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Sliding Scale / People Sit on Chairs

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Sliding scale of People Sit on Chairs (Technical version):

Sliding scale of People Sit on Chairs (Just for Fun version):

  • -XXX: Humans have gone extinct, and inanimate replicas have taken their place in order for a galaxy-faring species of living chairs to sit on for eons to come.
  • -5: Aliens created humans specifically for the maximum potential of being sat on by the resident chair species.
  • -4: Bob has sold the entire human race into slavery for them to be used as furniture for the chair Master Race.
  • -3: Bob sits on a large person constructed of hundreds of people with a Hive Mind.
  • -2: Bob the chair is a king who regularly sits on many people and pays them.
  • -1: Bob is a chair and sits on a person.
  • 0: People do not sit on chairs, and vice versa.
  • 1: Bob sits on a chair.
  • 2: Bob and his friends sit on chairs.
  • 3: Bob is at ChairCon, the largest chair-themed convention in the world.
  • 4: The laws in Bob's country say that standing up is illegal.
  • 5: Everyone on Earth is bound to chairs via Infinity Glue.
  • XXX: It is against the laws of physics and science to stand up, as people are gravitationally bound to their chairs.