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This page is for the Yoruba Pantheon deities that are playable in Smite. The entirety of any God's lore can be found on the official Smite website.

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The Yoruba Pantheon has no Warriors so far.


The Yoruba Pantheon has no Guardians so far.


    Olorun, Ruler of the Heavens
"Empower yourself and build up charge for your inner sun. Take rule of the battlefield and time itself."
Voiced by: Bob Carter

The supreme deity of the Yoruba pantheon, and the god of the sky and heavens.Olorun first created the flicker of light which would be the sun brightening the cosmos, and then sent the Orishasto make the world and all who lived in it. Secure in his might and mastery of the cosmos & time, Olorun is worshipped regardless of his own remoteness, as he usually simply contemplates the many marvels of creation.Olorun is truly one part of a whole, his other two aspects being Olodumare (creator of the universe) and Olofi (the channel between the Earth and the Heavens). Incomparably wise, Olorun does not rashly or without cause, and peacefully avoids fighting aside from great purpose....and with the recent suffering of countless mortals and immortals, the vacant thrones of the pantheons, Olorun realizes that a singular ruler is needed to unite them, and he takes to the field.

Olorun is a Mage with a slight Hunter-like emphasis on his Basic Attacks. His passive is Touch of Fate, which gives Olorun Critical Hit Chance based on his magical power as well as slightly better scaling on his basic attacks, although his critical hits aren't as strong as other characters. His first ability is Focused Light, which has Olorun charge up an orb of pure energy to deal damage, with longer charges increasing its range. His second ability is Overflowing Divinity, which is a two-part ability. Firstly, Olorun's attack speed is temporarily enhanced and during this time, Olorun's inner sun begins building charge from successful basic attacks and Focused Light. Secondly, while the buff is active or shortly after it expires, recasting Overflowing Divinity launches a barrage of the built up energy at a selected area, with higher levels of charge launching more projectiles. Hitting a single target several times deals slightly less damage each time. His third ability Consecration causes an explosion of light around Olorun, damaging, knocking back and slowing enemies while healing Olorun and his allies. Healing allies also increases Olorun's protections. His ultimate is Sanctified Field, which creates a box of distorted time from divine energy, greatly slowing enemies within it while speeding up Olorun in every possible way, from movement speed to casting time to animations, and even affecting projectiles, buffs, debuffs, etc.

  • Badass Beard: You can surely trust him to be the king of all of the gods with such a nicely trimmed beard and mustache like that!
  • Bald, Black Leader Guy: Leader of like, everything, if he succeeds.
  • Charged Attack: Focused Light is a very downplayed one - it can be charged longer before releasing to gain more maximum range. Overflowing Divinity works more like a usual one, with the sun that Olorun can summon releasing far more projectiles after he lands basic attacks during the attack speed boost, up to a maximum of twenty attacks landed.
  • The Good King: Olorun's gist is becoming king solely to stop the persisting conflicts of the gods. Naturally, he takes issue with Zeus' philandering and hypocrisy and Set's selfish betrayal of his brother and ruler.
  • Healing Hands: Consecration can be used to heal both himself and allies around him over time.
  • Light 'em Up: His style of dress and abilities alike use a motif of golden light.
  • Light Is Good: Olorun is portrayed as going to battle and trying to make himself the Top God of all the pantheons to bring and end to the conflicts they have caused. Much of his voicelines reflect this, with him (not inaccurately) blaming the many other gods for all the trouble that they have caused to creation.
  • Limit Break: While in actual gameplay, Santicified Field is just usable after being able to gain a rank in his ultimate like any other god, the description for it has this theme to it with it specifically mentioning the field is created from bringing out his other two aspects, Olodumare and Olofi.
  • Energy Ball: Focused Light has him shoot a golden orb outward with a following trail out of both hands put together.
  • Man in White: Not unlike Morgan Freeman in Bruce Almighty, Olorun is dressed in white, though he also has a lot of golden yellow trimmings and accoutrements.
  • Mechanically Unusual Fighter: Olorun is the only Mage that is capable of critical hits, gaining a tenth of his magical power as critical hit chance after he reaches 150 magical power or more. He can also slow all of his enemy's animations while increasing his own if he or they are in Sanctified Field.
  • Neutral No Longer: He is introduced as a neutral figure who previously observed the other gods battle each other, until the destruction they caused was too much for him and he decided to enter the conflict personally.
  • The Power of the Sun: He made it. With Overflowing Divinity, he can make another small one at a location to damage enemies nearby it.
  • Serious Business: Olorun politely requests that you do not joke about the sky falling.
  • Time Master: His Sanctified Field ultimate slows down the attacks and movements of enemy gods caught within its area of effect, while speeding up his own. A cinematic trailer shows him slowing a bunch of gods trying to attack him to near uselessness as he walks to an empty throne, before releasing a burst of light not unlike his Consecration ability from his former location to knock them all away.
  • Top God: He is this in the Yoruba religion. He seeks to be the one out of all of the pantheons to bring about to peace to them and their followers, as seen in a cinematic trailer.


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