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This is the Character Sheet for Cavalier of the Abyss, the sequel to Immortal Regis. Needs more love.

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Banaan Village

Race: Banaan, Undead
Age: presumed 18
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Green
A mysterious undead boy seeking revenge on Nex for the destruction of his village. Early on he's heavily implied to be Nex and Serin's long-lost son. Later on though, it is confirmed that not only is Ninurta the real son of the Regis, but that Xix is not even the real Xix, that name belonging to the child left by Serin in Banaan who again is in fact Ninurta. As such "Xix's" true identity remains a mystery.

  • Archnemesis Dad: He's potentially the son of the Regis. Current events imply he may be completely unrelated to Nex or Serin.
  • Anguished Declaration of Love: When Yuan is mortally wounded by her own mother, Oski goads Xix into confessing his feelings for her.
  • Awesomeness by Analysis: Combined with Achievements in Ignorance. Even in his flashbacks as a small child, he showed extreme talent with the magical art of Taeguk. He was able to replicate the first level just from seeing it once. By chapter 131, he is able to use advanced techniques like surrounding a ball of pure water with a ring of fire to block a powerful ice attack, and is honestly confounded as to why everyone else thinks that's so difficult.
  • Butt-Monkey: In most of the more comedic Omakes and covers early on.
  • Childhood Friends: With Siana. Complete with a tease of Childhood Friend Romance in that Xix swore to become strong for Siana's sake. Sadly it was not meant to be.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Administers one to Caladbog!Ouroboros after letting Skoll take over.
  • Cynicism Catalyst: Siana's death and the destruction of home village are this for him.
  • Establishing Character Moment: Takes Yuan hostage and assaults her, but when Nex tries to cut her in half to get to him, Xix takes the blade.
  • Fatal Flaw: His obsession with revenge towards Nex. He's been struggling to overcome this with Yuan's help.
  • Forceful Kiss: Kisses Yuan against her will, then bites her tongue to drain blood from her when they first meet.
  • Friend to All Children: Saves Miya despite her being Nex's daughter. Being around children in general seems to bring out Xix's good side.
  • Happily Adopted: Before the destruction of Banaan, he seemed quite happy living with the Village Elder.
  • Hellish Pupils: Possibly due to Skoll's presence inside him.
  • They Died Because of You: I Died Because Of You: Siana of all people hits him with this, sending him into a Heroic BSoD.
  • I Hate You, Vampire Dad: I Hate You Regis Dad: Potentially the first-born son of Nex, he hates his guts. Later Subverted as the likelihood of him being Nex's son is near zero with the reveal that Ninurta is the son of Nex and Serin - and the prophecy stating that Nex would have one and only one son.
  • Incest Subtext: With Siana, who was his Childhood Friend Romance and possibly his hidden sister, potentially subverted later on as revelations leave his relation to her unlikely - though still remotely possible.
  • Intimate Healing: When he is wounded and his regeneration doesn't kick in, Yuan gave him her blood via her mouth because he is too weak to drink it.
  • It's All My Fault: His reaction to Siana's own tale of her death and when he gets the memories back.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: Is quick to attack regardless of the consequences, especially if Nex is involved, though he is getting better at holding back.
  • Luminescent Blush: When he sees Yuan dressed up later on.
  • Missing Mom: Serin may be his mother, though recent events confirm that the Xix she left in Banaan is actually Ninurta, leaving both Xix's identity and parentage a mystery.
  • Noble Male, Roguish Male: Xix is Roguish while Ninurrta is Noble.
  • Oblivious to Love: Thinks the reason his heart skips a beat when he sees Yuan dressed up is because of a medical condition. Lampshaded by Oski and Ouroboros.
  • One-Winged Angel: Being separated from his heart for too long awakens the demonic wolf sealed within him by Oski.
  • Pet the Dog: Tries to save Miya despite her being the daughter of his enemy.
  • Power Perversion Potential: Accidentally uses Taeguk to rip open Viryuna's shirt.
  • Pragmatic Hero: Starts off willing to do whatever it took to get his revenge on Nex, but slowly mellows over time.
  • Revenge: His primary motivation is to avenge the death of Siana and the destruction of his hometown.
  • Royal Blood: Xix's blood released the seal in Thanatos, something only those of blood relation to Nex are able to do. Whether or not it was his blood or the blood of the one who possessed the heart that he devoured upon his raising as an undead remains to be seen. It is now implied that his blood only works because his heart is that of Siana the daughter of Nex and Serin, rather than him having any blood relation to Nex, though Serin might still be his mother.
  • Scary Teeth: Has fangs.
  • Sealed Inside a Person-Shaped Can: Is the can of Skoll, a wolf-like demon. It's pointed out that Skoll can leave anytime he wants because their contract is over, but he chose Xix.
  • Secret Art: The Taeguk.
  • She Is Not My Girlfriend: With Yuan. Understandably since Yuan's father is very much an Overprotective Dad.
  • Supporting Protagonist: Word of God says Nex is still the main character, but the story is centered and told more from Xix's perspective.
  • Switched at Birth: It is possible he was switched at birth with Ninurta or something. Chapter 125 and on makes this even more confusing.
    • With the revlation that Xix is not the real Xix - the child that Serin left in banaan was her son Prince Xix AKA Ninurta - it's increasingly possible that "Xix" is simply a random lookalike that Iffrita used to replace Prince Xix/Ninurta - after she kidnapped him to pass off as her own child.
  • Triang Relations: Was in a Type 4 as a child with himself as B, Siana as C, and a girl named Linne as A. He's in a Type 10 in the present with Yuan as A, himself as B, and Siana (or at least his devotion to her memory) as C, and a Type 6 with Viryuna as A, himself as B, and Yuan as C.
  • The Undead: Siana is the necromancer who raised him from the dead, and it is only in rare cases an undead can survive without their necromancer's blood. Since Xix literally stole Siana's heart, it seems likely this is how he survives. Oski seems to know and hints towards this in earlier chapters.
  • Tomato in the Mirror: Turns our he's not the real Xix. The real Xix, the child left by Serin in Banaan - and later taken by Iffrita Noah - is in fact Ninurta the "real" son of the Regis and true child of Nex and Serin. Who and/or what "Xix" is and whether he's really related to Serin or Nex at all currently remains a mystery.
    • It's possible that Xix is just some random child Iffrita used to replace Ninurta after she kidnapped him.
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid: The destruction of his village and Siana's death broke him badly, though there are traces of his old self left.
  • When He Smiles: It's quite sweet.
  • The Worf Effect: Despite advancing leaps and bounds in his Taeguk training, he's easily defeated by Prince Ninurta when they clash in the Serpent Kingdom.

Race: Banaan
Age: presumed 18
Hair Color: White, Black (false body)
Eye Color: Green

Xix's childhood friend and possible sister, and definitely Necromancer, who was killed by Nex's troops. She found Caladbolg injured after a fight with Nex and nursed him back to health. Caladbolg's presence infected the surrounding landscape and tainted a girl from her village named Linne, resulting in Nex ordering the massacre of her entire village. She reappears as a member of the Clan of the Night, attacking the capital and abducting Prince Ninurta on accident. She calls Caladbolg her uncle and is utterly dedicated to him, to the point of blindly charging into enemy territory, where she is captured and tortured by Ouroboros.

  • Cool Down Hug: Xix gives her one to stop her from killing Nex.
  • Damsel in Distress: Is captured by Ouroboros following a failed solo invasion of the Serpent Kingdom, then rescued by Ninurta.
  • Dark Action Girl: Is member of Night Clan and one of most notable fighters.
  • Evil Former Friend: To Xix, who she now hates.
  • Fire and Ice Love Triangle: Let's see Xix is a fiery rebel who fights his way out of situations while Ninurrta is an aloof prince who literally uses ice powers. Although Ninurrta is starting to show more emotions as he spends more time with Siana. Siana is the girl they both desire but her feelings are ambiguous as she cares for both of them in different ways.
  • Friendly Enemy: To Ninurta before his Face–Heel Turn.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: Has a huge X-shaped one on her chest, presumably from when Xix tore out her heart.
  • Hypocritical Humor: Accuses Ninurta of being reckless. Go look below to see what she did.
  • Her Boyfriend's Jacket: Ninurrta is not her boyfriend but he is the closest thing to it presently. After rescuing her from Just, Ninurrta lends her his sports jacket which she continues to wear even after their heartbreaking separation.
  • Incest Subtext: Her relationship with Caladbolg, which has even been questioned by Ninurta when it appears Caladbolg treats her as more than just a subordinate. Plus, the relationships with Ninurta maybe Xix, considering the whole potential of blood or adoption relations there.
  • It's All My Fault: Xix points out that all her angry feelings at the Regis is because she feels guilty for her role in her village's destruction, which she admits to herself and breaks down crying.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: Goes running off to destroy the Serpent's fragment of Caladbolg's seal despite Caladbolg himself telling her not to.
  • Manic Pixie Dream Girl: To Xix back at their hometown and later to Ninurta.
  • Missing Mom: Her mother was stated to have died in childbirth, one of the reasons she was shunned by her hometown.
    • Her mother is revealed to be Serin in Chapter 66.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: When Yuan's mother acts on her conflicted feelings towards Xix by trying to kill him and hitting Yuan instead, Siana is horrified and convinces Ninoorta to postpone saving his mother to heal her... which backfires again when Yuan's mother attacks them again.
  • Necromancer: She remembered the spell Serin recited the night she left the child with the woman who would become her grandmother.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Her nursing Caladbolg back to health led to the death of everyone from her village.
    • Her summoning of Yuan's mother to navigate Caladbolg's seal to reach Ninurta's mother before her execution caused her to be Empathic Weapon who acting on her conflicted feelings toward Xix tried to kill him and instead mortally wounded Yuan instead.
  • No Sense of Personal Space: Towards Caladbolg and Ninurta, since she sees them both as family.
  • Oblivious Adoption: Her grandmother is not related to her by blood.
  • Oblivious to Love: Has no clue about Ninurrta's feelings towards her though she does toy with his affections. She is under the impression he is her brother and his feelings are actually familial and not romantic.
  • Tomato in the Mirror: As a child, she discovers she is a member of the Clan of the Night when Caladbolg doesn't taint her.
  • Raised by Grandparents: Raised by her sickly grandmother.
  • She Is All Grown Up: Her real body is certainly more... developed than her spare body, though not to the extent of other female characters.
  • Stripperiffic: Wears a hoodie, a black bra, and short shorts in the present before changing clothes when she gets back at Night Clan's base.
  • The Undead: Was mortally wounded by Nex's soldiers and killed by Xix.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: see Nice Job Breaking It, Hero.
  • What the Hell, Hero??: Does this twice. First to Xix at their reunion on why he killed her. Later to Ninurrta when he stabs her in the heart. Neither incidences were done willingly as unfortunate incidences caused the guys' to harm her. Siana sure does get stabbed through the heart a lot by love interests, hmm?.
  • You Don't Look Like You: When Xix has a flashback to Siana's death in the first chapter she has developed breasts, but during the flashback arc that shows exactly how she died she was flat as a board. Also applies to her current body, which has black hair, to her real body, which is much older in appearance and has white hair.
  • Walking Spoiler: Just take a look at how many spoilers she has in this entry.

A young girl who lived in Banaan Village.


    Regis Nex/Jae-Hyuk 
Race: Human, Undead
Age: 18 (flashback arc), 35-40 (current)
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Former main protagonist of the previous series Immortal Regis, now current ruler of Chaos. Completely dedicated to destroying Caladbolg.

  • Anti-Hero/Anti-Villain: Comes across as a mixture of Tragic Villain, Well-Intentioned Extremist, and Unscrupulous Hero.
  • Abel: To Caladbolg's Cain, though it can come across as being the other way around.
  • Awesome Moment of Crowning: For saving Chaos.
  • Badass Longcoat: Wears one constantly.
  • Beneath the Mask: In public Nex appears as a ruthless monarch with little regard towards his subjects' lives. On the contrary the poor man has concealed his emotions and has done everything possible to keep the world of Chaos and its' denizens safe from Caladborg's corruption. Caladborg has toyed with Nex's emotions to the point where Nex puts up a guard around everyone to prevent this from continuously reoccurring but deep down he still has hints of his former heroics and virtue.
    • Throughout the manwha Nex is made to appear as though he detests Serin and wishes for nothing more than her eternal suffering. Later chapters inverts this by having Nex literally tenderly touch Serin's face with remorse when a few chapters earlier he claims she ruined his entire life and he wishes she was dead. He does this after she breaks out in hysterics over Siana's death which proves that despite his cool attitude he still holds affection towards the Demon clan princess.
  • Berserk Button: Do not betray him or openly rebel against him. Caladbolg's continued possession of his little brother is another one.
  • BFS: Diffor's default form.
  • But for Me, It Was Tuesday: Does not recall ordering the destruction of Xix's village, but has the one responsible for the clean-up punished because he missed Xix.
  • The Chains of Commanding: One of the reasons he's so bitter.
  • Characterization Marches On: He was more sadistic in the earlier chapters.
  • Death by Materialism: Averted: Had he followed his initial instincts to search for some money he heard someone drop in the park, he might not have wandered into Serin's fight and been turned into a Undead in the beginning of Immortal Regis.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Crossed this some time ago due to being literally back stabbed by Serin.
    • Later conversations reveal that this might have been a huge set-up by his wife (his current one). Just to twist the knife further, he's apparently had his suspicions for a long time, but couldn't prove it.
    • He crosses it again in Chapter 123, when Ninurta seemingly kills himself and in Chapter 125 upon learning Ninurta was in fact his biological son with Serin. Given how he treated him to that point, thinking that he wasn't biologically his, he practically breaks down completely to the point where he was weak enough for even Xix to take pity on him.
  • Did You Just Have Sex?: In Chapter 30, following him hooking up with Serin. Diffor and several others were not amused.
  • Et Tu, Brute?: Was seemingly betrayed by Serin.
  • Evil Overlord: From Xix's point of view. He's cold, aloof, and extremely cynical, but the evils he commits are usually Necessarily Evil in his war to protect Chaos.
  • Fallen Hero: Considering he was the protagonist of Immortal Regis, losing his brother and his first wife changed him for the worst.
  • Greed: Back when he was an Ordinary High-School Student, he had to scrounge around for every bit of cash he could find in order to pay his little brother's hospital fees. Even after the events of Immortal Regis rendered this moot, a flashback shows that he remained rather clingy with his cash and was also a notorious haggler before ascending to the throne.
  • Hidden Depths: Is a surprisingly apt businessman.
  • He Is All Grown Up: True enough.
  • I Did What I Had to Do: Nex's says this to Xix when he confronts him on what happened to Banan in Chapter 134. He later, in private, says that he doesn't regret it because he doesn't wish for others to have to do it.
  • Improbable Aiming Skills: Barely missed impaling a dragon and Ninurta with a spear from a great distance.
  • Incest Subtext: Incredibly devoted to his little brother Jae-Hoon, and even confirms that he has more love and desire for his brother over Serin, the woman he is obsessed with.
  • Knight Templar: One of Nex's defining traits. Most of what he does are Necessarily Evil, but he tends to use extreme force right off the bat. He was much nicer and more reasonable in the past, but whatever happened between him and Serin pushed him to the point where he stopped caring.
  • Lonely at the Top: Confesses this to Diffor.
  • Money Fetish: Back when he was a normal human , Jae-Hoon had to save to the point his friends considered it his defining trait.
  • Morph Weapon/Empathic Weapon/Talking Weapon: Diffor
  • Noble Male, Roguish Male: Nex's and Bihyung's Noble to Owen's Roguish currently. Owen and Nex were Roguish and Bihyung was Noble in Immortal Regis.
  • Not So Stoic: He breaks down when Ninurta kills himself, and then has a worse one when he discovers that he really was his son after Ninurta awakens as an undead.
  • One-Handed Zweihänder: Frequently wields Diffor one-handed.
  • Papa Wolf: Towards his daughter, Miya but is apathetic towards his sons.
    • Likely because he knows/suspects that Ninurta and Just are not his sons, although he seems to have some genuine affection for Ninurta despite his belief in his legitimacy. As for Xix... well, there's way too much bad blood between them for there to be much affection.
  • Pet the Dog: The only ones he displays genuine affection towards are Diffor and his daughter Miya.
    • He's also starts to show a little more.. restraint... when dealing with Xix, even though the boy openly defied him, and has made it quite clear he intends to continue doing so. Granted, this just means that Nex has postponed chopping his head off so he can focus on other matters, but that's a hell of a lot more tolerance than he's shown in the past. That and the boy is an Undead, like himself.
  • Platonic Life-Partners: With Diffor, a contrast to her relationship to him in the flashback arc.
  • Rogue Protagonist: Of Immortal Regis.
  • Sadistic Choice: To save Serin or protect the anchor supporting all of the Abyss. He did both.
  • Scars are Forever: Has a huge X-shaped scar on his back from Serin stabbing him.
  • Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Heklaroth made a prophecy that he would have a son born between him and Serin, but if he wished to avoid a calamity to remember that. Because of this he assumed Ninurta was born from Iffrita and her cousin rather than between them and was aloof to him. Turns out that Ninurta really is his son, he only took on Iffrita's traits since an undead can have them implanted. This ends up biting him in the ass.
  • Shoot the Dog: Numerous examples, but the one that takes the cake is ordering the massacre of Xix's hometown in order to stop Caladbog's taint from overrunning it.
    • And then there's killing Iffrita in front of Ninurta, though its likely he saw that she had been corrupted and acted quickly.
  • Sour Outside, Sad Inside: He's a lot less pleasant than his Immortal Regis characterization as he is shown ordering the desolation of a village without blinking an eye whereas in the past he would have thrown himself into the line of fire to protect an innocent. As the past gets revealed and the reader learns how the once idealistic Jae-Hyuk has been pulled along in everybody's plots and backstabbed numerous times it's not surprising that after being pulled through the dirt so many times he's lost his cheerfulness and trust in others. Having a demon stone constantly look for ways to torment you for kicks in the guise of your brother doesn't help.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: With Serin.
  • Super Strength: Mere days after waking up still heavily injured and fatigued by his latest confrontation with Caladbolg he can still destroy walls with a simple punch.
  • Supporting Leader: Word of God says he's still the central character, but since he typically curb-stomps anyone who isn't the Big Bad, the action tends to follow Xix and the other younger cast members.
  • That Man Is Dead
    Diffor: Jae Hyuk...
    Nex: Diffor. You know I threw that name away a long time ago.
    • Also takes this attitude towards his brother, stabbing Caladbolg when he came to talk. To be fair, Nex doesn't believe Jae Hoon's spirit could survive against, let alone conquer a 10,000 year old Eldritch god.
  • They Do: Was married to Serin long enough to get her pregnant.

    Diffor Magnasetia 
Race: Demon Stone
Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Red
Nex's sword, which usually takes the form of a woman. She is very protective of him, and is the only person he trusts completely.

  • Hopeless Suitor: Had a severe crush on Jae-Hyuk in the flashback arc.
    • She still seems to have it as of chapter 99, when she tries to stop Nex from checking on Serin after he senses activity from her.
  • I Have Boobs, You Must Obey!: Tries to invoke this with Breast Expansion in the flashback arc, but fails.
  • Intangible Man: Can walk through walls and doors.
  • Manchild: Acts immature at times.
  • Morality Chain: She's trying to stop him from pushing himself to take crueler actions and reconnect with his family, but it's not going so well.
  • Platonic Life-Partners: With Nex, a contrast to her relationship to him in the flashback arc.
    • In chapter 99, she still seems to have romantic feelings for him, after trying to stop Nex from going to Serin's cell, when he had a legitimate reason to.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Depore is the most popular variant.
  • The Starscream: Is accused of being this when she passes information about Nex's weaknesses to Xix, although she claims that she is completely loyal to the Regis.
    • It was more of a "get close and earn his trust" than an actual weakness.
  • The Symbiote: Is bonded to Jae-Hyuk.
  • Triang Relations: Type 4 in the flashback arc, with both herself and Iffrita as A, Jae-Hyuk as B, and Serin as C.
  • Tsundere: Very much Type A in the flashback arc. She has evidently mellowed over the years, though.

Race: Demon
Age: 18 (flashback arc), 35-40 (current)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Nex's first wife and partner from Immortal Regis, and a skilled Necromancer. She is currently imprisoned in an eternal nightmare for supposedly betraying Nex, but not before giving birth to a child, who is revealed in one character's flashback to be Xix and in another flashback she mentions Siana being her daughter, and there's the fact that Ninurta is supposedly an undead as well, leaving open questions who or how many she had before her eventual imprisonment.

  • The Atoner: Sought to sacrifice herself to atone for turning accidentally Jae Hoon into Caladbolg.
  • Dark Magical Girl: Subverted. While she does have the look and title, being a Necromancer from the House of Demon, she is one of the most selfless characters in the entire story. She's also regarded as being the strongest magician left in Chaos.
  • Death by Irony: Narrowly avoids this courtesy of Iffrita, as Nex refused to execute her.
  • Determinator: By virtue of being The Atoner, she actually became one of the five pillars that supported Chaos's very existence in the absence of Diffor's magic stone, which was being used by Jae Hyuk. Even her rival from another clan came to respect her sheer willpower and mental fortitude to withstand the enormous drain on both her magic and body for three years.
    • Another was that while she was being used as a replacement for Diffor's magic stone, she was also having a portion of her blood drained every three days and sent to Jae-Hyuk since Undead technically need their master's blood to keep functioning.
  • Emotionless Girl: She claims to not feel any emotions after waking up.
  • Enemy Mine: She appears to be working with Calabolg after her awakening, or at least looking after her children.
  • Fate Worse than Death: Was sealed away in an eternal nightmare by Nex.
  • Guilt Complex: During the flashback arc. She still carried massive guilt for bringing Jae-Hyuki's little brother to Chaos and inadvertently allowing him to be possessed by Calabolg. It's the reason why she volunteered to be the stand-in power source for one of Chaos's Pillars despite the inherent danger.
  • Mama Bear: While the factors leading to her decision to hide her children away has yet to be fully revealed it is nonetheless shown in flashbacks you do not want to cross Serin when it involves her children. Even in her catatonic state she still manages to find ways to help her children and can sense when their in trouble.
    • When Siana was stabbed by Ninurrta she manages to snap out of her coma to scream in pain and starts crying while mumbling Siana's name. Her outburst draws Nex in where she pleads for him to save their children.
      • Serin is fully revived at the end of Chapter 130 and the beginning of Chapter 131 has her confronting Caladborg. When Caladborg begins subtlety -cue sarcasm- using Siana as a pawn Serin grows furious and furiously questions if he's trying to pick a fight with her.
  • Ojou: She is the daughter of the chief of the Demon Clan.
  • Pregnant Badass: Not only did she avoid capture while pregnant, but after she gives birth to her first child and Iffrita tries to have her killed, she escapes her attackers, gives birth to her second child while hiding, and then raises the dead to kill the rest of her pursuers.
  • Necromancer: She was the one who raised Jae-Hyuk from the dead way back in Immortal Regis.
  • Sealed Good in a Can: As part of Iffrita's attempted revenge gambit.
    • Iffrita actually wanted her killed as a traitor, it was Jae-Hyuk who opted to seal her away.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: With Jae-Hyuk.
  • They Do: Was happily married to Jae-Hyuk long enough to become pregnant.
  • Triang Relations: Type 4 in the flashback arc, with both Diffor and Iffrita as A, Jae-Hyuk as B, and herself as C.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: She snuck Jae-Hyuk's younger brother into Chaos to try and heal him, without informing Jae-Hyuk, but her father's scheming allowed the Night Clan to find him, leading to the ressurection of Caladbolg.

     Prince Ninurta Noah / Prince Xix 
Race: Dragon, Undead
Age: 18
Hair Color: Teal, Black (temporary)
Eye Color: Blue, Red (temporary)
The Crown Prince of Chaos, Ninurta is somewhat aloof but good-natured, and desires above all the approval of his father Nex, who he bears no resemblance to - leading to rumours that he is illegitimate. It is rumoured he actually may be the son of Iffrita and Mikhail Noah, although he didn't know it until the events of the story revealed this to him and others. He is later captured by Siana and taken to the Clan of the Night. His status as Nex's son is also debatable despite earlier revelations, as Just seemed to be able to successfully use his blood for an inheritance ritual, he has not been infected by Caladbolg's curse when only Night Clan are immune, and that later on it is out right confirmed he is actually Nex's son after all.

  • An Ice Person: Uses Ice magic mostly, and it's hinted to be his element.
  • Beta Couple: Ninurrta and Siana, try as he might to deny it he grows attracted to her free spirit. There may be some other factors involved though.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: When he snaps, he really lets loose.
  • Bishounen: Ninurta is very pretty.
  • Boy Meets Girl: Foil to Xix's introduction. Whereas Xix abducts Yuan to plot Nex's assassination, Siana kidnaps Ninurrta to use as a hostage during her raid of Merkava castle.
  • By the Power of Grayskull!: "Former glory of the ancient, appearance of the last scale-winged ancestor!"
  • Came Back Wrong: Ninurta's awakening as an undead shattered his mind for the most part, changing his personality as well as rid him of his memories of most people. But he's still got access to magic and he's a lot more willing to resort to lethal force.
  • Comforting Comforter: Siana does this when Ninurta breaks down crying over realizing Nex sent assassins after him.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: He stomps over Xix in Chapter 82 and then takes Siana and Rana to safety.
  • Dating Catwoman: Siana is his supposed enemy being from the Night Clan but he grows attracted to her over the course of the series as they form an alliance. He is confused about his feelings since he still holds some lingering ties to the Demon Clan.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Crosses this when he finds out Nex is not his father and when Nex declared him a traitor.
  • Driven to Suicide: After Nex kills his mother, he kills himself by tearing off his horns. He then wakes as an undead.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Joins the Clan of the Night following his exile. He lampshades it in an internal monologue invoking For Want of a Nail.
  • Foil: Serves as one to Xix. Whereas Xix used to do the right thing for the 'wrong' reason (Saving Miya so he can use her as a hostage), Ninurta now finds himself doing the wrong things for the 'right' reasons (Betray his father to save his mother).
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Towards Xix. Initially for receiving Nex's attention within a short time period, which Ninurta has tried to gain for years. And then Yuan, who he is forced to leave. Then on Siana's lingering attachment towards Xix, her unfortunate killer, because he desires her.
  • Healing Factor: Gains one as The Undead.
  • Horned Humanoid: Inherited from his mother and his father... we think. It's complicated, possibly involving being Switched at Birth.
    • He saw his horns as a sign of his bond with his mother, in contrast to his sister who didn't have them. Members of his clan die if they lose them both. After she dies, he tears them off and kills himself... but it turns out to awaken his undead nature.
  • Last Words: To Nex, after he tears off his horns. It doesn't take.
    Ninurta: "Are you Happy Now?"
  • Love Martyr: Whether romantic or familial he does everything for the women he loves and none of them really return the affection... except for his Adoptive-Mother.
  • Magic Knight: Specialized in Ice magic when he was a child and can still kick ass without it.
  • Momma's Boy: Yeah, there's no denying this.
  • Noble Fugitive: He's declared a traitor after running away from a public test to show he is Regis' actual son and subsequently appearing in the company of the Clan of Night attacker, Siana.
  • Noble Male, Roguish Male: Xix is Roguish wheile Ninurrta is Noble.
  • Oblivious to Love: Ninurrta does not understand why he grows determined in seeking out Siana after she goes on a mission despite Caladborg's disapproval. Finally, realizes he loves her when he grows jealous of her affection towards Xix.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: The Noah Clan's Secret Art allows him to partially transform into a dragon by reciting an invocation.
  • The Rival: He and Xix are headed in this direction.
  • Shoot the Shaggy Dog: His life has been one failure after another trying to earn Nex's approval, and once Xix comes into the picture it spirals downwards until he kills himself and is turned into an undead, and loses his memories of his father.
  • Splash of Color: upon awakening as an undead.
  • Stockholm Syndrome: Joins the Clan of the Night after finding a father-figure in Caladbolg.
  • Switched at Birth: Apparently he and Xix were swapped at birth or something, making him Serin's true child.
    • Or Before birth. Iffrita gave birth to him.
  • Trauma Conga Line: This poor bastard, in order: Meets Xix and Just who gains his father's attention and seem to make better cases of being his biological son then he can. Is branded by his father as a traitor after running away and getting involved with Night Clan member Siana and gets his mother scheduled for execution because of it. When he tries to fix that he ends up wounding Yuan's father, getting Rana (who he wanted to take to Cal to be cured) possessed by a fragment of Caladbolg, having Nex mortally wound him and leave his arm useless, learning that his new Love Interest Siana still loves Xix along with Yuan, and leading a member of the Night Clan into the royal city who spreads The Corruption infecting his mother who is then killed by Nex in right in front of him. He finally decides to just kill himself, only he becomes The Undead and loses his memories of Nex. He can't get a break.
  • The Undead: After his Driven to Suicide moment, he awakens as an undead. He really is Nex's son, it's just that the undead can inherit traits from any race, so Iffrita implanted Noah horns on him as a baby to parade him as hers and hide the fact he was truly Serin's.
  • The Un-Favourite: To Nex, compared to his sister.
  • Warrior Prince: Considering his parents he is a surprisingly wise and noble one.
  • "Well Done, Son!" Guy: All he wants is Nex's approval. Ultimately deconstructed.

Race: Dragon
Age: 15
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Nex's daughter with Iffrita, Miya is a sickly child who needs doses of her father's blood to stay alive. She encounters Xix after having run away from the palace, and befriends him. Xix's efforts to rescue her when she was abducted by members of the Clan of the Night, coupled with the fact that his blood could heal her, convinced Nex to spare him. Out of all Nex's possible offspring, Miya is the only one he expresses genuine affection towards.

    Iffrita Noah 
Race: Dragon
Age: 35-40 (presumed)
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Purple/Blue
The princess of the Noah clan, second wife of Nex, and mother of Ninurta and Miya. She first met Jae-Hyuk when he rescued her from falling while trying to retrieve her beloved, deceased mother's pendant and fell in love with him right away. Despite claiming to support Jae-Hyuk's love for Serin, she slept with her cousin Mikhail in order to bribe him to make it appear Serin betrayed Jae Hyuk and married him herself. She cares little for her sickly daughter, but is obsessed with getting Nex to name Ninurta as his successor. Following Ninurta's abduction Nex places her under house arrest and later plans to have her executed. She may or may not have taken in Ninurta from Serin at birth and implanted her own race's traits to pass them as her own.

  • Beware the Nice Ones: In the flashback.
  • Biting the Handkerchief: Queen Iffrita did this when she knew Just was strong contender to be throne therefore Nex's biological son. She also did this when she was captured on account Ninurta's treachery but because she had no handkerchief she bit her hands and lower arms.
  • Break the Cutie: Learning how her mother died pretty much drove her insane with hatred for the Demon Clan, especially Serin.
  • Buxom Is Better: Deliberately invokes this while attempting to seduce Jae-Hyuk in the flashback arc and is called out by Diffor.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: She did not like Serin being close to Nex even before she knew what happened to her mother.
  • Death by Irony: Her mother was framed for treason by the Demon Clan and executed. After learning this she tries to have this happen to Serin. In the end, Nex accuses her of this as well.
  • Evil Former Friend: To Serin.
  • God Save Us from the Queen!: She's known as the woman who does anything for power and she takes immense pleasure out of making Xiao Xiao's life a living hell for what she put her through years ago.
  • Go Mad from the Revelation: Caladbolg showing her how her mother died caused her sanity to take a nosedive.
  • Missing Mom: Her mother was framed for treason by the Demon Clan and executed.
  • Murder the Hypotenuse: Figuratively speaking. She frames Serin for treason so that she can both avenge her mother and have Nex to herself, taking the throne from the Demon Clan.
  • Off with His Head!: Nex cuts her head clean off in front of her son.
  • Oh, Crap!: Almost goes One-Winged Angel when she is told that Nex has placed her under house arrest and declared Ninurta a traitor.

    Demon Navarus 
Race: Demon
Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Unknown
The head of the Demon Clan. Thinking Serin's son was dead, he hired Oski to create a "son worthy of succeeding Nex." His objective appears to be to free Serin, his daughter.
  • Ain't Too Proud to Beg: When all his schemes and ploys come back to bite him as Xix plans to take out his rage against both Regis and Navarus on Serin, Navarus finally drops his arrogance and prostates himself, begging for mercy for her, fully willing to offer up his own life in exchange.
  • Anti-Hero/Anti-Villain: His schemes ultimately boils down to save his daughter, Serin.
  • Aristocrats Are Evil: Or at least selfish and scheming.
  • Cynicism Catalyst: Amazingly, he has managed a way to do this while still alive to Regis. The vast majority of the reason that Regis is the cruel and ruthless king he is now, as opposed to the cheerful and idealistic teen he was in Immortal Regis can squarely be laid at the feet of Navarus.
  • Entitled Bastard: He always act as if Regis owes his very existence to the Demon Clan, and he's entitled to boss Regis around. Regis reminds him that not only did the Demon clan kill him in the first place, but Navarus constantly trying to kill him, and turning his life into a living hell by dragging him to Chaos hasn't won any favors.
  • Good Hair, Evil Hair: His mustache is impressive but morally ambiguous.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: His schemes, manipulations, and power ploys are directly responsible Caladbolg's very existence, Serin's imprisonment, and the rise of the Night Clan, and everything that goes with it. What's worse, is that his agents seize Xix to try to use him as a tool, remove his heart, that is the seal on Skold, and then smash it. Even Oski had an Oh, Crap! moment to that.

    Shao Shao Mao 
Age: 35-40 (presumed)
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Unknown
Introduced in Immortal Regis as a fellow student that was secretly working for Serpent, she shows up Cavalier Of The Abyss as Iffrita's personal servant. She later works as Miya's caretaker.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Acts nice to people to people with higher standing and bitchy to everyone in the same social status or lower. Everyone knows she is this to boot, as she bullies the weak in front of others.
  • The Chew Toy: Relentlessly abused by almost all the other characters.
  • Dirty Coward: She will do anything to preserve herself.
  • Karma Houdini Warranty: She betrayed Jae-Hyuk in the previous series and as shown in the flashback arc, she tormented Iffrita nearly getting her killed when they first met because of her family's standing as a lower house. Now she has become their family servant.
  • The Medic: In the previous series and during the flashback arc, she had healing spells. Now, she makes medicine for Miya's illness.
  • Professional Butt-Kisser: She has no problems ditching Iffrita for Miya.


Race: Serpent
Age: 16-18
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Brown
The princess of the Serpent Clan and Ninurta's fiancée. She meets Xix when he attacks her caravan thinking it was Nex's, and despite the two being hostile towards each other they quickly become close friends and then some.

Race: Serpent
Age: 14
Hair Color: Unknown
Eye Color: Unknown
Yuan's cousin, Viryuna attacks Xix and Just accusing them of abducting Yuan, and later targets Xix on the orders of her master after learning he can use Taeguk.

    Yongje Yeonoh 
Race: Serpent
Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Unknown
Eye Color: Unknown
Yuan's father and head of the Serpent Clan.

    Yongje Bi-Hyung 
Race: Serpent
Age: 35-40 (presumed)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Unknown
Yuan and Viryuna's uncle. He winds up teaching Xix Taeguk.

Race: Serpent
Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Yuan's mother. She dies sealing Serpent's fragment of Caladborg.

A blind girl born with the taint of Caladborg inside of her, she ends up being dragged along by Ninurta in his quest to save his mother.

  • A God Am I: To be fair, she was possessed at the time.
  • Damsel in Distress: Her entire situation in a nutshell. Ninurta keeps her safe so he can have Cal cure her while Just uses her as a plaything.
  • Drunk on the Dark Side: For a brief time, she was possessed by a fragment of Caladborg. She goes back to normal after it leaves her.
  • The Empath: She can read the hearts of others, which is how she can identify threats to herself or see through intentions of others. Whether or not she can do anything about it is another story.
  • Ill Girl: Due to being born when Caladborg woke the last time, she was rendered blind from birth and had a short-life expectancy. It's noted that most of her peers are already dead.
  • The Load: To Ninurta in his quest to save his mother. Later to Xix and co. with her brother because they are currently in Merkava and later because Magnanix happens is back in Chaos.
  • Powers via Possession: She was possessed by a fragment of Caladborg and gained a lot of power, so much so that Ninurta, Xix, and Just had trouble simply trying to hold her down long enough to remove it.

Rana's older brother. He helps main Xix and co. to track Ninurta and Rana.

  • Big Brother Instinct: The reason why ordinary gravekeeper wants to join in dangerous situation is his little sister is seemeingly kidnapped by suspecter Night Clan member.
  • Butt-Monkey: He is usual target, beside Xix, for Biryuna's perverted antics, while having little skill to defend himself.
  • The Load: After they get out of the maze, he becomes this. Justified, as he is weak magician So he can't give any help in any fight among top-notch figters of Xix and co. He and Rana stay with party because they are currently in Merkava and later because Magnanix happens is back in Chaos.
  • Non-Action Guy: Dude can't do magic that can be used in a fight.
  • Scarily Competent Tracker: Subverted. He is only competent at tracking because he tracks someone he knows very well, his sister.
  • Sixth Ranger: He joins the party because their interests coincide and having skill that the party need to traverse the maze.

Oski and his Associates

Race: "Master" "God" (Self-Professed, Meaning Unclear)
Age: Unknown, but really old
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Unknown (Purple?)
A sorcerer whose true motivation is unknown. He can project his mind into a crow that he uses to follow Xix around, and is famous for creating Evils, powerful demons sealed in stone that can be contracted to people, giving them a Superpowered Evil Side.

  • Admiring the Abomination: Over his own creations, no less.
  • All-Powerful Bystander: He doesn't take an active role in the story against Caladbolg because he's hamstrung by the rules of not being a citizen. The moment Caladbolg tries to kill him, he has a legitimate reason to go after him.
  • A God Am I: He claims to be equal to Caladbolg in Chapter 133.
  • Astral Projection: One of his powers, which he uses to operate his Meat Puppet.
  • Butt-Monkey: His Meat Puppet is the constant target of verbal and physical abuse from both Xix and Just.
  • Chessmaster Sidekick: He seems mostly harmless outside of one of his end goals being to see Calabolg's power released so that he can battle Nex and using things like Xix's contract and feelings to do it. Cal admits that he would pretty much destroy Chaos to get what he wants.
  • Creepy Crows: His Meat Puppet is a crow with an eye patch.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: For all his foolish behavior he is still one of the more powerful and knowledgable players in the story, although he rarely shows it.
  • Deal with the Devil: Loves doing this. He strictly abides by the rules of his contracts, although he never breaks a promise to his contractees - as when Xix begs him to save Yuan, Oski - despite having openly flirted with Yuan in the past - refuses due to it not being part of Xix's original contract and says that Xix would likely have to sacrifice his remaining life-force in a second contract to heal her.
  • Exact Words: He explains that had Navarus asked him if he could find the child of Serin, he would have immediately pointed him to Xix, who he had known for a longer time due to the contract. Instead, Navarus asked him for a child that could pass as the child of Serin, and so he got Just.
  • Eyepatch of Power: Wears an eyepatch. Even his Meat Puppet wears one.
  • God: Is apparently as powerful or stronger than Caladbolg, but bound by some sort of "divine intervention" clause due to not being a citizen. Once Caladbolg tries to kill him however he can act in self-defense.
  • I'm a Man; I Can't Help It: He shamelessly ogles just about every female he comes across.
  • Manipulative Bastard: He immediately recognizes that Siana's fake body has the magic stone Nirvana inside of it, but to prevent Xix and everyone else from noticing he presents Semek as proof he's Serin's son and has her father lead him to them while he tries to get it out. Just immediately sees through this and points out in private that he could easily restore the connection between Siana's fake body and real body if he wants and he's playing them all, but he won't tell anyone but it amuses him.
    • In short, if he wants something, he'll manipulate whoever he can to get it, however he can. He plays Siana, Xix, and Yuan like puppets on a string to get Nirvana.
  • Meaningful Name: Oski is one of the names of Odin. This is very appropriate as Oski, like Odin, is associated with crows, wears an eyepatch and is apparently threat to even Caladbolg.
  • Our Founder: Legend proclaims him as the progenitor of the Demon Clan.
  • Red Baron: In legends he's known as the King of the Crows.
  • Sissy Villain: For a powerful sorcerer he seems pretty weak compare others, and he gets the title of villain because it is revealed early on his goal is to enable the Night Clan to free Caladbolg's power in order to see another bout between Caladbolg and Nex.
  • Smug Smiler: Is supremely overconfident both in his powers and his ability with women. Turns out he's equal to Caladbolg.
  • Turned Against Their Masters: A trait of the monsters he creates.
  • Vain Sorcerer: Is incredibly arrogant and vain.

One of Oski's faceless minions.

Oski's Evil's

Race: Undead, Oski's Evil
Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Dark Brown (Just), None (Ouroboros)
Eye Color: Brown (Just), Unknown (Ouroboros)
The supposed son of Nex and Serin, he is actually a human undead with a false personality commissioned by Navarus, Serin's father, in in a ploy to unseal his daughter. He was contracted to the snake demon Ouroboros by Oski in an effort to stop a rampaging Xix, and also takes sadistic pleasure in tormenting Ninoorut.

  • Anti-Hero: For the time being. With the revelation that Xix may be Serin's son, Navarus has asked/ordered Just to keep him safe, though Just, or rather Ouroboros, has his own reasons for doing so.
  • Ambiguously Gay: Some of his scenes with Ninurta are just... suggestive and a little bit creepy.
  • Artificial Human: His body was created to resemble Nex as a child.
  • Creepy Child: Comes with having a sadistic snake demon possess a soul-less body.
  • Demonic Possession: "Just" is simply an alias Ouroboros assumed. The body itself was mindless.
  • Enemy Mine: With Skoll's host Xix, who he says he hates so much that he doesn't want to kill him. Instead he sends Ninurta to do the job for him.
    • Surprisingly, They make a pretty good team... at least during fights.
  • Enemy Summoner: Can spawn demonic serpents, but is perfectly capable of kicking ass on his own.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Just/Ouroboros has planed the stage of Ninurta's suicide and was having most pleasant time watching it. However, after seeing that Nex actually cared about Ninutra and was crying for his supposed death even he couldn't find it in him to laugh. However, it averted after it was revealed that Ninutra is actually alive and is the real son of Nex, he couldn't hide his smile about the fact that Nex was having this painful realization.
  • Evil Prince: His body was created to play the role of Nex and Serin's long lost son.
  • Faux Affably Evil: Is constantly cheerful, but horrendously cruel and sadistic.
  • Fatal Flaw: Gluttony and Greed, according to himself. Lust as well, considering his attitude towards Yuan and Siana.
  • Hellish Pupils: He is often shown with slitted pupils, emphasizing the snake-demon within him.
  • It Amused Me: A lot of the things he does is simply because he gets a kick out of it.
  • I Have You Now, My Pretty: His attitude towards Siana after he captures her, complete with Lecherous Licking and tying her up with demonic snakes.
  • Jerkass: He's very cheerful about being cruel towards others. When Ninurta seemingly kills himself, everyone else is horrified, saddened, or shocked. He's cheering and hints he had been counting on it.
  • Manipulative Bastard: WELL? What else would you expect from a snake demon?
  • Oh, Crap!: When a ticked off Nex confronts him, Ouroboros is noticeably afraid.
  • Patricide: A trait of Oski's Evils, including Ouroboros, is to attempt to kill their creator. Thus far, Ouroboros has contented himself with torturing Oski's Meat Puppet at every opportunity.
  • Poisonous Person: Produces a number of different venom with a variety of effects, including one that acts as a truth serum.
  • Royal Brat: See Evil Prince.
  • Scaled Up: When using his power.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: Just's true name is Ouroboros, a snake demon that was sealed inside a mindless body made of Night Clan corpses.
  • Softspoken Sadist: Is generally polite and softspoken, but gleefully sadistic.
  • Smug Smiler: His most common facial expression, although it can cross into Psychotic Smirk.
  • Smug Snake: Literally, as he's a snake demon inhabiting an artificial body and he's very arrogant.
  • Token Evil Teammate: To Xix and Yuan.
  • Troll: Just loves to screw with people - especially Ninurta, Xix, and Oski - for pure sadistic amusement.
  • Underestimating Badassery: This is a problem for him. He underestimated a fragment of Caladbog and it nearly over took him. He taunts the Regis for the title of being the next heir by threatening to unleash the fragment of Caladbog he has. Nex immediately grabs his head faster than he could see, explains he can kill him as he sees fit, and gives him the key to Chaos that he wanted and saying he would announce him as his successor the next day, while stating he can only use the key if he allows. Nex just doesn't care about him because he can take him easily.
  • Yandere: After being exposed to Caladbog, he falls in love with its overwhelming power and charisma and lets himself be taken over.

The Evil Oski sealed in Xix. Little is known about him.
  • Patricide: Just like all of Oski's creations, he aspires to kill his "father".
  • The Quiet One: Xix notes that he doesn't talk much.
  • Savage Wolves: A wolf demon but we don't see him often enough to know if it is true or if he is really a Noble Wolf.

The Night Clan

Race: Human (Jae-Hoon), Demon Stone (Caladbolg)
Age: Unknown (Both)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
The Big Bad and God of Chaos. Has a long history with Nex, as his host body is Nex's little brother from Immortal Regis, Jae-Hoon. It is not clear how much power Caladbolg has over Jae-Hoon, as the personalities really do seem to have fused together. Leader of the Clan of the Night and uncle of Siana. From chapter 67 it appears that Jae-Hoon is the personality largely in control, and the corruption he brings to Chaos is a curse out of his control because it is Caladbolg underneath basically lashing out any way he can..

  • A Father to His Men: In contrast to his brother, Caladbolg considers throwing all his plans out the window in order to rescue Siana. Granted, it could just be a ploy to get Ninurta to join the Clan of the Night. If so, it worked.
  • Affably Evil: Seems to still be kind to those he is invested in for one reason or another, even during or after morally questionable acts.
  • Becoming the Mask: Caladbolg seems to genuinely believe it is Jae-Hoon. Unfortunately, Nex does not share the same sentiments.
  • Big Brother Worship: Does he ever moon over Nex.
  • The Corruption: His power taints everything he touches in Chaos. This is due to Caladbolg lashing out in whatever way he can when it appears Jae-Hoon is the personality largely in control. It makes him responsible for the destruction of Xix's hometown as his very presence mutated the landscape, alerting Nex to his presence in the area, and he accidentally corrupted a girl named Linne.
  • Cute and Psycho: What tends to happen when you seal an evil god inside a child.
  • Deliberately Cute Child: Back in the flashback and before the current events of the series.
  • Faux Affably Evil: Turns out he has used Siana's fake body as catalyst for another Magnanix. When Serin, Siana's mother, learns this, she is furious.
  • Founder of the Kingdom: Even if it is not completely true, Caladbolg is considered the first true ruler of Chaos and its God. Considering the majority of Chaos has been created from Caladbolg's efforts and is thus under his influence, he has the power to back such a myth up.
  • Incest Subtext: Considering how jealous he of Serin for Nex's affections... not to mention his relationship with Siana, which has even been questioned by Ninurta when it appears Caladbolg treats her as more than just a subordinate.
  • Littlest Cancer Patient: Jae-Hoon in a nutshell before the end of Immortal Regis, complete with Incurable Cough of Death.
  • Living Weapon: Like Diffor, Caladbolg is technically an extremely powerful, sentient weapon. However, its method of doing things include possessing a host, making them into the new King of Chaos with all these nifty new powers.
  • Mind Rape: Shows Iffrita how her beloved mother died, causing her to Go Mad from the Revelation.
  • Not So Omniscient After All: Caladbolg even says he is an incomplete God.
  • Parental Abandonment: Jae-Hoon has a huge case of this, and the main reason why he is obsessed with his brother.
  • Possession Burnout: It's been mentioned that it should have happened. However, it is thus far averted as years later there are still no signs of it happening.
  • Sadistic Choice: Caladbolg tries to deliver one to Jae-Hyuk by making him choose between saving Serin and saving Chaos, but can't bring himself to kill his host's brother.
  • Shapeshifter Weapon: Caladbolg's powers include a ton of shape-shifting.
  • Ridiculously Successful Future Self: First introduced as a child, then reappears later all grown up. Most powerful man in Chaos to boot.

    Seon Yu 
Race: Kirin
Age: 35-40 (presumed)
Hair Color:Unknown
Eye Color: Unknown
Once one of Nex's friends and allies back in Immortal Regis, he's now a member of the Night Clan.
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: Has a pretty severe case of it from his debut, where he initially sold Jae-Hyuk out to Owen who was blackmailing him, only to become Vitriolic Best Buds with them and then by the time of Cavalier of the Abyss he is kidnapping Jae-Hyuk's daughter to unleash a Caladbolg fragment.
    • Later uses Ninurta to escape the prison Nex banished him to under the belief that he would help him save his mother, all while intending to spread The Corruption he was suffering and indirectly leading to Nex killing Ninurta's mother anyway.
  • False Friend: See second pinpoint of Chronic Backstabbing Disorder. He seemingly helps Ninurta to save her mother but Seon Yu does so to enact his revenge.
  • Green Thumb: Has had the ability to control plants due to his race's abilities.
  • Laughing Mad: When his "revenge is complete" after seeing Nex griefstricken.
  • Never My Fault: Blames Nex for the death of his clan and ascribes the murder of his fiancee to him.
    • Later, he also blames Nex for his cousin's death. This is even more egregious since Seon Yu had killed her himself after Nex took back Miya and she held down Xix.
  • Revenge: He just wants to make Nex suffer after he wiped out his clan. He gets it when his actions lead to The Reveal that Ninurta is his son, who he had Driven to Suicide and then Came Back Wrong.

Seon Yu's ally when they go to release Caladborg's sealed fragment.

    Rin Chae Hwa 
A member of the Kirin Clan and Seon Yu's cousin. She used to be Miya's caretaker, but was imprisoned after a poisoning attempt.

Caladborg's secretary. She appears to be very loyal.

    Spoiler Characters 


See her entry under Banaan Village.

Ninurta Noah

See his entry under Merkava.


    Yongje Muhan/Mistress Infinity 
Nex's old teacher. Her current location is unknown, though she makes full appearances in flashbacks.
  • Bad Ass Teacher: She's a powerful combatant who taught Nex and Xix.
  • Berserk Button: Doesn't react well when a young Xix calls her an old lady.
  • Hot Teacher: Very attractive and competent at her job.
  • Sink-or-Swim Mentor: The first test she gave her students (Jae-Hyuk aka Nex, Owen and Seon Yu) was to retrieve a book from a dangerous library dimension that could have killed them.

One of Nex's oldest allies in Chaos and once a fellow student. He is now known as a Sage.
  • All Love Is Unrequited: To Muhan.
  • Double Standard: Rape, Female on Male: To divine, Mala has to has sex with someone. Owen's consent is not considered and he doesn't like it.
  • Body Horror: Sage Body modification.
  • Curse: By Brass at the middle of the previous series causing his body to warp forward over 5 million hours, granting him the appearance of a old man. Brass didn't bother to lift the curse before departing, much to Owen's dismay and misery.
  • Genius Bruiser: Not a full blown genius but despite being The Big Guy he is a lot smarter then most give him credit for.
  • Noble Male, Roguish Male: Roguish to Nex's and Bihyung's Noble currently. Him and Nex were Roguish and Bihyung was Noble in Immortal Regis.
  • Noble Wolf: Although he didn't start out as such.
  • Our Werewolves Are Different: He is a Lycantrophe.
  • Platonic Life-Partners: Mala uses Owen repeatedly to read fortunes (read: having sex). However, the two have worked together and care each other as friends since events in Immortal Regis, so there is confidence between the two.
  • Secretly Wealthy: Not so secret, but the main casts constantly forget that Owen is the Lycanthrope Clan's heir. When he claims in a flashback that he has flying ship crewed by his own men, Jae-hyuk asks if he just won big at the lottery.
  • Super Senses: Unsurprisingly for werewolf.
  • Younger Than They Look: See Curse above. He technically one year younger than Bi-hyung and him telling people he is not "Old Man" is a Running Gag.

Race: Vision
Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Unknown
Eye Color: Unknown (Blindfolded)
  • Blind Seer: Seems to have been one.
  • Devil's Advocate: Would take this position if he felt it was for the greater good.
  • Foresight: As a member of the Vision Clan, he had this ability.
  • Posthumous Character: Appears to have died by the start of Cavalier of the Abyss.
  • The Prophecy: Gives these out.

A legendary craftsman. She has been referenced at several points over the series.
  • The Ghost: Some of her work has been seen. She has not.
    • Until Chapter 121. She appears to have had a hand in disguising Ninurta as Iffrita's child. However, she charges Iffrita with her right horn.

A member of Vision Clan who helped the protagonist at various points and recognized Miya's talent.
  • Double Standard: Rape, Female on Male: To divine, Mala has to has sex with someone. Owen's consent is not considered and he doesn't like it.
  • The Prophecy: Gives these out.
  • Platonic Life-Partners: Mala uses Owen repeatedly to read fortunes (read: having sex). However, the two have worked together and care each other as friends since events in Immortal Regis, so there is confidence between the two.
  • Seers: As a member of the Vision Clan, she has this ability.
  • Sex Magic: She can only have a divination in the middle of sex.