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    Season 1 
Rascal Racers
  • "Meh."
  • "I mean, it looks okay, but… pfft! (cracks up) What is that?! I picked the raccoon, not a boat with a smiley face drawn on it! ♪I got a boat for a face and everyone thinks that my name is Michael…♪"
  • "Call of Duty Kart!"
  • "No multiplayer mode. Not even on the arcade mode?! What kind of racing game am I playing?! I'll tell you what kind…" (puts on sunglasses) "A bad one." YEEEEEEAAAAAHHHH!!!

Crash'm Bash'm

  • The intro where he's visibly chomping on Monster Munch. "Oh, hi." (with his mouth full of Monster Munch) "Let's talk about Crash Bandiphewrfueh."
  • "So everything was sailing smoother than Christopher Walken smothered in sunflower oil…"
  • "Brash Candicoot?!"
  • "Crash Bash… wallop boom ting bang dinga linga wop wop wop wop."
  • "Gorilla Monkey Anusface, who isn't from any other Crash game, and never appears in future installments?"
  • "…In order to determine who exactly is top dog. Or bandicoot, should I say? (laughs)"
  • The Caddictionary.
  • "Funness? What ponce wrote this script?… oh yeah, me."
    • "Oh well, put it in the Caddictionary."
  • Has this to say about one of the mini-games having a Shrink Ray powerup as well as a TITAN Ray.
    The Joker: Gimme your best shot, Bats!
  • "That makes sense, Crashy Bashy!"
  • "Let's play some Crashley Bashley! ...Ashley...Mary-Kate... I've got nothin'."

Fade to Black

Lilo and Stitch: Trouble in Phil Collins

  • The game changes the playable character to Stitch. Caddy comments 'Hey there, Stitch. Where in God's name did you come from?' and the camera zooms in on Stitch, complete with a Jaws-like scare chord.
  • 'The other buttons do Mr Jack Shit of the Coal and Gas Works, Twentington Ltd.'
  • The "Black Magic For The Little F*ckers" jingle.

Totally Fanny

  • Totally Angelica gives this little gem of Angrish:
    "So the goal of this game is to catch all the falling cookies...and that's it. (Beat) OKAY, WELL THAT JUST SUCKS, WHY IN THE NAME OF MAD MAX 3 BEYOND THUNDERDOME WOULD YOU CLASSIFY THIS AS ANYTHING RESEMBLING A GAME!? That was POINTLESS! HORRIBLE! Do I feel accomplished!? I got a pink dress, HIPPIDEE-FUCKING-RAY, let's hope I win this fashion show, eh? Nyehh... Sorry...that won't happen again..."
  • Olly shows up wanting to show Caddy the new Slenderman game when he notices him playing...well...Totally Fanny. Cue Olly falling all over himself laughing, sharing it as a Facebook status and mocking Caddy as a moody "girly girl." It doesn't end well for him.

Lego Lego Racers Lego

  • "God, all this talk of Lego has made me want to go and buy some Legoooo–" (Record Needle Scratch, zoom in on price of £79.97) "Ohhhhh-kay… Oh dear. Sorry, Lego, I do go by the philosophy of 'don't touch what you can't afford.' And in your case, I ain't ever gonna touch you again."
  • He starts talking about how since the game has LEGO in it, it has to be good. It prompts this gag:
    Caddy: So we can't go wrong, am I right? (Pause) I said am I right? (Pause) I said AM I RIGHT!? (Pause) I SAI- (Smash Cut to next scene)
  • "Lego Spaceman Super Future High Tech Lego Ancient Kung Fu Master Super Sonic Lego Ultra Beta V.01 Lego Pai Mei from Kill Bill Vol. 2."
  • His race car just has a bunch of blue bricks piled up randomly in the front, completely blocking his driver's view. The best part is when he wonders what the car looks like from "Pai Mei"'s perspective — cut to a blue screen.
  • He reaches a fever-pitch of frustration to the point where he makes a Stupid Statement Dance Mix of "I Get Around" out of his swearing.
  • The soundtrack, according to Caddy, "kicks you in the balls from the minute you start it up."
    (The music begins)
    Caddy: ...Ohhh!

Slender, the Tender Making Gender Mender

  • "Lesson for today, kids: If you don't get what you want, fucking scream."

Resident Evil Dead

  • Anytime a Jump Scare happens and he gets attacked by monsters. Culminates in a final, screechy "OH FUCK OFF!"
  • Caddy enjoys the equipping sound — "Groovy." — a lil' too much. "Groovy. Groovy groovy groovygroovygroovygroovygroovy—"
    • "Let's make this double groovy. ...Or, er, doubloovy."
  • On Ash's odd-looking running animation:
    "RUN, ASH, RUN! Oh, I mean, er, PRANCE, ASH, PRANCE! Gallop away to the woods with you! Leave your sons and daughters and just— GOD! PRANCE LIKE YOU'VE NEVER PRANCED BEFORE!"

Klonoa: I Can't Pronounce This Game

  • Every single excuse he gets to listen to the title screen jingle. WAHOO!
    "Ah well...BACK TO THE JINGLE!"
  • Upon hearing the main villain's voice for the first time.
  • Caddy first wants to name his character "BUMFACE", but then he decides that's too informal. What does he do to amend this? Corrects the capitalization. And adds an "f" to the end.
  • Every time the 2.5D nature of the game is mentioned. EVERY TIME.

Santa Claus Saves the Earth

  • This quote to preface booting up the game.
    Caddy: Ya best put seatbelts on your brains, kids. Cuz i'm gonna... fucking plow them into the nearest tree.
  • The scene after Caddy shoots his beloved PS1 in his Santa Claus Saves the Earth review, would've been pretty emotional if it wasn't for his over the top lip-syncing of "When Love is Gone".
  • When he first sees the gameplay of "Santa Claus Saves the Earth," he plays a certain sentence-mixed version of Nickelback's "Photograph," which needs to be heard to be believed.
    Look at this fucking shit!
  • Also, the way he describes the music on the first level.
    Caddy: (clapping as he walks towards the camera to the in-game music) "Lesbians, lesbians, happy and free with each other~!"
  • "And by the way, those triangles? They fit into keyholes, because fucking science."
  • Caddy heads up high up into the first level to see what's lurking above...and sees Egyptian-style deserts behind the alpine grounds and green forests. Cue the Uncharted theme.
  • The best deathblow he manages to deal the very much 32-bit game is comparing the awful early 90s MIDI quality music to the almost orchestra level complex "Terra's Theme" from Final Fantasy VI which, on the older 16-bit Super Nintendo sounded amazing, even when not compared to this game.
    Season 2 
The Simpsons: Tony Hoax Skateboarding
  • When he reaches to pull a game off his shelf, it gets stuck, so he says "Bugger it!" before a Jump Cut and a retake.
  • "ROSIE!" "WHAT?" "BOX!" "HEAH!" *tosses game box at Caddy.* "THANK YOU!"
  • Make it more hip.
  • About the gameplay mechanics: "You can't go for three seconds before flying off to fucking Jupiter."
  • "Cock."
  • The Glitch Counter, complete with Glitch Gremlin sounds.
  • Caddy trying to decide what he's going to play.
  • His mini-rant about the logic behind the Fox Interactive logo (In which the camera pans around from the 20th Century Fox logo to the Interactive logo behind it)
    Caddy: So here's a fancy Fox logo that spins around and - I call bullshit on that one! I mean how? HONESTLY?! Everything I know about space and matter is being questioned right now, do you get this? I hope you do because I sure don't, let me tell you.

Voluptous Raider

  • His remark after praising the menu is great, in all of Caddy's Voice of the Legion-y glory.
    Caddy: But we aren't here to judge the menu, because (a slowed down version of Mumbo's Mountain plays) THAT'D BE FUCKING STUPID!
  • Caddy comments how Lara's jogging has a nice rhythm to it, and promptly makes up a song to go with it.
    Tiny balls on end of string, tiny balls on end of string... (two silver balls on the end of strings appear on the screen beside Lara)
    Tiny balls!
  • Lara's grunts remixed to fix with the Dr. Mario theme.
  • Caddy makes a flirty comment in a French accent
    Caddy: Ah, Miss Croft. You know how to a (echoing) BIG BOSOMED QUEEN!
  • When he asks Sam about her experience with the game, she not only talks about the wrong games, but she tells about how she was so bad at the game that she'd instead play the tutorial level in Lara's house and how she was creeped out by the butler following her, so she would lure him upstairs and lock him in the freezer to get rid of him.
    Sam: I was a weird child.

Destrution Derby Deux

  • The stylistically-sucky way Caddy portrays driving in a car, as seen in his reviews of Destruction Derby 2 and Broken Sword II - he just takes a static photo of his car, and waves it around frantically in front of actual street footage (And sometimes a river and outer space), all the while incomprehensibly moaning with the Doctor Who theme in the background.
  • The repetition of the phrase, "He's WAAAAAAYYYYYY out in front!".
  • "Once upon a time in a far away land, a young man in a stock car took a tactic in a Death Bowl to pussy out and avoid all incoming violent behaviour. Let the other cars kill each other and claim his reward. It didn't work. The end."

  • The reveal of the RV.
  • His reaction to the incredibly burp-like quit sound effect.
  • When he tries to be smart and back away so he's in top condition when he makes his move, the cars just converge on him simultaneously. They descend upon him like a tide of metal and burnt rubber.
  • After the review is done, he decides to try the first person camera instead. Judging by his reaction, it didn't go as he expected.
    Caddy: Now. I don't know what you wanna do, but I wanna see what this game looks like... in first person. [Smash cut to a first person shot of the other racers gunning for him] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA— [Cut to credits]

The Worst Thing Ever

  • In his review of the Coronation Street game, he finally finds the hidden Buddha. His reaction? "HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO EVEN-"
  • Pressing the hint button while it's recharging triggers a high-pitched bicycle bell. Caddy then reacts by singing along to it:
    "Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring-a-dee-ding! Bicycle, ringy-ting, ting, rint-ta-ting, ting...ring...ring..."
  • He also criticizes the game's hint system (which is literally highlighting an object) by saying:
    Caddy: It's less of a "HINT" and more of a "CAN'T FIND IT? HERE IT IS, YOU TWAT"
  • The opening to the review - Caddy sits in silent contempt in the garden, spraying cream around his mouth for no apparent reason.
  • Not to mention his hilariously over-the-top description of how horrible the game is, describing it like some kind of eldritch monster with a description that, while intimidating-sounding, barely makes sense:
    A travesty so great that the mere thought of it is detestable. It ravishes in the pain and suffering of others and will rest at nothing until it has fiendishly sucked all the divine souls of the fortunate. It stands alone with over 2000 years of bafflement and hunger trailing in its wake, as it pleasurably feasts on the souls and the avid inquisitive minds of the undeserved.
  • "Welcome, Screw you."
  • "They zoom in, faaaaade", "They zoom out, fade", "They zoom in, FAAAAAAAAADE".
  • His reaction after finishing the first "level": "I just have one question: WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!
  • There's also a Running Gag of him declaring every single male character who appears as the culprit behind the missing hotpot recipe, accompanied by a clip of Bruce Wayne's parents being shot.
    Caddy: Yep, he did it! He stole the recipe, he's guilty, he did it!

The Grinch Doesn't Know How to Find Things

  • "The Care and Feeding of a Grinch"
  • Caddy's reaction to the Grinch telling him "You did the right thing!".
  • "Read it oureselves or...have Max the DOG read it? (weird noises) YES! A TALKING DOG!"
    "Max reads this story. The dog. It reads. And then he gets hiiiiigh!"

South Park

  • "Straight away, you can play as the four original main characters, and the models aren't too terrible either. It's all good. Maybe except the unholy horror that is CARTMAN'S FUCKING BEARD!"
  • The Gilligan Cut from the same review:
    Caddy: Can this be the second level-SAME MUSIC, SAME AREA, SAME OBJECTIVE! And one of these objectives, which is...
    Cartman: I just need to find my other duuuuudes! right next to my fucking arse! WHY DID I NEED TO PICK THESE GUYS UP??!!
  • Caddy's Guide on How to Beat South Park: Hold "Fire". The End."

Croc: Legend of the Flawed

  • His observation on what it must be like to feel the back of your own eyeballs.
  • His realization of seeing the name on the front and saying "Da-das not my PISSING NAME!"
  • Stating the fact he now owns the game and says "'S moin now."
  • "He... glides. On the floor. With his feet. *Beat* 'PITTER PATTER PITTER PATTER PITTER PA-'"
  • In the Cold Open before the review begins proper, there's a sudden Smash Cut to Caddy's grinning face holding the game overlaid with tense music. This would be creepy, if it weren't for the 'unnecessarily high-pitched voice he puts on with it.'
    Caddy: He looks awfully happyyyyyyyyyy- *Smash Cut to intro*
  • Caddy's response to the worm in the well:
    Caddy: And, in order to unlock the rest of the game, Croc must spin-attack this gong over here to to progress to the next level. But, I've been finding these special gems to get to the special door. I'm missing one of them, though. Hmmm, perhaps it's down here - AAAAAHHHHH - Well, what do you know? Secrets! That's cool!
  • Flawed.

The 100,000th Element

    Season 3 
Fabuloso Sword 2
  • Broken Sword II has Caddy communicate with Scarfulhu via telepathy. Scarfulhu wonders what the point of Caddy driving to his house was.
  • Caddy's commentary on using a barrel to knock a man off of a pier.
    Caddy: I guess this is how it feels to be Donkey Kong. *footage repeats, with Donkey Kong sounds*
  • The phone call between Caddy and Scarfulhu.
    Caddy: *dials a very long number*
    Scarfulhu: Hello?
    Caddy: *growling* Scarfulhu... I heard you like point-and-click adventure games...
    Scarfulhu: ...That is correct.
    Caddy: *deep breath* I'm coming over!!
    Scarfulhu: What- *Caddy hangs up*
  • His brief Jump Scare reaction to the front cover of the game.
  • The intermittent use of "FABULOSO!"

Gums Unleashed

  • The Completionist wonders why people still keep flocking to areas infested with man-eating sharks in the Jaws Unleashed review. Caddicarus describes this as such:
    Caddy: It's like building a bloomin' skyscraper on top of a beehive. I mean, yes, there's honey in there, but there's also bees in there that eat people!
  • When Jaws/Gums is knocking down support beams to make a pier collapse.
    Caddy: I can knock them down very easily, but I can't plough through them, meaning, wait for it...INDIVIDUALLYKNOCKINGDOWNEVERYSUPPORTINGBEAMSLUGGISHLYANDMONOTONOUSLYINARATHERHORRIFICFASHION!
  • "~Jaws Unleashed, Jaws Unleashed, s'just a game, it's nothing to be scared of...~"
  • Caddy's 'conversation' with Gums.
    "Hey, Gums, are you really enjoying this?" *Gums nods* "...Really?" *Gums nods* "...well I'm not."
  • Caddy runs into a glitch mid-level where the screen goes funny.
    "Uhhh what the bloody here was that now?"

3, 2, 1, DERP!

  • The really patronising popup of children's character Mr. Tumble from Something Special that appears in the 3, 2, 1, Smurf review.
  • The joke Caddy makes about bleeping out the word "Smurf" from Brainy's lines.

The Grinch

  • "I might have just found the greatest damage sound ever." *cut to Caddy's disgusted face as the Grinch whines "Ouch!" repeatedly*
  • "Now some of you people may accuse me of ripping off Doug Walker's review of the Grinch movie, but... fuck it. CHRISTMAS!!"
  • "Santa Claus was bad enough to destroy the PS one, but this game was good enough to recieve a DS one. ...That's terrible!"

The Not-So-Great Escape

  • The opening: he gets tongue-tied on his Catchphrase "Greetings and salutations, my beautiful people", so cue a "bleah" followed by SMPTE color bars captioned with "shit" before he re-takes.
  • "Then when you hit New Game it opens you up to a lovely plane battle over Berlin and GOOD LORD THIS IS TOO FUCKING SENSITIVE!!!" *first person camera veers wildly due to poorly implemented default mouse sensitivity settings*
  • "And then once Alec Baldwin here checks you out..." *camera zooms in on Nazi resembling him while "My Heart Will Go On" briefly plays*
  • The pre-alpha black-and-white Thunderbirds version of one of the game's cutscenes.
  • MacDonald's horrifyingly rendered face which Caddy likens to Cole Phelps if he was made from ham. The subsequent references.
    He looks like Cole Phelps if he was made from ham!
    No biggie, I'm Cole Hamface Phelps, nothing is too hard for me!
    [...]stood around like a hamfaced dickhead[...]
  • His rant about how the game designers missed the point of stealth in the "waiting" aspect.
    But before we can leave these barracks here, we need to wait. Wait wait waitwait wait wait WAIT. Okay, guys, let's get real for a second. I know this is a stealth game and we need to get around the enemies and take our time blahblblblblah but I found that nearly half of my time playing this game ended with me stood around like a hamfaced dickhead just waiting! And here's the thing, most of you know that MGS is one of my favourite franchises of all time and yes there's a fair amount of waiting in those games as well, I understand this, but in MGS you're constantly on guard, constantly thinking ahead, planning your next move, scouting enemy locations, dispatching some enemies, setting up distractions and even if you are moving through enemy sights you are moving ever so slightly. Every second in a stealth game needs to be used effectively and MGS forces you to be patient and productive. But here, there's no need to plan for any of this stuff! I know that there's only one enemy, I know where he's walking, I know exactly where I'm going, I have no weapons or distractions so I'm literally just waiting here for no fucking reason other than wasting my BLOODY TIME!! And this isn't just because this is stage one, in every other stage I've played that involved guards walking about, this becomes a tiresome idea very quickly. Guys, stealth is more than just an advanced Red Light Green Light and it'll be much better if I didn't feel as though I'm just waiting for a freight train to clear some tracks in order for me to carry on.
  • The ending. The motorbike chase scene from the film is poorly rendered in game leading to Nazi bikers "doing Russian Kasack dances" and Steve McQueen in some hilarious death poses (one where he's face down with his leg cocked up and bent backward over him) thanks to poorly thought out Ragdoll Physics and poor driving controls. It's so hilariously bad that Caddy is left beside himself with laughter to the point that every time he tries to slauvage the game a scene from the bike chase pops up and he doubles over laughing again until he finally snaps.

The Worst Game Ever Made

  • The entirety of the Dalmatians 3 review. Caddy describes it as the worst thing ever, beating out the Coronation Street game. And oh boy, he's so, so right.
  • Even better is how it ends: By the time he decides to take it out, the disc had become so red hot from stressing the PS2 to its limits with horribly-optimized disk space, that when he tried to run it again, the PS2 couldn't read it properly.
  • His reaction to one dog claiming he likes to "Swallow my bollocks":
    You better watch your mouth, young man, this is a kid's game.
  • Then he almost gives up entirely after the antagonist dog makes a Your Mom joke.
  • The Heavy Metal Pigs.
  • "And then finally there's a GOOD LORD I FUCKING HATE THESE--"

The Jungle Book: Groove Party

  • His increasingly-bitter rant about the dance mat peripheral in his Jungle Book: Groove Party review:
    It was the first game I'd ever played that involved using one of those hideously-smelling plastic rugs that stuck to your feet and cats would piss and shit all over them and dogs would chew and throw up on them and they would never fucking work after being rolled up like two fucking times and sometimes it didn't even want to roll up at all which meant having it out on the fucking floor all the time, on the floor, constantly, mocking you, begging you to dance, dance, dance for me! DANCE FOR ME YOU LITTLE FATTY PIG, YOU NEED TO EXERCISE WHILE YOU PLAY VIDEO GAMES AND I'M HERE TO FORCE YOU! Yeah, now that I think about it, those things were actually fucking awful.
  • The opening skit and its increasingly unflattering closeups of him and his sister. Special mention goes to the dramatic music being the drums from the start of the EastEnders theme song, getting more offkey with each cut between shots.

Bratz: The Splatty Ratz That Are Gnatz Covered in Shatz

  • The ending of "Bratz: The Splatty Ratz That Are Gnatz Covered in Shatz". He decides to try and hold off from slaughtering the game since it's his 200,000th subscriber special. However, he snaps very quickly due to a simple audio glitch, even though it was seen before in the video. Rather than shooting it, though, he actually goes to his girlfriend's house and lets her daughters slaughter the game for him, set to the most unfittingly intense music possible.
  • Along the way he ends up shooting his girlfriend's eldest daughter Chloe.
    Chloe: Oh my god is that that Bratz game-
    Caddy: YOU'RE TOO OLD FOR IT! *bang*
    • The stinger has a mix between this and an odd CMoH: One of the daughters, Amy, seems aware of Caddy's web character, and asks if a fake gun he brought for a gag was his "real one". He then says it's not, and then she proceeds to pretend to shoot her sister Phoebe just because it's fake and it won't do anything.
  • His reaction to the questionable 'life lessons' the game imparted, and his disbelief that the PS2 version of the game didn't follow the Rock Angels story.
  • Heck the entire review was hilarious, particularly Caddy's reaction to the overly sarcastic Breaking the Fourth Wall tutorial and him imagining what it would be like if games like MGS did something like that.
    Colonel: When you want to use the Codec, push the Select button.
    Snake: But Colonel, since it's really cold down here, don't be surprised if I can't hit the Select button to call you on the Codec. The button could easily get stuck in the low temperatures, after all. Oh, and Colonel, I'm so cold that I can barely use the arrow buttons to run around and warm myself up. BRB.
  • "Why was there a earthquake in here, I just went out to change my shirt and- nope not doing that." ''*slam*''
  • His make-over of one of the Bratz consists of him painting her face bright green.
    'Oh, lovely... I am disease!'
  • When he's looking through the song selection screen:
    'Wha-It's Green Day!'
  • The first audio glitch he encounters as one of the Bratz shows her friends to their new apartment. "Ger ready to feast your eyes on the most slam-mi-min' loft in all downtow-w-n."
    'Well, if it's not slami-mi-min', then I'm not interested-ed-ed.
    Season 4 
Putty Squad
  • The game was made on PS4. Caddy really wants you to know this.
  • "Longer than Long Great Auntie Maple's long long fffffffffinger."
  • Caddy's reaction to one of the more... unusual enemies in the game.
    "Oh look, it's a carrot with sunglasses and revolvers trying to- *spouts Angrish for a moment* WHAT?! WHAT AM I LOOKING AT?! BLEHH!"

The Poo Race

  • The entirety of the "Zoo Race" review, particularly the glitch montage.

Everything Can Stop Mr. Domino

  • "You're given a choice between two anthropomorphic dominoes. Did I just say that out loud?"
    • The fact that the same clip of Caddy saying, "Did I just say that out loud" comes up twice in the review.
  • THIS CONTROL CAN BE WANK SOMETIMES but not all the time.
  • The brief visual gag illustrating how the title makes it sound like Mr. Domino would be an unstoppable Kaiju-like being.

P.T. Makes My T.T.s Flee the C.T.

Donald Bandicoot

  • His reaction to the two-second-long broken opening cutscene.
  • A bit of fan-made content:, mentioned in the video as a joke, was actually been made into a real (if temporary) fansite. Clicking on the Impression Classes coupon button will take you to a page that displays Caddicarus GIFs to The Stanley Parable's "Following Stanley". (Which is also in the video when Caddy tries to use cheat codes).
  • Caddy's comparison between Quack Attack's manual and modern day manuals.
  • "You don't know what it is about Halloween. Is it in the air?" Cut to Caddy next to his window. "Yes." "Is it in the streets?" Cut to Caddy in the streets. "Yes." "Is it in the trees?" Cut to Caddy in a tree. "Yes." "Is it in the kitchen? Well, probably not..." Caddy notices a skeleton against his fridge. "Oh no! Aaaaahhh! Who put that dead body there?!" Oh and apparently it's cameraman Ollie's sister.
  • Just before Caddy begins playing the game, Cerys comes in and tells him that she can do the best Donald Duck impression. What does said impression consist of? Cerys making throaty croaking noises into an empty toilet paper tube, before sheepishly leaving. Caddy's deadpan expression is what really sells the scene.
  • The "Mr. Jack Shit" joke from Lilo & Stitch: Trouble in Phil Collins gets a Call-Back with a whole new incarnation!
    Caddy: But apart from that, all the other buttons do Mr. Bugger All of the Carey Funny Farm, Neebydeeb Ltd.
  • Pointing out how the health system in this game is represented by Donald's temper, indicated on the HUD. Happy Donald for full health, grumpy Donald for low.
    Caddy: And then, to replenish your mood, all you have to do is grab a milkshake and then you return to being a HAPPY. LITTLE. DUCK. *plays a clip from one of Donald's old cartoons in which he goes apeshit on some sorta mechanical thing. Also a random zoom in shot of Howard the Duck for extra emphasis.*
  • There's something oddly funny about Caddy mistaking Magica De Spell for Count Duckula.
  • Caddy summing up the ending.
    Caddy: And there we go. Finished the game. And all that for a machine that makes rabbit shit and a duck face-sitting contest. Whatever one-hundred percent will bring you I don't even want to know.


  • "It's a wire frame rabbit doing loop-de-loops around a never-ending white line until she turns into a frog because she jumped through a spiky line instead of rolling through it. And she sings."
  • His repeated tripping over "NanaOn-Sha."
  • (majestically, while holding the game) "And now, lo and behold, my children, for this is my gorgeous copy of Vib-Ribbon that I—" (notices a smidgen of dirt on the box, goes to normal voice, zoom in on game cover) "Wait a second, there's some fucking dirt on it! Ugh!" (majestically, with dirt now wiped off the cover) "That I love so very dearly. I love it so much that I can barely control my breathing whenever I see it." (Cut to Caddy breathing into a bag. Ends up looking into the camera upon being noticed) "I'm a pathetic twat of a man!"
  • "Once upon a time in a faraway land, a young vector graphic angular female rabbit named Vibri was walking down this white line. And then this happened." (cut to Vibri making a scary face)
  • He shows that Vibri reads out the menu commands when highlighted, and then spins the menu around so fast that Vibri becomes a Motor Mouth, set to sped-up footage of a man at an adding machine.
  • His take on interpreting the "slightly broken English" of the game's songs:
    ♪You're not a baby or my hat / I'm not your mommy, do you know, can't you see?♪
    ♪Sunny day, I wank my Wii / I wake up ash cheeks so fine day♪
    ♪Search in my cunt, search in my house / I can't find sauce anywhere I want♪
    ♪Just wanna shake my tits / Your breasts are fun bags♪

Resident Evil BILLY

  • The pre-credits bit with Headless Caddy. "I got no haaaayyyyyyyyyyd."
  • The whole opening sting where Caddy calls Jordan, complete with Jordan freaking out momentarily at the word 'collaborate' then simply saying 'OK' and somehow knowing Caddy is going to suggest Resi 0. This is the seller:
    Caddy: How did you know I was going to say that?
    Jordan: (calm monotone, black and white suddenly) You should never have called me...
    Caddy throws the mobile away and keeps talking.
  • This exchange:
    Jordan: I mean how am I supposed to be scared of this game when Billy is following me around this train, snarking and flirting with his flirty, snarky voice?
    Caddy: Well it could be worse, [...] could you imagine if Rebecca was the one flirting and Billy was the one snarking his face off? I mean what you'd this that would sound like?
    Jordan!Rebecca: You know I've always wanted to say this but I think you're really attractive B-B-B-Billy.
    Caddy!Billy: I told you I'm not interested Rebecca.
    Jordan!Rebecca: B-But I like you B-B-B-Billy.
    Caddy!Billy: You know something, I've killed twenty-three people and I won't hesitate to just shoot you in the-
    Caddy: Wait what are we talking about?
    Caddy: We're not very good at this, are we?
  • Their reaction to The 'mysterious anime guy (James Marcus)'s opera singing. Or rather, Woody's reaction to it.
  • The requisite title callout sounding like a rapper. Cue Caddy in full white rapper getup reciting the title and flipping a gang sign.
  • Jordan enjoys relating to viewers the history of Resi 1, about the STARS Alpha Team stumbling on Spencer Mansion, a hellhole replete with traps, secrets and of course:
    Jordan: Zombies and monsters!
    Rebecca, in-game: Zombies and monsters?
    Jordan: Yes, zombies and monsters!
    Rebecca: Zombies and monsters?
    Jordan: *in ghoulish zombie facepaint, grinning* Zombies and monsters. *beat. Sudden Jordan closeup screaming flashing Jump Scare ensues.*

LSD: Scream Emulator

    Season 5 
Crash Team F***KING Racing
  • "I'm scripting the video for Stuart Little 2."
    Quick J. Hoarsethroat: (violent laughter)
    • It's funnier when you realize that he actually did make a video on that game.
  • When Quick berates Caddy for his decision of video topic and demands that he asks the audience about what they would prefer, Caddy pretends to take this into consideration before bluntly revealing that he already did, showing off the Strawpoll he had made.
    Caddy: (scornfully) Imbecile.
  • At one point, Nintendo takes the video down due to Caddy using footage of Diddy Kong Racing. During the video.

Metal Gear Chicken

  • The pun in the intro and Caddy's sheer pride in it.
    Rosie: James, how many people do you think are going to get that?
    Caddy: I don't care.
  • When Caddy discovers that the developers who made Chicken Run also made Bratz: Rock Angelz:
    Rosie: James, what are you doing?
  • "For King and Country and all the sprouts who sacrificed themselves to be eaten by dogs and fat men alike!"
  • The appropriate use of "Chicken, cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep…"
  • After the game skips:
    Caddy: Ah yes, haven't seen this problem in a while. Yeah, these kind of things tend to happen when your PS1 disc has a scratchscratchscratchscratchscratchscratchscratch
    (dots appear in the middle of the screen as if the video is buffering)
    Caddy: I got you, didn't I?
  • Caddy's reaction to Babs's sheer stupidity.
  • "But I suppose if people can make a video game about Barbie, I suppose the notion of a game about runaway chickens isn't too far-fetched. Because Farfetch'd is a fucking bird and that joke was amazing."
  • After noticing that a cutscene dubs over Mel Gibson's voice in the movie with a soundalike:
    Caddy: My word. The man who wanted no relation to the Chicken Run video game starred in a movie where aliens were scared of wooden doors. Go figure.
  • How does Caddy refer to the Chickens' classic "trenchcoated person tower" disguise complete with awkwardly flapping arms? "Flapping your arms around like Brutalmoose." Complete with a clip of Brutalmoose flapping his arms and some Wii remotes around.
  • "Dunk chicken! Drown chicken! HELL FOR CHICKEN!!!"


  • First thing he does after displaying the game's box art? He sings.
    Caddy: Hiiiiiigh hopes, I've got! Hiiiiiigh hopes, I've got! High apple piiiie in your eeeeye hopes~♫
  • Caddy becoming "MrCaddyPasta".
    Caddy, accompanied by eerie background music: Here are my top ten scariest SCPs to begin this whole thing off. (caption displays "#4") #10. SCP-2125. Object class: euclid. SCP-2125 is an average-looking music box. The difference with this music box, though, is that it has hyper-realistic eyes! Ooooooh! ...and a moustache, anyway, when any sentient being decides to turn the crank of this SCP, the song "Livin' on a Prayer" by Bon Jon J- Jon B- Jon Bon Jovi starts playing. But not in a blinky-blonky music box kind of way, no, it actually plays the entire song in realistic CD quality. This would be creepy enough, however, if one decides to keep turning the box when the song reaches the key change just before the third chorus, because of how fucking awful the key change is, the music box kills fucking everyone in a three-meter radius with LASERS! (imitates laser noises)
    • Made even funnier when someone made an actual page about SCP-2125 on the SCP wiki. Complete with an interview with Caddy himself.
  • A drunk Caddy quoting his intro as "Caddickinyourarse!"
  • At the end of the video, a drunken Caddy accidentally slaughters himself.
  • Caddy's bafflement at how Jim Henson's Creature Shop did the character designs for the game.
    "So what the here happened here? (shows a clip from The Dark Crystal) The Dark Crystal. (shows the box art.) This. (repeats) The Dark Crystal. This."
  • Caddy gets progressively drunker and drunker mid video. When he reads the main character's unbearably cheesy report card and bio in the instruction booklet, he takes a good swig and says:
    Drunk!Caddy: I hate this boy! I hate this boy! I hate this boy! I bate this hoy!
  • Caddy comes prepared for hard or bad games kicking him in the nads with "Cockaway" genitalia protection/removal. Cockaway! It gets rid of it. Apply now.
  • In his own words, there's no reward for beating a dragon boss during the game. Nothing at all. Nothing. Othing. Thing. Hing. Ing. Ng. G.

Nightmare Creatures

  • Caddy practically orgasming over saying Ignatius Blackward.
  • "And overall, what we can gather from all of that is that I love Ignatius' stick." (Beat) "Yes, I should probably change the script, maybe."
  • The reaction towards him riposting a blindside attempt in the sweetest moment possible.
  • (describing Bloodborne) "It's a busy game, and I'm a big guy. Wait a sec-"
  • There's one bit where Caddy is smacking a monster even after it dies, all while doing mundane things, like reading the game's manual and watering a plant.

PlayStation Cheats

  • Showing off the "Exploding Lara" cheat in Tomb Raider II
    No words.
  • Pretty much everything from the "Garbled Commentary" cheat in Formula 1. Bare witness to F1 commentary legend Murray Walker going off the deep end.
    Caddicarus: I need something a little bit more light-hearted now, um, okay how about "Garbled Commentary" mode on Formula 1?
    Murray Walker: "That's down a position! WILLIAMS Renault! And the race has been stopped, the red flags are out! (The race is clearly still going) Marino! Mark Blundell! He's hit the tires! THAT'S BURGER!note  HANG ON! (long pause) Germany."
  • Showing off the Spider-Man PS easter egg where typing any swear word in the password screen causes Spidey himself to punch it (In the US version of the game he also changes the offending word into something innocent like "Bunny", which seems to be gone from the PAL version.)
  • While rattling off the games that have a "Big Head Mode" cheat:


  • Yungtown's unhealthy obsession with Caddicarus in the intro, to the point where he floods Caddy's Twitter mentions with requests to do a crossover.
  • Caddy's use of "BALLZ'" complete with a photoshop of a dog with a bunch of tennis balls in his mouth.
  • When introducing the game:
    Caddy: (3D Ballz) was a game developed for the Super Nintendo, Mega Drive...
    Yungtown: You mean Genesis.
    Caddy: NO! (very brief zoom-in on the "Mega Drive" label on the console)
  • Yungtown forgetting that Caddy doesn't live in London. LIES.
  • Caddy's attempt to rap.
  • "Cooking with Puppicarus". Just... the entire thing.

That Cheesy Bastard

  • Equating Cheesy the mouse with That Yellow Bastard.
  • The intro, in which Caddicarus does a sing-along of how he got the game Cheesy from his friend Daz. Complete with bouncing lyric ball except this ball is Caddy's own face doing the most epic This Is Gonna Suck expression ever.
  • The loading screen gags. Of course he sensibly puts the kibosh on them before they get overused.
  • His obsession with seeing the Teapot enemy.
  • His interpreting Cheesy's ghost flying away as he dies as Cheesy turning into a sperm and flying off into space to impregnate the Alien Queen to make more Yellow Bastards "or some shit".
  • Why does Caddy consider himself a prime authority on everything? Because he used his new computer to edit his Blu-ray copy of The Muppet Christmas Carol to reinsert the "When Love Is Gone" sequence. Goes with Moment of Awesome as well.
  • Speaking of Daz, he's in Caddy's head. And he tries to scare Caddy with a certain something and...its not there because he can't actually see what Caddy's looking at. So he gets Caddy to go outside where Caddy DOES find something. And said something happens to be Snow White And The Seven Clever Boys for PS2. Yes as in the same game mentioned in his Dalmatians 3 video made by the exact same people behind Dalmatians 3. Caddy seems to be winding up for a Big "NO!" and-
  • At one point Caddy lists off famous video game mascots that Cheesy tried and failed to compete against, including Sonic, Crash, Mario, and Spyro. Seems like a fairly simple bit, but as he names each character, a picture of them is thrown onscreen, and when Mario comes up, he barges his way through Crash, who lies on his side twitching occasionally for the rest of the bit.

Snow White and the 7 Clever Boys

  • The beginning of the review brings us up to speed:
    "Now here's part 2"
  • When Caddy sees the box for the game, we cut to him repeatedly slamming his head in a car door while muttering "No, no, no..." over and over in an attempt to erase all knowledge of the game from his mind. Rosie then turns up and, after briefly taunting him, says that the game can't be that bad. Then she reads the back of the box... Cue both Caddy and Rosie slamming their heads in the doors out of sync with each other in hilarious fashion.
  • Caddy's rendition of "I'm Wishing", made better by Rosie's back-up vocals.
  • The return of Puppicarus!
  • When Caddy realizes he can use the cursor during the film, he decides to make a remix of Snow White's Award-Bait Song with it: every few seconds he hovers over the menu button as it says "Back to menu" in a deadpan voice.
  • The end note:
    Caddy (in a completely deadpan voice): This game gets slaughtered. [Caddy shoots the game] fuck you, I'm going to bed and I'm going to die.
    (cut to him lying face down in bed with sad piano music in the background)
  • "And Joseph Junior had no redeeming personalities whatsoever, as we didn't talk about him at all or assign him to any roles. He just constantly sat there with his thumb up his ash waiting for his daddy, Joseph Senior, to do all his work."
  • Caddy's reaction to a strange moment (out of many) in the film.
    Narrator: "But how could that be? Who could it be? *gasp*, oh, there's a funny face on the chimney!"
    Caddy: "OH MY PANTS! WHAT IS THAT!?"
  • First, the game's title, AKA "Best-Fake-Title-To-Avoid-Legal-Conflict-With-Disney" as Caddy puts it. Oh and then he mentions he'd like to see Phoenix Games in court legitimately claiming they own the Snow White cast, or at least the Disney versions: "Yes sir, we own Deadskinned Barbie, we own Old Shark-Tooth Succubus Bint, we also own Toothless Gape-Mouth Soul-Sucking dwarf."
  • Caddy and his Talking Inflatable Portal Turret's reaction to Prince Charming's ridiculously cloud-of-dusty entrance:
    Caddy: *amazed gasp* Oh my god! Yes wow! Did you hear that, Portal Turret?!
    Portal Turret: Did he say what I thought he said?!
    Caddy: Yes, I think he did!
    Portal Turret: Holy fucking shit a cloud of dust is coming to save the day!
    Caddy: I know right!
    Portal Turret: My fucking fuck fuck god I could literally piss myself with excitement!
    Caddy:: Too far! Too far!
    Portal Turret: I'm sorry.
    Caddy: Eh, no worries, okay.
    Portal Turret: Please don't be angry with me, or I will go ahead and cry now. WAA-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A AWAA-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A
    Caddy: You're not even listening to me right now.
    Portal Turret: I'M SORRY-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-

Casper: A Spirited Beginning

  • The MLG parody when Chris' dad ignores him.
  • Caddy getting annoyed when Casper needs to be taught how to fly and go through walls, when he had already done both of those things earlier in the film, and brings up the relevant scenes with an irritated expression on his face.
    "That also happened earlier. Did they write this film backwards or something?"
  • ...boring face.
  • A face which Casper makes at some point while screaming, which Caddy then uses as the picture for a christmas card.
  • "I'm calling the chef?"
  • The scene where they slime "Principal Rabies?"

Casper: An Apathetic Finale

  • The first part of the review shares its title with the movie being reviewed; A Spirited Beginning. The second part? An Apathetic Finale.
  • Caddy bringing us up to speed:
    "Pweviouswy on the Caddicawus show, during the Month of Terraaarrr... (aarr...)"
    (shows a clip of Scott Shelby set to the theme tune from Rolie Polie Olie)
    "Wait, that's not right."
    (shows a clip from Casper: A Spirited Beginning where an old lady screams "Ghost!", throws away her walker and tumbles over a mailbox)
    "Oh yes! That's better."
    • Even better, Caddy said in the comments section that he wanted to include the second clip somewhere in the first part but couldn't find anywhere to put it so he included it in part 2 during that segment.
  • Every single one of Caddy's reactions to the living embodiment of Dull Surprise that is Steve Guttenberg.
  • "Wikipedia lied to me, can you even imagine?!"
  • When shocking things happen in the movie, Caddy edits a picture of Thomas the Tank Engine's face over Casper's, complete with a train whistle noise for tension.

Mr. Tumble's Legoland

  • Caddy singing "Jingle Bells" in the intro.
    My Christmas album is now available from no good retailers because it's a load of fucking rubbish.
  • Caddy's reaction to the fact that Walt Disney had real human bones on the Pirates ride at Disneylandnote .
  • "You have to join it onto something."
  • Saying the build/erase sound effect sounds like someone being punched in the face... then dubbing over a fight scene from a movie with said sound effect.
    • In the same scene, he leaves in Jonathan Ablebody saying "Path" and puts a picture of Mr. Tumble on screen with a speech bubble coming from it and saying "PATH".
  • This absolutely random gem:
    Caddy: I've beaten the tutorial, meaning I can go into the free-play section! (Slaps the table, jumps to his feet with his fist in the air) YEAAAAAAAAAH! (Beat, video reverses) HAAAAAAAAAEY!
  • "Build a Space Tower ride!" "Thank you."
  • "Gardeners can't afford to plant things. MECHANICS CAN'T AFFORD TO REPAIR THINGS."
  • The tour of his own version of Legoland. FLOPPY BRICK: Where Dreams Come to Die!

Blossom Blast Bastards

  • Caddy always refers to the game as "Blossom Blast Bastards", and always pauses between "blast" and "bastards". The length of the beat increases each time.
  • Towards the end of the review, he talks about one level that seems to be entirely luck-based. He tried for four weeks to beat it without paying money, to no avail. That's why he made the review in the first place. Then he reveals that he beat it anyway without even trying, and gives a middle finger and a "fuck you" to King Games for ruining his review.
    Season 6 
  • We wanna capture Bubsy, LOL!!!
  • The cameos from Rerez, Tennings, Some Call Me Johnny and Caddy's sister Rosie. Rosie just wants Caddy to keep playing the game unlike everyone else.
  • Caddy, as expected, gives the game a slaughter, but what happens next is unexpected... he then slaughters his PS1, the corner of his sofa, and Rosie. He then cuts off his usual catchphrase and instead of telling viewers to stay beautiful, he demands that they "be ugly," then he announces that he's going to slaughter his viewers just for demanding he play the game. Of course he does this AFTER he literally tears the game to bits...and he slaughters us with his fist instead.
  • "Who made this soundtrack? The London Symphony Arm-Farters?!"


Star Wars: Rebel Ass 2

Stuart Little 2

  • The entire intro where Caddy explains how the game came to be. Apparently, it involved the Queen of England watching the Stuart Little 2 movie and deciding that she wanted to play it on her PlayStation.
  • When calling back to his video on Crash Team Racing where he claimed to be scripting a review on this game, Caddy states that he expected the audience would write this off as a joke. Instead, he got a flood of requests.
  • Stuart Little's little stuart.
  • "YES!!"

Peter Pancreas

  • The mere fact that poor Caddy has to sit through yet another "game" from Phoenix Games is hilarious in and of itself.
  • The intro, in which Caddy tries to write poetry, which are just crude variations of Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue....
    Caddy: Roses are red... Violets are blue... You fill my pants with lots of doo-doo.
    Caddy: Roses are red... Violets are red... EVERYTHING's red... I've just been shot!
  • The episode turns out to be a Crossover with I Hate Everything, of all people, who's represented by his channel icon, a cartoon head that floats.
  • The cartoon's ridiculous case of Hong Kong Dub leaves both Caddy and IHE baffled and confused. The cartoon only having a single voice actor, who uses the same Dull Surprise voice for every character, confounds them to the point where they can't tell who's supposed to be talking.
  • The ending. After IHE and Caddy apologize to each other for their earlier outbursts, Caddy suggests that they go out on a "friend outing". IHE asks what they could do, and...
  • The Peter Pan cartoon ends on this note:
    Narrator: As you know, all's well that ends well. However, if you don't forget about your dreams... (cut to some people circling around the earth while doing this weird swaying thing) your favorite story characters will surely come back to you.
    Caddy: (sits there in silence before slowly moving towards the camera) Well, fuck it in a bucket.
    IHE: Yeah, kids, you want your favorite book characters to come visit you? Just believe hard enough! And soon, they'll become a ring of Saturn around planet earth and consume your ripe souls for brunch.
  • Not even a minute in, and the hilariously awful dub has already put IHE at his limit.
    You have got to be shitting me!
  • "I'm lost. And I'm a boy. A lost boy."
  • Really, the whole video has many, many moments that could fit on this list, but most of it is thanks to just how awful the quote-unquote game is, including the one scene where Peter makes the kids fly for no explained reason, prompting this gem:
    IHE: (While smoking a joint) Oh, I'll tell you, I don't need to learn how to fly, this cartoon has got me pretty high already, YOU KNOW WHAT I'M SAYING?

Scooby-Doo and the Super Shag

  • The title of the video is hilariously misleading enough, but the part where he gets the title from is classic
    Shaggy: Like, check this out - I'm SUPER SHAG!
    Caddy: *After an initial look of shock* Oh, I BET you are... you dirty...old...CU-
    • Throughout the rest of the review, he refers to Shaggy as "Super Shag".
  • Caddy riffs on the clunky movement
    Caddy: I know Shaggy and Scooby eats so much they should be dying from hypercholesterolemia, but LOOK AT THEM! They can keep their food down, they're scrawny and lanky as fuck! And, might I add, fuck as a awfully lanky and scrawny young man, so why are the controls THIS heavy? Shaggy runs like an old man farmer wading through his muddy crops! Every move you make is slow, every jump and double jump is heavy on momentum and just slightly delayed, and you feel like you're playing the beginning bit of Nuts & Bolts through the whole game!
    *Cuts to a scene of Shaggy through a jumping platform section*
    Caddy: Come on! COME ON! YOU CAN DO IT! *Gibberish that gets translated as U CAH DO EH, followed by a shriek that's subbed as HUNERAH. Shaggy falls and dies* AAAHHHHHH... SHET!
  • In the Scooby Doo and the Cyber Chase game, you end each level by getting the box of Scooby Snacks even though there are individual Scooby Snacks scattered through the level. Caddy compares this to getting the Dragon Egg at the end of each level in Spyro: Year of the Dragon... "while collecting hundreds of smaller dragon eggs just to eat them for extra lives 'BECAUSE YOU'RE A CANNIBALISTIC HUSSY".
  • The Running Gag of his Sanity Slippage as he sees the game ripping off more and more from Crash Bandicoot, which reaches its peak at the broken bridge platforming puzzle.
    Oh hey look at this! That's pretty fucking familiar, ain't it?! I wonder where they got THAT idea from?! OH I DON'T KNOW, DANGER MOUSE?!!
  • Also how do you create snowballs from flat ice.
  • He rails on the broken level design, showing Scooby jumping into an instant death pit after missing a platform - and then jumping back to safety onto the platform he missed.
    Caddy: POLISH!!!
  • Then there's the ending: he accidentally shoots the game with his patent pending Turn Into Something Worse (From the Same Franchise) gun, turning the game into the movie. Caddy lets out a Big "NO!" that transitions into him imitating a race car.

Sonic the Fighters

Scooby-Doo and the Spindly Johnny

  • Following on from the previous video:
    "Pweviouswy on the Caddicawus show-wow-wow-wow-wow-wow..."
    Caddy: Scooby Doo and the Cyber Chase [the film]... I really don't like this thing. And I am never going to talk about it.
    "And now he is. HAHAHA. What a wanker."
  • Early on in the review, Caddy dubs the Phantom Virus as 'Spindly Johnny' and rolls with it through the rest of it. He continues to call Shaggy 'Super Shag' like in the previous video, too, and he dubs the professor with the absurd hairstyle 'Professor Lionmane'.
  • "Oh boy! Scooby wax! (Wax falls out of Scooby's ear.)
  • Early on there's a scene in which Caddy keeps breaking into laughter before he can get into it because of what's to come. He manages to compose himself long enough, and we're treated to the sight of Spindly Johnny looming over Scooby, who's lying on a table, and the former has the most perfect >:D look on its face.
  • Caddy's anticipation when Shaggy looks ready to dub himself 'Super Shag' like in the video game, and disappointment when he dubs himself 'Super Shaggy' instead.
  • At the end, Caddy decides that the movie gets the slaughter... but before he pulls the trigger, he gives the film another chance: one of the bonus features on the DVD is a music video called "Scooby Doo and Shaggy Love To Eat", and Caddy figures that it might be the film's saving grace. Instead, he just lies around in various positions as the song plays, implying he hates it. Cut to a white text on a black screen saying, "The song killed me."
  • Velma asks what's wrong with Cyber-Shag, to which Caddy replies...
    Caddy: Well I don't think there's anything wrong with it, but you need to be sure that you know and trust the opposite person so much to degree where you think that you're ready to take that next big step in your online relationship!
  • When the skeptical security guard inexplicably harasses the scooby gang:
    Guard: I don't like a bunch o' PUNKS... runnin' around myyyyyyy university!
    Caddy: What? How do these guys look any different from anyone else walking around YOURRRRRRRRRRRRRRR UNIVERSITY?
  • "Yep, he did it! He's guilty, he made the phantom, he did it!"
  • After the gang become trapped in the video game, the guard says to just throw a switch and get them out, to which the scientists respond that the only way to escape is to beat the game. Caddy's reaction?
Irritating Stick... Seriously...
  • Caddy growing increasingly bewildered as he reads off the list of crazy things contestants had to do in the Japanese game show the game was based off of, culminating with realising that one of them apparently involved making children date each other. He then acknowledges that a lot of it may have been lost in translation from the wiki page he read.
  • Caddy pointing out how ridiculously bombastic the menu music is by showing a still image of Superman flying across the screen.
  • Everything involving the announcer.
    Announcer: Watch out! You're too close to the edge!
    Caddy: Yes, I know I'm too close to the edge, when am I never too close to the edge? That's the whole point of this game! God!
    Announcer: Here come the three WINDMILLS!
    Caddy: Look at this fuckin' shit! ('beat') 'Cause we all just wanna be big rock stars on Ucchan Nanchan's Challengers of Fire 1,000,000 Yen If You Can Do This!!
  • The bit where Mr. and Mrs. Robot have a son... named Mr. Robot 2.
    Mr. Robot: But baby, you can't do that. I'm Mr. Robot.
    Mrs. Robot: But sequels are always better than the original!
    Mr. Robot 2 cries
    Mrs. Robot: Shut it, Mr. Robot 2!
    Mr. Robot: I'm leaving you now.

Wip Eout 2097

    Followed by Caddy tripping over something.
  • "It's summer in the UK and it's raining...PERFECT!"
  • "Yes, these cardboard winged things that look like funny hats blew people away."
  • [after a couple-seconds-long montage of 2097's soundtrack] Copyright is my best friend...
  • DONK.

Resident Evil: Survivor of Boredom

  • "It's a gun. YA SHOOT SHIT."
  • This:
    Caddy: So the game opens with...
    Caddy: 10/10.
  • Caddy lamenting that the intro for the review was going to be amazing, which involved travelling to "the deep dark woods... in the middle of the day", hitting a tree with a tiny stick (which in one outtake, snapped off and hit Cerys), and pointing at a pond of dirty water, only to scrap the idea because of how boring the game was.
  • The requisite "first zombie" of this game. You know how the series' first instance of a zombie was unnerving, horrifying and tense? What happens here? Ark hears shuffling, turns behind...and there's a zombie just standing there almost nonchalantly.
    Caddy: Oh my wow. What the fuck was that? He slowly walks towards him, stops, waits for him to look around and then he's like "Tee hee hee hee hee hee! Hello my friend, do you have enough change for a coffeeeee?"
  • The way the game tries to play up the idea that the protagonist might be Vincent the murderer only for the game to then not-so-subtly hint that he isn't. Of course he isn't, his name's Ark Thompson and he's a secret agent good guy and Vincent was the guy in the intro falling screaming out of that chopper.
  • The Umbrella Trashsweeper unit leader's distinct voice causes Caddy no end of amusement and leads to him indulging in a bit of verbal Baneposting.
    UT Unit Commander: REMEMBER YOUR MISSION!! We're doing a clean sweep of the area! EVERYONE and EVERYTHING must be cleansed! So MOVE OUT!
    Bane-icarus: Yes and don't forget to find the Batmaaan~

Rosco McQueen

  • Caddy solving all his friends' (and his dog's) problems by spraying them with a hose.
    "Ah, God's precious water!"
    • Briefly subverted when Olly tries reasoning that spraying water doesn't solve all of life's problems... only for Caddy to spray him anyway.
  • Caddy's impersonation of Lightning McQueen.
  • Caddy's song in the beginning of the video with some fidgety like dancing.
  • His reaction upon finding out that the game is rated 3+ (the European equivalent of an E rating in the US), despite both Rosco and a random person graphically exploding into pieces.

Cringing at my First Video

  • Pretty much the entire video. The hilarity starts off with Caddy giving a rating to Miracle Space Race by Midas, which he said he previously reviewed, but before he could slaughter the game, he gets scared as it's his birthday, and Cerys comes in saying Caddy's usual signing off catchphrase.
  • The second Caddy starts watching his review:
    Young!Caddy: Mario Kart, anyone?
    Caddy: Oh, fuck me. Hey, past me! Backstreet Boys called, they're missing their sixth member, wondering if you could fill in for them?
    Young!Caddy: Okay, you delibarately just trying to annoy me?
    Caddy: Who am I even speaking to? Am I high?
  • At one point of the review, Caddy falls from the couch because of a Jump Scare involving his 2012 self's loud voice.
    Caddy: Hey, past me, there's a thing called volume adjustment. In video editing. You move the thing up and down, and it makes things louder or quieter. Use it more.
    Young!Caddy: ...colored and shaped differently. OH MY GOD A BRIDGE!
    Caddy: No, you're not gonna use it? Ok, fine, fuck you then.
  • Kill it, kill it, die in a hole, strangle yourself, drown in a puddle, (beat) shit your pants.
  • Present day Caddy remarks on some strange gesticulating from his younger self:
    Young!Caddy: (hands on the back of his head while violently shaking up and down) What kind of racing game am I playing?!
  • Caddy's response to the "A bad one." joke is to profusely apologize, since it isn't even a joke.

66 Net Yaroze Games

  • Story Time with Daddy Caddy.
  • Caddy's frustration with finding a string of demos. One of them having music flatout ripped from Star Wars.
  • "One day, Lightning McQueen met Sally in the middle of the road and he was feeling naughty and decided to raid her boot and leave his oil in there, the end."
  • In A Bob, Caddy picks the team from Sweden, "because they look the cutest and also-" (cue Swedish Chef soundclip)
  • Caddy plays Clone once again, and claims that the next time he hears the creatures scream, he will promptly shit himself. Cue scream and Caddy doing just that.
  • His frustration at the fact that several games in a row happen to be demos that just consist of graphics tests. And one of them has music stolen straight from Star Wars.
  • His review of "Sound to Light":
    Caddy: My guess is that I have to play a CD and then it makes a light effects show, based on the CD I've picked. And if so, that'd be awesome. But I really can't do that here over copyright. So, uh... "Black Screen Simulator 1997".
  • On "Tunnel Demo": "And by the way, square and circle moves you left and right. .SDRAWKCAB"
  • Caddy plays One on One, which turns out to be a very shoddily-made basketball game.
    Caddy: (in a very strained whisper) I think I'm just about done here.
  • Caddy plays Rocks 'n' Gems, and dies very quickly thanks to a suddenly falling boulder.
    Caddy: Well this doesn't seem too bad, I mean... *a boulder falls on his character, blowing him up*
    Ringo Starr: "OOOOOUUUGGHHHHH!!!", groaned GORDON!!
    Season 7 
Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly

R/C Scrub Copter

Not-So-Cool Boarders 3

  • The intro shows a bruised Caddy, sporting a black eye. He claims he suffered these injuries while attempting a skateboarding trick. He actually walks face-first into the corner of a door. Cerys doesn't seem to care about it, either.
    • Caddy then asks for something cool to put on his face, since they ran out of frozen peas. Somebody (probably Cerys) throws Cool Boarders 3 at him.
  • The ending. Caddy prepares to slaughter the game, only to be stopped by several AK-47's aiming at him, presumably by fans of the game. He then tells them that he can just drag out the video as long as he wants, but it won't end unless he shoots the game. The video goes on like this for the next minute or so, only ending in mid-sentence as he still tells his attackers that he'll drag out the video as long as necessary.

Crash Bandicoot

  • Apparently Caddy's girlfriend's youngest daugher, Amy, used to call the series "Cash Banooka".
  • The return of the Fun Fact guy is also him getting somewhat Running Gagged, as he explains that not only is he out of fun facts AND the desire to tell them, but he's fallen into a well.
    "I'm STUCK, that's why there's an echo in here all the time. HELP ME, I'M DESPERATELY AND IM HUNGRY FOR DINNER, HOW ABOUT SOME FISH AND CHIPS? . . . Did you know Crash's original name was Willy Wombat, NGHAHAHAHAH-"
Crash Bandicoot 2
  • When doing his usual "Slaughter or Salvage" intro bit, instead of the normal guns he pulls out, he pulls out crudely-made paper versions of them made by his girlfriend's daughter, Caddy then Lampshades this, puts them away (because it won't kill anybody) and pulls the real gun out.... "to kill people".
    • Shortly afterwards (and quite suddenly too), there's a gag where he's just repeatedly pulls the trigger, making a clicking sound and then goofly proclaiming "IT'S A PROP!"
  • "The Sony Toilet Seat"
  • The Crash 2 Commercials and Caddy's reaction to them.
    • HAAAAA!
    • Anytime Caddy plays a clip from the Commercials.
  • The gag about Ripper Roo coming back to life for some reason.
  • Caddy doing what we completionists were too afraid to do: AVOID EVERYTHING, INCLUDING THE CRYSTALS! (Minus the Blue Gem) TWICE!
  • The return of "Rape-Face Crash".
  • In response to the fact Clancy Brown voices Cortex, he plasters Mr.Krab's head on Cortex's body. We also get this:
    Cortex (in Mr.Krabs Voice and lip synced to match): I don't care about the children! I just care about their parents' money!
  • Caddy letting his daughter do the Salvage, with the Paper Salvage Gun.
Crash Bandicoot 3: WARPED!
  • Caddy actually starts off the video by immediately salvaging the game since he's already gushed about the game at length in several other videos up to this one so he just gets it out of the way to save everyone the time.
  • Caddy wondering what kind of painful constipation Clancy Brown was suffering from when he did the Title Scream.


Disney's HERCULAY!

  • MILUK!!
  • Caddy pointing out that the game is about Disney's rendition of the Greek hero and not the Marvel Comics one. Complete with a jaunty close up of the famous COOL STORY BRO panel.
  • Showing a bit of unease at one of the Muses on the main menu, whose head never moves.

Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee

  • After stating that Abe is a janitor:
    Caddy: YEAH, YOU DID A GREAT JOB, ABE! *Zooms in on a dirty spot on the floor* GREAT JOB!
  • Caddy states that he seemingly needs to run from some sligs that were chasing him in a cutscene, but he decides to avoid that by entering a secret... which involves force fields and meat grinders.
    Caddy: (slowly) Oh no... I should've kept on running... (normal speed, zoomed in on his mouth) The game's hard.
  • "Or the game could just glitch... *Shows a slig jittering on the edge of a platform* Mmm, Th-th-that, that looks normal..."
  • The GameSpeak rap.
    Abe: Follow, follow, follow, follow, wait, wait, Grrr... Wait, wait, hello, hello, wait, wait... *Farts* (beat) He hah hah!
  • Caddy discussing the terrible morality system of Shadow the Hedgehog in a goofy voice, as his mouth grows and he moves the copy closer to his face.

Spice World

  • Really really really wanna zigazig ah!
  • The Spice Girls' in-game models are so creepy that he comes up with new names for them: Chin Spice, Steamroller Spice, Witch Spice, Rat Spice, and... Scary Spice, the only girl who doesn't need to change her name because she looks fucking terrifying.
  • The Host's finger icons happen to be a point and an "A-OK". Caddy puts two and two together, calling him a "finger-fucker" and crudely animating the hands doing just that.
  • The Mixing Room's host's thick Cockney accent drives Caddy mad:
    Are you even speaking English, you goatee, beanie, Rayman, finnger fucker?! 'NO!'
  • SPY SKULL *cue image of a skeleton in a suit with a gun, set to Rayman 2 music*



  • The fact that Caddy unintentionally discovered this movie while browsing Amazon Prime, and watching it inspired this episode.
  • Caddy envisions the audition process for the mom at the start of the movie. Said audition consists of Caddy looking displeased with Director!Caddy and saying "Neeow."
  • This conversation between Jason and dick:
    Jason: We want all the same things. I mean, that's what matters, right?
    Dick: Oh no no no no NO, that's not love, son. D'ya you wanna know why my wife can't keep away from good ol' ''Dick?
    Jason: Of course.
    Dick: Well, ya see, the secret is that you take some of the Vaseline of the camera lens behind me and then you stick it up-
    (SMPTE color bars captioned with "THIS ISN'T FOR FUCKING KIDS")
  • Caddy freaks out over how Jason and Kate start getting hot and heavy over a discussion about doorknobs and cabinets, followed by the sudden appearance of Jason's friend Samantha, who just stands there and stares at them making out.
  • "FAWK!"
  • After watching the movie, he mentions being interested in other Big Biting Pig movies
    Caddy: ...Which makes me wanna watch more classics from them, like... Frances Stein... and..... GoatSucker-

    Season 8 
  • When Caddy points out how much Sony were pushing the DualShock controller on the box.
  • The Running Gag in which each time Caddy says Ape Escape, he replaces Ape and Escape with different words that sound like them.
    • At the start of the review, it's Tape Escape. By the end, it's Nate Drake's Flake's Escape.
  • His rendition of the the opening theme. Just all of it.
  • When Caddy notices Spike's running animation "kinda looks like he's constipated", he does it in his garden himself, complete with the aforementioned theme song music rendition.
  • Caddy decides to listen to the US version's dub with highlights such as US!Spectre's laugh ("HahahahaahHAR!") and the indecisive Buzz not knowing what to say to how well a plan's going and other such nonsense...then he compares all that to the PAL-exclusive British dub, ESPECIALLY UK!Buzz which causes Caddy to lose it.
  • Caddy loved Ape Escape so much, it didn't just get salvaged, he sent a love letter to the creators of the game, of which he puts in the post box, but gets his hand stuck in the process.

The Spleenies: SHAME TIME


The Lion King: Simba's Shitey Adventure

Caddy: Okay, that's very kind of you, Uncle Scar, but the problem with that is that you can already jump on top of enemies without needing the delayed pounce attack anyway, so why don't you go and eat your own asshole?
  • "Simba's stuck, Simba's stuck, Simba's stuck on a wall, the fuck?"
  • This exchange when Simba dies in the stampede level:
    Mufasa: As king, you must learn the delicate balance of the Circle of Life.
    Caddicarus: Mufasa himself gets disappointed with you like you're delaying his own death, and he hates his own son for how much of a failure he is for killing him late!
  • Caddicarus points out the Plot Hole of Mufasa talking to Simba in the level where Simba has to save Pumbaa from Nala, despite Mufasa being killed in the previous level.
    Cadiccarus Mimicking Pumbaa: Timon, we're being contacted from beyond the grave!
    Caddicarus Mimicking Timon: Get the fuck outta here!
  • Also, this exchange during the same level:
    Caddicarus: And in this dire situation, what does his best buddy Timon do?
    Timon: So, Simba, What? You stopped for coffee and danish?
    Caddicarus: Be a snarky dickhole about the whole thing! (The camera zooms in on Timon's crotch.)
  • This exchange in the first Simba's Pride Level:
    Mufasa: Focus, Simba!
    Caddicarus: Oh, fuck off, Mufasa! You're not even alive!
    • It is after which Caddicarus tries to slaughter it... but instead of the usual "Bang!", the gun just clicks. Caddicarus looks into the gun, realizing that he ran out of bullets.

Classic Nursery Rhymes on VHS (Part 1)

  • His reaction to Humpty Dumpty's appearance, claiming that he's worse than the Kinder Surprise take on Humpty.
    Caddy: Oh, ooooh lord he's coming. Oh, he's coming up- THERE HE IS! AHH! MY GOD!!! If you thought the Kinder Egg was scary, well, this guy's coming to get you seven days after you finish this video!
    • Of course, his reaction to the rhyme being sung's even better.
      Caddy: OK, whatever, I'm over this now, let's just enjoy it for what it is.
      Singer *In a deep, booming voice*: Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall!
      Caddy: Oh, no, the singing isn't helping! Oh god quick, just fall off the bloody wall, expose your brain, die horribly and let's move on!
  • "Goosey Goosey Gander" goes from zero to three hundred and ninety four very quick as Caddy learns its a poem about a goose that catches a man going to bed without praying and proceeded to:
    Singer: Took him by the left leg and threw him down the stairs!
  • When Caddy gets to This is the Way the Ladies Ride, there's his reaction to how hard the baby is being bounced for the "way the farmers ride" part.
    Caddy: (accompanied by sped-up footage) AHH! NO! Stop, STOP! CALM DOWN, YOU'LL DESTROY THE INFANT!
  • Simple Simon met a pieman
    Going to the fair.
    Said Simple Simon to the pieman,
    "How did you appear from fucking thin air, you evil wizard?"
  • His reaction to an elderly cast member, whom he finds adorably charming.
    Caddy: Look at that face; what a steal! I wanna steal him.
  • His deconstruction of "The Grand Old Duke of York".
    Caddy: Actually, now that we're on this subject, have you ever realized how fucking dumb this nursery rhyme is in the first place? Like I mean, "When they were up, they were up/And when they were down, they were down/And when they were only halfway up, they were neither up nor down." I mean, first of all, "down" rhymes with "down" so that's not very good, and secondly...fucking durrh, right? I mean, what else are you supposed to say? It's not like you can go, "And when they were up, they were down/And when they were down, they were left/And when they were only halfway up, they got into a spaceship and fucked off," it's like, you can't say that.
  • "Little boy blue, come blow your horn. The sheep's in the meadow, why can't we watch porn?"
  • The hilarious "credits" sequence for "i hate life", with an extensive Special Thanks section:
    scarfulhu: best jaw
    brutalmoose: worst face
    spacehamster: not a real hamster 2/10
    pbg: not made from peanut butter 3/10
    jordan underneath: best sad
    jimmy: too cute 20/17
    balrog: worst memes of 2016
    yungtown: more like dungtown lolol
    gillythekid: best colouring book on neck
    i hate everything: actually a nice guy wtf
    indeimaus: worst channel spelling of ever
    projared: sexiest sex of the sex
    pushinguproses: doesn't push them
    rabbidluigi: bit me and i have rabies now
    somecallmejohnny: i call him that
    completionist: completed my heart
    zurachi: music
    tennings: oneings twoings threeings
    didyouknowgaming: no i didn't
    snappingturtle: more like turtle soup
    satchbag: sung me to sleep twice
    jontron: the bon-bon's gone
    continue: i will in a bit (HAHAHA)
    sunder: comes from a land down under
    antdude: not an ant 6/5
    captaincryptic: sail me away from this sorrow
    halefail: RIP
    haedox: most dislikes of 2016
    professorjuice: fuck off
    superollyross: fuck on
    whaddupnico: i'm okay thanks
    rerez: i'm seriously running out of ideas
    footofaferret: gross
    dave klein: kleniest dave of all time
    austineruption: BOOM
    ratedsgames: rated s for SUCKS
    lockstin: or gnoggin i have no fucking clue
    creepsmcpasta: pasta is scary okay
    tatstopvideos: still waiting for tits tats
    jradgex: no THIS is the worst spelling ever
  • His horrified reaction to The Crooked Man, which leads to him being so terrified he hides behind his couch. Especially when the Crooked Man starts laughing and shaking his limbs.
  • He's clearly not a fan of "Here We Go 'Round The Mulberry Bush" citing its repetitive nature and lack of rhymes.
    Caddy: Where's the rhyme? Where's the rhyme? #Where'sTheRhyme?

Classic Nursery Rhymes on VHS (Part 2)

Pippa Peg

  • The opening...
    [through snores] I am sleeping ... I am sleeping ... I am sleep- IAMNOTSLEEPINGANYMORE.
    [runs through the house to the Peppa Pig theme]
    [singing] Peeeeeeppa's Ribs! [a set of pork ribs fall onto a chopping board] [snorting noise]
    [smash cut to intro theme]
  • Caddy compares the shape of Peppa's always-in-profile head to a hairdryer, a dildo and a whistle. The humour also comes from the subversion of Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick where the "Squick" article is listed before one of the ordinary ones.
  • He gets Phoebe in for a skit too.
    Caddy in an odd voice: HEY PHOEBE DO YOU WANT SOME GENUINE PEPPA PIG FLESH? (tosses down a Peppa Pig jelly onto the table. Phoebe begins eating a tiny bit of it.)
    Phoebe: Not really.
    Caddy in normal voice: Oh.
  • This gem, in reference to the car the family uses in the camping episode, which can turn into a boat for no adequately explored reason:
    Caddy: Oh, and by the way, this is the car of the future.
    (camera zooms in on the car-boat's flag, which has a Jolly Roger on it)
    Caddy: Go and pillage.
  • Caddy attempts to mess with the intro sequence.
    Caddy: Let's hear what they'd sound like with farts and human screams of torment.
    Peppa: I'm Peppa Pig! (fart) This is my little brother George (farts), this is Mummy Pig.
    Mummy: AAAAAAGH!
    Peppa: And this is Daddy Pig.
    Caddy: No? Okay, how about real pig noises, then?
    Peppa: I'm Peppa Pig! (pig squeal) This is my little brother George (pig snorts), this is Mummy Pig (pig squeal), and this is Daddy Pig (loud pig screeching).
    Caddy: Oh God no.
  • "I also don't know if you noticed this before, but since Peppa's parents are actually called Mummy and Daddy Pig, those are their names as characters. That means when they were conceiving George and Peppa, they were fucking each other and saying "Oh Mummy, Oh Mummy!" and "Oh Daddy, Oh Daddy!" and that is just the WORST FUCKING THING!
  • The small splosh. Specifically, Daddy Pig is about to dive into a swimming pool with Peppa warning him not to splash everyone. He hits the water...and there's only a tiny splosh. It got Caddy to laugh, and he loathes the show.
  • ...And the ending, in which Caddy, wrapped up in multiple blankets with Peppa Pig designs, declares himself the 'Bacon Wizard', and cooks up a dish of several pieces of Peppa Pig merchandise, along with several pieces of the ribs from the intro, in a skillet, then proceeds to make a 'sausage' by shoving the result into a condom. This sequence lasts for a full four minutes.
    Thank you for joining me today, that is how you make proper organic free range Peppa Pig sausages, [runs a finger up the side of the 'sausage'] ribbed for their pleasure. [corpses a fraction of a second before a smash cut to black]
    • In the review for the Peppa Pig game, it's revealed that the Peppa Pig Condom Sausage ended up killing the bacon wizard.

The Simpsons Wrestling

Toy Story Racer

  • Caddy literally driving off of his sofa in the beginning of the video.
  • Much like he did with The Simpsons Wrestling, he puts the Toy Story disk in a PC to look at its files and discovers files named "POTHEAD". He mistakes them for describing Andy at first, until he realizes that these are files for Mr. Potato Head, to his amusement.

Assassin's Creed II

  • Caddy describes Ezio's sprinting animation as "like a three year-old that stole a cookie jar and then shat his pants".
  • The various corruptions of Ezio's name that Caddy comes up with. It starts out with him getting the name right, before calling him "Ezio Audi-Quattro da Spaghetti", before moving on to "Ezio Au-Dettol da Ferrero Rocher". He even refers to Uncle Mario as "Uncle Mario Audijumpman da Mushroom Kingdom".


  • Caddy spending a decent amount of the video being fully aware of how embarrassing this video will be.
    Caddy (after talking about a scene from Teletubbies) At this point, I would happily change the channel. If I was lucky, Funnybones would be on! (beat) I told you this video would be embarrassing, didn't I?
  • After watching the periscope intercom slowly rise from the ground:
    Caddy (beat) Muuuuuuuum?!
  • Caddy's interpretation of the Funnybones intro.
    Caddy (in a gruff, deep voice) So kids, if you wait until the dead of the night and go into a dark empty house and down the stairs into the dank dirty basement full of spiders, you'll find a family of dead rotting corpses waiting for you!
  • "Funnybones? More like... Shityourpantsbones."
  • "Hey, look, it's the Muppets!" (clip of sped up Miss Piggy having a fit with the sound of a man screaming overlayed)
  • Caddy's casual Michael Caine impression.
    [Beat, then shot of Scrooge in tears]
  • When concerning the "Edible Paperclips" segment from "Muppet Labs":
    Caddy: (Beaker's nose pops off) CHRIST ON A BIKE!
  • When discussing the episode "Make a Wish", we are greeted with the representative entry on the list: "Speter Sparker Spider"note . Cue Caddy's "WTF?" face and record scratching.
    • Caddy's proof that Peter Parker's normal head on a spider's body is fucked up? Bloodborne did something similar.
    • At the end of the segment, Six Armed Peter is presented with "DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" music and the flashing caption "ACTUALLY THIS MIGHT BE WORSE".
  • When starting to talk about Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, the words "kickass secret agent puppet show" prompts a (monochrome) shot of Captain Scarlet looking drunk and falling off of the roof structure of a rather badly designed carpark building with Caddy pleading "For the love of God, please stay with me."
    • Caddy mentions that he was able to see the show when it first aired as a kid because "[he's] actually an extremely sexy undercover 70-year old".
      Caddy: (as he checks himself out in the mirror) Do not ask me about my formulated skin cream, because I'm not telling you shit.
    • After describing in detail the photorealistic end credits of Captain Scarlet in various forms of surprisingly inescapeable peril and how he imagined being in those situations, Caddy abruptly declares "I NEED COUNSELING".
    • A bit of Harsher in Hindsight Black Comedy? Caddy mentions that he knew Captain Scarlet would be alright since he was indestructible. If you know anything about the show, you'd know that he can still feel pain.
  • After Caddy takes some medicationnote  over seeing this particular X-cite mint commercialnote , he mentions to Pingu about feeling "sticky", and suggesting that he take some as well. Cue the walrus from "Pingu's Dream".

Rugrats: Search for Reptar

  • Caddy continues his trend of referring to Angelica as "Fanny".
  • Caddy is torn on the game. While he finds it fun and a great representation of the show, the controls and camera are, as he describes it, "fucking wank". While he does enjoy the game, he's not sure if he should salvage it. What's the one thing that made him make up his mind? Reptar dancing with a top hat and cane in the final level. Salvaged!
  • Caddy briefly talks about how young kids and games usually ends in "total cocking disaster", showing a bunch of games targeted at said demographic. In there, however, one can see a game with a huge-breasted woman in a bikini on the box, complete with it advertising "bouncin' boobs technology". explanation 
  • Caddy walking like Stu does in one of the cutscene animations.


  • The titular line, which is shouted with increasing distortion as the review goes on.
  • Caddy is so genuinely bored and low on material to talk about that he finds the box art, registration card, and his personal credit score more interesting to talk about.
    Caddicarus: (standing with his head out of the camera's view) Can you see how insufferably boring this game is?! It's making personal banking interesting! PERSONAL! BANKING!
  • "Why am I stuck on the wall? Why am I stuck on the wall? Why am I stuck on the wall? Why am I stuckfnfgbfmgbfgf...."
  • "Piss panting buggery tits! I swear this game was made by the fucking Slitheen."
  • 'I can't work today, my shoes are too tight!'
  • The completely random rendition of "One Potato, Two Potato" following a rage moment. It must be seen to be believed.
  • The intro with Legion and Jack The Ripper starts out alright but then...
    • Legion mentions souls of great power that might benefit Jack. Certain...dark souls as he puts it. Cue C&D letter
    By the order of Vin Diesel Morpheus and the ever present cult of the Skull Violaters, I hereby declare that YOU FUCKING COPIED OUR INCREDIBLE GAME KNOWN AS SHADOW MAN (OR IT COULD EVEN BE SHADOWMAN BUT NOT EVEN OUR OWN CHARACTERS KNOW). Take your game and stick it in your Deadside.
    For we are many.
    Amen to that.
    • Legion needs Jack and other historical mass murderers to construct a Dark Engine, powered by souls of equal hue.
    • Jack decides that if he's to join Legion in his evil mission, then in his own words, "I must die!" This rather abrupt and hilarious suicide is what gets to poor Caddy.
    Legion: It is prophecy, for we are many.
    Jack the Ripper: For we are many! (stabs himself and dies, choking)
    Caddy: AHAHA, well he didn't take any convincing at all. Hey, Jack!
    Jack: What is it?
    Caddy: I ran out of milk last night and I'm really feeling like a bowl of Coco Pops, do you mind just popping over to the shops and getting me some, please?
    Jack: I must die!
    Caddy:...well no don't do that.
    Jack: (does that)
    Caddy: (rings the police) Hello, police? [...] Yeah, he's fucking done it again!
    Jack: (chokes and sputters)
    • And finally, Legion's reaction to said comical suicide scene...or rather, the quirky sitcom music Caddy adds right after:

Spider Man

  • Caddy's rendition of "Wish You Were Here" at the beginning.
  • "I want Stan Lee to be my grampy!"
  • Peter's odd squeak at one polint:
    Spider-Man: (indecipherable squeak) That does it!
    Caddy: I'm sorry what?
    Spider-Man: (indecipherable squeak) That does it!
    Caddy: Gotta save Mary Jane and shit


Crash Bandicoot: THE WRATH OF CORTEX

  • Caddy pointing out how Aku-Aku doesn't sound as horrified when he sees that Uka-Uka has freed the Elementals as much as he sounds like a concerned mother.
    Aku-Aku: Uka-Uka-
    Caddicarus: -Did you forget to tidy your room?
  • "m-m-m-m-m-MEH."
  • "Now enough pickles and pimples, and let's kick off." *cue Caddy kicking a fence*
  • "Stage 3 then has you rolling around in a big ball-JESUS AM I PLAYING CRASH BANDICOOT OR FUCKING ACTION 52?!!"
  • Caddy playing the Skyrim theme as the dragon chases Crash in Wizards & Lizards.
  • The Running Gag of Caddy asking Wa-Wa about what he thinks of the game up to that point, with the latter responding with Full Metal Jacket quotes.
    Caddicarus: Well, I don't know, what do you think, Wa-Wa?
  • Caddy is briefly bowled over by how quick the load times are in this game considering it was infamous among other gamers for basically being the proto-Sonic 06 of Loads and Loads of Loading, which even Caddy remembers from his youth. explanation 
  • Apart from pointing out how Crunch is voiced by the guy who voices Gantu, he has this to say when Crunch threatens to wrap his fingers around Crash's "puny orange neck."
    Caddy: Umm..."puny orange neck?" Dude, have you even seen Crash? He's fuckin' hench. He's so hench that he hasn't even got a neck, he's just one big face with arms.

    Season 9 
Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy (ft. SomecallmeJohnny)
  • The opening has Caddy sleeping, then the "#CustomCrash Crash" exclaims that he's back. Cue Caddy saying "CRASH IS BACK." over and over again, with a few gibberish here and there and some slipped in mutterings about Crash Bash and Crash Boom Bang, until he reaches a hotel in America and is given the hand by an irritated SomecallmeJohnny.
    Somecallme Johnny: Shut the everlasting fuck up.
  • "Fuck this rubber nipple"
  • Caddy's editing makes it clear that Johnny's way of doing things don't need all that much to feel like a Caddicarus video, particularly by exaggerating Johnny's brief lapses of frustration or anger with his usual editing skills. It shines through particularly with Johnny's rant about Cold Hard Crash.
    Caddicarus: Okay, yeah, but now they have the box tally so that hidden box in the bonus stage isn't a problem anymore...!
  • Caddy requesting Johnny to turn on Censored Mode, only to temporarily break it with a Cluster Bleep-Bomb rant about the new jetski mechanics on Hot Coco.
  • Coco on the monkey bars with three Aku-Aku's, with Rugrats: Search for Reptar music to boot.
  • With how the remakes change physics around making segments like the Hot Coco level a pain in the fundament to beat, Caddy notes that the remake's title of "N. Sane" is very apt as it drove him..."LOOPY"
  • Johnny and Caddy reminisce about all the fun times Crash has given them, even dropping some of the old Caddy nicknames for the marsupial:
    Caddy: Brash Candicoot.
    Johnny: Cash Banooca...
    Caddy:.....Brash Dandycun-
    Johnny: Why do you have to ruin everything?
  • Every time Caddy begs Johnny for a Crash Dance-off. Johnny eventually caves in after Caddy tries to suffocate him with a pillow case.


  • A Freeze-Frame Bonus reveals that Caddy is somehow playing using a Nintendo 64 controller of all things.
  • His interpretation of the game's lyrics are just as hilarious as his interpretation of Vib Ribbon's lyrics
    "We can't afford this bedroom".
    "Just making a condom, dude"
  • "Yup, porn! Pornos! PORNOGRAPHIC CONTENT."

Crash Bandicoot.....on GAMEBOY ADVANCE?!

  • Seeing the XS in the European title for Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure and claiming it's a rhyhm game called Crash Bandicoot Xylophone/Saxophone. Cue Crash battering said xylophone and parping on said saxophone.
  • Caddicarus claims that he can make better dialogue for the intro of the game, which turns out to be Uka Uka yelling at Cortex to stop making excuses while Cortex constantly says "But the Bandicoot!"
  • Having yet another run in with a horrifyinglooking polar bear causes Caddy to freak the everloving fuck out.
    Allowing for- AAAAH WHAT IS IT WITH CRASH AND NIGHTMARE BEARS?! This (bear from Crash 2,) this (bear from XS's chase level,) this (Crash 2 bear now in HD from the N-Sane Trilogy) and now THIS?! SHOOT IT!! BURN IT!! HANG ITS HEAD ON A WALL! [...] PETA WILL BE INVITED TO THE BARBECUE!

Toy Story F*CKING 2

  • The intro sees Caddy recreate the "You are a child's plaything!" bit from the first movie in response to a Youtube commentator with Captain America as his icon (one Thomas Wiczulis) asking him to "please make a video on Toy Story 2 for the PS1".
  • Caddy points out how everyone requesting this game keep getting the name wrong. It's not "Toy Story 2". It's "Toy Story Fucking 2".
  • "The thing about TS2 on PS1 is that it's RGF. ...Really good fucking."
  • Buzz crashing into the ceiling when trying to take off.
    Buzz: To infinity, and bey- *BANG*
  • "And to be honest, this is closer to Dark Souls than anything the N. Sane trilogy fucking is."
  • The video briefly becomes derailed when Caddy becomes confused how Al's bathroom (which was filled up with water prior) suddenly stopped being flooded when he entered a vent. He accuses Hamm.
    Caddy: (after stomping on a switch to flood the bathroom) DROWN HIM!
  • Caddy goes off on Hamm after hearing "Need some coins here, Buzz!" one too many times.
  • Caddy finds the fact that the Andy's House level has the name that it does rather funny.
    Caddy: It's his house? Is he paying the mortgage? Dosen't sound like a wise idea to me if you run around like this all the time.
    * cut to Andy, running around on his toy horse*

Pappy Rappy 2

Pinocchio by PHOENIX GAMES!!

  • Greetings and salutations my beautiful pe-PHOENIXGAMESAREBACKANDIWANNADIE!!!
  • "This is a PS2 game. Officially licensed by Sony. People looked at this and said...yes, this is fine!"
  • "Okay, girls and boeeyyyyyyyyys!"
  • "No, don't go, Ceryyyyyyyyyyyysssss..."
  • Caddy noting the bizarre inflections of the narrator lengthening several words.
    Caddy: "What is it with this guuuuy and making every other woooooooord extra-loooooooo-" *corpses*
  • The Blue Fairy's terrible voice acting, caused by being played by a man trying to do a legitimate elegant female voice.
  • The unfortunate framing of the puppet-master's introduction, because he is drawn with either a bulging crotch or a sagging diaper, and this is what the camera first shows us.
  • Caddy's frustration at the game's ending, which condenses the entire Pleasure Island, Monstro, escape from Monstro and becoming-a-real-boy subplots into a one minute song. He notes that this is too short for him to pick apart and analyze as he had been doing previously.

Disney's TARZUN

  • "Once upon a time, Walt Disney Animation Studios released Snow White and changed the world of cinema forever, and then they got better. THEN they made a few that nobody ever bloody talks about, and then they went back to the classics... briefly, before they lost all of their money on a box office flopnote  and then started going a bit eeeeeeehhh, and then great! And then eeeeeeehhh, and then the bestnote ! And then some other ones happened note , and then behold the Disney Renaissance. Yes, it was so big and important that it was as important as our own planet Earth Renaissance! And this included timeless classics, such as Al-uh-Din, Her-cules, Mullen, and Tarzun. ... Then they made a Tarzun game on the Play-stat-ee-uhn and that's the history of Disney Ani-mat-ee-uhn."
  • Caddy's amusement at the knife-wielding enemy whose animation programming makes him scratch his head in confusion every time Tarzan slashes him.
    Caddy: I really love this guy though, because while I'm busy killing him he just doesn't understand what's going on or what to do.
    Caddy (as henchman): Durr, I forgotten if I have a kniff...

Bugs Bunny: Lost in Tiiiiime

  • "B... h... e... i... vagina Interactive"
  • Caddy saying the game's name to the tune of the menu theme.
  • Caddy starts saying how he loves Bugs' snarky laughter before its repetition gets him mad.
    "Alright, Bunny. Christ. Don't milk it, it's not that funny. (laughs) Miluk. Anyway, one of the best things- (Bugs laughs again) OH JESUS YOU PICKED UP A CLOCK, IT ISN'T FUNNY."


  • The Call-Back to the cars in Wip Eout making a comical "donk" sound when hitting a wall, especially compared to Ridge Racer's cars making a more effective "BCCH" sound.


  • Caddy tries to show off his love of First-Person Shooter games. Except he has a hard time naming any past BioShock and Far Cry (and Fallout but it doesn't count because the series started as an isometric view RPG). Apparently Jumping Flash! is one of the most iconic FPS ever made.
  • Caddy has a nice time listing many famous video game tracks culminating in him using the Playstation's startup ambience as background music to him pouring himself a glass of Pepsi Max using a Playstation logo-emblazoned glass and then firing up "At Doom's Gate", Doom's most iconic music track...BUT TOUGH SHIT HE'S PLAYING ULTIMATE DOOM ON PLAYSTATION AND THE MUSIC SOUNDS LIKE THIS (cue Aubrey Hodges' droning horrific ambience of dread.) The result is Caddy turning time backward, playing the Playstation startup jingle backward, sucking the Pepsi Max out of the glass back into the bottle, flipping the Playstation logo the double bird and angry-screaming in an oddly similar fashion to Jake Conway.
  • Caddy decides to look up the story of Doom.
    Caddy: Sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself here, what's the story of this game, exactly?
    Doom: YA KILL SHIT
    Caddy: Nono, we aren't quite there yet, we're at the story, that's the gameplay, c'mon, what's the story of Doom?
    Doom: YA KILL SHIT
    Caddy: .....oh.
  • Caddy selecting a difficulty level and obviously not going for "I Am A Wimp" (What PC players would call "I'm Too Young To Die" mode) and then highlighting...
    Caddy: Ultra Violence? Well yeah I can't do that one today, no. You caught me at a bad time. I have a cold, achoo.
  • Caddy getting spooked by one of the Pinky Demons is one thing, but when he recharacterizes that Pinky as his old nemesis Peppa Pig?

Abe's Exoddus

  • The intro consists of Caddy whining about how much life sucks, and saying that life is shit and that nothing will make him think otherwise. Cue Lorne Lanning giving him a Shout-Out and stating he owes him two dinners note . This makes Caddy take back everything he said beforehand and state that life is fucking awesome.
  • Caddy shitting his pants when he sees the Mudokons with their eyes sewn shut. Thrice.
  • Since it's one of his all-time favorite games, he lets it fuck his shelf. As well as the doofy face he makes afterwards.
    Caddy: What am I even doing with my life?



  • Caddy misreads one of the fake soda brands, Diet Squish, as Dick Squish. Cut to Caddy drinking a glass of milk.
    Caddy: Dick Squish. It's free, and you never run out of it.

Sonic Heroes

  • Caddy managing to show up no less than Johnny Gioeli, lead singer of Crush 40. Which game was "Sonic Heroes" the song from? Johnny can't remember (even funnier considering Caddy was mangling it a moment ago, and that summoned Johnny since he hears without fail when someone mangles any song he and his boys have done.) So Caddy decides to play a clip of that infamous Sonic 25th anniversary stream with an audience member mangling the chorus (before then begging Johnny to come back.) Might also count as an Awesome Moment for Caddy and Sonic fans since, well, he got the frontman of Crush 40 to guest star!
  • Caddy apparently was an evil little kid because even when Rosie got the game for her birthday, Caddy still hogged save slot #1. He poured even more hours into it than Rosie and it was her own game to boot! And, as he puts it, "#NotSorry #GetFucked"
  • While Caddy's watching the intro:
    Sonic: Time to crack that Eggman wide open!
    Caddy: Am I the only one that thinks that sounds like Sonic wants to fuck Eggman?
    • And right before it...
    Sonic: Yo, Tails! Long time no see!
    Caddy: What? Long time no see? Sonic, are you totally deranged? You see each other all the fucking time! You're practically his FATHER! (to emphasize his point, cue montage of Sonic title screens showing Sonic very much with Tails.)
  • Caddy cleaning Knuckles' mouth for saying "shit". As in literally washing a photo of Knuckles over his sink.
    Caddy: He's so vulgar you might as well call him Fuckles.
  • Turns out the game had a tutorial that Caddy never checked out for one reason. One very loud, Omochao-shaped reason.
    Caddy: Whoever decided this voice was good enough to teach you how to play the game needs to be sectioned.
  • Caddy decides to stick with Team Sonic. Why?
    • Team Dark has Shadow who, well, speaks for himself and E-123 Omega's not even bothering to look at Caddy so if he doesn't care, Caddy won't.
    • Team Chaotix's stages are all mission based involving scouring stages for various stuff and, well, no thank you says Caddy to put it politely. Also, Charmy's eyes make him feel a bit sick.
    • Team Rose is home to Big The Cat and-
    Big the Cat: Froggy!
    Caddy: AAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!
  • When Team Chaotix encounter Eggman...
    Espio: That's the evil genius, Dr. Eggman!
    Charmy: Doctor Who? (cue Doctor Who theme and ol' Egghead going through a time wormhole)
  • The graphics are fairly good up til one shot of Eggman where his mouth isn't working right and his teeth have the here gritted out of them.
    Dr. Eggman: This isn't the EEENNNNNND!
    Caddy, also with his mouth open, unmoving and grinning very toothily: Well that's good otherwise it'd be a very short GAAAAMMMMMME!
  • "Why don't we try going up there?"
  • "They're pulling out all the tricks!"
  • Apparently Knuckles thinks an E Rank is "just enough to pass." For those not in the know, E is the game's lowest rank, and...
    Caddy: Right I don't know what school you went to, Knuckles, but an E where I come from is a fat old "See me after class." Its a fail. You get an E for being...Extremely Bad At Grading.
  • After dealing the game's frankly terrible Special Stages, Caddy decides he'd rather play with his dog. Cue Caddy....playing with Stan. Its actually kinda cute once they get going.
    Caddy: Where's toy? This toy! I got yer toy! (Stan remains unmoving) PLAY WITH THE FUCKING TOY!
  • Caddy gives one last thanks to Johnny Gioeli for showing up...but has trouble spelling his last name so Caddy goes for putting up a picture of him with "thnx 2 johnny the hedgehog" in Comic Sans written on it.

Reviewing My Old Comics

  • The fact that Caddy used to idolize, out of all things, a toilet cleaner mascot, to the point he made comics about him when he was 13.
  • "Mom, did you drop me on the head when I was born?"
  • "But it tryed, and tryed, but Toilet Duck ran out."
  • "And even worse, there was no money for more!" (Beat) "OINK!"
  • Gurgle
  • As some comments pointed out, Caddy more or less predicted the plot of Megamind, since the first comic focuses on villains who managed to defeat every superhero, so they created their own because Victory Is Boring.
  • "Okay, what other 13-year olds were making Shakespeare references in comics about sentient poo and wee coming together to create a superhero? None, I think you find I was the only one, thank you very much." *throws the comic on the floor and walks away*
  • In the comics, the villains added the "indestructibility, strength and speed" of a rubber duck into their superhero. This is followed by Caddy poking a giant rubber duck...
  • Caddy pointing out the Unfortunate Character Design of The Urinator.
    "Now with added shoulder penis and poo tits."
  • Caddy sarcastically comparing the first comic book to The Bible and the second one to The New Testament.

Croc 2: The Flawed Strikes Back

Dee Hord Trilogy

  • Even though the game in question (Die Hard Trilogy) is violent as all heck and was rated 18+ by the now defunct ELSPA, apparently dropping the famous John McClane f-bomb was very much frowned upon, much to Caddy's amusement. The game simply stops at "Yippie ki-yay!" Also, this bit from the ever-adorable Amy:
    Amy: Yippie ki-yay, muddy phillip!
  • The game offers soundbytes from soundalikes of the movie's actors on the main menu relating to what film is being highlighted. Not that the soundbytes are the original actors of the film but hey. Notably tho when Caddy highlights the third film (which plays a clip of Simon Gruber saying "You surprise me again, McClane,") he adds onto said soundbyte by adding a picture of Scar.
  • The game's high score tables show Caddy got a respectable score and top ranked the board (signing off as "CADDYSZI" since he wanted to go by "CADDYS ZITS" but the darn namespace issues got in the way) for the first game...which doesn't mean much when the scores below him plain suck, especially you, DENNIS.
  • The way the game handles Hans Gruber's famous deadpan "Now I have a machine gun. Ho. Ho. Ho." having John say it out of order. Caddy be not pleased.
  • McClane's death animation in the first game is just so Off-Model its amazing, the way he flexes his back muscles as he falls. So Caddy gives it a try.
  • Caddy decides to quit..and sees the confirmation menu has the standard Yes, No and the very much non-standard Not Really Sure option. Caddy picks that and is offered a choice between Think about it, Ask a friend and Try again. Caddy decides to ask a friend and...
    Game: GET A LIFE.
    Caddy: OH FUCK YOU THEN.
  • The soundalike the game has for Zeus Carver in the Die Hard with a Vengeance portion of the game sounding nothing like Samuel L. Jackson as well.
  • Caddy completely loses it over the very fact that there was a Die Hard Trilogy 2 video game (before the 2000s even!) and jokingly wondering if it contains Die Hard 4, 5 and McClane Can't Pull The Trigger Anymore Because Of His Chronic Arthritis. explanation 

Silent Hill

  • Caddy has a fun time ripping apart IGN's straight up wrong plot summary involving Harry Mason looking for a "missing sister" (he doesn't have a sister by the way, he has an adopted daughter) in a spooky house (this mistake straight up making no sense.)
  • Caddy also takes a shot at the US version's slap-dash boxart (an image of Harry Mason's face in negative with a house, a creepy girl and generic blood-red title text) compared to the surprisingly striking one that Europe received, which featured what might be Alessa in a scratchy and browner art style with darker colours.
  • "It's my favorite superhero of all time, Super Tuesday!" *cue the word "Tuesday" flying across the sky, written in comic sans with badly-drawn cape while Caddy sings in the background*
  • Caddy used to call certain monsters in the game "Nobmunchers", because it looks like they are munching on Harry's penis. While this would make in-context sense in other games that are basically mental journeys examining their protagonists' fractured psyches, the first game is just Harry, a regular, stable man looking for his daughter so they're just monsters munching on his nob for no apparent reason.
  • After spending the whole video praising the game's scariness, graphics and soundtrack... Caddy claims that he salvaged the game because of the Narm-y and abrupt bad ending and then he claims that it's basically a Christmas game.
  • The game's odd dialogue and narmy voice acting including Harry asking an unmoving Cheryl where she's going, repeatedly asking who and what "that" thing was and of course this bit with him and Dahlia Gillespie:
    Harry: Tell me everything you know. What's going on?
    Dahlia: Darkness.

Mega Man 8 (ft. gillythekid)

  • The whole review starts because Gilly got Caddy a physical copy of the much-maligned Mighty No. 9 much to Caddy's irritation. Gilly was gonna get MM 8 instead but physical copies turn out way to expensive these days, reaching up to like 200 quid.
  • Speaking of, Gilly's use of British money slang. Quid, dosh, readies, bread-and-honey, WONGA.
  • "Anyway, we start the game off and ah, look at this, isn't it pretty? Birds flying, lots of colors, running and jumping around with jolly music, wow, things couldn't get any better-HOLY SHIT, THE TREES ATTACK YOU! WHAT THE FUCK?! This isn't cool! Fuck you Mega Man, more like Tiny Man, you tiny little fuck!"
  • This conversation:
    Caddy: We enter the stage select screen and... ooh, wow, this is so pretty, I could look at this all day.
    Gilly: Wow, how can you say that when I'm right here?
    Caddy: Oh, you're very pretty too... I just think you need a bit more flashing lights.
    (Gilly is shown, now with some flashing visual effects)
    Caddy: *Beat* Nice weather we are having, isn't it?
    Gilly: It's freezing out...
  • Caddy picks Grenade Man as his first boss for laughs. Caddy THINKS he's gonna have an easy first time especailly since Grenade Man outright says "I'll be nice on you!" Gilly has a nice little giggle as Grenade Man proves to NOT be nice on Caddy at all.
  • Caddy forgetting that he can use Mega Buster and slide because he doesn't know much about Mega Man as a whole and Gilly angrily reminding him. When Caddy forgets about the slide, Gilly actually leaves for a while.
  • Caddy snaps trying to deal with the infamous board parts, especially Mega Man's constant squeaking of "JUMP! JUMP! SLIDE! SLIDE! JUMP! JUMP! SLIDE! SLIDE! JUMP!JUMP!SLIDE!SLIDE! JUMPJUMPSLIDESLIDEJUMPJUMPSLIDESLIDEJUMPJUMPSLIDESLIDE-"
    Gilly: You playing Mega Man 8 or readin' the fuckin' Kama Sutra?
    A definitely-not-perverted Caddy:........what's the right answer?
    Gilly: You're sick.
  • This... just... this:
    Sword Man: I won't hold back
    Gilly: What the here is wrong with you?
  • Caddy and Gilly arguing about the proper plural form of "Mega Man".
  • Caddy has a LOT of fun mocking the game's bad English voice acting...but Gilly does not, choosing instead to disappear until Caddy decides to move on because mocking Mega Man 8's english dub is beating a REALLY dead horse to him...but Caddy ain't done yet.
    Caddy: Before we carry on though, here is Rush the dog screaming and yelling like he's having the jolliest orgasm.
    Gilly: Okay, STOP.
    Caddy: I'm not sorry.
  • After a brief going-over of the game's item shop, Caddy turns his attention to Roll's new outfit:
    Caddy: Plus, Roll, I don't know what you're wearing here but I think you have some explaining to do. (cue X Files zoom in on Roll's new clothes with the buttons that look too nipple-like for his tastes.)
  • Gilly's almost too weary with Caddy's antics to talk about the Saturn version of the game, but...
    Gilly: No, I can't take this anymore.
    Caddy: I won't take you on a dinner date if you talk about it.
    Gilly: (Immediately jumping into frame with the Saturn version of the game in hand, grinning) SO THE SATURN VERSION OF MEGA MAN 8!
    • Aaaaand it turns out this was a cruel trap set by Caddy to trick Gilly into talking about the Sega Saturn on Caddy's beloved Playstation-centric channel and give Caddy an excuse to good-bye Gilly like he has all his other guest stars. Oops!


  • "Peeeeeepa's death!" *Stabs Peppa who proceeds to scream*
  • Caddy trying to find excuses to avoid playing the game and finding out nobody needs his help.
  • While complaining about the amount of opening logos the game has, Caddy again compares Peppa's head to a hairdryer, a dildo and a whistle.
  • The Michael Jackson cameo during the Happy Mrs. Chicken game.
  • "Fun fact - did you know that this is the worst thing I've seen?"
  • This part, when talking about a Hide and Seek game:
    Narrator: Where is George?
    Caddy: *pointing to the display pic of George* He's right there.
  • "If the team who created this game worked as waiters at a restaurant, I'd tip them FIRE ANTS!"
  • When playing the "Car Trip" minigame, it turns out to unceremoniously end after a single button press.
    Mummy Pig: Peppa, George, it's time to go home. *the car drives off*
    * beat*
  • Instead of slaughtering the game, Caddy puts it into bathtub in order to "Boil the pork".
  • Caddy lets his dog outside to experience the snow. The dog has a ton of fun in it... a little too much fun.
    Caddy: *Zooms in on the pee* Oh noooooooo!
  • Due to the way the letters bounce onto the screen, Caddy calls one of the games "Clurpu" instead of "Colour Pictures".
  • Also, he paints a very terrifying picture, with static and a distorted version of the show's theme in the background, black eyes and what can be deciphered as a scream. What's funny is what Caddy says afterwards.
    Caddy: I should be kept as far away from kids' games as possible.
    Season 10 
SpongeBob SquareBob SuperBob
  • Turns out the Peppa Pig game survived Caddy's attempt to drown it.
  • Caddy becoming excited at the excessive use of five exclamation points to end one of the pieces of dialogue (For extra absurdity, him saying, "Not one, not two, not even three..." is accompanied by the DVD covers to the Disney Cinderella movies), only to become disappointed when he finds out what the "exciting" sentence was:
    Barnacle Boy: (written as is; in a deadpan tone) Well we are a bit busy right now, no rest for us super heroes!!!!!
    Caddicarus: (beat) Thanks for disappointing me.
  • "SuperSponge"? More like..."sup". (accompanied by a picture of soup)
  • After stating how much he enjoys the death sound effectnote :
    Caddy: (holding up a gun; cheerful) HEY PHOEBE!
    Phoebe: Yeah?
  • Caddy noting that DarkSydePhil's laughter sounds a lot like Spongebob's laughter when sped up, where he then states:
    Caddicarus: DSP... Deflated... Spongebob... Pissing himself.
  • Caddy winds up spending a large amount of time stuck in the Sandy's Tree Dome levelnote , unable to make any kind of progress... because of the water baths you use to refill your water. Specifically, because they only work when you stand dead center in it.
    Caddy: (zooming in on a water bath) Ugh... (Spongebob peaks out; twang noise) You know... (picture of Spongebob being used to clean a car) for a creature that's literally shaped and named after a thing that is meant to clean off large areas of surfaces... you're oddly specific.
  • Caddy's criticism of the sound effects in the game:
    Caddy: Picking up spatulas is like a baby being stepped on, the whipping of your jellyfish net is like a reverse shotgun blast in your eardrum, and all the enemies wail and cry like they lost their copy of The Emoji Movie in 4K!
  • Caddy's massive confusion that the in-game hint states that the Mother Jellyfish boss is afraid of...jellyfish. Although he manages to find the logic in that:
    Caddy: Well, I mean, now that I think of it, I'm a person, and if someone one threw a person at me, I'd probably be quite upset too.
  • "AH BEAT DA BOSH!" (good)

Bennett Foddy Can Suck My Doddy

  • If the title didn't give you any indication, Caddy realllllly hated this game.
  • The intro where Caddy acts out the game's premise by sitting in a tiny go-kart and trying to pull himself along the ground with a hammer.
  • Caddy tells of his first reaction to the game before he bought it where things looked hopeful.
    Caddy: When I saw it available on Steam for not too much money I was like A MAN IS IN LOVE
    Caddy: And then I came
  • Caddy wonders what the game's protagonist looks like in that cauldron. Cue the scary music as Caddy crouches in a freakish manner that the protag would probably be in...and then said scary tone stopping as Caddy shuffles very awkwardly toward the camera.
  • "Joseph, you are unclean! YOU MUST GRRRRRRRIND YOUR SINS AWAY!"

Rayman 2: The Great Escape

  • The "Family fun for everyone" Running Gag.
  • "Which is ironic, being so close to Valentine's day, because you usually mount the thing first and then they get exhausted".
  • Caddy explaining to a psychologist (himself) why he hates football. All of it.

Junge of the Georgle

  • Caddy snarking about the name of the company within each company logo ("'Crave'? Yeah, I'm craving another game to play!"), only to struggle once he reaches Papaya.
    Caddy: "Papaya"? Yeah, I'd a...papaya. (long glance at the camera)
  • According to Caddy, it took six companies to make the game: one for the cover, one for the title screen and the other four to fuck it all up.
  • Caddy's disbelief at the name entry screen preventing him from using cuss words...but allowing "Knobhead".
  • "W-Wait! Wait. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SACK?!!?!"
  • Caddy explaining the immense slowdown the game suffers from the only way he knows how:
    Caddy: It's more unresponsive than my granny...and she's dead!
  • "George, George, George from Peppa Pig, watch out for that axe!" (cue George getting decapitated)

MORE Nursery Rhymes on VHS! (PART 1)

  • "Also, here's some wrinkly old man arse. Have a nice day, CUNT."
  • Caddy points out that despite being a "movie" none of the visuals move much, being made up of frequently off-model illustrations. He then refers to the movie as a "stillie" for rest of the video and Part 2.
  • He also makes frequent references to the previous Nursery Rhyme video he reviewed a year earlier and how awful this one is compared to that one.
  • "Ring-a ring-o' roses, a pocket full of posies, a tissue, a tissue, we all DIED FROM THE PLAGUE"
  • This rendition of the eponymous black sheep looks high as balls so... "Bah, bah, black sheep, have you smoked a joint?"
  • The stillie suddenly going Tear Jerker for "Who Killed Cock Robin?" Caddy, confused at all the singers answering and asking random questions while the murderer, the sparrow, is right there and the sheer dark tone of the song practically becoming a eulogy to the poor Robin leads to Caddy adding his own line:
    Caddy the moose: "Who'll arrest the culprit? I, said the moose. I'll wrap him in a noose. WE SUPPORT THE DEATH PENALTY."
    • And right after that is a HUGE case of Mood Whiplash when the very next song is "Hey Diddle-Diddle." Caddy even has to call out the stillie for playing that trope way too straight.
  • "I went to London to look at the queen and found a huge, gross mouse picking his nose with a disgusting bellybutton sitting underneath a chair made of hemorrhoids. (Beat) Is that how the rhyme goes?"
  • In regards to Darren Day's unusually relaxed, happy singing of the final line of Oranges and Lemons (especially if you compare how the previous VHS version unexpectedly pulled off Surprise Creepy):
    Caddy: *cheerily* Oh, don't worry kids! He made it sound like the most charming thing in the world, the sick bastard!
  • "One a penny, two a penny, hot-cross ANUSES."
  • The Running Gag of bringing up host Darren Day's infamous adultery scandal.
  • "Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep, and then got liver failure!"
  • His lampooning of the VHS' version of Over the Hills and Far Away:
    Darren: He met old Dame Trot with a basket of eggs. He used his pipe and she used her legs.
    Caddy: You used your what and she did WHAT?!
    Darren: He used his pipe and she used her legs.
    Caddy: AAAAAAAAAH!
    Darren: Tom saw a cross fellow who was beating an ass...
    Caddy (with a sensually deep voice): Oh, I bet he was, the little slut.
  • Caddy's reaction to the unusually sinister and foreboding keyboard playing that accompanies the dog's appearance in Two Legs Sat Upon Three Legs. He then uses it for his own dog.
    Caddy: Stan!
    Stan: *looks at the camera* DUM-DUM-DUM DUM DUMMMMMM
  • "Rock-A-Bye Baby" making up lyrics that just weren't in the original much to Caddy's anger. Also someone called Betty is there and Caddy pulls his usual "Who's this Johnny?!" gag on a nearby drummer...who actually is called Johnny.
  • Caddy's vid ends with the video giving him the famous "St. Ives" riddle which he's easily able to answer...but not before a quick bit of bomb scare from Simon Gruber.

MORE Nursery Rhymes on VHS! (PART 2)

  • The video is sponsored by HIMS, a service that helps men deal with their bodily problems.
    Caddy: And you can trust me with pharmaceutical stuff. I am trustworthy.
    Caddy: I am completely trustworthy.
  • Caddy's brief little summary of part 1.
  • The very first nursery rhyme of this part starts with "Jack be Nimble", but the picture used is a bit disturbing and the accompanying bouncy keyboard doesn't help. Caddy's stunned reaction sells it.
    Caddy: ummm....oh. This isn't very nice. I've already been to one dark place, I don't need to go to any others-*rhyme begins* AHH!
  • Caddy's annoyance at the frequency of the intervals is back even more strongly this time, in part owing to an interval appearing almost right at the start. Each one is accompanied by Caddy abusing a keyboard in various ways.
  • His comparison of the synth backing of "There Was an Old Woman Lived Under a Hill" to the theme for Psycho Mantis, and his deconstruction of the rhyme itself.
    Caddy: More to the point, isn't this rhyme kind of obvious in the first place? "If she's not gone, she lives there still," I mean, isn't that kind of fucking redundant? You might as well change the rhyme to "There was an old woman lived under a hill/and if she still lives there, then she still lives there," it's complete fucking trash.
  • Caddy's reaction to 'Pease Porridge Hot'.
    Caddy: You know, a big group of people sitting around waiting for a stew of split peas to sit around for nine days before they eat it. Sounds good to me. I don't remember the last time I had so much fun at ritualistic mass suicide.
  • "It's not classed as stealing when the owner of the shop is dead, is it?"
    • Right after that, the way Caddy bounces to the backing music.
  • Caddy hamming up the keyboard that plays during 'If All the World were Paper'
    Caddy: Plus, if all the world were paper and the sea were ink, *The last three notes of the rhyme plays as Caddy says:* it would all sink. The end.
  • Caddy explaining that the VHS makes an error in "Come Let's To Bed"'s title, labeling it as "Come Let's To bed".
    Caddy: And I was so angry about this when I saw it that I decided to have a look for more information about "Classic Nursery Rhymes with Darren Day" on Google so that I could complain to the company, only to then be given "Some results may have been removed under data protection law in Europe."!
  • Caddy's reaction to I Saw Three Ships a Sailing:
    Darren: And do you think was in them then, one New Year's Day in the morning? Three pretty girls were in them then—
    * long beat as Caddy stares at the extremely messy art*
    Caddy: ...oh...?
  • The VHS' version of London Bridge is Falling Down has a lot of fake-outs in regards to the ending, and this, coupled with how boring and static the song is, slowly drives Caddy past the breaking point.
    Caddy: ...there's nothing else you can add, is there?!
    Caddy: No? Are we good to go?!
    Caddy: Fantastic. So onto the next rhyme—
    Darren: Suppose the man
    Caddy: *slaughters himself*
  • At the end of the VHS, Darren Day mentions that he and "his friend Daisy (read: a picture of a cow) enjoyed singing them":

the last episode ever...

  • Let's start with the fact the April Fools' Day episode is Caddy overreacting to criticism from a moron who apparently hasn't realized his Tomb Raider review was five years before the episode, which promptly becomes a MSTing of said email.
  • Phoebe's disappointment at the beginning of the video that it's not yet time for Caddy to drink bleach, which Caddy is understandably baffled with.
  • Caddy genuinely laughing when he got to the part "regarding Lara Croft's breats and buttocks."
    Caddy: You know what one of my favorite things for dinner is? Chicken breats.
Bug's Life the Dragon
  • Caddy realizes that Flik's name backwards is "Kilf". The first thing that comes into his mind when he realizes that is "Kite I'd like to fuck" and then we are treated to a picture of a cartoony kite photoshoped onto a body of an attractive, shirtless woman.
  • Caddy calling Flik "sadistic" after Flik kills an enemy and says "That's gonna leave a stain".
  • Caddy has to admire the effort Traveller's Tales put into this game, long before they went and STARTED WORLD WAR 3
  • One poorly timed cutscene fadeout gives Caddy perfect joke material:
    Flik: Oh, I-I-I do, I could travel to the city! I could search there!
    Princess Atta: If you went, you'd be on that silly search for WEE-
    Caddy: Hey now, there's nothing silly about that! In fact I do it pretty frequently. (cut to Caddy hunched over a toilet, very happy) Yes! I found it!
  • At the end, Caddy decides to see all the nice things people say about him, starting with a Spyro video by MasterJay...who throws in a rather harsh Take That! at Caddy's penchant for sudden volume spikes and visual lunacy. Caddy's response...

Spyro Orange: The SH*T Game Conspiracy

  • Every video for the Reignited Trilogy Caddy clicks on not-so subliminally links him to Spyro Orange: The Cortex Conspiracy instead. It takes only two before he decides to give it a good going over.
  • "Greetings and salutations, my beautiful Spyroes, and welcome to the Spyro show, where I always have the dirty Spyro of deciding whether or not a game deserves to be slaughtered or Spyroed..."
  • The Spindly Johnny Simulator.
  • Scarfulhu makes a brief appearance informing Caddy that he has to beat the game's lacklustre story no less than three tmes to fully complete it.
    Caddy: You're pulling my leg!
    Scarfulhu: Nah, I'd never do that. Its too hairy.
    Caddy: [[Beat ...]] Shut up.


Aladdin: Jaffa Cake's Sister is P*ssed Off

  • Caddy is really reluctant to review the game, so much that he tries to escape by sneaking away in a giant cardboard box while singing the Metal Gear Solid theme.
  • "Oh, look, here we go, it's Aladd—oh, fuck, SLOWDOWNYOUREGONNACRASH—!" *BOOM*
  • "After that, the gameplay begins and we immediately see that Aladdin somehow has cleavage on his back and I'm so disgusted that I take the game out and stamp all over the disc." *cue the disc rolling across the floor and Caddy stamping on it, complete with background screaming*
  • When Caddy discovers that the "reward" for the needlessly complex endeavor of knocking out a guard with apples is access to a cake shop, he descends into an increasingly deranged rant.
    Caddy: How do you sell any fucking cakes, when your shop has a bouncer that won't let anyone in? FURTHERMORE! Aren't you a thief?! ALADIN?! You steal coins and apples just fine, but not any cakes? WHY?! You know what? I don't care. Just throw some more fucking apples at some fucking birds, run out of apples with one bird remaining because of shitty controls, and so need to run back through the entire fucking stage just to get more apples, and run all the way back just so you can hit the last bird and win a fucking FLUTE FROM A LITTLE BOY! THISGAMEISHORRBILE!!!
  • Caddy's reaction to Nasira's rolling Rs is priceless.
    • "Ok, now, rrreally think about this for a second, game developerrrs! When wrrriting your scrrript did you serrriously rrrequire everrry RRR in yourrr sentence to rrroll? It's rrrancid!"
  • Caddy's reaction to the save screen: a picture of the traveling merchant with a rather skeevy expression on his face.
    Caddy: I get the feeling that he wants me to do a lot more than just save the game.
    Caddy!Merchant: (to the tune of "A Whole New World") I can show you my ASS.
  • Caddy's reaction to Aladdin going "Bleh!" whenever he picks up a bonus level coin. note  He then adds to the Gorillaz' Dare.
    "It's coming up, it's coming up... it's BLEH!"
  • The Genie slot machine probably wasn't meant to be as scary as it was, but Caddy makes his fear clear throughout the segment, culminating in him showing off the creepy laughter that plays when you get a bad spin.
    Caddy: ...I need some miluk...!

Muppet RaceMania

  • Declaring that Swedish Chef is his spirit person.
  • The discovery that the loading screen is just Beaker's neck slowly extending into infinity.
  • Caddy's declaration of "You LITERAL fucking Muppet!"
  • The video opens with Caddy singing the theme song to The Muppet Show, but gets interrupted by Puppicarus throwing the game at him. And his evil scheme is to anger Caddy into uselessness with this game! Only for it to backfire because the game's actually good, as Caddy immediately points out.
  • Caddy's imitation of the still mouth movements on Statler and Waldorf in this game, which is clearly just a bunch of pictures on repeat.
  • Puppicarus returns with Percy the parrot from previous reviews as a disguise.

Harry Potter and the Philosophercerer's Stone

  • Caddy's insistence on referring to the game/book/movie as the "Philosophercerer's Stone", in reference to how the book, originally titled Philosopher's Stone in the UK, was retitled Sorceror's Stone in the US.
  • Learning that he's a wizard, Caddy eagerly goes to find a game about wizards on his phone...and comes across Hogwarts Mystery, as in the mobile game infamous for its poorly done time-based stamina microtransaction system (fans of Jim Sterling will likely be more familiar with it than Caddy was.) Caddy's response upon running into said time-based stamina issue is to point his wand at his phone...
    Caddy, grinning: Avada Kabarbrastreisand. (phone explodes)
  • "And now, because of copyright, please enjoy Shrek 3 DS music for a bit."
  • Much fun is had from the hilariously awful models featured in the game, with Caddy comparing Dumbledore to a sloth, Draco Malfoy to Bobby Hill and Neville Longbottom to Susan Boyle ("And that's just one side of it!",) among others.
  • Upon being faced with Hagrid's infamously terrible model, Caddy is unnerved and refuses to call him Hagrid, simply referring to him as "hayride", what his phone autocorrected "Hagrid" to.
  • Caddy referring to Harry's run animation as "pissing himself and hoping that nobody noticed" and Neville's as "shitting himself and being very proud of it".
  • The Storytime with Daddy Caddy segment, which devolves into Nightmare Fuel.
    Caddy: I really need to stop asking him for anything.
  • Dumblesloth warning students of the 3rd floor corridor...then immediately going on about how Hogwarts is an amazing place to explore.
    Dumbledore: Ah, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts! A wonderful place to explore!
    Caddy-dore: BY THE WAY, DON'T DIE.
  • Caddy isn't too fond of how Fred and George Weasley (both looking like they're continuously eating their own lips) force him to collect a bunch of Bertie Botts' Every Flavour Beans before they'll tell him the password to one of the talking portraits.
    Caddy: Great, first I'm told I could DIE if I explore too far and then I'm being ripped off, I thought this was Magical Lovely Hogwarts, not PECKHAM.
  • Voldemort's and Snape's models. They both knock Caddy unconscious.

My History with Crash Bandicoot


  • During his summary of the level Cortex Power, every time he says the name it's accompanied by a grunt from Dr. Cortex and He-Man, respectively. Eventually someone in the audience gets sick of it.
    Audience Member: Stop saying Cortex Power!
    Caddy: I will when I die.

Crash Bandicoot's AWFUL Cartoon?!

  • At the beginning of the video, Caddy mentions that during a game show he doesn't know the name of (he doesn't watch TV anymore) Crash Bandicoot has been mentioned during Bandicoot Month (the question was "Which 1990s Playstation game was re-released as the 'N.Sane Trilogy' in 2017"), saying that this is a sign to make Bandicoot Month an actual celebration all over the world. Then the contestant answered...
    Contestant: Sonic the Hedgehog!
    Caddy: ...CASH BANOOCA!


Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX

  • Since Caddy coudn't think of an intro due to knowing nothing about freestyle BMX, it's a spoof of Postman Pat instead.
    showing a sculpture of Pat without a nose
    Caddy: ♫ Noseless Pat, Noseless Pat, Noseless Pat and his— ♫
    pan to Pat's torso, where his nose is..
    Caddy: Penis?

Rugrats: Studio CYOAR!

  • His Running Gag of expecting the police to come after each Accidental Innuendo.
  • His reaction to the "Roundup" minigame, where the scratches on his disk glitches the game into starting Suzie out of bounds. In response, he stares for a second, followed by sped-up footage of him flailing as he shouts, "WHAAAT!?". Words don't do it justice.
  • This.
    Caddy: What the fuck is going on here? Do you have to be a fanny every time I see you?
  • He compares Dill's multi leg stroller to a James Bond villain and then Waternoose.
  • Also, some of the things he says in the video. Like...
    Suzie: (glitching out) Now I'm really moving!
    Caddy: Yep, you sure are.
    • Also...
    Caddy: How do you get a key after 50 Reptar Bars? Do you eat them all and shit out the key? Have they eaten the keys, why don't their parents FEED them.
    • Also...
    Caddy: My favourite ones are the ones where you have to hit a certain amount of items with unlimited squirts, why does that sound like a porn subscription?
    • And...
    Caddy: The Rugrats, all babies and toddlers, escaped to the backstages of all these film sets of this studio, and they just so happen to have conveniently sized baby sized equipment and obstacles for all of them to use.
    Caddy: What were the studio filming before we got here?
    Season 11 
Theme Park World
  • Caddy: Seriously though who doesn't love Disneyland? Walt Disney himself loved it so much that... he died.
  • Caddy opening his theme park before building anything, and advertising it by saying that it can be "anything [the customers] want it to be, in [their] imagination."
  • Caddy referring to angry customers walking away from the spot they were stuck on while leaving a green... glowing thing as "farting, getting offended, and walking away."
  • "Super Toilet."
  • What does he name his Theme Park? "Dexter's Lavatory."
  • His tour of said Theme Park is quite hilarious as well.
    Caddy: What, you don't like them? WELL FUCK OFF THEN!"
  • Also:
    Caddy: (referring to a costume shop that looks like a tribesman) "And yes the front door is in his testicles because we all know that's where the best deals are hiding."
  • Sing your praises to The Sun God of Judgement!

A Gaming Magazine for Babies

  • The magazine itself is called 110% Gaming, and many laughs are had with the contents alone; the production values are low, the presentation is amateurish and the writing is hilariously lazy. The highlight is its "Top 50 Games" list, wherein the entries feel like they were cribbed from various ratings charts and popularity lists and assembled in no particular order, with Minecraft taking the number one spot because of course it does.
  • Caddy ripping out pages of the magazine twice. The first, during the "Top 50 Games" list, comes when Splatoon2, is listed with the with the pun "We ink it's great!"'. He does so again when a gamer's YouTube name is too hard for him to pronounce, only to realize the jumped the gun and ripped multiple pages out, then looks back to see what he missed. Then he learns those pages have a parody of The Only Way Is Essex, and responds by ripping them up further, then eating them.
  • The magazine includes a free piece of Tango candy. Close to the end of the video, Caddy realizes that the candy is missing, and it was actually the major reason why he decided to buy the magazine.
  • Caddy's bemusement over a question in an interview; "become a Minion or a cat?"
    Caddy: "A cat, obviously"? Yes, obviously. Why the fuck would you want to become a Minion against a cat? Why would you wanna be a Minion? (Image of a Minion wearing a thong is shown) You wanna be that? (Zoom in on the Minion's ass)You wanna be that?!
  • Caddy opening up the packet of Overwatch stickers he got...and referring to every character he finds as Tracer. With an expression knowing full well someone would likely have a go at him for it.

Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back

A Peppa Pig Magazine

  • The video begins with Caddy answering the door, and the door proceeds to knock Caddy out and send him crashing to the floor. The Peppa Pig Magazine is then thrown next to him. Caddy groans in frustration.
  • "Theeeere she is." (slaps Peppa Pig off the table)
  • The fact Caddy ordered two of the same magazine.
  • While exploring the outdoor toys, Caddy finds a Peppa Pig whistle that makes a high pitched noise when blown hard enough. He thus calls it the "Stranger Danger Whistle".
    • Hell, just everytime he blows the whistle.
  • On the Magic Painting Book (based on the pool episode where Caddy explained that everyone is rude and horrible), he decides to spit on the book. When he does this at the end of the coloring book (where Daddy Pig makes a big splash (after Caddy blows the Stranger Danger Whistle twice) after jumping off the diving board), he finds that it actually works.
  • When Peppa Pig's face on the book freaks Caddy out, he blows into the Stranger Danger Whistle three times in rapid succession.
  • When Caddy reaches the main event (the magazine) he places some stickers on his face...only to find out that there are sticker pages.
    • Following this...
      Caddy: "(while putting a sticker of Mr. Potato on his forehead)I always wanted to be a knobhead and now I can be!"
  • Caddy does every snort and woof hilariously. He also gets confused on who is talking to whom."
  • Caddy getting more confused on being told to put stickers when he claims that he doesn't have them.
  • When Caddy gets to the part where "Mr Potato chats with the children," he blows into the Stranger Danger Whistle once again.
  • Caddy eventually reveals that the story featured in the magazine is based on the episode he showed on his Peppa Pig video.
  • Caddy finds out that the stickers he was to put on the book at the page at the end. He proceeds to call the magazine out for doing this.
  • Caddy comparing the taste of the sticker of Peppa to...
    Caddy: "If it was legal... to grind up snotty, bratty horrible children into a paste... and spread it on toast... I think this is what it would taste like." (spits out sticker, scoring a direct hit on the glittery trophy free gift and sending it flying.)
  • "Oh, come on Daddy Pig. You're not even good enough for the DOG to eat.

ALL 10 Mega Man Games.... (PART 1/2)

  • The intro. Caddy appears in a sidewalk, a la Mega Man, stops walking and exclaims...
  • Sliding up ladders.

ALL 10 Mega Man Games.... (PART 2/2)

Spider-Man (PS4)

  • Caddy spending the entire review dressed up... as Deadpool.
    Caddy: This is the closest outfit I have. Shut up.
  • Caddy suddenly takes back all his praise for the game when he realizes it doesn't have the pizza delivery theme from Spider-Man 2... only to immediately rejoice when he discovers that the theme was included as an Easter Egg.


  • "Phoenix Games have bastard!"
  • The opening skit in general. Between shots of apocalypses, we see Caddy happily washing dishes, hoovering his floor and polishing his katana that he now suddenly has. Then a hamster delivers the above line. And Caddy promptly Yoshimitsu's himself.
  • Comparing Harry the birdman to a flasher.
  • Caddy slaughtering himself upon seeing the "rebel biker duck gang".
  • At one point a duck nurse in the film intervenes by simulating an ambulance siren. Caddy compares it to a bullfighting contest with a person disguised as the bull, a deleted scene from The Exorcist and his auntie's last words.
  • Caddy gets frustrated when some of the characters' lines are too quiet to understand, causing him to complain that he's not watching A Quiet Place. Cue a clip of the old man from that movie making the aforementioned siren noise.
    Caddy: (quietly) Hey though, do you mind at all if you'd speak up just a tiny bit, because (trails off into frustrated gibberish)!
  • Caddy's reaction to the laughing goat.
  • "Is the bear's name Samsung?"
  • Hell, the whole damn video is absolutely hilarious.

Super Bowsette 64

  • The video opens with a news report, stating that Animal Soccer World was killed by police after it locked Caddy in his room. The police arrived after a neighbor complained about screaming coming from his house for over three hours:
    Caddy, lying in bed: UH-EH-UH-EH-UH-EH
    • "victim: jimbly"
  • After recovering from the incident, Caddy decides to boot up Super Mario 64. What greets him after the initial cutscene? Peach with large breats, wearing lingerie and speaking in mashed up voice clips of both Peach and Bowser, with the Super Crown on her head.
    Caddy: (beat) Okay what the fu-(smash cut to intro)
    • And the fact that this video marks the official start of the Month of Terraaarrr... (aarr...). It turns out that Caddy was deliberately looking for something unusual and deranged to show off about the Mario series, and boy, did he find it.
  • Caddy's reaction to Bowsette's running animation while she's carrying something: whispering to a dinner plate, then breaking it and declaring that he's lost his shit.
  • At the end of the video, Caddy prepares to say what he'll cover next, only to cut to Bowsette sliding down a slope in a rather unusual way.
    Caddy: Jesus Christ, that's why Bowsette's chest is so enlarged, her bags are full of helium! She's so buoyant that she's floating above the floor!

Mega Man 11

  • Caddy has a field day with how Wily never thought to use the Double Gear before despite it being described in game as his life's work.
  • He also gets a chuckle out of how Wily is such a Card-Carrying Villain that he has skulls on his bed and on his PJs.
  • Comparing Bounce Man's death quote to a reaction you'd have to seeing a beautiful purse.

Resident Evil

  • How does the video start? Caddy exploring local shops to find the UK has been stocking Christmas guff well before Halloween has even come and gone.
    Caddy pointing at a Father Christmas shirt: It's October.
    Caddy pointing at an M&M's advent clander: It's October.
    Caddy pointing at some Peppa Pig books: IT'S HELL
    Caddy pointing at some Christmas crockery: It's October.
    Caddy pointing at a box of Cadbury's Festive Friends biscuits: It's October.
    Caddy pointing at a Thomas the Tank Engine squishable toy: Do you want a squishy Fat Controller?
    Caddy pointing at an array of Christmas puddings: It's October.
    Caddy pointing at Resident Evil: It's Octo-AH! That's better! Can we at least get Halloween out of the way before shoving Christmas down our throats, planet Earth?
  • Caddy's skull face mask is pretty impressive tech. The fact that he's wearing it with a basic Bloodborne hoodie? Adorable.
  • Recounting the series' history and genesis, Caddy details how what started as an attempt at remaking Sweet Home ultimately ended up as the Playstation classic that is Resident Evi-
    Caddy: Biohazard. Yeah its called Biohazard in Japan. The name was changed overseas because of stupid shit
  • He plays a modified ISO of the game that has the uncensored intro FMV so we get to see Joseph Frost's demise in full detail (although he misses out on Chris Redfield smoking in the cast roll.) The zombie scene is also rather jauntily show the severed and mutilated head of Kenneth Sullivan dropping to the floor. Oh and the intro is now in full colour so-
  • Speaking of said intro, Caddy doesn't trust Raccoon City media's report on the cannibal murders going about town, citing Stanley Kael as his reason because the guy's name backwards is "leak".
  • When Caddy takes down the two dogs that spook him in that infamous L-shaped hallway, he does so with such ease that he wonders why Wesker won't let him out the front door (granted, Wesker has his reasons but still.)
  • Cady decides to play as Jill despite Chris supposedly being on the front cover because he feels that when you see Jill, you'll say to yourself: "WO, MAN..."
    Background Caddy: You suck!
  • And clearly like all humans, Caddy loves the hell out of Barry Burton. BARRY BLOODY BUGGERING BASTARDING BURTON. Getting a LEGENDARY LIMITLESS LUSCIOUS LORNE LANNING vibe here.
  • Caddy showcases how Resident Evil's classic item boxes work (they're interconnected...somehow) by opening one up and shooting into it. He then moves to another room, in tank style naturally, opens the next item box he finds with a cheery "HELLOOOOOOO~"...and the shot he fired earlier comes out of the box and brains him.
  • He also appeared to make some wrong choices as he ends up with the ending where Barry dies, and you don't fight the Tyrant again on the helipad which no longer blows up. What sells it is how easy it is to get said ending compared to how Caddy almost accidentally got it.
  • "By the way, serious question for Americans—why do you call them 'erbs? Why is there a silent H there? What, do you live in an OUSE?"

    Season 12 

The Playstation Classic

  • The Badvent Calendar seems to have mentally broken Caddy, as he is introduced here wearing only a pair of tights, stretched as high as possible, walking in a very exaggerated manner with his legs arched wide, and making bizarre screeching noises.
  • Caddy tried to get the PS Classic running but due to some USB power cable snafus between him, the PS Classic and the SNES Classic Mini, no dice. So he decides to show us via Wire-cam, sorry, Maximumfirehazard-Cam since his wires are all behind the TV in a massive tangle.
  • Also, the PS Classic's UI is based off of the original Playstation's BIOS screen...or it would be and would mean more to Caddy if he didn't grow up with PAL Playstations that had the blocky square-laden white-grey BIOS screen instead of the purple paint-splattered one everyone else knows.
  • While playing Revelations: Persona, Caddy meets the game's resident Big Good, Philemon, but can't exactly parse his name properly.
    Philemon: My name is Philemon-
    Caddy: What?
    Philemon: Philemon.
    Caddy: Phil LaMarr?
    Philemon: Philemon.
    Caddy: Ahh, right! Okay, I got, I could swear I popped a rather nasty "philemar" on the back of my neck, yesterday.
    • Also he named his character Crisps.
    Saeko Takami- sorry, Ms. Smith: Crisps! Are you OK?
PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale
  • After Caddy mentions he reviewed the game positively on Current Quickies:
    Scott: Oh, you mean the show with the "See-yoar"?
    (Cut to Caddy writing something.)
    Scott: What are you doing?
    Caddy: I'm reminding myself to kill you if you ever say that again.
  • This:
    Caddy: So what you're getting at is that this is Smash Brothers...
    Scott and Caddy at the same time: But worse.
    Caddy: Oh, we're like two peas in a pod, aren't we?
    Scott: I hate peas...
    (Caddy spews out a bunch of peas.)
  • "Compare this to Smash Bros." - Socrates

Resident Evil 2 Remake

Kingdom Hearts 3

Metro Exodus PS4

The Playstation VR

  • Caddy has a right fun old time playing VR Worlds, specifically The London Heist and its engaging gameplay...and amazingly overdone British accents. Unfortunately this causes an unwelcome (to Caddy) cameo from Quick J. Hoarsethroat.
    Quick J. Hoarsethroat: DID I HEAR MY MATE?
    Caddy: Jesus Christ who said that?! Why the hell would you do that?!
    Quick J. Hoarsethroat: (winks and "''Cyoar!''"'s)
  • When listing off the additional benefits of playing Resident Evil 7 on VR:
    Caddy: And you even get to play as Rayman!
    (upbeat Rayman music starts playing)
    Caddy: Well, Ethan, you know, I wouldn't worry so much about any of this, because your entire arm isn't even there.
  • Gateaux, the hood-masked demon-voiced shirtless weirdo from previous videos, returns to provide Caddy a copy of Batman Arkham VR to try out by...expelling it from behind him, shall we say.
    Gateaux: Ooh, that was a bit spicy-
    Caddy: Leave.
    Gateaux: (runs off crying)
    • The game let's you see Bruce Wayne's parents get shot from his own point of view. That's how Arkham VR starts off.
    • While marvelling at the game's reflection effects and how Batman mirrors your every hand movement, Caddy has him do Wallace's excited pose.
    Wallace: That's right! Cheese!
    • Sitting down while playing causes issues with the PS Camera (especially when its set below the TV) meaning Caddy has trouble taking a piano key offered to him by Alfred.
    Caddy: Eh! Ehh! Ehhh! Ehhhh!
    Alfred: Master Bruce-
    Caddy: SHUT UP ALFRED I'M TRYING- oh finally I picked it up- (drops it) OH WHAT OH DAMN YOU ALFRED! (shakes fist at a vaguely amused Alfred)
    • The Penguin is somehow made of steel since batarangs clang when hitting him.
  • Certain VR games frequently cause Caddy to THRUP.
Klonoa: Door to PhantomileSekiro is WAY TOO EASY



  • "I'm a little more fixated about Bouncer expanding for no reason and saying out loud that he must go deeper followed by him shouting that he's coming. Who made this game?"
  • This exchange:
    Caddy: I remember that time when Nathan Drake went to a prison, Ancient Egypt, a castle, -The Combine Harvester by The Wurzles starts playing- and then a farm.
Yoshi's TEDIOUS World

Team Sonic Racing DESTROYS Friendships

  • For some reason, Caddy's pass marked him as living in the United States, which he obviously doesn't.
    Caddy: Did you know that I'm from America? Cuz I didn't!
  • After explaining the team mechanic, he then talks about the cast of characters to pick from:
    Caddy: And there's quite a cast to pick from here, like Sonic, Eggman, Vector, Shadow, and... (Shows Zavok, and says absolutely nothing.)
  • Caddy reveals he unlocked the ability to make characters' vehicles gold, and thus gave Eggman a solid gold ride.
    • "here lies cad. shadow found my ak-47."
A Banned PS1 Game...
  • The game in question is Thrill Kill, and how is the game delivered to Caddy? By another Caddy, in a red dress, crawling down the stairs in a demented way and spitting the game out.
    • Said dress? That's the first time it's been worn! Not even his girlfriend Cerys, who bought the dress for herself, wore it before that point!
  • Caddy states that he knows exactly how it feels to be banned.
    Caddy: What do you mean I'm no longer allowed at the boat club!? Listen, I only sniffed them a little bit!

Borderlands 3 Made Me Wee

Crash Bandicoot Butts: A Tier List

  • The entire concept of the tier list. Caddy making a tier list based on Crash's butts throughout the years. Finally living up to Crash's working title of "Sonic's Ass Game".
  • Despite the image Caddy took of Crash in Nitro Fueled not showing his butt at all, he places it in A tier. His reason? The picture is of Crash looking behind himself with a very surprised look on his face, which Caddy takes as him thinking "Goddamn, that's a great ass!"

Crash Twinsanity

  • Caddy plays Crash Twinsanity, in an attempt to recover from his last video about... "bandicoot nether regions", only to find... Cortex slapping Crash in the butt.
  • One level features Crash and Cortex briefly crashing through what is obviously a brothel in a kid's game. Named "Moulin Cortex." And some of Cortex's dialogue implies his mother works there. Sadly Caddy doesn't seem to notice what is obviously Tawna on the sign.
  • In a skit regarding the game's soundtrack, Caddy requests some a capella instruments from a man called "Mr. Mouth". He ends up taking a throat clear and belch... from Mr. Mouth's prep sessions. What does he make with them? At Doom's Gate, consisting entirely of belches and throat clears. It has to be heard to be believed.
  • At one point Caddy comes across a rather sickly looking N. Gin.
    Caddy: Umm...N. Gin? Are you alright? (beat) Have you got ebola?
  • Addressing the random slowdown on N. Gin's battleship.
    Caddy: And for some strange reason, this is the first part of the game so far (voice starts progressively slowing down) that completely slows down and makes you feel like a pensioner with arthritis. Come on Crash, wake up, do you need me to get you a Monster energ-
  • Caddy is introduced to his Evil Twin "Baddy", who is... just Caddy with an upside down head.
    Caddy: Oh no, It's my evil twin brother "Baddy"!
    Baddy: I hear you don't like evil twin tropes, so I'm here to fight you!

Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled

  • Caddy comparing Uka Uka's voice to a "sexy jazz musician".

Glover PS1 (the BAD version...)


    Season 13 
Thomas the Tank Engine....ON PLAYSTATION?!
  • The Running Gag with the bizarre Nightmare Fuel loading screens, and Caddy's reactions to them. The reaction to the one after the racing minigame deserves special mention.
    Caddy: Hey, do you reckon on the Island of Sodor, when a train loses a race against another train, it gets thrown into the scrapyard?
    (A loading screen pops up that shows Oliver in the scrapyard)
    Caddy: (beat) I WAS KIDDING!
  • "All we need to do is pick the correct track shape to help out Satan incarnate as a train and away we go."
  • "James murdered my dog!"
  • The train that Caddy creates.
    Caddy: I made a train called Gerard Way, and he's an angsty young engine full of hatred that nobody understands. Also, I think his funnel is overcompensating for something.
  • "Bill and Ben, Bill and Ben, the flowerpot trains."
  • The ending skit, Caddy enters his kitchen to find a toy of Percy with torn up bread, prompting Caddy to mime with the famous. "Look what you've done to our breakfast!" line from Thomas Comes to Breakfast. Before cutting to him slamming the door shut, resulting in the letterbox falling off (Bonus points as shown in the outtakes is that the Letterbox failure wasn't actually planned and they decided to keep it in.)
  • The opening skit with TomSka as "TomSka the Train... Person" deserves special mention as well:
    Caddy: What's that on your head?
    TomSka: My short stumpy funnel.
    Caddy: I need to stop asking questions.
    • Seconds later, he brings up his "short stumpy dome", prompting Caddy to leave in disgust, but before he does...
    TomSka: (gestures dramatically towards Caddy as sad music plays) No, wait! DON'T GO!
    Caddy: Why not?
    (Tom promptly farts the game out from his funnel, a cardboard tube crudely taped to his head, and hits Jim in the face with it).
  • The introduction following the above-mentioned opening skit.
    Caddy: Thomas the Tank Engine is a train. -beat- He's blue. -beat- He has a face. -beat- Thanks for coming to my seminar!
Garbage Gaming Opinions


  • Caddy brings up the infamous "Peppa Pig is 7'1"" meme, and then wonders if she's that tall, how big does that make Daddy Pig? Cue an overblown picture of Daddy Pig appearing next to a cowering Caddy.
    Daddy Pig: I know exactly how heavy I am!
    Caddy: Please don't.
    (Daddy Pig leans back onto Caddy with a loud CRUNCH!)
    Daddy Pig: Oh-ho-ho-ho!

    Caddy's Retrospectives 
  • The "Caddy's Retrospectives" title card breaking in the third part of his Oddworld retrospective. He fixes it and it plays almost all the way through before playing backwards and exploding.
    Caddy: (silence) Good enough. (walks away)
  • Hideo Freaking Kojima, AKA Ballsy Smith, and his POWER!
    • His Metal Gear retrospective, starting with MGS1:
    [...]and it was also one of the first games in which the environments actually fed back on to me. (footage of the Heliport outside area) I felt bitterly cold just looking at these areas. (footage of the Blast Furnace.) And then I felt really hot. (footage of the wolf Caves) And then I felt completely lost and terrified that I was gonna get eaten by AAAH ITSA WOLFFF
    • The opening of the MGS1 video with the mispronunciation of Japan as "Jay-pen" and the picture of Kojima holding a box of Mega Bloks
    ''And within the depths of Japan, a young man named Hideo Freaking Kojima was playing with Mega Bloks...and then he said BOLLOCKS TO THAT!!! *Mega Bloks box falls away to reveal the FOX Engine logo box* and started playing with Lego.
    • He gets to discussing the alert sound and how great it is. He goes a bit crazy with it.
    Caddy: Whoever came up with that noise: I wanna buy some Dairy Milk with Oreos, MELT IT, SMOTHER YOU IN IT, AND THEN LICK IT ALL O— *BEEEEEEEEEP*
    Hater: Eeeeehhh, it's a nuked fridge! Eeeeehhh, it has aliens in it! Eeeeehhh, it makes no sense! Eeeeehhh—
  • Tekken Retrospective:
    • His reenactment of Kazuya's backstory, exactly as it happened. ''EXACTLY:
    This is because when Kazuya was 5 years old Heihachi was really fucking pissed (grr) and he said:
    Heihachi: My son, I'm not particularly fond of you because you're a ponce and I can't allow a ponce to run my very big important company when I die from death.
    And Kazuya said:
    Kazuya: *unintelligible baby gibberish*
    And then with that Heihachi had enough, and he THREW him down a cliff!
    Caddy in background: Okay wait a second. That's pretty fucking stupid.
  • One of the fun facts from part 2 of Gex:
    Fun Fact! Did you know... that I've been looking on the Internet for ages now and there's no fuckin' trivia for this game anywhere!
    • Also, everytime he mentions the game's title, he adds another subtitle to it.
    • Then the third game comes about:
    Fun Fact! Did you know... that I literally give up! I couldn't find anything after hours of searching - no trivia for this fuckin' game, so... if anyone out there knows any sodding trivia, please comment below and do my job for me 'cause I wouldn't find anything...
    Caddy with weird voice But please click on Gex's ballooning face or in the description to go and see [my Top 20 PS1 Soundtracks] now, please.
  • The end of the first Uncharted retrospective has Caddy talking to himself (literally) as second Caddy advertises Crunchyroll. First Caddy mispronounces it several times, prompting second Caddy to snark 'You're not even trying now'. He even made a sponsor plug into a joke.

    Top Ten lists 
  • At the end of his "Top Ten Merchants in Video Games" video, his didgeridoo accidentally falls into shot as he tries to give his signature salutation.
    Greetings and salutations, my beautiful people. Thanks very much for watching my first ever Top Ten list and I hope that I hope- *didgeridoo falls into shot* Didgeri-FUCKING-doo!!
  • The start of his "My Top Ten Video Games I Like But Nobody Else Does":
    Greetings and salutations, my beautiful people, I'm Caddicarus and *cut to him playing a 3DS and grinning like a ponce* IIII PLAAAY VIDEO GAAAMESHH *cut back to normal* and if you're watching this video, you do, and if your grandma is watching this video... she's probably doing it out of obligation. And if she is watching she should stop because I do say a lot of fucks and cu-
  • In his list of the worst games of 2014, he lists Air Control as number 2. His entire discussion of the game is him laughing hysterically over footage of the game and only being able to get out "This ga... this game co... THIS GAME COSTS REAL MONEY!", before suddenly saying:
    "Oh. It isn't on Steam anymore. Good."
  • His list of the top 10 glitches in the infamously broken Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5.
    • The game is given to him by a shirtless, raspy-voiced man who abruptly bursts through his door.
    Caddicarus: Yes, yes I do.
    The Man: AND I HEAR YOU LIKE PS4... [Grotesque sucking noises]
    Caddicarus: Yes, yes, you heard correctly.
    The Man: WELL I GOT SOME NEWS FOR YOU! DO YOU WANT A CLASSIC IP TO COME BACK? WELL GET A LOAD OF THIS! [Proceeds to produce a copy of the game and rub it all over his bare chest before tossing it at Caddy]
    • Also, when skater Nyjah Huston is sent flying in the number 3 spot, his keister starts smoking and he screams like Goofy.
    Caddicarus: Nyjah, when did you install that car exhaust in your anal cavity?
    • After skating through a "Swag Crate", part of the debris clips into his character's model. He edits it appropriately.
    Caddicarus: NUUUUGHG, I DEAD
  • His top 10 list ranking the Dark Souls 3 bosses.
    • He introduces Pontiff Sulyvahn by saying "FUCK THIS GUY!"
    • "At number four we have Oceiros' other sons, Lorian the Elder Prince and Lothric the Younger Prince, essentially the cause of the entire world fucking itself over."
  • His Top 10 Hardest Crash Bandicoot Levels involve him talking about the Crash 1 level Cortex Power, with each utterance garnering a grunt from Cortex and a power tool whirring in the appropriate sequence.
    Offscreen Audience Member: STOP SAYING CORTEX POWER
    Caddicarus: I will when I die!
  • #2 of "Top 10 WORST Things in Spyro Reignited Trilogy!" is Caddy misreading the trophy name "Jacques-tacular" as "Jaculate".
  • The Top 10 WORST US Playstation Box Arts gets off to a right good start when he goes off about how he loves America...but their coverarts can be blegh:
    Caddy: [...]but when it comes to cover art, (goes from ICO's gorgeous European/Japanese cover art to the ugly US one) Y U DO DIS
    • #10 is the original Resident Evil 2's. Europe's boxart for the game was the same as Japan's, a striking stark black background with a creepy monstrous face drawn in scratchy white x-ray sketch form that could be any of the game's monsters, with the title written in the series traditional blocky red font. The US an obvious zombie poking its head around the corner and hastily adding a 2 on the end of a title that's written in a try-too-hard sharp metal font. He also gives a nice nod to the Euro coverarts of the Resi 1 remake and Resident Evil 4, which went the Show, Don't Tell route of showing barely anything believing that they were so scary they didn't need to show anything. The US covers though were a bit too...crowded.
    • #9 is Tomba!! Or Tombi as Caddy knows it. The US cover art uses a more subdued anime art style compared to the European box's claymation wackyness and doesn't have as much detail as the European one, and doesn't say that much about the game itself aside from "Cavemen may have had pink hair at one point and liked to assault pigs".
    • #8 has him talk about the Euro and US boxart for Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX and the PSX port of VI. All four of these game's covers simply have a blank white background with the game's logos but since said logos are colourful and feature imagery relating to the individual games (The Meteor in VII, Squall and Rinoa embracing in VIII, the Life Crystal of IX and Terra riding a Magitek Armour in VI) the covers work just fine on their own and inspire intrigue. The US covers though cram as much of the games' characters as they can in a hodge podge manner with only VII's US boxart looking any bit decently done (since its Cloud looking up at a Shinra reactor.) VIII's cover is especially bad at this, awkwardly squshing Squall, Rinoa and Seifer front and center and hastily slapping a pic of Edea at the back. Oh and while Squall and Seifer are looking at god knows what, Rinoa is smirking as if someone flashed her off camera (complete with a cameo from Harry from Animal Soccer World,) IX's US cover is also guilty of the same with the added benefit of Steiner's Kubrick Stare making him look like a grumpy maths teacher. The result is that VIII and IX look like they're about failed indie rock bands.
    Squall: I'm so tortured.
    Seifer: No I'M more tortured than you.
    Squall: Hah, you wouldn't know tortured if I tortured you right now!
    Seifer: Dude I was tortured before you were even born.
    Squall: Well MAN my torture was so bad-
    • #7 is the cover for Tomb Raider Chronicles. The Euro cover is a moody and threatening shot of a dangerous-looking, gun-wielding Lara Croft amidst a thunder storm, invoking fear and wonder. The US is just Die Hard with Lara shooting at damn near everything while screaming and jumping through a broken window with a generic flaming logo overhead. It just turns Lara into John McClane wearing 70s platform boots.
    • #6 is Spyro 2: Gateway To Glimmer. Or Ripto's Rage in the US, a title that makes no sense to Caddy as it implies this is a sequel where Ripto is returning to get revenge...even though this game is his debut. The Euro title at least ties into Spyro getting pulled into the world of Glimmer out of nowhere. Also, the US cover has a horrible model of Ripto looking ready to EAT DAT ASS while Spyro is making one hell of an "I'm ready for it" face.
    • #5 is Metal Gear Solid. Ironically the US cover tries to do the same minimalist approach as the Euro Final Fantasy games, but while the Final Fantasy logos are at least colourful and have things going on, the logo for MGS is just its title in standard text and nothing else so the US boxart doesn't work. The Euro version at least has Yoji Shinkawa's artwork of Solid Snake taking up the front cover and making you want to pick up and see what Snake's deal is. Caddy also takes the time to throw shade at the garish puke-green US Greatest Hits budget label.
    • #4 is Driver and the US version not only does what the FF covers do and cram everything and anything into a confusing mess but also adds a "You Are The Wheelman" subtitle as if treating buyers like they're fools and don't know what the game is about. Also, the roadmap in the background looks like a tax return form. Compare that to the Euro cover, which is a silhouette of Tanner with a car featured within the silhouette that portrays Tanner as mysterious and imposing while emphasizing the trait he's known for. (Funnily enough, like the European FF covers too)
    • Since Caddy already had a go at the US cover art for Silent Hill, he simply replays his rant from that video. Sadly, the US cover for Silent Hill 3 is hardly any better. While the Euro art is a classic scratchy drawing of Heather Mason that invokes confusion and dread, the US cover is just her CG render looking at something in a dopey manner.
    • #2, well...Bust A Move 2s US coverart is a screaming face with his eyelids held open. Yyyyep.
    • And finally, #1 is Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Europe was lucky to get the same boxart as Japan, a gorgeous Ayami Kojima art piece depicting Alucard in Ayami's signature amazing Baroque-esque detail. The US is just a bland shot of a castle amidst a blue stormy background that looked like a kid slapped it together.

    Caddy Plays 
Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
  • Throughout the series, Caddy's editor, Cerys Mackay (who also happens to be his girlfriend and the same Cerys from a few of his vids,) keeps interjecting her own thoughts via text at the bottom of the screen. Around Episode 3, her Deadpan Snarker tendencies start to shine through, as seen in this gem when Caddy wonders why the half-broken planks in Road to Nowhere exist:
    Caddy: Why are those half-broken ones there? They might as well just be empty. They are there just to trick your eyes and make you think you can stand on them.
    Cerys: maybe that's why then...?

Ride To Hell: Retribution

  • The fact that Caddy is playing one of the modern day whipping boys of video games.
  • Caddy is left utterly dumbfounded by the start of the game where Jake Conway and his brother Mikey have a bike chase trying to get away from the Devil's Hand guys giving them shit...only after Caddy beats the segment, it cuts to Jake and Mikey already at their mercy like the whole bike chase never happened. Also, Meathook's failure of an Irish accent. Caddy has no idea what he's trying to be.
  • The game showing Mikey getting killed by Meathook, Jake doing the usual Big NO thing...then the game going into sepia and showing the exact same scene that we just saw, just with Jake getting shotgunned.
  • Caddy runs into the game's infamous sex scenes. The very first of which happens after Caddy finds what to him merely looked like a couple arguing with the guy merely raising his voice, causing Caddy to decide to kick his ass...and then cue random sex scene. As an added bonus, said girl's boob physics go all skew whiff, they're both fully clothed and their faces are as stony-faced as can be. And of course, editor Cerys' reactions.
    • Aditionally, Caddy felt more clean watching actual pornography..or "punnagraphy" as he has to say otherwise Youtube will demonetise him nice and hard.
  • At one point in Part 2, Jake meets with Uncle Mack...just as the latter's facial textures don't load in properly, making Mack look like a particularly warped burn victim, serving as a Jump Scare for the poor boy.
  • The one mook that constantly goes "Don't mess with the Ham!"
  • After once more getting a random sex scene with Sarah the mechanic, as soon as gameplay resumes, Jake is stuck in a position where he has his arms around himself. Caddy even notes that it looks like Jake is sucking his thumb like a baby, causing no end of amusement. Less amusing is that Caddy can't move because of this forcing him to reload a checkpoint...right after the annoying mook fight he just had to get past.

  • The Puppicarus show's pilot: Walking the Dog. Puppicarus attempting to walk Caddy's dog goes a bit awry. Especially considering said dog seems to be trying to tear Pupp apart.
  • When a Caddicarus video is sponsored by Crunchyroll, Caddy puts a Motor Mouth sequence before the Hidden Block logo.
    Oh, GOD... I'm like the Micro Machines Guy! (photoshopped image of John Moschitta Jr's head over a Titan) Shame he doesn't have an anime...
  • Although the "I'm Starting Over - A Caddicarus Update" is a mostly serious video, it begins with a funny Take That! towards The Fine Brothers.
  • Kids Explain "Cool Cat Saves the Kids" : Just the idea that his young daughters (a six-year-old and a nine-year-old) laughed at how bad the movie is, despite being within the target demographic.
  • In Kids Explain Labyrinth, things get awkward when Phoebe mentions hearing Cerys say that David Bowie's tights were too tight. Caddy looks at Cerys in disbelief, and quickly tries to assess the situation and their understanding, but neither Phoebe nor Amy seem to understand exactly why they are so glaringly tight.
  • This vine of Caddy messing around in Disney Infinity
    "So we never knew much about Darth Maul, except *uses the Buzz Lightyear Jetpack* HE'S FUCKING BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!!!
  • Whenever he does a Slauvage where he sends the game ascending in a beacon of light while choir plays, before shooting it. The games always fall down afterwards.
    • His associated opening spiel, "It's my duty to decide whether these games deserve to be slaughtered or salvaged", eventually gets gradually more and more mangled in later series until its mostly just vague noises for the first half.
  • Sudden life update videos tend to follow a particular pattern; The thumbnail is a color-inverted still of Caddy's face, with the title itself being something only vaguely related to the content in all lowercase letters.
    caddy's moustache is the source of his powers
  • metal gear oops opens with Caddy with a CD in his mouth, walking down a hallway with timpani drumbeats accompanying each step. For no apparent reason whatsoever.
  • The aptly titled pain is only six seconds long but pretty much cements how dedicated he is to 100% Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy on all consoles, Nintendo Switch included... to an unhealthy degree.
    Crash 1! I did it.
    Crash 2! I did it.
    Crash 3! I did it.
    Head Desk

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