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This page is for the Slavic Pantheon deities that are playable in Smite. The entirety of any God's lore can be found on the official Smite website.

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The Slavic Pantheon has no Warriors so far.


The Slavic Pantheon has no Guardians so far.


The Slavic Pantheon has no Mages so far.


The Slavic Pantheon has no Assassins so far.


    Chernobog, Lord of Darkness

Voiced by: Doug Cockle

Chernobog is a Hunter god whose kit provides both burst damage and unique movement options. His passive, Heart of Cold, embeds a crystal in an enemy for a brief period every time Chernobog hits the enemy with a basic attack. On three stacks the crystals explode, dealing additional damage around the target. His first ability, Crystallized Curses, conjures and throws a large crystal, dealing damage when it lands. After several seconds, the crystal will explode, dealing additional damage and rooting all enemies hit. His second ability, Vicious Barrage, throws a damaging shard that pierces through all enemies it hits. The shard is treated as a basic attack, applies a stack of Heart of Cold to all enemies hit, and will prematurely detonate crystals from Cystallized Curses. Additionally, Chernobog has a short attack speed buff after using Vicious Barrage. His third ability, Into Darkness, is ordinarily a simple dash that damages and slows any enemy he passes through. However, if he collides with a wall he transforms into a shadow, becoming untargetable and immune to damage. Chernobog also gains a second dash from his position; he has a couple of seconds to use it at will before it is used automatically.

His ultimate, Living Nightmare, lets him soar into the sky, summoning Shadows at every enemy god on the map. The Shadows deal no damage, but apply a stacking slow and reveal all enemy gods to Chernobog and his team. While in the air, Chernobog can select any of his Shadows and travel to it, replacing the Shadow in the process. When he lands, all of his cooldowns are refreshed, and for a brief period he gains increased damage mitigations and movement speed. If Chernobog doesn't select a target, then he will simply return to his original position.




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