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Video Game / Astro's Playroom

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The best-selling game for PS5! Kind of!note 

"Introducing the DualSense Wireless Controller!"

A pack-in title for the PlayStation 5 that functions as a Tech-Demo Game for the system's new DualSense controller. You play the role of Captain Astro (previously from Astro Bot Rescue Mission) as he explores his new home — the inside of your own PlayStation 5 system! Bots are running all over the place, whether they're delivering data, playing games, or performing as your favorite Sony characters (and some other ones, too). After a brief demonstration of the controller, you take control as Astro is plopped into the CPU Plaza where he's free to choose which region of the new machine he wants to explore. You can check out the Memory Meadows, the SSD Speedway, the Cooling Springs, or the GPU Jungle. You'll be bashing dangerous robots and solving puzzles, but you'll also be collecting artifacts for the PlayStation Labo. The artifacts in particular happen to be real-life PlayStation hardware, which will be put on display in the labo after you've collected them. Each of the four worlds ends with Astro obtaining one of the previous PlayStation systems. Once he collects them all, a final challenge awaits him deep within the Plaza...

Developed by Team Asobi, the game is fully ready to play the moment you first turn on your machine.