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This page is for the Arthurian Pantheon deities that are playable in Smite. The entirety of any God's lore can be found on the official Smite website.

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General Tropes

    Arthurian Pantheon General Tropes
Arthurian Pantheon banner artwork
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The people and mythological characters of the king Arthur tales which are playable in Smite. The King Arthur page deals with and can provide beneficent information about their real world counterparts.
  • Badass Normal: For a relative value of "normal". The heroes of the Arthurian mythos are a cut or ten above typical people, but even mythical hero-kings and legendary wizards aren't exactly gods. And yet here they are, fighting against and alongside true deities as effective equals.
  • Dark Age Europe: Subverted, as Arthur and Merlin's homeland looks surprisingly good despite the living conditions being worse back then. The fact that the Arthurian myths were dated to have appeared shortly after the fall of the Western Roman Empire and thus Antiquity doesn't help matters.
  • Egocentric Team Naming: Played straight. Even though king Arthur is the protagonist of his eponymous legends, having an entire pantheon named after him is weird, especially when "Avalon" would seem more logical. This is the same man who created the Round Table in order to have all his knights equal to one another and no one should be above the others.
  • Medieval European Fantasy: The whole Arthurian pantheon is based around this trope.
  • Token Human: The Arthurian "pantheon" stretches the definition of gods and pantheons to considerable degrees. The closest Arthurian chronicles have to actual deities are the Lady of the Lake and Morgana le Fay, which are part of The Fair Folk, and Merlin, who in some myths is half-demon, yet they aren't worshipped, and the best Arthur got was being the King in the Mountain, prophesied to save Britain in an hour of need, but is hardly a god.
  • Token Wholesome: Due to hailing from medieval times, the Arthurian characters are properly dressed in either full wizard robes or protective knight armor which cover everything besides the head and hands. This contrasts most of the other pantheons which originate from ancient civilizations, therefore characters that originate from there actually have the justified excuse for wearing less clothing.


    King Arthur, Wielder of Excalibur

Voiced by: Xander Mobus

The legendary King of Britain, King Arthur wielded the legendary blade Excalibur and led the Knights of the Round Table from his castle Camelot. There are many versions of his story, but those were the constants of the legends of King Arthur, where he delivered peace, the bloodshed ceased, and the people united under his reign.

The order he created was fated to end one day. When Arthur was away, his son and fellow Knight of the Round Table, Mordred, betrayed him and took over a number of his domains, threatening to turn all he held dear into ashes. King Arthur took up arms and fought to reclaim Camelot, but the battle was a huge disaster, ending his bloodline and the stability of Camelot.

It was said that he perished during that fateful battle, but the legendary King could be seen amongst Gods, on a journey after the destruction of Camelot. He was merely answering the call of the Avalon, the place where he rested after the fall of Camelot, said to have the power of immortality which enabled him to fight against immortal Gods.

King Arthur is a Warrior god that chains his skills into a combination to create a continuous strike that shreds down his enemy. Thanks to his passive, Steadfast, everytime he uses his skill once, he switches his Standard skill set into his Combo skill set and every time he hits someone with his skills, which are all instant-cast, he will gain stack of protection and fill up a separate Energy meter for his Ultimate. Also thanks to this, Arthur does not benefit on Attack Speed bonus, if he buys an item with it, part of the bonus will be transferred to the speed of how his Energy meter fills up. His first Standard skill is Overhead Slash, where Arthur slashes down Excalibur and unleashes a moving pillars of energy that act like a beam forward, damaging anyone hit with it and the one that is directly slashed by Excalibur in close range also take extra damage. In his Combo stance, the skill becomes Hamstring, where Arthur slashes in a cone and cripples anyone hit with it. His second Standard skill is Battle Stomp, where Arthur stomps the ground with one foot and it creates a quake that damages and slows down everyone caught in it. In Combo stance, this becomes Uppercut, where Arthur dashes forward and on contact with the first God or at the end of the dash, he swings Excalibur upwards and knocks anyone caught in it to the air. His third Standard skill is Twin Cleave, where Arthur charges forward and swings Excalibur twice, hitting anyone that comes in contact with it and reducing their protections. The Combo equivalent of this skill is Bladestorm, where King Arthur charges and spins with Excalibur five times before one final, more powerful strike. His default Ultimate is Sundering Strike, where Arthur dashes forward and massively stabs the enemy with Excalibur, stunning them for one second, which can be inflicted to all enemies lining up in Excalibur's strike. This costs 35 Energy, but if Arthur has generated 80 Energy instead, this becomes Excalibur's Wrath, where Arthur dashes forward, and if he makes contact with an enemy God, he slashes the enemy upwards and before they land, he jumps off and slashes the enemy mid-air several times before knocking them down and damaging any other enemies within the landing point.

  • Absurdly Sharp Blade: Excalibur is, of course! Nonetheless, the Legend of Camelot lore has King Arthur still take a whetstone to a sword that never dulls to mentally prepare himself for battle and give the blade a bit of respectful care anyway. One could even think of it as an indirect religious rite.
  • Armor Is Useless: Well, not to Arthur, even if he thinks himself safeguarded by fate.
  • Badass Boast: "I have been molded and strengthened by chasing my destiny. Stand aside or be run through by the blade of fate!"
  • Badass Normal: By the standards of Smite playable characters. Other characters are Gods, incarnations of Gods, Demigods or mythical creatures. Arthur's just a man with no divine essence, yet here he is, swinging Excalibur as best as he can and thumping Gods with it.
    • Made even more so in the Legend of Camelot event lore, where it is confirmed that Excalibur actually contains the essence of gods from a previous, destroyed universe. So Arthur’s weapon is technically a god itself, making him even more badass as its mortal wielder.
  • Blade Spam: His ultimate has him strike a single target six times throughout his duration while suspending them in the air.
  • Combos: This is his bread and butter, if Arthur uses a chain, he switches his moveset temporarily until he uses another. With proper use, Arthur can use the combo to lock down his enemy with no chance to escape.
  • Cool Crown: As befitting one of the most archetypal kings in Western legend. It has wing motifs and is decorated with blue gems.
  • Cool Sword: Excalibur! So cool, it's made of gods!
  • BFS: Excalibur is a massive blade and it's just as cool as it gets.
    (joke) Excalibur is a great sword. It is also, a greatsword! Ha-hah!
  • Darker and Edgier: His Deathbringer skin makes him a malevolent undead king who desires to spread darkness and death.
  • Draconic Humanoid: His Pendragon skin makes him this and even gives him a long tail.
  • Empowered Badass Normal: The Legend of Camelot lore states that Excalibur contains the essence of destroyed gods, thus giving Arthur a godlike weapon with which to compete with the other Gods. From this, it can be argued his title "Wielder of Excalibur" was Foreshadowing of this over other titles that were applied to King Arthur.
  • The Good King: As one would expect from one of mythology's most renowned heroes. He even gives Hera and Odin advice on how to better rule their respective kingdoms.
  • Excalibur in the Stone: Invoked humorously in his victory screen animation. Upon discovering that pulling the sword from the stone generates a “holy spotlight of destiny,” he starts to toy with it until the spotlight fizzles out from over-activation.
  • Ground Pound: On Overhead Slash, but with his sword instead of his fists, which produces a shockwave that goes away from him.
  • Ground-Shattering Landing: To the target's detriment and any of their allies nearby, someone hit by Excalibur's Wrath will land down hard.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Of course, The Good King would have blond hair.
  • Heartbroken Badass: He doesn’t show it usually, but oh boy is he this in the Legend of Camelot event lore. In the first chapter he himself tells of how he lost his wife Guinevere during Jormungandr’s attack on Camelot, how he was later forced to kill his own son Mordred and how he believes it all to ultimately be his fault.
  • Knight in Shining Armor: But, you know, upgraded into a king.
  • Launcher Move: Excalibur's Wrath is clearly intended to evoke this, at the move throws the hit target up into the air before he slashes them repeatedly until they hit the ground. Similar to this theme, Uppercut can be used for Arthur to guarantee landing Excalibur's Wrath against an enemy.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Low normal attack speed aside, Arthur can dish out a huge deal of damage with his abilities linked together and in normal stance can dash TWICE, making him really good in immediately entering the battlefield, blitzing through it or to RUN AWAY.
  • Mechanically Unusual Fighter: Other dual-stance characters exist in Smite, but all of them have a bit more control over when to enter another stance compared to Arthur being literally unable to use his standard/combo abilities one after the other due to casting anything always switching his stance. His ultimate does not require mana, but instead consumes an separate "Energy" resource: with full energy, he's actually capable of using both ultimates in the exact same fight against a single player. He's also one of the only characters in the game whose basic attacks cannot benefit from attack speed bonuses; they will instead increase his energy gain.
  • Mr. Fanservice: Like his buddy Merlin, Arthur in Smite is portrayed as a rather handsome fellow with his neatly kept light blond hair and beard.
  • Revenge: Seeks this against Jormungandr in the Legend of Camelot event lore, as the serpent had previously destroyed Camelot. However, he is stopped short of killing Jormungandr by Merlin, who ironically has an even stronger personal reason to slay him.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: Unsurprisingly, Camelot's king is more than willing to personally enter the fray with Excalibur in hand.
    (after buying defensive items) "A true king is not afraid to take blows with his knights."
  • Sadly Mythtaken: "The Heroes of Camelot Ride into the Battleground" trailer presents a take on Arthur and Merlin's tale far more different than their usual stories. Most notably, it depicts Mordred being killed by Arthur who appears to be no worse for wear after the duel other than being plain tired.
    • In fact, the in-game story portrays Mordred as Arthur’s legitimate son with Guinevere and the heir to Camelot’s throne. This is virtually unseen in all other adaptations of Arthurian legend where Mordred is either Arthur’s nephew or his son from an incestuous relationship with Morgause, his sister.
    • The story takes further creative liberties with the reason for Mordred’s rebellion. Arthur is a rather absentee father, causing Mordred to hate him when his mother Guinevere is killed in an attack by Jormungandr. Mordred eventually tries to finish the destruction of Camelot started by Jormungandr, forcing Arthur to kill him. Arthur sees this as his greatest failure.
  • Shockwave Stomp: Pretty much what Battle Stomp is.
  • Spin Attack: The purview of his third abilities - Twin Cleave has him dash forward while spinning around with his sword twice, and Bladestorm has him spin around six times for its entire duration.
  • Shipper on Deck: Apparently, King Arthur thinks He Bo would get along well with the Lady of the Lake. Seriously.
  • Shout-Out: His "I'm the Greatest!" line has him "Hail to the king!" (Baby not included)
  • Slice-and-Dice Swordsmanship: Despite Excalibur's enormous size, Arthur still actually can stab with its point (the style of which is seen on swords designed to both slash and stab) with his Sundering Strike ultimate.
  • Shoulders of Doom: By Merlin, they're the bigger than his head!
  • Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe: a slight case in the voicelines of his Green Knight skin.



The Arthurian Pantheon has no Guardians so far.


    Merlin, the Master Wizard

Voiced by: Adin Rudd

The legend of King Arthur is well-known, but just who set his story into motion remains entirely mysterious. His origins, the source of his powers, and even who he really is known only to him. Is he just a very powerful man? A demon? Something in between? Regardless, Merlin is doubtlessly Arthur's incomparably wise and powerful right hand.

When kings warred ruthlessly against each other, Merlin pledged his services to many of them as an advisor by words and a devastator by magical might. He also practiced the ways of prophesy, and foresaw a ruler beyond all others to one day stand and unite the line under his reign.

Uther Pendragon would die fighting the Saxon invaders, and Merlin swore his loyalty to his successor, Arthur. They would prove to be inseparable as they united Britain under the benevolent and peaceful rule of Camelot and beat back the Saxons across the sea.

Merlin is a triple-stance Mage god who can switch between the schools of Arcane, Fire and Frost (and use a bit of lightning). His passive, Overload, grants him charges every time he uses an ability, which can last up to a short duration and stacks three times. Doing a basic attack consumes a charge to cause the attack to do some extra damage courtesy of lightning. His first and second abilities vary based of his stance. The first ability can be Arcane's Eclipse which creates an orb of celestial energy that does initial damage to enemies it passes through and grows in size as it reaches its target location, then stays to cause continual damage to enemies that remain in range of it, Fire's "Radiate" which has Merlin channel a beam of fire in a line in front of him that causes damage and applies a burning effect to cause even more damage over time while he may move and rotate freely while channeling, or Ice's "Frostbolt" where Merlin shoots an icicle forward that explodes upon impact with an enemy and causes more damage if they are slowed. The second ability can be Arcane's "Vortex" which creates a circle at a location that pulls in enemies to it and causes damage after a delay, Fire's "Dragonfire" which summons two dragon heads facing each other that continuously breath out damaging cones of fire and reduce the protections of enemies' hit within the space that the two cones intersect, or Ice's "Blizzard" that drops shards of ice onto a circle after a brief delay that damages enemies and slow them more severely as they stay within the circle. His third ability, unlike the others, is the always-entirely-the-same "Flicker" (aside from the icon changing color with his stance) which has Merlin teleport a short distance in front of him nigh immediately and does not affect his movement's momentum (such as the basic attack movement penalty remaining in effect if he attacks right before he uses Flicker). His ultimate is Elemental Mastery: This ability is available at level 1 and without any points invested into it, it can change Merlin's stance by using the ultimate and then using the other ability hotkey that corresponds to each stance (first ability's Arcane, second ability's Fire, third ability's Ice). With points invested, Elemental Mastery also explodes out and then implodes from Merlin causing damage twice, and applying additional effects to the explosion and implosion based off the stance Merlin changed out of and into. Arcane knocks up enemies, Fire applies a damage-over-time efect, and Ice slows.

Merlin's alternate skins include Arcane Advisor, Master Soulbinder, and Wise Wizard.


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