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    Episode 1: Woo-oo! 
  • Donald phoning the babysitter he had arranged to watch the boys
    Donald: Where ARE you!?...What? I didn't give you a new address! (Huey and Louie both smirk at each other) Well, what time can you get here?
    (Smash Cut to an old woman in the middle of a desert)
    Babysitter: I don't know...
    Donald: (Hanging up) Crazy old bird.
  • Huey and Louie look like they're about to succeed in getting Donald to leave them behind unsupervised to go to his job interview... when suddenly their houseboat starts.
    Donald: (immediately suspicious) Where's Dewey?
    Louie: Sleeping.
    Huey: Who's Dewey?
    Louie: (slowly turns to glare at Huey)
    Donald: (walks past them into the houseboat)
    Louie: "Who's Dewey"!?
  • Small moment of Black Comedy: when the triplets learn that Donald is driving them to Scrooge, Louie's reaction compared to his brothers' is HILARIOUS. And Donald's expression makes it even better. He just looks so resigned.
    Huey: McDuck Manor? As in Scrooge McDuck?
    Louie: [completely casual] You're finally gonna sell us.
  • "I heard he only hunts for treasure to swim in it!". This rumour, if you're wondering, is true.
  • Just the fact that Scrooge's accountants are LITERALLY a circle of vultures.
  • Donald and Scrooge's icy reunion after a decade without seeing each other. It starts poorly, with Scrooge demanding, without realising who he's yelling at, that Donald "jettison that jalopy from my driveway this instant, you deadbeat!" Things don't get much better:
    Scrooge: Donald Duck.
    Donald: Uncle Scrooge.
    Huey: UNCLE Scrooge!?!?
    [Ignoring the tension, the Nephews cheer and celebrate. Dewey is so excited he jumps on the roof and then rolls back into the car on the other side.]
    Donald: So. You're looking good.
    Scrooge: Still, uh... living on that boat?
    Donald: Yep. Still a trillionaire?
    [Scrooge merely points to the expansive grounds of his massive estate, with his Xanadu-like mansion on top of a mountain. A peacock flies past.]
    Donald: Good, good. So...
    Scrooge: So... jettison that jalopy from my driveway this instant, you deadbeat!
    Donald: Oh here we go! Giving orders like he's the richest duck in the world!
    Scrooge: I am the richest duck in the world! Now move!
  • Scrooge is tricked into watching the boys for Donald because he gets so caught up in their argument that he agrees to it without thinking.
  • Donald's warning as he leaves Huey, Dewey, and Louie with Scrooge: "No tricks, no lies, no trouble!" The boys chorus back "Yeeees, Uncle Donald!"
    Donald: I wasn't talking to you. (glares at Scrooge)
    Scrooge: [Death Glare]
  • Scrooge initially attempts to ignore the nephews despite their adoring gazes, until he eventually looks down from his newspaper to discover they've snuck up right beside him, forcing an attempt at conversation:
    Scrooge: So... do children still like marbles, or... I, uh—
    Huey: Are you really our uncle?!
    Dewey: How old are you?!
    Louie: What's your net worth?!
    Huey: What's the deal with you and Uncle Donald?
    Louie: Ooh, is that fork real silver? Can I have it?
    Huey: How come you never visit?
    Louie: Oh, 'cause you're so old that moving is so hard?
    Dewey: You owe us, like, a lot of birthday presents!
    Louie: You used to be a big deal! Whatever happened to you?
    Scrooge: BEAKLEY!!!
  • Scrooge locks the nephews in a room and gives them a bag of marbles to play with. Dewey tells him he has a plan to break them out. Smash Cut to him bashing the door knob open WITH the bag of marbles.
  • After Huey, Dewey and Louie are lassoed and suspended from the ceiling, Dewey thinks it's simply because he left the marbles on the floor:
    Dewey: I'll put the marbles back, I swear!!!
  • Mrs. Beakley would like to remind Scrooge that she is not his secretary.
  • Webby introduces herself to the triplets in very exuberant fashion. And by 'exuberant', we mean 'lassoes them, suspends them upside down from the ceiling and interrogates them as if they're affiliated with one of Scrooge's enemies'. Once the misunderstanding is cleared up:
    Webby: Wait! Does this mean we're... friends, now?
    Huey: If we say 'yes', will you let us live?
    Webby: Pff! Good one, new best friend!
    • There's something adorable in Webby proving she's "the best at fun" by kicking open the vent, and her "ta-dah!" gesture afterwards.
  • When asked by Webby who the evil triplet is, Huey and Dewey, without hesitation, declare it to be Louie. Louie's reaction to this is to shrug agreeably with no more than an "eh".
    • Even better is that this was the only one of Webby's initial questions that they actually answered.
  • Mrs. Beakley comes across Scrooge struggling to walk about in his old diving suit, excitedly raving about planning an expedition to the lost city of Atlantis, leading to this:
    Mrs. Beakley: This is because some children made fun of you, isn't it?
    Scrooge: Nonsense! I'm not a has-been. They're the has-beens. I am an 'am-now'.
  • After the vent-crawl, Huey notes perceptively that Webby doesn't seem like she gets out much, leading Webby to bemoan her grandmother's over-protectiveness.
    Webby: But one day, I'm gonna see the world. I'm gonna be an explorer! I'm gonna eat a hamburger!
    Huey: We can bring you a hamburger.
    Webby: [Slightly choked] You guys really are my best friends...
  • Louie putting dibs on things using green Post-it notes.
    Webby: Careful! Medusa gauntlet! One touch can turn organic matter to stone! (makes stone-crackling noises)
    Louie: ...Okay, we'll call this one a "maybe."
  • After the triplets are convinced that Uncle Scrooge's adventures are all fake because of their inability to imagine Donald doing anything cool, Webby insists that they're real and presents a painting of Scrooge vanquishing a Chupacabra. Huey insists that it's photoshopped. It's a painting.
    • The painting itself is a Funny Background Event. Scrooge is standing with his foot on the Chupacabra's back like a hunter claiming a prize kill. However, the Chupacabra itself — clearly not dead — is shrugging nonchalantly with a sort of "eh, what the heck!" smile on its face.
  • "Donald Duck is one of the most daring adventurers of all time!", Webby exclaims - cut to Donald quietly waiting for his job interview.
  • Donald waiting for his job interview is a parade of hilarity.
    • Donald tries to staple his resume together, but can't get the stapler to work. The resulting tantrum ends with him accidentally stapling himself to the side table next to him. This could only happen to Donald.
    • Before that he's cheerfully making random nonsense noises that sound a lot like actual duck quacks.
    • The woman he's sitting next to looks extremely anxious, something made even worse by Donald freaking out with the stapler. Made even funnier that she resembles Roxanne from A Goofy Movie.
    • During his freakout, Donald pauses to tilt a sign. Then continues freaking out.
    • When we finally encounter Donald again at the end of the first half of the episode, he has somehow managed to staple himself to the wall.
  • The entire incident at the "Wing of Secrets" is half awesome, half hilarious.
    • After sneaking in, the Ducks have to deal with a Pirate Ghost, a possessed sword, and a Headless Manhorse at the same time.
      Huey: We got this. There are four of us and three of them. If we- wait, never mind, they teamed up.
      Scrooge: Ah, good! That means only one target!
      Dewey: (trying to stop Scrooge) No! Get back! You're old!
    • The Pirate Ghost declares that he will not rest until he has claimed "the head of Scrooge McDuck"... so Scrooge tricks him into decapitating and claiming the head from a statue of himself.
    • Scrooge attempts to smooth over Louie's accusation that he just locked the triplets in a room with, "I gave ye marbles!"
    • Scrooge gets so angry at the Boys and Webby that he hits a cursed gong, making the ducklings react with horror, prompting Scrooge to say:
      Scrooge: What're you gaping at? The curse only activates if you ring the gong three times, and...and...and you already hit it two times, didn't you?
    • On discovering that Scrooge is royally pissed about the whole incident, Louie tries blatant emotional manipulation to get out of trouble.
      Louie: We can explain. We came down to your secret museum to look for you, because... we... love you? [Hugs Scrooge hopefully]
    • As it turns out, the "Wing of Secrets" is actually Scrooge's garage. Cursed gongs and possessed swords are right next to the garden hose and stacks of old magazines. Even better is Webby's reaction:
      Webby: No, that's ridiculous! If this is the garage, then how do you explain all this amazing stuff? Like the Garden Hose of Destiny? Or Montezuma's Stack of Old Magazines? Or — oh. Yeah, no, it's-it's a garage.
  • Launchpad's sheepish and continuous interruptions of "I'm a pilot" throughout the first part.
    Scrooge: Since when is Launchpad a pilot?
    • "Yes sir, random kid I just met!"
  • Scrooge (riding on Pixiu, the gold hunting dragon's back) gets knocked down a peg:
    (Pixiu starts bashing Scrooge into skyscrapers, all of which crack.)
    Scrooge: (Thoroughly dazed and clearly in pain) It'll take more than a bruised spine to shake ol' Scrooge ye' bad...dragon dog...!
  • "Aw, family truly is the greatest adventure of- OH NO, THE GROUND!"
    • Followed by Launchpad cheerfully watering a little flame on the huge wrecked plane with the garden hose as though he were watering a daisy in the garden.
  • There's something hilarious about Scrooge saying "I run a multi-trillion dollar business, I can handle a few juveniles for the weekend. Besides, we've got a pretty low-key day planned," while riding a submarine. Even funnier, it's Donald he's talking to. And the fact that Scrooge ends up as Badly Battered Babysitter due to Dewey's impulsiveness.
    Scrooge: You kids best stay by the sub, while I scout ahead —
    Huey: Dewey ran in as soon as you said "death traps".
    Dewey: [offscreen] COME ON SCROOGE! WE GOT THIS!
    Scrooge: BOY!
  • Once the adventure is finally underway, Scrooge and Launchpad have a conversation.
    Scrooge: [skeptically] Launchpad, have you ever piloted a sub before?
    Scrooge: [sighing and rolling his eyes] I've done more with less.
    • What makes this better is that it's perfectly in keeping with his historical character. Why hire a submarine pilot if you can get your chauffeur to do the job for no extra money?
      • Even funnier is that Launchpad actually pilots the sub, perfectly in direct contrast to Scrooge's limo and the airplane.
      • Well, perfectly if you discount him falling asleep at the wheel. Which is an understandable risk on a sixteen hour trip. Even funnier is Launchpad shaking himself awake with a cry of "Driving!", suggesting that this is a recurring problem for him.
  • The follow-up to the above:
    Scrooge: No matter, I'm back! Uncharted territory, bold new discoveries—
    Huey: Traveeeeeeel BINGOOOOOOOOOO! I love road trips! I've got snacks, a playlist of traditional sea shanties, matching family road trip shirts! (puts one on Scrooge, who looks at him exasperatedly)
    Scrooge: I appreciate the enthusiasm, but there's no time.
    Huey: Uh... But according to the travel itinerary—
    Dewey: (tears Huey's schedule up) Boooooooooo! Adventure isn't about planning, it's about doing! So, what can I be in charge of? The buzz-saw arm? (pushes button)
    Scrooge: No!
    Dewey: Sonic cannon? (pulls lever)
    Scrooge: What? NO!
    Dewey: Hyper-dense zero-point energy missiles to pierce the scaly hide of a Kraken?
    Scrooge: None of those things are real things! This is your first expedition, so just stand back and watch an old pro. From a safe distance.
    Dewey: So what is this submarine equipped with?
    (Smash Cut to Scrooge buckling his great-nephew in)
    Scrooge: Seat belts. Heh-heh-heh.
    Dewey: (trying to stay positive) Ha! Good one.
  • Dewey's elation at being invited on one of Scrooge's adventures is lessened when he realizes that Scrooge doesn't even know their names.
    Huey: I'm pretty sure he doesn't actually know our names.
    Dewey: I'm sorry, what?
    Huey: I think he called me "Herbert" once.
    Dewey: Don't be ridiculous! Hey, Scrooge? When are we gonna set sail? Scroooooge?
    Scrooge: In a moment, Sonny-Jim.
    (Dewey deflates and sulks in his seat; Huey, smiling hopefully, pulls out one of his road trip shirts)
    Dewey: (not even looking) I will cram it down your throat.
    Huey: (wordlessly puts the shirt away, disappointed)
    • It's even funnier when you remember that Scrooge actually remembered the nephews' names in the first half ... except Dewey (or as Scrooge called him, "the Third One").
    • Later on, it turns out that apparently Scrooge really doesn't remember Dewey's name.
      Dewey: Which triplet am I?
      Scrooge: It's, uh... Bluey?
  • Flintheart Glomgold is so determined to be more Scottish than Scrooge he wears a kilt at all times and is flanked by sexy Scottish ducks carrying bagpipes.
    Glomgold: He thinks he's so rich and soooo Scottish! Well I'm wearing a kilt McDuck! A KIIIIIILT!!
    • Just the fact that he tries to be more Scottish than Scrooge is funny enough on its own, especially with how likely it is that he's no true Scotsman.
    • Glomgold's employee training video. He doesn't even try to hide what a scoundrel he is.
      "Take an idea, then make it your own!"
    • The new Glomgold is hilarious in general. Keith Ferguson seems determined to out-ham and out-Scot David Tennant.
  • Louie encourages Webby to call Mrs. Beakley to let her know she's okay... by telling her she's sleeping over at a friend's house. Turns out Webby's a Bad Liar.
    Louie: You got this! (hands her the phone)
    Louie: ...Oh, you don't got this.
    • This is preceded by Louie admonishing her having not told her grandmother anything... quickly followed by telling her to call and lie to her instead, to put her mind at ease.
    • When she gets a third call, she makes up the fact her made-up friend's family are Swedish and she doesn't want to be rude to them. Louie laughs that she won't be able to get out of that lie...until a rattlesnake-poisoned Launchpad falls down and talks to Mrs. Beakley in completely accurate Swedishnote . The completely flabbergasted look on Louie's face is priceless.
      • Immediately afterwards, Glomgold's henchmen coming running toward the group, and Launchpad says, "Uh-oh." In Swedish. For no reason whatsoever.
  • Donald attempts to bond with Glomgold's crewmates by showing them baby pictures of the triplets.
    Donald: So! Tell me about your family!
    Gabby McStabberson: I was raised by warrior monks who spoke only the language of the blade. (whittles a wooden sword just to stab it with a real one)
    Donald: [Taken aback] ... Ah-ha...
    • Just the fact that the character is even named Gabby McStabberson.
    • Donald went to town putting cushions everywhere for Dewey's fist steps, and he had Huey wear full-on football garb despite being a waterboy. The boys weren't kidding when they said he was overprotective...
    • "And this is when we climbed the Grand Canyon...display at the Grocery Store."
  • Dewey alters the map, which means the family has to deal with a plethora of sea monsters. Scrooge's reaction is funny enough on its own, but Dewey's indignant response really sells it.
    Scrooge: You kids will be the death of me!
    Dewey: Dewey! DEWEY will be the death of you!
  • The family making a pit stop on Glomgold's ship since the sub's bathroom is occupied by sea monsters. What really sells it is Scrooge acting like an impatient teacher on a field trip, especially when Huey runs back to wash his hands. Also in a meta way, the fact that the only use Scrooge has for Glomgold is his toilet.
  • On the arrival to Atlantis, Scrooge gets a bit dramatic about how difficult it is to find in order to build up to the revelation that they've found it, but his pontificating is well and truly undermined by the discovery that the nephews and Webby have been fast asleep during his speech:
    [On waking up]
    Louie: Are we there yet?
    Scrooge: [Taken aback] Well, I was just about to—
    Huey: [Excited] Right side or the left side?!
    Scrooge: [Frustrated] Just let me—
    Dewey: Look! Where that thing is! We found it!
    [Everyone rushes to the portholes and gazes out at the ruins of Atlantis in wonder]
    Everyone (Except Scrooge): Woooooooooaah!
    Scrooge: [Petulant sarcasm] Yes! Good! Atlantis! Ooooh! Ahhhhh! Thanks for spoilin' the moment.
  • Atlantis is upside-down. Why? The Atlanteans were so eager to build an epic city full of death traps that they didn't bother to build a stable foundation, so the entire thing flipped over and fell into the sea.
  • Scrooge is worried about the death traps in the Atlantean temple, but everything's upside down, so... Even funnier, Dewey is sitting on the floor like a petulant child when he says the following:
  • Dewey accidentally triggers a death trap that drops a mountain of venomous snakes onto Launchpad. When we seem him again, he is swelling from multiple snake bites.
    Huey: Launchpad, are you okay?
    Launchpad: Ah, a little snake venom never hurt anybo... eh.. (falls asleep)
    Huey: (tentatively touches Launchpad's arm)
    Launchpad: HI, NICE TO MEET YOU! I'M EVERYBODY'S FRIEND! (collapses)
  • Upon discovering the laser pathway, Dewey overconfidently begins to stride through:
    Scrooge: Even a basic death trap still has the word 'death' in the title! [...] We'll find another route. It's not safe for amateur adventurers.
    Dewey: That sounds like a challenge!
    Scrooge: I have to stress: that is not a challenge.
    Dewey: exactly what you'd say to dissuade the weak of heart from accepting the challenge! Well, challenge accepted!
    Scrooge: There is no challenge!!!
  • Dewey reacts to Scrooge pulling off a massive flip with "Yeah, sure. If you want to do it the easy way." Scrooge's annoyed expression makes it funnier.
    Scrooge: Why wouldn't you want to do it the easy way?
  • After Dewey runs off, Scrooge muttering he might have to pay people to be his family so they'll have to listen to him.
  • When Scrooge and Dewey are introduced to Glomgold:
    Scrooge: Flintheart Glomgold, the poor man's version of me... which, to be fair, still makes him insanely rich.
  • Dewey confronting Glomgold after discovering he has Donald with him. Dewey's sincere reaction is what really sells it.
    Dewey: Let go of my uncle!
    Glomgold: No.
    Dewey: I wasn't prepared for that.
  • Donald didn't remember that Scrooge and Glomgold were sworn enemies because Scrooge has so many that he can't keep track.
    Scrooge: Your new job is with my sworn enemy?!
    Donald: I can't keep track of all your sworn enemies!
  • When Glomgold coldly abandons his pirate crew to escape, they sheepishly ask Scrooge and the boys if they can catch a ride on their submarine.
    Hack: But I thought employees were greatest treasure of all!
    Glomgold: Don't be ridiculous! Treasure is the greatest treasure of all! That's why it's called treasure!
  • Glomgold's flunkies sheepishly asking Donald for a ride home after they've been abandoned by their boss. Donald's eye-roll sells it.
    • What adds to this is that the one that asks Donald for a ride on behalf of the group is Gabby McStabberson, the one who previously pointed a sword at Donald. First she threatens him, now she's asking for a ride.
  • Scrooge effortlessly upstages Glomgold and his supposed "Lost Jewel of Atlantis" at the end. What makes it even better is while Glomgold's attacked Scrooge just stands there with the most smug expression on his face.
    Reporter: Mr. McDuck how do you respond to the claims of other Scottish billionaires that they have the real jewel?
    Scrooge: That bauble? Sure, it's nice, but it's obviously super cursed.
    Glomgold: NO IT'S NOT— [Is immediately grabbed by a massive sea-monster] AGH! CURSE YOU MCDUUUUUUCK!!!
    • Just the fact that Glomgold seems more upset about the fact that Scrooge was right than he is about being attacked by a sea-monster!
  • Near the end of the episode, Donald is giving guidance to a crane as it lowers his houseboat into Scrooge's pool. The crane promptly drops the boat and soaks Donald in a mini-tidal wave. The crane operator is then immediately revealed to be Launchpad.
    Launchpad: Did I do it good?
    Donald: Grrrrrr...
  • When Donald's houseboat explodes, everyone immediately turns to Dewey and gives him a Disapproving Look as they automatically know it's his fault. Even Scrooge, who had no way to know that Dewey was involved at all, but just knows he was.

    Episode 2: Daytrip of Doom! 
  • Huey, Dewey and Louie shooting darts in the house? Not a problem for Scrooge. Webby losing herself in the idea of war games? They're just kids. Donald using Scrooge's private bathroom to wash his clothes? "HOUSE MEETING. NOW."
  • When Dewey suggests that Webby take it down a notch:
    Dewey: What?
    Webby: It's part of my character's backstory. "Grizzled ex-Special Forces pulled out of retirement for revenge!" (cheerfully) What's yours?
    Dewey: ...My guy has a dart gun...?
    Webby: Not anymore.
  • When Webby pwns Huey:
    Huey: The foyer is the safe zone! The foyer is the safe-AH!
    Webby: This is no foyer... this is a tomb.
    [Cut to Scrooge walking down the corridor as Webby nerfs Huey]
    Huey: Ow! My tailbone!
    Scrooge: [Chuckling fondly] Heh-heh... "a tomb"...
  • Mrs. Beakley and Donald have a long war with Donald's attempts at independence.
    • Highlights: Arguing over the water bill, Donald ordering power generators then accidentally setting his boat on fire, and Mrs. Beakley claiming she's a spy once they make up as Donald grows increasingly freaked out and uncomfortable.
    • Mrs. Beakley's reaction when she sees Donald's ordered dozens of generators:
    Beakley: That idiot's going to get himself killed. (beat, smiles and shrugs)
    Scrooge: (cheerfully) No time. Guest bath's a-callin'. Beakley problem.
    Beakley: Urgh...
    • The startled quack Donald makes when Beakley brings up the water bill.
  • When Donald and Beakley glare at each other after arguing:
    Louie: Wait, are they gonna kiss?
    Dewey, Huey, and Webby: Ewwwwwwwwww.
    Donald and Beakley: (to the kids) Outside! Now!
    • Fans joked that Louie definitely earned the evil triplet status after putting the idea of Donald/Beakley in their heads.
  • Webby's excited to play a new game, but when Huey suggests a "safe nap", she decides on "Sacky-Sack". She takes out a beanbag from her pocket and kicks it towards Huey, who Dewey pushes out of the way in time when the bag shoots through a nearby tree, leaving a hole and causing it to topple over. Louie's expression of wide-eyed terror says it all.
  • There's just something amusing about how each time the boys sing the Funso's jingle, they unfailingly split into perfect three-part harmony.
  • When Dewey invites Webby along with them to Funso's, she scales the mansion wall like a spider all the way to her room to grab her stuff.
  • Webby's dart gun gameplay was so intense it gave Huey PTSD:
    Louie: I dunno, Webby's great for treasure-hunting and mine-cart chases, but she's not exactly built for everyday kids' stuff.
    Huey: I still see the darts when I close my eyes...
  • What is Webby's "stuff" for her "totally casual hang-out in the real world"? Night-vision goggles, a grappling hook, and Sun Tzu's The Art of War, complete with bookmarked pages!
  • Anyone who's had to deal with an annoying kid in public will get a lot of laughs from Webby on the bus, constantly trying to talk to everyone and even turning a page in a book someone's reading (entitled "The Joy of Personal Space").
    • Before getting to the bus stop Webby gives out a drawn-out excited whoop which leads Louie to cover his face with his hood.
    • Could be a coincidence, but with Louie's hood over his face, do the triplets and Webby look like another famous foursome...?
  • After the kids get dropped off "in the sketchiest part of town", there's several quick cuts to a greasy tagger spraying the word "FLATULENCE" on a wall, two children playing hopscotch inside a crime scene's chalk outline... and a cage of chickens on a skateboard, pushing itself along by one foot.
  • The Beagle Boys are apparently on a first name basis with the poor armored truck driver they rob. They even apologize to him when they decide to stop robbing him in order to chase Webby Louie, Dewey and Huey; asking him "Same time, next month?" The driver actually nods.
  • Louie expertly schmoozing Funso's workers to get free tokens and drinks.
    Louie: Webby, your money is no good here.
    Webby: What do they take? I have pounds, pesos, roubles...
    Louie: The oldest currency in the world...
    Webby: Ancient obsidian runestones?
    Louie: No, flattery!
    • Webby's awkward conversation in order to get a free cup even has Louie face-palming in the back.
  • When Webby is confronted by the manager at Funso's, Louie makes a throat-cutting "no" gesture behind the guy's back. Webby, uncomprehending, very hesitantly raises a spork and glances pointedly at the man. Louie glares at her and frantically gesticulates to call her off.
  • Bouncer attempts to pass for a minor to enter Funso's Funzone by eating a lollipop and wearing a shirt saying "I'm my Grandma's world" while Burger pats his hand. Keep in mind that he's bigger than Launchpad. He lets a few seconds pass until he just asks "Are you buying this?" before they attack the greeter.
  • Dewey screaming "Don't die on me!" as he pushes the Beagle Boys (still dressed as Funso) away so he could replug his arcade game.
    Dewey: My scores! Nooooo! It's like I don't even know you anymore.
    • Beforehand, Webby hit the Beagle Boys with the ukulele and kicked them in the face while yelling, "Strangers are danger!"
  • Bigtime Beagle griping about how Ma always shoots down his ideas.
  • After being tossed into the freezer with the kids after Ma Beagle berates Big Time for kidnapping them:
    Big Time: I'll show her... I'll show them all!
    Louie: Well, that's not something you wanna hear when you're tied up in a meat locker.
  • "I'm gonna break every bone in her body... Or, maybe just tie her up. We'll see how it plays out."
  • After Donald nearly sets his boat on fire, he's then hit on the head by the ransom note attached to the brick. After he recovers and reads the message, he runs to get Scrooge, who's in the middle of his bath with loud bagpipe music playing in the background and cucumbers on his eyes.
    Scrooge: Wait... something's wrong. (replaces the cucumbers and water with gold coins) Much better.
    • Even better, we only get a close-up of his face as he replaces the cucumbers, only to see that the water is suddenly gold coins with no indication of where the water went.
  • Mrs. Beakley's exceedingly dry, first response to the ransom note?
    Mrs. Beakley: What is a Funzo?
  • Ma Beagle telling her boys that it was time to "mark their territory". They look at each other with uncertainty, she sighs and asks them to do it for their dear old Ma.
  • "Dear Ma Beagle, if you ever want to see your boy again...Oh, for cryin' out loud."
  • Donald going all Papa Wolf on the two Beagle Boys is highly amusing, especially his screams throughout it all. His face even gets beet red with anger.
  • At the end, the triplets decide to let Webby pick their next game:
    Webby: How about a nice game of Medieval Dungeon of Eternal Screaming? (takes out a mask and a ball and chain flail)
    The Boys: (simultaneously) I'm on Webby's team!

    Episode 3: The Great Dime Chase! 
  • Meta: Viewers' reaction to the preview clip of Louie using Scrooge's #1 Dime to buy a pop is nigh unanimously a Mass "Oh, Crap!". Most of them are already savvy with the significance of said coin before Scrooge explains it.
    • And then it turns out it was a decoy.
    • The whole plot gets kicked off because Scrooge's soda machine charges ten percent more for a can that normally costs a dollar. Because of course Scrooge would charge a little extra.
  • Louie's comically lazy and entitled behaviour at the start of the episode: He's wasted an entire six-pack of soda because he only wants the first sip for its "peak carbonation", watches a show he hates because the remote is just out of his reach, and throws his phone away because its battery is dead and he doesn't want to go to the effort of charging it.
    Louie: Who cares, we're rich!
    Scrooge: No, I'M rich! (sighs) You know what? That's it, laddie! (grabs Louie by the hood of his sweater and drags him away) You are coming to the office to learn the value of a hard day's work!
  • Throughout the episode, Louie is distracted with a cheesy reality TV show about a couple of guys who design ottomans for people. Their guest on this week's show is Flintheart Glomgold, who dismisses their initial effort because it doesn't have his face on it... and then angrily rejects their second attempt for expecting him to put his feet on his own face.
    Louie: You know, I used to hate this show but now I kinda love it. It's like every ottoman tells a story!
  • Webby catches Dewey snooping through her McDuck family notes, literally red-handed due to the glitter on the book.
    Webby: Busted! You think I put glitter on my top-secret notebooks just because it's pretty?
    Dewey: (nods)
    Webby: Well, sure, it's a perk, but...
  • One of the only known photographs of Della Duck, the one that Dewey has, shows her smashing Donald's face into a cake.
  • Webby recalling when they got junk mail for Della at the manor and after Scrooge found it, she never saw the mailman again. Dewey suggests that maybe he retired, but Webby says otherwise.
  • The fact that, after so much mockery of it in parodies, Scrooge's Pooled Funds get deconstructed, with him telling Louie that he'd crack his skull open if he tried to jump into the money bin, and that Scrooge can only do it because he's trained for years to do so.
    • Louie still tries to jump into the money bin after Scrooge's admonishment. Scrooge grabs him by the hood with his cane mid-jump and drags Louie off by the hood, to the latter's visible disappointment.
  • Gyro's introduction.
  • Scrooge calmly reminding Gyro to use his cards when talking to people.
    • Hell, just the fact that this version of Gyro is nothing at all like the humble inventor from the comics and original cartoon, this one is more like a Mad Scientist, who is apparently going to create the Gizmoduck armor out of spite if the ending is anything to go by.
      • Just the sheer irony that Scrooge McDuck has to remind Gyro to be nice to other people.
  • The board wearily asks Gyro if his new invention is going to turn evil like all the others. Gyro insists only half of them turned evil, the others are just misunderstood.
    • While he says that, Lil' Bulb threatens the board by mimicking slitting their throats and holding up a clenched fist. Gyro claims he's waving and likes the board. The board does not buy it. Later, Lil' Bulb tries to scratch Louie's face and Gyro says that he likes Louie.
    • Doubly funny if it IS the only way it shows its fondness for others.
  • As Gyro's forced to leave after his idea for Lil' Bulb was shot down, Scrooge encourages him and says he's bound to come up with something good. Gyro angrily exclaims that he would show them all, to which Scrooge replies to maybe wait until he's out of the room to say that next time.
  • Scrooge proudly notes that he keeps the board because they are "the only people cheaper than I am", and trusts them to make good financial decisions. One buzzard immediately speaks up and says they called a meeting in order to cut money spent on the money bin. Scrooge is immediately furious.
  • Louie trying to figure out how to pick a lock from an online video. It tells him to using something small, like a dime, and he angrily yells that if he had a dime he wouldn't need to pick a lock. Then: "No, don't switch to an ad!"
    • Said ad shows the brothers on Ottoman Empire doing their project where they had to create an ottoman for Glomgold with storage by the afternoon, and Louie is becoming slowly invested.
    Louie: (giggling) They're never gonna get that ottoman tufted in time. (laughs some more) Focus!
  • As he wonders how to pick a lock, Gyro happens to pass by.
    Gyro: They'll rue the day they overlooked us, Lil' Bulb.
    Louie: (Lil' Bulb glows and dings as Louie gets an idea) Ding!
  • Louie petulantly mimicking Scrooge's accent.
    • He then lies to Scrooge while hiding Lil' Bulb behind his back saying he was just getting more notepads to take notes. While he's proud of his nephew, Scrooge does make sure that he gets his money's worth out of those notepads.
    Scrooge: Good lad. You're free to take as many pads as you want. Or are we not allowed to use those either, ye penny-pinching buzzards?! (closes door only to quickly reopen it) No, but really. Make sure to use the front and back of every page. (closes door again only to reopen it) And write small.
  • Louie finds he has to take the stairs to the 57th floor. After a grueling montage of him getting progressively more exhausted, it turns out that was all just the first flight. And the poor kid then spends the rest of the episode having to go back up and down, finally making the elevator after it's been destroyed.
    Louie: (frustratingly) Come on!
  • Quackfaster is voiced by Susanne Blakeslee, AKA Maleficent. And she uses her Maleficent Voice. As a result we get the following gems:
    • She chants and rhymes about trials and inner strength. The first "test" she sets the kids is to "decipher" an "ancient and mysterious" code. When Dewey points out that the thing is just a library card catalog, Webby counters that it must be more than that because it knows Dewey's name, triumphantly pointing to the "Dewey Decimal" label as proof.
    • As Dewey and Webby come closer to figuring out their clue on Della, Quackfaster admits that about half of her motivation was just to get them to do her work.
    Dewey: How much is this getting us to do your job?
    Quackfaster: (spookily) About fifty perceeeent...
  • Halfway through the episode, Dewey gets fed up with Quackfaster's trials and asks when he and Webby are going to get info on Della Duck, and is not happy when Quackfaster tells him that it's not for her to understand the archives.
    Dewey: THAT IS LITERALLY YOUR JOB! I'm out! She doesn't know anything!
  • Which leads to the following exchange:
    Dewey: Who's gonna destroy me? Scrooge? The government? The Unicorn Illuminati?
    Quackfaster: (Matter-of-factly) Me.
    Webby and Dewey: What?
    (Cue Quackfaster drawing a sword and chasing Dewey and Webby.)
  • Scrooge trying to defend his employees, with some excellent Gilligan Cuts.
    • Quackfaster is an excellent and calm Archvist? Show her chasing Dewey and Webby with a sword while shrieking about how the insult to the Archives shall be avenged.
    • Gyro is the greatest mind of his generation? Show him fighting with a vending machine.
      Gyro: You miserable piece of rust. I am man, you are machine! Do as I command or I will pull your plug!
  • Webby hands Dewey a book entitled "How to Disarm Any Foe". Dewey then throws the book at Quackfaster (literally). She catches it on the flat of her sword and keeps chasing them.
  • When he's cornered by Lil' Bulb, Louie points in a direction and shouts literally Look, a Distraction!-and it works!
    • Before that, Louie ends up running into the Archives where Dewey, Webby, and Quackfaster see him. Dewey and Webby are visibly confused upon seeing Lil' Bulb break through. All Quackfaster does is raise an eyebrow. But, then again, considering the fact that she's been working with Gyro for a while, she's probably used to his inventions turning evil and trying to kill people.
  • Gyro sighing after seeing Louie flee from Lil' Bulb, taking out a notepad, scratching Lil' Bulb from the good side and adding his name to the inventions that turned evil. Every item on the good side has been scratched out and written beside it in the bad column.
  • Scrooge's justification for not laying off any of his Money Bin employees after Lil' Bulb's giant robot smashes through the board meeting. Gyro proclaims that it was just a malfunction and "definitely not evil". Scrooge decides to combine Indy Ploy with Refuge in Audacity and with Shame If Something Happened at the same time.
    Scrooge: Look, they're all mad as loons, and if you fire them, they're definitely going to seek revenge.
    Buzzard: Er... all in favor of keeping the bin and everyone in it far away from our offices?
    The Other Two: AYE!!
    • The reactions of the buzzards is hilarious because they basically treat Scrooge's statement as a death-threat, as in "Lay off my employees, and I'll tell them who to blame."
    • Not to mention his justification for $15,000,000 on "magical defense" for the money bin, "Do you have any idea how many vengeance curses I have on my head?"note 
  • Scrooge's parting words to his Board of Directors: "I'll be in my office if you need me. Please don't need me."
  • Gyro says the reason why Lil' Bulb went insane is because he got "mad with power". As in, too much electric power.
  • Scrooge sees the elevator is broken and mutters "Curse me Kilts" and then leave back the way he came.
  • Louie impulsively using the decoy dime to buy a drink, and after realizing what he just did (having just realized that the dime had become important to him after all the work he did to get it) lets out a long "No!!!"
  • As Gyro writes down notes on his failure with Lil' Bulb, the little robot can be seen holding a mallet and trying to crush a scurrying bug.
  • One of the books that Webby finds is labelled "Scrooge's Favourite Smells: Volume Twelve." Just how many volumes are there? How many smells are there for that matter?

    Episode 4: The Beagle Birthday Massacre! 
  • Webby made "hot dog costumes" for the boys' boating expedition, because Louie hates hot dogs and it might discourage him from resorting to cannibalism.
    Huey: Are you saying Louie would rather eat us than hot dogs?
    Louie: I do hate hot dogs...
  • "That's Captain Lost, sir, to you!"
    • "Captain Lost! Captain Lost! Captain Lost! Captain Lost!"
  • Webby trying to make small talk with her new friend, Lena.
    Lena: That was actually pretty cool... are you, like, in the circus?
    Webby: Circus acrobats keep elephant hairs in their pockets for good luck! I don't know why I just told you that! Or why I'm still talking! Or why I pointed out the fact that I'm still talking!
  • "All the best parties are at burnt-out junkyards."
    Webby: You're not invited?!
    Lena: It's not an adventure if you're invited...
  • While going over the variant Beagles at the big party, Ma Beagle introduces "the Deja Vus" three times.
    • Two of the groups are the Sixth Avenue Meanies and their polar opposites, the Sixth Avenue Friendlies, a trio of White Sheep Beagles who are dressed in suits and barbershop singer outfits, and speak with a 50's style accent. During the climax, the Meanies claim the Tumblebums are adopted, to which the Friendlies says it was uncalled for, even though they have heard the same rumor.
  • This glorious bit of Tempting Fate as Lena and Webby temporarily throw the Beagle Boys off their trail. Read: temporarily.
    Webby: We almost died!
    Lena: We almost died.
    (Cue the Beagle Boys showing up in a truck, ready to run them down.)
    Webby & Lena: WE'RE GONNA DIE!!!
  • At one point, one of the Friendlies offers a tied-up Lena a glass of water, only for one of the Meanies to come running up and throw away the glass, just to be a jerk.
  • Lena taunts the Longboard Taquito Beagles a few roofs over on skateboards, Tempting Fate and asking if the were going to ollie their way over. When they reveal that their suits allow them to glide, Webby suggests that they not taunt them.
    • Said trio are a group of extreme sports-loving Totally Radical skaters decked out in full stuntmen regalia. They even talk in dated 90's slang.
  • This exchange from the Ugly Failures:
    Bungler: Maybe the Ugly Failures might actually become the Ugly Winners.
    Botch-Job: Couldn't we just be the Winners?
    Bungler: Now, let's not get crazy.
  • Lena talking her way past the Ugly Failures by putting on a thick British accent and claiming to be one of the "Beagle Birds, Ma's adopted daughters from across the pond". The Failures almost see through Lena's ruse... until Webby backs her up.
    • As Bottle asks Lena who she is, he pulls back his bangs to get a good look at her, revealing a pair of brilliant blue Big Anime Eyes.
    • When pretending to be British, they once refer to the USA as "the Colonies".
    • After the two leave with a radio and close the doors, the Failures pause for a moment before one asks, "Wait, was that them?"
    • When Lena asks how Webby picked up a British accent, Webby Lampshades the fact that she was raised by an English grandmother in the mansion of a Scottish duck, so of course she's familiar with UK accents, and that she didn't hear an American accent until she was seven.
  • Lena mocks the nephews for all being the same, and the boys immediately protest that remark... while saying the same thing at the same time.
    Lena: That's cute, with the names and the color-coded outfits... is that your thing, you're all exactly the same?
    Huey, Dewey, and Louie: Ha, no way! We're all unique snowflakes! ...Well, this usually never happens. This is really weird! Okay, stop talking! (beat) Antidisestablishmentarianism! Seriously?! GAH!
  • The group is eventually cornered in a playground by "The Tumblebums". Huey thinks they sound adorable. They're actually a trio of incredibly creepy Monster Clown Beagles that makes Pennywise look like an amateur.
    Huey: (terrified) Nevermind.
  • The Funny Background Event of seagulls swarming Louie because he was holding the Hot-Dog jacket, chasing after a frightened Louie, and then carrying Louie off into the sky before dropping him.
  • Lena is frustrated that Webby basically came to save her with little planning, Webby replies back that Lena did the same in the junkyard, and Lena retorts that she wasn't tied up in the junkyard. Huey sheds a tear of happiness.
    Huey: (sniffs) Now they have what we have.
  • The Beagle family fighting amongst each other, and it starts out because Bottle Beagle finally got the bottle free from his finger.
    • A Beagle boy pokes one of the Tumblebums in what appears to be the eyes, only for his actual face to turn around and glare at him.
    • One of the Deja Vus hit a Longboard Taquito on the head with his baguette, only for the skater to point at the helmet he was wearing. The Deja Vu then simply pushes him into the water.
    • The fight happens when Lena points out that they can either take credit as a group, or one of the factions can take sole credit and get major brownie points with Ma. Bigtime says that his group should get the credit, because they're the "main" Beagle Boys.
    Bigtime: I mean, we're like the main guys, right guys?
  • Ma Beagle angry that her boys let the kids get away declares that none of them were getting birthdays this year.

    Episode 5: Terror of the Terra-Firmians! 
  • Mrs. Beakley doesn't take too kindly to Lena tricking her into letting the kids see a horror movie.
    Mrs. Beakley: You said this was an educational film, suitable for all ages!
    Lena: Uh, it's a cautionary tale about the dangers of mole monsters? And everyone could use a lesson on chainsaw safety.
    • "Where was the drama? The heart? The needlessly-expensive car-crash mayhem?"
  • It's kind of weird that Huey lists pterodactyls under other terms like "terror-dactyl" and "terrible-twos" in the Junior Woodchuck Guidebook, when it clearly starts with a p.
  • Beakley trying to calm Launchpad down.
    Beakley: It's just an ad!
    Launchpad: (unconvinced) That's exactly what the sheriff told those reckless teens!
  • Huey, ever the voice of reason, asks "Shouldn't we tell someone where we're going before we blindly explore a network of dark and abandoned subway tunnels?" Then he, Lena, and Webby all call out as quietly as possible.
  • This exchange between Webby and Huey, as they prepare to explore an abandoned line famous for Terra-Firmian sightings.
    Huey: The sign says "closed for renovations".
    Webby: That's what they want you to think.
    Huey: Who's "they"?
    Webby: Exactly!
    Huey: What?!
  • Webby's note-book includes a cute little pop-up book depiction of the civil war between the Terries and the Firmies. Lena and Huey get distracted by the margin doodles Webby made of herself as a super hero and a candy called "Webbi-dings".
  • Huey tries to argue that the tremors allegedly caused by Terra-Firmians are just ordinary earth-quakes caused by shifting tectonic plates, as detailed in the Junior Woodchuck Guidebook.
    Huey: No reason for any of us to go in there, the book knows everything!
    Lena: (chucks the guidebook down a staircase) Did the book know I was gonna do that?
    Huey: (grumbles as he walks down the steps to retrieve his book)
  • Huey is more interested in some rock samples he found in the subway tunnels than hunting for Terra-Firmians. Webby mockingly tells him to ask "your friend, the book" for help. Turns out the Junior Woodchuck Guidebook has a chapter on how to handle rock samples in the field.
    Webby: (annoyed) Why don't you ask your best friend The Guidebook to help you? Oh wait, you can't - it's a book!
  • Louie being totally invested in his brother and his friend arguing about mythic vs scientific explanations for Terra Firmians. He even comments while eating popcorn ("What? I got a refill on the way out. It's encouraged!") that he finds it better than the movie.
  • "So we're supposed to examine every rock in this tunnel? ...That actually sounds pretty fun. Wait, that's not the point!"
  • Lena sasses Mrs. Beakley several times in the episode ("Looking good, tea time, keep it up!").
  • "Sure, blame the mysterious rebel playing by her own rules."
  • Launchpad obsesses over fictional Molemen and keeps freaking out about how anyone could be one in disguise. He quickly decides that Dewey must be a Moleman and nearly kills the gang, crashing their ride, trying to escape from him. Eventually, Launchpad convinces himself he's a Moleman as well, accepts his new classification with pride (since he knows he's a 'good guy') and sets out to rehabilitate the name of his underground brethren. Mrs. Beakley and the kids are only semi-interested in any of this.
    • Launchpad side-eyes a horror movie poster like it's an Eldritch Abomination before clawing it to shreds.
    • When Beakley refers to Launchpad as a Manchild, he freaks out but then tells himself to calm down and deal with one monster at a time.
    • At one point Beakely orders him to the front subway car to see if he can drive it; Launchpad, thinking Dewey must be a Moleman, tries to make the excuse that he's never crashed a train before. When she suggests driving the train without crashing it, Launchpad just looks at her like she's grown a second head. Finally, he obliges her request, but insists that Dewey come with him and grabs a length of pipe, "just in case".
    • Launchpad isn't entirely clear on the difference between internal thoughts and speaking out loud to himself, and so panics when Dewey responds to his muttering about Dewey being a mole monster, believing Dewey can read his mind.
    Launchpad: Keep it together, Launchpad. Gotta change the subject somehow. Hey, you know what we should talk about? Another subject.
    Dewey: (amused) Suuuuuure.
    Launchpad: (smug) He doesn't suspect a thing.
      • This leads to Dewey glaring at him with an expression that reads, "Dude are you kidding me?" before letting out a defeated Facepalm.
    • When the gang leaves the tunnels, Launchpad shouts that he loves being a mole man, and then Beakley just tells him that he isn't one. He completely accepts it without further objection.
  • The Reveal of the Terra-Firmians strongly implies that whilst Webby's notes about them being real was spot-on, all that stuff about a civil war and a lost prince is complete bupkiss, with this particular group implied to be just a bunch of Terra-Firmian kids looking for the equally mythical (to them) "bill-faced creatures of the Land Above". The real kicker is that the five Terra-Firmian kids are color-coded the same way as the five duck kids, with the red and the purple ones having almost verbatim the same conversation as their counterparts Huey and Webby, with the red Terra-Firmian suggesting that Huey is the ducks' lost prince.

    Episode 6: The House of the Lucky Gander! 
  • When Louie asks what it was like to grow up with Cool Uncle Gladstone, Donald has three flashbacks: As boys, Gladstone finds twenty bucks while Donald is splashed by a passing bus. Donald makes himself a bowl of digesting cereal and Gladstone finds a twenty in the empty box. Finally, the cousins find another twenty, but when Donald reaches for it, a Beagle Boy flees from the nearby bank. The robber trips over Donald and skids to a stop under Gladstone's foot and the goose is proclaimed a hero in the newspaper, while Donald is arrested because he's assumed to have stolen the money, despite the actual thief being stood on by Gladstone in the picture right next to that headline!
    Donald: He's the worst. Just the worst!
    • And to add insult to injury, the bail is twenty dollars. The exact amount that Donald found. He doesn't even get to keep the money he found legitimately.
  • As the plane lands in Macaw's bay, Donald gets scared and frantically fastens his seatbelt while screaming, "We're all gonna die! I'VE WASTED MY LIFE!"
  • Gladstone's impression of Scrooge. Scrooge and Donald giving him disapproving looks all the time only make it funnier.
  • Huey at firsts admonishes The Sacred Waters of Aquarioon because of the amount of water it's potentially wasting, before slowly becoming enchanted by the show. By the end of the show, Dewey and Webby look extremely bored and Scrooge has to grab Huey by the scruff and drag him away.
  • Scrooge's response to Dewey getting a pet tiger: "You can't give a child a tiger! Especially not this child."
    • Dewey's teary-eyed glee at being offered the tiger is both hilarious and adorable.
      Dewey: Dewey Junior, you're coming home with us! Oh, and I already named him. Oh, and I'm already super emotionally-attached.
      • Scrooge gives in, but adding that he would not be changing the tiger litter.
    • The tiger scares away a patron who gets too close.
      Dewey: (giggling) That guy at the mall with the iguana is gonna be so jealous.
  • Donald plays a spinning prize wheel game, only for it to break from the stand and roll into the water acrobatics show Huey has become enamoured with. When the show is announced canceled, Huey's Big "NO!" can be heard in the distance.
  • Donald tries the "Make the same bet until it works" approach to a game. Only it's for how many fingers a toad is holding up behind his back, and Donald's guess is twenty-seven.
    Louie: How does he think he's holding up twenty-seven fingers?
    Gladstone: I don't know, Lou. I just don't know.
    • Gladstone's increasing bewildered face when he wins two cars at the same game... Without even participating or making any guesses (he just said words that were homophones for numbers).
  • Scrooge getting absolutely frustrated as they continue to get lost in the casino.
    Scrooge: I navigated myself out of the Infinitaur's labyrinth. Freed myself from the Forever Fields of Fantoom. Why can't I find the blasted hotel exit?!
    • Webby tells Scrooge she left a trail of candy behind them to mark their path, but they turn around to see Dewey Junior eating up all the pieces. Webby glares at Dewey.
    Dewey: What? He's a tiger, you tell him not to eat something.
  • Liu Hai shows the group a buffet of food and we get this:
    Webby: Sorry, sir, but the only thing we're hungry for is adventure and-IS THAT A FOUNTAIN MADE OF CHOCOLATE?!
    Liu Hai: You can dip positively anything in it.
    Webby: Strawberries?!
    Liu Hai: Mm-hm.
    Webby: What about my hand?!
    Liu Hai: Sure.
    Webby: What about YOUR hand?!
    Liu Hai: Um... Fine.
    • This gets even better with The Reveal: Webby essentially weirded out the local Humanoid Abomination!
    • After Webby eats a chocolate dipped strawberry, she leans back to drink in the falling chocolate. One fan noted how it looked similar to the gif with the parakeet drinking from a chocolate fountain.
  • Scrooge McDuck eventually decides to book a room for the night.
    Scrooge: I'll need a room with a personal sauna, pool-side view and a distraction.
  • Scrooge challenges Liu Hai to a game for him and his family's freedom, but the spirit chooses to pit Donald against Gladstone. Ever the Challenge Seeker, Scrooge is peeved that he doesn't get to risk his life today.
    Scrooge: I don't even get to be part of the blasted challenge?!
  • Donald makes a jump across a wide ravine and barely makes it to the other side, but ends up getting his bottom burned. His family cringes obviously thinking That's Gotta Hurt.
  • What ends up distracting Gladstone and costing him the win in Liu Hai's game? "Hey, twenty dollars!" Liu Hai is as surprised as everyone else.
    Liu Hei: (absolutely baffled) Where did that come from?
  • Scrooge pulls his Batman Gambit:
    Scrooge: Actually, toad, Gladstone lost to Donald, so technically Donald is the new luckiest guy on Earth. It's really him you should take.
    Donald: Yeah!...Wait, no!
  • After Liu Hai takes Donald and sends the others outside, Louie angrily asks how Scrooge could just give up Donald and Gladstone agrees, asking what they were going to do now. Scrooge grins, and calmly counts down.
    Scrooge: Three, two, one. (moves Louie aside as Donald is kicked out of the casino and slams into Gladstone)
    Liu Hai: (with a pitched voice and looking incredibly thin) His luck... is awful... So awful.
    • The fact that Donald's luck is so bad it can essentially exorcise a luck vampire.
  • When the gang gets back to Launchpad, he's wearing an eyepatch and ancient Chinese armor, has several huge arrows sticking out of his back, and is carrying a baby panda in a basket. Whatever he and his old girlfriend were up to, it must have been pretty crazy.
  • Gladstone begins to question how he lives his life coasting on his luck, and resolves to turn over a new leaf...and then a woman comes by with a massive golden yacht that she says she needs to get rid of for "tax purposes", and she's willing to sell it for twenty bucks. Gladstone reacts accordingly.
    Gladstone: Gladstone's back, baby!
  • Scrooge finally gets to the mystical Golden Cricket he wanted to see in the last scene, but it turns out to be no different from a regular cricket. Bored out of his mind and with the others falling asleep around him, Scrooge decides to go home.
    Scrooge: ...Okay. We can go now.
    • As usual, Launchpad crashed the plane into the site, again.
      • It's official - Scrooge has seen so much adventure that a golden cricket officially bores him.

    Episode 7: The Infernal Internship of Mark Beaks! 
  • Scrooge and Glomgold start the episode locked in a staring contest in the Billionaire's Club in a room split down the middle because they hate each other that much; apparently they do this every day if Scrooge's "see ya tomorrow, Flinty" is anything to go by.
  • As only billionaires are allowed in the club, Huey and Dewey are relegated to a roped-off "Kid Check" area.
  • Mark Beaks interrupting Scrooge and Glomgold's staring contest to brag about approaching a net worth of one billion dollars. Then he puts on a dubstep remix of the bagpipe music the older billionaires were listening to.
    • Glomgold then spends a whole day driven nuts by the music, due to never considering the on button might also be the off button.
  • Huey fanboying over Mark Beaks. "I'm almost breathing the same air as him!"
    • Dewey gets his, too.
    Dewey: Who knew work could be so awesome?!
    Mark Beaks: Mark Beaks did, Blammo! (drops his stapler)
    Dewey: He talks the way I wanna live!
  • Huey finishes his checklists by checking a box for "complete checklist".
  • Dewey takes a locked briefcase from the Billionaire's Club to make himself look important.
    Dewey: It's my Super-Serious Business Briefcase. "What brilliant business secrets is he hiding in there, whooo knoooows?!"
    Huey: ...You can't open the lock, can you?
    Dewey: Nerp.
  • The gimmicks at the Waddle offices include high-impact, low-impact and no-impact trampolines - the latter are just colorful circles on the ground, with people not-so-enthusiastically jumping on them.
    Mark Beaks: Those are fun.
  • "Sliding my way to billions? Licking other people's stuff? It's everything I never knew I always wanted!"
  • Dewey happily leaps down the slide, but Huey admonishes him that the slides are supposed to be about efficiency, not fun. He then lets out a flat "whee" as he slides down going backwards.
  • While typing down notes on a computer, there's a demotivational poster behind the boys that says, "Remember, you're replaceable!"
    • "New guy! New guy! New guy! New guy!"
      • "I'm also the new guy..."
  • Glomgold's plan to kill Mark Beaks, and betray Scrooge. Complexity Addiction doesn't begin to describe it, and it's told entirely through crude stick figure drawings.
    • Said stick figure drawings also continue the theme of Glomgold depicting himself as the musclebound Adonis he clearly isn't.
    • Scrooge is very reluctantly paying attention, and quick with snarky criticisms.
    Scrooge: A yacht and a buffet for one person? I'm not paying for that.
    • Towards the end, Glomgold disguises himself as a bike messenger to deliver something to Mark Beaks. Afterwards, he takes off the fake moustache and puts his regular beard back on, implying that's fake too.
    • Part of the plan involves a swimming pool full of sharks.
      Scrooge: Where did the sharks come from?!
      Glomgold: I got a great shark guy!
    • There's one scene where's he's talking to a shark stuffed uncomfortably in a tank.
  • The fact that Scrooge regards Glomgold's many attempts to kill him as more an annoyance than a genuine danger; either Glomgold is that bad at them or Scrooge is just that jaded. Probably both.
    • How this is brought up is one as well - Scrooge points out that he agreed to work with Glomgold to get Mark Beaks kicked out of their billionaire club, not to kill him.... then realizes Glomgold's past attempts to kill Scrooge himself have been nothing more than an annoyance.
    Scrooge: More than six months?
    Glomgold: I don't want to say.
  • While doubling as a sign of Mark Beaks' true nature, he proceeds to lose his cool over Dewey bringing him his 2:15 coffee... at 2:14.
    • Because Beaks takes Huey's 2:15 coffee, Dewey proceeds to drink the coffee that he brought. Dewey is 10. You don't see 10-year-olds drinking coffee every day.
  • The normally collected and sharp Huey's meltdown, something even his little brother seems to be incredibly frightened of. Including ranting about Chillin' Like A Villain and literally Chewing the Scenery.
    Dewey: Oh noooo, Huey's broken...
    Huey: I could be chief manager of being broken!
  • The Reveal that the much-hyped Project Tadah is non-existent; it's actually a fake product Beaks created to drum up hype and money. Even the corporate saboteur was hired by him so he can say the project was stolen and keep the money and publicity from it.
  • "In fact, here's a checklist for how to get through this. One: get a plan. Two: ask Huey for a plan. Three: do you have a plan yet, 'cause honestly I don't know how checklists work!"
  • Dewey and the corporate saboteur interrupt their fight to take off the ridiculous intern beanies.
  • The briefcase Dewey has been lugging around to look more business-savy turns out to contain a LOT of money, and belongs to Glomgold. They don't find this out until the climax when the briefcase is broken and all the money falls over the side of the building.
  • When the boys drop his phone over the side of a roof, Mark dives after it, either to try to save it or to die alongside it. As he falls off the top of his office building to his impending death, he posts #YOLO on his social media account.
    • Beforehand, Dewey grabs Beaks' phone and types in "My face looks like a butt" on his social media account. Beaks doesn't believe anyone would pay attention to that, as Huey gleefully notes it already has a thousand likes, holding the phone over the building's edge.
  • "Get the sharks ready!"
    • What's even more hilarious is that even Glomgold's beard appears to be fake.

    Episode 8: The Living Mummies of Toth-Ra! 
  • The literal first shot of the episode being Launchpad's crashed plane. It's as if the showrunners said "You know it, I know it, let's get right to the plot."
  • Not even a minute into the episode, and Louie is already frustrated with Webby's zeal for danger.
    Webby: And that's why you don't scream while sinking in quicksand.
    Louie: (grabs her shirt front while coughing up sand) Webby, please don't tell me how to die!
  • Launchpad brings a burrito into the pyramid and starts munching on it while Scrooge is waxing lyrical about his long search for the lost tomb.
    Scrooge: LAUNCHPAD!!
    Launchpad: Did you... want a bite?
    Scrooge: (takes the burrito away) This is the last of the lost pyramids, show some respect!
    (Launchpad pulls another burrito out of his jacket and eats that)
  • When Dewey babbles excitedly about how he hopes there's a whole army of mummies down in the tomb, Huey ruins it for him by pointing out that mummification was expensive and reserved for royalty, only to backtrack when he notices Dewey getting disappointed.
    Huey: Toth-Ra was pretty rich, I bet there's at least six!
    • The dialogue about what the pharaohs were buried with. Yes, treasure, but also, you know, dead servants and jars full of their own organs.
    Louie: Ignoring the bad part! See you in the treasure room! Wheee!
  • The team dropping into a pit and right into a horde of mummies.
    Dewey: Mummies!
    Scrooge: Shh, they could be dangerous! Speak, you ancient miscreants!
    Amunet: *steps out of the shadows, revealing a very much alive young woman in bandages* Hey, what's up? *cue Theme Song*
    • Launchpad makes an Incredibly Lame Pun about Mummies and Daddies which falls flat. He tries repeating it to the mummies themselves.
  • Amunet gives the ducks a tour of the pyramid settlement, and points out her own house, which is right next to the public dump.
    Huey: They're awful close to each other.
    Amunet: It does not smell great, but almighty Toth-Ra decreed this is where I am to live.
  • One poor villager is assaulted by vendors who are trying to get him to buy their sand. A guy wearing a trenchoat walks up, laughs evilly and offers the sand inside his coat pockets. The villager makes a wise decision and runs for it.
  • Amunet telling Scrooge and the gang in a foreboding tone that all who enter the pharaoh's chambers never return. Cue Scrooge and the others desperately shaking the gates bars.
    Amunet: (innocently) Too much?
  • Louie's not really panicking about being separated from the others and trapped in the pharaoh's treasure room. "It's a room full of treasure, Scroogey's gonna find it!"
    • The Fact that he calls Scrooge "Scroogey."
  • While Louie is checking out everything in the treasure room, against Webby's advice, he decides to check what's in the jars, eagerly anticipating more treasure. Anyone who's familiar with ancient Egyptian burial practices (or who paid attention earlier in the episode— see six bullet points up) knows where this is going.
    Webby: Oooh, a kidney!
    • And when the guard catches them in the treasure chamber, Louie says "We brought that kidney from home, I swear!"
  • When Louie tries to talk the priest into releasing him and Webby, he pretends that he's a Pharaoh who is superior to Toth-Ra. Webby's response?
  • Huey tries to explain how the sun works to Amunet, but she interrupts him with a patronizing "Aw, not the sharpest sickle in the shed, are you, kid?"
    Huey: (indignant) I've got a Junior Woodchuck badge in sickle sharpening that says otherwise!
  • Scrooge tries to incite a rebellion in Toth-Ra's followers with promises of freedom, but they barely react. Then Launchpad introduces them to burritos, and they are immediately ready to rise up against their pharaoh to get more "bor-ee-tows".
  • Louie tries to talk his way out of their predicament, and just when it seems like it's working, Gilligan Cut to the guard hanging the two over the spike pit. He tells the two to scream to their deaths... or until they hit the bottom.
    • Webby admitting that while she never thought she'd die by spikes, she did always hope.
    • Louie thinks Webby made up the sacrificial ritual in order to stall the guard. She tells him those rituals were real.
    Louie: What?! You were helping him try to kill us?!
    Webby: If I'm gonna be sacrificed, I'm gonna do it right!
  • The godawful attempts of Training the Peaceful Villagers that drive Scrooge up the wall. Dewey gets them to do a Zombie Gait, Huey makes attack plans which are shot down by Amunet's tales of Toth-Ra's powers, and Launchpad trains them to fold blankets like burritos.
    Scrooge: We're going to die down here.
    • Dewey says he'll come up with another idea, which involves the people acting like Frankenstein's monsters. During the actual fight, his final idea turns out to be the Thriller dance.
    • Ironically, Launchpad's technique actually becomes useful in the fight against the resurrected Toth-Ra. After Scrooge trips him, the mummies roll him up in a blanket and carries him across the rune and back on his throne, breaking the resurrection spell.
  • Right when the rebels storm through the gates and are about to head into Toth-Ra's chamber:
    Scrooge:: Where are we going?
    Army:: The pharaoh's throne room!
    Scrooge: And what are we going to do?
    Army: Anything he asks!
    Scrooge: No! You're going to stand up for yourselves while I rescue my kids!
    Jackal guy: Right. But if we attack Toth-Ra and he tells us to surrender, we should do that. Right?
    (Scrooge Face Palms)
  • The much-hyped Toth-Ra turns out to be a hoax being perpetrated by the descendant of the pharaoh's personal guard. Toth-Ra's mummy is just rigged up to a mechanism on his throne, allowing the guard to make him move and get the followers to obey him. Of course, Toth-Ra actually DOES come back to life when Louie breaks the mechanism, catapulting the mummy off his throne across a magic rune on the floor, and is just as powerful and dangerous as his followers had been led to believe.
    Webby: Yes, the mummy's real! ...oh right, yeah, that's a bad thing.
    • There's a funny carving on the wall showing the original personal guard trying to resurrect his master by slapping his corpse awake.
    • Fridge Brilliance here; the guard was running a literal pyramid scheme.
    • "No! You are going to come over here! Because I am going to smite you, so hard!"
  • When Scrooge and the others arrive in the treasure room with the rigged-up Toth-Ra mummy, and are reunited with Webby:
    Scrooge: Where's Louie?
    Scrooge: Never mind, I found him.
  • After stuffing the guard in a sarcophagus, Toth-Ra throws it at the villagers who dodge it and it lodges itself into the wall. The coffin opens, leaving the guard to roll out in confusion.
  • Scrooge giving an inspirational speech about burritos, then Amunet takes over. Oh yes, they're taking this gag as far as they can go.
    Scrooge: Is any of this making sense?
    Amunet: This was never about burritos!
    Scrooge: (genuinely surprised) It wasn't?
  • When Amunet's claim that Toth-Ra has scarab spies turns out to be true, we get this exchange.
    Amunet: Told ya.
    Huey: ...Coincidence. That beetle could have said anything.
  • Despite being a Knight of Cerebus, Toth-Ra still gets defeated in a rather humorous way, getting wrapped into a giant burrito and being carried back to his throne.
  • Amunet seeing the sun for the first time (for more than a few seconds).
    Amunet: Agh! The sun god is angry! Everybody back inside! (Scrooge gives her a pair of sunglasses) ...Oh! (giggles sheepishly)
  • What's the first thing Toth-Ra's followers do after being liberated from the pyramid? Why, go to a taco truck of course.
    Launchpad: Yeah, we'll have 100 quasadillas, 50 tostadas...oh, and 200 burritos especiales!
    • Scrooge offers to pay for everyone's food... until he's told how much it'll cost; he tries to backpedal but Launchpad, obliviously, makes him pay anyway. "Mmf! My money!"
    • What's funnier is that the personal guard can be seen standing in line with the others.
    • More Fridge Brilliance: The bill for feeding everyone was $9000, and Scrooge is the Richest Duck in the World. That's a drop in the bucket for him! He might be more generous in this show, but he's still The Scrooge.
  • For giving them freedom, Amunet gives Launchpad the golden khopesh of the Pharaoh. And Scrooge gets... a burrito. After eating it, he admits it's pretty good.
    • The overly elaborate way he prepares to eat it is pretty funny too. It's like he's preparing to sample a fine wine.

    Episode 9: The Impossible Summit of Mt. Neverrest! 
  • The episode starts out with what seems to be the group chilling in the plane as they're headed towards their destination. However, Launchpad later appears in the window to tell them the doors were now open. He crashed yet again.
  • Apparently, Santa Claus is not allowed in McDuck Manor. "He knows what he did."
  • How Scrooge didn't take into account that after how many years that people would eventually find places like Neverrest and turn it into a place for tourists.
  • Scrooge calls George Mallardy a quitter for not making it to the top of Neverrest.
    Louie: You realize there's a difference between quitting and dying, right?
    Scrooge: Not to me.
  • Dewey is disappointed that he can never find his name among the souvenir name keychains at these kinds of tourist places.
  • Webby buying a sled and going down a slope to get sledding off of her bucket list. She goes down about a couple of feet before falling to her side and deciding she accomplished sledding.
  • The fact that one of the things on Webby's bucket list is to high-five a Brontosaurus.
    • Even better when you realize that, all things considered, that's an entirely reasonable goal for her.
      • Even funnier when you remember that Scrooge is so rich that he probably does have a time machine, somewhere. Not to mention that the previous installments of the series featured a prehistoric Lost World.
  • Huey pointing out how the map for Neverrest was totally inaccurate. Mountain goats were not native to the region, and he questions why the sun needed sunglasses.
    • This could be a nod towards Gravity Falls when Dipper asks Soos why his towel had a picture of a sun wearing sunglasses.
  • After Scrooge tells the kids they'll be climbing to the top of the mountain, which has never been successfully done before. Everyone is pretty much for it, until Louie finds out that there is no treasure involved.
    Louie: (tosses away his climbing gear and walks away) Nope. Louie out!
    Louie: (waving) Have fun!
  • When Scrooge asks Launchpad how he paid for all the gear:
    Launchpad: Louie put it on his corporate credit card.
    Scrooge: Louie doesn't have a corporate credit card.
    Launchpad: Oh. (beat) Louie gave me your credit card.
  • As they get to the point of no return, there are two signs reading, "certain death" and "hot cocoa". Dewey and Webby happily declare "certain death!"
    Scrooge: That's the spirit!
  • Scrooge promises that nothing will happen to the kids, but then part of the mountain that Dewey stands on breaks away and Scrooge pulls him to safety.
    Scrooge: From now on, nothing bad from now on.
  • The small running gag of Dewey having to tell Webby that it wasn't the right moment to sled.
    • The second time she asks, he pushes her sled out of the way as she tries to jump on, causing her to face plant in the snow.
    Dewey: (smugly) Maximum, opportune, moment.
    Webby: (muffled) Ugh. Fine...
    • When they're dangling over a cliffside Webby asks if now was the perfect moment.
    Dewey: (glances down) I think that would technically be more falling than sledding.
    Webby: (looks mildly disappointed)
  • Launchpad is conned into buying a bunch of stuff for "ice fever," and soon falls back into the tourist trap town where his goggles fog up in the sauna, causing him to spend the day blindly wandering around thinking he's still on the mountain and suffering all the symptoms.
    • "No! This is not the end of Launchpad McQuack! It will be by plane crash, or not at all!"
  • The group find the skeleton of George Mallardy, with 'Curse You McDuck' scratched into the wall beside it. Dewey and Webby turn an unimpressed look on Scrooge.
    Scrooge: Och, jings! If I had a nickel for every person who cursed me with their dying breath, I'd be twice as rich as I already am.
    • Scrooge recounting when Mallardy told him to lighten his load, but claimed to be too afraid to risk his emergency supplies... and his sizeable money belt.
    • He then steps over Mallardy's corpse and smirks, saying Mallardy was now the man to make it the second furthest up the mountain. Huey scolds Scrooge.
    Scrooge: What? He was a backstabbing-braggart who almost got me killed!
  • A Blink-and-You-Miss-It moment, when Huey is showing the map with all the markings he made, one of them says "WTD?!", which most likely stands for What The Duck.
  • The Running Gag of Scrooge and kids ending right back at Bunny Rock.
    • Bunny Rock itself. When they begin to reach the uncharted areas of the mountain, Huey starts naming all the mountain features they come across, and names a rock formation that looks like a fluffy smiling bunny "Bunny Rock". Then the snow falls off, revealing that it actually looks like a scary demon face.
    Huey: Mmmm... still gonna call it Bunny Rock.
  • Louie stumbling into Launchpad and realizing his friend got scammed. He's more angry with the scammer than with Launchpad.
    Louie: No one cons my family but me!
  • Scrooge and the kids make it to the top, and Scrooge lets out a loud laugh in excitement. You can guess what happens next.
    Scrooge: We're almost to the top of Neverrest! Ha, ha, ha!! (snow breaks off from some peaks and slides down the mountain)... (more quietly) Ha, ha...
    • The Oh, Crap! look Scrooge makes when he remembers what happens if he's too loud.
  • The reason for why the mountain is so difficult to climb: it's littered with invisible wormholes, meaning that once you get high up enough, you just start getting teleported around with no sense of direction.
  • After Launchpad blindly stumbles around the Sauna, ruining several people's vacations, he runs into Louie, who he assumes is also lost. After Louie gets the story out of him, he returns to the unscrupulous vendor, proudly declaring 'nobody scams my family but me!'
    • His revenge scheme is also rather amusing. He leads Launchpad to the shop, loudly declaring that he contracted a terminal case of ice fever due to the gear he bought there being faulty. The vendor, quickly growing annoyed at these antics, yells that Launchpad can't be dying of ice fever because he made it up. All of his customers then become disgruntled and chase after him.
  • Scrooge makes it close to the top of Neverrest and declares that the mountain has now been conquered as he jumps through a portal. Unfortunately, he ends up going through the same portal that leads back to where he stood.
    Scrooge: Consider yourself! (jumps through a portal but goes back to the same spot) Conquered! (looks down in confusion) Conquered! (jumps at another angle but still goes through the portal like before) Conquered!
  • The group teleporting all across the mountain as they sled down, continually screaming, pausing to sigh in relief, before teleporting again and screaming.
  • After sledding almost all the way down the mountain on an avalanche that nearly got them killed.
    Webby: So... that's sledding? (beat) Meh.

     Episode 10: The Spear of Selene! 
  • Launchpad is initially perfectly unfazed by the lightning striking all around the plane.
    Launchpad: Aw, come on, a little lightning never killed anyone!
    Huey: Statistically speaking-!
  • Webby giving a secret wink to Dewey, who can barely manage a grin and a thumbs up as he continues to scream with everyone else as Launchpad's plane plummets.
  • Donald being stuck between Storkules's pecs, but is too done with the situation to truly be annoyed.
  • The manticore that's about the size of your average crab on the beach (hey, just because it's a mythical creature doesn't mean it's big and menacing).
  • Storkules slapping Donald on the back so hard he starts sinking into the earth.
  • Storkules's unwavering affection towards this best friend, Donald. But Donald thinks of him as an acquaintance, at least until the end.
    • After the Siren song, Zeus tells Storkules to stop cuddling up to the enemy, and Scrooge tells him to lay off because those two are best friends.
  • When Zeus arrives in a clap of thunder, Louie and Dewey look terrified. Donald and Scrooge just stare upwards with an "Oh, there he is" expression.
  • Upon meeting Zeus, Huey excitedly starts asking questions about the specifics of Zeus's powers. Then Louie interrupts him to casually ask the king of the Greek gods where he could find a good gyro on the island. Kid has his priorities straight.
    Louie: (stage whisper to Huey) Always ask the locals.
  • Zeus telling the whole story of why the people left the island and says that they thought he was a lame god because he was beaten by a mortal. Scrooge quietly walks to an urn to pick it up and show an illustration of Zeus causing a storm that made the inhabitants grumpily walk away.
    Zeus: There may have also been a year-long lightning storm.
    • The urn with Storkules and Donald that says "BFF's 4EVER". Even in the painting, Donald looks somewhat put-out to be in Storkuleses presence.
  • The Gilligan Cut of the group cheering for a beach party to sitting on the beach with very little to do.
  • "Leave it to an immortal to whine about the good old days."
  • Zeus using his thunder to stop the group from leaving, declaring that they weren't going anywhere.
    Huey and Louie: Whoo!
    Donald and Scrooge: Ah, phooey.
  • Dewey and Webby getting past the traps, and Dewey pumps himself up.
  • Donald's bare attempts to participate in the games, he actually wins in some cases.
    • In the first game, after the other three take off, Donald simply says "Uh, no", and turns around to walk away.
  • Louie's real name is finally revealed. It's Llewelyn, and he begs Storkules not to use it out loud.
  • Dewey and Webby are in the grip of a fearsome sea monster... who turns out to be guarding the Spear of Poseidon. After the two explain they're looking for the Spear of Selene, the monster politely puts them down and gives them directions.
    • Dewey pokes his head back in to apologize for calling Charybdis a hideous monster, and that he's sure she's very attractive by sea monster standards.
    Charybdis: ... Not really. Thanks though.
  • Storkules makes a huge muscular statue of Donald.
    • Muscular and nude, fig leaf and all!
  • Donald's bay of clay is still a bag of clay. He didn't even bother.
  • Webby admiring the small scale model of Ithoquack and finds a small chimera on the hill that she says is "so cute I just wanna slay it!"
  • When the Siren begins singing while displaying Glowing Eyes of Doom, Scrooge tells the others to cover their ears.
    Scrooge: No good ever came from a creepy child singing!
  • Louie's justification for stealing from the girl? He's a kid too, so it's fine!
  • Scrooge saying, "Just lay off, man! It's not my fault I best you at pretty much everything I do!" Louie says, "Not helping!"
  • Webby and Dewey finally meet the goddess Selene. At the beginning, she's not exactly helpful.
    Douie: So, where's the Spear of Selene, Selene?
    Selene: What spear?
    Dewey: The one Della took from your garden.
    Selene: (Materializes a glowing sphere) You mean the Sphere of Selene?
    Dewey: Why does no one get what I'm saying?!
    • Selene then asks if they were talking about the "Sword of Selene" and then begins to direct them to where the sword was located.
  • Louie's convincing argument to the Siren to get her to switch sides (the best part is that it actually works):
    Louie: Zeus just wants to use you. I want to use you to make us both rich.
  • The Vocal Dissonance of the Siren when she stops singing after Louie promises to use her to make them both rich off of her voice. It sounds like an old grandmother.
  • Scrooge's Bad "Bad Acting" when he throws a game of bocce against Zeus, just to get the guy to let them leave.
    • Dewey accidentally lets the sphere drop and roll onto the game, causing it to bump Zeus' ball out of the circle. Cue an Oh, Crap! look on Dewey's face when he goes to retrieve it.
    Zeus: NO!!
    Scrooge: We should go now.
  • The final scene of the episode? Launchpad took apart the entire airplane to find the problem, and he triumphantly holds up a small screw.

    Episode 11: Beware the B.U.D.D.Y. System! 
  • The Cold Open is essentially a lost Darkwing Duck episode. Highlights (of a two minute clip) include
    • Quackerjack using toy chattering teeth to show he's scared
    • Mr. Banana Brain is a member of this heist but is not Paddywhack. He's just there.
    • Megavolt is furious someone broke the bulbs
    • Darkwing admits his intro may be a bit long.
    • S.H.U.S.H. is advertised on a billboard.
    • After Launchpad mentions that the actor playing Darkwing does his own stunts, there is a close up of Darkwing on the ground after a bad fall, feebly telling the cameraman "Keep rolling."
  • Launchpad is dressing up for a special occasion, so he asks Dewey which shirt he should wear: the shirt with the ketchup stain or the one with the mustard stain.
    Dewey: Mustard, looks less like blood.
  • The revelation that Launchpad just got his driver's license... right after Dewey is in the limo he's about to drive. What's more, he had it sent to Scrooge so that he would be the first to see it, not realizing what a bad idea that would be.
    Dewey: (after finding out Launchpad just got his drivers license) Uh, wait what? (Screaming)
    • After the Theme Song, Dewey asks the obvious question: how can Launchpad be chauffeur if he doesn't have a driver's license?
      Launchpad: Ah, come on! I have a pilot's license, don't I? Wait, don't I?
    • When Scrooge receives Launchpad's mail:
      Scrooge: Stop having mail delivered to my office. That's for incoming checks and death threats only.
  • Launchpad goes around acting like Scrooge will throw a surprise party for him. He keeps on entering rooms saying "Surprise!" When he checks the Supply closet, he gives a dejected "Supplies?"
  • Dewey and Launchpad are curious at what Gyro's new project was, and after his short Techno Babble explanation, Dewey and Launchpad both reply with: "Uh?" Scrooge translates it to "sound-powered train". Dewey and Launchpad still reply with "Uh?"
  • Gyro's sound-operated monorail model going nuts due to Fenton ranting a mile a minute.
  • Gyro tells Fenton to "try to think."
    Fenton: (dejected) That's all I do all the time.
    Gyro: Well, do it better!
  • Even Gyro doesn't seem to understand Beaks' posts, as he asks Dewey what a sequence of smiley face, anvil and roadkill emojis means.
    • Before leaving, Gyro claims that Beaks couldn't even program a microwave.
  • What does B.U.D.D.Y mean?
    Beaks: "Beaks. Unmanned. Driver. Drone. Yay!"
  • Gyro asks how Beaks can ensure that the robot won't turn evil. Then he becomes introspective when he realizes he's never asked that question out loud.
  • Launchpad challenging B.U.D.D.Y. to a race and saying the winner will get free candy for life, until Dewey whispers to him a more practical award of being named the ultimate driver.
    Launchpad: (Beat) Oh, that's better.
  • Launchpad trying to explain the reason they came to the lab by saying it was for a friend not definitely not for him.
  • The Headless Manhorse is back! He's now an intern for Gyro under the name "Manny."
    • Fenton having a phone conversation with Manny, who can only stamp his hoof in response.
    Manny: (tapping his hoof on the floor) Who is this?
    • Borderline Awesome when you realize Fenton can understand him despite the hoof-tapping being nowhere near the mouthpiece of the phone.
  • Gyro calling for Fenton.
    Gyro: Dummy! There are some dummies here to see you.
    Fenton: At your beck and call, doctor Gearloose! I heard everything. (looks up warily to Manny) Everything.
  • Fenton tries to show off the Blatherstrike project, but Gyro gives a Big "NO!" and shuts it down, meekly explaining that it wasn't ready yet. He then angrily tells Fenton to go to his room.
  • Fenton has set up his makeshift office in a bathroom stall because Gyro told him it was where his work belonged. He never realized this was an insult until he says it aloud with Launchpad and Dewey.
  • Gyro is sulky half the episode due to believing that Mark Beaks had beaten him to autonomous self-driving cars (that don't turn evil).
  • At the race, Fenton has put so many sticky notes on Launchpad's windshield that he can only see out of a sticky-note-sized hole.
    Fenton: (after a lengthy and fast-talking Techno Babble) Did you get all that?
    Launchpad: ... Yes.
  • Beaks making airhorn sounds at the starting line, and after no response he sighs and deadpans, "That means 'go'."
  • The Brick Joke that Launchpad just can't fathom the concept of not crashing.
  • When Launchpad runs a red light on the bike, B.U.D.D.Y.'s screen flashes to many different icons that looks akin to how people would swear in comics.
  • After Gyro exposes B.U.D.D.Y. of being a bulb of his own design, he dramatically demands a police officer to arrest him. The officer is actually a cardboard cutout that falls flat for comedic effect.
  • Mark then reveals he got Gyro's design of bulb tech of a message forum he went on. Gyro demands to know how his design got on the internet, before his eyes suddenly widen in realization, as Fenton is surprised no one had the idea of Mark's improved tech on the message board. note 
    • Gyro's voice pitching with rage when Fenton reveals he was the one who put his blue prints on the message board.
    • There something mildly amusing about Gyro attempting to tear Fenton apart that it takes Scrooge and Dewey to hold him back while a nervous Fenton stammers "but" while hiding behind the Lil' Bulb B.U.D.D.Y.
      • With Gyro's only intelligible word in his fit of rage being "vengeance!"
    • Also the way Gyro's voice cracks as he yells, "FIREEEEEED!!"
  • Gyro asks how Beaks got past the morality circuit on Lil' Bulb to keep them from going evil. Beaks says he just made Lil' Bulb look cooler and didn't change anything because it was just a dumb robot. Cue an Oh, Crap! from Gyro and a Rapid-Fire "No!" as he struggles to get out of the seat belts.
    • The lever B.U.D.D.Y pulls is labeled "Luduckrous mode".
  • The Funny Background Event of the car swerving around while Fenton and Launchpad wallow in their misery.
  • To try and fry its circuits Beaks suggest posing a question and asks Lil' Bulb "What is love?" Gyro immediately tells him it's stupid and asks Lil' Bulb if he could invent an element so heavy even he couldn't lift it.
    Beaks: I definitely could.
    Gyro: NO YOU COULDN'T!
  • Since Dewey is shorter than the others, he easily evades the extra seatbelts trying to restrict him and he simply slips out, grabbing Scrooge's cane and honking on the horn.
  • The Slow-Motion Pass-By of the group in the B.U.D.D.Y car
  • Fenton suggesting Launchpad to corral the car them in the ravine, and Launchpad simply points out he would probably just crash into them.
  • In a Metasense, Darkwing Duck - who is both a gloryhound and who hates Gizmoduck - manages to one up Gizmoduck BY BEING THE FIRST THING IN THE EPISODE. He debuts before even Fenton shows up!
  • When Fenton summons the Gizmoduck armour, there's a moment where he anxiously asks Manny if anything actually happened — just before the armour slams into him and knocks him off-screen with a scream.
  • Gizmoduck immediately getting run over after saving Scrooge, Mark and Gyro.
    Gizmoduck: Call me- (Lil' Bulb crashes into him) Gizmoduuuuuuuuuuuuuck!
    • Beak's reaction to Gizmoduck almost seems like he was told Christmas came early, accompanied with sparkles in his eyes.
  • Fenton's helmet falls off in front of Launchpad and Dewey, exposing him as Gizmoduck. Launchpad immediately comes to the conclusion that Fenton was actually a robot the whole time, much to Fenton's annoyance.
    • It's even funnier the second time, where Launchpad calls the evil robot driver a bucket of bolts, and then apologetically asks Fenton if that statement was offensive.
    • Every time Fenton tries to tell Launchpad that he isn't a robot, something ends up interrupting him.
    • Launchpad says goodbye to Gizmoduck, when he's still Fenton.
  • So many of Gizmoduck's tools are literally pulled out of his ass!
    • What's even better is how the tools are named, "Gluteal Grappler" and "Pectoral Parachute".
  • After Launchpad drives Scrooge back to the money bin in the chronically crashed limo, the door falls off and Launchpad nonchalantly shoves it under the car.
  • Fenton promising Gyro that he wouldn't tell a soul of his true identity just as Launchpad bids farewell and calls Fenton "Gizmoduck". Fenton nervously adds, "From now on."
  • The sheer irony of Gyro expressing his disdain for the "Gizmoduck" name, given that he was the one who came up with the name in the original series.

    Episode 12: The Missing Links of Moorshire! 
  • Huey's face as he has to either warn people of Launchpad's incoming golf cart, and clearly regretting having Launchpad as his co-host in order to earn his Junior Woodchuck badge.
    Launchpad: (as the car sinks) This lake will be used for the swimming portion of this program!
  • Launchpad's utterly nonsensical commentary, as he apparently has no idea what sport they are playing.
    Launchpad: He's probably worried Glomgold will use his one free tackle before the speed round in the third quarter.
    Huey: What do you think is happening here?
    Launchpad: One heck of a game!
  • Louie's response to Scrooge's story of how their ancestor both invented golf and temporarily got the sport banned in Scotland:
    Louie: And we're...proud of that, in some way?
  • Scrooge taking advantage of Dewey's "wildly misplaced enthusiasm" in order to teach him golf.
    • Dewey earlier expressing his desire to learn from Scrooge.
    Dewey: Are you guys kidding me? A chance to learn the sport our family invented, from the greatest player who ever lived I assume because I don't follow golf, I want in!
  • The coin toss. Glomgold switches the official coin for a coin with only heads, then calls tails. He then tries throwing the coin into the ocean, and fails at that. In order to get things going, Scrooge lets him win the coin toss.
    • The fact that Huey could tell what Glomgold was doing despite being a distance away along with his monotone, golf commentator delivery of the action makes it especially hilarious.
  • Glomgold is really bad at golf, judging by his reaction to making a completely normal swing after Louie tells him to "just hit the ball in the hole".
    Glomgold: Holy haggis! It stayed on the course! It went forward! And I'm not on fire! That may be the best shot I've ever taken!
  • When Briar and Bramble first show up, Webby geeks out about "talking animals wearing clothing". As if to emphasize the Hypocritical Humor, the camera is pointed at her and the other ducks at the time.
    • Dewey then wonders aloud if they have died and gone to "Webby-heaven."
  • The Kelpies' repeated attempts to drown the group, and the Ducks' (and Glomgold's) blatant refusals.
    Briar: You're the least fun victims ever.
    • When Webby realizes that their manes are wet and deduces that they are kelpies, they respond with "We just got out of the shower, that's all!"
    • Just the fact that the kelpies are voiced by Tara Strong and Andrea Libman, who are the voice actors of half of the Mane Six. Bramble even sounds just like Fluttershy!
    • The fact that Bramble (having Fluttershy's voice) is talking so sweetly about what is essentially a murderous golf course and her own attempts at drowning the protagonists is reminiscent of Fluttershy's infamous "Nature is so fascinating." moment from the My Little Pony Comics.
    • Louie calling them "murder ponies".
    • Naturally, the only one who nearly falls for one of the kelpies' attempts to drown them is Launchpad.
  • Huey continuing his calm commentary and Scrooge asks if it was really necessary.
    Huey: (calm monotone) It helps me feel in control during a frankly insane situation.
    Launchpad: (same tone) I like talking this way 'cause it makes everything sound important. Baloney trampoline.
  • Louie is hired as Glomgold's caddie. He immediately proceeds to charge Glomgold for every gesture of assistance. This reaches mind-blowing levels at the climax, where even though the curse has started turning everyone to stone, he still instinctively holds his hand out for money to hand out golf clubs - to his own family. A lethal Death Glare given to him by Webby manages to snap him out of it.
  • Briar, the pink Kelpie, mimics Webby's voice and tries to convinces the group to not worry about hitting their golf-balls into the water, saying they can just get the Kelpies to give them a "ride" to retrieve it. Webby looks particularly annoyed.
    Briar: I'm the small girl duck. You can definitely trust me!
  • Upon discovering the reason Louie's stopped acting as his caddy (the petrifying mist is closing in, and has already started to claim him), Glomgold reacts to his impending statue-hood rather calmly.
    Glomgold: (Matter-of-factly) Oh, I see. (Shakes his fist at Scrooge) Curse yeh, Mc Duck! Curse yeh and my love of moment-savorin'!
  • Huey continuing his commentating even as the magic mist is closing in:
    Huey: Scrooge taking his time, I'm not sure why, there are lives at stake.
  • Promptly followed by all three of his, Launchpad's, and Louie's final words before they're turned to stone:
    Launchpad: Wait, whose? Oh, right...
    Huey: This has been Huey Duck, signing off!
    Louie: I hate this sport!
  • The Kelpies give Dewey the trophy that reads "Scroge" and "Douisie".
    Briar: Sorry, it was a rushed job.
    Bramble: We really didn't expect you to make it.
  • At the end, Launchpad makes an insightful comment on the moral of the episode... and then starts choking on golf balls.
    Launchpad: "They look like tasty eggs! I resisted for so long!"
    • The fact that Huey is both relieved and annoyed that Launchpad is back to normal.

     Episode 13: McMystery at McDuck McManor! 
  • Donald's reaction to realizing it was Scrooge's birthday? Hightail out of McDuck manor and drive the car out at the highest speed possible.
  • Beakley having to hush Webby about their "retreat", and Webby's Suspiciously Specific Denial doesn't help.
    • Then Webby's parting comment:
    Webby: If I don't come back, tell my story!
  • The first image we see of Duckworth is a painting of him...dusting a painting of Scrooge.
  • Huey brags about his party-planning skills, in particular noting one that he threw for the Junior Woodchuck party-planning committee.
    Huey: (smug) It was both work, and play.
  • Scrooge tackles a masked Dewey, thinking it was a home invasion. His helmet looks like Daft Punk, or in this show, DJ Daft Duck.
    Huey: Dewey's only answering to his DJ name tonight, just go with it.
    • The different faces and signs he uses throughout the episode to show his mood (since his face is all covered up).
    • During a live reading of this episode's script, Ben Schwartz actually had a keytar on stage providing the appropriate sound effects. It honestly hurt the show more than it helped.
      • Also during the live reading; Ben had a sound recorded specifically for the scene where Nik/Blackarts steals the keytar. The sound? Ben saying "This keytar is very uncomfortable!"
  • During the live-reading for the episode, the part of Glomgold ends up played by David Tennant, with Sam Riegel saying this will be the very first time a Scotsman will play Glomgold. David then does a deliberately bad Scottish accent.
  • Huey micromanaging the party.
    Huey: So, next is "mingling," from six to six-oh-five. Bathroom break at six-oh-six but keep it under a minute because at six-oh-seven we're scheduled to "have fun!"
  • Huey says that Louie put together a list of "Duckberg's most powerful and elite," and you can immediately see through Glomgold, Mark Beak and Ma Beagle's disguises.
  • They try to get Scrooge "into the spirit" by tossing a happy faced Scrooge mask on him. He pushes it off to show his still grumpy face.
    • Later, he puts the mask on a balloon tied to his chair as a decoy when he tries to sneak off.
  • Huey tries to change the plans and when he addresses Dewey, he gets no response. After a couple more tries he sighs and addresses him as "DJ Daft Duck", which causes Dewey's mask to light up with a smiley-face.
    Huey: Here's a list of pre-approved songs with a ninety-percent enjoyment rating. Play these!
  • Huey argues that birthday's are a celebration of life and after all Scrooge has done for them, they should show the guest of honor how much they're loved.
    Louie: By forcing him to have fun at a party that he doesn't want to be at??
    Huey: (happily) I knew you'd understand.
  • Scrooge calling out all of the illusionist's tricks.
  • Huey giving Scrooge big doe eyes and begging him to go to the illusionist for the party. Scrooge slowly and begrudgingly gives in.
  • Dewey apparently can't get the helmet off, which Louie promptly points out.
    Dewey: (using the keyboard and flashing a smiley face on his helmet) Oh, yeah!
    Louie: You can't get that helmet off, can you?
    Dewey: (sad face) Oh, no!
  • Nik Nokturne claims he can handle audience heckling, and therefore had no motive to kidnap Scrooge for making fun of his performance. The boys proceed to test that out. He barely lasts three taunts.
    Louie: Hey, why don't you make like anyone's interest in you and disappear!
  • Blackarts Beagle bragging about their entire plan and Ma Beagle constantly telling him to shut up. When he reveals that they were going do steal the deed from Duckburg, Ma Beagle sighs and face-palms.
    Huey: Of course! While he made our uncle disappear, Ma would sneak away to rob Scrooge!
    Blackarts: But rob him of what, you ask?!
    Ma Beagle: He didn't ask!
    • Just the very fact that Blackarts Beagle is apparently the guy's actual name, since Ma Beagle keeps referring to him as that while she tells him to can it.
  • The two arguing over why Louie even invited Ma Beagle.
    Louie: What? She's a powerful, totally legit businesswoman!
    Huey: She held us hostage two months ago!
    Louie: You gave me one hour to put together a guest list!
    Louie: You know what? Next time, you make the guest list.
  • When Huey explains that Scrooge actually owns the land Duckburg is built on and leases it to the town for a tidy profit:
    Louie: (dreamily) Oh, he's the best.
  • Ma Beagle having no idea who Mark Beaks is when he tries to greet her with his digital high-five app.
  • Beaks doesn't even remember Huey's name - all he can come up with when addressing him is "Hat."
  • Beaks claiming cash was dead and the new currency was "Buzz".
  • Mark Beaks came in to hack the security cameras and found footage of Scrooge running into a glass door thinking it was open, laughing at his stupidity. He then plans to upload it on the net to get tons of views on his channel and proceeds to leave. As he gloats, Beaks runs into a non-glass, completely opaque door. Ma Beagle then asks how this guy was one of Scrooge's nemeses.
  • Glomgold gets his typical lightning strike, as he does sometimes in his declaration of ego. Only this time, the lightning strike was on Dewey's keyboard, prompting a glare from Louie.
    Glomgold: Well, how did you know it was me?
    Louie: It's always you.
    Glomgold: AND IT ALWAYS WILL BE! (cue Evil Laugh)
  • Beaks actually gets in a good dig at Glomgold.
    Huey: So you took Scrooge!
    Glomgold: Took Scrooge? No, I was trying to kill Scrooge. That's like my whole thing.
    Beaks: FYI, you're terrible at your thing.
  • Glomgold and Ma Beagle briefly start bonding over their hatred of Beakley, and reminisce happily about Duckworth (and, to Huey's irritation, how he threw "the best parties").
  • The montage of Glomgold's failed attempts at a killer gift, which keep nearly killing him.
    Glomgold: ...And eventually I ran out of time, shoved a spare bomb into a box, and ran over. Ha! Ah, classic Glomgold.
  • When Glomgold disappears after Huey accuses him, Dewey's keyboard sound-effect response is a recording of Scrooge: "Bless-ble-ble-bless me bagpipes."
    • Then when Louie again suggests they call Beakley: "Chip chip cheerio!"
    Louie: Runnin' out of sound effects?
    DJ Daft Duck: (keyboard) Oh, yeah!
  • Huey starts to get snappy with his brothers:
    Huey: You've been conspiring against my amazing party from the start! Inviting villains! Being bad at DJing! Yeah, I said it!
    DJ Daft Duck: (plays "booing" sound effect on keyboard)
  • As the boys run away from the demon:
  • Huey lamenting his mistakes while hiding from the demon.
    Huey: I should have listened to Uncle Scrooge when he said, (mimicking Scrooge's accent) "Spit on me spats, Ah hate parrrties!"
  • The triplets find Scrooge sitting in front of the camera monitors and joyfully eating popcorn as he watches the demon get rid of Beaks, Glomgold and the Beagles.
  • The summoned demon grabbing Mark Beaks and he begs to not be killed, saying he was too young to die. When the demon lets go, Beaks falls about three feet from the window.
  • With his helmet and keyboard gone, Dewey tries to make his DJ sound effects by himself. "S-s-s-say WHAAAAAT?"
  • The boys reaction to meeting the ghost of Duckworth:
  • Huey suggests they have more parties during holidays ("... like Christmas, Hanukkah, or the often-overlooked Arbor Day...") and Duckworth changes into his demon form and creepily utters "Mr. McDuck said, 'no parties'!"
  • Webby greeting Duckworth with a casual "Hey, Duckworth!". As if meeting a ghost is a completely normal thing.
  • After Duckworth greets Beakley and lightly chastises her for her cleaning and leaving McDuck manor vulnerable, she grumpily walks through and mutters, "I preferred it when you were dead."

     Episode 14: Jaw$! 
  • The episodes begins with Lena sitting with Donald at McDuck Manor waiting for the kids to get back from their latest adventure. Donald assures her they'll be back soon, but she has no idea what he's saying.
  • The group then arrives back carrying armfuls of treasure, including Huey and Dewey carrying a giant gold coin.
    Scrooge: Ha, ha! Remember the old saying, kids! "Beans, beans, the magical fruit. Just plant your beans, and grab some loot!"
    Dewey: Man, I've been saying that rhyme all wrong.
  • Louie not even attempting to help his family lift the giant coin and instead leaning on it, saying they were going to bring it out back. Scrooge easily catches on.
    Scrooge: Nice try lad, but you know the drill. "All money goes to the bin-"
    Louie: (sighs grumpily) "Not next of kin."
    • He then leaves his family to continue struggling while sourly dropping all of his treasures next to Scrooge and leaves.
  • Beakley comes in and easily lifts the coin up with one hand, along with Donald, Dewey and Huey still holding onto it.
  • The adventure Scrooge and the boys are returning from is raiding the giant castle from Jack and the Beanstalk. Later, when Beakley talks about how the Board is concerned about the collateral damage caused by Scrooge's treasure hunts, we cut to the aftermath of the beanstalk cut down, the stalk crushing buildings all across town.
    Launchpad: Good news, Mr. McD! Beanstalk missed the orphanage! (brings out chainsaw)
  • Magica appears behind Lena and asks what her plan was.
    Lena: My current plan is, make popcorn, watch a movie and then Webby really wants us to brush our teeth.
    Magica: Dental hygiene can wait!
  • On Webby's board Lena asks why Scrooge hates magic and Webby summarizes that he thinks magic is a short cut to hard work and Scrooge wouldn't allow any kind of magic spell books in the house.
    Webby: (Beat) Wanna see what I snuck into the house?
  • Lena getting nervous when Webby asks if she knows anything about dark magic as she gets ready to flip through her book.
    Webby: (creepy voice) Ever wonder what dark forces loom in the shadows, waiting for the right time to pounce?
    Lena: (looking nervously between Webby and the book) He,he,he. No, can't say that I have.
  • Webby is about to tell Lena about an article she read about what games to play at slumber-parties and cue the triplets declaring a pillow fight and entering the room. However, Lena and Webby are upstairs, and they immediately cream the boys.
  • Beakley using a water spray bottle to try and get Scrooge to behave. At one point, Scrooge hides behind a chair after being sprayed. What makes this scene funnier is how she switches to an American accent when pretending to be the interviewer.
  • Beakley pretending to be the interviewer coming to talk to Scrooge asks in a flighty voice, "I love your accent, Mr. McDuck. Tell me, what part of Ireland are you from?" Scrooge's enraged reaction is priceless right when he said he could handle tough questions.
    • And then the interviewer asks him the exact same question. The camera then cuts to the other plot, and when it cuts back to Scrooge, he's apparently finishing a long rant about how Ireland is not Scotland.
  • Huey and Louie making commentary as Dewey is about to dive into the money bin, complete with Huey singing the "national anthem of Dewdonia".
    • "When asked if he was concerned about the possibility of injuring himself on the cold hard cash below, he simply replied: 'Nerp!'"
    • " Oh Dewdonia, land of the few! Home of the duck, clothed all in blue~!"
  • When Dewey gets eaten by a coin shark it cuts to Louie and Huey running away from the Money Bin in an Overly Long Scream. It only ends once they enter Webby's room.
  • Louie pantomiming what happened at the bin, since he and Huey were so out of breath. And Webby understands it!
    Webby: (looking at Lena's confused face) What? I'm really good at charades.
  • The kids wonder how they're going to get a boat in the Money Bin, cue Launchpad slamming open the doors.
    Launchpad: My best friend Dewey is in trouble! I can feel it.
  • Launchpad and the kids stealing Donald's houseboat and Donald being completely oblivious to it.
  • It looks like they have a solid plan and a good escape, but of course, it's Launchpad. Cue the helicopter with the rope floating away and you hear it crash in the distance.
  • Louie sighing when they start using expensive items to lure the money shark.
    Louie: (hugging the vase) So long, future inheritance.
  • Launchpad's main priority is saving Dewey and only Dewey. He even forgets Huey and Louie's names.
    Launchpad: (after Huey and Louie are about to be eaten) Dewey's brothers!
  • The fact that Magica has named the magical shark Tiffany.
  • Huey reading off facts about sharks teeth and how powerful they are, and Louie points out how that's not helping.
    Huey: Facts comfort me when I'm nervous!
  • Roxanne Featherly being friendly with Scrooge and promising him their interview will just be a conversation... then the cameras roll and she immediately rips into him.
    Roxanne Featherly: I'm here with multi-millionaire menace, Scrooge McDuck, who values profit over people's lives. I'll take your awkward smile as a confirmation that you enjoy feeling superior to everyone in the—now ravaged—town of Duckburg.
    Scrooge: No! I—
    Roxanne: Now Mr. McDuck, I can't quite place your accent. Tell me, what part of Ireland are you from?
  • Launchpad ends up getting eaten by Tiffany.
    Launchpad: (inside the shark) (Beat) Oh, hey guys!
  • Glomgold joins the TV interview by video. When Scrooge complains that he tried to blow up his mansion twice this week, Glomgold tries to do it a third time, but the detonator fails and he's left embarrassed.
  • Roxanne covering the sudden money shark appearance and quickly finds out it has legs.
    Scrooge: Of course it does.
    • She then reports that citizens were going out in boats to collect the falling money, saying Scrooge's fortune was up for grabs. She then asks for Glomgold's input.
    Glomgold: (Beat) (Dashes out of his spinning chair)
    Scrooge: Ah! Me money! (Beat) And, the fine citizens of Duckburg... (Eye Twitch)
    • Scrooge attempts to sneak out of the interview.
  • Scrooge jumping into the shark's jaws after it eats his number one dime.
    Huey, Dewey and Louie: Hi, Uncle Scrooge!
    Launchpad: Hey, Mr. McD!
    Scrooge: (Beat) Everyone.
  • After the money shark is defeated, Scrooge tries to keep people from taking his money. The interviewer then arrives, claiming that Scrooge has generously donated the money that made up the shark. Scrooge can do nothing but smile awkwardly for the camera, as the Beagle Boys, accompanied by Hack and Slashnote  and Glomgold in a Paper-Thin Disguise come to pick up the remaining loot. If one pays close attention to his disguise, he has a hat with a red-eyed yellow shark on it. He apparently has a hat for this exact event.
    Glomgold (in a poor disguise): Thank you, kind sir!
    Scrooge (wearing a very forced grin): You're... welcome...
  • Lena and Magica arguing over the failed attempt at stealing Scrooge's number one dime. Magica accuses Lena for tarnishing the mission, whilst Lena argues that she didn't want to be eaten.
    Magica: You would have probably survived!

     Episode 15: The Golden Lagoon Of White Agony Plains! 
  • Glomgold's wing of the museum is basically all exhibits of leftovers he got from times he lost to Scrooge. He still tries to treat them like victories. Scrooge meanwhile takes the exhibit celebration as an opportunity to take advantage of the complimentary buffet.
    • He's really dedicated to it, he brings zip-lock bags and specially tailored tuxedos with plastic lined pockets to achieve maximum mooching. He makes the nephews wear them too; apparently the plastic means you "lose less dip".
    • During the climax at the Golden Lagoon, Scrooge gets knocked down and Glomgold finds one of the bags in his jacket.
    Glomgold: I'm sorry, is that an entire bag of Swedish meatballs?! That's it; at the next gala, no buffet!
    • And even before that, when Glomgold's spying on Scrooge and Goldie:
    Glomgold: "Take my date, will ye? No one steals from Flintheart - hey! Are those my teriyaki skewers?!"
    • One of the exhibits at Glomgold's wing is a dinosaur he named "Glomosaurus rex", which is actually just random parts of different dinosaurs stuck together into one skeleton (including the skull and neck of a stegosaur sticking out from the eye socket of a tyrannosaur) and with man-made apparel thrown onto it for good measure.
    Huey: Seriously? How could you know it wore a crown?
  • Dewey has somehow gotten the idea that it's cool to wear your bowtie undone because it makes people think, "Did he party so hard it just flew open?", obviously (or is it hopefully?) too young and naïve to know what kind of "partying" such signs of sloppy dressing typically signify...
    • Louie's expression suggests he might know.
  • When they all first meet at the gala, Glomgold starts ranting (untruthfully) about how he and Goldie are together now, tyring to rub it in his rival's face, and Scrooge and Goldie both stand there staring at him, not in anger or even annoyance, but in pure, genuine confusion, like they're wondering why in the world he's spouting this gibberish. It's not until they wordlessly head for the dance floor together that he realizes they're completely ignoring him - Scrooge even leaves Glomgold holding his staff, just because he needed somewhere to put it to dance with Goldie.
  • Scrooge and Goldie while dancing recount various fantastical adventures to each other the way one would talk about what they had for supper yesterday.
    • When Scrooge brings up he had to stop an uprising in an alternate dimension, Goldie comments she instigated that uprising as she was leaving the very same dimension, and muses she probably missed Scrooge just as he was arriving.
  • The triplets spend most of the episode gushing over Scrooge's love life. Earlier, when Goldie and Scrooge start getting into their conversation at the gala:
    Dewey: I'm both disturbed and intrigued.
    • In a desperate attempt to make Scrooge jealous, Glomgold grabs Dewey and starts dancing with him. He then gets upset that Dewey is outdoing him as a dancer.
    Glomgold: Stop one-upping my one-upsmanship! Dance worse than me!
    Dewey: (cheerfully) No can do-ey!
  • Launchpad listening to Scrooge's story of how he and Goldie were looking for the Golden Lagoon... when he should be driving instead. He narrowly misses crashing into the fountain in front of McDuck Mansion.
  • Huey lampshades the show's necessary abuse of Comic-Book Time when it comes to Scrooge's past, as the Klondike Gold Rush occurred in the 1890s, and the original Carl Barks and Don Rosa comics took place in the 1950s, when Scrooge was in his 80s. Because the new series is set in in the modern day, he'd have to be almost 140 years old.
    Huey: Gold Rush? Wait, how old are you?!
    (Beat, as Scrooge pointedly doesn't answer.)
  • Goldie reveals that she had Webby and Mrs. Beakley tied up in a closet. Beakley barely has time to tell off Scrooge for "letting that thief back into..." before Goldie closes the door on her.
  • The boys continue to "OOooOOooh…" at Scrooge and Goldie from the doorway until Scrooge closes the door by throwing a chair at it.
  • Goldie's epic Oh, Crap! face when she realizes the map she was looking for is in Scrooge's hat. Bonus points because she had just ransacked his mansion and tied up Beakly and Webby and somehow completely missed it, despite wearing said hat.
    • According to Frank Angones' tumblr page, Donald was "easy to trick" and Duckworth was "dusting", so Goldie basically had free reign...
  • The boys cheer for Scrooge to accept Goldie's invitation to find the treasure.
    Huey, Dewey, and Louie: Date! Date! Date!
    Scrooge and Goldie: It's not a date!
  • While at a general store getting supplies, Scrooge asks for waterproof spats. The vendor tells him they don't sell them, so Scrooge asks for a knife and a pair of boots instead... and uses the knife to cut the boots into spats.
  • Scrooge has the reaction one would normally see in shows when the guy sees the plain girl after her makeover, but it's when Goldie changes out of her slinky gold dress and into adventuring gear. It seems he has a type.
  • It's deeply amusing to watch the treasure hunters work through an obstacle course of Death Traps that they set themselves. "One of yours?"
    Goldie: It was over a hundred years ago, we were different people back then.
    • The traps include a barrage of flying arrows from Goldie to a giant bear trap bigger than an adult duck left by Scrooge. Glomgold later turns up, with a snake biting him, so one of them was apparently a trap of snakes!
      • Even better? They set these in the 1890s, so Goldie managed to bring a massive set of arrows with her and Scrooge managed to bring a giant bear trap with him and they apparently managed to do it without each other knowing. How on Earth did they manage that before cars came along?
  • Apparently, things Goldie has done to Scrooge include: "left [him] for dead in the Gobi Desert, sold [him] to Portuguese Pirates, threw [him] out of an air-ship over the Himalayas" as well as an incident with a bi-plane and a deranged pilot called Foghorn with a weird glass eye that turned out to be a marble - Scrooge describes it as a "disaster". Apparently, attempting to kill each other has become a running gag for the two of them.
  • The entire one-man elevator gag, treated by both the writers and Glomgold like a There Is Only One Bed scenario ("What were you doing in a one-person elevator with Scrooge?!").
  • Glomgold's not in the best shape after somehow working his way through the cave's Death Traps. "Stupid McDuck and his stupid clever traps..."
    • Even funnier if you consider that some of those traps might've been set by Goldie, whom he was trying to woo throughout the episode.
      • Might've? They were - she even says so herself at one point!
  • Glomgold's Failed Attempt at Drama as he tries, once again, to kill Scrooge.
    Glomgold: (cutting their rope) So long, Scroogey! (not noticing the snake slithering over him) To the last, I grapple with thee! From Hades' heart, I... (snake bites his hand) OW! (drops knife, snake, and rope, then shrugs nonchalantly) Eh, I'm sure he got the gist of it.
  • Not even getting into how basically everything in the fantasy sequence is wrong, once again Glomgold imagines himself as the tall, muscular Adonis of a man that he clearly isn't.
    Glomgold: I remember it like it was yesterday!
    Goldie: It was yesterday!
  • "How could you do this to me? I untied you from a bear!"
  • Basically everything about Glomgold's attempts to get involved in the duel between Scrooge and Goldie at the climax, only to be treated as an annoyance at best - by both of them.
    • It starts with Glomgold getting jealous as he picks up on the Foe Yay between Scrooge and Goldie:
    Glomgold: "H...HEY! I have a pickaxe, too!" (grabs a shovel, stares at it for a moment as he realizes what it isn't, then shouts and charges anyway).
    • He tries to finish Scrooge off when the latter is knocked down, only for Goldie to block the blow and send him sprawling away with one kick.
    • Then, as it dawns on Glomgold that Goldie and Scrooge consider each other more important than him, the enraged growling and wheezing he lets out before charging again (and failing miserably)
    • The fact that Scrooge and Goldie are getting more and more exasperated as Glomgold just keeps interfering in their fight.
  • Finally, Glomgold getting shown up by Goldie, who steels the liquid gold right out from under him (literally):
    Glomgold: (pulling on the level to trigger the mining derrick that's supposed to be pulling up the liquid gold) [1] "What's happenin'? Stupid cheap Glomgold-brand derricks!"
    ((Glomgold looks over the edge of the scaffolding, and sees an industrial-grade hose siphoning liquid gold from the pipeline)
    Glomgold: (gasps, then scuttles along the railing until he sees where it's being siphoned to) What? What-wha-wha-what-what-wha-what-what?!
    • Even funnier? There's no scene dedicated to Scrooge escaping the death trap. It was so easy for him to get away that Glomgold's scheme didn't even get the dignity of needing to be foiled on-screen!
  • At the end, when Scrooge gets back to the mansion to find the boys waiting for him:
    Huey: Ooh! Tell us about your date with your giiiirlfriend!
    Dewey: Yeah, and your marriage and your baby in your baby cawwiage!
    Louie: Ooh, and if we get a new aunt, will she give us lots of fancy presents? Wait, she's not in the will, is she?
    Scrooge: Ah, grow up!
    • Just the fact that the boys are total shippers on deck for Scrooge and Goldie the entire episode.
  • Scrooge returns home to find a heartwarming note from Goldie - only, she's in front of (what appears to be) a Mayan temple in the picture provided. Yes, in the time it took Scrooge to get home, Goldie has made it all the way to Mexico, ransacked a Mayan temple and sent one of the artefacts to Scrooge.
  • Scrooge just spends the entire episode being really annoyed with his nephews insinuating he wants to... ahem... with Goldie. They're not wrong.
  • "GIVE ME MY MAP!" from Goldie, followed by "GET YOUR PAWS OFF MY HEAD PIECE!" from Scrooge when they're fighting... over the map... in said headpiece.

     Episode 16: The Day of the Only Child! 
  • When Dewey insists that he's an only child, Webby takes one second to reach the conclusion that she's in a dystopian alternate reality.
    Dewey: Calm down, everything is fine...
    Webby: Exactly what an evil Dewey doppelganger would say!! (tackles him)
  • Dewey playing up his "not knowing who Huey and Louie are" act.
    Dewey: Thank you, good Samaritans, you restored my faith in the kindness of random strangers.
  • Dewey managed to get Only-Child Day onto Huey's "password-protected sibling calendar" by writing it on the tablet screen in sharpie.
  • Louie gets stuck in the middle of Huey and Dewey's bickering.
    Dewey: Who are you again, sassy stranger?
    Huey: The brother you rudely take for granted! Right, Louie?
    Dewey: This random passerby clearly loves Only-Child Day, right Louie? Or, uh, whoever, wh-whoever you are?
    Louie: (tearing up) I just wanna use a rich kid for his infinity pool! Why can't I have that for myself?!
  • "If I don't participate, I'll never get my commemorative Cookout Badge! That means a lopsided sash, Launchpad! A lopsided. Sash!"
  • Launchpad is the new Junior Woodchuck Troop Leader. He got the job because he crashed the troop bus and all the other leaders quit.
  • Unlike Launchpad, Huey is not fooled at all by the Beagle Boys' Paper-Thin Disguise, which he points out to Launchpad in a pretty casual way. Hell, Bouncer's shirt is too small and doesnt even cover up his regular Beagle Boy outfit underneath.
    • Their incredibly half-assed fake names.
    Bouncer: Oh, I'm Tim...
    Burger: *unintelligible*
    Bouncer: And he's
  • Huey very quickly weighing the pros and cons of working with the Beagle Boys for his badge:
    Huey:(whispering to himself) Possible death, definite badge, possible death, definite badge, (more confident) definite badge, (out loud) DEFINITE BADGE.
  • Huey is utterly offended by the very clumsy traps Burger and Bouncer keep building for him, and teaches them how to improve those traps, so that they can kidnap him properly.
  • Bigtime follows Huey around trying to catch him, but keeps falling into the traps that his brothers built with the help of Huey, resulting in some hilarious slapstick antics. The first time, he tries to catch Huey, only to fall into the pitfall trap Huey had just made as a demonstration. The second time, he gets catapulted by a tree, hitting several branches on the way down before landing in the pitfall trap. The third time, a log swings ineffectually over his head, only to bonk him on the head after he laughs at Huey for missing.
  • Burger and Bouncer struggling to pronounce the word "fair," clearly a bit unfamiliar with the concept.
  • Huey facing the consequences of teaching Burger and Bouncer proper camping skills.
    Huey: (trying to untie Bigtime from a tree branch) This overhead noose is perfect, why'd they have to actually pay attention to me, Dewey never would've tied this right!
  • The posh rich-kid accent Louie puts on for meeting Doofus.
  • Louie and Doofus using virtual-reality glasses to experience relaxing in a pool...while actually in an indoor pool with the exact same backdrop as the VR program.
    Louie: (blissful sigh) Literally living the dream.
  • The extent to which Doofus's parents are terrified of their son somehow manages to be horrifying and hilarious at the same time.
    • Just the fact that Doofus, the dorky Extreme Doormat from the original series has become a violent Enfant Terrible Spoiled Brat in this one.
    • Doofus has an entire gallery of priceless art and decorations that he keeps around mainly to smash for kicks.
  • How does Dewey spend his precious Only Child time? He makes a crappy home video pilot for a talk show called Dewey Dew Night, where he's both the host and the leader of the band, so he has to run back and forth on camera to fill the roles. The audience is just cardboard cutouts of the other characters.
    Dewey: Hey, Huey, thanks for coming on the show! ("robot" voice) Appropriate-response-to-introductory-salutation. Let-me-check-the-Junior-Woodchuck-Guidebook. "Hello-Dewey! Thanks-for-having-me!"
    • And then "Huey" is "revealed" as a robot and proceeds to threaten everyone with destruction.
    • For his second guest, Dewey improvises Louie by scribbling a face onto a lamp and putting it in a green hoodie.
  • While hiding in a closet from the attacking security bot, Dewey falls back on asking his "brothers" for help. It gets him about as far as you'd expect.
    Dewey: This is bad, real bad! Huey, you got a plan, right? (robot voice) Sorry. I'm-technically-you. And-since-you-don't-have-a-plan, neither-do-I. (normal voice) Hey, I don't need you! I'm self-sufficient! Louie, you can talk your way out of this, right? ("Louie" voice) Yeah, sure, no problemo! Wait, no, I'm also you, buh-bye! (lightbulb goes out)
  • Dewey is confronted by the security bot...who proceeds to scold him that maybe he wouldn't be in this situation if he hadn't pushed his brothers away.
    "Bot": Maybe appreciate that fact, because certain people would do anything to have siblings. No one you know. Certain...hypothetical people.
    Dewey: (Face Palm) Webby, you can come out.
  • "She knows..." "Shut up, Louie."
  • When Dewey asked how much Webby heard his talk show, she claimed she didn't hear any of it. A second later, we hear her singing and dancing to the tune of the 'Dewey Dew Night' Theme Song! Ending with a Death Glare from Dewey.

     Episode 17: From the Confidential Case Files of Agent 22! 
  • Louie apparently got his brothers hooked onto Ottoman Empire as the three of them are bouncing on the couch as the episode is airing, with snacks and soda, going to watch an all day marathon.
    • The next morning, Scrooge finds the three still sitting in front of the TV, still happily invested but a good deal less energetic and clearly in need of some sleep. When he tells the boys to remember him if he doesn't return from his trip, Huey and Dewey halfheartedly acknowledge him without taking their eyes from the TV, while Louie just sloppily shushes Scrooge, his finger smushing around his whole face.
  • As Black Heron and Mrs Beakley fight in the kitchen, Louie walks in, take a can of soda from the fridge, and then leaves, without noticing the fight.
  • Scrooge demonstrates being The Scrooge by making his nutmeg tea out of the same teabag for an entire month, and drinking it with a single drop of milk. As he sips from it, he declares with a satisfied smile how he can "taste the savings".
  • The breakfast scene is full of Cringe Comedy, with Scrooge being uncomfortable with Webby's stalker-like behavior, and Webby being completely oblivious.
  • At the auction, Scrooge refuses to bid more than 60,000 pounds, as this is the amount he got from S.H.U.S.H., despite already being a billionaire. As Black Heron outbids him and runs away with the potion recipe, he smugly tells Beakley that they can steal it back from her and he just saved S.H.U.S.H. 60,000 pounds. Beakley responds by punching him out.
    • Black Heron jumps out the window like she'd just stolen the recipe, despite getting it completely legally.
    Auction man: And sold, for seventy thousand to the lovely young woman who appears to be jumping out the window.
  • Donald's absence for the past couple episodes is explained...he's been locked in the pantry all that time. Somehow.
    Webby: (scrutinizing the pan) Maybe Donald tried to make an omelette again?
    Scrooge: Impossible. He still hasn't figured out how to get out of the pantry. (gestures to the pantry with an angry Donald slamming his fists against the door and yelling)
    • Even better Scrooge just leaves him in there. When he leaves he casually tells the boys that their Uncle Donald is in the pantry if they need anything.
    • And according to Frank Angones the reason why Donald's been stuck in there is because it's a pull door and he's been pushing all this time, which not only highlights his stubborn nature, but is an exceedingly poor design for a pantry!
  • Scrooge tells Launchpad that this is a secret mission, and so no one must know where they're going. Launchpad dutifully ties a blindfold around his own eyes.
  • In the past, Scrooge throws a chunk of rock, intending to hit a fleeing robot. Only for it to fall just short.
    Scrooge: Aw, that would've been so impressive!
    • After the robot runs away, Beakley tells Scrooge to track it down, but he just shrugs and says it's unlikely they will ever see it again. Cue Gilligan Cut to present day, when Scrooge and Webby are fighting the runaway robot.
    Scrooge: How are you still functioning?!
  • The secret formula does indeed come from legendary creatures. And indeed, such legendary creatures would give their greatest power: Indestructible Bouncing!
    • The mere fact that the writers incorporated the Gummi Bears of all characters into this setting.
    • When Scrooge finds this all out, he actually laughs at the absurdity of it all.
    • Black Heron actually quotes a good bit of the theme song, except replacing "high adventure" with "mass destruction".
  • The many parallels made between Scrooge and Webby’s interactions in the present and Beakley and Scrooge’s interactions in the past.
  • After the success of their first mission together and becoming friends with each other, Beakley tells Scrooge that she feels she's going to clean up his messes a lot in the future. She indeed does that - as his housekeeper after she retires as a active spy.

     Episode 18: Who is Gizmoduck?! 
  • Donald getting tangled in the pen chain at the bank.
  • Bouncer Beagle questioning why they're wearing Scrooge McDuck and Mighty Duck masks over their own Domino Masks.
  • When his suit begins to overload, a Lil' Bulb helper appears on the screen and asks if he wants to destruct the actions to the armor. After Fenton responds with "yes," the Lil' Bulb icon says the armor will self destruct.
  • After the bank is destroyed, a clerk runs out to announce that "all the money is on fire!" She herself is on fire, and drops to the floor and rolls around to put it out.
  • Huey being interviewed and bluntly correcting all of Roxanne Featherly's attempts to paint Gizmoduck as a menace, then gushing over his new hero.
    Huey: He saved me! He was smart and noble and made of metal - everything I've always wanted to be, almost!
  • Huey asking Gizmoduck on live tv if he would sign his commemorative dollar bill, which is on fire. Donald snatches it out of Huey's grasp and quickly extinguishes it.
  • Mamá Cabrera calling Gizmoduck "some lunatic in a refrigerator."
    • Fenton having to quickly and quietly hide his armor and catch a pie before it hits Mamá. She, of course, doesn't realize what's going on.
  • Mamá stopping her son from explaining his internship because her favorite telenovela is on. Not one minute into the episode, she is already crying and holding a box of tissues.
    • Said soap opera has the actor telling a lookalike he's a long-lost triplet. When the lookalike asks who he's the triplet to, the actor rips off his mustache and declares "both". The woman behind him faints.
    • The fact that with so much Adaptation Personality Change having occurred with Mamá Cabrera, the one thing she shares with Mrs. Crackshell is her love of Soap Operas.
  • Fenton wondering how the suit contains all the pies that it launches at people.
    • When testing out the armor, it apparently has rhubarb, meringue, and Boston cream.
  • Gyro gets an idea for inventing glowing hay so farmers can work at night. Lil' Bulb bitchslaps him and he remembers that Scrooge threatened to pull his funding if another invention goes crazy so he has to "play it safe".
    • How Gyro comes up with the idea of glowing hay is also pretty funny: after telling Fenton that he doesn't want the Gizmo-suit to go "haywire", he starts thinking about what a "hay wire" can be used for.
  • Gyro warning the obstinate soda machine at McDuck Enterprises, "Don't you start with me today!"
  • When Huey approaches Gyro while he reaches for a can, he addresses Huey as "some kid".
    • Gyro seems almost offended when Huey asks if he created a hero to protect Duckburg.
  • Gizmoduck accidentally repeating "overkill" from Gyro, which launches a missile from his chest plate. He's more annoyed than panicked by this.
    Gizmoduck: Oh, sure, that couldn't be a pie?!
  • As Gizmoduck flies off to stop the missile, Huey, who had been previously climbing the extended chest-plate, is seen holding onto Gizmoduck's side attempting to hold on as he continues asking questions.
  • After being saved by Gizmoduck from his helicopter being blown up, Mark Beaks mentions that he owns an island where he blows up helicopters for fun. Later, when he shows Gizmoduck memes on his phone, a message from his lawyer comes in asking "Did you destroy another copter?"
  • Mark Beaks is shocked by one of his employees telling him to just take the stairs down from the roof of Waddle instead of a helicopter.
  • The montage of ridiculously mundane tasks "Waddleduck" is asked to do, including catering to Louie and Dewey as they laze on the couch, and painting Glomgold's portrait.
    • Huey tells him to throw away a piece of paper in the trash that says "My faith in you!!!", and Gizmoduck solemnly complies. Huey then angrily tells him to put it in the recycling, calling him a monster.
  • Mark Beaks' Transformation Sequence into Gizmoduck manages to be even more Magical Girl-esque than Fenton's from his debut.
    • Even funnier considering Angones confirmed Beaks to be a fan of Magical Girl anime.
  • Scrooge goes to see Fenton in the hospital at the end of the episode. Mamá eagerly leaves the two alone, and not so subtly whispers to her son to try and get some money out of the situation since Scrooge is "loaded". Scrooge at first politely tips his hat to Mamá, but drops into an annoyed frown when he hears this.
  • Fenton, who is in a full body cast, says the passcode for the armor, and is pleased when the vizor attaches to his face as intended, but screams in pain when the rest comes on. He whimpers that he may need a new cast.

     Episode 19: The Other Bin of Scrooge Mc Duck! 
  • Immediately upon Lena sneaking into Scrooge' bedroom to steal his dime, Magica takes the opportunity to indulge in some evil laughter, and gets huffy when her niece shushes her.
    Lena: (whispering tersely) Could you stop? That's really annoying!
    Magica: You're really annoying!
  • Magica would love to kill Scrooge herself, but being a shadow she can't, as she shows by taking some pathetic swipes right through his body.
    Magica: I miss carnage.
  • Scrooge's rivalry with Santa is referenced again when we hear him mumbling in his sleep.
    Scrooge: Mmf, keep yer chimney hands off my hard-earned milks n' cookies ya...
  • Webby starts regaling Lena about the history of Scrooge. Both she and Magica's shadow look incredibly bored by the lecture.
  • As dark as the scene itself is, there's something a liiittle funny about the fact that Magica turns Webby into a doll version of her design from the original show.
  • Dewey and Huey pour out their hearts in their goodbyes to Gavin. Before Louie launches into his faux-emotional goodbye, he leans up close to Gavin's ear and rubs in his victory.
    Louie: (whispering smugly) I win.
    • Louie then gets back at him by repeatedly slapping him in the face as part of what Dewey and Huey believe to be a Shoo the Dog moment.
  • Probably because she spent the whole episode being terrifying, seeing Magica desperately trying (and failing) to hold onto the doors when Lena decides to give up is worth a chuckle.

    Episode 20: Sky the Sky! 
  • The instruments on the Sunchaser are... somewhat lacking.
    Huey: We're completely lost, and... is your compass a sticker?
    Launchpad: Stickers are for kids. Adults call them decals.

    Huey: Is this radar an ant farm?
  • When the plane is attacked, Scrooge and the boys leap into battle stances ready for anything...except a musical number, which leaves them so confused they can't raise a finger to stop Don Karnage's gang.
  • The sky pirates originate from "TaleSpin", a completely different universe from a completely different show in the Disney Afternoon, and as such their modern incarnations feel gleefully out-of-place in the Ducktales-verse. On a meta-level, the series even acknowledges this. When the pirates have finished their song and are done raiding the Sunchaser, the only thing Scrooge can muster is "What in the blazes was that?".
  • Scrooge is not happy about his treasure being pilfered, or Launchpad getting distracted and stranding them in the jungle.
    Scrooge: I cannae believe you were distracted by a bunch of hammy-hootering!
    Launchpad: I can't believe you weren't. (singing the tune to the pirates' song) Tu-tu-tu-tu-tu- Ugh, that's gonna be stuck in there all day.
  • Even Louie's darker side is unnerved by his greed:
    Louie (to his magical jewel): So Scrooge can't know that I have you, but if I can sneak you back into the other treasures and find you for him, he'll let me keep you.
    Evil Louie: Uh, I don't know, that sounds a little far-fetched-
    Louie: DON'T YOU GO SOFT ON ME, EVIL LOUIE, YOU HEAR ME?! (caresses the jewel against his cheek) It'll all be fine...
    Webby: What was that?
    Louie: (whirls around and hides the jewel behind his back) Nothing crazy!
  • There's something hilariously awful about how Scrooge, Huey, Louie, Webby and Launchpad never even noticed Dewey was gone during his stint as a sky pirate. If anything, they seemed to enjoy the peace and quiet while they were working.
  • Don Karnage's pathetic attempt at a botanist disguise, which he drags out for quite some time, doesn't fool Scrooge for a second, or the children for that matter.
    Scrooge: So we all know that's Don Karnage, right?
    Launchpad: He does seem to know a lot about plants.
    Huey: You know, he might be able to help us find that pirate ship faster...
    Don: Yes! I will lead you to the ship so I can kill!- lect that flower! Oh look, leaves! (The man's caterpillar mustache drops off his face, but he continues to grin unflappably)
    Scrooge: (sighs) Just get on the plane, and don't steal anything this time.
    • The fact that someone as arrogant as Captain Don Karnage has to swallow his pride and ask for a ride from people he just robbed a few hours ago is humorous in and of itself. That they all see right through his lazy Paper-Thin Disguise only makes it even funnier.
    • Then he reunites with the pirates and not only they fail to recognize him but also assume him to be the very same kind of scientist he's pretending to be.
  • As revealed during the reprise of the Villain Song, one of the pirates is "just an intern for the summer". In the Ducktales world, you can have an internship in piracy. Made funnier by the fact that the intern is the only one that doesn't Talk Like a Pirate, and he has a soft, nasal voice.
  • "It's into Davey Jones' upper cabinet with ye!"
  • When the pirates mutiny against Dewey and decide to make all our heroes walk the plank together, everyone is super pissed-off at Dewey, even the normally happy-go-lucky Launchpad.
  • Don Karnage ranks up there with Glomgold when it comes to how much self-aggrandizing camp he can pack into twenty-two minutes. When the pirates turn on Dewey, he waits until the most dramatic and opportune moment to reveal himself, clearly loving being the center of attention again.
    • Don Karnage calling himself "The Master of Disguise in the skies", which rhymes in his silly accent.
    • To win back over his crew, the Captain explains himself with a motivational speech that only someone as twisted as himself would be moved by. Naturally, it works perfectly.
      Don: The pirates of Don Karnage deserve better than this two-bit bilge rat!
      Peg Leg Meg: Aw, Captain.
      Don: I only push you because I believe you can do better, and those who can't, I kill. You may be talentless back-up but you are the talentless back-up of Don Karnage.
      Ugly Mug: Aw, bring it in guys (they all group-hug).
      • The intern is listening to the speech just like everyone, but the moment Don says "those who can't, I kill", he displays a sheepish grin and hides behind the others.
    • "Excuse me, my ship! Only I get the heartfelt moments of realization!"
  • "Cue my dramatic duel spotlight!"
  • Webby's best Dewey impression:
    Webby: I'm sweet and sensitive and full of secrets! And, umm, something about Mt. Peligroso!
  • When Dewey uses the whistle to trigger the musical number as a distraction so the Ducks can escape, the ship crashes because no one is steering. Before swearing revenge on Dewey, Don Karnage mutters "this is why only I get the solos".
  • Don Karnage melodramatically screams, in classic evil villain fashion, "Curse you, Dewey Duck!" as our heroes make their escape.
  • It turns out Louie's magical gem was a plastic fake Webby bought and she pranked him good to get him back for dissing the joy of learning earlier in the episode.
    Louie (outraged): You mean I didn't even steal real treasure?!

    Episode 21: The Secret(s) of Castle McDuck! 
  • Scrooge is visiting the castle in search of an old treasure from the Knights Templar. He knows about it thanks to his cousin Simon, who was the Knights' accountant. So that'd make him Simon Templar?
  • Dewey trying to avoid uncomfortable conversations with Webby by staring into the distance and pretending to be thinking. The second time he does this is mere seconds after she calls him out on doing this and makes it clear she's not falling for it.
  • The first thing Fergus says to Scrooge is "Oy! Jettison that jalopy from my driveway this instant, you deadbeat!"
  • The boys fleeing Downy's attempt to greet them with hugs.
  • Scrooge admitting that, in rebuilding their ancestral castle, he used some "discount mystical druid stones" that ended up making his parents immortal.
    Scrooge: I didn't know it would buy me an eternity's worth of criticism!
    Fergus: So. He admits he wants to be rid of us.
    Scrooge: Och! Would you rather I'd let you pass, or made you immortal?!
    Fergus: Neither is satisfactory. A thoughtful son would know that.
  • Webby fangirling about Clan McDuck so hard that she's rendered practically catatonic with happiness. Dewey describes it as a "Joy overload" in a tone implying that it's happened before...
    • She doesn't snap out of it until the group leaves the castle, and by then it's too late for her to ask Fergus and Downy all the questions she had. She lets out a Big "NO!" in response.
  • Downy gives Scrooge the birthday presents she and Fergus couldn't send while he was traveling the world: a pile of cheques, each for five pence.
  • Downy points out a portrait of her father-in-law, Dirty Dingus McDuck. Huey and Louie snicker.
  • Scrooge had a ball of hair named Whiskers, in lieu of a dog, as a duckling. Scrooge's father takes the matter rather more seriously than Scrooge:
    Downy: Oh, how Scroogey loved his Whiskers!
    Fergus: Aye, and who ended up having to walk him, and feed him?
    Scrooge: It was a ball of hair!
    Fergus: How dare you talk about Whiskers like that! He was family!
    • While searching for the Templars' treasure later on his own, Scrooge mumbles to himself, "He walked Whiskers, but who loved Whiskers?"
      • He later refers to his father, less than a sentence later, as a "moldy old codger". Scrooge, you're over a hundred and fifty. Surely you classify as an "old codger" too?
    • While Downy is talking about Whiskers to them all, Scrooge has his head in his hand in embarrassment and is shaking his head as if thinking, "Oh, god, Mum, shut up! You're embarrassing me!"
  • Losing both their tempers, Scrooge challenges his father to an arm wrestling match. Cut to Scrooge with his coat pulled up over his head.
    Downy: Fergus didn't mean anything by that headlock, Scroogey. You know family means everything to him.
  • Scrooge declaring that they are going to have a pleasant family dinner, in the tone of someone about to head off to war.
  • Launchpad having to pretend to be Donald. Although it's mostly Bad "Bad Acting" (he says some of Donald's catchphrases like "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy" on his normal voice, and adds an occasional deadpan "quack"), his impression of Donald's temper tantrum is pretty spot-on - and good enough to convince Scrooge's parents.
  • All of Fergus and Scrooge's fight at the dinner table:
    Scrooge: I take great care of my family!
    Fergus: You avoid us like the plague.
    Scrooge: Oh, come now, that's unfair to the plague!
    Fergus: That's it! Go to Your Room!
    Scrooge: I never lived here!
    Fergus: Then pick the one furthest away from my line of sight!
    Scrooge: Fine by me!
  • After Scrooge and Fergus make up:
    Fergus: Och, forget the treasure. Who needs treasure, when we've got each other?
    (Scrooge and Fergus burst out laughing)
  • The reveal that the mystery the nephews were solving throughout the episode was just one big elaborate prank Della prepared for Donald. Instead of being mad, the boys just burst out laughing.
    • Made even funnier - Della has been missing for more than ten years. Just how long has Della left that trap there?

    Episode 22: The Last Crash of the Sunchaser! 
  • Beakley's reacting to learning exactly how Scrooge behaves on his "trips". Apparently when she said she had full confidence in Webby's safety in Scrooge's hands in the first episode, she had no idea exactly what Scrooge had been up to.
  • Because there aren't enough seats in the plane for Mrs. Beakley, Launchpad gives her a folding chair. When she requests seatbelts, he hands her an inflatable pool ring, mentioning that it can also be used as a flotation device when they crash.
    Mrs. Beakley: "When we crash?!"
  • Scrooge was apparently never formally taught how to fly. He figures that if a dolt like Launchpad can do it, how hard could it be? Not long after taking control, he gets the plane stuck on a mountain peak.
  • Louie somehow managed to sweet talk Quackfaster into giving him all of the shredded documents from the day they're born. This is the same Quackfaster that wrangled Dewey and Webby into doing her work and then later chased them down the hall with a scimitar.
  • The Running Gag of Huey, Louie and Webby snapping at Dewey to stop milking the act with dramatic speeches about how they're finally going to learn the truth about Della and to just look at the darn paper already.
  • Louie's reaction to learning about their actual chances of survival when the plane crashes.
    • Later he is seen completely wrapped up in seatbelts, vowing that nothing will make him get off his seat. Then Huey asks how he'll escape if the plane catches fire. Cue Louie trying to break free of all the seatbelts and struggling.
  • After the fiasco with the jeep falling out of the plane, a quick blame game ensues:
    Mrs. Beakley: (glaring at Scrooge) Mr. McDuck.
    Scrooge: (glaring at the boys and Webby) Kids.
    Louie: (sternly, hands on hips) Mrs. Beakley!
    (both Beakley and Scrooge turn to stare a hole through Louie)
    Louie: Sorry, I just thought I could keep the blame circle going, hehe.
  • The in-flight entertainment is a VHS tape of Darkwing Duck playing on a TV suspended on ropes. Due to a malfunctioning VHS player, the tape is stuck on a loop, playing the closing credits over and over.
    • The kids scatting along to the theme song. Except for Dewey who breaks down.
    • The credits appear over Darkwing on his usual moonlit perch on the building but now he's playing the theme song on a saxophone.
    • If you pause the credits, it lists a number of hilariously nonsensical jobs, such as "peg hole reinforcer", "pencil sharpener", "carbon copy manager" and "page flipper".
  • "Here are those dirty laundry bags you wanted, Mr. McDee!"
    Mrs. Beakley: Launchpad, these are parachutes.
    Launchpad: ...Para-what-now?
  • When counterbalancing Dewey's movements, Huey quotes from the Junior Woodchuck Guidebook: "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction."
    Webby: I thought that was Newton.
    Huey: (smugly) Where do you think he got it from?
    Webby: ...Science?
  • Because Scrooge chasing Dewey around the plane is causing it to jostle and risks it falling over, Mrs. Beakley asks them to stop running. Their response: continue the chase, only doing it much more slowly.
  • As Dewey is trying to retrieve the last piece of paper from the shredded photo of Della from the engine, the others are trying to talk him back to the plane. Launchpad, however, just asks if he could put the Darkwing Duck tape on pause until he comes back.
  • As the Sunchaser finally comes loose, Launchpad turns up the nose, and after a brief ascent, it drops right back down and hits the ground, miraculously landing upright in one piece. Launchpad says "That's weird", because he's used to ending his flights in a spectacular crash. Then he accidentally leans on the ignition switch and rams the plane into a cliff, after which he's more relieved. "Phew! There we go."
  • Donald spent most of the season repairing his houseboat only to have it constantly re-destroyed. Now he finally completed its full restoration only to have the now-disgruntled nephews insist on living back in the houseboat away from Scrooge... and Donald's flower pot falls down. He can't catch a break.
  • Although it's a heartbreaking moment, the fact that even Duckworth's ghost is abandoning Scrooge at the end is funny, mainly due to how unexpected his appearance is.
    • It also raises an important question: how does a ghost go on vacation?

    Episode 23 and 24: The Shadow War Parts 1 & 2 - "The Night of DeSpell" and "Day of the Ducks" 
  • Magica (as Lena) going to McDuck manor, has a plethora of hilarious moments, especially when she starts monologuing and doesn't notice Launchpad backing up and crashing into the bush where she was hiding until she leaps away at the last second.
    Magica: I am the stuff of nightmares lurking in the hidden recesses of your mind! I, am- AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!! (leaps out of the bush just as Launchpad crashes into her hiding spot)
    • The monologue even got an Animation Bump to keep up with Catherine Tate's voice acting.
    • Launchpad trying and failing to convince Scrooge that he was here to take him out for ice cream.
    Launchpad: Family crisis- I mean, ice cream!
    Magica: Out?! Moved?! Ice cream?!
  • When trying to break into the Scrooge's mansion, Magica mutters that it's time to act like an inconspicuous little girl. Cue Magica skipping over to the mansion with a bored look on her (or rather, Lena's) face.
    Magica: (in Lena's voice) Gee-whiz, mister. It's me, that insufferable whelp, Lena. The little urchins invited me over to, uh... what do children like...? Play marbles?
    • And then, when Scrooge (over the intercom) tells Lena to go away, Magica-in-Lena's body gets so fed up that she grabs the intercom's stand like she's trying to throttle it. She even punches it a few times for good measure!
  • Magica pumping herself up for a epic showdown with Scrooge, but when she sees how depressed and pathetic he's become, her mood immediately changes.
    Magica: ... Wait, what?
  • While it's overall a sad moment when the boys throw away their mementos of their adventures with Scrooge, it's a bit funny that Huey decides to send off his "I Survived Mount Neverest" shirt via Viking funeral.
    • Louie pretending to let go of his khopesh, and when he can't make himself dispose of it, Dewey angrily grabs it and tosses it into the ocean. Louie makes two attempts to go after his treasure, the second trying to dive with scuba gear before his brothers drag him away.
      • After swimming in the bin, he shows that he actually retrieved it.
    Louie: (pretending to sound surprised) Hey, look what I found!
  • Remember in the pilot when the boys were trying to sneak off to Cape Suzette? Turns out it's not as interesting as they'd hoped. The brochure Donald shows them advertises things like a Saltine cracker factory and a park that just got a SECOND swing.
  • The pizza chain Scrooge has ordered hundreds of pizzas from in the last three days? Papa Swan's Pizza.
    Serving Size: Lonely!
  • All of Magica's attempts to make Scrooge drink the tea she drugged, only to have Scrooge move the cup away, drop it, and is just too depressed to think about anything but how miserable his family made him feel to her increased rage. She even resorts to putting it into a non-spill sippy cup that Scrooge spills anyway.
  • The sheer levels of Scrooge's depression are also pretty funny in a sad kind of way, particularly when combined with his Suspiciously Specific Denials about how he doesn't miss his family in the slightest and is clearly doing much better than they are, honestly. It turns out he's tried to make replicas of Donald and the boys with the aid of the many hundreds of thousands of pizza boxes littering the mansion.
  • Magica thinking that Scrooge is just pretending to be depressed throw her off her game. Gets funnier when she realizes it's not a trick...and then proceeds to get angry that Scrooge isn't a Worthy Opponent.
    Magica: How dare you make me pity you?!
  • Magica realizing that the way she got her hands on Scrooge's dime was a bit convoluted:
    Scrooge: How?
    Magica: Why don't you ask your housekeeper's granddaughter's new best friend? (beat) You have a confusing family structure, you know that?
  • Launchpad tries serving the Ducks some drinks at the party, but Huey realizes they're just melted popsicles in glasses.
    Launchpad: The stirrer has a riddle on it! You won't find fancy stuff like this in Cape Suzette.
  • During the goodbye party, the boys all give Donald compliments that warm his heart. But the compliment that almost causes him to burst into Tears of Joy? Launchpad saying he likes Donald's sailor suit.
  • Emergency bounce castle!
  • Beakley immediately sees through Webby and Launchpad's ploy, then decides she wants in.
    Beakley: I'm a former agent and a grandmother. I know how to weaponize guilt.
  • Gyro being quick to point out that he didn't cause the mess, saying that his shadow control ray isn't ready yet. Also, no more underwater labs for him, just volcano and abandoned castle ones.
  • After Magica turns everyone's shadows into her minions, instead of attacking him like the others, Gladstone's shadow hands him the $20 bill he just found before going to join Magica.
    • Glomgold tries to grab on to his shadow, then ends up falling into the bay.
      Glomgold: 'EY! Get back here! You're my shadow! CURSE YOU, ME!
  • Donald's reaction to having a normal voice? He says the Tongue Twister "rubber baby buggy bumpers" a few times. Just because he's never been able to say it before.
  • Donald asks Launchpad to create a distraction with his plane.
    Donald: Do you think you can crash into the bin?
    (Everyone cracks up laughing, including Launchpad).
    Donald: (still laughing) Alright, alright...
    • Adding to this fact, Launchpad CAN'T crash the plane into the bin despite his best efforts.
    • Failing to crash the plane, Launchpad improvises by crashing himself. Right on top of Magica de Spell.
  • Webby really is part of the family now; she even gets left behind with the triplets when Donald says it's too dangerous to bring her along.
    Webby: (dejected) Yes, Uncle Donald...
  • As Donald and Beakley are moving the houseboat to the Moneybin:
    Beakley: (handing Donald a speargun) Get ready for the storm.
    Donald: I am the storm.
    Beakley: No, seriously, have you been saying things like that this whole time?
  • Magica had a whole evil monologue prepared for when she finally took revenge on Scrooge, only to find out that her notes on it are out of order. Despite being trapped in the dime, Scrooge couldn't help to roll his eye at this.
    Magica: Don't roll your eye at me! I've been trapped for 15 years! I'm entitled to a full minute of gloating!
  • On a related note, once Magica believes she's won, she wastes no time in giving Scrooge an epic trolling:
    Magica: (Holding Scrooge up to a small chest of gold and gems) Is this your favorite treasure? Oh, too bad. Now it's ice cream!
    (She turns the chest into a cone, and holds Scrooge up to it)
    Magica: Want a lick?
    (Tosses the cone away)
    Magica: Whoops!
  • "Fore! Home Run! Tennis thing! Sports!"
  • Realizing that the elevator won't work, Hewey asks how they were supposed to make it to the top of the bin. Cut to the group walking up the many flights of stairs, and Louie's tired expression says it all.
  • When Beakley fights off shadows on Donald's houseboat, she starts saying his catchphrases:
    Beakley: (notices some shadows destroying the boat) What's the big idea?! (fights off more shadows; the helm catches on fire) Aw, phooey!
  • As Gyro, Manny, and Lil Bulb prepare to storm the bridge, Gyro says that the assistant who defeats the most shadows will earn the greatest prize of all: Gyro's respect. And the loser will be fired. Manny then tells Lil Bulb that he needs this job.
    • As Manny and Lil Bulb are surrounded by shadows, Manny says "Farewell... brother" in tapped out Morse code. Lil Bulb just shrugs in confusion (whether from Manny's declaration or because he doesn't know Morse code is unclear).
  • Gyro gets caught by Magica's shadows since she thinks he's one of the triplets, but she's surprised to see Gyro.
    Magica: Wait, who are you?
    Gyro: I'm Scrooge's number one scientist!
    Magica: (to Scrooge in the coin) Blink once if this guy is a good friend, twice if he's just a work acquaintance.
    (Scrooge blinks twice)
    Gyro: Aw...
    Magica: Bah! (blasts Gyro into the ocean)
  • Dewey tries to repeat Uncle Donald's "these ducks don't back down" line multiple times in order to rally his brothers (plus Webby), up to the point of becoming annoying; when Donald repeats the line a second time before sending them to free Uncle Scrooge while he will fight the shadow army, we have this exchange:
    Dewey: I knew it was a thing!
    Huey: It's cooler when he says it.
  • This song Launchpad sings to the tune of the Darkwing Duck theme when he decides to kick some shadow tail:
    Launchpad climbs out on the plane
    Gonna start a fight
    Wish I could think of a word
    That would rhyme with "fight"!
    • Made even more hilarious with the realization that since Launchpad is a Darkwing Duck fan, and the show's theme song is presumably the same as in Real Life, there are two words that could rhyme with "fight": "right" and "night."
    • Also, he's fighting shadows. The best way to get rid of shadows is with light.
    • Also, alright rhymes with fight.
  • Magica's boast to the audience makes her sound like an Evil Counterpart to Darkwing Duck. She's even interrupted while trying to say her name. Bonus points because the interruption is accidentally done by someone who's not even aware of her presence.
  • During the battle, Huey keeps asking Magica a series of questions designed to get her to engage in Bond Villain Stupidity. Even better, it almost works until Magica catches herself.
    Magica: Well, you see, I channel my power through - (cuts herself off, looking irritated) It's just magic, okay?!
  • Magica shatters a mirror trying to hit the nephews, and Louie tries to tell her that she's invoked an ancient curse. Magica says she's never heard of it, and is versed in all manner of magic, from Gaelic to Demogorgon to Sumerian.
    Louie: Sumerian? You were in that dime a long time.
    • Then Louie explains to her how the curse works.
      Louie: Grave misfortune, increased gullibility, a swift kick in the ribs!
      Magica: A what?'' *cue Webby* Yeow! My ribs!
  • Really, it's pretty hysterical how quickly, and easily, Scrooge takes down Magica once he's freed. He even gives us a quip one could easily see as a Tenth Doctor line.
    Scrooge: Way to dispel your own spell, DeSpell!
  • Right after losing her powers, Magcia's epic rant is interrupted by Launchpad doing a swan dive into the money bin...with her directly beneath him. The look on Magica's face is absolutely priceless.
  • Magica trying to use a smoke bomb to flee after losing her powers, but can't make it out of view before the smoke dissipates.
  • At the end of the episode, Donald's voice modulator is finally spat out after it constantly shocks him, leading to Scrooge and the kids to be grossed out and Scrooge burying it in the coins filling his money bin.
  • The end also shows that everyone can swim in the riches of Scrooge's money bin... except Donald, who rubs his rear after a failed cannonball. Also, Launchpad swallows some of those coins.
    Launchpad: Bleh! Don't drink this water!

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