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Kenneth: Ladies and gentlemen, from 28 films...
Barbara: And Gawd knows how many film stars...
Kenneth/Barbara: That's Carry On!
Kenneth Williams and Barbara Windsor introducing the film.

That's Carry On! is a 1977 Clip Show movie for the popular British Carry On film series and the 29th overall. Over 20 Carry On films had been made at the time, which gave the creators enough material to create a 90-minute film using archive clips from all the other popular movies over the last 20 years.

Most Carry On fans don't like to include this film into the franchise, considering that the film is not really a new movie, but a Clip Show with footage that "reminded" them how much the film series had "gone to the dogs" at this point, considering how much Carry On England from the year before had just convinced many that the series had gone from clever relatable humour to just another Awful British Sex Comedy (seeming how this type of comedy was becoming the latest movie trend at the time). Other fans accused this movie of trying to make back the film series' budget from the cinematic flop England, and some of the critics weren't too quick to agree. (It's rather notable that no clips from England are shown, even though that was recent. Coincidence, some may say.)

The movie stars Kenneth Williams and Barbara Windsor (two actors that notably hadn't been in England), who spend the entire movie in what is claimed to be the underground interior of Pinewood Studios - the place where most of the Carry On films were made. They spend the interluding scenes of the clips sitting around and doing domestic things while being surrounded by boilers and pipes, either making typical Carry On-like jokes or brief Continuity Nods.

Shows examples of:

  • Added Alliterative Appeal: When Kenneth and Barbara reminisce on the power of the films:
    Kenneth: It was noble - a pageant of history. A cavalcade of contemporary comment!
    Barbara: A colossal Carry On cockup!
  • Affectionate Nickname: Barbara calls Kenneth "Kenny".
  • Affectionate Parody: Of the MGM compilation film, That's Entertainment.
  • Bite of Affection: Kenneth gives Barbara one on the shoulder:
    Kenneth: I've been in some dark holes myself, in Carry On Screaming!.
    Barbara: Oh, which part did you play?
    Kenneth: Just a bit part.
    Barbara: Oh.
    Kenneth: I did the biting.
  • Canon Discontinuity: The newest Carry On film at the time, Carry On England, wasn't included alongside the other 27 films due to the film's poor performance at the box office.
  • Clip Show: The film features clips from all the previous Carry On films, with the exception of Carry On England.
  • Double Entendre:
    • The film starts off with Kenneth and Barbara looking for the light in a way that seems awfully sexual:
      Kenneth: Ooh, how am I gonna get all this lot in?
      Barbara: Blimey! You 'ave got a lot there!
      Kenneth: No, it's impossible!
      Barbara: Argh!
      Kenneth: Ooh, listen. You wriggle and I'll shove! We're nearly there!
      Barbara: Don't stop!
      Kenneth: Ooh, argh! Ooh!
      Barbara: Look, push the knob in! It won't work if you don't push the knob in!
      Kenneth: Oh...
    • After Carry On Teacher, the next film is introduced via talk of "big sticks":
      Kenneth: I had a big stick once. It was so enormous, I had to hide it down me trousers.
      Barbara: Ooh, is that why you walked so funny in Carry On Constable?
  • Parenthetical Swearing: According to Kenneth, the word "Jack" is used to mean a certain other word that the censors didn't allow:
    Kenneth: We made another film after that, Carry On Jack.
    Barbara: Well, why do they call it "Jack"?
    Kenneth: If we'd used the navy's word for it, we'd have been censored.
  • Potty Emergency: In the middle of the clip show, Kenneth needs to relieve himself. Unfortunately, Barbara isn't in the mood for breaks and wants to get through all the clips available, making him become more and more uncomfortable with each passing film:
    Kenneth: A quick slash - that reminds me, is there a little boys' room 'round here?
    Barbara: 'Old on, you should've thought of that before.
    Kenneth: But this is a call of nature!
    Barbara: But this is the call of the jungle!
  • Punny Name: After the clips for Carry On Nurse, Kenneth and Barbara remember some of the series' silliest names:
    Kenneth: We were always being lumbered with something, especially names.
    Barbara: Ooh, like Hope Springs.
    Barbara: Miss Easy Rider.
    Kenneth: Private Widdle!
    Barbara: Oh, but there's one name they couldn't call you.
    Kenneth: What was that?
    Mr. Grigg: Miss Allcock.
  • Rhymes on a Dime: Kenneth does so when commenting on Barbara's breasts:
    Barbara: Oh! 'Ere, that's fantastic! That's me, when I first joined the gang in Carry On Spying!
    Kenneth: And there's Bernard Cribbins, teaching you how to get your pistol under your bristols!
  • Series Continuity Error: Kenneth implies that Carry On Cruising was filmed directly after Carry On Spying, when in reality it had been filmed after Carry On Regardless.
  • Speak in Unison: Kenneth and Barbara both say the title together.
  • Tagline: "Everyone who's anyone is in it ...RIGHT IN IT!!!".
  • Title Drop: Both Kenneth and Barbara say the title when introducing the film.