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Troper Wall / William Radar Storm

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Here's a wall. Chisel's at the door, spray paint is by the window.

  • Salutations! How are you? I very much hope that you are well and I wish you a most fantastic day! - Laithelryn
  • Sup. Sweet handle. - Trashconverters
    • Oh, thank you.
  • To answer the "who's the queen?" question you asked on my page, my mom is. - Princess Gwen
  • Yo, I drew on yer wall. - Murataku
    • No, really?!
  • Hey there, little brother~. Coffee? *raises flask* - Bisected8
    • Under normal circumstances, I'd say "no thanks, I've already had my cup today." But, since I know how much you like it... (grabs mug)
  • -takes paintbrush and paints wall green, red, blue, yellow, orange and pink- ~ Ellen Van Zylle
    • 10/10.
  • Laithelryn arrives and leaves an elf by the wall!
    "Ah ha! Leave dwarves by my wall will you..."
    • Somehow I'm not surprised by this at all. (puts on Fantasia and gives them Dwarven A— I mean tea)
  • Hamza678 is happy to meet you!
  • -Spray paints more flowers- -Piando
  • -Spray paints evil grins on the flowers- Now it looks MUCH better! -DrNoPuma
    • Dammit, you two! Now I'm tempted to record a few lines as him!
  • Nice flowers, eh? ~ Infinity Ryujin
    • Sure are! What should we name them? ~ DrNoPuma
    • Bob. :P
  • Nyahahahahaha, soon, I'll gonna vandalize every single troper wall, and then, I'll gonna vandalize the world!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!! - ClownToy
    • May I suggest taking the Radical Edward approach and using satellites to do so?
  • You're really awesome - keep it up, pal. -Daft Punch
  • Great to meet another Kid Icarus Uprising fan! -Zero L
  • I like how you apparently have one inbound for this page. Also hi. - Mega Mario Man
    • Wait, really? Who could that be?
  • Hey, someone else who knows who Jerry Nelson is! - TropesForever
  • How many I Spy books you have? I have 13. -Playing_with_boy
    • 6, plus 1 Can You See What I See book.
  • They slither wildly as they slip away - Baisteach
  • I love those words! -Playing_with_boy

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