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Nightmare Fuel / Cavalier of the Abyss

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Chaos has a very dark side, to the point where the author feels like he is trying to top himself with each chapter.

  • In the first chapter alone begins with the massacre of an entire town because the leader was a traitor and treated them well.
  • How does Nex suddue Xix? He rips the kid's heart out of his chest with his bare hands! He then forces the mortally wounded Xix to be dragged by chariot all the way to the capital.
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  • This is what happens when an undead loses their heart. .
  • The face Su Yeon makes when finds Miya is disturbing to say the least.
  • The pain and suffering Miya goes through to keep the gate open.
  • One nearly stabbing Miya in the heart.
  • Caladbolg is absolutely terrifying. The innocent expressions of an eight year old child mixed with his wide capability of destruction seem to drown whatever tone the atmosphere originally possessed into absolute bleakness. Unlike other examples of Creepy Child, Jae Hoon is not possessed by an evil spirit or demon, he possessed by a god.
  • The aftereffects of a member of the Night Clan, in this case Jae Hoon himself, just touching a living organism from Chaos... NOT PRETTY.
    • Relearned in chapter 132 of how horrifying contamination is.