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Pinewood Studios (inaugurated in 1936) is a British film company that has spent over 70 years housing the production of popular films and television shows. It began as a country club in Buckinghamshire inside a building built like a Victorian house before being bought by a businessman named Charles Boot and turned it into a film studio with the help of J. Arthur Rank (the man behind The Rank Organisation), renaming the place Pinewood because of the forest nearby.

The first films that were made there were mostly war movies because of World War II that was happening at the time but the films that managed to be very successful at the time were Oliver Twist and The Red Shoes (1948). Because of the Rank Organisation's budget restrictions, promotional material became hard to develop but the company earned back its budget from the box-office smashes in the late 1940s.

The studios continued with their success throughout the rest of the 20th century. It had become the home of many Eon Productions James Bond movies, the Doctor film series, the Carry On... Series film series, the Superman Film Series and some of the Batman movies.

In the mid-1990s, the Rank Organisation defuncted but still continued to own them until 2001. In the meantime, Pinewood formed their own studio group called The Pinewood Studios Group and created 2 other studio bases in England (in Shepperton and Teddington) as well as worldwide (in Atlanta in the US, in Toronto, in Berlin, in Malaysia, in Dominican Republic and a home-base in Los Angeles). To this day, Pinewood Studios continues to be successful, being the home of many movies and TV shows that are very well-known, many of which they are very proud of.

If you take part in one of their studio tours, you'll find that the studios have paid tribute to many of their films. Most notably, there is the 007 stage (which was dedicated to producer Albert R. Broccoli after it was rebuilt following a fire that destroyed it), one of the biggest soundstages in the world where they film big setpieces for the James Bond films and certain streets in the studios are named after many of their popular movies. There's also a street named after Stanley Kubrick.

Notable films and TV shows that were filmed at Pinewood include: