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Tropers: The Series is positively Reference Overdosed: if you name a series, it’s probably referenced at one point in the roleplay. This has cooled down in the later seasons, but there are still a ton of references to be found.

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    Season 1 

Pilot Episode

Tales' Real Father

  • Steve Urkel is introduced as a semi-recurring character.
  • An enlarged cricket says "ya shtunggli shugg mnahn'". Later, Zero turns into a Cthulhu Monkey Thing.
  • When Random wonders who Tropes' mother is, The X-Files theme starts playing.
  • Another '"Five Nights at Freddy's'' reference is in this episode when Puma shows up with a Bon-Bon puppet, and later mentions going to Fazbear Corp.
  • Sarysa speculates that Tales' father is the Denver Broncos.

People Sit on Chairs

War of the Nerds

  • Zero mentions that he rigged a poll to find the best Homestuck troll.
  • Tales mentions someone saying that Undertale is the worst game ever.
  • Bev is a Stand user. And then she says that JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is making business.
  • When telling Bev where she should could stay, Tropes mentions building bunk beds in the broom closet.
  • Tropes sighs in his best Charlie Brown impression.
  • A nerd soldier asks Tales why he deleted their Game of Thrones episodes.

The Tropers Rob a Bank

The Tropers go to an Amusement Park

The Royal Wedding Part 2

We're Sorry Episode 8 Was So Short

  • The names of the people who wrote in to the show are scramblings of Muppet Performer names: Eric Whitmire (Eric Jacobson and Steve Whitmire) and Peter Rudman (Peter Linz and David Rudman).
  • Tropes mentions he thought he saw something JoJo-related in the pile of wedding/birthday presents.

The Gang Starts a Cult

The Cult Wars

  • Zero mentions being derivative of Dirk, and calls his robot Lil' Pete.
  • Penroses wonders if they're going down the Moral Orel path.
  • After Puma was supposedly blown up, but Taco revealed that it was actually a blow-up doll, Tales complained that he ruined his '"South Park'' re-enactment.

Rage Against the Status Quo

The Bottle Episode

The Unlucky Episode

The Return of Stevil

The Peril of Executive Meddling

We go to the Aquarium

Urnrose runs away from home

  • Zero criticises Zerobot for ripping off Wolverine.
  • When Totally Not An Alien first enters, Zack yells "BUZZ LOOK AN ALIEN!".
  • Tropes tries to refer to Homestuck and Lovecraft, but spoonerises them into "Lovestruck and Minecraft".
  • Multiversal Penroses considers putting Urnrose into the body of a Five Nights at Freddy's plushie.
  • After Totally Not An Alien mentions his power to summon bird-men, Zack wonders if it has something to do with Bird Person from Rick and Morty.
  • Tales says "This is Tropers: The Series, not Homestuck: The Series or Doctor Who!". He then suggests that he and Taco escape before "these edgy dorkbags force us to play FNAF".

Nukes Abound

  • The episode begins with Tropes paying royalties to Andrew Hussie, Lampshading the abundance of Homestuck references.
  • Bev is worried that they'll have to pay for use of Stand as well.
  • Urnrose is reincarnated as a Bill Cipher POP! Vinyl Figure.
  • Tropes receiving a call warning him about nuclear bombs coming to his city is a reference to the film Miracle Mile.
  • While on a road trip to North Korea, the gang drive a Studebaker and sing "Movin' Right Along".
  • Tales compares the situation to Hogan's Heroes.
  • Tales goes to the MAD Official Screening Room, and gets a Neuzooka that fires pop culture references.
  • Apparently, one faction of Zero's robots formed a League of Legends team.
  • Tropes chooses Lew Zealand as his alias.
  • Zack worries about having to pay the Joestars for using their technique, and Taco tells him to change his name to Joestar.

Nukes Abound Part 2

  • Andrew Hussie attacks, and there results a flurry of Homestuck references.

The Breather Episode

The Whole Plot Reference Episode


Scheming and plot

  • Kaalban signs up their skinny Nemesis for Movie Reference's experiments.
  • Movie Reference mentions that something Jekyll-and-Hyde-ish might happen after taking the experimental medicine.
  • When talking about her Xathian powers, Bev says she's not Supergirl.

The Season Finale

    Season 2 

Where the Hell is Taco Badger?

  • When talking about directions to the apartment, Movie says "Please tell me it wasn't a right at Albuquerque."
  • G2 considers calling the Moore Brotherhood for reinforcements.
  • Zero assures us that "this is supposed to be a sitcom, not a war series or Mario's Castle Calamity".

Virtual Insanity

  • The games suggested are "Monopoly: The Board Game: The Movie: The Video Game", "Dookie Dookie Panic", "Ghouls n' Garbage", "Nerdja Gaiden", and "Why Why Why Why Why".
  • G2 notes that Doom would be a bad game to play in "if-you-die-in-the-game-you-die-in-real-life" virtual reality.
  • Movie suggests "Mad Manor MTV Cribs" as a potential B-Plot.
  • Zack turns out to be a Watcher.

The Clever and Original Whodunnit Plot Parody

What's The Deal With All These Pickled Goods?

Audience Q&A Extravaganza!!!!!!!

  • The Tomino estate and Sunrise threaten to sue G2 for use of his Gundam. Possibly Quite Insane mentions that's how he got his Voltron repossessed.

The Body Catalog

The Fellow from Outer Space Who Was Just No Good At All

  • Taco compares Bev's improvisation of Xathian lore to Mork & Mindy.
  • Zack says that with all the strange things happening, It won't be long before the SCP Foundation finds them.

The Origins Episode

The Good, The Bad, And The Tropers

The Bowling Tournamentnote 

Cruising for a Disaster

  • Tropes suggests they make the episode a Titanic (1997) parody.
  • Movie describes Zack as a knockoff Batman.

The Goddamned Paintball Episode...Bitch

The Godammned Paint Ball Episode Part 2

Tropers: The Series In SPAAAAAAACE!

Xathos or Bust

  • Zero wants to have a Death Battle of Bev vs. the Status Quo.
  • G2 compares Bev being bred for invasion to the Cyber-Newtype.
  • Movie tries to trick one of the Xathians into beleiving that Earth has already been destroyed, and says that the tropers escaped Hitchhikers-style.
  • While attempting to give a testimony in court, Tropes reads out the beginning of A Christmas Carol.

Comedy Tonight

The Gang Recounts Tales of Old Friends


  • Movie is annoyed that they never ended up doing the Ace Attorney parody courtroom episode.

Quest for Ratings

The Quest to Kill the Writers or Make Them Resign

An Episode With the Alt Crew

Look we never use episode titles properly anyway, it doesn't matternote 

The Wham Episode Which is Packed With Comedy And Thrills

Stuff... Happens?

  • Tales makes some special Pokémon cards.
  • Robin Gibb (a clone of him at least) is introduced.

An Episode Entirely Around the Pokemon Cards

The New Frood on The Block

What Shall We Do With the Sick Betelgeusian?

Lovey-Dovey Fluff for The Viewers note 

More Pokemon Card Fun Because What the Hey And This Can't Be Removed Or Written Over So Ha

  • Tsunku, who somehow turned female, makes a guest appearance.

Tropers: The Series: The Musical!

  • The ending of the episode is a homage to the closing scene of the series finale of Are You Being Served?

    Season 3 

Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo

  • This exchange occurred when the Skittles' blond daughter Frida was introduced.
    Mr. Skittle: AH! Dees is mai daughter I talked to yoo all about. Dees is Frida.
  • Zanreo is looking to play some rhythm games at an arcade, including Taiko no Tatsujin, pop'n music and Rhythm Tengoku. When playing the Rhythm Tengoku machine, Karate Joe from the same game pops out of the machine.

El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Tropers

Pyramid Scheme

  • Revenge takes the form of Popuko.

Jungle Boogie

  • The villains of the episode are a cult who worships Olivia Newton-John, kidnaps Tsunku, and threatens to sacrifice her unless the Tropers bring them a 8-track of the Xanadu soundtrack.
  • Revenge takes the form of Goku Black.

Oi Mate

  • Chey takes Ford to a Peppa Pig stage show. It wasn't a good experience for the poor Betelgeusian.

Greece Lightning

The Troper's New Groove

  • Mansa Musa fought Pachacuti in this episode.
  • Sunshine is the guardian of the temple.

The Obligatory Beach Episode

The Karate Tropers

  • Chey has a dream about being a Sim
  • The Tropers face various characters from Touhou
  • After Chey finds out Taco used her TARDIS without permission, She threatens to make him listen to Petula Clark. When that backfired, She threatens to make him listen to Nickelback. She eventually ends up reciting Vogon poetry instead.

Boomerang Effect

  • Upon meeting the bunyip, who works as a bartender in a pub, Puma's first reaction is to start singing "The Bunyip Song". He stops, because he's afraid the bunyip will find it offensive, but as it turns out, the bunyip likes the song.
  • The bunyip and his snake wife are based on the bunyip from Chrono Cross and the bunyip from the Monster Girl Encyclopedia.

And The Lights All Went Out in Massachusetts

  • While looking for a circus (it's a long story), Puma accidentally comes across the tombstone of Ludwig von Tokkentakker and summons CarnEvil. The tropers are then put in a jail cell by Junior, one of the game's bosses. Fortunately, Chey defeats Carn Evil's monsters with a Dalek gunstick.


  • Tropes points out that France is the home of Soupe Opéra and wonders if he'll "meet the orange chicken or the fruit bull?"
  • When the tropers enter a convent, Puma considers singing "The Bells of Notre Dame", but decides against it only because he doesn't think he'll be able to hit the high note at the end.
  • Several in the scene where Puma, in werecat form, walks on the rooftops:
    • Being silhouetted against the moon inspires him to start singing "Jack's Lament".
    • At one point he burns himself on a literal hot tin roof.
    • While jumping away from the hot tin roof, he does Goofy's famous Stock Scream.
  • The scene where Junon and her friends are enjoying Confit Byaldi is based on the scene from Ratatouille, complete with flashback to childhood.
  • While in the convent, Revenge is in the form of [[Video Game/Darkstalkers Felicia.]]

Silliness in Sweden

Red Submarine

The Tropers Go Crazy! (...with the plot, to be precise)

  • This episode is another Whole Plot Reference, this time to The Goonies. The setting being Astoria, Oregon, the main characters going down a well, finding a skeleton, facing a puzzle which involves playing specific notes, failing to solve the piano puzzle ending in the ground falling, and an Italian mob family pursuing them.

Tropers: The Series...Again

  • When in the car, Zanreo takes out a blue, spiked and winged shell.
  • During the commercial break, Puma's commercial is for a pastiche of the classic Kit-Cat Klock. The commercial also references Fazbear Corp again.

The Sweat Lodge

  • After the Tropers left to go to the sweat lodge, Chey and Ford stay at the cabin and watch the former's favorite show America's Test Kitchen.
  • Melody is seen near the end of the episode playing a unspecified Sims game on her mobile phone.

Invasion of The Ford Prefects

  • Tamatoa returns in the episode, This time as a secondary antagonist.
  • Chey names two of the Ford clones Chumbley and Quark.

Wilde Zeiten in Zürichnote 

  • The Bus-Driving Mechanoid sings Sweet Caroline while Chey and Ford throw up everything they ever ate after smelling the Schafnase Emmental.

Docking Port In Portugal


The Beginning Of The End, Part 1

The Beginning Of The End, Part 2

    Season 4 

Back to Tropesburg

The Cat Who Did Too Much

The Obligatory Camping Episode

The Tropers Stay Home

Honey, I Shrunk The Tropers!

The Obligatory Very Special Episode

Perplexion Day

  • Morph Moth, the moth girl Reploid, is a gender-flipped counterpart of Morph Moth from Mega Man X2.

A Degree In Murder

Obligatory Spooky Halloween Episode!

A Breather Episode Since the Past Two Episodes Were a Bit Intense

Money, Money, Money

Tropers Fortress 2

Tropers: The Series: The Documentary

  • Gunther Glazkov, a Fate OC made by MobileLeprechaun, makes a cameo during a commercial

The Gundam Pilot and the Girl with the Aichi Doll

Cirque du Tropers

In Plane Sight

Troping All the Way

    Season 5 

Slots And Martinis

Sorry, I Don't Speak 'Baguette'

Revenge's Day Off

Law And Order: Tropesberg Unit

The Tropesberg Rebellion

Robin and The Clefairy

Super Smash Tropers

I Bet You Look Good in The Dancefloor

Reckless Driving Causes Friendships

Godbless U

The Gang Gets Anomalous


Ruckus Over Repast

The Shawshank Redumbtion

Tropesberg's Got Talent

It's Raining Right Here

  • Spottedleaf jokes about having a cousin who accidentally froze an entire country- a clear reference to Frozen.

Tropecon 2019

Go, Go, Power Tropers! A Exciting Adventure with Mechas!


The Carnival is Not Over

  • When the town crier appears, Puma mentions that the city had been looking to hire one. He says he asked them to hire the one from Corpse Bride. In the same post, Puma mentions that he thinks Stop Motion is real, which is a reference to Undyne believing anime is real.

Played for a Fool

The Magic Tool Bus (Journey to the World Within)

Tropers of the Lost Ark

The Royal Wedding


    Season 6 

A Danish Play

  • After Puma is stabbed fatally with a knife in the play, He says that he is ded, not big surprise. It is a reference to a quote from Team Fortress 2.

  • Everything Bob does or says while killing Four in the play is a reference to a quote or action made by Diavolo and King Crimson from Jojos Bizarre Adventure.


  • In the diner scene, Cayenne goes up to the jukebox to play "What's New Pussycat" twenty times and "It’s Not Unusual" which is a reference to a stand up comedy routine by comedian John Mulaney. The other Tropers shown to have a mostly negative response to this, with Tales smashing the jukebox.
    • Shown as the original poster had Shown Their Work as both songs were released in the late 60s.

Hit that Deck, Before the Iceberg Does!

  • This episode's plot is based on the James Cameron film Titanic
  • Junon makes an appetizer sandwich as an homage to Binging with Babish, who made the sandwich as a reference to Back to School
  • After Dan's unfavorable confrontation with the ship's chef, it didn't take long for a waiter to announce their newest dish "Soylent Green"

Showa Little Respect!

Queen Victoria's Secret

Les Miserables: Werecreature Edition

Mind Games

Mind If I Crash Here?

The Tropers Crown Affair

  • West returns, and has gotten through several dimensions to do it.
    • She mentions stealing Chocos from Kid Martian (probably from a DC AU).
    • Pulls out a Lightsaber from the Interdimensional bag.
    • Does Zatanna style spells.

Plain Salem

  • The episode ends with Chey saying to the viewers to "Tune in next time, ladies and gentlemen, when we're another minute short." This is a reference to the end of a interview segment at the end of a first-season episode of The Monkees where Micky says the exact same quote.

The Wig of Cthulhu

  • White getting trapped under a pile of newspapers and eating preserves to survive is a reference to the Simpsons episode "Bart the Murderer", where the same thing happens to Principal Skinner.
  • Leaf uses "Roxie Hart" as an alias. This is a reference to the main character of the musical Chicago, which, like this episode, is set in the 1920s.

  • The ball at the Hamilton Lodge is an outright reference to The Faggots Ball, a historical precursor to the modern drag balls of today.

  • The sword Nakijin throws Aoife is Brotherhood, a sword given to Tidus by Wakka in memory of Wakka's brother in Final Fantasy X.

NPCs: The Series

The Final Countdown

    Season 7 

Back Home Again

  • The episode title itself is a reference to John Denver.

I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do

The Wild Coleberrys

The Beauties of Tropesburg

The Great Los Santos Heist

  • This episode is essentially a Whole Plot Reference to the Grand Theft Auto series, with the Tropers taking a trip to Los Santos to work with Michael DeSanta.
  • As the Tropers change costumes for the heist, Arimo decides to become Arimo Lupin. Steph also seems to change into a Carmen Sandiego-esque outfit with a red trenchcoat and matching fedora.
  • Chey, of course, attends her OB-GYN appointment dressed as the Sixth Doctor.
  • After's weapon of choice? A Keyblade!

Common Hospitality

  • In which After references a classic ASCII meme:
    I like milkshake. Hmm... tastes like prion disease.

Glitching Out

  • Several of the glitches are shoutouts to various Vinesauce corruption streams, such as clown vomit textures and certain sound effects being replaced by guitar riffs.
  • The main antagonist of the episode is the Grand Sun, which is essentally the giant, floating head of Grand Dad, a bootleg version of Mario featured in one of Joel's bootleg NES game streams.
  • Kay's wand? It's from the Mushroom Kingdom.

Don't Be a Drag, Just Be a Queen

  • The episode title itself is a reference to a lyric from Lady Gaga's "Born This Way".
  • At the beginning of the episode, Custard is shown playing King's Quest IV.
  • A few of the drag race participants are essentailly cosplaying. For example, Chey's drag persona is Charlie Chaplin, Custard's is Sans, and NPC Itsame Mario's dressed as... well, Mario.

The Perfect Storm

  • Vanessa shows up to the apartment still dressed as Alastor from Hazbin Hotel from the previous episode.
  • During a game of Scattergories, Cutbug namedrops Max Barry, the creator of NationStates.
  • When drunk, Custard starts reciting the beginning of DaThings1's video "Wow! It's Made".
  • In an attempt to cheer up Chey while she's going through labor during a massive storm, Knife starts doing the Distraction Dance.

The Suite Life In Lunar Times

  • During the Climax, Nimrod mentions he’s listening to Cheap Trick


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