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This page has been overdue for quite some time now.

So, let me get one thing clear: I do not wish to tropefy myself for fear of coming of as narcissistic. With that out of the way, let's get down to business. I am a 20-something autistic male hailing from Boston, but currently living a small town north of Dallas. I do edit the wiki, but not very frequently.

You'll find me at the forum games, and Yack Fest. I used to be a frequent Synchtuber, but I've kinda slinked on the meetings these days.


Apparently, I've been Hopey's brother since late 2015, but we don't chat that much so don't expect close family relations.

Tastes in music: It varies, but typically falls under Rock, Heavy Metal, prog and experimental. A better indicator would be my posts in the "assign a situation to the above music" thread.

Things I do beyond this site: College.

More to come later, because I didn't think this page through. In the meantime, Here's a wall.


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