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This page is for the Egyptian Pantheon deities that are playable in Smite. The entirety of any God's lore can be found on the official Smite website.

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General Tropes

    Egyptian Pantheon General Tropes
Egyptian Pantheon banner artwork
Egyptian Pantheon trademark icon
The deities and mythological characters of ancient Egypt which are playable in SMITE. The Egyptian Mythology page deals with and can provide beneficent information about their real world counterparts.
  • Advanced Ancient Acropolis: They have a slight sci-fi aesthetic going on for them, possibly inspired by the Stargate-verse.
  • Beast Man: A good portion of the characters are portrayed as humanoid animals or at least have some animal traits (like ears, wings, tails, limbs, eyes and so on). This is Artistic License since while the ancient Egyptians did portray their gods with animal traits, it was merely symbolic representation that wasn't meant to be taken literally.
  • Build Like an Egyptian: Well duh, though interestingly they downplay the stereotypical association with pyramids.
  • Eye of Horus Means Egypt: Part of the pantheon icon, and appears in the characters' designs or attacks. Ironically, the Trope Namer was added in 2019, seven years after the game first released.
  • Scarab Power: It's part of the pantheon icon and one of the playable characters is the ancient Egyptian scarab god himself.


    Horus, the Rightful Heir
"Our enemies only seek chaos and destruction! Unfortunately for them, I have arrived!"

Dragonguard Skin Voiced by: Ty Anderson
Seraph Skin Voiced by: Cyrus Rodas
Shadow Specter Skin Voiced by: Christian Rummel
Steel Falcon Skin Voiced by: Ethan Gallardo

God of the Sky, the son of Isis and savior of Egypt (with a distinct national eye) that ended the reign of Set. His role is Warrior.

Horus leads the charge in battle, giving allies more opportunities to attack and rushing to their aid when they need it most.

  • Horus' passive is Resolute, which grants him a stack of Resolute when damaged, temporarily increasing his protections and CCR for each stack and providing a small amount of health when the stacks expire. Attacks from an enemy Set add two stacks instead of one.
  • His first ability is Updraft, which knocks nearby enemies into the air. Afterwards, Horus' next Basic Attack deals more base damage and slows, but cannot crit, as well as dealing even more damage if the target was hit by the knockup.
  • His second ability is the two hit combo known as Fracture. First, Horus will dash forward, stunning an enemy god if he hits one, before winding up for a cleave that reduces the target's protections.
  • His third ability is Protector's Surge. Horus targets an ally and flies to their location. When he lands, the target and other nearby allies are healed and gain additional protections.
  • His ultimate, To The Skies! has Horus summon a mirror image of himself to find a location to fly to. After a short channel, Horus and nearby allies are flown to that location, damaging and knocking away enemies at the landing site, while Horus and his allies gain a shield.

  • Acrophobic Bird: Downplayed, Horus can create a powerful updraft with his wings by the ability named, well, Updraft and then hurl a gust of wind forward. He can also use his wings to dash a bit of distance forward as well in Fracture. He cannot, however, actually fly with his wings, which is supported by his defeat animation featuring him attempting to use his wings to fly and failing miserably by crashing to the ground. Indeed, his ultimate To the Skies! has...a mirror image of himself fly up into the air while Horus is selecting a location to teleport to. Perhaps Horus is just too heavy to fly in reality?
  • Arch-Enemy: To Set. In fact, if Set hits him in battle he gets double the stacks of Resolute.
  • Bird People: He's basically a humanoid falcon.
  • Blade on a Stick: Probably since he's a Foil to Set, Horus' halberd is pretty similar to Set's weapon as well.
  • Blow You Away: As the Egyptian god of the sky, he can unsurprisingly use Updraft to knock enemies into the air.
  • Clip Its Wings: When exiting combat while low on health, Horus mentions that he nearly lost a wing, but such a thing cannot actually happen to him in the game.
  • Dash Attack: Fracture has him propel a bit forward before doing a single Spin Attack that damages and reduces enemies' protections if he hits an enemy God.
  • Divine Birds: An Egyptian god who takes the form of a humanoid falcon.
  • Divine Right of Kings: An even-more-so version of this trope might be brought up by potential last words of Horus on death where he'll ask himself if he was wrong.
  • Dynamic Entry: His ultimate, To the Skies!, potentially allows an entire team to do this - he first sends up an image to look for a landing zone, then he channels for 2 seconds to a location, after which himself and any nearby allies teleport to the location, damaging and knocking away enemies from the location while granting himself and teleported allies a shield.
  • Eye of Horus Means Egypt: Naturally, the symbol appears along with him, but it's a subversion since, well, it's literally Horus using it! The symbol is used for the icon of his passive, the indicator of the targeter and buff caused by Protector's Surge (this ability in particularly pretty much provides a singular example of all of the concepts the Eye of Horus is actually associated with - sacrifice, health, royal power and protection), and finally, To the Skies! has the symbol appear over the area Horus is going to teleport to.
  • Foil: To Set, naturally. Horus seeks to prove himself worthy as king by protecting his subjects according to a king's responsibilities while Set would instead just kill Horus for getting in his way. Horus thus plays in way that is very fitting for The Leader of his team while Set is more inclined to his enemies as much as he can on his own and summon clones of himself in lieu of needing a team.
  • Heel–Face Turn: It's not actually possible for gods to change sides in-game, but one of his taunts has him say it's not too late to choose the right side instead of using your strength for evil.
  • Oh, My Gods!: His VVGS (Curses!) voice line makes it clear what he thinks of Set by saying "Set be damned!". We can't say if he's being facetious or if he's actually just blaming Set for something.
  • The Leader: Horus leads his team into a place to strike the enemy where they are most vulnerable, hold them down, and come to the aid of an ally in desperate straits nearby.
  • Opposing Combat Philosophies: Horus leads his team in a battle, while Set takes his personal strength as the only thing that can determine his power by almost making a team out of himself.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: Didn't get the throne because Set took it from him, so he's going out to get it back himself. He likes that Hera and King Arthur are of a similar mind, judging by his kill-taunts.
  • Shout-Out: A taunt has him say "Everything the light touches is my kingdom...", not unlike the memetic statement from Mufasa of The Lion King.
  • Support Party Member: A Warrior he might be categorized as, but his ability to actually fight Gods or minions alike is pretty darn poor. He's really more of a Guardian that does physical damage.
  • Walk It Off: His passive, Resolute, gives him some minor aid in doing this - while usually granting him protections and crowd-control reduction that stacks up, after they expire, they heal him.
  • The Wise Prince: Horus takes noblesse oblige seriously - he considering surviving battle to be an obligation of his right to lead and inversely may consider wonder if his death mean he's not in the right. He will say even his enemies should still be protected by his kingship and prefers to have his enemies join him instead.

    Osiris, Broken God of the Afterlife

Voiced by: Mike McFarland
Black Knight Skin Voiced by: Todd Haberkorn
Code Breaker Skin Voiced by: Gordon Gibson
Frankenhotep Skin Voiced by: Mike McFarland
Leonardo Skin Voiced by: Matthew Curtis
Noble Knight Skin Voiced by: Daman Mills
The Re-Animated Skin Voiced by: Mike McFarland
Unbroken Skin Voiced by: Matthew Curtis

Osiris is a Warrior god adept at getting right into the middle of a team, disrupting them and then chasing down a priority target.

  • His passive, Fragmented, makes him lose a body part every time he uses an ability, replacing it with a ghostly outline. Far from being inconvenienced, each part lost reduces the amount of damage he takes. Once he loses all eight, he becomes spectral, able to walk through enemies and player-made walls unimpeded and attack without slowing down. This effect lasts until he lands six basic attacks, and then he regains his body again.
  • His first ability, Sickle Strike, makes him throw a ghostly sickle forward. The first enemy hit is damaged and has their movement slowed.
  • His second ability, Spirit Flail, lashes an area of his choosing with spiritual energy from his flail. Enemies in the area take damage, and if an enemy slowed by Sickle Strike is hit by Spirit Flail, then the slow becomes stronger and longer. Additionally, hitting an enemy with Spirit Flail increases Osiris's movement briefly.
  • His third ability, Judgement Tether, attaches tethers to enemies in a wide area around Osiris. A tether is broken if the enemy moves out of range. Tethered enemies deal increasingly-reduced damage for four seconds, and if they are still tethered when the power expires then they are stunned.
  • Osiris's ultimate ability, Lord of the Afterlife, immediately destroys his body, putting him in spectral form. Using it, Osiris leaps to a targeted area, ripping the souls out of the bodies of any struck god, rooting briefly, dealing considerable damage, and preventing any manner of healing for six seconds.

Osiris' alternate skins include Exalted One Osiris, Lord of Silence Osiris, Frankenhotep Osiris, and The Re-Animated Osiris.

  • Action Dad: Is the father of Anubis and Horus.
  • Adaptational Modesty: Most depictions of Osiris portray him as an obsidian figure, naked and sporting a disproportionately large and always-erect penis. Smite is Rated T for Teen and doesn't.
  • Amazing Technicolor Population: His skin is green, appropriately enough since he's technically undead (and because it symbolizes the vegetation he is also god of).
  • Arch-Enemy: Set. Even when he wasn't been included in the roster, Osiris is naturally pissed about what his brother did to his body and has a kill-quote ready for him, just in case. Unlike Eset, however, Osiris seems more saddened and betrayed, asking his brother why he would do that.
  • Cain and Abel: The 'good' brother of Set.
  • Didn't Need Those Anyway!: Osiris burns off fragments of his body each time he uses an ability. The less he has, the less damage he takes. Lose all of them, and he can walk through enemies and walls and attack without slowing down.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: It is vital for Osiris to time his attacks and abilities alongside his passive in order to be even remotely effective, adding the fact most of his attacks are skill shots Osiris he is arguably one of the toughest gods to play in the game. However he also has an extremely high natural attack speed and once you master his passive, he is almost impossible to escape from and can utterly annihilate in group fights.
  • Frankenstein's Monster: Has two skins that make him this, with one being the classic version of the monster (Frankenhotep). His default appearance also evokes the monster’s appearance with the visible stitches and pins holding his body together.
  • Guest Fighter: He has two Exclusive skins that turn him into Leonardo, The Leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • Herd-Hitting Attack: He is one of the few gods capable of hitting multiple targets with his basic attack chain.
  • Like Father, Like Son: Anubis and Osiris are both gods of death (one is "God of the Dead" and the other of "the Afterlife") with themes of mummification.
    • Also applies to Osiris and Horus: they are both of the Warrior class.
  • Mummy Wrap: Sports these on his body, and weaponizes them for his third ability, Judgement Tether.
  • Only a Flesh Wound: Two of his quotes reference this.
  • Sinister Scythe: One of his weapons is a massive, one-handed sickle which represents the Pharaonic crook.
  • Throwing Your Sword Always Works: And having it stick into their very souls slows them down quite a bit.
  • Whip It Good: His other weapon is a large whip with multiple cords that represents the Pharaonic flail.



    Geb, God of Earth

Voiced by: Christopher Sabat
Druid Stone Skin Voiced by: Ian Sinclair
G.E.B. 1 Skin Voiced by: Todd Haberkorn
Life's a Beach Skin Voiced by: Chris Rager
Sacred Grounds Skin Voiced by: Jamieson Price
Snowman Skin Voiced by: Jim Foronda
Optimus Prime Skin Voiced by: Jake Foushee

Geb is a Guardian god that is not only difficult to kill, but can extend that difficulty to his allies.

  • His passive, Hard as Rock, reduces the damage of critical strikes against him to 125% (from 200%).
  • His first ability, Roll Out, turns Geb into a rolling ball of stone, bowling over minions and slamming into the first enemy god he encounters. Enemies he encounters are slowed and take damage. Roll Out takes three seconds to reach maximum speed, at which point its damage scales up, it grants crowd control immunity, and it knocks back any enemy god hit. This stage of Roll Out lasts up to another three seconds.
  • His second ability, Shock Wave, launches a slow-moving shockwave through a cone area in front of Geb, with considerable width and range. Targets hit are knocked up and take damage, scaling down to 50% the further away they are.
  • His third ability, Stone Shield, creates a short-lived protective shield around Geb or one of his allies. It protects from knockbacks and absorbs all damage until it reaches its capacity or its duration expires, whichever comes first. Additionally, it will cleanse an allied god of crowd control effects.
  • Geb's ultimate, Cataclysm, instantly stuns and deals damage to all enemies in a wide area around Geb based off their current hit points (up to 35%).

Geb's alternate skins include Molten Fury Geb, G.E.B. 1, Life's A Beach Geb and Snowman Geb.

  • Action Dad: Just so you know, he is the father of both Osiris and Isis.
  • Adaptational Ugliness: The ancient Egyptians depicted Geb as basically humanoid in appearance, whereas Smite's version of Geb looks like a literal Rock Monster. Subverted with his Sandcastle skin, where his head has a human appearance, in contrast to the rest of his body.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Of the Earth.
  • Arch-Enemy: Ra. Geb is still pissed that Ra organized his separation from Nut; if he kills Ra, he demands payback, and an unused Foreshadowing line implies that Nut is being manipulated to fight against Ra.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: It is very difficult to use the massive knockback from Roll Out in a way that isn't detrimental to your own team aside from knocking an enemy away from an ally that is hopelessly outmatched and should be fleeing for their lives or definitely killing an enemy very low on health, especially as while Geb may be very fast while using Roll Out, enemies can still usually easily hope to position themselves to avoid Geb or be knocked back into a place that is favorable for them. If neither of those things are the case, Geb players are almost always better off canceling the ability when able to knock back enemies after getting to them and using the rest of his kit instead.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Geb has a lot of potential to pull this during teamfights, using his Roll Out move to enter the fray, his Stone Shield ability to save a vulnerable teammate, and AOE CC abilities to follow up.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: As a god of the Earth, this is to be expected.
  • Dumb Muscle: Subverted. He gives off the impression that he's not terribly smart, but as slow as he might speak he is quite eloquent and wise.
  • Elemental Barrier: His third ability gives him a wall of rock around either himself or an ally to absorb damage.
  • Gentle Giant: As seen in his above quote, where he mentions forcing enemies to yield peacefully, he is one of the least malevolent characters.
  • Guest Fighter: As part of the Transformers collaboration, Geb can use a skin to become the famed Autobot leader, Optimus Prime.
  • Humongous Mecha: Depicted as one in the splash art for his G.E.B. 1 skin. In-game, the skin doesn't make him any larger than normal, though the Mecha part still applies.
  • Lightning Bruiser: He is one of the toughest gods in the game, but thanks to his Rolling Attack he is also pretty mobile.
  • Percent Damage Attack: His ultimate.
  • Rock Monster: Since he's supposed to be the planet itself, this is presumably just an avatar to participate in the fight.
  • Rolling Attack: His first ability, Roll Out.
  • Shockwave Stomp: His second and ultimate moves.
  • Shout-Out: In his G.E.B. 1 skin when he does his Roll Out ability his taunt is TRANSFORM! Became Hilarious in Hindsight when Geb was granted an actual Optimus Prime skin in the Transformers crossover.
  • Spin Attack: One of his basic attack animations.
  • Stone Wall: In addition to being this literally, he's very hard to kill in-game. As a Guardian he's a member of the most defense-oriented class, his passive allows him to negate a large amount of damage from physical carries, and, most notably, he can place a shield on himself to temporarily gain hundreds of bonus HP.
    • Bonus points for the fact that his Stone Shield is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. He's a stone wall who can place a literal stone wall around himself to become even more of a stone wall!

    Khepri, The Dawn Bringer

Voiced by: Jeremy Schwartz
Chef's Special Skin Voiced by: Scott Frerichs
Confectionary Skin Voiced by: Anthony Ray Morales
Crab Rave Skin Voiced by: Derick Snow
Cursed Scarab Skin Voiced by: Joe Zieja
Dark Matter Skin Voiced by: Jeremy Schwartz
Hug Bug Skin Voiced by: J. Michael Tatum
Ladybug Skin Voiced by: Erica Lindbeck
Northern Warder Skin Voiced by: Chris McCann
Plushie Skin Voiced by: Jeremy Schwartz
Star Eater Skin Voiced by: Phil Parsons
Steel Scarab Skin Voiced by: Joshua Tomar

Khepri is a heavily-supportive Guardian god that does everything in his power to keep his team alive.

  • His passive, Fortitude, pulses out a shield for 3% of his and any nearby allies' max health every five seconds, which is increased to every ten seconds when in combat.
  • With his first ability, Abduct, Khepri lashes out with a fast moving charge. If he hits an enemy god in the line, he grabs them in his pincers, crippling and silencing them as he drags them directly backwards.
  • With his second ability, Rising Dawn, Khepri creates a small sun and rolls it forward. Any enemy hit by it has their protections shredded and are lit on fire, taking damage over time. If the sun hits an ally, their defense is increased significantly.
  • His third ability, Solar Flare, calls down a beam of light after a short delay that damages and roots enemies.
  • Khepri's ultimate, Scarab's Blessing, puts a powerful enchantment on himself or an ally god for five seconds. The blessing cleanses any hard CC, increases their damage and movement speed, and makes them immune to slows. If the marked ally is slain while under the effect, then instead of dying they turn into a scarab beetle and fly to Khepri's location, instantly reviving at a certain threshold of health. If Khepri himself is killed while under the effect, then after a brief delay he will revive at the spot where he died.

Khepri's alternate skins include Imperator Khepri, Horned Beetle Khepri, Steel Scarab Khepri, Hug Bug Khepri, Ladybug Khepri, Chef's Special Khepri and Convention 2017 Khepri.

  • Achilles' Heel: His ultimate does not prevent executions, making it useless against Thanatos and Ao Kuang's ultimates.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Of dawn.
  • Ascended Meme: For some time the community joked about giving him a gun, so the devs made him into a literal walking, talking gun in his Big Gun skin.
  • Badass Baritone: Described by the developers as sounding like James Earl Jones.
  • Big Creepy-Crawlies: Not only is he a giant scarab beetle, but he's the biggest god in the game, even bigger than Sylvanus and Grover. However, he's very much not creepy.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Khepri's kit revolves around protecting and supporting teammates. This is best shown with his ult, which can literally save himself or an ally from certain death, especially if they happened to get pulled into what would have normally been an inescapable team kill.
  • Expy: Design-wise, he's very similar to a golden, more benevolent Anub'arak. Also, his ultimate, Scarab's Blessing, is Smite's take on Zilean's Chronoshift.
    • His Steel Scarab skin has voice lines that wouldn't sound out of place if Megatron said them.
  • Gentle Giant: He's a giant scarab and is very protective and encouraging towards his allies.
  • Hope Bringer: A good Khepri will be this and then some, providing hefty defenses to his team with his passive and Rising Dawn, pulling enemies off of his allies, keeping them steady as they try to give chase, and if all else fails he can, with good ult timing, bring an ally back from a hopeless situation where they would have died. Many of his lines, especially when ulting, reflect this aspect of him, too.
  • Hope Spot: On his enemies. Ooh yes, they're about to whack this lone ally of Khepri so hard! Just when they're about to deal the finishing blow...Scarab's Blessing kicks in, the ally gets whisked away to safety, and the enemy gets deprived of a kill.
    • Inversely, this can also happen to Khepri. Scarab's Blessing ready, the allies God should be safe now... and then they got a surprise attack by Thanatos (who can appear from the sky from his ultimate) or Ao Kuang (who can render himself invisible) and their Executes ready. Well, the hope of not entering the respawn timer that early got dashed...
  • Light Is Good: He represents the life-giving warmth of the sun, and speaks of peace and hope in a soothing, inspiring voice. His lore even describes him as aloof, but kind and loyal to those he calls friends.
  • Power of the Sun: He can call down sunbeams as well as create a miniature sun to roll into enemies.
  • Scarab Power: He is the Sacred Scarab.
  • Shout-Out: For his win animation, Denton teaches Khepri the same dance Jake teaches a beetle in Adventure Time.
  • Stone Wall: Possibly the biggest example in Smite. None of his abilities do significant damage when built the way he's supposed to be. His strength comes from being able to buff and protect his allies while dragging and rooting enemies to set up easy kills.

    Sobek, God of The Nile
"Come closer! It's hard to see you from up here, on top of the food chain!"
Click here for his Classic look 

Voiced by: Brandon Potter
Crikeydile Skin Voiced by: David Cooley
Dragon's Light Skin Voiced by: R. Bruce Elliott
High Seas Skin Voiced by: Brandon Potter
Kaiju Skin Voiced by: Kellen Malone, Jennifer Green (Denise), Eric Vale (Tony)
Land Shark Skin Voiced by: Trevor Seits
Murder of Crows Skin Voiced by: Andy Mack
Solar Navi-gator Skin Voiced by: Brendan Blaber

Sobek is a Guardian god, mainly fulfilling the role of a tank or semi-Warrior that uses magical power to enhance his skills' damage.

  • His passive, Blessing of the Nile, grants him extra protections for several seconds, which can stack three times, each time he hits the enemy.
  • With his first ability, Charge Prey, Sobek dashes forward. If he hits any enemy, he will stop, deal damage, and toss his victim behind him.
  • With his second ability, Tail Whip, Sobek plants his axe to the ground and does a circular tail whip, dealing damage and knocking enemies backwards.
  • With his third ability, Sickening Strike, Sobek swings his axe forward and hits all enemies in a cone once, dealing damage and decreasing healing effects on his victims, while also restoring his own health.
  • Using his ultimate ability, Lurking in the Waters, Sobek magically creates a body of water filled with crocodiles swimming in it that he submerges himself in. He can swim around, moving the water to wherever he moves, and while submerged he regenerates his mana at a quicker pace, is immune to crowd control, and slows any enemies that touch the water. After a few seconds, or at any time he wishes, Sobek can emerge out of the water and deal massive damage to those around him. The damage decreases if Sobek emerges early.

Sobek's alternate skins include Death Dealer Sobek, Nile Stalker Sobek, High Seas Sobek, Crikeydile Sobek, Kaiju Sobek, Land Shark Sobek and SoaRbek

  • Art Evolution: He received a visual update to his card art and model in 2020.
  • Awesome Aussie: As Crikeydile Sobek.
  • Charged Attack: His ultimate is similar to Ymir's in this respect, having a long build-up time that can be canceled early for reduced damage. Unlike Ymir, he can move around while charging his ult up, but the slow and damage are dramatically reduced in order to compensate for this.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: He's not in the job of dark matters, but crocodiles are just...well...dangerous creatures in general. Sobek is not out to destroy mankind or anything like that, he's just content with maintaining neutrality or driving away anyone who threatens his domains.
  • Double Entendre: A couple of very suspect taunt/joke quotes in his High Seas skin:
    "I'll be comin' for ya booty, ye salty sea dog!"
    "How'd ya like to scrape the barnacles off me rudder?"
    • There's also one of the quotes for using Charge Prey in this skin:
    "Get ye behind me!"
  • Foe-Tossing Charge: Charge Prey, though rather than tossing enemies aside, he grabs one and throws them over his shoulder.
  • Made of Iron: Sobek's playstyle encourages you to be this. See Stone Wall below.
    • His defeated animation pokes fun at it. He tries ironing his axe but forgot his iron, so instead he tries using his skin, getting hurt by it in the process.
  • Never Smile at a Crocodile: Or their god for that matter. Or the pets he summons during his ultimate.
  • Not the Intended Use: Hinted at one of his achievements, "Aren't You A Tank?". Sobek is a Guardian, yet his skill set all dish out a good set of damages that he can easily single out and then kill one enemy quick enough, especially with proper items. The achievement is unlocked if he uses all of his skills to kill one enemy in the span of 10 seconds.
  • Papa Wolf, A Father to His Men: One of his reasons for being in battle.
    "Someone is going to pay for all those boots and handbags. Might as well be you!"
  • Pirate: His High Seas skin. Parrot, piratey language, and crocs with freaking cannons attached to their heads are included!
  • Schmuck Bait: One of his "joke" emotes is this, and may hint at Sobek's diet:
    ''I have a bit of a toothache. Come closer and take a look... (Snickers)
  • Shark Man: Land Shark Sobek is this instead of a crocodile man.
  • Shout-Out: Crikeydile is one to Steve Irwin.
  • Stone Wall: Sobek doesn't deal much damage, as most of his skills only damage the enemy once. He makes it up by having great protection gains, especially with his passive where hitting enemies actually increases his protections, as well as several utilities provided with his skills (see below). If he's not attacking you, he can certainly stand between his enemies and his allies and harass while taking on a lot of hits before either he or his enemies die. And he's gonna take a long time.
  • Axe and Gun: In the High Seas skin, though he never actually fires the pistol.
  • Tail Slap: Tail Whip. Notably, Sobek uses his axe to spin himself for the attack, rather than just swinging his tail.
  • Talk Like a Pirate: In his High Seas skin.
  • You Will Not Evade Me: Trying to flee from Sobek can be a nightmare since all his abilities save one have crowd control in one way or the other. If he doesn't kill you, he will most certainly make sure that his teammates will catch up to you and finish the job.
    • His Charge Prey ability takes this even further: Sobek's insane speed during the dash will catch anyone who takes him for a slow tank off-guard, and the backwards throw will just send his target right back into the fray.



    Anubis, God of the Dead

Voiced by: R. Bruce Elliott
Cosmic Power Skin Voiced by: R. Bruce Elliott
Death Dragon Skin Voiced by: Joe J. Thomas
Demonic Pact Skin Voiced by: Ian Sinclair
Freedom Retriever Skin Voiced by: Austin Lee Matthews
Grand Magus Skin Voiced by: Nick Landis
Heavy Hitter Skin Voiced by: Kane Jungblath-Murry
Jackal Knight Skin Voiced by: Sean Chiplock
Jackal Tech Skin Voiced by: Jacob Browning
K-9 Skin Voiced by: Chris Niosi
Stargazer Skin Voiced by: J. Michael Tatum

Anubis is a Mage god with powerful crowd control and area-of-effect attacks, but with very limited mobility.

  • His passive, Sorrow, decreases the duration of crowd control effects on him and also makes his damaging abilities steal their target's physical and magical protections, granting lifesteal for a percentage of the damage dealt.
  • His first ability, Plague of Locusts, immobilizes Anubis for a brief moment as he channels, bellowing out of his mouth a smothering cloud of locusts that continuously damage all opponents in a cone in front of him.
  • With his second ability, Mummify, Anubis fires a bandage projectile, stunning the first enemy hit in a line in front of him.
  • His third ability, Grasping Hands, makes the hands of the dead erupt at a nearby area for a brief duration, continuously damaging and slowing all enemies inside that area.
  • His ultimate ability, Death Gaze, immobilizes Anubis for a brief duration as he channels, unleashing a piercing gaze of death energy that heavily damages all enemies in its path.

Anubis' alternate skins include Nightwalker Anubis, Afterlife Anubis, Gravehound Anubis, Stargazer Anubis, Convention 2016 Anubis, Adjudicator Anubis, K-9 Anubis and Demonic Pact Anubis.

  • Armor-Piercing Attack: All of his abilities are this courtesy of his passive, which steals an enemy's protections every time they take a tick of damage from him.
  • Art Evolution: He received a visual update back in 2015.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: Anubis can put out bar none the highest area effect damage in the game. Unfortunately, half of his abilities root him in place while they channel and can be interrupted. This effectively turns him into a very squishy "SHOOT ME" sign for the rest of the enemy team. Paradoxically, this means the Mage with the highest area damage sucks in teamfights. Quite a few things can also block the stun his entire kit relies on. Combined with a lack of escapes, Anubis is extremely vulnerable when targeted and his only option is usually trying to outlast his aggressors with HP drain.
  • Badass Baritone: The owner of a damn fine voice.
  • Bad Powers, Good People: Temporarily mummifies a target for one of his abilities, calls for the dead to grasp out of the ground, and summons a plague of locusts out of his mouth as one of his largest sources of damage. However, his day job is merely performing the duty of the gatekeeper to the Underworld, without malice. In fact, in the SMITE comics, he goes out of his way to protect a town Roman/Greek mortals who thought they were abandoned by Hades, despite them not being in the Egyptian Pantheon's territory.
  • Breath Weapon: A swarm of locusts of all things.
  • Crutch Character: Is often considered a dangerous mage by beginners, but more experienced players quickly find out Anubis has a lot of highly exploitable shortcomings and can be consistently taken care of simply by focusing him. Anubis’ lack of escapes especially cripples him and unless he has a teammate constantly look after him, there is nothing Anubis can do to save himself when targeted outside of trying to out damage the enemy, which usually isn’t an option against tankier characters or a team with a good healer. Overall Anubis is heavily outclassed by other mages, especially Kukulkan and He Bo who both match Anubis in damage and have vastly superior mobility and versatility.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: But as with Kali, it can be pretty damn scary.
  • Death by Irony: When he gets killed, the undead minions that he's been using against his enemies turn on him, dragging him into the ground. Strange, considering how Anubis is generally a benevolent figure.
  • Death of a Thousand Cuts: This is how he deals damage, with all three of his damaging abilities dealing smaller ticks of damage over time instead of all at once. His ultimate in particular has a whopping 30 separate ticks of damage during a three-second channel. However, if he hits you with most of those ticks, the "cuts" add up to a huge amount of damage. Items that stack debuffs on an enemy when they are hit with abilities work well on him for this reason.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: Anubis relies heavily on landing his Mummify ability to deal damage, but it is a slow-moving, narrow skillshot. His Plague of Locusts ability deals absolutely staggering damage for a normal ability, but is short-ranged, roots him in place, and can be interrupted by many CC effects. The laser beam from his ultimate is also extremely narrow and quite difficult to keep on a target if they aren't held down by a CC effect (such as his stun). He's even rated as "Very Hard" under the Difficulty heading if you mouse over him. If you can make him work in spite of these issues he has incredible damage output, but unfortunately he tends to fall under Awesome, but Impractical as mentioned above.
  • Energy Weapon: Possibly qualifies as Beam Spam, given the way that it deals many small ticks of damage per second, and that the ray of light is flashing constantly during the channel.
  • Eye Beams: His ultimate.
  • Glass Cannon: One of the most extreme examples in Smite. He is a squishy Mage with no mobility whatsoever who even roots himself in place to deal damage, giving people free aim at him. However, if he gets to lay down his combos and abilities unimpeded, he can deal patently absurd amounts of damage. Most notably, his ultimate has an effective 450% magical power scaling if all 30 ticks hit, which is several times that of almost any other ability.
  • "Instant Death" Radius: A fed Anubis channeling his Plague of Locusts or Death Gaze can cause this to many squishier targets (and gets pretty close to this late in the game even for tougher ones), though one has to be very good at aiming to cause it with his ultimate.
  • Life Drain: Encouraged to use this by his passive, which effectively doubles the effect of lifesteal items.
  • Like Father, Like Son: Anubis and Osiris are both benevolent gods of death (one is "God of the Dead" and the other of "the Afterlife") with themes of mummification.
  • Mummy Wrap: A specialty of his.
  • Noble Wolf: Anubis is a jackal god, not a wolf god, but he's pretty noble anyway.
  • Power Floats: Not normally, but during his ultimate he lifts off the ground slightly.
  • Sadly Mythtaken: The mythological Anubis had nothing to do with plagues, which were the domain of the war goddess Sekhmet. Even more strangely his plague of locusts may actually refer to one of the Biblical Ten Plagues of Egypt.
  • Shout-Out: One of Stargazer Anubis's death lines is "With my last breath...I stab at thee!"
  • Third-Person Person: In the comics, he refers to himself by his own name. He doesn't do this in-game, however.
  • Wave-Motion Gun: With its maximum potential damage sitting at a monstrous 1290 base + 450% scaling, Death Gaze is one of the most damaging single abilities in the game (if most or all of it hits, of course). Its only real competitor is a fully-charged Circle of Protection, which is even more conditional to achieve than hitting an enemy with most of Death Gaze.

    Eset, Goddess of Magic
"Let's show them the power of magic!"Click here for her Classic look 

Voiced by: Caitlin Glass
Celestial Skin Voiced by: Dawn M. Bennett
Crystal Fae Skin Voiced by: Dawn M. Bennett
Midnight Skin Voiced by: Elizabeth Maxwell
Razor's Edge Skin Voiced by: Katelyn Barr
Scarlet Coven Skin Voiced by: Caitlin Glass
Star Sentry Skin Voiced by: Lauren Amante

Eset (formerly named Isis) is a Mage goddess suited for long-range disruption with potent area-of-effect damage and buffs.

  • Her passive, Funeral Rites, gives her an aura that slightly increases Eset and her allies' health and mana regeneration as gods (friend or foe) die near her, but resets every time Eset herself falls.
  • Using her first ability, Wing Gust, Eset starts to hover at a low height, moving faster with no backpedal penalty. At the same time, she launches a succession of four magical bolts, each of which damages all enemies it passes through.
  • Her second ability, Spirit Ball, launches a slow-moving but long-ranged magical projectile. At any point along the ball's path Eset can detonate it, dealing damage and stunning enemies near it. Both the damage and the stun increase with distance traveled.
  • Eset's third ability, Dispel Magic, affects enemies in a target area, silencing and slowing them as well as reducing their magical protections, which are transferred to Eset's nearby allies.
  • Her ultimate, Circle of Protection, plants Eset's staff at a target location, affecting a considerable area. Allies within that area take 15% reduced damage. After five seconds (or earlier if Eset wishes), the staff detonates, damaging all enemies and healing all allies within the radius. In addition, any damage dealt to targets inside the radius will charge up the staff, increasing the detonation's damage and healing up to 350% at maximum rank and charge.

Eset' alternate skins include Guardian Eternal Eset, Desert Omen Eset, Scarlet Coven Eset, Denial Eset and Celestial Eset.

  • Action Mom: She’s Horus’ mother, and a poised and able combatant in the war between the gods.
  • Anti-Magic: The idea behind Dispel Magic. Represented in-game as a Silence Status Effect preventing enemy gods from casting spells while under its effects, with a side of weakening her foes via protection drain.
  • Arch-Enemy: Eset does not like Set, and has a kill quote ready for him long before Set was added to the roster. It feels extremely wrathful against him.
  • Art Evolution: Received a visual update to her artwork and model that gave her a more authentically Egyptian appearance.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: Detonating her Circle of Protection when it's fully charged deals a completely absurd amount of damage and can easily lead to a One-Hit Kill, but the enemy has to stay in its radius while it absorbs enough damage to charge all the way up. It's much more common for Eset to just lay it down and instantly pop it because enemies are going to walk out of its radius before it can hit them otherwise.
  • Barrier Warrior: Dispel Magic grants Eset and her allies a shield if it hits an enemy god. The shield becomes stronger when multiple enemies are hit by the spell, up to a cap.
  • Boring, but Practical: Though detonating it after it’s been given time to charge results in more damage and healing, unless locked down in its area enemies can simply walk out and remain unaffected. As a result, detonating her Circle of Protection immediately after casting it is the most reliable way to affect enemies with it, and results in an extremely sudden burst of damage and healing in its area.
  • Combat Medic: Circle of Protection heals allies while simultaneously damaging enemies, and Eset is no slouch when it comes to magical damage with Spirit Ball and Wing Gust.
  • Combos: Her Spirit Ball is fairly easy to dodge at most distances (and that's before abilities can be used to help avoid it), but Dispel Magic is applied much quicker at range as well as inflicting a slow and silence to help make hitting Spirit Ball much easier. Any enemy player should realistically run out of Circle of Protection before Eset detonates it at a high charge level upon them, but the crowd-control effects caused by Spirit Ball and Dispel Magic make it more difficult for enemies to manage escaping the circle...and that's to say nothing about how pretty much any damage allies receive while inside Circle of Protection or cause to enemies inside of it is a Combo that helps charge the ultimate.
  • Counter-Attack: Her ultimate, which stores damage dealt within its area and when detonated, damages enemies proportionate to how charged it was. She can also charge it up solely with her and her team's damage, however.
  • Gradual Regeneration: The main benefit of her passive, which grants her and her allies increased mana and health regeneration upon gaining stacks from god deaths that occur near her. It's not worth much normally, but can be quite handy in Assault, which emphasizes sustain.
  • Herd-Hitting Attack: Has an AOE attack in her basic attack chain, the only ranged character to do so.note 
  • Lady of Black Magic: A Mage goddess who carries herself in a regal manner and has a moveset of potent, long-range spells. She’s known as the Goddess of Magic for a reason.
  • Magic Staff: Carries an ornate golden staff tipped with a red gem, which she plants at a location when casting Circle of Protection. Ironically, though, her basic attack has her fling magical bolts from her wings instead of her staff.
  • Necessarily Evil: Her poisoning of Ra and learning his true name to absorb his magic. It's a dick move and turned Ra from benevolent to a Jerkass solar deity, but at that point Eset had no other choice lest Egypt fall to utter darkness thanks to Set. She'd do anything and bear all responsibility to save her realm.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Her poising Ra and learning his true name results in Ra sending Hathor to wreak havoc throughout Egypt, killing a lot. So either way, Eset's attempt to save Egypt from Set came with a hefty price.
  • Noblewoman's Laugh: Her laugh is fairly rhythmic and haughty. When she tries a more "Kakakaka!" laugh, she fails, accompanied with a cough. "Oh, who am I kidding..."
  • Race Lift: When Eset first appeared in Smite, she looked inexplicably like a white woman. Her current appearance now includes brown skin.
  • Shout-Out:
    • She says the lyrics of R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly" as one of her jokes, the longest joke in the game.
    "I think about it every night and day, spread my wings and fly away! I believe I can soar, see me running though that open door! I believe I can fly, I believe I can fly...I believe I can fly. Thank you, I'm here all week. Heh."
    • She does the Chicken Dance, aka the Birdie Song.
    • The advertisement of Eset's release had her curled into a ball and floating straight downward from the sky into this pose when she touched the ground. This pose also later became available as an emote.
  • Sore Loser: She keeps talking about "foul play" whenever she gets killed. Well, that and the obvious Incredibly Lame Pun.
  • White And Gold Are Divine: She’s a goddess, and wears a white dress adorned with gold jewelry and decorations, including a crown.
  • Wind from Beneath My Wings: Wing Gust is a magical variety: instead of wind, she uses them to send forth orbs of arcane energy.
  • Winged Humanoid: Rather than sprouting from her back, her wings instead grow along the lengths of her arms, extending far beyond her fingertips. She flaps them to cast Wing Gust.

    Ra, Sun God
"The sun has risen once again!"
Click here for his Classic look 

Voiced by: Chuck Huber
Beamy Chibi Skin Voiced by: Alejandro Saab
Eldritch Skin Voiced by: Bill Jenkins
Phoenix Skin Voiced by: Andrew Love
Radiant Archon Skin Voiced by: Michael Sorich
Ra'merica Skin Voiced by: Patrick Seitz
Sniper Tech Skin Voiced by: Dustin Rubin
Snow Strix Skin Voiced by: Daniel Riordan
Sun.GOD Skin Voiced by: Michael Schwalbe
Sunstar Skin Voiced by: Jim Foronda
Unholy Doodle Skin Voiced by: Chris Guerrero
Megatron Skin Voiced by: Jason Marnocha

Ra is a Mage god with strong damage, heals, and slows, but no real crowd control.

  • His passive, Speed of Light, increases his movement speed for ten seconds every time he casts an ability, stacking up to three times.
  • Ra's first ability, Celestial Beam, sweeps a scorching ray of sunlight in a linear path in front of him, damaging all enemies caught within.
  • Upon using his second ability, Divine Light, Ra begins to glow with power, gradually slowing all nearby enemies. At the end of the duration the light explodes, dealing damage and prolonging the slow on all nearby enemies. In addition, enemies looking at Ra during the explosion are briefly blinded.
  • His third ability, Solar Blessing, creates a pillar of light. Enemies within are damaged over time, while he and his allies are healed.
  • Ra's ultimate, Searing Pain, immobilizes him briefly before firing a powerful, long-ranged blast of heat that instantly deals considerable damage to all enemies caught in the line.

Ra's alternate skins include Silve-Ra-Do, Solar Sentinel Ra, Solar Eclipse Ra, Alienware Ra, Ra'merica and Sunstar Ra.

  • Action Dad: He is the father of Bastet and Anhur.
  • Beat: Used in his taunts.
    It's time for your daily dose of Vitamin D...struction.
    The light can heal or the light can burn— Okay, it mostly burns.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Of the Sun.
  • Bird People: He has a hawk's head.
  • Combat Medic: He can heal himself and allies using his Solar Blessing ability. To maximize the damage of Solar Blessing, he will also usually have to close in on an enemy god while using Divine Light to slow them, thus preventing them from almost instantly walking out of Solar Blessing. This will likely have the bonus of healing Ra himself while doing it.
  • Eagleland: Hilariously for his Ra'merica skin. He's Egyptian.
  • Energy Weapon: His Celestial Beam and Searing Pain abilities pretty much resemble giant lasers.
  • Eye of Horus Means Egypt: Ra's staff has the "Eye" present on it; possibly due to being mistaken as the "Eye Of Ra", his eyes also have marking around them making his eye's resemble it.
  • Guest Fighter: As part of the Transformers collaboration, Ra has a skin that allows him to become Megatron, tyrannical leader of the Decepticons.
  • Interface Screw: Being blinded by Divine Light briefly white-outs your screen.
  • Jerkass Gods: He left Geb in anguish by separating him from Nut. And in his directed taunt he clearly enjoys it.
    "Still mad over Nut? Get over it!"
  • Light Is Not Good: Zig-zagged. As the Sun God and Egypt's Top God, Ra holds the responsibility of keeping the world safe from the wrath of the Snake of Chaos Apep, but that doesn't stop him from committing acts of Jerkassery on a whim, including nearly letting his Omnicidal Maniac daughter run rampant and separating Geb from Nut against their wills. That all said, however, he wouldn't do the former until he was tortured by Isis, and as one of his taunts says, his light can both heal and burn (ok, mostly burn).
  • Pet the Dog: He was that close to becoming an Omnicidal Maniac when he sent out Hathor (as Sekhmet) to consume mankind. He stopped her at the last minute.
  • Power Floats: He hovers just over a beam of sunlight.
  • Pungeon Master: In case for some reason you didn't know he's the sun god when you play as him for the first time, he'll make sure you know by the end of the match...through puns.
    "Too close to the sun, get burned!"
    "It looks like you are in a tough spot, or should I say...a sunspot?"
  • The Power of the Sun: Ahem. Sun God.
  • Rays from Heaven: His Celestial Beam ability summons one that moves along a line, scorching enemies hit.
  • Start of Darkness: Ra was once a benevolent solar deity until Eset, to save Egypt from Set, poisoned him to get his true name and his magic. This painful near-death experience took its toll on Ra, and he was rarely the same since.
  • Shout-Out: To a well-known series of Old Spice commercials in his Ra'merica skin:
    "Ra's Solar Blessing has odor blocking - POWEEEEEER!"
  • Simple, yet Awesome: Ra is one of the five gods that all players get when they create an account. Played competently enough, he may be the only caster you ever need.
    • His ultimate, however, tends to lean more towards Difficult, but Awesome. It does a lot of damage on a low cooldown and can snipe people from a good distance, but it has a narrow hitbox and a delay of over a second before firing, making it hard to hit against moving targets.
  • Top God: Of the Egyptian Pantheon.
  • Wave-Motion Gun: His ultimate definitely invokes the image of this.

    Thoth, Arbiter of the Damned

Voiced by: Chris Guerrero
Beaky Chibi Skin Voiced by: Chris Guerrero
Book of Nightmares Skin Voiced by: Paul Cartwright
Geek Beak Skin Voiced by: Chris Guerrero
Star Scribe Skin Voiced by: Daman Mills
Vizier Skin Voiced by: Jordan Dash Cruz

Thoth is a Mage god capable of dealing high amounts of ability damage at long ranges.

  • His passive, Dead Reckoning, adds a name into his book for every enemy killed. Once he kills 30 enemies he gains a stack that increases his magical penetration, and killing an enemy god completes the stack immediately. Every four levels he gains another page, thus allowing him to obtain another stack, up to a max of five.
  • His first ability, Hieroglyphic Assault, makes his next three basic attacks deal ability damage and ignore basic attack movement penalties.
  • His second ability, Evade and Punish, lets him dash in the direction that he is currently moving. For a brief period at the end of his dash his next basic attack will fire a projectile that deals ability damage and slows.
  • His third ability, Glyph of Pain, conjures a Hieroglyph in front of him. Any of Thoth's abilities that go through this glyph will not only deal increased damage but will also travel at an increased range. In addition, any basic attack projectiles from him or his allies will also gain increased damage.
  • His ultimate, Final Judgement, summons up to four glyphs before firing a powerful blast. This ability can be canceled while charging at a low mana cost, and can be fired early for reduced damage depending on the number of glyphs he managed to accumulate.

Thoth's alternate skins include Sanguine Scribe Thoth.

  • The Archmage: Saying that Thoth is a master of magic is an understatement.
  • Badass Bookworm: We're talking about a god that willed himself into existence. He's depicted as a scholar and scribe, spending most of his time absorbing as much knowledge as he can. Don't mistake this for weakness, though. He'll dish out some of the biggest damage in the game using his spellbook and creating runes in the air.
  • Been There, Shaped History: Excepting the part where Neith made the universe, Thoth is always present in at least three of mythological Egypt's most important events: Helping Ra in defeating Apep, helping Isis in re-animating Osiris and helping Horus in toppling Set.
  • Bird People: Thoth has the head of an ibis.
  • Cooldown Manipulation: Hitting a Hieroglyphic Assault attack on an enemy god reduces the cooldown of itself by a second (can only happen once per attack).
  • Eye of Horus Means Egypt: Thoth's Hieroglyphic Assault attack shows this on its icon and the traveling projectile (unless the projectile has passed through Glyph of Pain, then the ball is filled with light and no Wadjet will be visible anymore).
  • Gameplay and Story Integration: The Book of Thoth is a purchasable item that grants a passive effect based on the number of stacks acquired. Thoth's passive acting in a similar way makes sense, since he's quite literally carrying said Book.
  • MacGuffin: Has one in the form of The Book of Thoth. It's an artifact said to contain the secrets of the universe and magic specifically created by Thoth. It is so powerful, that even gods become uneasy when it's opened. But he only uses it in emergencies.
  • Long-Range Fighter: Even compared to other ranged gods like other Mages and Hunters, Thoth is focused on damaging opponents from a range farther than they can hope to retaliate against. Normally, his Hieroglyphic Assault and Evade and Punish abilities only go up to a normal ranged basic-attack limit, but Glyph of Pain increases the range of any of his other abilities passing through them by 30 to make them outrange pretty much any non-ultimate abilities (and his ultimate will outrange other ultimates then too!). His Glyph of Pain ability even helps out other ranged gods by making their basic attacks cause more damage after passing through it.
  • Power Floats: His card art makes it look like his default state, but he actually only lifts off for Evade and Punish and Final Judgement.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Just like in mythology. The whole reason Thoth joins the war between gods is because of how badly it's affecting the world and the mortals that live in it. He aims to bring order to the universe.
  • Silly Walk: When out of combat, he holds one arm behind his back, holds his book under the other, and struts everywhere. The effect is surreal enough to make him look like he's moonwalking.
  • Spell Book: It's reflected in the tale "Setne Khamwas and Naneferkaptah" where the Book of Thoth was said to be written by Thoth, containing spells and knowledge of the gods that man was not meant to know.


    Bastet, Goddess of Cats
"Ooooh, you look like fun! Let's play."
Click here for her Classic look 

Voiced by: Leah Clark
Adventurer's Guild Skin Voiced by: Macy Johnson
Covert Ops Skin Voiced by: Lydia Mackay
Kawaii Pop Skin Voiced by: Monica Rial
Luminous Skin Voiced by: Erin Yvette
Night Prowler Skin Voiced by: Tia Ballard
Shadow Claw Skin Voiced by: Macy Johnson
Snow Kitten Skin Voiced by: Erica Muse
Star Tamer Skin Voiced by: Catherine DuBord

Bastet is an Assassin goddess who can jump in and relentlessly chase down and slaughter an enemy before quickly making her escape.

  • Her passive, Night Stalker, has two effects. Firstly, any enemy gods hit by Bastet are revealed to her for a few seconds. Secondly, she gains passive Physical Lifesteal and Ability Lifesteal.
  • With her first ability, Pounce, Bastet jumps at a nearby target location, damaging all enemies around her landing point. For a few seconds, Bastet can reactivate the ability to leap back to the location she jumped from.
  • Her second ability, Razor Whip, slashes all enemies in a cone in front of Bastet with a sweep of her whip, making them bleed and take damage over time for a few seconds.
  • With her third ability, Ensnaring Claw, Bastet sends a cat forward that will root an enemy god upon hitting them, and the cat will persist for a few seconds or until it's killed.
  • Her ultimate ability, Huntress of Bast, has her channel for a few seconds in a CC Immune state before firing a blast of energy in a line. If an enemy god is hit, they are damaged and stunned before a Guardian of Bast grabs them, carrying them to where Bastet was standing when the projectile landed. If the target isn't broken free, a vortex appears at the landing point, dragging the victim towards the center while dealing additional damage.

Bastet's alternate skins include Dominatrix Bastet, Arcane Assassin, Covert Ops Bastet, Kawaii Pop Bastet, Epsilon Bastet and Crimson Ops Bastet.

  • Art Evolution: Used to have purple skin and bright green eyes with slitted pupils.
  • The Beastmaster: Bastet summons cats for her third ability and summons a huge cat that grabs an enemy for her ultimate.
  • Cat Girl: A weirder case than normal; she's completely furless except for her ears and tail, but also has digitigrade legs ending with paws.
  • Cat Folk: The original Bastet only had a feline head. This one has feline ears, tail, and digitigrade legs ending with paws. She has a human face in most of her skins, though.
  • Combos: It's not too difficult for the enemy to leave Huntress of Bast's vortex, so how about hitting them with an Ensnaring Claw to keep them in a little longer?
  • Crutch Character: Used to be among the worst in the game about this: Bastet was extremely powerful early game, but unfortunately, her ultimate pre-rework became nearly worthless as soon as teamfighting started (she summons cats that instantly die to all the area effect attacks flying around). Furthermore, she didn't have a basic attack steroid or innate tankiness. Until later her passive could actually expire!
    • As of the Mercury patch, she has received a new passive that makes her attacks cause bleeding and extra damage in an attempt to make her more efficient in combat. Now, she is extremely strong, to the point that her cats are still deadly in a teamfight.
    • In patch 7.1 this has been further averted by giving her some more buffs and a much better ultimate ability.
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: What happens in her lore. Apep is known as He Who Must Not Be Named and a God of Evil that even other gods are disgusted of and avoid at all cost. Bastet offed him. Unfortunately, out of lore, looks like it's not permanent, as Apep returns in the new Clash Map as a Bonus Boss.
  • Dominatrix: One of her alternate skins, although it's really just a greyscale recolor.
  • Goggles Do Nothing: A joke in her Covert Ops skin:
    "Why am I wearing these goggles, again? I can already see in the dark."
  • Ms. Fanservice: An especially shapely goddess with clothing that provides both Navel-Deep Neckline and Sideboob. Justified given she is usually associated with both fertility and beauty.
  • Navel-Deep Neckline: Her outfit has a neckline that plunges to her navel. Averted in her Spy Catsuit skin, which is only unzipped to show her cleavage.
  • Shout-Out:
    • They just couldn't resist making her Night Prowler skin based on Catwoman. It was apparently too obvious, as DC Comics forced them to take it away.
    • Kawaii Pop Bastet says "Notice me... Senpai..." when she's killed off.
    • Shadow Claw’s overall appearance and voice is a direct reference to the Khajit race.
  • Spy Catsuit: Her Covert Ops skin is a black catsuit.
  • Taking the Bullet: Bastet has some especially good early game tower dive potential due to her cats' capacity for this. Once the cats hit an enemy god they will be prioritized by the tower shots, allowing Bastet (and her teammates) to move and act freely under the tower without it switching aggro for as long as the cats are still alive/in range.
  • Whip It Good: Her weapon of choice is a short whip. She had it prior to her remodel, but mostly attacked with her claws.

    Serqet, Goddess of Venom

Voiced by: Kristin Sutton
Demonsoul Skin Voiced by: Alison Viktorin
Dread Queen Skin Voiced by: Rachel Robinson
First Mate Skin Voiced by: Victoria Atkin
Kitty Kaboom Skin Voiced by: Brittany Lauda
Kunoichi Skin Voiced by: Kassandra Maron
Madame Blade Skin Voiced by: Kristin Sutton
Senpai Slayer Skin Voiced by: Veronica Taylor

Serqet is an Assassin goddess with high mobility and burst, but is also very fragile.

  • Her passive, Catalyst, makes her basic attacks consume lingering poisons on a target, dealing 10% of a target's health as damage when consuming two, 20% when consuming three. Poisons linger for 20 seconds after their effects expire.
  • Using her first ability, Deathbane, Serqet dashes forward three times in a zig-zag pattern, the length of which she can adjust (all the way down to nearly stationary). Each dash strikes enemies it passes through, dealing damage (with the ability to crit) and applying Deathbane poison, which briefly reduces protections before lingering.
  • Serqet's second ability, Cobra's Kiss, throws out two poisoned daggers, with a small delay between them. Each one strikes the first target it encounters, dealing damage and applying Cobra's Kiss poison, which makes enemy gods briefly attack their allies or, if alone, move closer to Serqet before lingering.
  • Serqet's third ability, Ambush, makes her indefinitely invisible unless an enemy god walks into melee range. While invisible, she may leap at a target area, damaging all enemies inside it.
  • Serqet's ultimate, Last Breath, has her leap onto an enemy. She stuns them briefly while she strikes away with her tail, applying poison, before launching them in a direction of her choosing. The Last Breath poison prevents healing while dealing a considerable amount of true (armor-ignoring) damage. Should an enemy die while affected by Last Breath poison, they will explode, applying the poison to all nearby enemies.

Serqet's alternate skins include Venom Serqet, Desert Queen Serqet, Madame Blade Serqet, Demon Soul Serqet, Dread Queen Serqet and Ebonsoul Serqet.

  • Armor-Piercing Attack: Minor example with her Deathbane ability, which reduces an enemy's protections. The real example of this is her ultimate, which is one of only two abilities in the whole game to deal true damage.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: Since Cobra's Kiss throws two separate projectiles, it's entirely possible to hit two different enemy gods with one cast of the ability, which not only applies the CC to two people but can also substantially increase the ability's damage output, since both targets will be hitting each other. Pulling this off in a real match is more a matter of luck than anything else, though, and in practice the ability is pretty much only used against a single target.
  • Beware My Stinger Tail: Serqet has a mechanical tail which she uses for attacks, skills, hugging herself when stunned, and as a feather boa in her win animation.
  • Blade Below the Shoulder: Serqet has two of these protruding from her wide sleeves, most likely to emulate the pincers of a scorpion.
  • Boring, but Practical: At first look, the stationary invisibility provided by Ambush sounds like a neat feature. In practice, the ability is much more often used like a normal jump/leap than it is to set up elaborate traps or ganks with the invisibility.
  • Combos: Highly encouraged by her passive, which grants a large buff to her next basic attack against an enemy that has recently been hit by two or three of her abilities.
    • Also notable is the interaction between her first and second abilities, even aside of her passive. Deathbane can potentially hit an enemy three times, but getting all three hits basically requires the target to stand still while Serqet casts the ability at point blank range. Fortunately, she can set up this exact situation by landing Cobra's Kiss first.
  • Critical Hit: Serqet is one one of the few gods who can crit with an ability, rather than just with basic attacks.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Serqet's lore points out that no venomous creature ever attacks unless antagonized because she won't let them. She prefers that her poison only takes the life of the deserving, and her control over it allows her to remove it as easily as she can apply it, righting any accidents before the victim dies.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: Smite Guru consistently puts Serqet as the lowest ranking god in the game, with an abysmal win rate and very low pick rate. Newcomers might be surprised, however, once they watch some Pro-level matches and discover that she's a powerful pick amongst top players. The thing is, Serqet excels at extremely high burst damage and mobility, and is awful in pretty much every single other aspect. Her defense, health, mana pool, basic attack damage and teamfight presence are all terrible, meaning playing with Serqet pretty much demands perfection with her powerful combos or else.
  • Fixed Damage Attack: Her ultimate.
  • Flash Step: Deathbane is three of these in rapid succession.
  • Fragile Speedster: Two different dashes, offset by having the lowest HP of any god currently in the game and barely having any innate defenses.
  • Master Poisoner: Ahem. Goddess of Venom.
  • Percent Damage Attack: With her passive, making her the only god to have both this and a Fixed Damage Attack inherent in their kit.
  • Personal Space Invader: Last Breath has Serqet leap on an enemy, striking repeatedly with her tail.
  • Scorpion People: The goddess of them. She wears a mechanical stinger tail and two pincer-like blades covering her hands.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Her dance is one to Flash Dance.
    • Her Dread Queen skin gives her a black exoskeleton and head crest resembling a Xenomorph Queen's.
  • Status Infliction Attack: Poison, obviously, but also Charm and Decover.
  • Technicolor Toxin: All of Serqet's attacks are accompanied by vicious green trails.
  • The Fashionista: Her voice lines and taunts seems to suggest that she is one.
  • Universal Poison: Frost giant? Earth elemental? Clockwork contraption? Anthropomorphic Personifications? Nothing is immune to Serqet's poisons.

    Set, the Usurper
"Do you feel that? The sands stirring chaos and rage. My rage! The age of Set has begun."

Voiced by: Chris Tergliafera
Jade Dragon Skin Voiced by: Kim Strauss
Sir Sandington Skin Voiced by: Jas Patrick
Unichrome Skin Voiced by: Chip Joslin

The God of the desert and chaos, brother of Osiris that murdered him out of jealousy, but destined to be destroyed by Horus. At least that's what he chooses to let his world believe. If you were to ask Set himself, he'd paint you a different story. Set saw His brother Osiris as one who tyrannically hoarded power beneath his veneer of benevolence, yet also too soft to defend the kingdom. and saw Horus, starved of power, incapable of leading Egypt anywhere but a dark future. With conviction to save his kingdom, Set acted, killing his brother and claiming his throne, even if the world would decry him as merely power-hungry, to save his kingdom no matter the cost.

Set's an assassin that focuses on summoning clones of himself and overwhelming the opponent with rapid attacks.

  • His passive, Relentless, gives him stacks of attack speed when he uses basic attacks on enemies. He gains two stacks per hit when attacking Horus, up to a maximum of 10 stacks.
  • His first ability is Skewer, which has Set launch his hatred forward, damaging and slowing enemies hit. At the same time, nearby Spawn will be commanded to dash towards a selected location, which also damages and slows. Any Spawn after the first deals reduced damage.
  • His second ability, Spawn of Set conjures the namesake Spawn to attack nearby enemies and provide additional effects to Set's other abilities. Spawn of Set has two charges.
  • His third ability is Sandstorm, which creates a sandstorm around him that increases his physical resistance and grants immunity to Slows as well as deal light damage and obscure the vision of nearby enemies. Set can choose to immediately teleport to a Spawn when Sandstorm is activated or recast to teleport anytime, but only once per Sandstorm.
  • His ultimate is Kingslayer, which increases his movement speed. During the buff, damaging enemies will put a mark on them, with 4 marks causing an explosion, damaging the enemy while healing Set and granting a charge of Spawn of Set. In addition, Relentless has no maximum stack count during Kingslayer.

Set’s alternate skins include Aureate Usurper.

  • Action Dad: He sees Anubis as his own son in spite of Anubis' parentage between Osiris and Nephthys. Interestingly, there are versions of Set where Anubis is actually his biological son, as well as Sobek.
  • Animal Motifs: Instead of the bizarre Cartoon Creature that was originally used to depict him, here Set instead appears as an anthropomorphic donkey, which was used as his symbolic animal in later Egyptian dynasties. With that said, he also has sharp fangs and the feet of a carnivorous mammal, so it's possible he's some kind of a chimeric hybrid.
  • Arch-Enemy: To Horus. In fact, he gets double the attack speed stacks when hitting an enemy Horus in battle.
  • Beast Man: Apart from having the head of what appears to be a donkey (but with carnivore teeth), Set also has digitigrade legs.
  • Blade on a Stick: Probably to aid in being a Foil to Horus, Set uses a halberd similar to Horus' own weapon.
  • Cain and Abel: The Cain to Osiris' Abel.
  • Death of a Thousand Cuts: Set’s abilities don’t do a lot of damage on their own. However, they deal damage very quickly and can be used together.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: Uses biting sand traveling at high-speeds for his abilities.
  • Doppelgänger Attack: Spawn of Set summons a stationary clone of himself - they cannot move, but they attack enemies close-by, and Skewer can make them Dash Attack and move toward the specified location. With the effects of Kingslayer, Set can hope to summon up to a total of eight clones of himself!
  • Eye of Horus Means Egypt: Subverted Trope - he uses it to show how he's an enemy of Horus via an Idle Animation which has him magically draw the symbol over the ground (and of course, symbolize Horus himself) before he angrily backhands it away.
  • Evil Uncle: Has an antagonistic relationship with his nephew Horus.
  • Foil: With his rival for the throne Horus, of course. Set is The Social Darwinist who considers taking anything he wants by force to be inherently justified by itself, while Horus believes in enforcing order from his kingdom and protecting all of his subjects according to the responsibilities of his office. Set's own gameplay follows his beliefs by making him an aggressive assassin that virtually makes an army out of his own power, while Horus is a Support Party Member that serves as The Leader for his team.
  • Might Makes Right: His interactions with Horus and Osiris show that Set clearly holds this philosophy.
  • Mythology Gag: Yep, he has one to the weird lettuce story.
  • Never Bring A Knife To A Fistfight: Well, sort of - judging by his ultimate, Kingslayer, Set is apparently far more dangerous when he's enraged and unarmed than when he's calm and using his halberd.
  • Opposing Combat Philosophies: Set believes the only thing that determines strength is your own power, while Horus instead plays The Leader of an actual team in battle.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Set has red eyes even without his Cool Helmet, just so that the audience knows he's one of the more evil Egyptian deities.
  • The Rival: To Horus. Set isn't the true antagonist to Smite's narrative, though.
  • The Social Darwinist: Considers strength (naturally, his strength) to be the only thing that matters. He similarly likes chaos for believing it breeds this. He takes to the battleground of the gods to prove himself right in person.
  • Spikes of Villainy: Kingslayer pretty much gives him this, causing six khopesh-like blades to float around his back while it's active.
  • Super Mode: Kingslayer has Set drop his halberd to attack the enemy with just his limbs, move much faster, cause any damage he does to mark the enemy which explodes to deal more damage around them, heal himself, give him a charge of Spawn of Set (automatically summoning one near him if he gains a charge while at his maximum of two) and causes Relentless to have no stack limit!
  • Token Evil Teammate: He's this to the Egyptian pantheon. The game doesn't mention the important fact that despite his villainous personality, even Set dislikes and opposses Apep, the true Egyptian God of Evil. It may be subverted as while others see him as evil, he sees himself as a Well-Intentioned Extremist, sees his murder of Osiris as a Necessary Evil and will gladly take on the trope as long as Egypt is saved.
  • Unstoppable Rage: Kingslayer is described as nothing more than Set enraging, channeling his anger toward his foes.
  • The Usurper: Set believes Osiris was too weak to deserve his crown and Horus was not properly prepared to ascend to the throne next, so he killed Osiris and seeks to defeat Horus next to prove himself worthy of being a strong leader that can continue the Egyptian kingdom.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Set's lore serves to paint his own side of the story of his murder of Osiris and explain exactly why he does what he does. Set saw Osiris and Horus as unable to save their kingdom from ruin, and killed Osiris to save the kingdom, even if the world would see him as merely power-hungry and jealous of his brother.


    Anhur, Slayer of Enemies
"I've slain countless enemies, you will be no different!"

Voiced by: Christopher Sabat
Cool Cat Skin Voiced by: Brock Powell
Duke dan de Lyons Skin Voiced by: Ian Sinclair
Royal Fury Skin Voiced by: Bruce DuBose
Star Lancer Skin Voiced by: Ricco Fajardo
Star Slayer Skin Voiced by: Brandon Potter
Unbreakable Skin Voiced by: Chris Tergliafera

Anhur is a Hunter god with abilities that, when used together, can flood an opponent with crowd control as he bursts them down.

  • His passive, Enfeeble, reduces the physical protection of enemies struck by his basic attacks for a few seconds.
  • With his first ability, Shifting Sands, Anhur makes an obelisk erupt from the ground at a nearby area for a few seconds, becoming impassable terrain. The surrounding sands also slow the movement speed of all nearby enemies and increase the damage of Anhur's basic attacks against them.
  • His second ability, Impale, makes Anhur hurls his spear with great force, damaging and knocking back the first enemy god hit in a line in front of him. If the target is knocked back onto impassable terrain, they will also be stunned for a brief duration.
  • His third ability, Disperse, makes Anhur jump at a nearby area, damaging and knocking back all surrounding enemies upon landing.
  • With his ultimate ability, Desert Fury, Anhur channels for a brief duration, hurling eight powerful spears that travel through everything in a line in front of him, damaging all enemies they pass through.

Anhur's alternate skins include Jungle King Anhur, Sand Warden Anhur, Olympian Anhur, Fnatic Anhur, Duke dan de Lyons Anhur and Star Slayer Anhur.

  • Armor-Piercing Attack: The effect of his passive.
  • Ass Shove: An unused joke has him threaten to shove his spear so far up your-well, until he interrupts himself became an unseen presence apparently warned him that Smite's rated T for Teen.
  • Blade on a Stick: His javelins.
  • Cat Folk: Anhur is basically a massive humanoid lion.
  • Combo: His second ability stuns if it knocks an enemy into a wall. His first ability creates a very small wall. Combining the two is vital to playing Anhur well - his third ability also knocking enemies away from the impact zone can provide an additional risky aid to this combo.
  • Crutch Character: His passive is highly effective when players will be initially severely lacking in physical protection and his knockbacks, obelisk and Impale's stun can lead to some very lethal combos early on in the game while also having the potential of keeping him safe. These things tend not to be the case later on throughout a match - they can still keep him safe, but other hunters will certainly dish out a lot more damage than him by that point unless he's secured a significant lead.
  • Did You Just Flip Off Cthulhu?: During the battle against Apep, Anhur pretty much uses his wits to outsmart and distract Apep until Bastet delivers the killing blow.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: His Impale ability is a narrow skillshot, and the pillar he summons is quite small as well, making it very difficult to combine the two in order to achieve the above combo. However, if you pull it off, you stun the enemy while knocking them into the center of an AOE that slows them and gives a significant bonus to your attacks' damage to them. His ultimate also qualifies, as it can do a lot of damage if used well, but it requires you to be good at aiming/predicting movement since the spears do not travel that much faster than a normal basic attack.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: His lore states that Anhur can be found at the head of every charge, yet as an ADC Anhur is typically found at the back, waiting for his tougher allies to bring him targets to kill. He does have some worth in getting closer, but he'll rarely do it first.
  • Javelin Thrower: His basic attacks and two of his abilities consist of throwing javelins. He also has a skin that turns him into an Olympic javelin thrower.
  • Pinned to the Wall: His Impale ability inflicts stun if the god hit by the thrown spear get knocked into a wall.
  • Pyramid Power: Anhur can summon an obelisk, and any enemies nearby take increased damage from his basic attacks.
  • Spam Attack: His ultimate.
  • War God: A kinder, more respected sort than the likes of Ares.

    Neith, Weaver of Fate

Voiced by: Lindsay Seidel
Basscannon Skin Voiced by: Patty Mattson
BuccaNeith Skin Voiced by: Lindsay Seidel
Carnaval Queen Skin Voiced by: Valerie Zunzun
Desert Dragon Skin Voiced by: Veronica Taylor
Harajuku Skin Voiced by: Lindsay Seidel
Midnight Glamour Skin Voiced by: Heather Gonzalez
Moonlit Scout Skin Voiced by: Mary Morgan
Ms. Diagnosis Skin Voiced by: Lindsay Seidel
Mystic Defender Skin Voiced by: Debbie Wittenberg
Sakura Android Skin Voiced by: Julie Shields
Scarlet Dangerfield Skin Voiced by: Amber Lee Connors
Shadow Weaver Skin Voiced by: Alba Ponce de Leon
Star Strike Skin Voiced by: Fryda Wolff
Swift Scurrier Skin Voiced by: Stephanie Southerland

Neith is a simple Hunter goddess who focuses more on early game damage, as opposed to late game like other Hunters.

  • Her passive, Broken Weave, creates little wispy Broken Weaves every time an enemy god dies, each lasting a minute or until used. Neith's abilities gain secondary effects if they hit a Broken Weave.
  • Her first ability, Spirit Arrow, fires an arrow that passes through walls and enemies, damaging and immobilizing them. Both effects are stronger on the first target hit. If Spirit Arrow hits a Broken Weave, it explodes, damaging and rooting all enemies in an area.
  • With her second ability, Unravel, Neith unravels the world weave in a target area, damaging and reducing the attack speed of all enemies caught within. Additionally, Neith heals for up to three enemies hit and heals twice as much for any Broken Weave caught in the area.
  • Her third ability, Back Flip, deals damage and slows all enemies in a cone in front of Neith, launching her backwards and additionally creating a Broken Weave where she stood.
  • Neith's ultimate ability, World Weaver, has her kneel down and charge up a single powerful arrow. She can target any enemy god visible to any of her teammates, regardless of distance or obstructions. This ability will always hit its target, the only exception being if another enemy god walks into the arrow's path. The arrow deals damage and stuns, with the effects being reduced if it wasn't charged all the way.

Neith's alternate skins include Mischievous Neith, Worldweaver Neith, Ms. Diagnosis Neith, Carnaval Queen Neith, BuccaNeith, Eager Neith, InstaKill Neith, Harajuku Neith and Scarlet Dangerfield Neith.

  • Action Mom: Just so you know, she is the mother of Ra, Khepri, Sobek, Serqet and Apophis. In some versions, she's also considered the mother of Thoth, but it seems the devs have chosen to go with the "willed himself into existence" route instead.
  • Adaptational Modesty: The strap-like covering Neith is wearing isn't exactly like how ancient Egyptian women would have worn clothes...because instead, they probably would have been straps holding up a dress that didn't cover their breasts at all.
  • Adaptational Skimpiness: Continuing from the trope above, nonetheless, most of Neith's body would have been covered by a dress in usual portrayals.
  • Anti-Frustration Features: Neith used to be able to target her Broken Weaves with her ultimate, causing them to explode. This feature was removed because it was too hard to aim at the intended target if an enemy god was standing close to one.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Of the primordial waters of creation.
  • Archer Archetype: Subverted, Neith is a gifted archer, but she's very much a Genki Girl, instead of a Cold Sniper.
  • Big, Screwed-Up Family: Neith is the oldest being on the Egyptian Pantheon, mother of Sobek, Serqet, Khepri, Thoth, Apophis and Ra, grandmother of Bastet and Anhur, great-grandmother of Geb, great-great-grandmother of Eset and Osiris, and great-great-great-grandmother of Anubis.
  • Charged Attack: World Weaver won't deal its full damage and stun unless charged to full.
  • Combos: Her Broken Weave passive creates them on the ground for a short duration where enemy gods die and from casting Back Flip. They can be struck by her other abilities for bonus effects.
  • Coy, Girlish Flirt Pose: One of her idle animations, which can be seen in the picking screen. And then she does a stretch...
  • Crosshair Aware: Her ultimate, World Weaver, clearly shows the intended target it's homing in on. The target may thus use abilities to mitigate or avoid it, or inform their allies to stand within its path.
  • Crutch Character: Loaded with utility and respectable base damage on her abilities, but none of these scale in damage to be quite as good later in the game, nor does she have any innate steroid effects that improve her basic attacking. She's still a Hunter and she still hurts in late game, but doesn't scale as well as most.
  • The Cutie: Her idle animations include playing an Air Guitar with her bow happily, and looking behind her before clapping happily. She's also a Perpetual Smiler. Her lines are delivered in a sweet and endearing tone, and she frequently giggles...even when accompanying abilities being used against her enemies. Her taunts include telling her enemies she's proud of them for trying so very hard or assuring them "Awww, it's ok, it happens to everyone!"
    • Especially one of her lines while using Spirit Arrow: "Wait for meeeee! Hee hee!"
  • Dead Person Conversation: Surprisingly she does this in the comics with Hermes, who's just been buried.
  • Forest Ranger: Her Moonlit Scout basically makes her a dark elf one. One of her introduction lines even has her say about how they're better.
  • Homing Boulders: Her ultimate, World Weaver, is a shot that will go toward her intended target.
  • Hope Spot: As a result of her ultimate. You managed to get away from the fight with barely any health left, but now you're safe....and then the big crosshair appears on you.
  • Improbable Aiming Skills: World Weaver can be aimed at any enemy Neith can see around her or from allied sight, and will zoom in on that target.
  • Jiggle Physics: Quite blatant for her victory animation, linked below.
  • Life Drain: Her Unravel ability heals her based on number of enemies hit, up to three.
  • Magical Girl: In her Mystic Defender skin.
  • Master of Threads: As a goddess of weaving, she literally wove the world into being. Her first ability allows her to utilize the threads of fate left by dead enemies and her second ability lets her briefly unravel the skeins of reality itself. When she dies, she also creates a cocoon of magical threads around herself before disappearing.
  • Matriarchy: She is the Matriarch of the Egyptian Pantheon.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Neith's shapely body is barely covered by her choice of dress, she's a flagrant example of The Cutie, with a beaming smile on her face, an endearing tone, and a sweet personality that includes playing an Air Guitar with her bow as a pre-game animation, and her victory animation is a take on the Caramelldansen Vid, complete with music. She's less of this in the comics, but still shows some signs it. Lampshaded Trope since the comic has Mercury stare in awe at her at first sight.
  • Naughty Nurse Outfit: As an alternate skin, Ms. Diagnosis. It has her firing giant syringes instead of arrows.
  • Navel-Deep Neckline: Her outfit has a plunging neckline. Ties with Aphrodite in "This doesn't cover nearly well enough."
  • No "Arc" in "Archery": Her shots disappear when their maximum range is reached. World Weaver has no maximum range and, of course, travels in a straight line the entire time. But hey, she's a goddess.
  • Pirate Girl: The Buccaneith skin. Complete with pirate talk and switching her bow to a blunderbuss!
  • Perpetual Smiler: Some gods take to the battlefield with a stern look. Neith is not one of those gods.
  • Primordial Chaos: Neith is the very first goddess, and the one who created/wove the entire universe/world.
  • Sadly Mythtaken: Her bubbly attitude is decisively artistic licence. Oddly, Neith's appearance in Smite does shows the developers did genuinely research her note  and she is a bit of a lesser-known Flat Character to somewhat excuse it due to being a primordial deity.
    • When she appears in SMITE’s in-game event lore, however, Neith completely drops the Genki Girl persona to be more wise, mature and far-seeing. This brings her closer to her actual mythological self as a creator goddess and senior matriarch of the Egyptian pantheon.
  • She-Fu: Minor example in Back Flip.
  • Ship Tease: In the comic she has this with Mercury.
  • Shout-Out: Her victory animation is one of the world's many examples of Caramelldansen Vid and more specifically was likely based off this video. You can see it under her Ms. Fanservice section.
  • Spy Catsuit: Worn on her Scarlet Dangerfield skin, where she of course becomes an Action Hero sort of spy.
  • Stripperiffic: One of the most extreme examples, even among the other goddesses. Neith, however, lampshades it along with the irony of being titled "Weaver Of Fate" in one of her jokes.
    "I'm a weaver you know. I once wove the whole world into creation... but oddly enough, never found the time for pants."
  • Taking the Bullet: Other enemy gods can get in front of her World Weaver projectile to intercept it.
  • The Maker: Is stated that Neith wove the entire universe/world.
  • Time Abyss: Neith is extremely old, to the point of predating the universe itself, and also being the one who created it.
  • War God: You'd likely never guess this without reading her backstory.
  • Wolverine Publicity: Pretty much the poster girl of Smite because of her ease to use (and potential power on pro levels), not to mention being the Goddess you use in tutorials, coupled with her looks and her cheery personality. Expect to see her a lot in promotional materials. Kind of ironic, when you notice how she's fared from the actual myths (Quite rarely appeared and very much forgotten to modern minds).
  • You Will Not Evade Me: The only way to avoid getting hit by her ultimate is to have a teammate stand in its path. Minions, towers, walls, it'll go through everything else, over any distance. Even if you go into an untargetable state before it reaches you, such as by activating an ultimate that launches you into the sky, it will still hover nearby and hit you as soon as you land. You can, however, negate the damage with proper timing of the Sanctuary relic.