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From left to right: Misha's mother, Misha, Metadon, Misha's father.

He's back.

Mishovy Šílenostinote  is a YouTube channel ran by Misha, a young child star from the Czech Republic who makes Let's Plays, vlogs, and music videos aimed at children. Alongside him is his older brother Metadon, who plays the guitar and helps him make music. In the United States, he is best known for his song about playing Pokémon GO everyday. He doesn't actually play it every day.

Misha's main channel can be found here. His Let's Play channel can be found here. His Czech vlog channel can be found here. His Twitch channel can be found here.


Tropes relating to Misha's content in general:

  • Ambiguous Ending: In the sketch "Hater vs. Misha", Misha leaves up it to the viewers to decide what he does to his hater.
  • Amusing Injuries: "MISHA HAS BEEN SHOT!!!" is a short video where... Misha suddenly gets shot. With a banana. It's a very funny injury that obviously has no long-standing effects.
  • Catchphrase: He says "I'm back" in most of his videos, or "Už jsem tady zas" in Czech.
  • Chick Magnet: This happens in his sketch about getting straight A's; he didn't have any girlfriends before he got great grades, but he got two girlfriends due to his intelligence.
  • Early-Installment Weirdness: His two earliest videos are of him getting shot and him exploding. They are both very short and have nothing to do with his later content.
  • Licensed Game: Unstoppable Misha is an official Misha video game available on iOS and Android.
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  • Self-Deprecation: In "My Crazy Family", Misha says that his family is "retarded" and that he might be as well.
  • Untranslated Title: While he's translated the titles of all of his videos into English, he hasn't translated the title of channel into English. If he did translate it, "Mishovy Šílenosti" would mean "Misha's Insanity".

Tropes relating to his Let's Play videos:

  • Extremely Short Intro Sequence: The MishovyLP opening theme only lasts for mere seconds before Misha interrupts it and continues gaming.
  • Formula-Breaking Episode: Most of the videos on his Let's Play channel are about video games, but one video is just him at the restaurant with his family. Video games are not part of the video.

Tropes relating to his songs:

  • The Ace: In "I Got Straight A's!", Misha has straight A's in all his classes, causing everybody to respect him (including the girls).
  • Ad Hominem: In "I'm Vegan", Misha will insult you if argue with his position about animals.
    If you don't agree with me,
    then you are an asshole
  • Cerebus Syndrome: His 2021 album Not the One is definitely far more serious, with songs dealing with unrequited love and the decline of relationships.