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  • In Memoriam: "Robin and the Clefairy" features a montage sequence with Puma and Clone Barry going to different places based on the lyrics of Michel Legrand's "The Windmills of Your Mind." Puma mentions there being a subtitle dedicating the montage to Legrand, as he passed away less than a day before it was written.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • In "Revenge's Day Off", Oogie Boogie was supposed to have been in the Massive Multiplayer Crossover of villains, to be played by DrNoPuma. However, Puma introduced his first villain NPC, Flowey, and grew to like playing him so much that he decided to stick with just Flowey, and Oogie was left out of the crossover.
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    • Season 3 was originally supposed to be a pastiche of The Amazing Race, but it was dropped for a less-railroady storyline.
  • Writing by the Seat of Your Pants: When it began, the entire series was like this, as there were almost no ongoing arcs and mostly just general wackiness. However, as it's gone on, there's been more continuity with a couple of multi-episode arcs, one of which even lasted for a whole season.


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