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Numerous memes have spread through the site, some original and others finding their way from 4chan and Twitter. As most of this has been compiled relatively chronologically, compare the ones at the top with the ones towards the bottom.

By 2016, Tumblr's userbase became less of a broader, unified community and more of a series of smaller, insular communities with little exchange or overlap of communication. As such, major site-wide memes appear less frequently, and tend to pass by more quietly with less self-aware observation or commentary.

Note that it's not always easy to trace a meme's exact origin, so not every popular meme on the site may have originated there.

Please add entries in the following format:

  • The meme. [[note]]The explanation behind the meme, if not already part of the description.[[/note]] note 
    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

  • Rule #1 of Tumblr: always reblog the creator. note 
    • Alternatively, Rule #1: Do not speak of Tumblr outside of Tumblr. note 
  • Everything is [X] and nothing hurts, often said in response to something incredibly cringeworthy, nerdy, idiotic, or all three.
    • The flip side used for Tear Jerkers: Everything hurts and nothing is [X].
  • WHAT IS AIR?! note 
  • MY CREYS.note  Often used in tandem with ~liek dis if u crai evrytiem~note  (and various bastardizations of the sentence).
  • The so-called "memefaces", aka "rage comics", which spread from Reddit, about various, crudely drawn "meme" reactions to various things in life. Died out a while ago.
  • One of the more popular posts was a gif from the show The Walking Dead, where one of the characters undergoes a brain scan as they became infected. Someone incorrectly stated that the gif was an MRI scan of a person's brain releasing endorphins as they die, calling it "tragically beautiful".
    • Say hello to mechanically-separated chicken. note 
      • Bitch, that's the Tubby Custard machine.
    • There's similar games done with things like horse dildos, claiming that it's a photo of an African-American burn victim (it's hard to see and looks like a pale arm with splashes of pigment on it).
  • MapCrunch. Users would use it to be "teleported" anywhere in the world and would then chronicle their adventures in finding the nearest airport.
  • The Chocolate Bird Explanation
    • "Listen here cum-slut" Explanation
  • Once upon a time, someone coined the term YOLOnote . Not long afterwards, Tumblr grabbed the ball and never stopped running by spamming "YOLO" everywhere — as usernames, as the rallying cry as established by Drake, as completely inappropriate titles (such as character deaths), or just about everything ever, in the vein of ironic usage of "swag".
  • Ridiculously Photogenic Guy.note 
  • Saying the same thing over and over again, but one will be in bold or one will be in italics or bulleted Etc. for emphasis.
  • Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf.note 
  • The normal girl and other girl. The post was meant to be a parody but people mistook it for a shallow jab and started pairing the two girls together. It took off rather quickly - within 12 hours there was tons of fanart, cosplay, fanfiction, and an entire fandom, with a "main" blog here, and now it has its own page. It eventually fell out of popularity, however.
  • LOKI'D!note 
  • "MAGIC ANON!" note 
  • "Follow this blog! You will love it on your dash(board)!"note 
  • A picture of "lettuce" written in a cipher or another language, with an inspirational caption about how it says "never give up".note 
  • "I give you a hamburger..."/Cuil Theory. From an infamous Mind Screw audio post that was a measurement of how bizarre and detached something was from reality.
  • "Go home X, you're drunk".note 
  • The entire concept of "feels", shorthand for sad moments in fiction, happy moments in fiction, and general emotion-evoking moments. Usually expressed by one of the following phrases:
  • A gold star with "you tried" written inside it in Comic Sans, and its many variations, used as reaction images to failed attempts at just about anything.
  • "It was a social experiment." note 
  • "There are two kinds of people on Tumblr." Usually the response to a particularly odd or otherwise abnormal reblog of a post, or one that misses the point or joke entirely. Sometimes accompanied by "Three. Three kinds of people." if appropriate.
  • "Peasants." Explanation
  • Night Bloggers. If you've ever seen gibberish or other surreal posts pop up on your Dashboard, it's either a night bloggernote , or someone emulating them.
    • "Night bloggers or just the Australians?"
    • "Night bloggers, or Night Vale bloggers?" Explanation
    • The reverse, for really popular posts: "Bless this post, bless you, bless your cow" or something along those lines.
  • "This post is not okay," "Who said this was okay" "Who gave you the right" and "Go sit in the corner and think about what you did." are the traditional responses to intentionally Tear Jerker-y posts.
  • "Moisturize me," in response to uncomfortable faces. Originated from the Doctor Who fandom.
  • "[Character] is my spirit animal." Explanation
    • "[Such-and-such] is my patronus." Explanation
    • "That is not your spirit animal, that is your fursona." Explanation
  • SWIMMING ANIME. Explanation
    • A popular response is to reblog with a picture from Boku No Pico (Particularly the box art, which features Pico in a speedo and goggles), accompanied by the line "Did someone say Swimming Anime?"
  • A picture with text next to it that says "People who (insert what they dislike people doing/saying)." Followed by reblogs that slowly remove words while keeping the same picture and eventually ends up as just "People".
    • Sometimes followed up with a reblog describing the action taking place in the picture, accompanied by the same picture as preceding.
  • "before you say i am stoling this art let me explain you a thing..." Explanation
  • The Mishapocalypse of April 1st, 2013. Explanation
    • Wait, what are you talking about? The Mishapocalypse never happened.
    • Later gained a spiritual successor in the form of the less widespread Thwompocalypse, wherein users started mass-posting audio and picture posts relating to Thwomps. Cue people waking up in the morning to find their dashboard clogged with angry blue cubes.
  • The Tumblr Code: Calling out "I like your shoelaces!" in person as a covert way of identifying fellow Tumblr users. There's a response, of course.The response?
    • Similarly, there was "Can you give me directions to an Olive Garden?", used in the same manner due to the example quotes in the Quotes page.
      • Alternatively now, "chrome-orb 2.jpg"
  • "Nobody's perf-", followed by an image of someone as an exception to the rule of nobody being perfect.
    • Also, "Perfect couples don't exi-"
    • "perf" as a shorthand for perfect.
  • There was a long lasting Running Gag of Leonardo DiCaprio and his constant failures at winning an Oscar. Thankfully for him, he's now won an Oscar so these gags are now much happier.
  • Posts being accurate; meaning posts the user strongly agrees with. Often seen as "ACCURATE", "accurate post is accurate", "never before have I seen a post this accurate", etc.
  • The traditional expressions of admiration and/or love and/or lust for characters/celebrities:
    • CAN U NOT
    • FUCK OFF
    • GET OUT
  • The Hetalia: Axis Powers fandom spawned "Doitsuism", a short-lived "religion" based on a parody of Rihanna's "Diamonds".
  • "Do you love the color of the sky?" *scroll for infinity, then something interesting at the very end*note 
  • "Found the [X]", where [X] is usually a vegan or other political activist with radical views. note 
  • "get out" as a stock Lame Pun Reaction.
  • Any variant on "In [language] we don't say "I love you", we say [obscure arrangement of letters], which roughly translates to [cute phrase]."
    • Followed by someone "plugging" phrase into Google Translate & churning out a sexually-charged or disturbing phrase.
    • Originally used actual foreign languages and later warped into stereotypical words used in various English speaking countries, as well as fandoms and the like:
      On TV Tropes they don't say "I love you". They say "Lampshade lampshade egregious xanatos in SPACE" which roughly translates to "You ruin my life in the best way possible." I think that's beautiful.
  • Fandomstuck. Created by the Homestuck fandom during one of its many pauses, where they had moirail feels with the Hetalia: Axis Powers fandom, which later expanded to encompass most of Tumblr.
  • "and in that moment..." note 
  • "If you ever feel like/think you're [insert negative thing about you or something you're bad at] just remember that [insert someone being worse with said negative thing or being worse at the thing you're bad at]."
  • Who invited Moon Moon? note 
  • She wears short skirts I wear tshirts she's cheer captain and I'm [insert contrasting thing here i.e. the dark lord satan]
    • she wear snort snirt i wear sneep snop
  • "Thanks, Satan" (usually tacked onto a post suggesting something especially devious or tearjerking).
  • "Make John Green find the thing!" When John Green (url fishingboatproceeds) does find the thing, cue "Is that John Green?"
    • Jokes about how John Green is the "den mother"/"adult supervision"/"cool mom" of tumblr were popular during the heyday of his time on the site.
  • After this post, people started adding more and more pictures of a very annoyed Satan's constant "people-falling-into-Hell" problem.
  • "Recreate a movie poster/cd cover using only comic sans & clip art".
  • Turning Benedict Cumberbatch's into the silliest phrases possible while still being able to tell who they're talking about.
    brolininthetardis: sometimes this site makes me forget what bendywick candlebatch’s real name even is and then i remember that you don’t need to know butterburger custardsnack’s real name for people to know you’re talking about bennyjet crumplebunch
  • Taking a cutesy romantic picture+phrase post and adding a humorous response from pop culture underneath. Example, "when boys give you a cute nickname", followed by a picture of Ron Burgundy and his phrase "Tits McGee".
  • "Boys with eyes <3". A parody of "relatable teen girl" blogs like justgirlythings, whose content came to be seen as vapid and overly-simplistic, especially their "boys with..." posts (which seemed to obsess over boys with any basic human body part).
  • "Bitch i might be" to answer basically any question.
  • Comic Sans in general; find a humorous image a Tumblr user created, preferably a spoof of something, and it's highly likely that any text added will be in Comic Sans.
  • Shock over the Yahoo! acquisition, including joking about other purchasers (such as Monokuma and Doug Dimmadome), and calling Marissa Mayer their new "mommy".
    • Collages of nightblogger posts with the caption "this is what yahoo paid $1.1 billion for"
    • One user's outraged (and, admittedly, rather pathetic) reaction to Yahoo buying Tumblr was reprinted in a newspaper article, and unsurprisingly, users had a field day. The original user has since deleted their blog.
  • A fandom hijacks a generic post, then someone uploads a picture of a cake onto it saying "sorry we made that post about _____"
    • A fandom hijacks a post about another fandom, then someone adds a pseudo-rubber stamp image afterwards saying 'This post hijacked by the [X] fandom'
  • Let me play you the song of my peoplenote 
  • Imagine your OTP/favorite character/OC/icon... note 
  • [screams internally]note 
  • The Sink Fandom. "SNK" Is a common abbreviation that people use to tag Attack on Titan (with the Japanese name of the series being Shingeki No Kyojin), resulting in a post that basically said (paraphrased) "You people with your SNK fandom, I've got something better: the SINK fandom!". Thus, "Sink Fandom" is a tag full of pretty or interesting sinks.
    • A related meme is for people to reply to questions about one "SNK" by answering with things about the other, far older SNK (born mainly out of people growing disgruntled with Titan fans who simply can't abbreviate the series to AOT.)
  • Twisting life hacks, which used to be interesting methods of MacGyvering with common items in order to make daily tasks simpler, into either obvious, immoral, or surreal actions to make life "easier".
  • Tumblr users have a habit of creating couples, and sometimes entire fandoms, from inanimate objects or random concepts. The most popular is Creamsicle, listed above, and it in itself has spawned several Spinoffs. The second most popular was arguably "Jupitearth", a fandom originally spawned when news hit that Jupiter "saved" Earth from a collision in 2012. It originally started with humanizations of Earth and Jupiter but warped into using all the planets.
  • hey r u the moreos guy note 
  • [X INTENSIFIES]note 
  • Using Michael Scott's reaction to the fire drill as a reaction gifset, usually in response to exciting news. The [x] fandom right now: "Oh my God, okay, this is happening. Everybody stay calm, everybody stay calm. Stay fucking calm! Everyone just fucking calm down!"
  • Posting a suitably paranoid response to the notification that another user has started following you.
  • The boys of tumblr. note 
  • Skeletons as a whole are beloved on Tumblr. Which means that there is a meme inside of you at all times.
    • Female skeletons gotta have them bone tiddies note 
    • The skeleton war note 
      • "EN GARDE, FUCKBOY"/"Parlez vous francais, fuckboy?" note 
      • prepare for the skeleton war in skeleton hell
      • no war but skeleton class war
    • skeletons don't real.
    • Other skeleton jokes include incredibly unsettling messages about your skeleton, such as "Your skeleton is always wet", or the reason you're shivering is because your skeleton is about to hatch.
  • Making fun of the stereotypically lame jokes that dads make, referred to as "dad jokes". (ie: "Dad I'm hungry." "Hi Hungry, I'm Dad.")
  • Writing "And we'll never be royals (royals)" from Lorde's song Royals on a picture of characters who, well, will never be royals but want to be.
  • wow so doge/shibenote 
    much trope
    such meme
    so format
  • "God is dead and we killed him", often used in response to creations perceived as idiotic or otherwise bizarre.
  • Using barely-SFW porn gifs as reaction images.
    • This eventually lend to an example where an example where a perfectly SFW gif was used to describe a quite NSFW situation.
    • When someone uses a gay porn gif to describe a SFW situation, the typical response is "Is that gay porn?" followed by "No, it's *a SFW situation*".
  • "The best part of waking up is incest in your cup!" note 
  • Surprise, bitch. I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me. Reached the apex of its hideousness when it merged with other almost dead (and not particularly missed) memes.
  • Coming up with increasingly long lists of things that took ages to happen or have yet to actually occur, and then suggesting that they still managed to occur before season 3 of Sherlock was aired.
  • Expand Dong: Taking various video game or anime or film cover arts or character images and putting sexual captions under them whilst making said captions out of bits of the cover's man title graphics newspaper ransom note style.
  • Recreating image posts with infamous captions/replies (the "Listen here cum-slut" and the Walking Dead brain-scan post being among them) and changing the image to something completely different and nonsensical.
  • Posting lyrics from "Bring Me To Life" when there's a bizarre image post with someone with a traumatized look on their face or a Thousand-Yard Stare.note 
  • The Selfie Olympics: people taking selfies in various strange, convoluted and dangerous manners.
  • "The [X] is strong", a way commenting on a particular quality. Ex. "The nerd is strong with this post".
  • Bringing back old memes has become a meme. note 
  • "None pizza with left beef". note 
  • "Anyway, here's Wonderwall." note 
  • Comic sans powerpoints, which were popular in late 2013. They often featured Danganronpa or Homestuck characters and preached moral messages. Became a source of parody later on.
  • [Gavin Screaming] note 
  • IT'S BACK. note 
  • "talk dirty to me" *saxophone riff* note 
  • "Someone who's never seen [X], explain what's happening in this screenshot." note 
  • This series of 2chan posts about an... overly-optimistic Stalker with a Crush ended up gaining a ridiculous amount of steam. (´・ω・`)
  • I've hated Daft Punk since they killed that old man.
  • 2014 April Fools' Day introduced "Tumblr Pro", which would give the user a hat on its icon. Even though it was around for only a day, it quickly became memetic. Trigger warnings about this.
  • "It's a metaphor, you see..."note 
  • According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway...note 
  • Asking "the science side of Tumblr" to explain things. Usually reblogged with some overly simplified or nonsensical response, in turn traditionally answered with "thank you science side of Tumblr".
    • "Mitochondria"explanation
  • kup teraz note 
  • Hi, I'm [X] and you're watching Disney Channel. *character draws logo and then does something in-character, mostly comedic effect*
  • Referring to something that is nearly uncountable with a ridiculously small number. Normally worded as "like [X] whole [whatever the item is]"
  • Some version of the following where either a gif is added to the end or some other part is edited to an ironic or bizarre level:
    Girl: Come over
    Me: Not tonight bae
    Girl: My parents are out
    Me: I'll be right over
  • Giving credit for a quote to a famous, often historical, person for something they obviously did not say. Normally worded as "[famous person], probably"
    • A variation cropped up after JK Rowling's interview about how "she regrets putting Ron with Hermione", where other authors are portrayed regretting who they put their own main characters with.
  • Spiders Georg.note 
  • "Tag your porn!", usually in response to an image of especially tasty-looking food or other very desirable items.note 
  • free him note 
  • Having a stroke. note 
  • Calling a bird a "birb", often punctuated by grammatically-incorrect monologues reminiscent of the doge meme. Fat birds like ptarmigans are especially popular subjects.
  • u ok dennys?/dennys are u ok note 
  • Tumblr prom. note 
  • A format once used to call out romanticizing of serious conditions is now used as:
    Repeat after me:
    [X] is not "quirky"
    [X] is not "lolrandom"
    [X] is [insert description of choice here]
  • John Green ecstatically commenting on a gifset on the The Fault in Our Stars movie adaption about how it may have been the first time the girl kissed the guy first in a teen romance movie. This was picked up by people who believed he was self-promoting, who then made satirical posts hailing him as the father of feminism. He later made an apology post clarifying that in the book, it's not clear who kissed who first, and he was commending the filmmakers for choosing to have Hazel kiss first.
  • OkCupid user papapaka, better know as Squart Guy. He really WANTS TO MAKE YOU SQUART ACROSS THE ROOM AND HAVE THE BEST OEGAMIOM IN THE WORLD EVERY DAY, YEA BABY....note . Expect to see his face photoshopped on just about anything.
  • Some would find a meme based on passive-aggressive commentary of things using a screencap of Kermit the Frog drinking tea in a Lipton commercial to be rather annoying, but that's none of my business.
  • Using a comic of a dog sitting in a burning building (this Gunshow comic), saying "this is fine" as a reaction image for situations that are not fine. Often shows up in posts about mental illness.
    • And of course the sequel to that in which the dog has a more...realistic reaction to the fire (and the state of the world at the time)
  • "I'm gonna fuck the thing."
    • "DO NOT FUCK THE THING." note 
  • Saying 'I came here to have a good time and honestly I am feeling so attacked right now' in response to something negative being said to them.note 
    • Often inverted as "I came here to attack people and honestly I am having such a good time right now" and applied to antagonist characters.
  • The Tumblr - 4chan War / "Independence Day Raid" note 
    • The 4chan/Tumblr back-and-forth raids (stretching all the way back from 2010, culminating in 2014 with the above Independence Day Raid) have spawned loads and loads of fanart and fanfic of the two sites.
      • Apathetic and/or confused reactions from the non-fandom/nerdy/SJW side of Tumblr (usually photography, car, or "I actually use this as a blog" tumblrs) towards the 2014 raids.
  • DashCon 2014: note 
    • The Ball Pit:
      • "we are giving you guys an extra hour with the ball pit" note 
      • Posting a picture of the half-deflated ball pit in the empty convention hall as a response to posts about suggested tumblr projects or fantasies such as Tumblr Island or Tumblr University.
  • Chat posts in which a baby begins stuttering a word, to which a parent asks if they're trying to say some simple word (such as "father" or "mother"), only for the baby to say some famous, often lengthy, quote that begins with the same letter.
  • The trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey, specifically the line "I don't do romance, my interests are very... singular". In the trailer this leads up to Christian showing off his BDSM paraphernalia, in the meme that image gets switched out with ridiculous things such as brony gear, One Direction-merch and... an inflatable spermwhale.
  • Editing screenshots of popular, often relatable text posts over pictures from a TV series, movie, game, etc. that the text posts apply to.note 
  • Personal aesthetics, ranging from the mundane ("grunge") to the offbeat ("vintage communist") to the bizarre ("surrealist jock"). Usually "my aesthetic: x" or "new aesthetic: x", sometimes with a spread of related pictures.
  • "Girls don't like boys. Girls like [x] and [y]."note 
  • Making posts with the Madden Giferator. Ironically, at the height of its popularity it enraged some fandom bloggers who insisted Tumblr was a safe space from "stupid jock sports" without accounting for either the existence of very active (albeit somewhat isolated) sports fandoms on the site, nor the fact that the majority of people using said giferator were fandom bloggers doing it ironically because of how ridiculous it looked to them.
  • "Was this [x] even real" in response to particularly weird moments in media, now also extended to old Tumblr memes.
  • no its beckynote 
  • Steal Their Looknote 
  • THIS!!!note 
  • Variations of the phrase "My anaconda don't", such as "My anaconda will consider it", "My anaconda doesn't", etc.
    • Also related to Anaconda are jokes about Drake's section of the video, such as using his pose as a reaction image or making a joke about him still being in the chair weeks/months/centuries later.
    • It's also become popular to compare a picture of Shinji from Neon Genesis Evangelion sitting in a similar pose.
  • Screenshots of two posts on the dashboard accidentally referring to each other.
  • Screenshots of the message icon having a big number of messages with the caption "WHAT DID I DO"
  • "kill yourself" is an unfortunately popular troll ask. Pictures of reactions to being asked this are a meme.
  • what is [person] doing?
    • their bestnote 
  • Using "Photograph" by Nickelback (or later, Gloria Estefan's "Conga") as a form of audio post Rickrolling.
  • Coming from 4chan's weird obsession with it is a somewhat ironic fanatic following for Shrek, usually through sexual copypasta, video edits to insert Shrek in other films, or photoshops.
  • What tumblr has taught me about Xnote 
  • "[Show name] according to my [friend/family member/etc]". A popular fandom game where you show pictures of the cast from a TV show to a real-life person who's never watched it and ask them to guess names and make comments about them. Users would post powerpoints and picture sets of amusing guesses and comments from their family and friends.
  • "(I want this) because of reasons" is usually a reply to something (a tool, a celebrity, food, etc.) that the user really wants.
  • The Hawkeye Initiative is a response to the portrayal of female characters in comic books in fansevicey poses. Artists will post a photo of a female character and then draw the male hero Hawkeye in the same position, often with comedic intent.
  • "Is this a pigeon?"note 
  • Pokéfusions were created after a handful of artists were alerted to the presence of a site that can "fuse" two Pokémon sprites together. The result was very, very awesome.
  • Ah, TV Tropes. I love that site. The way they just [clenches fist] trope all those frickin TVs note 
  • There is a post with over 13 million notes, but the content of said post keeps changing, so much so that no one knows which one was the original (but it's typically the "Let's make Dean in gym shorts the most reblogged picture on Tumblr" post.)
  • Pepe the Sad frog/ Feels Bad Man
    • Exchanging "rare pepes" (edits of the picture).
    • 'Well-Known Symbol of the White Supremacist Movement'; "that cartoon frog is more sinister than you realize"note 
  • "The circle of stupidity is complete" when an entire post makes no sense.
  • "__"... Hacked note 
    • "[hacker voice] I'm in."
  • The pregnancy test meme: one character showing another character (the presumed father) a positive pregnancy test.
  • After the dashboard update of October 2014 which removed the visual border between images and the background color, there was an explosion of "bluespace" posts, meant to create the illusion of various things being on the background itself.
  • "delete this". Usually a response to either a bad pun or a ridiculous sexual joke.
  • Posts suggesting John Green is the infamous Zodiac Killer in the same vein as Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf note 
    • "John Green being the Zodiac killer is a quality meme to wrap up 2014"
    • Then later on, rumors that John Green is actually Banksy.
  • Comparing Woobies and Ensemble Darkhorses to this beautiful cinnamon roll that's Too Good for This Sinful Earth.
    • Related is "let [character name] say fuck", a meme directed at the writers of TV shows and films humorously petitioning for said innocent "cinnamon roll" characters to be seen delivering a Precision F-Strike or even a Cluster F-Bomb. Originated within the Steven Universe fandom when people expressed a desire to see Pearl swear.
  • Hi, I am Erica! How are you? :) I am a game developer and I and my team are currently working on a awesome game. We would like to ask you a favor. Can you test it out and see how it works? Will take ONLY few seconds! Would appreciate your opinion and feedback. Try it on MY TUMBLR. Thank you very much darling, tell my how it was we can chat later!! Erica :)*~ note 
    • More recently, its many impersonators. Viruses spread in the form of an ask telling someone to "test out their new game on their blog" with their icon as some sort of stock image have been popping up and many people have created parodies and hilarious responses to such obvious viruses.
  • They crave that mineral. note 
  • "Welcome To My Twisted Mind."note 
  • "Your fave is problematic". note 
    • My (un)problematic fave.
  • "What will be the last meme of 2014?":
    • "'The last meme of 2014' will be the last meme of 2014"
    • Iggy freestylesnote  is actually the last meme of 2014. Therefore, the last meme of 2014 is not the last meme of 2014. Does your brain hurt now?
  • Bath Bombs. note  Became controversial after social justice bloggers saw it as mocking teenage girls.
  • When highly controversial tumblr user communismkills posted a patreon asking people to pay for her to stop blogging, the quote "For $8,000 a month, I will stop" became popular.
  • "Please go to church", "you need Jesus", etc. in response to highly sexual (sometimes humorous) text posts.
  • Shipping Petch from Texas and Lonk from Pennsylvania. Inspired a fandom.
  • "Watch me swooce right in"note 
    • "Am I glad that he's frozen in there and that we're out here"note 
  • BOFA DEEZ NUTS. Originally a meme on Vine, it became common for people to bait people who didn't know what the meme was into asking what "bofa" is. Got a resurgence after Richard Dawkins himself fell for it, since as the Trope Namer for Memetic Mutation itself, one would think he would have known better.
  • Taking random screencaps, usually with Captain America, from any Avengers movie, adding texts in them suggesting a fight or discussion is about to happen, and then at the end adding the Captain America: Civil War logo.
    • A variation of this contains Thor instead of Captain America and the "Thor: Ragnarok" logo at the end.
  • The "MMM Whatcha Say" portion of Imogen Heap's song "Hide and Seek" as a reaction to something sad in a fandom, usually a character death.note 
  • At the start of 2015, all kinds of posts relating to Neon Genesis Evangelion or to Back to the Future Part II circulated due to both occurring during the year 2015.
  • Putting offensive or crude text on cute backgrounds or in pink pixel text, so that the post appears to be gentle and nice at first but then says something wildly out of place.
  • "Not all men"? You're right, [Nice Guy the poster likes] would never do that.note 
  • A particularly disastrous update caused posts to be able to be "hacked" allowing bloggers to mess with text posts in a way they never had been able to before. Summed up in vine form here.
  • "There is no war in Ba Sing Se." note 
  • Shakira's Hips Don't Lie
    Iggy: How was my freestyle?
    Shakira: It was fire
    Shakira's hips: It was terrible
    Shakira: Son of a
  • Katy Perry's Superbowl Halftime performance, particularly her outfit and the sharks (mainly the one on the left).
  • shitpostgeneratornote 
    • SENTIENTnote 
  • Posts about Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars's "Uptown Funk" and the fact that it is evidently the most universally loved song in existence.
  • Mocking the Disney movie Frozen... or mocking the mockery/backlash the movie got.
    • Several posts were made calling out the "animation errors"note  and in the movie. These posts were imitated, replacing the images with MikuMikuDance gifs of the characters from Frozen becoming distorted (Like this.)
      • Similarly, there was a lot of controversy about the same-face syndrome both within the movie and between Rapunzel, Elsa, and Honey Lemon, some people believing all three characters were based on the same model, leading to posts like this.
    • Constable Frozen. note 
  • Inappropriate audition songs.
    "hi im auditioning for the role of elphaba and i’ll be singing “it’s not easy being green” by kermit the frog"
  • "SJWs ruined my crops/[some other ridiculous thing]" or jokes about SJWs controlling things such as water companies.
    • Replacing frivolous uses of "SJW" with skeleton.note 
  • is that an example or a reaction note 
  • The Dress. note 
  • "I love [X], especially *looks at smudged writing on hand* [mangling of Y]"
    "Oh yeah Gorillaz I love that band! 2D, Noodle, Russel, and [looks at smudged writing on hand] mudkip."
  • Absurd "aesthetic" posts reblogged alongside a commentary post about said aesthetic.
    • General format:
    Mom: Why is there an octopus on your head?
    Me: Aesthetic
    • and then next post is a picture of someone wearing an octopus on their head.
    • Bonus points if the first post contains an additional comment along the lines of "I swear to god if I scroll down and see someone with a fucking octopus on their head..." and the same person makes an appropriately angry comment on the actual picture
  • hoe don't do it
    • oh my god note 
  • Natalia Kills' rant at Joe Irvine in The X Factor:note 
    Natalia Kills: I, as an artist who respects creative integrity and intellectual property, I am disgusted at how much you have copied my husband, from the hair to the suit, do you not have ANY value or respect for originality?
  • Who should you fightnote 
  • The signs as Xnote 
  • "We all know why we're reblogging this."note 
  • "[Character X] no" note 
    • "[Character X] YES"
  • We'll never forget you, Coppy. note 
  • #ThisGeneration/#LastGenerationnote 
  • "SAVE US X-KIT GUY!" note 
    • "WE'RE SORRY X-KIT GUY" note 
  • _____ Gothic note 
    • Some users have compared these posts to Welcome to Night Vale, a podcast with a narration style and content similar to the one in these posts. There are also a couple of Welcome to Night Vale Gothic memes which presents Night Vale as an ordinary town, in contrast to what we know of it.
  • Vladimir Putin memes. note 
  • Complaining, jokingly or otherwise, about "allies". note 
  • "Snake people, or 'sneople'" and derivatives.note 
  • There was an inexplicable surge of Dada-style, Duke Nukem-related shitposting that came as fast as it went, as seen here, here, and here.
  • Texts From Last Night mashups, casting the characters of a work as the senders of the texts in a similar style to the "relevant text post" meme.
  • "Feudal lord and handmaiden". note 
  • What she says: I'm fine
    What she means: [lengthy rant or one sentence (usually Fandom-related) expressing disappointment, or another meme]
  • Down With Cis note 
    • Down With Cis vs. Down With Hate. note 
    • Down with Communists In Seattle note 
    • Down with CISnote 
  • You STOLE Fizzy Lifting Drinks!, from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, where Wonka has an explosive outburst. Similarly, the also hamtastic "YOU LOSE! GOOD DAY, SIR!", transferred over from YTMND and 4chan.
  • Reblog if you are [X minority], support [X minority] or are [something completely absurd].
  • Other Timelines/Multiverse TheoryExplanation
    Flork: Get the fuck out of here, other timeliner!
    Other Timeliner: Nah, this timeline's ours now, native.
  • in the tags put:
    • where u live
    • ur first language
    • what u call this [picture of a random object]
  • Saying a post would make a good Disney movie, occasionally followed by art of a hypothetical poster for it (one example here).
  • Giving the list of people in a cast of characters saying who you should fight or possible outcomes of fighting a certain character.
  • The anti-SJW blog Sonic For Real Justice, which quickly became infamous for kicking a moderator off for closing the askbox when they were overwhelmed with asks, and then changing the rules list to include sending him hate as a new rule. It's gained attention from sympathizers, while others follow the blog ironically to riff on the other cartoonishly assholish mods. Yet others suspect the whole fiasco is staged, mainly because most of the drama on the blog happens through constant posting where everyone can easily read about the mods' beefs with each other and the fact all of the drama happened in less than a week.
  • Superwholock. note 
    • In a similar vein, Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons, a similar conglomeration of fandoms created by animation fans on tumblr. Mostly consists of nifty screencap and gif edits combining the universes of the four film franchises, and shipping the various protagonists together. Sometimes Frozen joins in on the fun.
    • Bee Shrek Test in the House. note 
    • Dangan OFFstuck as well, with the added distinction of having been more of a very widespread suggestion than anything that ever happened. Bee Shrek Test In The House, while a response to mega-crossovers as a whole, was also more specifically a response to this, which makes it hilariously ironic that it has remained in the tumblr consciousness so much longer.
  • "bad and naughty children get put in The Pear Wiggler to atone for their crimes" note 
  • Are you [character] af? note 
  • 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shitnote 
  • Drawings of characters with added muscles and a speedonote 
  • graphic design is my passion. note 
  • Do it! note 
  • Yarny. note 
  • Parodying Harry Potter's decision to name his son Albus Severus by making posts with the scene with the names changed to something else, more than partly owing itself to the widespread dislike for Snape on the site.
  • Performative disgust directed at Minions and their absurd popularity, as well as corny "minion memes" stereotypically popular with middle-aged moms on Facebook.
  • Outlandish explanations for why same-sex marriage was legalized, usually containing the phrase, "Coincidence? I think not."
  • "I was the X." "I was the Y." "I was the Z."note 
  • "hello naughty children it's ______ time" has become a stock method of explaining harsh character actions or plot twists, especially when they occur in media with child or teenage characters.
  • "What's better than this? Just gals being pals / guys being dudes." note 
  • The Fat Controller laughed. "You are wrong!" note 
  • Dan Nicky your Bobbie s. note 
  • Using Zoobe to make video rants on an infinitely diverse range of topics, usually using the white rabbit character.
  • This:
    me on a date: so what do you think of [X, a show/character/person/etc.]?
    them: (insults [X])/(gives an unpopular opinion about [X])
    me, shoving breadsticks into my bag/purse/pockets: i have to go home right now immediately/my mom said i have to go home right now immediately, don't contact me ever
  • The Discourse: a meme that started in leftist/social justice tumblr to describe particularly bad theory and discussion; closely related is the Discourse Chef image. Both are commonly used as reactions to poorly thought out political posts. By extension, it's also meant to parody the common complaint that the "discourse" on the website is terrible, usually made by people criticizing social justice on tumblr. It tends to be framed as a jaded acknowledgment that the quality of discussion on tumblr will always be terrible and that there's no saving it, so you might as well joke about it.
  • The Notevoid. note 
  • Making a text post with a detailed title, or a title that's the beginning of a well-known phrase, but the only content of the post itself is "gun".note 
  • young man note 
    Young man, take the breadsticks and run
    I said young man, man door hand hook car
  • An extension of the "cinnamon roll" meme, listing which characters fit into these categories:
    Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you
    Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll
    Looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll
    Looks like they could kill you and could actually kill you
    • Another derivative is known as a "sinnamon roll", referring to a character treated as a cinnamon roll while simultaneously being problematic, villainous, or evil.
  • Reminiscing over old infomercials and recreating them in text post form. Started with a post about Shirley Temple DVD Infomercials.
  • You've heard of [x], now get ready for [a phrase that is the exact opposite of x] note 
    • You've heard of Elf on the Shelf, now get ready for... note 
  • Draw your OTP/squad like this. note 
  • One person in a two-person group (often the poster's favorite ship) finding the other person like this:
    X: (can't find Y in a crowd)
    X: (loudly insults someone/something Y loves)
    Y: (from across the room/street/etc.) WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY?!
    X: Found them.
  • JOHN CENA note 
    • It leaked out of Tumblr and onto other sites, leading to this beautiful Vine.
  • Beatles dragging note 
  • This conversation, courtesy of iCarly, with other characters in the place of Alice and Bob.
    Alice: Hey, Bob, remember the time you dared me to X?
    Bob: No, I said "Alice, don't X." And then you said "Don't tell me what to do, Bob." And then you X.
  • This exchange between an OTP:
    X: I lost my dear spouse Y.
    Y: Quit telling everyone I'm dead!
    X: Sometimes, I can still hear their voice.
  • 20 minutes into "Netflix and chill" and he gives you this look note 
  • This chat:
    psychic: *reads my mind*
    my mind: *something complex, disturbing, or fandom-related*
    psychic: what the fuck
  • The racist cancer child. note 
  • This:
    me: *takes a deep breath*
    me: i lo-
    anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love [X], we know, you love [X] so much, they're the light of your life, you love them so much, you just love [X], we KNOW, you love [X] you fucking love [X] ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE [X]. WE GET IT.
  • ʷʰʸ ᵗʰᵉ fᵘͨᵏ ʸºᵘ ˡʸʸʸ'ⁿ, ʷʰʸ ʸºᵘ ᵃˡʷᵃʸˢ ˡʸʸʸ'ⁿ, ᵐᵐᵐᵐᵐᵐ ºʰ ᵐʸ ᵍºᵈ ˢᵗºp fᵘͨᵏ'ⁿ ˡʸʸʸ'ⁿ note 
  • Chat posts centering around people breaking into various places or interrupting activities in order to catch Pokémon in Pokémon GO.
    Me: *starts walking out of the classroom*
    Teacher: what's so important that you have to leave right now?
    Me: there's a bulbasaur in the hallway
    Teacher: holy shit class dismissed
  • The Sandsverse. note 
  • Explaining one's strange impulses in this format.
    brain: *suggests doing something irrational/stupid/harmful*
    me: why?
    brain: you gotta
  • Why undertale is shitty and why all of you are shitty for liking it note 
  • Kinkshaming note 
    • Similarly, you can't fuck Osmosis Jones. note 
  • I know he ate a cheese note 
  • Poot Lovato note 
  • Variations of this exchange for OTPs, courtesy of iCarly:
    Bob: In 20 years, I guarantee you I will be Alice's second husband.
    Alice: What happened to my first husband?
    Bob: Nothing you can prove.
  • Due to the way reblogs work, with answers appearing right below the initial comment, it's become popular to respond with an image with a character and a speech bubble leading to the answer above, like a sort of visual version of "You sound exactly like [X]" and similarly used for often insulting comparisons.
  • This exchange:
    Bob: Wow, the stars are beautiful tonight.
    Alice: Yeah, they are.
    Bob: You know who else is beautiful?
    Alice: *blushes* Who?
    Bob: Me.
  • Editing John Green's posts. Explanation
    • Jokes about how the Tumblr staff is trying to protect John Green from having his posts edited by making posts uneditable and removing the comment function on posts. Explanation
  • "you cn’t see it. but im flipping you off. i am flipping you off with both my hands. im typing this with my middle finger.i am flipping you off right now. flipping you off so hard right now. you can’t see it, which is a true pity, but take my word for it. i am. i am flipping you off right now. because you can’t see it, let me describe it for you. my pinkie and ring fingers are folded down on both hands, a little past the second crease in my hands. my middle fingers are extended. they’re pointing to the sky. then my thumbs are crossed over my index fingers, also folded down on my hands, but to the freckle on my left hand. my thumb nail on my left hand has a black triangle on it. now, i’m waving my both my hands vigorously, still flipping you off." note 
  • Yikes! note 
  • As a lesbian... supporter. note 
  • Clarke the husband, Lexa the wife and Fish the dog. note 
  • Sofa Positions. note 
  • Anything about fucking robots/insisting people don't fuck the robots. note 
  • How to draw [X]: Oversimplified obviously jokey instructions poking lighthearted fun at a character's design. Nearly always responded to with someone following the instructions to an absurdly literal degree, which occasionally actually looks like the character in question.
  • [x]-tubbs-the-cat note 
  • "Touch my butt and buy me pizza" (alternately "Touch my butt and buy me tacos"). note 
    • "No, cook me a delicious filet mignon, pop open an expensive bottle of wine, and bang me into next week. I AM AN ADULT!" note 
  • "Destroy the idea that [x]"; "protect and defend [x] at all costs"; "spread this like wildfire"; "say it louder for the people in the back" note 
    • "Friendly reminder that [x]" is an older one that was used in a variety of contexts beyond social justice before people started using it ironically.
  • Loss.jpg note 
  • The expository text for Star Wars: The Force Awakens being replaced with a copypasta or other ridiculous-sounding chunk of text.
  • Hobo, Glunkus, and Shitty Bitz. note 
  • I just want to reblog this and stress this: Levi lost his entire squad. He didn’t lose 20% of his squad. He didn’t even lose 50%. He lost his whole squad. Look at what it’s done to him. You can see the death in his eyes, but he keeps on going. This is why Levi is one of my favorite characters.note 
  • "That was my alter ego, Countess Boochie Flagrante." note 
    • This has seen a resurgence in 2019 Star Wars fandom, in mockery of people who treat Kylo Ren and Ben Solo like two separate people.
  • Harold, they're Lesbians. note 
  • "If a dog wore pants would he wear them like this or like this?"note 
  • Post lampooning obviously faked anecdotes posted online (usually through tumblr chat posts), often with a patronizing moral or social justice-themed message veering into Glurge territory and ending with everyone in the area bursting into applause.
    "This is true, I was there. I was the sound of the clapping."
    "And that X? That was Albert Einstein."
  • Got called racist in greggs earlier lads
    • tell us what happened lad
    • I got called racist in greggs
    • ye but why
    • I was being racist
    • in greggs?
    • yeah it was in greggsnote 
  • This exchange:
    Person A: I have created Y!
    Person B: You fucked up a perfectly good X is what you did. Look at it, it has anxiety. note 
  • hubris note 
  • The Eurovision Song Contest, which is stereotypically portrayed as a bizarre European ritual that Americans are completely unaware of. Mainly because, to an extent, it is.
    • And then there was everyone's favorite act from 2013, the "gay opera dubstep vampire"
  • Jared Leto is too Edgy for the Director. note 
    Jared Leto: (something "edgy")
    Director: (massive overreaction)
  • tag yourself i'm X note 
  • ... but first we need to talk about parallel universes. note 
    • Half A-press note 
    • 12 hours note 
    • Scuttlebug/Scuttlebug raising note 
  • buy violent things on iTunes note 
  • The Fine Bros' subscriber count. note 
    • The words "react" or "reaction" being followed by Trade Snark.
    • Scenarios involving the two words above (for example, chemical reactions) being interrupted by the Fine Brothers demanding to see the participants in court.
  • A vine of Squidward doing a dance called the Dab has proven to be quite popular as of the start of 2016.
  • Marge krumping. note 
  • the jeme note 
  • pull the trigger piglet. note 
  • Smart Ass, Badass, Great Ass. note 
  • Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer. note 
    • Ted Cruz isn't the Zodiac Killer yet, but we're all giving him the idea. note 
  • damn that's some @sixpenceee shit. note 
  • The Triggering note 
  • "This dipshit definitely doesn't have PHD's in English. I'm a writer and just those few sentences you posted have shown you are literally incompetent and you don't know and will never know what true literacy is because you have too much pride in yourself to admit when someone has actually put you in your place like you deserve. Go and take your "7gfs" and go f your self because those 7gfs aren't real and any girl interested in someone like you is just as much of a piece of shit as you because they don't have the self respect to tell this piece of shit to go f off because any man who claims to have SEVEN GIRLFRIENDS is the biggest piece of shit around because he has shown he has no respect for the female form. Now, seriously get off tumblr because all you're doing is wasting data on the Internet thanks to you. You're an absolute piece of shit guy and I really hope you go f yourself. Done." note 
  • The history of japan. note 
  • The McDonald's lesbian anime. note 
  • Sausage Party note 
  • Parodies of this conversation from an SNL skit combining Undercover Boss with The Force Awakens:
    Bob: *disguised as someone else* A friend of mine said that Bob had an eight-pack. That Bob was shredded.
    Alice: Bob is a punk bitch.
  • Princess Bernie/Birdie Sanders/"The birds have spoken!" note 
  • me as an airline pilot note 
    • I did nAUGHTt! Mister Electic send him to the principal's office and have him EXpelLed! note 
  • dark [website] show me the [Evil Counterpart of that website's normal content]note 
    • dark [website] show me the [content that would be perfectly reasonable to expect on that web site but inexplicably isn't there]note 
  • Cathy Brennan is a fake goth. note 
  • Memes involving The Dover Boys briefly became popular after a tongue-in-cheek "call-out post" appeared in late March/early April of 2016.
  • It's gonna be May. note 
  • Variations of this exchange (from here):
    Bob: Alice is [insert activity away from home here] so while she's gone I'm gonna cut the sleeves off of all my shirts.
    Carol: Why?
    Bob: She's like 85% of my impulse control.
  • This image being applied to any archer/bowman from a series.
  • Art vs Artist. note 
  • Users responding to things they view as exceptionally good or pure with variations of "This cleared my skin, watered my crops, cured my depression"," etc.
  • sorry mom, i can't go to school tomorrow, it's a national holiday note 
  • This image of Caveman Spongebob from the episode "SB-129" note  being used as a reaction image to the poster being in a situation where they are taken off guard or given an unpleasant surprise by something or someone else.
  • Stating a shocking fact and ending your point by saying "let that sink in" has hit Schmuck Bait levels; somebody will respond with "what does it want now" and a photoshopped image of a bathroom sink standing at somebody's front door.
  • Comparing popular media and characters to screenshots from various episodes of Spongebob Squarepants.
  • "Me, a furry X", where X is a (typically well-respected) career.note 
  • "Dicks out for X", where X is something the author wants to show appreciation for note 
  • "The risk I took was calculated, but man, am I bad at math."note 
  • "Wa-oh, we're halfway there. Wa-oh, X on a Y." where X rhymes with living and Y rhymes with prayer. note 
  • You: *crude statement*
    Me, an intellectual: *essentially the same statement but with fancier language*
  • Slip
    Creepily note 
    • * "Yes I [X, spelled out in all-caps letters like an acronym], I [Acronym spelled out but the statement is the opposite of the original acronym'd word]
    • An alternative version goes the same way, but the words composing the acronym don't even match up with the letters.
  • Userboxes in the style of the ones on The Other Wiki. Fandoms, aspects of personal identity, memes, and anything else you can think of is fair game for being made into a userbox.
  • "Anyone remember X? Them wild sons of guns they loved Y." note 
  • Making shitposts and meme mashups that reference the plot of The Cask of Amontillado.note 
  • self care is [incredibly unhealthy behaviour] and [implausible feat] note 
  • Sign labeled "Do It For Her/Him" featuring pictures of an especially lovable character. note 
  • [current meme] is just [old meme]note 
  • Screenshots of Google results for a notable person's birthday, often with a caption stating that the post can only be reblogged that day.
  • Images of Barack Obama and Joe Biden annotated with funny conversations, mostly about pranks they want to pull on Donald Trump after he enters the White House.
  • X was the original Shitpost Generatornote 
  • *a blurry image of the definition for the word "perfection"* *a photo of someone cleaning their glasses* *an image of something or someone the OP considers perfect*
  • Bode.note 
  • No X, we die like men.note 
    • Possibly more famous for spilling over onto ao3 as "no beta we die like men" usually with "men" replaced with a character who dies within the relevant fandom. (Beta in this context meaning beta reader, or someone who proofreads your fanfic before you post it)
  • X, but every time Y happens, Z happens.note 
  • Hi, my name's Catrina!note 
  • Phrases wrung by Christmas lights. Similar to Stranger Things and Retro Wave memes.
  • [to the tune of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town"] you better watch out, you better watch out, you better watch out, YOU BETTER WATCH OUT note 
  • Anish Kapoor can't have the world's Xest X, where X is a color/arts and crafts supply. note 
  • The Hollywood sign photoshopped to say various phrases.note 
  • Saying "big mood" to signify that you find a particular post especially relatable.
  • Bernie Sanders Giant Tweetnote 
  • i lik the brednote 
  • some people???? [unjustifiable action]???? to cope???? note 
  • Unnecessary Confettinote 
  • Roll Safe Meme (can't X if you don't Y) note 
  • Calling minor inconveniences homophobic because u gay.
  • 2meirl4meirl memes, often cross-pollinating with Reddit - extremely depressed/depressive and very self-deprecating, suicidal posts delivered in the nastiest black comedy way imaginable. Imagine Shinji Ikari, Eeyore, and Marvin the Paranoid Android asking for death as part of a stand-up comedy routine.
  • "when daddy cuts my French toast for me", "when daddy gives you cummies", and/or posts talking about daddy-doms in general, mocking the daddy-dom, or DDLG subculture. note 
    • i never should have made her eat the doo-doo note 
    • "cummieposting", emoji-filled and highly-NSFW copypasta, initially mocking said subs celebrating their nocturnal activities with tons of inapproriate fantasizing emoji. It later evolved to general "thot" behaviour and covers every subject, ranging from Thanksgiving to Henry Kissinger's death.
  • "cursed post"note 
    • Certain specific responses are becoming memetic in of themselves:
      • "hey OP do you accept constructive criticism?"note 
      • "thanks! i hate it"
      • "hey, quick question: what the fuck"
      • "good morning to everyone except the person who made this"
  • he scream at own ass.. w
    • :V note 
  • "don't talk to me or my son ever again". note 
  • Façade (2005), a game with AI-powered dialogue, spun into reaction images featuring the strange, stiff animation and the utterly bizarre responses the characters can give you, such as suddenly hostile reactions to "watermelons".note 
  • "BORN TO DIE / WORLD IS A FUCK / Kill Em All 1989 / I am trash man / 410,757,864,530 DEAD COPS"note 
  • "Tomorrow's the sixteenth! EUREKA! We're saved!" note 
  • Crytyping. note  Example:
  • "John C. Miller, CEO and President of the Denny's Corporation, is a capitalist running dog and his wealth must be seized and redistributed to the people." note  Pretty much died after Denny's posted a version of the meme in the vaguest possible, barely coherent terms:
    tumblr: we are a capitalist running dog and
    dennys: your memes must be seized and redistributed to the people? on it.
    • "Denny's is racist and no amount of dank memes will change that." note 
  • Thrussy. note 
    • Calling lozenges "thrussy lube".
    • "[X] is one thicc bih. Lemme see that [X]ussy." note 
  • Covfefe. note 
  • Tonight we dine at [X]. note 
  • "Always remember: You/[X]! Are! Valid!" note 
    • Has since led to "valid" being adopted as a generic term of approval, as in "[X viewpoint] is valid".
  • Minnesota Fats Pool Legendnote 
  • The Woody Collective. note 
  • The floor is _____. note 
  • "H... hewwo?" note 
    • "Then Perish." (image of Obama's eyes with red filter). note 
  • "And this is a classic gaming emotion." note 
  • "Not You/Tú No" note 
  • "Do Not Interact" Banners. note 
  • "The fuck are you looking at? Keep scrolling." note 
  • "Advanced Country/Screaming Cowboy"note 
  • Videos that follow the start-up screens of older video game consoles (Such as the PlayStation or Game Boy Advance) with the first second or two of the opening cinematic from Hotel Mario.
    • Adding onto this, photoshopping the image of Mario and Luigi from the opening cinematic into iconic or irrelevant images a la Where's Waldo?
  • Russian cat captions. note 
  • "Deep Fried Memes"note  Tons of crossover with Reddit, which has lead to some weird arguing.
  • "I Will Survive". note 
  • (jazz music stops)note 
  • Sharing unpopular/controversial opinions like this:
    "[Unpopular opinion]," I say into the mic. The crowd boos. I begin to walk off in shame, when a voice speaks and commands silence from the room. "They're right," I hear. I look around for the owner of the voice. There in the fifth row stands [X, usually Common Sense.]
  • This exchange: note 
    Blogger 1: she's [X]
    Blogger 2: who is?
    Blogger 1: the girl reading this
  • Forbidden Snacks. note 
  • you know he dead. note 
  • Original vs. Untumblrized. note 
  • Connect Four edits. note 
  • "I may not know flowers, but I know a BITCH when I see one!" note 
  • "That's how it is on this bitch of an earth".note 
  • "This image has been removed for violating one or more of Tumblr's Community Guidelines." note 
  • Photoshopping or greenscreening Drake & Josh into scenes from various anime, video games, etc., usually with some humorous commentary from the two of them regarding the situation.
  • Fantasy Painting Object Labelingnote 
  • "You guys are just mean."note 
  • Jolene is gay note 
  • Gru's slideshow.note 
  • PORN BOTS note 
    • "My [moderately large number] Porn Bot Followers"note 
    • YES PAPA?
      • NO PAPA
      • TELLING A LIE?
      • NO PAPA
      • HA HA HA!note 
  • "Pearl Hates the Irish." note 
  • In November 2018, Tumblr, in response to the site app's deletion from the Apple app store for failing to delete child pornography fast enough, attempted to remedy the aforementioned Porn Bot issue with an algorithm made to automatically delete said blogs. Not only did the algorithm fail spectacularly (typing "SFW" as a tag makes any post bypass the censors), but it experienced a "glitch" where it deleted several non-bot blogs and banned other blogs without telling them. Not only did this cause a resurgence in the porn bot memes, it also spawned several other memes:
    • Female-Presenting Nipples. note 
    • Too hot for Tumblr / "Your post was flagged". note 
  • "Kung Pow Penis" note 
  • "silence, brand" note 
  • Subverting expectationsnote 
  • In late July of 2019, a bizarre glitch occurred that caused images alongside audio posts to be stretched out. Users quickly made the most of this, with some even crossing it over with other memes, such as "Do you love the color of the sky?" or Mettaton's leg.
  • In 2019, Verizon sold Tumblr for less than 3 million, whereas they originally had bought it for 1.1 billion. Everyone were quick to blame Tumblr for being such a bad website that its owner lost well over 1 billion dollar on it. Particularly bad posts soon got notes that said "This cost Verizon 1.07 billion".
    • Porn is worth 1.07 billion dollars.note 
  • "God, I wish that were me"note 
  • There is a surprising amount of jokes about Julius Caesar getting stabbed, and whenever the Ides of March (March 15th) rolls around, the memes come out of the woodwork as well.
  • "Mods are asleep, post X"note 
  • "X has been dead for Y slutty, slutty years." note 
  • "I'm A Lesbiab. Lesbiam. Less Bien. Girls." / "It's okay, take your time." note 
  • "I'M FGUCKING SHAKIGN, WHERE IS HE!!?!?!!??!" note 
  • My cousin Throckmorton, the skateboardernote 
  • Out Of Touch Thursdaynote 
  • "Y'all'd've"Explanation
  • Twitter is early Tumblrexplanation
    • They moved to Twitter/Pinterestexplanation
    • Tumblr is awful... but at least it's not Twitter!Explanation
  • Get stick bugged lol Explanation
  • Not Like Other Girls WLWExplanation
  • Heritage Posts Explanation
  • I wish all [X] a very pleasant [Y] Explanation
  • Ray-Ban Charity Event Sale Explanation
  • Destiel is canon Explanation
    • November 5th 2020/DestielPutinElectionExplanation
    • Sent to turbo hell for gay crimesExplanation
    • September 8th 2022/The Queen-Sans-Reigen incidentexplanation
  • [x noun] (derogatory) Explanation
  • I hate getting my news like thisExplanation
    • A common reply to posts delivering said news consists of "wake up babe, [news]", "new [thing] just dropped", or a combination of the two.
    • Some users have responded to this with "You go to a circus and complain when there are clowns?"
    • News in the Destiel love confession scene format. Explanation
  • You know what? Fuck you. *un-Xes your Y* Explanation
  • Mishapocalypse 2.0. Explanation
  • The Gift of Prophecy. Explanation
    • Apollo NO
      Apollo YES
    • Apollo's Dodgeball. Explanation
  • "people who celebrate fictional character birthdays are annoying pass it on" "FUCK this post and happy birthday [character]" Explanation
  • Posts from a darker timeline. Explanation
  • "My child is fine."
    "Your child is [doing action]". explanation
  • Doctor Who winning Superwholock.explanation
  • Eeby Deeby. Explanation
    • "going to eeby deeby for sleeby beeby crimes" Explanation
  • "We're not dead." Explanation
  • "[X], my beloved" Explanation
  • "Change your URL Jeff". Explanation
  • Gaslight. Gatekeep. Girlboss. Explanation
  • Ea-nasir and his copper Explanation
  • The Suez Canal blockage. Explanation
  • Evil [musician]: [modification of one of their lyrics] Example note
    • Evil [character]: [a trait or a quote opposite to their portrayal/quote in canon]. Explanation
  • Celebrating the death of Prince Philip.Explanation
  • The TRAMP STAMPS/industry plant band. Explanation
  • Diversity win! [Description of morally dubious character] is [minority]! Explanation
  • A pack of [x] pushed my parents off a cliff. Explanation
  • Post+. Explanation
    • You trust this site with your credit card information? Explanation
    • Tumblr getting sued into oblivion. Explanation
  • gothicprep's green cat. Explanation
  • There are many benefits to being a marine biologist. Explanation
    • Sometimes flipped on its head with "benefits" replaced by "cons", pasted on images which depict unfortunate underwater scenes.
  • Color Theory. Explanation
  • NICE LEGS, DAISY DUKES, MAKES A MAN GO (inappropriate sound effect or quote)
    • LOW CUT, SEE-THROUGH, SHIRTS THAT MAKE YOU GO (continuation of inappropriate sound)Explanation
  • Tumblr Sexyman. Explanation
  • Joke Pride Flags. Explanation
  • The feminine urge to (an ironic action, usually violent). Explanation
  • Shrimp colors. Explanation
  • "I give [x] to people" blogs, i.e. blogs that have the tendency to reblog random posts and add pictures of hands holding whatever they want to give out (such as objects or characters).
  • By Talos this can't be happening. Explanation
  • "The Supernatural fandom has a gif for everything." Explanation
    • This spawned posts where the OP or rebloggers would wait for the Supernatural fans to show up (and saying "there it is" when they do), or actively try to summon Supernatural fans.
  • "The Chocolate Guy" Explanation
  • Banned tags. Explanation
  • Horse plinko and variations thereof Explanation
  • "It fucken WIMDY" Explanation
  • Pondering my orb. Explanation
  • "No Little German Boy don't [x]" / "Oh mein gott ze ist en [x] full of [made up German word]" Explanation
  • urfaveisunfuckable NFT drama. Explanation
  • Blorbo from my shows. Explanation
  • Markiplier and the LA Gangs. Explanation
  • Live Slug Reaction. Explanation
    • Sometimes modified to contain a character that disapproves of the relationship instead of the slug, with the text changed to "Live [character] Reaction".
  • Advice for new tumblr users. Explanation
    • Making Tumblr uninhabitable again. Explanation
    • Reddit Refugees. Explanation
  • After the Superwholock fandom faded into obscurity, several Tumblr users are wondering what is The New Superwholock.
  • Tumblr Blaze. Explanation
    • PVP enabled. Explanation
  • Dracula Daily. Explanation
    • Paprika. Explanation
    • Jonathan Harker, Tumblr's best friend. Explanation
    • Johnathan Harker is stuck in a time loop. Explanation
  • Fake "Shakespearean"/fake poetic lines. Explanation
  • hang on i gotta look something up
    okay that's funny Explanation
  • Mousegirls/Mousegirl bartender. Explanation
  • WE WERE ROBBED. Explanation
  • I love you [x] I love you [y] I love you [z] (and so on)Explanation
    • Sometimes flipped on its head with "I hate you [x] I hate you [y] I hate you [z]"
  • Gouger. Explanation
  • "Sometimes i wonder what i taste like" "I can help with that" and its variations. Explanation
  • Bakery "Enemies" making Miraculous Ladybug trend. Explanation
  • TBH/Autism Creature/Yippee. Explanation
  • Crab rave. Explanation
  • Tumblr Sexyman descendants. Explanation
  • Girl what were YOU doing at the devil's sacrament? Explanation
  • Shooting into the sky to lower property value. Explanation
  • he would not fucking say that Explanation
  • Wizard Tumblr. Explanation
    • The Wizard Animal. Explanation
    • Ketamine Ape. Explanation
  • Goncharov. Explanation
  • Fingers in his ass Sunday. Explanation
  • Weekly Posts. Explanation
  • "The reading comprehension and overall common sense on this website is piss poor."
    "how dare you say we piss on the poor" Explanation
  • Sharks are smooth. Explanation
  • In early 2023, Tumblr added the option to post polls, which quickly caused users to joke about the very feature (such as some users getting it before others) and memes about the results of popular polls such as the following:
    • Cecilsweep. Explanation
    • Bug Race. Explanation
    • Vanilla extract. Explanation
    • Blorbo tournaments. Explanation
      • [X] sweep. Explanation
      • Propaganda Posts. Explanation
      • Squimbus from my polls. Explanation
    • Hyperspecific polls. Explanation
    • Fairy vs Walrus/The Fairy and the Walrus. Explanation
  • "Hey sorry I did [X] to your boyfriend, yeah sorry" Explanation
  • Not [X] or [Y] but a secret third thing. Explanation
  • Pikachu Man. Explanation
  • Old lady with sword. Explanation
  • Rabiosexual. Explanation
  • I went to [X] Island and... Explanation
    • Why were you going to [X] Island? Explanation
  • PENIS TYPO note 
  • Werewolf boyfriend. note 
  • i love how tumblr users play with jpegs like dolls. note 
  • #mole interestnote 
  • Waiting for Henry Kissinger's death/jokes about Henry Kissinger's immortality and war crimes.note 
  • Claims to be pro-life, dies anyway. Explanation
  • Fakeposting. Explanation
    • [x] Tumblr/Dash simulator. Explanation
  • Penis SMP. Explanation
  • i mean they did also kill jesus. that was a pretty significant thing that happened. like i understand where you’re coming from here but they very much did kill jesus.Explanation
  • April Fool's Day Boops. Explanation
  • Identifying [x] in posts.Explanation

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