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This person is sitting in a chair. He is not standing. His chair-sitting is so interesting, it is worthy of an image. If you still do not understand what chair-sitting looks like, look down and you will probably see yourself in a chair.

The whole point of a chair, as Facebook so eloquently explains, is to give people something to sit on.

This trope is Exactly What It Says on the Tin: people sitting on chairs. When people sit in chairs they are sitting down. In chairs. So they don't have to stand or use their legs. They can just sit. In chairs. And relax.

And chairs are used because they are good things to sit down in, as opposed to bad things to sit down in like needles or mud. Often this position is comfortable, but other times it is not. If a chair is made out of the aforementioned "needles or mud", it will probably be uncomfortable. Often characters will complain when their chair is uncomfortable. Chairs are also good places to fall asleep. Usually if a character falls asleep, it's because the chair is comfortable. Though a character might still fall asleep in an uncomfortable chair if they're exhausted and they can't find a more comfortable chair to sleep in.


Among the other uses of sitting on chairs are

  • not standing.
  • not sitting on the ground.
  • lounging.
  • doing tasks not possible when standing up.

This is a very common trope. Chairs are very common in real life, so many writers write what they know and end up including chairs in their stories. Aversions are not impossible, as there are some works that don't have chairs at all. There are also some works that subvert this by having chairs in the background, but never having characters sit in the chairs.

Fans have mixed opinions on chair-sitting scenes. Did that guy need to sit in a chair, or would the scene have been more interesting if he was standing up? Did those people need to stand up, walk around, and act over-dramatic, or could they have just sat in chairs and talked to each other normally? Because of this, some TV Tropes work pages ignore chair-sitting and focus on other, less controversial parts of a work.


Note that it doesn't have to be "people" plural: one person can sit down in one chair and it will still be the trope. Or in some comedic cases, one character might sit down in multiple chairs, or two characters might sit down in one chair. They are all the same trope.

For the inverse, see People Stand On Floors.note 


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     Anime & Manga 

     Asian Animation 

     Comic Books 
  • In X-Men, Professor X is confined to his wheelchair, which is a type of chair.

     Film - Animation 

     Film - Live Action 

  • Harry Potter: Harry and his friends sit on chairs while in class. The common room also has chairs.

  • In general, it is common for musicians to sit down in chairs when mixing music on their computers. Drummers also tend to sit on a stool when performing in a rock band.

     Live Action TV 

     Tabletop Game 

     Video Games 

     Web Video 
  • Averted in Webdriver Torso, as there aren't any chairs. Some speculate that this is possibly played straight; there could be white chairs that blend in with the background.
  • The Nostalgia Critic sits on a chair in most of his reviews.
  • PewDiePie has his own signature chair that you can buy for the low low price of $399!
  • Todd in the Shadows sits in a chair for all his reviews.

     Western Animation 
  • Every episode of The Simpsons opens with the Simpson family sitting down in a couch, which is considered by some to be a kind of chair.
  • Parodied in the Family Guy episode, "North By North Quahog", when Peter forgot how to sit down and ended up throwing himself headfirst into a chair. See here.
    • Many episodes of the show open with the Griffin family sitting on a couch while watching TV.
    • The character Joe Swanson is always sitting in a wheelchair.

     Real Life 
  • You, dear Troper, may be sitting in a chair right now.
  • There's a game called "musical chairs" where when the music stops, people have to rush to a chair. One chair is taken away after each round, and the loser is out if he doesn't find a chair.
  • Tons of people have sat in one chair.

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