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  • While the execution of the breakfast failed, it was nice of the triplets to try to do something to help their Uncle Donald out.
  • Despite their hostility, Scrooge is proud of Donald for finding a job and asking him to babysit the boys, rather than for a handout or a loan. It's how Scrooge built himself up from being a poor shoe-shiner in Scotland, after all.
  • Scrooge warming up to the kids. Not only are they adventurers in the making, but all the trouble they caused gave Scrooge the most fun he had in years.
    Scrooge: You kids are nothing but trouble! Curse me kilts, have I missed trouble...
    [knowing smile] I suppose I'll have to keep an eye on you to teach you how to get into trouble properly.
    • Also to go with that is that his entire lecture before seems to be Anger Born of Worry, showing that despite his saying that "Family is Trouble", he still has a Papa Wolf mindset around these kids.
  • When Scrooge gives the initial "Family is nothing but trouble" line, check the wall behind him. There is a framed photo of Donald Duck, smiling. Scrooge never let his family go entirely.
  • Donald gushing and showing off pictures of the nephews to Glomgold's employees. As much as they drive him crazy he truly loves them. He even misses them when he's only been apart from them for a day.
    Donald: Look! Little Dewey's first steps! (A picture of baby Dewey on a mattress surrounded by pillows) And this is Huey in in the playoffs! (A picture of Huey in full football gear with Donald) He was the water boy! And this is us climbing the Grand Canyon... displays at the supermarket! (A picture of Donald climbing a cardboard soda bottle with Grand Canyon on it)
    Donald: I miss them so much... but we need this job...
    • Sure it's a joke about how overprotective Donald is, but he made sure Huey got his own uniform, pads, and helmet like the other kids even though he was just the waterboy.
    • It also shows that they've been part of his life since they were babies. Showing that despite being his nephews, he seems to treat them as his own sons (likely to take the place of his sister who's currently gone.)
  • Scrooge doing his best to keep the nephews safe during the adventure, which isn't an easy task given how curious they are.
    • When Donald is chewing Scrooge for endangering the nephews, Dewey is quick to come to Scrooge's defense since Scrooge has been trying to keep them safe all along during the adventure, but he was just too impulsive to listen.
    • This is quickly followed by this exchange.
      Dewey: Uncle Donald, you gotta let the room flood so I can grab the jewel!
      Donald: That's crazy! I'm supposed to - what, let go? Trust you?
      Dewey: Well, yeah. That's kinda all you can do. This is a surprisingly insightful death trap.
    • When Dewey begins to realize the significance of the jewel in the "ceiling", Scrooge, who is an old hat at this sort of thing, doesn't tell him the solution (which he's implied to have already deduced) but instead encourages the youth to work out the problem with an "Atta boy, lad, keep going..." Scrooge took Dewey's words to heart after Dewey called him out for lumping them together "in the back seat". Scrooge had already solved the puzzle, but was willing to allow Dewey to come to the solution on his own.
  • While it was muted by Glomgold stating that Donald was mostly hired to get to Scrooge, it's still worth noting that Glomgold is basically all compliments towards Donald up to that point (to the point where he referred to Donald as a model employee). Considering Donald is usually a massive Butt-Monkey, and his relationship with his own uncle is massively strained (to the point where they had to force themselves to be civil to each other), it's really something.
  • Notably, in spite of their falling-out with each other, Scrooge immediately stops threatening Glomgold when a knife is put to Donald's throat. They may be on bad terms, but Scrooge absolutely doesn't want to see his nephew perish.
    • Tips into Tearjerker at that brief moment when you realise that Scrooge and Donald are, without a doubt, remembering Della.
    • Prior to that, when both Dewey and Scrooge discover Donald is with Glomgold and believe he was kidnapped, both immediately jump to his rescue.
    Dewey: Let go of my uncle!
  • The gang rescuing Glomgold's minions when their boss leaves them to die and then Donald lets them escape with them even after they threatened him and his family rather than leaving them to die while Atlantis explodes. The Duck truly does have a heart of gold.
    • Scrooge getting Dewey's name at the end of the episode telling him he'll be an adventurer yet.
  • Mrs. Beakley allowing Webby to go on adventures as long as she doesn't lie. Why? Because she knows she'll be safer with Scrooge then anybody else, which shows how much faith she has in her boss. Despite her frequent criticisms toward him, her trust in the old duck is absolute.
  • Scrooge inviting Donald and the kids to move in after the house-boat explodes.
  • Scrooge playing with Huey and Louie at the end of the episode.
  • Donald is apparently familiar enough with Mrs. Beakley that he gets to call her "Mrs. B", something not even Scrooge gets away with.
  • The reveal that not only did Donald adventure with Scrooge but so did the triplets' mother. Despite his words, Scrooge really does value family. Speaking of family, two ducks are shown on a painting in McDuck Manor. Who are these Ducks? Scrooge's mother and father.
  • Webby tells the boys about how Mrs. Beakley keeps her cooped up in McDuck mansion for her safety and she wants to do things like explore the world, go on adventures, and eat a hamburger. Huey tells her they can get her a hamburger right now, and we get a truly touched reaction from Webby.
    Webby: Wow, you guys really are my best friends.
    • It's especially endearing when you compare this to the original. The triplets were so rude to Webby for being a girl and never wanted to hang around her or include her in their adventures. To see Webby be treated with more compassion and respect by both the boys and the writers in this reboot is simply adorable to know.
  • While Scrooge has been retired from adventuring for a while it's clear the public and media trust/like him more than Glomgold, as they immediately flock to and believe Scrooge when he shows up with the real jewel of Atlantis.
  • While it could have just been a venom-induced fit, Launchpad grabbing Webby's phone and speaking Swedish can be read as him trying to help her despite his incoherency.
  • Despite looking anxious and wanting a job at Glomgold's place, the young lady dog (who could possibly be Roxanne from A Goofy Movie) is seen working as a journalist at Duckburg at the end. So it's nice to see her at least having a good job given how stressed she looked.
  • Scrooge "defeats" the Headless Man-Horse by giving it the head off a statue of himself. It's overjoyed to not be a "freak" anymore and promptly leaves.

    Daytrip of Doom! 
  • The kids are having a war game around the manor, much to Mrs. Beakley's frustration. Scrooge however isn't bothered at all, he's just so happy to see his nephews and Webby having fun — in fact he even tells Dewey not to yell at his target, it'll spoil his attack. Donald using the tub as a washing machine however...
  • Huey and Louie are a bit (and only a bit) wary of bringing Webby to Funso's because of her lack of social skills, but Dewey insists because she was locked up in the mansion her whole life and she needs learn how to be a kid.
    • It's also a HUGE change from how Huey, Dewey & Louie treated Webby in the original series. Despite being terrorized by her during their war game, Dewey doesn't hesitate to invite her along to Funso's. Huey and Louie don't take long to lose their doubts either, which they only had in the first place because they were worried about her. Webby's joyful surprise at being invited along is so sweet.
    • It also says a lot about how kind Webby is that when the boys rush off and it seems like they're going to leave her behind, she doesn't react bitterly or sadly. She just tells them to have fun.
  • Going off that, despite all the problems Webby causes throughout the trip, the trio never once get angry with her over it, recognizing that this is all completely new to her and they need to have patience.
    • At the end, the triplets allow Webby to choose a game for them all to play, who proposes a dangerous sounding game. Despite being clearly terrified, not one of them goes back on their offer to let her pick the game, all instantly declaring that they're on her team.
  • When it's revealed Webby can escape from the Beagle Boys' ropes, the triplets ask why she didn't do it earlier.
    Webby: Because I don't want you to think I'm weird. I've been stuck in the mansion for so long and I'm trying really hard to be normal. But everything I do is, you know, not.
    Dewey: Normal's overrated.
    Louie: We need you to be Webby-normal.
  • Donald swallows his pride and immediately goes to Beakley for help once he gets the ransom letter. THEN once they go to confront the Beagle Boys, Donald doesn't even wait for Beakley to outline a plan; he launches right into attacking someone twice his size.
    Donald: GIVE ME BACK MY BOYS!!!!
    • It adds a moment of Heartwarming for Della too - for some reason she couldn't be there for her boys... so she left them with the person that is going to unleash all of the shit on anyone who tries to harm them: her brother. Whatever happened with the Spear of Selene, Della still loved Donald enough to leave her kids under his protection and Donald still loved Della enough to actually raise the kids well and keep them safe.
  • Though Mrs. Beakley is more reserved than Donald when the situation is resolved, she does pat Webby's head and commend her on her choice of knots used in her trap. And Donald? He picks up and hugs all three of his nephews at once.
  • The Beagle Boys really don't want to fight Mrs. Beakley... but they'll do it for their Ma!

    The Great Dime Chase! 
  • Louie did intend to pay Scrooge back later for the dime he used, not knowing it was his #1.
    • And Louie was pretty touched when Scrooge gave him the fake dime.
  • It says a lot about how good Scrooge is at heart that he keeps his first dime in a bauble around his neck to constantly remind himself of his roots.
  • Sure, Gyro trying to appeal to Little Bulb's goodness didn't stop the robot's dime-sucking rampage, but it's really sweet that it does recognize the scientist as its father.
  • The fact that Scrooge would go to great lengths to keep all those who work for him in a job, even if it would save him money to fire them!note 
  • The fact that Scrooge has an entire wing dedicated to his niece Della in the archives! No matter what may have happened between them, she never lost her place in his heart.
  • Also part tearjerker, but Dewey and Webby's dedication to trying to find out what happened to the triplet's mom, and Webby's excitement at finally being allowed into the archives.

    The Beagle Birthday Massacre! 
  • While it didn't work out because the boat only being able to sit three, the boys are all eager to take Webby on her first boat ride with them. And when they realize they can't sit all three, Huey decides to get out so Webby could go, but Webby politely declines, saying she'll wait for her turn.
  • Huey comforting Louie when the latter is scared of Lena nearly attacking him.
  • After Lena appears to have ditched Webby because she decided to stay and help the triplets, Huey notices how downcast she's feeling and goes to comfort her. He then makes a promise that neither he or his brothers will leave her like that.
  • Webby deciding to help out the triplets despite Lena's attempts to get her to ditch them.
  • Ma Beagle looks genuinely happy when all of her kids are singing Happy Birthday to her.
    • And despite her belittlement and abuse, her boys still love her enough to show up and wish her Happy Birthday, even the ones she literally calls the Ugly Failures.
  • Lena's smile when Webby shows up to save her.

    Terror of the Terra-Firmians! 
  • At the very beginning, the triplets, Webby, and Lena all emerge from a movie theater, having had a rousing time together. Doubly so for the fact that Launchpad and Mrs. Beakley came along, getting involved with the youngsters.
  • Despite not liking Lena and feeling she is a bad influence on Webby and the triplets, Mrs. Beakley still protects Lena when the two are in danger, catching her when Lena falls off the train, helping her back on the train and even shielding her when the train crashes. And near the end, Beakley apologizes to Lena, saying that she judged her too quickly and that she's welcome to McDuck Manor anytime she wants.
    • On Lena's side, she equally dislikes Mrs. Beakley, but isn't willing to leave her to die, even though she is a big obstacle in Magica's plans. It's telling that she was trying to pull Beakley out of the rubble even before Magica tried to convince her to leave her to die.
    • There's also the hints that while she justified it to her aunt as Pragmatic Villainy, she actually just wanted to save her.
  • As Lena and Webby try to get past the caution sign by pushing against the doors and the tunnels start to shake, she, Webby and Huey huddle together. They may have their differing character traits and ideas, but they do care for each other.
  • Launchpad repeatedly referring to Dewey as his best friend.
    • Furthermore, when he convinces himself that he might actually be a mole monster, he concludes that maybe subterranean creatures aren't scary after all, and eagerly wishes to improve relations between them and surface-dwellers.
    • Not to mention the way he easily accepts Mrs. Beakley's logic at the end when she tells him that he ''isn't a mole monster in disguise.
  • Even if it was mostly for the sake of enjoying the debate, Louie supports both Huey and Webby when they're arguing over the existence of Terra Firmians, even going so far as to point out that "Huey's usually right about nerd stuff." He might be lazy, but he acknowledges his brothers' noble qualities.
  • As the subway car starts to collapse in the third act, Huey falls into a Heroic Bsod due to his fear of the unknown, paralyzed by the idea that there's things out there that the Junior Woodchuck Manual can't tell him about. Cue Webby giving him an encouraging pep talk:
    Louie: If you stay here, you'll be crushed!
    Huey: At least I'll know what's crushing me! Who knows what's out there?!
    Webby: We know what's out there! Terra Firmians!
    Huey: But if they're real, then what other crazy things are out there, just waiting for me in the dark?!
    Webby: The only way to know (offers her hand) is to find out together!
    Huey hesitates, then composes himself and takes her hand.
    Louie: (Tears up a bit) Oh, okay. Didn't see that coming. Heh. Really came together in the third act. (Munches on some popcorn)
  • Webby and Mrs. Beakley sharing a warm hug when they're reunited.
  • The Terra Firmians turn out to be pretty harmless, and more curious about the gang than anything else. It's implied the damage they caused was due to not realizing the danger their antics caused. And when asked, they happily create a path back to the surface for the team.
  • Beakley's concern over Lena being a bad influence on Webby and the boys, stating that they're "good children with bright futures," shows she's only trying to protect them from learning the wrong kind of lessons.
    • And later, after Lena rescues her from almost being crushed, she admits that maybe she judged Lena too quickly.

    The House of the Lucky Gander! 
  • In Donald's first flashback of Gladstone's incredible luck, we see him from when he was the triplets' age. Unsurprisingly, he's just adorable.
  • While his brothers gush about how cool their Uncle Gladstone is, Huey insists that Donald can be cool too. It's rather weak and doesn't make Donald feel better, but at least Huey tried to make his uncle feel less left out.
  • When Liu Hai offers Dewey his own tiger, the look of awe on his face is almost too adorable. He even gets tears in his eyes. Also, the cheeky smile he gives to Scrooge is both adorable AND hilarious.
  • A small one but neither Scrooge nor Donald are at each throat's in this episode; even if they aren't fully reconciled yet they can least get along.
  • When it seems like Donald is trapped within the casino, even Gladstone is concerned about his cousin — possibly the only genuine moment of family affection Gladstone shows throughout the episode.
    • And of course, Scrooge never intended to leave Donald behind. He may well have been engaging in his own Batman Gambit to ensure that Liu Hai never menaced anyone else in Macaw.
  • Scrooge and Donald, despite their personal feelings towards Gladstone, still went to Macaw to help their family member.
  • Louie giving Donald a Rousing Speech on how he never gives up despite the odds after Donald gives up on the race and nearly lets himself get mauled by a tiger.
  • While probably to save Gladstone, when Scrooge suggests that Donald beating Gladstone makes him the luckiest duck in the world and instead Donald essentially exorcises Lui Hai with his bad luck. Scrooge possibly wanted no more people to fall prey to Liu Hai's casino, so he needed Donald's bad luck and getting Gladstone out as well was just killing two birds with one stone.
    • Even when Louie is ready to yell at Scrooge for leaving Donald behind, Scrooge calmly and cheerfully counting down shows he has full faith that Donald would be alright.
  • Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Webby hugging Donald at the end. After constantly being emotionally hurt throughout the episode, it's very sweet seeing the kids appreciate and love him.

    The Infernal Internship of Mark Beaks! 
  • Glomgold kissing a tank with (a rather uncomfortable looking) shark, talking to it in Baby Talk.
    • He even brought his big stuffed rabbit to the meeting!
  • Dewey's pep talk to Huey towards the end of the episode. While it's usually the performer that wins in the Technician vs. Performer debate, it's nice to appreciate substance and hard work over spectacle and appearances.

    The Living Mummies of Toth-Ra! 
  • Scrooge constantly referring to Louie and Webby as his kids.
  • The fact that Scrooge's initial reaction to seeing how the 'living mummies' live is to encourage a rebellion so they can seek a better life for themselves.
  • After going the whole adventure having to deal with Launchpad's burrito cravings, and then having to pay $9000 for a massive order of Mexican food for the liberated mummies, the leader rewards him with a burrito of his own. Scrooge reluctantly tries it, and finds that he quite likes the burrito.
    • When it seems like Launchpad died from being flung into a wall, Scrooge is heartbroken. Of course, he was just knocked out.
  • Louie promising that he'll listen to Webby from now on in matters relating to things like ancient temples and, you know, not touching things in them.
  • Huey goes into his usual routine about how small the odds of them finding a lot of mummies are (as mummies in pyramids were mostly reserved for rich people), but promptly backtracks when he sees it's bumming Dewey out and reassures him that since Toth-Ra was pretty rich, he probably paid for his family to get mummified alongside him.
    • The series so far has established that Dewey is far braver than Huey or Louie. What is the first thing Huey does when the group thinks that they've found an army of mummies? Step in front of his little brother.

    The Impossible Summit Of Mt. Neverrest! 
  • When Louie realizes Launchpad has been tricked and humiliated by a local Con Man, he thinks up a plan to help Launchpad get him back. It's touching since Louie and Launchpad have never been shown to be particularly close before now, but the pilot does matter to the triplet.
    Louie: No one cons my family but me.
  • Webbie and Dewey playing tag with each other using the wormholes. Yes, it causes a disaster but it's really cute and sweet while it lasts.
  • Between uncannily well-placed wormholes getting Scrooge and the kids clear of the avalanche, and another one teleporting Huey's map to the summit, it can be interoperated that Neverrest itself wanted to protect the family and believed their courage should be rewarded with proof they were so close to conquering it.

    The Spear of Selene! 
  • Dewey spends the episode in fear that his mom was a bad person. Selene assures him his mom was a wonderful person who always made everyone around her feel better about themselves. She even gives Dewey a much needed maternal hug.
    • Selene giving Dewey a sphere that has footage of his mom. He nearly cries because of this.
    Selene: Don't give up, young duck. Your mother never did.note 
    • It's pretty heartwarming to see how close Della and Selene were, too. Selene heard Scrooge and his family had arrived and in what appears to be a few hours, invented a death trap for Della to get through just because she knew Della would find it fun.
    • Dewey pulling Webby into the hug was also sweet too.
  • Storkules and Donald's conversation at the end counts, since Donald thinks he's been under appreciated most of his life. Also Donald finally calling Storkules his friend.
    Storkules: You're a hero, whether you want to be or not.
    Donald: I do not. But thanks friend, Storkules.
    • Especially when you remember that most variations of Donald in cartoons paint him as a Butt-Monkey who everything goes wrong for and never gets any respect. Here? The Son of Zeus thinks he's the awesomest thing ever.
    • Heck, Storklules himself probably counts as Donald's biggest fan. A Greek demigod of myth and legend thinks of Donald as his best friend and a worthy hero.
  • Storkules himself is basically one big, ol' Heartwarming Moment. He's a big, friendly ham since the start of the episode. And even when his father pits him against Donald and his family, he treats them no differently. He considers Donald his best friend, and treats his family with nothing but respect and absolute affection. Even when Huey and Louie beat him in a competition of catching the bag of wind, he congratulates them ever so happily, and bestows titles upon them in honor and celebration of their victory over him.
  • Mixed with a bit of Tearjerker, but both Storkules and Selene seem eager to meet up with Della again. Storkules seems saddened to learn of her (possible) passing.

    Beware the B.U.D.D.Y System! 
  • In the Terra-Firmian's episode, Launchpad makes a throwaway line calling Dewey his best friend. Here, we actually see proof of that, with the two hanging out together. Launchpad getting his opinion on outfit for his big day and Dewey doing his best to support Launchpad throughout the episode.
  • Dewey reassuring Launchpad, telling him that he's the best personal driver he's ever known.
  • Launchpad is still Darkwing Duck's biggest fan, except that now it's as a fan of TV show from his childhood, whose lessons he's still determined to live by. Any childhood fan of the original Darkwing can relate very well.
    • Launchpad invoking Darkwing's signature catchphrase to encourage himself when he needs to help save the day. Even as a fictional character, he's still inspiring.
  • Scrooge explaining that while he was enamored by the business opportunity of purchasing the robotic cars, he never intended to actually replace Launchpad. At the same time we get an explanation for why he keeps Launchpad employed to begin with:
    Scrooge: Replace you? Don't be daft! Where am I going to find a driver as crazy and dangerous as I am?
  • Launchpad hugging Scrooge after Scrooge congratulates him on getting his driver's license. He then tries to rip up his driver's license declaring that Scrooge's approval is "all the license I need!"
  • Despite his great dislike for Fenton, and the fact that he posted his top secret plans on a message board, Gyro does admit that Fenton could help make his inventions less dangerous and that he wasn't fired.

    The Missing Links of Mooreshire! 
  • Just watching Dewey having such a fun time hitting the golf ball around, even if he doesn't really know how to play the sport.
  • Webby realizing Scrooge really hurt Dewey with his reluctance to admit the latter might actually be better at golf than him, and making sure Scrooge knows both how much he hurt Dewey and how much she disapproves. All without saying a word.
  • Scrooge swallowing his pride and asking Dewey to make the final shot in his place, even admitting he wouldn't be able to make it. With his last words, he tells Dewey he has faith in him.

    McMystery At McDuck McManor 
  • Ma Beagle and Glomgold's Villain Respect for the late Duckworth, not only saying that he was an amazing butler, but also that he threw the best parties.
    • Made all the more so after his original voice actor passed away not along after the episode was released.
  • Despite how much Scrooge hates the party and made it abundantly clear to Huey, once his nephew asks him to go to the illusionist and gives him huge doe eyes, Scrooge sighs in defeat and plays along.
  • Scrooge gets his favorite butler back from the grave. Finally, Duckworth is back. Someone else that Scrooge really and truly cares for is finally back.
    • To really drive this home is the flashback where Scrooge realises this. He isn't shocked or surprised, he doesn't question how or why, as soon as Scrooge sees who it is, a smile, a genuine smile, immediately spreads across his face.
  • After Huey apologizes to Scrooge for forcing the party onto him, Scrooge tells him that it wasn't completely bad as it led to him being reunited with Duckworth and getting to see his enemies humiliated.
  • As Webby and Beakley return back to the manor, Webby cheerfully greets Duckworth without batting an eye.

  • It's a small moment, but after Scrooge and the kids come back from an adventure, Donald was helping Huey and Dewey carry one of the artifacts back to the manor. Then a few seconds later, Donald was seen patting Dewey's head in the background, much to Dewey's annoyance.
  • Lena is really enthusiastic about having a sleepover with Webby, fully intent on just enjoying the night with her best friend. Too bad her aunt ruins it...
  • As funny as it is, Launchpad really sees Dewey as his best friend and was determined to save Dewey from the money shark.
  • Lena using The Power of Friendship to save Webby and the others.

    The Golden Lagoon of White Agony Plains! 
  • Despite the tense history between them, Scrooge has no trouble accepting Goldie's offer for a tango at Glomgold's party.
  • The boys are really excited that Scrooge has a "girlfriend"/"date" and tease him relentlessly about it like all family members always do.
  • When Goldie shows up in her adventuring outfit, Scrooge seems more awestruck than he was when he saw her dolled up at the party. Clearly, he Has a Type; it's also telling that he seems to prefer Goldie's prospecting duds to a slinky dress.
  • When Scrooge explains his falling out with Goldie, the flashback shows that during their imprisonment in the ice, they slowly warmed up (pun not intended) to one another. You can see their suspicious glares change to gentle smiles.
  • Scrooge's only reaction to seeing Goldie stealing the gold is relief that she's alive: "Isn't she incredible!"
  • The fact that Scrooge and Goldie want to flirt with one another, even as they try to backstab one another. Perhaps the best example is their showdown in the climax - they fence each other with pick-axes, but they treat it more like a dance than actually fighting to the death.
    • Also worth noting is how easily Scrooge spots Goldie's other attempts to get one over on him, and how nonchalantly she relents when she's found out. It really is just a game to them.
  • Goldie is implied to be the same age as Scrooge - and both are implied to be around a hundred and fifty something years old - but neither can kill the other when it comes to it. Scrooge doesn't kill Goldie, and she lets him go, knowing that he can take care of himself, when she has the chance to betray both him and Glomgold.
  • The ending.
    "Next time you need some gold in your life, come find me! Xoxo, always."
  • At the end of the episode, Scrooge is asked if Goldie is "in the will". He doesn't deny that she is, implying he has actually left her something.

    Day of the Only Child! 
  • Louie being the only kid to support Dewey's Only Child Day. Huey and Webby protested for their own reasons, but Louie just rolls with it. It's actually really sweet. One also gets the sense that Louie is the only one who really understands why Dewey is doing this.
    • Watch Louie's face once he and Huey stop Webby from attacking Dewey. While Huey and Webby are talking with Dewey, Louie just has a fond smile on his face the whole time, directed towards Dewey.
      • This is especially great as the show is severely lacking on Dewey and Louie interaction at the moment.
  • The way Dewey portrays Louie in Dewey Dew Night. The dialogue implies that he wants to be Louie's hero.
  • When Huey crashes into Doofus's house with the Beagle Boys just in time to stop Doofus from hurting Louie, Louie is full of relief. When he sees Huey, Louie cries out that he's safe and the two share a hug when Huey glomps him.
  • Dewey crashing into Doofus's house and manages to let both of them escape. He lands on Louie and Huey, cries out their names in the relief, and they all get big smiles on their faces.
  • Burger and Bouncer Beagle have some actual bonding with Huey. Huey treats them fairly for what appears to be the first time in their life. They even defend him against Bigtime trying to kidnap him.
  • Webby confesses that she really got fond of the triplets, and the three of them going separate ways would make her really sad.
  • "Brothers Again?" "Brothers Again!"
  • There is alot of Big Brother Instinct going on in this episode towards the end. Louie saves Huey from the Beagle Boys and Huey saves Dewey from Doofus. Then, watch the background as Louie is tricking the Beagle Boys into reconciling, Huey and Dewey are riding around in the robot together, continually shooting at Doofus (even though Doofus is running away). They clearly did not like the fact that Doofus took their little brother captive.
  • The kids celebrating their victory with each other towards the end.
  • The triplets telling Webby that they never had any intention of splitting up permanently.
  • All three triplets acknowledging that while being a triplet is awesome and something they would not give up, they also need to be individuals too.

    From the Secret Files of Agent 22 
  • In the beginning, before Scrooge realized that Heron had taken Beakley, when he comes down the stairs and sees the triplets have stayed up all night watching t.v. and have made a mess of his living room, Scrooge gets the fondest, most adoring smile on his face. It's a little moment that reminds the viewers just how much Scrooge truly loves the triplets.
  • Despite being creeped out by Webby's interest in him, during the breakfast scene not once does he tell her to go away. He merely asks if she'd rather be with the boys, and politely turns down her offer to get him his breakfast.
  • Scrooge giving Webby and Adventure Rebuff at the beginning telling her granny would want her to stay safe at the mansion, end of discussion.
  • Scrooge's realization that he knows so little about Webby and makes an honest attempt to get to know her better.
    • Special mention goes to Webby's favorite drink. He assumes it's nutmeg tea since he saw her drink a whole pot of of it. She sheepishly replies she hates it and only did that to impress him, and she actually likes juice. He replies he'll get it right next time.
  • Mrs. Beakley is willing to break S.H.U.S.H. protocol to save Scrooge from Black Heron.
    Scrooge: You broke protocol to save me!
    Mrs. Beakley: I broke protocol to save the mission... and you.
  • The fact that, despite initially disliking him, Beakley grew fond of Scrooge enough that she became his housekeeper after retiring from spying.
  • Related to the above, Beakley warming up to him is symbolized by her revealing her real name to him at the end of their first adventure together.
  • At the end of the adventure, Webby thanks "Mr. McDuck" for the experience, only for him to insist to, "call me Uncle Scrooge." Webby happily responds with her trademark greeting and hugs him. Seems Scrooge still has a soft spot for his "darling Webbigail".
    • Even better is Mrs. Beakley's reaction as she has the biggest smile on her face, especially since a few mintutes earlier she was livid at Scrooge for bringing Webby along (not knowing that she snuck along against his wishes).

    Who is Gizmoduck?! 
  • When Donald loses his temper after being refused a loan at the bank, Huey immediately steps in to help by talking to the teller.
    • When the Beagle Boys arrive and Big Time confronts Huey, Donald struggles against the chain and tells him to leave Huey alone.
  • Mamá being concerned for son's career and asks him what he really wants to do .
  • Huey's desire to help Gizmoduck. He becomes Gizmoducks' biggest fan and a true believer in his heroics despite the media taking him for a menace.
  • Fenton, not bearing the idea of the Gizmoduck armor being destroyed, immediately activates the passcode and leaves Gizmo's lab with it on.
  • Fenton's genuine desire to help people as a superhero. He ends up attempting to quit Waddle because he realized that Mark Beaks's app wouldn't allow him to help people who immediately needed it.
  • Fenton's mother (a cop) immediately swooping in to protect Huey when Mark Beaks makes the Gizmoduck suit go haywire.
  • At the end of the episode, Scrooge offers Fenton a paid job as Gizmoduck, working to protect Duckburg whenever Scrooge isn't able to. Fenton's heroism actually paid off!
    • Scrooge also pays for a VIP hospital room for Fenton. He was THAT impressed by his heroism.

    The Other Bin Of Scrooge Mc Duck! 
  • Scrooge is extremely forgiving toward Webby and Lena snooping in the Other Bin. After initially snapping at them he only asks that they be straight with him and ask if they want to know something. Webby proceeds to hug him. This event, along with all she has learned about Scrooge's capabilities in this episode, convinces Lena to trust him with the truth and ask for his help, as well as to reject her aunt with finality.
    Lena: Family is supposed to help you, not hold you hostage!
    Magica: They'll turn on you - call you a monster!
    Lena: YOU'RE the monster here! And I know just the hunter to take you down.
  • A minor example: one of Louie's scams involves tricking Donald into donating money to a charity for kids which doesn't actually exist. We find out that Donald has been giving money to this "charity" for years, even though he could barely hold down a job and support his family.

    Sky Pirates... in the Sky! 
  • Dewey's brothers and Webby showing that they do pay attention to him by imitating him to distract the pirates.
  • At the end of the episode Scrooge asks Dewey to tell him the story of how he got his hat. Which is a story Dewey wanted to share with him since the start of the episode.
  • Dewey stays true to his word and allows the other pirates their own spots in the song once he takes over. Then it turns out he was even going to try to reform them, though unfortunately they don't take to it.
  • Don Karnage admitting he does care about his crew and he would have killed them long ago if he didn't think they had what it took.

    The Secret(s) of Castle McDuck! 
  • It is revealed Scrooge's #1 Dime was actually from his father, Fergus. Seeing little Scrooge's shoe shining business was falling flat, Fergus muddied Bert the ditch digger's boots, gave him the dime, and sent him to be Scrooge's first customer. All the incredible confidence in hard work Scrooge has, he owes his father.
  • Once the ordeal with the demon dog ends, Dewey apologizes to his brothers for keeping them in the dark about Della and admits he should have let them in on the mystery from the beginning. They accept it and agree that from now on they'll be solving it together.
    • Just how quick Louie and Huey are to forgive Dewey. They had every right to be angry for a very long time but they love their brother. They realized he would never do anything to actually hurt them.
  • Downy spends most of the episode wanting to pinch the cheeks of her great-grandchildren... and generally glomping her son in hugs.
  • Sure, Della left all the clues as a prank for her brother... but she still believed he was brave enough and smart enough to actually work out the damn clues in the first place. Angry and unlucky Donald is... stupid, he is not and Della loved him enough to know it.

    The Last Crash of the Sunchaser! 
  • The reveal at the end: despite what his family thinks, Scrooge spared no expense trying to find Della after she was lost in a cosmic storm. He built numerous replicas of the Spear of Selene and emptied his money bin to pay for it until his executives had to physically restrain him from doing so. Scrooge may be a cavalier adventure junkie, but when he said he loved his family, he meant it.
  • Also related to the ending mixed in with a tearjerker, when Webby and Mrs. Beakley are about to leave, Webby seems concerned for Scrooge during his sulking fit. Keep in mind that, during the argument, he flat out said she wasn't family, yet she still feels bad for him.
  • Despite everything that happened, Scrooge still speaks of Della Duck with pride, with the same tone of admiration that Webby and Goldie spoke of him, and never once blamed her for the situation (despite her technically instigating all of it and ignoring his warnings).
  • Mixed with Tearjerker. The flashback shows that even before they were born, Donald has always had the boys' best interests at heart as he tells Della she shouldn't be risking her life and possibly leaving them without their mother.

    The Shadow War! 
  • Despite lashing out on her and declaring her to not be family, Webby still wants Scrooge to make up with the boys and for the family to come back together.
  • Launchpad was apparently checking in on Scrooge on a daily basis, trying to pep him with offers of ice cream in spite of constantly being rebuffed. Accident prone and eccentric though he may be, he's undoubtedly Scrooge's most loyal friend.
  • During his isolation, Scrooge built replicas of the boys out of pizza boxes. However, what makes it particularly heartwarming is that he's also put a sailor hat on a cereal box and edited it to read "Donald"; for all the tension and bickering between the two, Scrooge has clearly enjoyed having Donald back in his life as well.
  • The nephews complimenting Donald during dinner.
    Dewey: He's devoted to his family unlike others.
    Huey: Yeah! And he's thoughtful!
    Louie: Don't forget passionate!
    Donald: Awwww!
    Launchpad: I like his sailor get-up.
    [Donald looks borderline weepy]
  • Mrs. Beakley immediately joining in on Webby and Launchpad’s plan to keep Scrooge and the boys together. She may have been mad at Scrooge for letting his pride and stubbornness get in the way again, but she is still fiercely loyal and wants the family to stay together as much as her granddaughter and Launchpad. She also knows the truth on what actually happened with Della and that the nephews are being unreasonable.
  • When she finally realizes that Scrooge isn't faking his Heroic BSoD, Magica-in-Lena's-body resolves to get him to pull himself together. She might hate him, but she wants to defeat a Worthy Opponent when he's not broken and pathetic.
  • When Magica returns, one of her first acts is to hurl a stream of magic at Scrooge and Lena. Scrooge doesn't hesitate to put himself in front of Lena, even though he's in the midst of a Heroic BSoD. Even at his lowest, Scrooge still has that heart of gold.
  • Scrooge spent a full decade searching for Della before he was forced to stop.
  • Scrooge's deal with Lena.
    Scrooge: Help me get my family back and you'll have a place in it.
  • Donald convincing the boys to move back to McDuck Manor.
    Donald: Our family's been apart too long. *starts tearing up* It's time for us to come together.
  • There's something oddly sweet about how Gladstone's shadow, instead of frightening him and chasing him like the others, instead gives him the $20 bill he found on the ground. Doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • When Donald is chasing Dewey around in a rage after Dewey calls him unintelligible, Dewey has a big grin the whole time. Dewey's not scared of Donald's temper, he's honestly just treating Donald chasing him like it's a game.
  • Dewey is so touched by Donald's "these ducks don't back down!" line that he spends the rest of the episode trying to make it his own inherited catchphrase.
    • And Huey admits it sounds cooler when Donald says it. Compare that to the beginning, when the nephews thought their uncle had "never done anything cool." The boys admire him a lot more now!
  • Donald giving Webby a life-jacket and ordering her to stay on the dock with the triplets. It even makes her look like she's been puffed full of air like the triplets! Then when the Shadow Army tries to attack her and the boys, he shouts, "GET AWAY FROM MY KIDS!" Not "boys". "Kids". She really is just like a member of Donald's family.
  • Manny, when he and Little Bulb are cornered by the shadows, tells the robot farewell, calling him brother.
  • Lena using The Power of Friendship to defend Webby from Magica. In fact, it turns out that she was literally Magica's shadow brought to life, yet she still sides with Webby over her.
    Magica: Lena couldn't be your friend because SHE WAS NEVER REAL!
    Webby (defiantly and earnestly): I don't believe you.
    • When Lena manifests to protect Webby, she shouts the following:
      Lena: Get away from MY BEST FRIEND, Aunt Magica!
    • And after the fight, we catch a glimpse of her in Webby's shadow, which suggests that she might not be gone forever.
  • Webby realizing that Lena truly is her best friend. Then the triplets giving her a hug and assuring Webby that Lena will always be with her.
    • Made all the more heartwarming by the fact that they're right because Lena is now Webby's shadow, and therefore always with her quite literally.
  • Scrooge is freed from the dime right after Dewey acknowledges that Scrooge felt Della's loss just as much as he and his brothers. Scrooge graciously thanks him, and it's clear that it's not only for getting him free, but also for accepting that he wasn't to blame for Della's loss. Then Scrooge has his He’s Back moment, easily parrying Magica while thanking her for reuniting him with his family.
  • The Call-Back to the Pilot.
    Scrooge: Huey, Louie...the Third One...curse me kilts, have I missed you!
  • Scrooge inviting everyone to jump in his Money Bin for a midnight swim.
  • It's subtle, but when Scrooge sees that Louie can dive and swim in money like he can, there's this look of absolute, surprised delight on Scrooge's face. There's finally someone in the family who he can share the experience with.
    • For that matter, it turns out that Louie really did take Scrooge's words to heart and actually committed to learning the skill.
  • The end reveals that Della is still alive on the moon. She manages to pick up a broadcast from Duckberg reporting the recent triumph of Scrooge and his family, and, from thousands of miles away, sees her sons for the first time.
    Della: ...Boys?
    • Doubles as a tearjerker when you think back to the pilot episode, when Dewey recognizes his mother in the painting and says, "Mom?" in the exact same way. As far away as they are, they're still clearly family.


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