IS A 7+ GAME WITH CHILD BEATING! (voiceover) Actually, is this how old you need to be to play the game, or how many years in prison you'll get for child abuse?
    Coco: Hey, I'm a girl!
    Caddy: Yeah, Crash! What's wrong with you?! [...] Women can't fight back!
  • Caddy finally gets fed up with the wacky antics of random characters barging into his life just to segue into the next game, so he angrily demands Charlie Window to stop being a pane and just give him the game.
  • The major problem Caddy has with Crash's appearance in the Skylanders cartoon? They gave him Adaptational Intelligence. He even unfavourably compares Skylanders!Crash to the old talking CGI Crash from the Crash 2 prerelease video!
    Caddy: Crash is planning! He doesn't plan, he eats the things he's supposed to be collecting!
    • #NotMyBanooca
    • The lead in to the previous quote gives us this exchange:
    Caddy: Is this show trying to get a rise out of me? Cause it's working.
    Crash: You could make a strong argument in favor of that, sure.
  • This exchange thanks to Spyro's ugly-as-sin Skylanders redesign.
    Spyro: So, this is called the mysterious ancient place.
    Caddy: And you have a mysterious ancient face.
    • Probably for the best Cortex came to make that ugly face a little prettier.
  • Caddy's thoughts on Crash's incoherent mumbling when pausing Skylanders.
    Caddy: Crash, are you having a stroke?
  • Thoroughly wowed at the extensivity of the character creation system in Skylanders Imaginators, Caddy decides to make one. He ends up with a woman-snake with a fire bow, ram horns, and armor, named Fromage.
    Fromage: A name that will echo through the ages.
    Caddy: [opens a window] FROMAGE!!! [echoes]
  • "This is the slowest thing I've ever touched. And I touched the floor yesterday!"
  • Caddy likes the intro to Titans, but it reminds him too much of The Jungle Book 2.
    Caddy: And I don't ever want to be reminded of Jungle Book 2.
  • Caddy cannot let go of the fact that the main mechanic of Crash of the Titans is called Jacking.
  • Caddy criticizes the character design of of Crash in Titans, making particular note of Crash's tattoos and saying tattoos are for pricks... while holding up the Oddworld tattoos on his hands.
  • "I smell a conspiracy here. Oh hang on, that's just fish. I'm in the market."
  • The amount of innuendo that Crash: Mind Over Mutant indulges in, really brings joy to Caddy's eyes, such as N. Brio remarking that his name "sounds like a fetus" and Aku Aku telling Crash to "punch [N. Gin] in the throat.", and N. Gin begging them not to since he "needs it for swallowing".
  • At the end, after thanking Naughty Dog for creating Crash Bandicoot in the first place, he asks for a copy of "Smash Brandi's Cootch". Cue an offscreen figure instead attempt to give him "Crash Boom Bang!".
    The Pitiful World of Pixar Games 
  • Lockdown Day 482 (or thereabouts): Caddy is minding his own business when he notices fresh sunlight streaming in through his window with the bricks nowhere in sight. Frantically, he looks through the internet to find that lockdown in the UK has been lifted, and only 3 weeks into his marriage. Caddy doesn't buy it, thinking it's a ploy to let everyone's guard down so that the bricks can flatten everyone, so he stays inside.note 
    • What sells it is he gave his speech outside... without his mask! Afterwards, he resumes his speech in nothing but Angrish.
  • Everyone knows who Pixar is: an award-winning CGI-animation studio run by Pete Docter and John Misconduct.
  • "Don't milk kids."
  • Not only do the character models from the video game of A Bug's Life make for good electric toothbrushes, but at the end of the game, you get to stop Kevin Spacey from touching everyone inappropriately.
  • The video game of Toy Story on the SNES might lack the power of Silicon Graphics Computers, but at least it's not the version on the Game Boy. Not the Game Boy Advance, the Game Boy.
    *Poorly-done 8-bit rendition of Strange Things plays*
    Caddy: This is more frightening than any horror game I've ever played.
  • "If Donkey Kong was played by Tom Hanks and then got run over by a steamroller, you get Toy Story on the Game Boy."
  • Caddy is not afraid to make liberal use of the laugh Woody made after Bo Peep made a pass at him.
  • Andy must have been a rather unique child growing up if he has several copies of the board game Droughts, lives in a room that's just one big corridor, has blocks all over his room that are just one letter, and has an unhealthy obsession with the book The Fishman.
  • "Why is Buzz swimming through the air, and why is he splayed and waiting for me suggestively on the bed? Is it because I'm Woody?"
  • Posters for the SNES and Genesis versions of the Toy Story video game were... unnerving, to say the least.
  • If you thought Toy Story on the Game Boy was awful, then you haven't played Toy Story... on the Zizzle. Long story short, a Zizzle is an LCD-frame console (think Game & Watch or Tiger Electronic handheld games but worse)...
    Caddy: And my god, is it a video game system. First off, it’s called a Zizzle. That’s not a games console, that’s what a sausage does in a frying pan. Secondly, who designed this plastic shell, and thirdly, where is the demon that they summoned after they designed it? Buzz looks like a burn victim, and Woody looks like he just survived Chernobyl. And this would be bad enough... but then you turn them around and look at them from the side...
    • "As for Woody..Well, we don't talk about Woody."
    • Caddy stabs himself in the shoulder for seemingly no reason. And says it’s still preferable to Toy Story on the Zizzle.
  • The character models of Monsters, Inc.: Scream Team sure help it live up to its name.
    Caddy: Waternoose looks like a raisin and Sully here has more teeth than face.
    Caddy: (with a lip retractor): Welcome to Monsters Incorporated!
    • On the selection screen, Caddy picks Mike because Sulley's extending stretchy neck freaks him out. He immediately regrets this decision after Mike's selection animation plays.
      Mike Wazowski: [jumps in the air and does a flip] Booga! [zooms on Mike's face]
      Caddy: I think I made the wrong choice.
    • Caddy being more afraid of Mike than Sulley, claiming that he thinks it's backwards that in the world of Monsters Inc, Mike's considered the funny one while Sulley's the scary one.
  • Caddy says that Roz sounds like a sneeze in the tutorial of Monsters Inc.: Scream Team, but the way he presented it makes her sound like she was auditioning for Banjo-Kazooie.
  • There's something hilarious and unsettling about Caddy possessing a kite with a Voice of the Legion.
    Caddy: Oh. What did I eat last night?
    Kite!Caddy: You've already got a kite, Caddy. I'm here!
    Caddy: You're not what I had in mind.
    Kite!Caddy: Fly me, Cads! FLY ME!
    Caddy: Can you please calm down?
    Kite!Caddy: I NEED WIND.
    Caddy: Well, what do you want me to do? blow on you?
    Kite!Caddy: Please, anything will do! Anything! I JUST WANNA FEEL ALIVE AGAIN!
  • "Hi there, Nemo. Nice to meet you. I'm a twat!"
  • While he does admit that the Finding Nemo game is pretty good, he stopped playing after the first level because it caused his GameCube to overheat so much that, if it were to overheat anymore, he could serve Nemo with a side of fries!
    Caddy: (after pulling Nemo from his freezer) Kids! I found dinner!
  • Caddy is playing the original Xbox version of The Incredibles via the Xbox 360's backwards compatibility, which is infamous for causing tons of performance issues like texture glitches. This leads to things such as lily pads in an elevator to Syndrome's lair, cars with metal nipples all over, and Bob's deconstructed face decorating a building.
    Caddy: I know Mr. Incredible is big, but he's not that big.
  • Dash must not worry too much about his caloric intake if he only burns off 187 calories while running at 147 miles per hour.
    Caddy: Exercise is a lie.
  • The Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer is so mind-numbing and repetitive that Caddy actually has to apologize to Crash of the Titans.
  • "Rated E for wet."
  • Dissapointingly, Cars for Xbox 360 does not have any sex. It does. however, have violence.
    Caddy: At least I can crash into Mater. That's all I ever want to do.
    • Actually, there are a few things related to sex here. After all, what else would you call using the first-person camera to look at what cars have down there after ramming them?
  • This bit:
    Sally: He wants you to meet him out at Willy's Butte later.
    Caddy: Excuse me? I am not going near anyone's Willy's Butte.
    • Shortly afterwards:
    Mac: Hey! Hi-de-ho, buddy-o!
    Caddy: Oh no. I think he likes my Willy's Butte.
  • "Did I mention the physics? Because they're here, and they're like a drunk auntie at the Christmas party that no-one likes."
  • Cars on the Xbox 360 lets you make Lightning McQueen wear the equivalent of workout spandex. But don't worry. Caddy's not here to judge. After all, if it's your thing, godspeed.
  • Mater, the tow truck, controls better than McQueen, the precision instrument of speed and aerodynamics.
  • Caddy leaves his house for the first time in months... by going Up.
  • As far as the graphics go, Carl looks... pretty bad.
    Caddy: He definitely doesn't look like he does in the movie, he's a proper G.I.L.F. there. But then again, I don't think I'd wanna do that anyway, so... he's a G.
  • "Aw, what's that? You want to collect all the bugs? WELL I CAN SMASH THEM FASTER!"
  • Not only is Carl somehow doing athletic platformimg skills that should be impossible for someone his age, but Russell is able to lift up said athletic geezer like it was nothing.
    Caddy: Am I playing Up or The Avengers?
  • "Sorry, Up. You made me feel down..."
    Caddy: Da-da da-da da-BAD JOKE!
    (smashes Up on the PSP on the ground)
    Caddy: Ah, shut up. It was a better joke than naming your movie after a Pun, "Rat-a-too-ee". GEDDIT? 'CAUSE HE RAT!
  • Ratatouille on the Xbox 360 doesn't let you touch... miluk!
  • Did you like hearing Brad Garrett as Gusteau? Did you like his obviously fake French accent? Did you want to hear him say the exact same lines over and over again? No? Too bad, because that's exactly what happens in the video game of Ratatouille!
  • Cars 2, both the movie and the game for the Xbox 360, starts with Mooks dying. Violently. Cars or not, they had thoughts and feelings and they explode into pieces.
  • "Now let's just move away from Cars for one goddamn second, and instead take a look at WALL•E, on the Xbox 36- PPFFFTT!! JUST KIDDING IT'S CARS AGAIN!note  AHAHA! AHAHA! AHAHA!"
  • "Deeznee, where dreemz cum troo."
  • And once again, a beat-up rusted-over lemon of a car is able to outrace a stock car, a vehicle built specifically for racing!
  • Now, let's move on to WALL•E on the Xbox 360... and his mangled-up holographic sleeve.
  • This.
    Michael Factory: Good day sir, I'm Michael Factory and I'm here to sell you a door.
    Caddy: I have a door. You knocked on it.
    Michael Factory: Oh yeah... Have a DS game instead.
  • “Ratatatatatatatatata - TOSS OFF!
  • "Hey, are you feeling brave?"note 
  • There's something funny about Caddy questioning why Buzz Lightyear sounds like Joe Swanson in Buzz Lightyear of Star Command on Playstation since the same actor voices Buzz in-game and in the cartoon.
    Buzz Lightyear: Stop right there, creepazoid!
  • After his romp through Pixar and Dreamwork's gaming forays, he's sworn off movies from both of them entirely. Unfortunately, that only leaves him with one option left.
    Caddy: Wait, there's a Minions game?!
    The Painful World of LEGO Games 
  • The video's thumbnail contains a cameo from Grandpa in My Pocket, for no reason other than the thumbnail artist stumbled across it one day and thought it was disturbing.
  • With the bricks gone from his life, Caddy can't help but feel more upset than ever... because all of the beaches are taken over by people who refuse to stay inside.
  • "If those bricks aren't going to come back to me, then I'm gonna have to have an affair with some other bricks!"
    • And then Caddy's Evil Twin Baddy comes by to deliver a package, leading to this bit:
    *Caddy looks inside the box*
    Caddy: What the hell is this?
    Baddy: It's your mistress.
    Caddy: (astonished) JESUS!
    *Baddy cackles*
    Caddy: Get out!
    Baddy: Hm, okay.
    *Baddy's head floats off his body while making a farting sound*
    • Also, the shipping company misspelled Caddy's name.
    Caddy: My name isn't Jim Taddock!
    • The fact that Baddy, despite being regarded as evil, generously gives out gifts and leaves politely when asked.
  • Admit it. LEGO's absorbed more pop-culture than anything else. From Star Wars to Disney to Spongebob to Lunchables to Overwatch to Minecraft to Mario!
  • Caddy admires how much Lego as a concept has evolved from simply:
    "Unh, make a yellow man, put him in the car. Don't have enough bricks for a house, so the yellow man lives in the car. Oh no, my little brother Timtim ate my yellow man, gotta wait for him to poop it out!"
  • Because of how much LEGO has grown, it can do so much more than just stick together. It can spin, it can roll, it can be turned on and off, it can sync with your phone, it can connect to your wi-fi, it can suck your soul into the abyss, and it can recieve software updates.
    Caddy: Why does my LEGO need to update?! IT'S PLASTIC!
  • After LEGO sent Caddy their latest LEGO Mario set, Caddy began making the connections. Mario is a game, LEGO is LEGO. Mario. LEGO. Game. LEGO. LEGO... alligators!
  • Yet again, Caddy's reviewing a game he already reviewed in his early days. And yet again, he wished they never happened. You know what that means, right? He's Bitter!
  • With Caddy rereviewing LEGO Racers, you'd expect the menu music to kick him in the balls again, But...
    *music begins*
  • Caddy decides that his racer should be comprised of the ugliest parts in every category, and named "Uncle Dip", and Uncle Dip's Dipmobile should look like a big yellow medieval coffin with a spoiler.
    Caddy: Sure, you can't see Uncle Dip inside his own car, but by doing that I think I've done the world a favor.
    • Later, when Caddy is trying to explain how the cars all feel the same no matter how they're built.
      "I even made a special car, that was completely naked.. (The camera zooms on Dip's face as the picture darkens) because that's what Uncle Dip likes-"
  • Caddy gloating after winning a race:
    [holding an inflatable trophy while dancing to a rap beat]
    "Tea! Tea! Teabag your mom!"
  • "Up next, we got another game on the PS!, Lego Rock RAID SHADOW LEGENDS!"
  • Next on the agenda is LEGO Rock Raiders, a real ore-some game about miners who raid rocks by doing bilabial trills on the wallsnote .
    • Caddy's reacton to the pun "ore-some".
    • It also expects you to do so for almost 15 seconds while under an already-strict time limit without doing anything else, not even defending yourself. It doesn't help that many of them don't even lead you to anywhere useful. And what's your reward for doing so? A digger driven by a drunk.
    • "Thanks for letting me know, LEGO Cock-Blockers!"
  • Apparently, LEGO Rock Raiders was tested and approved by kids. But then again, kids also like shitting their pants.
  • Caddy remembers having a friend when he was six that wouldn't stop talking about how much fun he had playing Rock Raidersnote .
    Caddy: What were your parents feeding you?!
  • Do you want to see a disappointed robot? Then BIONICLE on the Xbox is the game for you.
  • Knowing full well that he'll be upsetting Bionicle fans somewhere in the world, after going though the painfully slow unskippable tutorial boxes, you'll find the game becoming painfully, unbearably, mind-numbingly... better.
  • The first LEGO Island game was great. It even spawned the release of three spin-off titles that with cases that work as functioning LEGO bricks. The sequel... Not so much...
  • "Ages 6-99?"
    *Caddy holds a skeleton*
    Caddy: Augh, sorry Grandma.
    * He tosses the skeleton aside*
  • After learning how to make hand sandwich from last week's episode, good ol' Sam Widge is back to show us how to make disc pizza! All you gotta do is grab a disc, slather on some tomato sauce, sprinkle some cheese, and enjoy!
  • LEGO Island 2's citizens apparently consist of; a guy who steals your wrench, a guy who's had too many lemons, a woman who thanks you with a headbutt, a doctor who tells Pepper he looks good, and a guy who can't stop sucking on Pepper's face.
    • Caddy's reaction to the guy who looks to be doing something very questionable.
      Caddy: But, that's mine.
  • In LEGO Island 2, people help Pepper Roni by turning to the direction he's supposed to go instead of, you know, pointing in that direction. That's all a minifig's arms seem to be good for outside of holding stuff after all.
  • At several points while reviewing the LEGO Island series, Caddy uses a screenshot from a fan mod that replaces Pepper's face with Papa Brickolini's angry scowl.
  • After Pepper gathers all the bricks he needs to build his house, he's called to the pizzeria in the hills to deliver one last pizza to... The Brickster. You know. That guy who busted out of jail in the first game using a pizza. Apparently, everyone on the island is a few studs short of a brick if they're knowingly performing the exact same song and dance all over again.
    • And do you know what the garlic salt of misery on this pizza of pain is? The Brickster then heads straight for the center of all existence on the island and summons an army of Brickster-Bots while the people do nothing but watch! Including the police!
      Caddy: LEGO Island doesn't deserve to be saved. At this point, I'm surprised he didn't just summon a meteor.
  • Pepper Roni's delivery of "my best!" would be bad enough, but in the PS1 version, he visibly doesn't have a body!
  • LEGO Island Xtreme Stunts is like rubbing cream on the stump of a one-armed man. It won't make it grow back, and you should just give up.
  • Spelling LEGO Island Xtreme Stunts with an X in "extreme" but no Z in "stunts" is a bit of a missed opportunity. How elze dew yu plan 2 zel too ahl da kewl kidz?!
  • In LEGO Island Xtreme Stunts anything is XTREME!!! Even the console not reading the disc properly.
  • One of the first stunts you perform in LEGO Island Xtreme Stunts is crashing your car as much as possible, leading Caddy to conclude that Lindsay Lohan is the greatest stunt driver of all time.
  • Believe it or not, LEGO Island Xtreme Stunts actually has some high points. You can explore the island with improved platforming mechanics, you can do tricks with Pepper's skateboard this time, and you can work to catch The Brickster… who is just casually hanging around the film set as he plots to kill Pepper.
    Caddy: Why is he out of prison?! Why is he in the director's back pocket?!
    • Because this is LEGO Island, where intelligence goes to PERISH.
  • After Caddy theorizes that the island inhabitants put Pepper in these stunts in attempt to have him die in an "accident", he starts to become a bit sympathetic for Pepper. But then Pepper does what Pepper does.
    Pepper: Woah!
  • Caddy reading the slowly moving text on the intro screen of LEGO Stunt Rally on the Game Boy Color.
    Caddy: Hello... and... welcome... to... Stunt... Rally...
  • After Caddy decides that LEGO Stunt Rally on Game Boy Color can be played with no hands, he wears Lego hands for the rest of the video. Though that doesn't explain why he dons a LEGO brick costume later in the video.
  • LEGO Racers 2 thinks that a different colored sky counts as a new and original racetrack, so that must mean Caddy's yellow water counts as a new and original drink, right?
    Caddy: It's fresh, it's healthy, and it's definitely not wee.
  • While reviewing Lego Knights' Kingdom, Caddy makes fun of how easy it is to predict that Lord Vladek is a traitor.
    Caddy: So, yeah, obviously this first mission is a tutorial, and it teaches you how to swing your sword, how to fire lightning from your sword, and ends with a mini-boss against the definitely-not-evil-sounding Lord Vladek, who's dressed in definitely-not-evil red and black, telling us how he's definitely not gonna hurt us and that we'll need our skills in days to come, while the other knights talk about how he's definitely the King's most loyal and legendary knight. So, ten seconds later, he captures the King and seizes the throne. Wha—? I-I didn't see that coming!
  • It might just be the PTSD from gym locker rooms, but Caddy swears that the graphics in LEGO Soccer Mania are emanating a cheesy odor.
  • In Drome Racers, one of the characters is called "Slot", which Caddy thinks should belong to the female character.
    • Also, put together, the three characters make up "Shicane Slotrocket", which sounds like somebody who works at a brothel.
  • Despite having the Lego brandname, Drome Racers has almost none of the elements associated with Lego. Unless you count that one guy whose face looks like its made out of Lego.
  • LEGO Rock Band on DS has no physical peripherals, an unimpressive amount of songs, stupid gameplay, and Blur.
    • Also, a horrifying-faced shirtless LEGO Iggy Pop who pokes and prods at his junk.
  • "Did LEGO invent simping?"

    The Awful World of Skateboarding Games 
  • "Oh, God! I really hope I don't turn into a limited edition collectible vinyl figure!"
    Youtooz!Caddy: Well, great. What am I supposed to do now?
  • Caddy has been finding lately that he's the only one that can still see bricks outside. He's also figured out that they get scared off if you approach them while wearing a facemask, and wonders why nobody else is doing it.
  • After playing the brand new Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2, Caddy felt an itch that he hasn't felt since the last time he went to the doctor. Thus, he decided that he wanted to play Underground 2 Remix and American Sk8land again since his rash- his nostalgia was building up, followed by him deciding to get every single skateboarding game he could find with all the money he scrounged up to make yet another video that will drive him to drink.
    Caddy: (Dumping a pile of screws on the table) Can I pay you in scroos?
  • Caddy decides to start the video off with a bang by talking about the skating game that defined them all, by which he means the very first one, Skate Boardin for Atari 2600. The only game where you're a pink horse jockey carrying a giant hot dog through a ghost town capable that propels himself on that hot dog with his own farts.
  • Caddy claims that the first Tony Hawk's Pro Skater being changed to Tony Hawk's Skateboarding in the UK is due to the fact that "proskater" is a naughty word.Explanation 
    Caddy: And if you don't like it, you can suck my proskater.
  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater is like Cash Banooca 1: It's perfect for what it is compared to its competition at the time, but now it feels like a bathroom trip after Mexican night... at least until Pro Skater 2, since now it's not like skating on a recycling bin: It actually works.
  • Kriff is a skater who lives in the sink, and you wouldn't know it from looking at him, but he's actually 5 years old. Don't laugh at him, though. Kriff is shy.
  • Pro Skater 2 is definitely where the devs had fun with their IP. You can do crazier tricks, you can get hit by trains, you can become a big boy, you can go on the Atkins diet, you can believe you can fly, you can even become Spider-Man.
  • "Wait. What?! The judges only gave me a 99.9?! What do you mean 99.9?! Did you see what I just did?! That's not enough for a full score? At least give me a chicken nugget."
  • "You can spray on the walls like a bad boy, but I mean spray with graffiti and not with wee."
  • After Pro Skater 2, nothing could stop the devs, not even Caddy's mom! And she could stop a train just by frowning at it! ..At least until Tony Hawk's Project 8. What were they eating when they made this one?
  • Once you pop in Pro Skater 5, you immediately discover why it got the hate that it got. Or you would if it wasn't for the EIGHT GIGABYTE PATCH YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD!
    Caddy: I mean, I'm not complaining. It's not a problem.
  • Caddy questions the logistics of calling someone a "fun sponge" when they're miserable because that would indicate they're sucking up all the fun, meaning they're full of fun, so really the term should be "fun raincoat".
    Caddy: (Has a raincoat thrown on top of him) There's no fun in here.
  • How does a 540 Benihana into a One Footed Smith Grind sound?
  • While Caddy does consider the PS2 game Airblade a solid skateboarding/hoverboarding game, he declares that he hates the Story Mode's main character, Ethan, due to his dopey Totally Radical voice. And also because he dresses like a traffic light.
  • In Skateboard Madness, all the nameless selectable characters look the same, so Caddy names all six of them "Jonathan", and the last one "Black Jonathan".
    • And this game came out in 2017! Yes, we didn't make a typo. Oh, wait, yes we did. It came out in 2007.
  • After mentioning LJN when discussing his history with Phoenix Games, Caddy finds himself playing Town and Country Surf Designs Pearl City Hawaii Wood and Water Rage, and wonders that if bad things will appear when he says them.
    Caddy: Well, if that's the case, GUN! (Gets handed a gun) Oh, well thank you very much- (shoots himself)
  • According to Caddy, "Wood and Water Rage" sounds like something you catch when you're pregnant.
  • This bit from the segment on Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam:
    Tony: You can tell that girl works out, although... don't tell her I said that.
    Caddy: Tony, you're 52.
  • While trying (and failing) to steer Patrick in SpongeBob SquarePants Surf & Skate Roadtrip:
    "Turn right, you stupid lumpy pink thumb!"
  • After the game says that the lighting is poor:
    Caddy: How can it be "too dark"? It's daytime! I have the sun! You can't get much lighter than the sun, SpongeBob SquareBob!
  • At first, Skate or Die looks promising, but one look at the shopkeeper and...
    Caddy: Mummy, I don't want to play anymore.
  • While choosing a character for "Jousting":
    Caddy: Well, I'm pretty sure I saw Lester in a nightmare where he strangled my family, so I think I'll go with the most normal-looking guy: "Poseur Pete"? is he a skateboarder or a French Revolutionary?
  • "I'm not looking for an internship at the police station, I'm a skater boy who said 'See ya later, boy'!"
  • His mocking of the character models in The Simpsons Skateboarding:
    "Marge looking like a squid, and Homer looking like a week-old can of spam."
  • "If you try to do something as simple as a kick-flip, 75% of the time it won't work and you'll be eating some grass-covered din-dins instead."
  • Caddy decided to stop playing The Simpsons Skateboarding after getting ran over by 4 cars in a row, followed by Kent Brockman saying "Give it to me, baby!" and Lisa saying "Ye" for the 47th time.
  • The end of the Simpsons Skateboarding segment:
    Caddy: (reading the back of the box) "Shred Springfield"? With pleasure! (puts the game's cover art into a paper shredder)

    The Miserable World of Completing Crash Bandicoot 4 
  • When Caddy hears the news about Crash 4 getting released, he gleefully speeds downstairs to demented music, then Amy shows up asking for help with her homework, and Caddy responds by picking her up and throwing her out the window! He then Naruto-runs backwards the rest of the way.
    Caddy: He's been dormant for two decades.
  • Interestingly, Vicarious Visions weren't the creative team behind Crash 4, but Toys for Bob. What's also interesting is that they're the teams behind Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 & 2 and Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam repectively. You know what that means right? Crash 5 is going to need a skateboard controller!
    Caddy: Wow, I'm jump! Just like Crash Bandy!
  • The Running Gag of Caddy breaking his fingers from playing escalating to him fracturing his skull!
  • "This is a video game, not a b... b-b.. b-b-BOOK!
  • After seeing a pool toy of Spyronote , Caddy postulates on a Crash: Purple remake with blow-up dolls.
  • Crash 4 has it all. Boxes to break, Gems to collect, and hernias to form from how often you'll scream.
  • As much as Caddy likes the controls and physics of Crash 4, the slide jump is where he starts to nitpick. Sure, it gives you more height than a jump combined with a Double Jump, but it kills your momentum the moment you spring up. It's like an arm pulls you back the moment you jump, and this arm has its own little legs. Again, though, it's a nitpick since he's very familiar with Crash games at this point, to say the least.
  • Crash 4 manages to stand on its own quite well. Any nostalgia trips are just a bonus... and then, after saying the word "bonus", Caddy begins another Caddicarus Bouns Round!
  • Since being a full-time YouTuber is a stressful job, Caddy often pulls on the hairs on his fringe, meaning it's not as long or thick as the rest of him.
    Bald Caddy: Bye-bye, hair.
  • Tawna's reasons for being Ms. Fanservice might be a bit different this time around, but don't worry. Crash 4's Tawna is from another dimension, meaning you can now choose whether to go uptown or downtown.
  • Some of Caddy's favorite skins include Fake N. Gin,note  Crash 3's Biker Jacket,note  Artist Coco,note  Retro Skin,note  Dinesaur,note  Monsieur,note  Helena Bonham Carter,note  Crash Batdicoot,note  Elton John,note  Paper Mario and the Origami King, note  and Tina Turner.note 
  • Caddy's reactions to the adult references in the game, which is pretty abrupt as he being frantic about it, going Motor Mouth and all.
    Caddy: Okay, can we please address something quickly? I think we need to investigate the caterers that provided food for Toys for Bob! Because I've got enough evidence to prove that whoever did that laced their food with so much aphrodisiac, I'm surprised they didn't die of being hard!
    Caddy: "Marsupus Erectus", "Booty Calls", "Thar He Blows!", "Mother Clucker", "Ship Happens", "Big Horn Energy", "Rock Blocked", "Booty Seeker", "Pursona", Crash Bandicoot knows what furries are and he loves 'em!
    • "Toys for Bob... what toys did they have and what bob did they put them in?!"
  • Cash Banooca 4: In a Big Tent, starring Cash Bancooca, Cock-Cock Vindaloo, Tractor Barnparty, Ned Climax, and... Dumpling.
  • Caddy definitely noticed that there was one character that got the biggest redesign in Crash 4. One that made sure to exentuate certain parts of the body, especially in gameplay. One that the devs do not want to go unnoticed. And the character in question is... Not Tawna, but rather Dingodile.
  • Getting the box gems could be really aggravating since there is a lot of them in all the levels. The first level gives you 104 boxes to set an example, and in later stages, they can go up to-
    Caddy:(while wheezing) 502...?! Ican'tevencountthathigh...!
  • Caddy talking about Oxide's appearance in the game:
    Caddy: He even has a picture of himself in his own bedroom, the prick. He looks like a fish!
    Caddy: Oh god, I didn't need to know that Oxide had a wife. Do you think Oxide likes fish fingers?
  • If Crash Bandicoot 3 was given the same age ratingnote  as Crash Bandicoot 4:
    Dingodile: G'day mate, Dingodile's the name...
    Caddy-dile: ...and I had an anal prolapse!
  • Going for a completionist run in the original Crash trilogy or the N. Sane Trilogy is like going from easy mode to hard mode. Meanwhile, going for a completionist run in Crash 4 is like going from easy mode to YOU WILL BE A WRINKLY OLD CORPSE BEFORE YOU FINISH THIS.
  • This bit:
    *Future!Caddy breaks down the door*
    Future!Caddy: Oi, oi!
    Caddy: Who are you?
    Future!Caddy: I'm you.
    (beat) *Caddy gasps with glee*
    Future!Caddy: I'm from future, and I'm here to tell you you're not done.
    Caddy: (confused) Excuse me?
    Future!Caddy: There's another ending.
    Caddy: (disbelief) Excuse me?!
    Future!Caddy: For 106%.
    Caddy: Okay, and how do I get that?
    Future!Caddy: (chuckles) Don't worry. It's easy! Just make sure that you get all of the fastest possible times on the Time Trials and replay every main level all over again but this time while breaking every single box, collecting most of the Wumpa Fruit, and not dying a single time.note .
    * Caddy slowly turns to the camera still smiling and screams*
    Future!Caddy: Bye.
    * Caddy is still screaming*
    • On the bright side, he can now add the 38 Platinum Relics to his previous 202 Relics, meaning he now has a nice round 240 Platinum Time Trial Relics under his belt.
    • And what's his reward for collecting everything, including the Platinum Time Trial Relics, the Gems, the Flashback Tapes, and the N. Sanely Perfect Relics? A 20-second long cutscene that shows Uka-Uka alive and well.
    • As if that wasn't bad enough, the Platinum Relics, which are usually the best times in the games, are invalidated by the Dev Time Trial Relics, which beat out the Platinum times from twenty seconds to a minute.
  • Caddy's final time for completing the game 106% ended up being roughly 68 and a half hours. This angers him to his very soul because it could have at least been 69.
    • "This is Cash Banooca, not Skyrim!"
  • The Perfect Relics, which are collected by breaking every box in the level and not dying once, while grateful that you only need to do either the normal or N-verted versions of said levels without doing both, is still really diabolical to obtain.
    Caddy: In fact, they're diabolical without the "abolical", which leaves you with "DI(E)"!
  • To help players with getting 106%, Caddy decides to give everyone some hints and tips... then turns that around into tints and hips, one of which is "Don't bring a duck."
  • Of all the levels in Crash 4, Bears Repeating is one of the worst ones to perfect because of the slippery animal controls, the absurd number of boxes, the finicky hitboxes, the fact that the N. Sanely Perfect Relic means you have no choice but to do it all perfectly in one go especially in the Tawna version where there's a stupid number of Nitro Crates—
    (Caddy drops the controller, both hands broken)
    Caddy: DAMMIT!

    The Expensive World of the PS5 Launch 
  • This particular video has not one, but TWO opening bits that go absolutely nowhere. First, it starts off with another Caddy taking medication to prevent him from murdering anybody, then realizing he took the wrong pills and preparing to do something apparently very smelly and messy, but then this is disregarded entirely when the bricks show back up at Caddy's back door, and Caddy rudely tells them off for barging into his life uninvited and locking him inside for months, then getting married to him only to leave with no warning. This causes the bricks to sadly waddle away as Caddy apologizes for snapping at them since he's been on edge due to 2020 being horrible. He then looks down, picks up something, and sees that the bricks came by just to drop off their child, a brick with a face. Then THIS is disregarded when Caddy, unable to find any PS5s in stock, rejoices because Sony sent him one for free... after he already spent 2 months worth of his family's food bill on pre-orders.
    • Also, his Santa hat turns into a shoddy replica of a PS5.
  • The recurring gag of Caddy receiving free review copies of things he already pre-ordered and not getting a refund.
  • "I can't believe there are 5 pussies in here."
  • Because Caddy put down the equivalent of roughly $1,200 for the Pinkie Sniff 5 along with some games, he gets the feeling that Santa might forget a gift or two this year, leaving him with the option of sitting in his favorite spot on the sofa to stare at his sad reflection on the TVnote  and ask "Is all of this worth running over someone's grandparent?"
  • Apparently, 8K resolution looks like pixelated censorship and sounds like you're talking through an 8-bit soup can.
    • "This is stupid, PS5 is stupid. Don't buy it."
  • Once you unbox your PS5 make sure to give it plenty of sunlight, free-range eggs, and some good old-fashioned tender loving care before you feed your Wii U to it. Just don't forget the stand that comes with it or it'll either turn into a seesaw or explode once you boot it up.
    • At least the PS5 comes with a DualSense controller, and... that's it. Seriously. No games, no accessories, nothing outside of the console and the controller.
    Caddy: What is this? The video game industry?note 
    • At least the DualSense controller brings back the PS4 DualShock controller's touchscreen, meaning you can have it say "CYOAR!"
  • When explaining the catalog of PS4 games offered to PS Plus users, Caddy uses the same clip of him saying "Plus" for every instance of the word used.
  • While looking through Wambus's house in Bugsnax, Caddy finds a cactus dressed as Wambus's wife right across from his bed, which in turn is right across from the completely open entrance, leading Caddy to make some assumptions.
    Caddy: Wambus doesn't only like getting prickles and scabs between his legs, he's also proud of it, and wants the entire town to see him do it! This game is for kids, and we have an exhibitionist.
    Wambus: Nobody's figured out how Bugsnax reproduce, but I got an idea.
    Caddy!Wambus: I'm gonna ram my dick in a cactus and grow some myself!
  • Caddy's response to finding Astro's Playroom (also known as Jeff Bezos Simulator):
    Caddy: Well, it may be nothing more than a tech demo, but, as Prince Andrew once said, I can't say "no" to a free go in a playroom.
  • Caddy voicing the Joel and Ellie-referencing 'Bots from Astro's Playroom. It's brief, but it's beautiful.
    Caddy!Ellie: "Joel, please stop scaring me..."
    Caddy!Joel: "Look, Ellie. I just think that The Last of Us 2 is a fine game, but just not worth Game of the Year."
  • After being gleeful over Astro's Playroom referencing even obscure PlayStation titles like Vib-Ribbon and Ridge Racer, Caddy then gets uncomfortable seeing a 'Bot seemingly humping a giant glass orb.
    Caddy!Atreus: "Dad, can we please move? I don't want to watch this anymore—"
    Caddy!Kratos: "BOYYYYYY—!"
  • Peter Parker not only looks like every white video game YouTuber, but he also stuck a family to the ceiling to get Miles Morales a PS5.
  • The Demon's Souls PS5 remake is so good, Caddy can't help but shove it right up his--
    Caddy: (aroused) OOH!
  • "Flippity-floppity! Get in my property!"
  • While the end of the video is mostly heartwarming, with Caddy thanking his viewers for being with him through the tumultuous year of 2020, he then concludes the video by saying that "needs to go pee-pee".