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Tear Jerker / Cavalier of the Abyss

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  • Seon Yu was once an ally of Nex's like Owen, friends in the previous series, but Nex had his entire race killed and then he had to lose his sister-figure. Nex is unapologetic in the slightest and has him tortured for information.
  • In Chapter 85, Miya's composure breaks down when she learns her father is planning to execute her mother, lying to her before about not harming her and just about everyone else knew in advance.
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  • Chapter 116: Ninurta sees how both Yuan and Siana act around Xix and realizes he never had a chance with her.
  • Chapter 120: Despite all the pain and suffering Ninurta went through to save his mother, she ends up getting the corruption because of his actions and Nex cuts her head off right in front of him.
    • This leads to him killing himself, which is the only time prior that we see Nex shedding tears over him.
    • We later learn that this event was so traumatic that it literally shattered his memories so he can't remember anyone. Even Cal doesn't think he can do anything to bring them back.
  • Chapter 125: Nex realizes he ended up bringing a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy to pass, losing his son Ninurta because of how he treated him over the years.
  • Nex himself, by chapter 134 it's really hard not to feel bad for him. All the horrible things he has done? Justified, else Caladbolg corrupts and dominates the world again. The treatment towards his children? He did that so they wouldn't become a ruthless tyrant like him, and only he would walk a path filled with blood. And such a road has left him with only a couple of friends, a broken Depore and the determination to settle things with Caladbolg before it's too late.

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