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My name is Piando, but you knew that by coming to this page.

Piando's nice long list of approved media. note 

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    Anime And Manga 

    Comic Books/Characters 

     Favorite Genres 

     Film Animated 

     Film Live-Action 

     Literature, Myth, and Theater 

     Live-Action TV. 


    Video Games 

    Web Stuff 

    Western Animation 

Everything Else

    About Me 
I am a heterosexual teenage male. I live in a suburb of Chicago.

    Favorite Couple 
Lazullin(Krillin x 18)

To eliminate all of the Dragon Ball, Superman, and Batman redirects, as well as master the rules of this Forum before it's too late.

    Main Wiki Stuff 
I normally help with redirects and linking within the Trope Pantheons, though I can do other stuff. I also help on Image Pickin and successfully added the image for BreathWeapon.Western Animation. I am also huge on Forum Games as of issue. If you have an issue with any of my edits or posts, or just want to talk, just send me a PM. I am also trying to Folderize pages, while also giving them some Wick Namespace Migration in the process. If you see one that needs it, a PM would be nice!


     Troper Friends. 

Mocking my poor tastes and saying what surprised you goes here!


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