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Ragdoll Productions is a British television production company that was founded by Anne Wood in 1984. Most of the TV shows made by the company are Puppet Shows, but that's not to say they haven't tried their hand at other kinds of shows (for example, they made an animated cartoon called Dipdap in 2010). In 2006, Ragdoll went into a joint venture with The BBC to sell and license the former's programs outside of the UK via an international arm called Ragdoll Worldwide.

In 2013, Canadian company WildBrain (then known as DHX Media) acquired Ragdoll Worldwide for £17.4 million (about $24 million in US dollars); they now own all of Ragdoll's shows except for Pob's Programme and B.O.T and the Beasties. Despite this, Ragdoll themselves are still active as an independent company and continue to make shows to this day.

List of shows made by Ragdoll Productions: