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    Episode 1: The Most Dangerous Game... Night! 
  • In the clip for the season premiere, Scrooge is interrupted in the middle of his "Seven Cities of Cibola" Mythology Gag by Louie, who is clearly jaded by the family's treasure hunting expeditions and wants Scrooge to wrap up the 'woah' and get to the 'wait, what?'
    Scrooge: ...*confused look*
    Louie: Woah, some cool hidden city or treasure or whatever. Wait, what? The cool thing is dangerous or cursed or guarded by centaurs? Aaaargh! Louie almost dies. Can we please move it along; that's how it goes.
    • When Scrooge tries to dismiss this, Dewey proceeds to prove Louie exactly right as he grabs the idol — Woah — the trap is sprung — Wait, what? — and the team run screaming from a giant stone wheel — Aaaargh! Complete with Louie tiredly counting each beat, and Scrooge's increasing concern.
    • And then the formula repeats again later on:
      Louie: Woah, Gyro shrunk down and worshipped as a god king! Wait, what? They're in a war with a bunch of giant ants? Aaaargh! Healmostgoteatenbyaspiderbutsurvivesandteacheseveryonealessonintrustorsomething!
      Huey: That did happen twice last month...
  • While refreshing his supplies, Huey is sickened by the discovery of used gauze.
  • Huey's reaction and subsequent meltdown when Louie points out that his stitching job on his Junior Woodchuck uniform has come undone. And then Louie further pushing his brother's buttons to get him to go along with an adventuring break.
    Louie: Come on, let Gyro have his own adventure while we take it easy for once. And we can have a quiet, rejuvenating night in. Bone up on your skills?
    Huey: (relieved sigh, calms down a bit)
    Huey: (beat; resumes shaking and whimpering)
  • Louie tries to convince Scrooge that "all this constant adventuring is tearing us apart!"
    Scrooge: Nonsense; we're closer than ever. Ey, kids?
    Dewey and Webby: [Singing in harmony] Teamwork makes the dream work! [low-five]
    Louie: This needs to stop!
    Scrooge: I've tried, but they really do enjoy harmonizing.
  • The look on Dewey's face when it's revealed that Scrooge still isn't always one-hundred percent sure which triplet he is.
  • Scrooge's response to Louie's suggesting a game night: wide-eyed glee, running around screaming "GAME NIGHT!" ecstatically, causing Launchpad to hit his head on a roof of a car, scaring Donald off the gangplank into the pool and getting splashed by a pigeon in a bird bath.
  • Beakley and Duckworth have an Oh, Crap! reaction to Scrooge declaring a game night, followed by Duckworth claiming there are vague ghost issues preventing him from playing. Beakley is quite miffed at him not including her in his excuse.
    Duckworth: Spooooky things! Fareweeeeeell...
    • We later encounter Duckworth... hiding in the kitchen. Followed by him shrugging sheepishly and disappearing again.
  • This exchange:
    Scrooge: If we lose, you're out of the will.
    Donald: (stunned) I was in the will?
  • The fact that after his Adaptational Personality Change in season 1, Gyro is suddenly acting all Adorkable just like his incarnation from the comics and original cartoon (albeit still his sharp-tongued and egotistical season 1 self).
  • Scrooge and Donald turn out to be really good at charades. Since everyone has a hard time understanding Donald, it's made the two really good at non-verbal communication. They have a score of 34 points by the end of just one round.
    • Scrooge fails to guess Donald's last charade, which was apparently something called a "mermanticore". Their disagreement over how exactly one performs a charade of such a creature leads to... well, just look at the main page image.
    • On the opposite end, Dewey is really bad at charades. Despite Webby pretty obviously trying to show "Scrooge McDuck", even miming Pooled Funds, he just keeps making wild and ridiculous guesses. In particular, he gets hung up on guessing answers related to smoothies in some way, leading to this:
      Webby: It was "Scrooge McDuck"! Ugghhh!
      Dewey: But Uncle Scrooge doesn't like smoothies...
  • This exchange:
    Launchpad: [Entering the kitchen] Hey guys. Got any guacamole?
    [Launchpad is hit with a wild blast from the shrink ray and disappears. Moments later, Louie's phone rings]
    Launchpad: [On the phone] Maybe some hummus?
    Louie: Launchpad! Are you okay?!
    Launchpad: Yep. Wait. I seem to be stuck in a giant world of nightmare horrors. Hey, there's Gyro and a bunch of guys! Ooh, a giant spider!
  • Launchpad's ability to survive so many crashes has led Louie to consider that he might be immortal.
  • After Launchpad is shrunk, Beakley doesn't care much about his disappearance as she can't continue game night without her partner.
  • The last game of the night is a Scrooge-themed version of Monopoly. All the pieces are top hats and he crushes everyone in a single turn. And Donald ends up in jail. Twice!
  • When everyone gets shrunk by Gyro's invention, Louie conveniently has a magnifying glass on hand to check on them. Specifically, it's the kind of spyglass that jewelers use to check the authenticity of precious stones. Of course Louie would have that on-hand.
  • Louie's plan to get everyone out of danger involves telling Launchpad to "crash himself" into their enemies. Launchpad proceeds to stumble around knocking them out with the pole he's tied to as he tries to figure out how.
    • Meanwhile, poor Gyro, who is tied to the same pole, is getting his head smacked about as the enemies are getting hit.

    Episode 2: The Depths of Cousin Fethry! 
  • Huey calling Dewey out to see some tree rings that he found interesting... when he was in the shower.
    Dewey: I said don't interrupt me unless something exciting happens.
    Huey: What's more exciting than dendro-chronology?
    Dewey: Ghouls, goblins, time paradoxes, daring quests that will cement our names in history, you get the idea.
  • Fethry's phone is a can on a line and he has to make the ringing sound himself. Despite the massive distance, it still works.
  • Thanks to unseen prior adventures, Scrooge and Donald aren't exactly jumping to Fethry's aid.
    Scrooge: Don't get too excited. Fethry's a bit - Well, he's um -
    Donald: He's cuckoo bananas.
    Scrooge: Best to ignore it. Every time we get a call from Fethry, we rush down there just to get wrapped up in some fool's errand wrapped up in a dangerous adventure. With the rambling lectures...
    Donald: And the explosions...
    Scrooge: And avoiding that mega-tsunami.
    Donald: And the explosions...
    Scrooge: All to see a barnacle formation in the shape of a tractor or some such nonsense.
  • Huey and Dewey answering to Fethry's call, followed by a Smash Cut to them in a submarine with Launchpad.
    Huey and Dewey: (singing) Best time-waste EV-ER—
    Huey: —wait, did we just steal the sub?
  • Dewey's obsession with getting a new underwater creature named after himself.
    • When told that there's already a "dewfish," he is not impressed by the picture Huey shows him.
      Dewey: Ew, gross! No! Gotta fix that and give the name to something cooler.
    • His reaction to the giant krill that seems to be attacking them is mostly excitement over finally encountering a worthy "Dewey."
      Dewey: What is that monster?! And does it have a name because WOW!
      Dewey: I'm gonna try to blind this, this..."Dreaded Dew-saurus of the Deep"? Ugh, no! I will find a name if it kills me!
      Huey: It probably will!
  • Scrooge calls Launchpad and starts angrily asking about the stolen sub, and is immediately cut off by Dewey ripping the radio off the console.
    Dewey: OOPS look it's broken! Look at that, radio came right off. Hubert, write that down. Good thing Uncle Scrooge asked us to do this totally non-suspicious trip to test the equipment.
    Launchpad: You bet! Can you imagine if that had happened when we were in actual danger?
  • Fethry making his debut suddenly popping upside-down from the ceiling, startling the boys in the process, while holding a glass of seawater with a sponge in it.
    Fethry: WARNING! Never drink seawater! Tempting as it is, it'll just make you thirstier.
    • That sponge bit becomes even funnier when you realize who is Fethry's voice actor.
    • When Huey asks what he was doing in that position:
      Fethry: Oh, I was just decompressing, from all the deep-sea pressure on the...oh what's that thing that does the thinking...BRAIN!
  • Fethry built Arturo, a decoy looking like himself, to scare away the pirates.
    Dewey: (excited) Do you get pirates here a lot?
    Fethry: Never! He's that good.
  • Fethry is telling the kids about the McDuck sub-lab, when his thoughts go off in a...concerning direction:
    Fethry: ...and my little addition: the dream room! Great for naps! Relaxation! (suddenly flat and ominous) Embracing the unending darkness. Becoming one with the abyssssssssss… (vigorously shakes head, becomes chipper again) You're in for a real treat, Little Donalds!
  • The trio coming across a blobfish to which Huey and Dewey react in repulsion, although Huey tries to claim it's "majestic from an evolutionary standpoint".
  • Fethry imitating the swimming motions of a sea turtle and then a shark.
  • Crossing over with both Nightmare Fuel and Squick, Huey having to kiss a killer giant sea worm in order to save Dewey.
    • Even covered in slime and gasping for breath after nearly being suffocated by the worms, Dewey still manages to perform his brotherly duty for such a situation:
      Dewey: (breathing raggedly) Ha, ha! You kissed a...a worm! So...gross! (Huey stops supporting him, Dewey collapses)
  • Huey and Fethry quoting the Junior Woodchuck Guidebook in unison.
  • While swimming through water warmed by hydrothermal vents, Dewey assumes the temperature is from...something else, and accuses Huey.
  • Fethry dramatically building up the amazing scientific discovery that the boys are about to witness...then asking if they're hungry, and maybe they'd like him to make them a sandwich...
  • Fethry tries to get Mitzi to remember him.
    Fethry: It's me! Fethry Duck! Remember, we split a ribeye that one time! It was a bit dry!
  • According to Fethry, mutating into a giant and saving them from the geothermal vents is the fourth-coolest thing Mitzi has done.
  • Fethry decides to become a real scientist at the end. He may be slightly in over his head.
    Fethry: So, do I have to fill out a form for that or do I just buy a lab coat? You know what, I'll figure it out!
  • Launchpad had another offscreen adventure with an ex-girlfriend, this time a mermaid. The result is him wearing armor and having an octopus and a starfish latched onto his back, a moray eel wrapped around his arm, kelp over his shoulders, a conch shell around his neck, and a trident in his hand.
  • The final lines of the episode:
    Huey: Come on, intrepid explorers. Let's go home and convince Uncle Scrooge this was Louie's idea.

    Episode 3: The Ballad of Duke Baloney! 
  • The crew of the fishing boat that pick up Glomgold are named "Fisher" and "Mann". And Mann, being a woman, takes offense to being called a fisherman.
    Mann: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Fisherperson.
    Fisher: I mean, your name is "Mann", Mann.
    Mann: Yeah, well, he don't know I'm a fisher, Fisher.
  • How ecstatic Roxanne is that Glomgold Industries has a new CEO who isn't insanely obsessed with revenge plots.
    Zan Owlson: We cut unnecessary departments, like Hair-Brained Schemes, Mindless Revenge, the company was spending a lot of money on sharks.
  • Glomgold actually being South African is an amazing in-joke for long time David Tennant fans, as he's lamented that for some reason, of all the nationalities he's played in his career, the South African accent is the only one he can't keep up for long, like his own arch-nemesis.
  • Webby and Louie have different ideas of what they plan to get out of their fishing outing:
    Webby: Ah, fishing. The noble struggle of man versus nature...
    Louie: The you gently rowing me around for several hours while I nap...
  • Glomgold as fisherman Duke Baloney is just as accident prone as Glomgold the ruthless billionaire, and just as prone to Zany Schemes.
  • When Duke Baloney introduces himself to the kids, Louie mutters, "More like Mr. Full-of-baloney." As Webby excuses them to discuss the situation:
    Louie: "Full of baloney." It's an old-timey expression, you know, it means
    Webby: I get it! But this is no time for hilarious, hilarious jokes!
  • Webby wonders if they can even be sure that Duke is Glomgold. Cue Duke getting his foot caught in a rope and suspended in the air while trying to dislodge a crab from his fingers.
    Duke: CURSE YOU, ROPE!!
    Webby and Louie: It's him.
  • Mann and Fisher describe how they found the amnesiac Duke, with nothing but "his determination, and a freakishly high tolerance for pain." Duke then proceeds to casually crack all his fingers back into place, while Louie cringes.
  • The Missing poster for Glomgold that Webby shows to Duke specifies him as "2nd richest duck", and includes that he is wanted by the IRS for back payments.
  • Duke declares he'll be paying for the next round of Pep soda, and the bar patrons start chanting his name...and Louie, having just a moment earlier been expressing his utter disbelief at Baloney's amnesia claim, enthusiastically joins in because he wants a free Pep.
  • As Webby and Louie spy on Duke:
    Webby: Glomgold actually has amnesia and is now obviously just a simple fish-monger.
    Louie: That's what you said when he was a "humble deliveryman!" And an "unassuming pastry chef!"
  • Duke Baloney trying to best the McDuck fishing boat, first by tossing dynamite overboard, then by disguising it as a bride and groom (so he could lure in twice the fish. Later shows up as a Brick Joke, when a fish is seen with a dynamite stick in its mouth and wearing the groom's top hat.
    Webby: Huh. I don't know what this proves.
  • As Duke is explaining his plan for getting the most fish to his crewmates, Webby and Louie argue about whether he's faking amnesia, with Louie arguing that trying to help him will lead to them being "trapped inside a volcano full of shark bombs!"
    Webby: Glomgold might do that, but not our Duke!
    Duke: ...and that's how we strap the bombs to the sharks!
    • Said plan's final steps involve pulling a plug at the bottom of the bay and draining it, then picking up all the stranded fish.
  • Webby accidentally knocks Louie into a pile of cages full of live lobsters. When the camera immediately cuts to Webby about to reveal her board, Louie is covered in bandages.
  • Webby is naturally extremely enthusiastic for the research aspect of discovering the truth of the Duke/Glomgold situation.
    Webby: Okay, here's all the information we have. If only there was a visual way to organize it all...
    Louie: (deadpan) You built a board, I'm guessing?
    Webby: I BUILT A BOARD!
  • Webby's board includes a copy of Glomgold's drivers license, which lists his nationality as "THE MOST SCOTTISH".
  • Webby's "lip-reading" of Scrooge and Duke's conversation.
  • Glomgold's Complexity Addiction goes all the way back to his childhood. Little Duke Baloney hatches up a hare-brained plan to buy a coal mine from his shoe-shine money, stomp the coal so hard it turns into diamonds, build a giant drill from said diamonds, which he can use to dig up as much gold as he can. When Scrooge asks why wouldn't he just cash in the diamonds, he's completely puzzled.
  • While building his Scottish persona, Glomgold is shown listening to a tape to practice his accent...but smacks the tape player away when it prompts him to repeat, "Please pass the haggis."
    Glomgold: DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!
  • After a lightning bolt burns off his beard, Glomgold, without missing a beat, pulls his old grey fake beard out of his pocket and puts it on.
    Louie: Was that in his pocket the whole time?!
  • The news report about Glomgold's disappearance shows a picture of him at a charity auction stuffing his mouth with shrimp.

    Episode 4: The Town Where Everyone was Nice! 
  • Donald builds up his past with the band like it's a deep, dark secret on the level of what happened to Della, while the kids all just desperately try to act like they recognize the name.
    Louie: Sorry, who are these friends of yours?
    Huey: And why haven't we ever heard of them? And why did you all stop speaking? And
    Louie: Please. Not everything is a dark family secret.
    Donald: Kids...I've got a dark family secret.
  • The horrified reactions to the thought of Donald playing the accordian.
  • After Donald and Scrooge explain who the Three Caballeros are to the kids, Scrooge comments that Donald is more impressive than those "warbling wastrels" are. Cue José parachuting down to the street while playing his umbrella and Pachito appearing from the shadows and strumming his guitar like a madman. The two strike a pose as fireworks appear behind them with the kids doing a Jaw Drop (and Dewey taking a picture with his phone while keeping the expression), Scrooge looking completely unimpressed, and Donald having the biggest grin on his face.
  • Excited by seeing the Three Caballeros handshake, Huey tries to initiate one between his brothers. Like the good sibling he is, Louie licks Huey's outstretched hand.
  • Panchito tells the triplets that they should surely remember him and José, despite the fact they were eggs when they met. Anyone who has met an old family friend who last saw them as babies can find this all too familiar.
  • José lets it slip that when Huey, Dewey and Louie were still eggs, Donald insisted he could juggle them and dropped one. Hearing this, Huey and Louie look at Dewey. Dewey, seemingly not paying attention, slowly blinks one eye at a time. Huey and Louie look back at each other and just nod in silent agreement.
  • This exchange:
    Donald (Troubled Fetal Position rocking back and forth) I've done nothing with my life! I’m a failure!
    Scrooge Oh... that never bothered you before.
    • Huey tries to cheer him up:
      Huey: Uncle Donald, you're very successful! You raised three boys, and are rich in love! Isn't that the true measure of success?
      Donald and Scrooge: NO!
  • When Scrooge refuses to play along with Donald's facade, Huey gets Scrooge on board by hitting where it hurts: The pocketbook.
    Scrooge: Nonsense! You do what you want, but I will not help you lie to impress that band of braggadacios!
    Huey: If you blow our cover, José will probably get mad and you'll have to pay for this trip yourself.
    (Scrooge's eyes widen in shock)
    Scrooge: (holds Donald up against the wall) Donald, we have to lie to your friends! Do ya hear?!
    • Even funnier when it turns out José has also been lying about his success, so Scrooge would have to pay for the trip himself anyways.
  • Scrooge and Huey's reaction to Donald's lie about him being a billionaire and Scrooge acting like an ailing, elderly person.
    Huey: And [Donald]'s taking over the family business so Scrooge can retire.
    Scrooge: Eh?!
    Donald: Because he's so old! Very, very old!
    Scrooge: (about to punch Donald) BECAUSE I'M SO-!?
    (Huey non-verbally reminds Scrooge about how he'll have to pay for the trip if he blows their cover)
    Scrooge: ...Old. (hunches himself over a cane and makes himself look and sound tired) So very, very old. (drops his cane and runs his hands all over Donald's face) Ohh, Donald, is that you? (smacks Donald) My eyes are as clouded as my mind. (smacks Donald again)
    Jose: Taking care of his uncle's legacy! A man of great wealth and kindness.
    (Scrooge smacks Donald again)
  • Dewey's commentary on his photos (which he's posting on his "Dewey-Dewnight-Official" channel).
  • Throughout the episode, Dewey and Louie insist on talking pictures of the town's traditions and posting them on social media without actually participating in them, much to Webby's exasperation.
    Louie: Man, I can't wait to watch this when we get home.
    Webby: You could watch it now. It's happening right in front of you.
    • At one point, she angrily shovels all the festival pastels into her mouth when Dewey passes on trying one (after taking a bunch of pictures of himself about to eat it) because "it's cold now."
      Webby: Fine! More cultural experience for me!
    • Louie tries to explain their philosophy:
      Louie: Webbigail, a wise old man once gave me this advice: "Pics, or it didn't happen."
      Webby: It didn't happen!
      Dewey: But according to this pic, it did.
      Louie: (whispering sagely) So wise.
    • Even while getting attacked by the plant, Dewey insists doing a selfie.
      Dewey: (texting) Just another day in the exciting life of Dewey Duck! Hashtag Adventure. Hashtag DaringDewey.
      Louie: Hashtag— (gets snatched by the plant) Bwah!
      Dewey: Oh, that's a good one. I'm using it. (also gets snatched by the plant) No! (drops his phone into the plant, which swallows it) NOOOOOOOOOO!!
      Webby: I feel like the first "No" should have been bigger.
  • The bill comes, and Panchito, Jose, and Donald all start whistling awkwardly, then more determinedly as each one refuses to be the first to stop.
  • Scrooge and Donald’s under-the-table slap fight over Scrooge’s wallet.
    • Even better is Huey holding Scrooge's hand in place (by biting said hand) so he can give the wallet to Donald.
    • Then Scrooge fuming as Donald leaves a big tip, followed by Huey leading his seething great-uncle away as part of his Bad "Bad Acting".
      Huey: Come, Uncle Scrooge. Let's get you some rest.
    • The whole bit is even more hilarious when you realize the bill is in Brazilian real and thus only about 70 US dollars.
  • On a sort of Meta level, one fan remarked that the people in the town talked like they were broken NPC's.
  • Huey making an offhand comment that allows Dewey to realize that they’re supposed to be the ironic “feast of the flower.”
  • Scrooge throws out his back just as he goes in to save the kids, and Huey asks him to drop the old man act.
    Scrooge: I can't! All that pretending threw out my back!
    • While the plant has Scrooge in its tendrils, the plant flings around Scrooge so much that it ends up fixing Scrooge's back.
      Scrooge: Ahh, that's better! Now unhand me, you walloping weed!
  • The whole Disney Acid Sequence of the Three Caballeros fighting off the giant plant is this plus nostalgia plus awesome. And Donald's terrible singing voice is what ultimately defeats it.
    • Near the beginning of the song, Panchito gives a look that has been interpreted as "Yeah, I can't say "gay" anymore, but you know I would've" by fans.
  • Pachito says they should do another song, and Scrooge is having none of it.
    Scrooge: Oh no, turbulence! Curse these weathered old bones... (Grabs Pachito's guitar, slams it to the ground and stomps on it) I'm so sorry.
  • During "The Three Caballeros", Panchito lets go off his guitar... which keeps bouncing in midair!

    Episode 5: Storkules in Duckburg! 
  • Louie's investment pitch does not impress Scrooge.
    Louie: Louie Incorporated! It's a dream-business-movement!
    Scrooge: Did you just do an internet search for the word "business"?
    Louie: That's a trade secret.

    Louie: Okay, so there's some things I haven't figured out yet.
    Scrooge: Like what your business sells, does, and is.
  • Louie's artwork of Scrooge giving him money.
  • Just as Scrooge proudly tells Louie how Donald is providing a service by renting out rooms on the houseboat, the old duck sees his nephew dragging his (Scrooge's) chandelier to the boat. Scrooge yells at him, and Donald just smiles guiltily before slowly going back to what he was doing.
  • When Scrooge finally gives in and asks how much Louie needs, Louie eagerly requests $2.5 billion. Scrooge starts laughing so hard he drops the quarter he had just taken out of his wallet, and doesn't stop as Louie grumpily picks it up and leaves.
  • The houseboat starts shaking and Donald thinks its an earthquake. However, when Donald runs to go outside, he smacks right into Storkules' pecs.
    • His reaction to realizing who he ran into? "Oh, phooey."
  • One of Storkules' many boxes is labeled, "Donald Fan art".
  • Louie flat out says that Dewey would be a terrible employee. Dewey rears up on his bed and inhales sharply as if to argue...then thinks for a second, and flops back down with no further comment.
  • Webby's "ideas" for Louie Inc. products are infinite cookies, crotched hand grenade holders, free hugs, and, after Louie dismisses Huey's suggestion of lemonade as "small potatoes," potato-ade.
  • Louie appeals to Huey's Super OCD to get him on board, saying that he's sure Webby can handle all the complicated charts and graphs that will be involved, while Huey's eye increasingly twitches at the thought until he agrees. And meanwhile Webby has a constant Squee! over getting this job.
  • Storkules, not knowing what a stove is, assumes the hissing from turning on the gas means it's full of vipers, so he rips it out of the wall and launches it out of the houseboat. Poor Donald.
    • Even better, not long after we find out that Storkules does have perfect knowledge of what a pressure cooker is. And to Donald's irritation, has called dibs on it so he can make orzo.
  • Storkules assumes that he will pay his rent with "good cheer and eternal friendship!" Donald responds by immediately writing an addition to his house rules: "Friendship is NOT MONEY."
  • Donald's response to a flock of harpies that are hunting Storkules: "No pets!"
  • When the harpies attack Funso's, Huey tries to fight one off with a Whack-a-mole club, and accidentally wins a string of tokens. The next time he's onscreen, he's already acquired and wearing a giant pair of glasses and a Funso propeller-beanie.
  • Louie's advertisement for Harp-B-Gone. Which includes horrible miscasting, with Webby as the husband, Huey as the wife, and Storkules as their baby child. It has to be seen to be believed!
  • Glomgold is such a Narcissist that he is his most prized possession, so the harpies try to steal him, and he somehow ends up suing himself as a result.
  • Among the publications reporting on the harpy attacks is a magazine called "HARPIES BAZAAR" - their cover article being "Harpies DO Exist! Niche Publication Vindicated!"
  • Webby explains that she's been working to train the harpies and has had some slight success...then Huey steps into a hole covered by a rug, and she admits that they had also gnawed through the floor.
  • A frustrated Huey asks Louie to just pay them.
    Louie: (nervous grin) Oooh, yeah, ha-ha-ha! Right! No problem. Yeah, I'll just...reach into my pocket...where the money is...heh-heh, and your money is comiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-
    Huey: You spent all the money on the merchandise, didn't you?
    Louie: Yup. Sure did.
  • Louie breaking out the Puppy-Dog Eyes trying to convince Donald that the harpies are pets that followed them home.
  • Huey hangs a "X Days Without An Incident" sign above his bunk. When the released harpies' screeching shocks him awake, he soberly takes away the 7 card, setting the sign back to 0.
  • After Donald kicks Storkules out of the houseboat for failing to pay his rent and storing the captured harpies in his closet, Storkules loudly declares that his friendship with Donald is the thing he values most. Cue the harpies snatching up the houseboat with Donald still on it. Storkules' reaction is what sells it:
    Storkules: ... That was most unwise of me...
  • When Louie has his realization that he is the "problem" responsible for their current straits:
    Webby: Weeeeeeeell…
    Huey: (at the same time) Yes! Of course! Obviously!
    • Not only that, but Donald, who was being taken away by the Harpies, hears them and yells out that him being taken away is the bigger problem.
    Donald: No! THIS IS THE PROBLEM!
  • Storkules very carefully asking Donald's permission to enter his personal space in order to save his life.
  • In the end, Louie finally realizes that no one had considered what the harpies wanted most (lemons), and doing so can tame them. Webby, who had considered this and had been trying to tell Louie the whole time, loses her cool and punches him, sending him flying.
  • During their interview with Roxanne Featherly for the lemonade company, Louie takes a moment to mention that he's the company CDO (Chief Delivery Officer), to which Scrooge grabs the mic to clarify he's actually an unpaid intern.

    Episode 6: Last Christmas! 
  • Donald decorates the front yard, only for Scrooge to inform him Launchpad can't tell Christmas lights from a landing strip. Cue Donald scrambling and an off screen clash.
  • Webby's very enthusiastic, and very haphazard, method of Christmas tree decoration.
    Huey: ...I have some notes on your ornament distribution...
    • Just after that line, Webby hugs him, resulting in a rather surprised face from Huey.
  • Louie starts his letter to Santa Claus with the words, "Look, I can explain..."
  • When Scrooge angrily asks who put up the giant Santa figure, everyone points at Louie, while Louie points at Huey. As they point at each other, Donald casually walks into the scene, notices the tableaux and, without even asking what's going on, quietly backtracks out of the shot.
  • After destroying the Santa figure ("Not so lively and quick now, are ye?!"), Scrooge grumbles "Bah...humbug," to which Webby reacts with a delighted "He said it!"
  • When Dewey is moping in his room and looking at a picture of Della, Donald bursts in, full of Christmas cheer. Dewey panics and hides the picture under his pillow, and when Donald sees this he gets a stern look on his face, marches up to the bed and grabs the picture... only to get sheepish and apologetic when he sees what the picture is. No prizes for guessing what he thought Dewey was hiding under his pillow!
  • Dewey walks into Scrooge's bedroom to see him and the Christmas spirits having an eggnog-drinking contest. When Scrooge notices, he pretends that the spirits are menacing him and he's about to fight them.
    • During the phony act, Dewey mistakes the Ghost of Christmas Future for the Grim Reaper.
      Dewey: Get back, Grim Reaper! You won't take my incredibly old uncle today!
  • The hulking silent Grim Reaper-esque Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come giving Dewey a casual "'Sup?" gesture when Scrooge introduces him.
  • The reason the Ghosts of Christmas accidentally ended up haunting Scrooge's home? They were looking for a different Scrooge, but found that Scrooge was, as the Ghost of Christmas Present put it, "way more fun".
  • Scrooge listing his responsibilities throughout the year:
    Dewey: The what?
  • Scrooge reveals to Dewey that he's fine with Christmas decorations and candy canes. But when Dewey mentions Santa Claus...
    Scrooge: (grabbing Dewey by the collars, with eyes bloodshot) NO! That churlish chimney-chaser is not to be trusted!
    • Even funnier in that this means him going ballistic on the Santa figure earlier was not part of his front but completely genuine rage.
  • Extra funny given who's playing the part of Scrooge:
    Ghost of Christmas Present: So, where's the party?
    Ghost of Christmas Past: Uh-uh! When's the party!
    Scrooge: (weary sigh) Time travelers.
  • Scrooge and the Ghosts run into Scrooge's past self leaving the party as they go in. They give each other a brief tip of the hat before parting ways.
    Old Scrooge: Young me.
    Younger Scrooge: (catching on) Old me.
  • We get treated to a scene of a younger Mrs. Beakley dancing. The ghost of Christmas Present says, "I gots to party with that lady."
    • Later, he's seen trying to charm Mrs. Beakley, who makes it clear that she's not interested. Then she goes off to the Ghost of Christmas Future, comments that she likes his cloak and drags him on to the dance floor.
  • Scrooge being forced by a not-dead Ducksworth to talk to the board members. When Scrooge meekly asks if they were enjoying the party, they have a brief conference with each other before making a decision.
    The Board: No.
  • Scrooge asking Past why he had to work during his party, and Present is equally unhappy.
    Present: (grumpily) This party's as dead as he is.
    (Cut to Future dancing with Mrs. Beakley and giving the group a thumbs-up.)
  • Scrooge seeing a young Goldie and getting misty-eyed, only to be blocked by annoying people hoping to invest with him. When Scrooge finally gets a clear view of Goldie, she's seen stuffing a candelabra into her bag.
  • Present gets dragged away with the Beagle Boys, but is pretty on board with it, thinking they were going to have a more fun party.
  • Past giving Scrooge a log to sit down outside by the fire, and Scrooge is happily enjoying the peace and quiet for a bit. Emphasis going into a bit.
    Scrooge: ...Curse me kilts, this is boring.
  • Past ranting about how after showing people the True Meaning of Christmas, their changed worldview means that they can't spend time with him the following year, "because they have to (mocking) 'look after Tiny Tim,' or whatever! Blech!"
    • The fact that Past is voiced by Jack McBrayer makes this even funnier. Or disturbing. Or both.
  • Scrooge outsmarting Past, by going back to before their fight started and grinning smugly as he uses the umbrella to travel through time.
  • Dewey going into the past and when he goes back to his room he sees someone playing a guitar. It's a tween Donald in his grunge phase.
    Dewey: Okay, if this is really the past, then I can finally spend Christmas with... (opens the door) Some weird emo kid?
    • Even better? Donald's voice is the original voice actor for Huey, Dewey and Louie.
  • Tween Donald first demanding to know who Dewey is and how much he heard...and also if he liked his music.
  • Dewey coming up with a lie so he doesn't mess with the past.
    Dewey: Uh... my name is... Bluey. Your fifteenth step-cousin on your great-grandmother's niece's side from... Canada. Eey~?
    • Donald's response?
      Donald: Ugggh, this is the most confusing family.
    • The fact that Donald's reaction implies that there actually is a "fifteenth step-cousin on Donald and Della's great-grandmother's niece's side from Canada". Or at least that such a relation randomly showing up is completely believable.
  • Donald refuses to go to find his sister, saying Christmas was kid's stuff, and besides, he was this close to writing the perfect song.
    Dewey: You're really not. Snatch! (takes the guitar)
  • Even as a kid, Donald still has all of the slapstick humor.
  • Dewey and Donald find Della's campsite trashed, with a large red stain on a nearby tree. To Dewey's horrified disgust, Donald walks right over and licks it.
    Donald: It's just jelly.
    Dewey: What would you have done if it wasn't?
  • Just how adorably pretentious tween Donald is in his grunge phase.
    Donald: I'm a little too mature for "adventures" with my sister. I'm more the soulful, devil-may-care loner type.
    • Later when Della asks if Dewey is in Donald's band:
    Donald: (haughty) I am a solo act.
  • Donald asks why Dewey isn't with his own family.
    Dewey: The answer to complicated and full of paradoxes.
  • Della was apparently out trying to capture Santa Claus. And not the usual "catch Santa" motivation most kids have, she wanted to give Santa to Scrooge as a Christmas gift.
  • Donald admits that he used Della's toothbrush to clean his combat boots. Della is not happy.
    Della: YOU DID WHAT?!
  • Dewey hitting an introspective moment when he tells Donald why Della was mad at him.
    Dewey: And... I have a lot of apologizing to do when I get back.
  • Tween Della asks what the Wendigo wants. "SCROOOOOGE!" Cue a beat from all three children.
    Della, Donald and Dewey: Of course.
  • After tying up the Wendigo, Dewey asks, "Now what?" They end up dragging the creature back to McDuck manor.
  • Della very quickly figures out Dewey's a relative from the future, and when Dewey tries to deny it, Donald points out that they're the Duck family.
    Della: This is only like the fourth weirdest thing that's happened to us on Chirstmas.
    • Donald and Della's Oh, Crap! faces when Dewey attempts to warn them about their future. They wisely tell him to keep quiet, with Donald physically closing his future nephew's mouth.
  • Present time Donald telling Dewey, "Welcome back". Dewey is confused for a moment before being tackled by his brothers and Webby.
  • It turns out Beakley has a thing for bad boys, flirting with the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come in both the past and present.
    • Better still? The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come blushing at present Beakley's flirtatious glance.
  • Launchpad attempts to sing of "The Twelve Days of Christmas", but it seems clear he doesn't know the words. But for the last part, everyone joins in on Launchpad's mangled lyrics.
    Launchpad: Twelve days of Christmas,
    Eleven planes a-flying,
    Ten days of Christmas,
    Eight days of Christmas,
    Six comes after seven,
    All: Lots of Christmas days!
    Four Christmas days,
    Three Christmas days,
    Two Christmas days,
    And a cartridge of printer ink!
    Dewey: Ha, nailed it!
    • Given that everyone knows the words to the final lines, it’s highly implied this isn’t the first time Launchpad has sung it this way.

    Episode 7: Whatever Happened to Della Duck?! 
  • Della's first attempt to get back to Earth was to run up a piece of the Spear's wreckage and try to JUMP the whole way back.
    • As Frank Angones pointed out when asked about her thought process behind this, she IS Dewey's mom.
  • Della's only food while trapped on the moon has been oxygen-rich chewing gum that Gyro invented, which even takes care of hunger and hydration. The downside? The only flavor it comes in is black licorice. And it somehow gains MORE flavor the longer you chew it.
    • Not to mention the Oxy-Chew package calls black licorice "The Best Flavor!" Gyro must have a Bizarre Taste in Food.
  • Just seeing Della's chronic bad luck, impatience, and temper this entire episode, you think: "Eeeyup, she's Donald Duck's sister alright."
  • Della's first life lesson for her kids:
    Della: Important life lesson on bug monsters, kids: you're gonna be worried about the pincers, but remember their spit is corrosive, too.
  • While going through the Spear's manual, she comes across a note by Gyro that's it's so simple "even Della can do it," instantly sending her into a tantrum just like her brother that destroys the manual. This is followed by a montage of her getting numerous Amusing Injuries trying to fix the ship on her own, made even funnier by being scored with a straightforward epic version of the classic Moon theme.
  • The second time Della tries to write a message, she barely has enough scrap metal for the first S in S.O.S., so she improvises something that is sure to get Scrooge's attention: a dollar sign.
  • Upon discovering her gold filling, Della declares that Scrooge's insistence she go to the dentist was never about hygiene, it was about making sure she had backup gold if she needed it.
  • The moon people think of the moon as a planet. They don't have a different name for it or anything, they just call it "the planet Moon."
    • Penumbra in particular takes great offense to Della correcting them on this.
  • When Lunaris tells Penumbra to stop firing, saying that she might hit Della, Penumbra just looks at him and deliberately fires again.
  • Just like Louie in the season premiere, Della has picked up certain patterns in how adventures go; when Penumbra keeps antagonizing her, she is unimpressed and would rather just skip to the end:
    Della: Listen, we both know how this goes: first we hate each other, then go on a life-changing adventure, then, boom, best friends! So can we move this along, Penny?
  • When Della asks the Moonlanders for their guns, Penumbra eagerly assumes she's going to attack the moon mites while they're distracted, and remarks that maybe Della's right about them becoming friends. Then Della gives the guns to the mites to eat.
    • Even better, we're hearing the voice of Claire Dunphy acting this way.

    Episode 8: Treasure of the Found Lamp! 
  • Huey offers D'jinn a soda while he waits for them to find the lamp.
    Djinn: I seek only the lamp of the first genie. A sacred relic of untold value that the last of my line has sworn to protect for all time. Today, on the eve of the Ifrit's Dawn, my quest must come to a triumphant conclusion, or the consequences... may be dire.
    Huey: ...How about a Diet Pep?
    • The next time we see D'jinn, he's holding a soda can, suggesting Huey won him over.
  • When Scrooge describes what the lamp looks like, Louie's eyes go wide and he winces nervously. Cut back to Djinn in the living room...
    Scrooge: (off-screen) WHAT DO YOU MEAN, "YARD SALE?!"
  • To distract Djinn, Huey suggests they watch "Ottoman Empire" on TV. Djinn dramatically reveals that his family has fought the actual Ottoman Empire, which he rants about before drawing his sword and slicing a light fitting in half. This just cements Djinn as exactly Webby's kind of guy.
    Webby: I like everything about you!
  • Scrooge tells Webby her part in the plan to distract Djinn:
    Scrooge: Do you think you could come up with some phony quest, or trials, to occupy him— are you crying?
    Webby: (teary-eyed, whispering) This is my moment.
  • Dewey also gets into the spirit of the day's adventure, dramatically narrating their situation.
    (Huey and Louie glare at Dewey)
    Dewey: What? I like Djinn's dramatic flare!
  • Louie justifies his laziness:
    Dewey: You made Duckworth do all the work?
    Louie: It's his job, he lives for it!
    Huey: He's a GHOST!
    Louie: And who am I to deprive him of a chance to feel alive again, Hubert?
  • Louie finds out Duckworth's ghost sold the lamp during a garage sale, but he's on vacation in the afterlife so they can't ask who he sold it to. Louie's simple plan? Hold a seance.
    Huey: This doesn't feel simple.
  • The seance ends up summoning a demon instead of Duckworth, who shows up in a Hawaiian suit and settles down the demon (who is named "Francis"). He then turns to the boys, morphing into his demonic form, and angrily demands to know why they interrupted his long-overdue vacation.
  • Webby leads Djinn and Scrooge to Charybdis's chamber, who bursts out of the water and confronts them with a threatening monologue...then starts stumbling a bit as she tries to follow Webby as she prompts her from behind Djinn's back.
    • Meanwhile, Scrooge has written his lines on his palm.
    • Then when Djinn starts actually attacking and Charybdis wails that this wasn't supposed to be part of the scene, Webby admonishes her not to improvise.
  • When the boys go to talk to Gladstone, he cheerfully offers them some winning lottery tickets he's just got laying around, and some diamonds he happened to find in a bag of ice. Louie impatiently tells him they don't have time for that... while quickly pocketing a diamond.
  • Gladstone sings his own theme song to the tune of Ode to Joy.
    Gladstone: ♪ Gladstone Gander, Gladstone Gander, Gladstone Gander, I am he! ♪
  • Gladstone had traded the lamp for a fancy new home, a green blimp labelled "Gladyear".
  • The fact that the goddess Selene is willing to go along with Scrooge and Webby's plan to stall Djinn and even pull the monster Charybdis in on it because she just finds it entertaining.
    Selene: Why have a deadly temple if you're not gonna use it, right?
  • Appendix B of Webby's phony trials involves Scrooge sitting on Selene's shoulders with a cloak and a bull mask and acting as a minotaur.
    Scrooge: (deep growly voice) Djiiiiin… Be thee worthyyyy…?
    Djinn: Aye.
    Scrooge: (beat) ...Are you suuuuuure?
    • Then when Djinn easily solves the riddle, Scrooge stammers that the Minotaur's Riddle is "really more of a quiz," and starts asking him a math question involving a train leaving Duckburg at 60 mph...
  • When the nephews find Doofus, he spending the afternoon making his parents waltz while he plays the theremin (and plays quite well, actually). He does this for an hour before he even acknowledges the nephews.
  • Doofus Drake was apparently using the lamp to pour syrup on his pancakes, but threw it away after one use. Now he just has his father pour syrup on the pancakes... with his hands. And he doesn't let him wash his hands.
  • Scrooge is so desperate to stall D'jinn he and Selene resort to just rattling off any riddle they can think of to buy them some time.
    Selene: (whispering) That’s the end of the joke book!
    • And when they run out of riddles, they walk up to D'jinn and play the childish "got your nose" prank on him, to which the warrior responds to the most dramatic fashion.
      D'jinn: Monster! Is it not enough to steal the lamp?! For now you claim my nose as well?!
  • First thing Ma Beagle wishes for when she gets her hand on the lamp? Better kids.
  • D'jinn blowing a party horn at his birthday party, after keeping a no-nonsense attitude for the whole episode.

    Episode 9: The Outlaw Scrooge McDuck! 
  • Ottoman Empire has apparently been having some behind-the-scenes drama.
    Johnny: I'm Johnny, the brains of the outfit! And also the handsome one! Because certain co-hosts think that I'm in the way of him becoming a star!
  • Louie deciding to scrap Louie Inc. Not because of lack of originality or a design flaw in his latest product, but a line at the patent office (consisting of only five people).
  • "I will NOT be third-person speech-ified to!"
  • The introduction of Sheriff Marshall Cabrera.
    Sheriff Marshall Cabrera: Howdy, friend! It's me, Sheriff Marshall Cabrera!
    Scrooge: Well, which is it? Sheriff or Marshall?
    Sheriff Marshall Cabrera: My name is Marshall, but I happen to be Gumption's town sheriff. Though my friends actually call me Deputy, which was my nickname before I got the promotion. Hard to shake a nickname!
  • Knowing Scrooge and Goldie's relationship, when he brings her into the story, Louie stops Scrooge to make sure there was no kissing, hugging, or hand-holding.
    Scrooge: Well...
    (Cut to him and Goldie wrestling each other holding hands)
  • Scrooge asks how Goldie why she was here when he clearly staked a claim on the gold first. She rebuts that he can't know if she hadn't already staked her own claim before him.
    Scrooge: (shocked) Is that true?
    Goldie: No. I followed you here to steal your gold. But the fact that you didn't think the opposite is hurtful, Scroogie.
  • Louie complains about the old-fashioned dialogue of the period, so we're briefly treated to David Tennant speaking in Totally Radical until Louie admits it's worse.
  • Scrooge and Goldie confronting Rockerduck when he claims the giant gold nugget for himself.
    Scrooge: What's the meaning of this thievery?!
    Goldie: Don't mind this rube. (angrily grabs Rockerduck by the collar) So, what's the meaning of this pilfering?!
  • Rockerduck engaging in Good Old Fisticuffs to fight Scrooge, bragging that he studied the Marquis of Queensbury's rules. Scrooge easily bests him by slapping him around.
  • Goldie tricks Scrooge and Rockerduck into fighting each other so she can get away with the gold. But then she is stopped by Jeeves, whom she unsuccessfully tries to use the same trick on.
    Goldie: You big galoot! You're not going to stand for this! Um, do you know... who.. you are? Oh, horsefeathers! I ran out of people to pit against each other.
  • Johnny from Ottoman Empire suddenly appearing in the story because Louie had turned the TV back on, interrupting Scrooge's train of thought.
  • There are two pots in the Gumption jail cell: one labeled "SPITTOON" and the other labeled "NOT SPITTOON."
  • Gyro inexplicably appearing in the same jail cell as Scrooge and Goldie, demanding the two to be quiet. He then explains he's "just your common crackpot outlaw, definitely NOT a brilliant scientist from the future accidentally stuck in the Old West, I mean Current West."
  • The way Marshall Cabrera sounds as he slowly realizes that Rockerduck has swindled the town, his tone slowly going from jovial, to unsure, to resigned.
    Sheriff Marshall Cabrera: He's never coming back, is he?
  • After teaming up with everyone, Scrooge starts to come up with a plan on how to escape the cell, specifically with a spoon.
    Sheriff: (unlocking the cell) Or I could just let you out.
  • When Gyro invents rocket horses (Steam Punk motorbikes, basically) to catch Rockerduck's train, he's pleased his company is thrilled, because his backup plan was to attach rockets to live horses. He thought this plan "problematic."
    • The background shows a terrified horse that's strapped to rockets and it goes zooming around when the rockets go off.
  • The sheriff going on a Techno Babble about how much faster a normal horse would be, causing this response from Gyro.
    Gyro: ...You are very familiarly frustrating to me.
  • Scrooge tells Goldie to get ready to do what she does best, and Goldie actually blushes at this while looking at Scrooge. Unfortunately, that doesn't last long.
    Scrooge: I'll snag the key from him while you... well, do what you do best. (beat) Be an annoying diversion.
    Goldie: (frowns)
  • Goldie's entire song which she's just making up on the spot and in one of her verses she's telling Scrooge to hurry up.
  • Louie stopping Scrooge to point out the logic of how he could possibly know what the sheriff and inventor were saying when he's still clearly on the train.
    Scrooge: (smug) Look who's suddenly invested.
    Louie: (beat, eyes widen) No! It's just a... just please keep going.
  • When the gold nugget is destroyed, we see Scrooge's shocked reaction, focusing in on his angry face as he breathes in deeply... and Smash Cut to Louie in the present letting loose an anguished "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"
  • Goldie acts like she's going to kiss Scrooge and when he closes her eyes, she slaps him across the face with a pan.
  • Scrooge's reaction to Gyro appearing in the Time Tub and asking What Year Is It?. From the way his facial expression changes and how he goes "Oh...", you can tell that Scrooge is putting the pieces together and is only now realizing that the random inventor from all those years ago and his trusted head of R&D are one and the same.
  • Scrooge tells Louie the moral of his story, whether or not he wants to be a swindler, a shifty person like Goldie, or a hardworker like his uncle. Guess which route he takes?
    Louie: Hello, Miss O'Gilt? Can I call you Goldie? Absolutely not? Great, great. [...] Could you teach me to do what you do? (beat) Uh, yeah, it probably would make my uncle very mad.
    • Just the implication that Goldie is going along with teaching him simply to be a Troll to Scrooge.

    Episode 10: The 87 Cent Solution! 
  • Scrooge going completely insane because someone has stolen from his bin the princely sum of eighty-seven cents.
    • Him believing that an interdimensional imp is behind all of it. An imp that he randomly named Chester.
      Scrooge: He prances in and out of reality, attacking me bit by bit. First the sneaky scoundrel licked everything in my office, and stole my spats! Then he nabbed my 87 cents. You think you have everyone fooled, but, oh no, not me, I'm onto ye! (laughs maniacally)
  • Surveillance footage shows Gyro testing the various Booby Traps at the money bin on Donald.
    • In the same scene Gyro implies that he'll use the people captured by the booby traps for genetic experiments while preparing for a robot apocalypse.
  • Louie bursting in just as Webby was in the middle of remarking on his absence, in almost as distraught a state as Scrooge.
    Louie: Give it to me straight, Uncle Scrooge! How much did I- guh, we- guh, you lose?!
    • When Scrooge answers exactly how much money was lost, Louie does not at all look shocked. Even he doesn't consider a loss of eighty-seven cents to be that much a big deal.
  • Huey is skeptical of Scrooge's ability to know that such a miniscule amount is missing from his bin, saying that he'd need to actually count all the coins in the bin to prove the theft, "and that would be crazy."
    (cut to the boys and Webby down in the bin)
    Dewey: (counting coins with an abacus) Stupid Huey and his stupid nerd brain.
  • As his sanity slips further away, Scrooge broadcasts the "kidnapping" of the 87 cents, as if the coins were missing children. Oh, and the declaration of a bounty of two million dollars to whoever can catch the thief. In fact, it's this that convinces Louie that Huey's right about Scrooge's condition.
  • Webby tries to play off Scrooge's paranoia by pointing out that he'll go to extreme lengths to avoid having to pay a small amount of money, even if he has to waste a HUGE amount of money to do it. Her example? He bought a country so he wouldn't have to pay more for foreign postage!
  • Roxanne Featherly's disbelief that Glomgold Industries is now attracting Scrooge's former investors as a safer and more stable option.
    Glomgold: HAH! Hear THAT, McDuck?! I'M MORE STABLE THAN YOU ARE!!!
    Owlson: Debatable.
  • When everyone gathers for Scrooge's intervention, Launchpad goes first and begins to read off a card. Except it turns out he was under the impression it was Scrooge's birthday.
    Launchpad: "Dear Mr. McD, They say it's not the years in your life, but the life in your years. Happy birthday!"
  • Manny unexpectedly deciding that Huey is right about Scrooge having gold fever (tapping in morse code: "I pick the red kid's side.") and also putting on a surgical mask over his statue face.
  • Glomgold arrives at Scrooge's "funeral" in the Glomgold-iest way possible: Wearing a white, sequinned suit and green "G" symbol sunglasses, laughing manically, throwing money around, all while awkwardly dancing to DJ Khaled's "All I Do is Win", complete with twerking in front of Scrooge's casket. Heck, the only two things stopping him from twerking on the casket are his inability to climb on top of it and a heavily embarrassed Owlson, who acts like she's trying to reign in a hyperactive child more than anything.
    • Some of the attendee's reactions are pretty funny as well:
      • Roxanne and the person beside her both look rather surprised but, as the routine goes on, they both look royally annoyed.
      • While Glomgold throws money all over the church, the three triplets look at him as if he's a baby that just started screaming its head off in the cinema.
      • Webby's face is a picture of complete disgust.
      • Launchpad and Beakley both glare at him, only after he gloats in Scrooge's face.
      • Little Bulb does his signature Angry Fist-Shake at Glomgold. Louie looks at him, and then imitates exactly the same move.
  • To get Glomgold to behave himself at the funeral, Owlson offers him a giant lollipop. Like the Manchild he is, Glomgold eagerly accepts it.
  • The entire flashback depicting Glomgold's confession:
    • When he first stops time, he doesn't realize what he did, even after getting into a staring contest with a frozen baby for a year.
    • He attempts to swan dive into the money bin as Scrooge does, only to trip and land face down in the gold.
    • Despite it serving no purpose in the scheme, he wears a red devil costume while pulling all the pranks that drove Scrooge to lunacy.
  • Among the things Glomgold does to Scrooge while he stops time is licking his furniture and Number One Dime. In the end, Scrooge gets even by licking Glomgold's spectacles and giving them back to him.
  • As Beakley takes a ladder to go up and get Scrooge and the watch, she asks the children this:
    Beakley: What do you do the next time your Uncle goes mad with suspicion?
    Huey, Dewey, and Webby: Call Mrs. Beakley.
    Louie: Fake Scrooge's death.

    Episode 11: The Golden Spear! 
  • Donald is settling down to enjoy some relaxing time in his new naturally after a few moments of peace Huey and Webby burst onscreen causing him to get tied up, untied but with the hammock upside-down, and face-plant on the ground in quick succession.
    • When Donald explains that the hammock is doctor-prescribed for his stress-related molting, Webby assures him that he's not molting at all...until Donald wordlessly runs a hand over his head and comes away with a whole fistful of feathers which he drops in front of Webby.
    • What the two needed him for in the first place was to borrow his video player so they could watch the "Necronomi-cassette."
      Webby: The VHS that raises the dead! The most horrifying—!
      Huey: (jumps in front of her with a forced grin and visibly sweating) —B-horror movie from the nineties! We'll take care of it, no need to worry read your book relax everything's fine!
      Webby: (big grin) If we don't become zombies!
      Huey: (elbowing Webby pointedly) From too much time in front of the old boom tube! Hah! Okay, bye! (pulls Webby away)
      Donald: (visibly forcing himself to not get involved) ...Everything's fine.
    • Naturally, a few seconds later, the sky turns blood-red and zombie hands begin bursting from the ground.
  • The Moonlanders insist on calling their home world the "planet Moon", which Della corrects, calling it the "moon Moon". Doubly hilarious because of the Moon Moon meme.
    Della: Aw, we can both be great, right? The Earth, the Moon which orbits around the Earth...
  • Della asks Penumbra what she's going to do now that the moon mites are no longer a threat.
    Penumbra: Seethe.
    Della: Sounds fun!
  • Having survived the zombies, Donald retreats to the house-boat to set up his hammock. Finally convinced he's alone, he settles down and closes his eyes...
    • Storkules explains the situation:
      Storkules: Intrepid Dewey bravely seized the sandals of Hermes from my chest, and is now messenger of the gods!
      (lightning strikes a nearby tree and sets it on fire)
      Storkules: Father is most displeased.
      Dewey: Um, he's just jealous because I'm the youngest dew-ity on the block.
      (further lightning strikes shake the boat)
      Storkules: (casual) Father has declared war on Dewey Duck.
  • Zeus shows up with all his might... and exchanges childish insults with Dewey.
    Dewey: I shall face my fellow god in a manner befitting Olympus. (flies up to Zeus) Hey Beardo! You stink!
    Zeus: No! You do!
  • Donald tries to relax inside Scrooge's closet, only for Scrooge himself to come in seemingly demanding to know what's he doing in there. As Donald tries to explain himself, it is suddenly revealed that Louie was also in the closet, apparently rooting for money inside Scrooge's clothes. It turns out that Scrooge was not referring to either of them but to the goat randomly standing behind them both.
    • Said goat begins talking, informs them that it is an extradimensional being merely taking the form of a goat, and invites them through a magic portal into its realm for treasure and the chance to become kings. Louie and Scrooge eagerly jump in, with Donald reluctantly dragged in their wake.
      Donald: Aw, COME ON!
    • There's something really bizarrely comical about a small, non-anthropomorphic goat speaking in a demonic voice.
    • An undisclosed time later the three pop back out after what seems to be an elaborate offscreen adventure, Louie wearing a crown and Donald on the verge of a nervous breakdown.
      Scrooge: So you see, Louie, true royalty comes from within.
      Louie: Yeah, right, sure, so the real king won't be needing this crown, right?
      (a goat hoof reaches from the portal and snatches the crown off Louie's head, then vanishes along with the portal)
  • Penumbra rants to Lunaris about Della:
    Penumbra: She's a liar! She's definitely up to something, and she's NEVER WASHED A DISH!

    Episode 12: Nothing Can Stop Della Duck! 
  • Naturally, Della attempts to leap the gate to get to McDuck Manor. It works out as well as you'd expect.
    Della: Dumb Earth gravity...
  • As Scrooge is preparing to take the kids on another adventure, the children are all shown carrying something that they'll eventually need on said adventure: Huey a compass, Dewey a flashlight, and Webby her Grappling Gun. What is Louie taking? A bag of chips.
  • Della is finally at Scrooge's mansion, trying to figure out how to greet everyone after a decade of being missing. When Scrooge opens the door, she's still practicing... and ends up on an incredibly awkward line.
    Della: (as Scrooge opens the door) 'Sup, party people?! I'm back in the hizz-ou—(eyes wide)—oh, no. (Face Palm, mutters to herself) Knew it was wrong as soon as I said it. (voice normal) Sorry, that was terrible. Can I get a do-over?
  • Upon seeing Della's prosthetic leg, Dewey thinks she's a cyborg. When Scrooge confirms her identity, Dewey excitedly exclaims that he knew he was part robot.
  • Della reveals she was planning on naming Huey, Dewey, and Louie as Jet, Turbo and Rebel, respectively. Dewey's reaction is:
    Dewey: I coulda been TURBO?!
  • The entire reunion between Della and the boys is hugely emotional and Heartwarming...and concludes by panning over to Webby, who seems to be channeling the collective fandom reaction in that moment:
    Webby: (BAWLING her eyes out and clutching her chest) MY HEART! IT'S TOO FULL!
  • As Della's apologizing for missing the boys' milestones, like first steps and potty training: "Wait, you are potty trained, right?" Huey and Louie nod. Dewey makes a "so-so" gesture.
  • Della turns out to be such a Lethal Chef that she sets the oven on fire, much to the alarm of Beakley who takes out a fire extinguisher. Even better, Della uses the fire to light the candles on her dessert, which is just a big brown lump.
  • Della's "make-up-for-every-missed-holiday" cakes.
    Della: I didn't know what dessert was your favorite, so I made all of them!
    Dewey: My favorite dessert IS all of them! Good instincts, Mom!
    • Note that one of them is a plain old flan.
  • Huey on a sugar high. Turns out Donald wasn't exaggerating back in the pilot when he said the boys couldn't have sugar after seven o'clock.
  • Just in case past episodes hadn't given enough examples of how little distance the Dewey-apple got from the Della-tree:
    Della: Now, it is my honor to present you with a true Della-cacy...
    Dewey: (ecstatic) How does she DEW-EY IT?!
    Louie: Euh boy, now there's two of 'em.
  • Della tries to tell the kids a bedtime story, but realizes they're too old for fairy tales, so she tells them one of her adventures. Unfortunately, the story is so scary, they don't sleep and stay up all night holding toy weapons.
  • Huey struggles to understand Della's complex instructions of how to safely sled down the banister with his ears still ringing from an airhorn unable to hear anything she says. Dewey gives him a thumbs-up while Louie waves goodbye.
    Della: -And if you do that last part exactly right, you won't die!
  • Della finds a framed picture of Launchpad in Donald's houseboat, and is none too pleased that he took her place as pilot. And then she meets Launchpad in person.
    Launchpad: Hey! Thought I come over to introduce myself. I'm Launchpad. I'm a pilot.
    Della: (ticked off) Uh-uh! No way, buddy! I know I was gone for a while, but I will not be replaced! Where's Scrooge?! Nothing can stop Della Duck! (storms out of the houseboat)
    Launchpad: (beat) Nice to meet you!
  • Despite being a grown woman with just as much will as her Uncle Scrooge, Della gets the most panicked face when Scrooge calls her out for being in the garage without telling him.
  • Scrooge's reaction to the Gilded Man reactivating in his garage:
    Scrooge: I really need to start locking this door.
  • The Gilded Man attempts to attack the ducks with the Sword in the Stone:
    • He can't pull it out because only the true king of England can do that. He gets around the problem by pulling the stone together with the sword out of the ground.
    • Hilariously this implies that Scrooge somehow obtained the artifact by exploiting the same loophole (i.e: uprooting the entire rock with the sword in it) since why else would the thing be in Duckberg (which is in the US). That or he's actually the True King of England as well (which isn't that far fetched since he's a Scottish immigrant).

    Episode 13: Raiders of the Doomsday Vault! 
  • When Scrooge complains about Della's piloting:
    Della: Please, Uncle Scrooge. I've been flying since before Donald could walk.
  • When Glomgold first appears, he looks even MORE deranged than usual, lighting himself with flashlight and providing sound effects (including just speaking the word "lightning"). Owlson explains why:
    Owlson: I cut his dramatic entrance budget.
    • Even better it means that Glomgold was paying for all those thunderstorms that seemingly follow him everywhere he goes.
  • In his proposal for the Von Drakes, Scrooge lists off the survival supplies stored in the vault, which include such post-apocalypse necessities as food, water, shelter, poison darts, and vampire antitoxin.
  • Glomgold sleeps through most of Scrooge's presentation, but jerks awake when he mentions the money tree, and demands to know why Owlson didn't tell him about this. She explains that it was in her notes for him that he clearly didn't read, her tone and expression giving the strong impression that she has already resigned herself to not getting the contract.
  • When it's turn for Glomgold's presentation, he at first makes it look like he's going to play it nice... and then reveals yet another one of his elaborate evil schemes which is to break into the vault, take away the money tree, split the profits 90/10 (in his favor), and finally blow up the vault. After Owlson covers for him, he flat-out admits to Von Drake's children that he's just going to steal the money tree regardless if they don't hire them, which gets him kicked out.
  • Note that the parking reserved for the Von Drakes has a sign claiming that all others will be vaporized.
  • Owlson losing her temper with Glomgold:
    Glomgold: "Cockamamie ploy?" That was clearly a "maniacal scheme!" How long have you worked for me?
    Owlson: I don't work for you! I'm the only one who keeps you from ruining this company with your BRAINLESS PLOTS!
    Glomgold: …"Schemes."
  • After rubbing his yet another victory in on Glomgold, Scrooge finds the plane missing and slowly realizes who took it.
    Scrooge: Where's the plane? And Dewey? And Dell— oh, no.
    • Cut to Dewey and Della flying away while singing along to—of all things—"Stand Out" from A Goofy Movie.
  • The subplot of Scrooge and Glomgold in Chained Heat.
    • With both their planes taken, Glomgold announces him and Scrooge must walk across the frozen landscape to the titular vault.
      Scrooge: With no gear, no supplies? You want to march blindly without thinking? [Glomgold yanks Scrooge forward] Forgot who I was talking to.
    • If Glomgold trying to warm himself by a keypad fire isn't funny enough, he thinks he can "dry off quicker" by pouring gasoline on said fire. Cue Distant Reaction Shot of a fiery boom.
    • Also, Glomgold's reasoning for how all that was Scrooge's fault:
      Scrooge: You shackled us together! You poured gasoline on the fire with no sense of consequence! What was I supposed to do?
      Glomgold: Make me...not do that?
    • Then once Scrooge unfreezes the sprinklers to put out the fire, Glomgold complains that he's cold again.
  • Ludwig Von Drake's recorded messages.
    Von Drake: Welcome, survivors! If you are here, the world has ended. So sad! But, congratulations on not being eaten by zombies or hyper-intelligent hairless apes or something like that. Now don't worry! Because I, Professor Ludwig Von Drake, have prepared for every possible threat.
    Della: Except climate change, apparently. (she and Dewey high-five)
  • Dewey finally getting to indulge in being a complete and unapologetic Momma's Boy. It's both Heartwarming and hilarious.
    Dewey: (singing to himself) ♪ Gonna crawl through this vent, gonna make Momma proud, gonna earn the love I want so dew-sperately! ♪
    Della: What was that, honey?
    Dewey: No-nothing! Nothing.
    • (singing, but more quietly) ♪ "Perfect re-cov-ery, no one heard tha-a-at." ♪
  • Della has a moment of realization:
    Della: ...Wait, is this crazy?
    Dewey: "Crazy" is my middle name!
    Della: Are you sure?
    Dewey: No, it''s actually "Dingus."
    Della: Ew. Really?
  • Scrooge rants to himself about Della being irresponsible and not thinking things through...while still chained to Glomgold.
  • At the end of the episode, Glomgold has taken several dollars from the money tree and gloats that he is going win his bet with Scrooge... only for a gust of wind to blow away the dollars in his hand and all the others in his pack which he left open ("NOOOOO!! CURSE YOU, GENTLE BREEZE!!"). To add insult to injury, the ice underneath his feet gives away, dropping him into frigid waters. To add further insult to injury, his camera drone falls into the water, and he gets electrocuted as it shortens out.

     Episode 14: Friendship Hates Magic! 
  • Webby has gone to the library for research to try and help Lena so many times that Lena has pretty much memorized every word she says and move she makes.
  • Quackfaster is revealed to work at the library part time. Why?
    Quakfaster: Working a second job to pay for a retirement condo in BIRDBAAAAAAADOOOOOOSSSS!
  • Webby's first meeting with Violet has one of the best Subverted Catchphrase moments ever.
    Webby: Hi! I'm W—
    Violet: (cuts Webby off by thrusting her hand in front of her face, flips to the next page in her book, and then closes the book and puts it down) Yes?
  • When Webby points out that the book Violet is reading is written in Ancient Syriac, Violet responds in said language. She and Webby continue talking in both Akkadian and Old Norse.
    Quackfaster: (pushing a cart by) Nerds.
  • Webby starts panicking about how all her past sleepovers ending in magical disasters, while Lena, unseen and unheard, happily cheers on this line of thought.
    Webby: There's only one thing to do...!
    Lena: Cancel the sleepover...
    Webby: (at the same time) Make this the most NORMAL sleepover EVER!
    Lena: (frustrated) Nooooooooooooo…
    • Webby then babbles wildly to herself as she struggles to think of what constitutes normal sleepover activities, at one point wondering if pie should be involved. Later, when Violet shows up, she offers Webby a pie she has brought.
  • Beakley advises Webby to just be herself for Violet:
    Beakley: I've never been anyone but myself. (suddenly nostalgic) Barring that summer undercover in Paraguay...
  • Beakley's attempts to help Webby quickly take a turn for the awkward:
    Webby: Granny, I'm not like you. I need friends!
    Beakley: What?! I...have...friends.
    Webby: (awkward laughter) Yeah, I'm sure you do. Gotta go! (runs off)
    Beakley: Name one person I don't get along with!
    Launchpad: Oh hey, Mrs. B! I just finished fixing that gate I broke on the way in! Just a heads-up, I'm probably gonna break it on the way out, too.
  • The subplot where Mrs. Beakley tries to bond with Launchpad is one big CMOF.

     Episode 15: The Dangerous Chemistry of Gandra Dee! 
  • Gizmoduck giving a very unenthusiastic "rain on your parade" line in his faceoff with Dr. Atmoz Fear, then, when the villain complains that he's not even trying, apologetically explaining that he hasn't had the energy to work on his puns between fighting two other weather-based villains and all the other problems he's had to deal with the past month.
    • He's so wiped out that he uses the same line again after he defeats Atmoz Fear, who seems more annoyed at the repetition than his defeat.
  • As it turns out, Fenton is not great at hiding his secret identity. According to his notebook, the people who know he's Gizmoduck include a good portion of the McDuck household (Dewey, Launchpad, Scrooge, Huey, and now Webby), Gyro, Mark Beaks, the mailman, a dry cleaner, a barista at Starducks, and everyone who lives on his block.
  • Fenton's attempts at flirting with Gandra.
  • Huey explaining the concept of a Meet Cute to Webby (which is, naturally, in the Junior Woodchuck Guidebook), calling it "the standard romantic courting of adults."
  • When back in Fenton's bedroom helping him get ready, Huey breaks a model DNA strand by touching it and then sheepishly kicks the beads under Fenton's bed.
  • As Launchpad drives Fenton to pick up Gandra, his encouraging speech to Fenton ends up turning into a listing of his own past relationships.
    Launchpad: I'd say it's good to see you find that special someone. And that "someone" can be many things: a friend; a confidant; a deadly ninja; a forbidden mermaid; a were-duck; a clone of yourself; a Viking shield-maiden; a talking cloud of energy that one time...
  • Up to this point, Fenton has been insistent on not labeling this outing a "date." As he drives Fenton and Gandra to the laboratory, Launchpad turns the limo radio to a cheesy slow dance tune.
    Radio: ♪ It's a date!
  • Huey and Webby made over one floor of the lab into an Italian bistro (complete with gratuitous Italian).
  • When Fenton asks where Gyro has gone, Webby explains that he's been taken care of: cue the Gilligan Cut of Gyro trapped in a closet and swearing vengeance on the kids as he pounds on the locked doors.
    • It's also funny because we don't know how Huey and Webby succeeded in trapping Gyro and he's stuck in there during most of the episode.
  • Fenton is not pleased with Huey and Webby's efforts.
    Fenton: This is a disaster. She's not into romantic accoutrement, she's into science!
    Huey: According to the JWG, mood is essential. Without it, how will you two develop chemistry?
    Fenton: With actual chemistry!
  • Mark Beaks suffering through the worst possible torture for him: having to be patient.
    Beaks: Beaks a-dun-na do "patient."
  • Later as Fenton and Gandra are having dinner, they are serenaded by Manny playing the accordion, Lil Bulb on the triangle, and Huey singing an Italian aria. The fact that Huey's singing sounds more like a trained singer and not that of a kid makes it both funny and awesome.
  • Mark Beaks breaks into the lab via the air ducts and promptly whines that he has no cell phone signal.
  • Webby telling Huey what she just discovered about Gandra:
    Huey: (checking the JWG) There's nothing in the "Romance" chapter about spies! Oh, this is gonna shatter Fenton's self-esteem!
    Webby: Also, he could be captured by SPIES!
  • Mega Beaks eating the pies thrown by Gizmoduck, tin and all. He even lampshades this.
    Beaks: Wait, did I just eat the pie tins?
  • Beaks' gloating over kidnapping Huey and Webby is ruined by his having no idea what their relation to Fenton is.
    Beaks: I've got your kids! ...Maybe...I'm not sure how this family works.
  • Beaks finds one major setback in his mega form: phones are now too small for him, and a tap from his giant finger is enough to break one.
    Beaks: I can't use a phone. I can't use a phone! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!
  • To conclude the episode, Gyro escapes his imprisonment and has a nice moment watching Fenton working on an experiment...then notices the demolished lab.

     Episode 16: The Duck Knight Returns! 
  • Launchpad has been to a ton of Jim Starling signings and events but has never met him. Why? Because he always faints when he sees him.
    • And Jim recognizes him as "the fainter".
    • When Launchpad decides to drive Jim to the studio he keeps fainting every time he sees Jim in the rearview mirror, causing the limo to jerk to a halt each time.
  • After the cliffhanger ending of the final Darkwing Duck episode is shown at the signing:
    Launchpad: WHAT?! I never saw THAT coming!
    Dewey: Wait, haven't you seen this episode?
    Launchpad: Seventy-five times. But, never in a parking lot.
  • If it seems odd that a sofa store would host a signing for a washed-up action-hero actor, the sign for the event in fact advertises Johnny from Ottoman Empire, which has been lazily crossed out and replaced with Starling and Darkwing.
  • Dewey posting the awkward photo of Starling with the unconscious Launchpad.
    Launchpad looks sick but trust me, he is stoked. #Celebrity? #IWasntAliveInThe90s
  • Scrooge hasn't seen a movie since the 1930s and as such has several demands: the film should be in color (he heard it was all the rage these days) and the villain needs a big curly mustache to twirl.
    Dewey: (describing his vision for the climax) An epic showdown between Darkwing Duck and the villainous villain Megavolt!
    Scrooge: Question.
    Dewey: Who has a mustache.
    Scrooge: Question rescinded.
    • Later, when Dewey asks Scrooge to stop the bad guy, Scrooge complains he can't tell who the bad guy is because neither has a mustache.
  • Scrooge only built the studio in the first place to produce cheap office-safety videos. Several of these have posters on the wall, including: DON'T Eat the Toner!!, and Emergency Evacuations: Save the MONEY First!!!
    • The lead character in those office-safety videos, as seen on the posters, is dressed like Donald Duck. One can imagine that someone as accident-prone, ill-tempered and unlucky as Donald actually suffered all those workplace accidents that inspired the videos. Even better, Word of God confirms that it is Donald playing the lead role in the videos - Scrooge was so cheap that he never hired a professional actor, instead making his nephew play the lead role.
  • The director of the gritty Darkwing Duck reboot is Alistair Boorswan, who's more interested in deep psychological investigations than action scenes. Sound familiar?
    • Also, Alistair is voiced by Edgar Wright, a filmmaking auteur on Christopher Nolan's level but with a more mad-cap sense of humor. Film fans the world over are going "Yup, that checks out."
    • Also a hilarious subversion of Animal Stereotypes; a swan is the last bird anyone would expect to come up with anything dark and grave. There's some Fridge Brilliance though, since swans are vicious animals in real life. Adding on to this is another piece of Fridge Brilliance and Shown Their Work: Edgar Wright directed Hot Fuzz where one of the gags of the movie is about the main characters attempting to capture someone's pet swan. Said swan ends up attacking the Big Bad of that movie and saving the day.
    • As an additional bit of Shown Their Work, during the final fight scene between the two Darkwings, the format keeps switching from full-screen to widescreen, just like Nolan's action scenes.
  • After seeing that the movie studio they're going to belongs to Scrooge, Dewey storms into the room and furiously demands to know why Scrooge didn't tell him.
    Scrooge: To avoid this exact conversation?
    Dewey: (Suddenly calm) Okay yeah, no, I could see that.
    • Also, Dewey holds a golden safety award shaped like a traffic cone at Scrooge like a weapon during most of this exchange.
  • "Ah, cool! A big-budget reboot of a thing I loved as a kid! Those are always great!"
  • Scrooge putting Dewey in charge of the film because, as he puts it, the film's only going to make money if it attracts a younger demographic, so "it has to appeal to the most childish child I know."
    Dewey: (to Boorswan) Let's talk musical numbers. How many is not enough?
    • Dewey's creative decisions for the film's climax are pretty much what you would expect, to Boorswan's dismay.
      Boorswan: What did you do to my psychological masterpiece?!
      Dewey: I added chainsaw jugglers. You're welcome.
  • The actor who was hired to play Darkwing Duck in the film is a huge fan of the original show, and asks Jim Starling if he's got any advice for playing the role. Starling's advice?
    Jim Starling: (Dive-tackles his replacement, screaming Angrish) AAAAAAAHHHH!!!
    • Later, the replacement sums up his hesitation with approaching Starling again pretty wisely.
      Actor: I'm not sure. He kind of wants to make me... not alive anymore.
  • The Gilligan Cut when Starling tries to sneak back into the studio in disguise.
    Starling: Luckily, I can slip seamlessly into any role!
    (appears in a puff of smoke)
    Starling: (dressed as a courier, over his Darkwing costume) I AM THE COURIER, WHO-
    (gets blasted with a fire extinguisher... because of the smoke)
  • No matter the reality (or who's playing the role) Darkwing hates being upstaged by Gizmoduck.
    Guard: What production are you delivering to?
    Jim Starling: Darkwing Duck!
    Guard: Huh? Never heard of it.
    Jim Starling: Wh-what?! Remake of the popular TV show! A superhero for the ages!
    Guard: Ohh! Like Gizmoduck?
    Jim Starling: NO, NOT LIKE GIZMODUCK!! (hums his own theme song) Darkwing Duck! "Let's get dangerous!" None of this rings a bell?! Seriously?!
    • Even funnier in that the guard is voiced by Tad Stones, the creator of Darkwing Duck.
  • Launchpad's attempts at being sneaky during his bid to infiltrate the replacement actor's trailer. All of them.
    • Driving a thinly-disguised limo up to the studio's front gate and climbing over the wall. He feels the urge to cover the eyes of Scrooge's face on the logo, as if it could somehow see him.
    • He poses in front of a poster when security guards come running to respond to Jim Starling's outburst at the front gate. This works.
      • Actually the reason why Launchpad infiltration works was because he's wasn't kicked out in the first place.
    • The unnecessary and over-the-top rolling and ducking he does in front of the actor's trailer, followed by his blatantly visible efforts at climbing onto the roof.
    • Once on the roof, he peers in through a skylight...and ends up falling through it, landing on his head.
    • He does have some doubts about the plan:
      Launchpad: Perfect. Now I wait for that phony actor, lock him in his trailer, and us - the good guys - win! Totally heroic.
    • And then he locks himself in the trailer, and ends up needing the actor to help him.
      Actor: (Dynamic Entry) FEAR NOT, HELPLESS - Oh, hey, it's you! I, I heard your cries and I freed you...from my...trailer? Wh-what're you doing in here?
  • While Launchpad is fighting to keep the actor playing Darkwing in his trailer, the two stop fighting twice in order to not damage said actor's large collection of Darkwing Duck collectibles. Eventually, they just stop fighting and play with the action figures.
    • One of those collectibles is a Darkwing Duck Battle Hat Action Figure, which was discontinued due to being a blinding hazard. Surely enough, Launchpad hits himself in the eye with it.
  • The fact that the new Darkwing Duck is just as accident-prone as the original.
    • The way he shows up to stop Jim is hilarious if you think about it. The last time we saw him, Jim had locked him in a closet. So when he shows up in costume, that means he freed himself, went back to his trailer, put on his costume, came back to the set, climbed into the rafters, with the intention of fighting a dangerous crazy person instead of calling the police. And if that isn't the most in-character thing Darkwing Duck has ever done, you haven't been paying attention.
    • Also, Jim locked him up with two unconscious security guards. One can't help but wonder if the actor accidently forgot about them as went to confront Jim.
  • In the middle of a tense scene, there's Starling's incredulous reaction to his replacement showing up to thwart him - after we last saw him battered and stuffed in a closet.
    Starling: What?! But I knocked you out cold! Like... a lot!
    Actor: I don't want to brag, but I'm incredibly strong and resilient.
    • Jim responds by firing at the box of explosives the actor is standing on, seemingly blowing him up. To his astonishment, after the smoke clears, it turns out this only left the actor covered in ash. Even better in that this is a nod to Darkwing Duck's "Singed, but triumphant!" catchphrase.
    • Infuriated, Jim then blasts a rope on the ceiling tied to a piano which falls onto the actor. The actor just gets back up dazed and with a beakful of piano keys, which fall out one by one (playing musical notes from the Darkwing Duck theme song).
  • As Launchpad is giving his big speech to Starling about heroism and the values Darkwing Duck means to him:
    Scrooge: This may be the most eloquent Launchpad has ever been.
    Dewey: He knows a lot about this one thing.
  • After the big fight scene between Jim Starling and his replacement for the film which destroys the set, Alistair finds the footage of the fight in hopes of using it for the film... only for it to have been overwritten by footage of Dewey dancing in front of a green screen. Scrooge immediately cancels the film's production.
  • Original or not, the actor shows a flash of DW's trademark self-centeredness just before he decides to become Darkwing for real. And he's not fond of Gizmoduck either.
    Launchpad: You know, you could do this for real.
    Actor: What, be a superhero? I mean, sure, I'm scrappy, I'm brave, I look great in a cape...
    Launchpad: Gizmoduck does it.
    Actor: I am better than Gizmoduck...
  • Just the irony of this line when the new Darkwing Duck finally reveals his name:
    Launchpad: "Drake Mallard." Never heard of ya.
  • A bit of meta-humor: before the official reveal that Darkwing Duck will appear in the show, Frank Angones always said "never heard of him" to questions regarding Darkwing and/or Drake Mallard. In this episode proper, both the security guard and Launchpad utter the same phrase, the former about Darkwing and the latter about Drake.

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