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  • Its most touching Shout Out would have to be the Shrine of the Fallen Warrior, located in the Barrens. The shrine is engraved with the initials "MK" and the Spirit Healer that stands over it is named "Koiter" referring to Michael Koiter, a Blizzard employee who died during the creation of the game.
  • There are, in fact, several such memorials in-game. The closest thing to an Alliance equivalent of the Shrine of the Fallen Warrior is the In Loving Memory memorial. Less seriously, in Outland, there's also a memorial to the cancelled Blizzard game, Starcraft: Ghost.
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  • The game contains a poem written in honor of Dak Krause, who died of leukemia.
  • Another real life shout out is a quest in Mulgore which was made for a kid with cancer (who voiced the quest-giver). Said kid has since passed away.
  • Similarly, the weapon Merciless Crossbow of the Phoenix has a tooltip that says "Finely crafted to Ephoenix's specification." Ephoenix was the name of Ezra Chatterton's hunter. Ezra had the opportunity to visit Blizzard as part of a Make-A-Wish wish and the crossbow is named after him.


Playable races

References to other Blizzard games

  • In the Halls of Valor, two of the vrykul kings the group fights before the God-King Skovald encounter are named King Tor and King Bjorn. They were present in the original Utgarde Pinnacle instance during the King Ymiron encounter, so this might be a recursive example.
  • In Highmountain, there are drogbar mobs called Bitestone Roadhogs. They pull the player toward them with a hook on a chain.
  • The toy given at Winter's Veil 2016 is Mei's endothermic blaster.
  • One of the Brawler's Guild solo fights introduced in patch 7.1.5 is a team named Ogrewatch.
  • One class hall mission is straight-up titled "Overwatch".
  • Holy paladins can find a skin for the Silver Hand from the "Edicts of the Lost Watcher" item. It turns their hammer into a Magitek version of Reinhardt's.
  • In Zuldazar, there's a pair of fungarians named Genjo and Hanzin.
  • A daily quest in Mechagon sends you to kill Junkbrat and Roadtrogg, who are a mechagnome and a trogg wearing a gas mask.
  • One of the final Highmountain missions, where you ride a giant eagle to bomb Drogbar forces, is called "Justice Rains from Above".
  • The two characters existed long before Overwatch, but there's something reminiscent about Halford Wyrmbane, Commander of the 7th Legion, and Mathias Shaw, head of SI:7, working together and the former relationship between Overwatch Strike Commander Jack Morrison and Blackwatch Commander Gabriel Reyes. Bonus points for Wyrmbane and Morrison sharing the same voice actor, Fred Tatasciore.
  • In Shadowlands, male pandaren and female night elves were respectively given hairstyles based on Hanzo and Sombra.
  • In the fight against the Manastorms in De Other Side, Millificent's line for deploying an Aerial Rocket Chicken Barrage is "Poultry rains from above!".

Rock n' Roll Racing

  • Three NPCs at an Alliance flight point in the Badlands are named Jake Badlands, Snake Sanders, and Katrina Lyons; playable characters from the game.


  • The vanilla goblin shredder model and the Sky Golem and Mechanized Lumber Extractor mounts have a picture of Sarah Kerrigan on the control panel. Continuing the trend, the control panel of the Mecha-Mogul Mk2 mount has a poster on the right side taken from the box art for Brood War.
  • Shadow priests have a talent named Legacy of the Void.
  • A quest in the Legion warlock storyline is called "Power Overwhelming".
  • In the Horrific Vision of Orgrimmar, the Oblivion Elemental's aggro line is "Oblivion awaits!".

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