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Homeworld Gems

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Era 2 Homeworld's Sigil
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Ronaldo Fryman

The original group of Gems based on the Gem Homeworld, who the Crystal Gems diverged from some time in the past. Since then, they've cut off contact with Earth, besides an occasional space-probe, and apparently changed radically as a society.

  • Adorable Evil Minions: The Diamonds and Quartzes are plenty intimidating, but a significant portion of the Homeworld military and technical staff appear to be Rubies and Peridots, respectively, both of which are about three feet tall (though Era 1 Peridots may be taller). The Pearls, who are servant Gems by design, can be very cute, too. Eventually, we see that even the "regular" huge Quartzes and the Diamonds themselves can be pretty adorable. That's not even getting into the Topazes.
  • Alien Invasion: Invaded Earth around 6,000 years ago, but were repelled by the Crystal Gems.
  • Aliens Never Invented the Wheel: Pearl had to explain to Peridot what a wheel was. All Gem vehicles and transportation methods shown involve levitation, robotic legs, and teleportation, so it seems wheels were never invented on Homeworld or became so obsolete as to be forgotten.
  • Always Lawful Evil: Subverted. While the Diamonds seem maliciously evil, the rest of Homeworld Gems are not inherently evil, they are merely products of their environment (though a few, like Holly Blue Agate and Aquamarine, are quite unpleasant people). They are also decidedly lawful with a rigid emphasis on total obedience to their leaders and strict adherence to their Hive Caste System. Eventually we learn that this is not even true of the Diamonds, or at least for Blue and Yellow. Their hatred for Earth and its life was largely driven by their shock at the "murder" of Pink Diamond. Once they learn that Pink faked her shattering and are revealed to be miserable under White's rule, they become much more amenable. White Diamond herself, on the other hand, is another matter.
  • Arc Symbol:
    • A four-pointed diamond seems to symbolize Gemkind in general, as opposed to the five-pointed star of the Crystal Gems. The shape is found on just about every Homeworld uniform, with some, mainly the modern uniforms, being more immediately obvious (such as Peridot, Jasper, all of the Ruby squad sans Doc and Navy, and the Quartz soldiers of the Human Zoo having very visible diamond shapes in the color of their respective diamonds on their outfits) and some more subtle (such as the outfit for Rubies in "The Answer" simply having a vaguely triangular stripe in the center of their tanks, Aquamarine's dress having a pattern consisting of several blue zigzags, and her "undershirt" and the way her dress covers it making part of it form the shape of a blue diamond, something done similarly with Sapphire's dress in her appearance from when she was still with Homeworld).
    • A common insignia on things relating to Homeworld is four diamond shapes composing a larger one, with a white one on top, pink on the bottom, and yellow and blue between them left and right respectively. It's mostly present on older Homeworld structures such as the Sky Arena...
      • ...due to being replaced with another symbol featuring interlocking triangles forming a larger triangle with a small one in the center (with one triangle in blue, white, and yellow) on more modern Homeworld creations, such as the hand ship Peridot and Jasper arrive in. These, rather obviously, represent the Great Diamond Authority, and it's heavily implied that this change was due to the shattering of Pink Diamond.
    • To a lesser extent, there appears to be a hand motif. The ship Jasper and Peridot arrived in was literally a giant hand, complete with functional fingers, and the largest Cluster manifestation was in the shape of a hand. The Diamonds travel around in giant arm-shaped spaceships.
  • Beautiful Slave Girls: This is a Pearl's lot in the Homeworld caste system, made to stand around and look pretty as a status symbol for higher-class Gems. Though the Diamonds' Pearls are an exception, as while still status symbols, they are tasked with other things by their Diamonds, some of which are important, and actually hold authority over other Gems.
  • Best Served Cold: They waited five thousand years to get their revenge for being denied Earth.
  • Bigger Stick: The main reason that the Crystal Gems are terrified of Homeworld returning is that Gem technology has advanced so far in the time since they were defeated that it makes the Crystal Gems' tech look primitive in comparison. "The Return" validates these fears as they can't even scratch Peridot's spaceship with Opal or an entire battery of Laser Light Cannons (one of which destroyed the Red Eye from early on in the series) and they get stomped into the dirt.
  • City with No Name: Apparently, the Gem homeworld either has no name or its name is "Homeworld". They don't refer to it as "the" homeworld. For example, "once we get back to Homeworld", "set a course for Homeworld", "you're from Homeworld", etc. This gets lampshaded when Jamie gets confused at the use of the term, pointing out that for him "Homeworld" means Earth. Their apparent capital city where the Diamond's palace is located is never named either.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Most Gems serving under specific Diamonds are colored or marked in some way that reflects that. Sapphire and Lapis have predominantly blue coloring to signify their service to Blue Diamond, while Jasper, Peridot, and the Ruby Squad have yellow diamonds on their clothing to mark their affiliation to Yellow Diamond. During her life, Pink Diamond's had a pink diamond on their outfit to denote who they belonged to. The two other Pearls belonging to the Diamonds have coloring which reflects that, which raises the question of who Crystal Gem Pearl was made to serve. Eventually we find out that she was Pink Diamond's Pearl.
  • Crippling Overspecialization:
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Nearly all non-Diamonds are treated as inferior beings on Homeworld, with Lapis and Peridot being particularly noteworthy. Lapis was trapped in a mirror, mistaken for a Crystal Gem and interrogated for information she didn't have, before being cracked and left on Earth for millennia. Peridot's upbringing, meanwhile, was so implicitly harsh and militaristic that she questions whether every item in a typical bathroom is a weapon. Pearls reportedly have it even worse than Peridots.
  • Dramatically Missing the Point:
    • No matter how many times it's displayed that fusion is more than just a combat technique, they don't seem to get it.
    • It also seems that Homeworld never got why Rose rebelled in the first place, completely glossing over her desire to defend Earth or her belief that Grew Beyond Their Programming is entirely possible for a Gem.
  • The Dreaded: All of the Crystal Gems are terrified at the thought of them returning to Earth, to the point they are willing to blow up the Galaxy Warp to stop them from coming back (even though it might not even work permanently).
  • Dress-Coded for Your Convenience: In addition to displaying their Diamond's sigil somewhere on their bodies, gems from the same court typically have a few features in common.
    • Many Blue Court gems have bangs or wear clothing that obscures their eyes in some way. The higher-ranking Gems in the Blue Court also tend to favor dresses or skirts, most likely to imitate Blue Diamond's robes.
    • Several Yellow Court gems have Shoulders of Doom like Yellow Diamond or wear visors over their eyes (the visors, in particular, seem to indicate military rank, such as with "Doc" Ruby). Jasper and Hessonite also wear capes, although at least in the case of Jasper the cape seems to be an actual physical accessory and not part of her default appearance.
    • Pink Court gems often have long hair or Regal Ringlets and full lips (Amethysts, Jaspers, Nephrites).
  • Dystopia: Lapis Lazuli as a Fish out of Temporal Water can't recognize the changes Homeworld has gone through and Garnet and Pearl, who were part of Rose's rebellion, are terrified of Homeworld returning to Earth. We see more of this later on when Yellow Diamond makes it abundantly clear that at least she doesn't care at all for the Gems under her. It later turns out that the Hive Caste System is so strict that so much as being born with a birth defect is punishable by death, with Shattering Robonoids roaming Homeworld to execute anyone who doesn't fit the Diamonds' design.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: After spending eons suffering under the Diamonds' tyranny, the Homeworld Gems finally get this thanks to Steven due to the Gem Empire and Hive Caste System being abolished, meaning they get more freedom and are allowed to choose their own roles, and the Diamonds being outright removed from power.
  • The Empire: The Gem Homeworld is led by the Great Diamond Authority, consisting of Yellow Diamond, Blue Diamond, White Diamond and formerly, Pink Diamond. They conquer worlds, sucking the life and energy out of them to make more Gems, and have little to no regard for organic life. Homeworld has a Hive Caste System, lots of Fantastic Racism, especially towards Pearls, and do not have an issue with shattering Gems and using them for the fusion experiments and the Cluster if they don't conform to their standards.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good:
    • Homeworld Gems seem to view fusion as a combat technique and nothing else and seem confused by or dismissive of its alternative purpose as an act of pure intimacy and love. They run experiments which forcibly fuse shattered Gems, creating monstrous amalgamations of odd limbs, and Peridot apparently sees no problem with this.
    • The truly evil ones seem completely incapable of comprehending why Rose opposed them to save humanity. It becomes especially ironic when Rose turns out to be one of their leaders in disguise.
  • Evil Is Petty: They (or at least Yellow Diamond) want the Cluster to destroy the Earth for no other reason than out of spite that they couldn't annex it into their Empire. It is especially petty once Peridot reveals that Homeworld is running low on resources, resulting in the necessity of newer Gems being made of lesser quality compared to older ones, and the Earth has lots of resources that would be a boon to Homeworld. That said, Rose's Rebellion led to Rose shattering Pink Diamond, which is more understandable, but still a pretty petty motivation. It now seems Yellow Diamond wants to destroy Earth out of a mix of revenge for Rose shattering Pink Diamond, along with Pink Diamond's subjects and zoo facility, and simply wanting to remove everything that reminds her of her dead comrade so she can forget about her and not have to hurt anymore.
  • Evil Plan: At first, the Crystal Gems assume they are trying to reactivate the Kindergarten to produce more Gems. It's later revealed that they were actually using the Kindergarten for experiments in forcing (Crystal) Gem shards to undergo fusion, all to create the Cluster, a gigantic Gem shard mutant that has been incubating inside the Earth's core for 5000 years. When the Cluster is awakened, it will tear the Earth apart like a chick breaking out of an egg.
  • Fantastic Honorifics: According to Rebecca Sugar, the phrase "My (Gem's name here)" is only used to address superiors, never by a superior about their inferior, not even a Pearl they own. This is most often seen by Gems towards the Diamonds. When Rose called Pearl "My Pearl", she meant it as a term of respect.
  • Fantastic Racism: They really don't care for any other types of life besides (loyal) Gems. Even among loyal Gems, there's a heavy expectation to follow their Hive Caste System. Higher castes often look down on the lower, while the lower Caste often sees themselves as quite expendable. The Diamonds, in particular, look down on all other forms of life and Gems, even loyal ones, to the point they used an as-yet-unknown weapon to corrupt (meant to obliterate) most of the Gems on Earth after they fled, regardless of the loyalty of the Gems affected).
  • Fascist, but Inefficient: Due to the strict nature of the caste system, most Gems that fail to match a specific criteria (either due to physical abnormalities or abnormalities in their abilities) or behave in a manner foreign to their assigned roles and station (Gems that refuse to do their jobs or are incapable of doing so) are usually shattered on-site. This has also led to fusion being taboo, being only allowed between members of the same gem-type (Rubies fusing with Rubies for instance), and even then is only allowed between situations that require them. Any inter-Gem fusions (like Garnet for example) are forbidden and are subject to Fantastic Racism at best, shattering on-site at worst. This is especially vexing considering that compared to same-Gem fusions, inter-Gem fusions are more diverse, powerful and unpredictable, fusions like Garnet, Stevonnie and Smoky Quartz having defeated Jasper (who is established as being an Ultimate Life Form by Homeworld standards) in nearly every turn. While a justice system does exist (usually a trial with Defense and Prosecutor Zircons), the efficacy of this is questionable if gems of a superior station (like the Diamonds) are able to waive these rules and leave such a system pointless.
  • Feudal Future: They're an interstellar empire with a caste system and nobility, though their agelessness and Bizarre Alien Reproduction mean the rule isn't exactly hereditary. And most of their soldiers use melee weaponry.
  • From Bad to Worse: As bad as they were when they originally fought the Crystal Gems, they've become even more advanced and powerful in the following 6,000 years if Lapis' message is anything to go by.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: As a whole, they are responsible for the Kindergarten and were once in conflict with the Crystal Gems, but there is much about them still shrouded in mystery, particularly where the Diamonds are concerned.
  • Happiness in Slavery: Much to the chagrin of the Crystal Gems, most Homeworld Gems are perfectly content to let themselves be slaves to the Diamonds. Rose apparently shattering Pink Diamond wasn't seen as a source of jubilation but a rallying cry for vengeance and retribution.
  • Heel–Race Turn: Happens to them en masse following White Diamond's own Heel–Face Turn in Change Your Mind. While there are a few known number of Gems that dislike this disruption of the status quo, the vast majority of Gems are quite happy to no longer be forced into upholding White Diamond's original oppressive and controlling regime.
  • Hidden Agenda Villain: Their motives for exploiting Earth were unknown for quite a while: they wanted to drain all life from the planet to make more Gems, then hollow out the remains for a new colony. Now they just want it destroyed.
  • Higher-Tech Species: The aforementioned disdain for other lifeforms, the Magitek ability to easily traverse intergalactic space, the dogmatic drive in their destructive quests to propagate. Homeworld Gems seem to fit the criteria.
  • Hive Caste System: Homeworld has a rigid caste system where different Gem types work in different positions and have powers designed for whatever their task is. Though there are tremendous physical differences between the castes, it also resembles a Fantastic Caste System, in that its positions have a significant variation in prestige attached and mostly correspond to human jobs. As of Era 3, there is no more caste system, meaning the Homeworld Gems get to choose their own roles and/or live in Little Homeworld.
    • Diamonds are the matriarchs of Gem society, and collectively are called the Great Diamond Authority. Some of the other gems have a colored diamond on their clothing to denote which Diamond they follow. Sapphire used to follow Blue Diamond and had a corresponding blue diamond on the top of her dress to match (just like Lapis has one on her torso), Peridot and Jasper have yellow diamonds on their outfits since they follow Yellow Diamond, etc. The Gems are also unique as only four seem to exist period.
    • Sapphires have Seer powers and are very rare Gems overall, so they are courtiers and nobility. Their duty seems to be being advisors to the diamonds, predicting the future so the diamonds can plan for it.
    • Aquamarines are another high-ranking gem type, though the one we've seen took all her power from her non-gem weapon. Their current role is unknown, although they seem to work directly under the Diamonds.
    • Jades are another type of gem seen as courtiers, though to what purpose is unknown. They seem to have a pretty significant amount of variety for a single type, including armless ones that look like living cogs.
    • Garnets (technically unrelated to the character Garnet) are a category of Gems, which includes Hessonites, Demantoids, and Pyropes. Hessonites at least are physically powerful military commanders, and the others probably have similar or identical roles.
    • Emeralds are admirals, commanding fleets of space ships.
    • Lapis Lazulis are used to terraform colony worlds. They're considered extremely important.
    • Topazes are elite guards and soldiers that seem to act as Secret Service to the Diamonds on Homeworld, taking orders and missions only from their Diamond directly. On missions, they generally act as brute muscle.
    • Nephrites serve as pilots and explorers.
    • Zircons are lawyers.
    • Quartzes are the main warrior caste, which seems to be divided into sub-caste depending on what type of Quartz gem (there are a lot).
      • Agates are meant to be supervisors of lesser Quartz gems, terrifying their subordinates into submission.
      • Jaspers are apparently made to be The Determinator.
      • Citrines are guards.
      • Rose Quartzes appear to have a defensive role.
      • Amethysts, Carnelians, Flints, and Cherts are known to exist as part of the general "Quartz" caste, but their specific role is unknown. Though not shown, Tiger's Eye is another gem that is mentioned and presumably a quartz.
    • Bismuths are builders and architects, responsible for building all the structures used by the high-class Gems.
    • Peridots are engineers and technicians. They seem to be considered unimportant, as Peridot was called "a lowly Peridot" by Yellow Diamond and finds the idea of having her own Pearl laughably absurd.
    • Rubies are disposable soldiers and bodyguards. They are designed to fuse during combat.
    • Pearls are attendants and status symbols for higher-ranking Gems. They're not considered more than fancy objects, effectively putting them at the very bottom of the totem pole. They have to obey the orders of the Gem they're made for without question whether they want to or not. However, it seems Pearls can have some sort of authority by extension of serving their masters, as Yellow Pearl almost denied Peridot access to Yellow Diamond, and according to Defense Zircon, only a Diamond has the authority to dismiss a Diamond's Pearl. White Pearl is even higher, to the point of being White's Mouth of Sauron and being able to dismiss the other Diamonds.
    • Pebbles are servants whose jobs range from creating furniture for the Diamonds to sit on or becoming actual tools for them to use. Unusually, they seem to be created directly by the Diamonds and entirely out rock, instead of being made in a Kindergarten and projecting bodies from a Heart Drive. One could wonder if they even count as Gems at all, though officially, they are.
    • Spinels are rubbery, cutesy, clown-like Gems meant to be entertaining playmates for high-class Gems.
    • Larimars use their claws to carve ice sculptures.
    • Snowflake Obsidians have ice powers they use to make ice trenches the army uses.
    • Morganites are designers, and are high-ranking enough that at least one owns both a Ruby and a Pearl.
    • There are Gems whose sole purpose is to be used for décor and building material.
    • A number of other Gem types are shown or mentionedList , but their positions and roles are unknown.
    • Fusions are basically considered to be walking weapons, and cross-Gem fusions are seen as abominations since they're inherently outside of the system.
  • Humans Are Insects: Homeworld sees organic life as an infestation on planets otherwise ripe for colonizing. Humans are (mostly) no exception.
  • Individuality Is Illegal: In the Gem Homeworld, every Gem has an exact purpose they're made for and only that exact purpose is allowed. Jasper implies a punishment for deviating from your "intended" purpose may be death and the Off Colors, a group of fugitive Gems, later confirm this is indeed the case, as is being born with a defect. Naturally, Rose Quartz was able to use this as a fantastic recruiting tool, as she herself believed the exact opposite and encouraged her Crystal Gems to find their own identity and desires. Counterintuitively, most of her subordinates only followed her because she was a very charismatic leader, and others only wanted to bite back at the Gempire, regardless of her actual philosophies; early on in the show, it seems that the remainder of the Crystal Gems only stayed around to protect Earth (and Steven, by extension) because that's what Rose would have wanted them to do.
  • Inscrutable Aliens: Actually, humans are this to them. The Homeworld Gems are based on a strict caste hierarchy in which every Gem is created for a specific purpose and is never meant to grow beyond their original programming. The Crystal Gems might not be very familiar with many aspects of human culture, but they've at least tried to learn a bit over the centuries. The Homeworld Gems seemingly reserve art only for the upper class, to the point Peridot found the concept of singing foreign. After defecting to the Crystal Gems and spending some time on Earth exploring their newfound freedom, Peridot and Lapis actually "re-invent" visual art — which Peridot literally describes as "I had this idea: what if we made music, but instead of sounds, we use things?" Having no experience with this new concept, Lapis came up with the name "meepmorp" for what we would call "visual art".
  • Insignificant Blue Planet: Most of the Homeworld Gems did not care about sacrificing the Earth to make more of their own kind, with the Crystal Gems branching off from them over this issue. These days, they just want it destroyed to avenge Pink Diamond's death.
  • Ironic Name: Rubies in real life are associated with nobility, and are actually more valuable than diamonds, while Homeworld has rubies as an expendable Red Shirt Army caste.
  • Large and in Charge: Mostly, but not always, played straight.
    • Quartz gems like Jasper are (usually) highly-ranked and typically enormous, appearing to be around seven or eight feet tall. Topazes are even larger and extremely high ranking soldiers. The Diamonds are many times the size of Jasper and Rose, appearing at first look to be around 20 feet during "Message Received" but later appearances depicting them as even larger.
    • In contrast, Rubies are the lowest-ranking soldiers and among the smallest gems. Peridots are also short, though they wear "limb enhancers" to appear taller and are somewhat higher-ranked than Rubies.
    • Subverted by Sapphire, who we are told in "The Answer" is a high-ranking aristocratic Gem, but she's the same size as a Ruby. Aquamarines also subverts this, as they're the smallest Gems after the Pebbles (and whatever type of Gem the beetles were), but are extremely high ranking Blue Gems.
    • Also subverted by Pearls, who are fairly tall (at least 6') but are the lowest-ranked Gems seen so far, even lower than Rubies. (They are, however, also the thinnest Gems seen so far, and thus much smaller when accounting for overall mass). Subverted the other direction with the Diamonds' Pearls, who have authority over other Gems but are no bigger, and White Pearl who has it over the other Diamonds due to acting as White's Mouth of Sauron.
  • Light Is Not Good: Homeworld is very shiny and brightly colored (with inhabitants who are essentially light elementals), yet it's the capital of an Evil Empire.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: With the exception of the Diamonds and those who fought in the war, the rest of the Gems have no clue about the Crystal Gems' rebellion and were merely told that Earth was not viable to be a colony. It comes back to bite them when Peridot gets stranded on Earth and realizes that it's still full of life and resources that are of use to the Empire, and as such, she sees no reason to let it be destroyed.
  • Magitek: In addition to utilizing their supernatural powers, the Gem society has evolved to a point of harnessing advanced technology in their endeavors.
  • Meaningful Name: Almost all castes and their roles are based on associations and uses of the minerals they are named after.
    • Diamonds are the hardest mineral and are viewed as the most valuable gems in the world (though they are actually somewhat common if found only in specific locations).
    • Rubies are hardworking grunts, if somewhat clueless. Ruby is one of the toughest minerals aside from diamond and used as protection from supernatural attacks. It is also associated with fire, and Rubies have heat powers. Ironically, real-life rubies are actually more valuable than diamonds.
    • Pearls are servants who are manufactured to serve as status symbols and look pretty but not considered very strong. Pearls are created by life instead of geologically like other minerals, and have no use outside of jewelry.
  • Mechanistic Alien Culture: The Gems don't even seem to understand the concept of nicknames, as far as the show indicates, and place a high priority on efficiency, organization, and following orders. It's unclear whether or not things were different before the Rebellion, though.
  • Moral Myopia: The common theme of whenever a Gem still loyal to Homeworld talks about the Gem War's events is them mentioning how it's a waste and the damage done to the Gem empire (including Pink Diamond's death). However, they have always overlooked the entire reason Rose rebelled in the first place: if Homeworld's plans had succeeded, then it would have meant planetary genocide to every species living on Earth when they arrived.
  • Moe Anthropomorphism: Personified gems who usually resemble attractive women.
  • Multicultural Alien Planet: Their Hive Caste System is extremely diverse in terms of size, shape, and color, and Homeworld Gems are also divided into three (formerly four) courts.
  • A Nazi by Any Other Name: The environments and upbringings of the Homeworld Gems essentially turn their empire into one of these. For starters, they have Fantastic Racism towards organic life. This racism complements their actions when they commit imperialism against foreign planets for the sake of securing resources and producing more Gems (akin to Nazi Germany's and the Empire of Japan's conquests for Lebensraum). According to Jasper (and later confirmed by the Off Colors), they also have a practice of purging those that in some way don't fit in with the "order of the Diamonds", such as those born with certain defects or those with behaviors outside their "purpose". Finally, the Homeworld Gems have absolute devotion to their Diamond, who they refer to as "My Diamond" like how we would say "My Lord". They also have a unique salute where they cross their arms to form a diamond, similarly to the Nazi salute.
  • Necromancer: A Gem shattering is the equivalent of death, but that doesn't keep their forced fusion experiments from bringing them back.
  • Non-Uniform Uniform: Though Peridot and Jasper's kind of outfit seems to be standard, especially for soldiers, the two Rubies with different outfits in "Hit the Diamond" imply that alterations are allowed if the standard version would cover the Gemstone.
  • No Song for the Wicked: Besides very high ranking Gems, none of them ever sing in this musical show. Each one of them, however, have their own Leitmotif. The only Homeworld Gem that ever gets to sing becomes a Crystal Gem in the very next episode. This case also demonstrates the theme of music being something individual, unique, and beautiful in ways Homeworld doesn't approve of. Four seasons in, the trope is subverted while still keeping with said themes: we hear a Villain Song from Yellow Diamond, about discarding feelings to cope with the death of a loved one, but only because of Steven's Exact Eavesdropping on her expressing herself in a way she would not do in public.
  • Ominous Mundanity: Their names for things are exceedingly blunt — their home planet is just called "Homeworld", more of them are made in "Kindergarten", their People Zoo is "the Zoo" — which goes to show they aren't concerned with things like creativity.
  • Planet Looters: They tried to use Earth's resources to make more Gems, and certainly nothing's stopping them from doing it to other planets. They are later revealed to be running low on resources, but it's unclear whether this is the cause of their invasion of Earth or a consequence of it, given the only Gem shown to be affected by this was Peridot who was created long after the original war.
  • Predecessor Villain: Conflict with them is why the Crystal Gems are on Earth in the first place.
  • The Purge: Homeworld's policy for anyone that in some way violates the "order of the Diamonds" appears to be death. This includes Gems like Amethyst who have some form of defect as well as Gems who try to do something other than what they were made for. The Off Colors later confirm this, and live in constant fear of being shattered because of it.
    Jasper: Every Gem is made for a purpose: to serve the order of the Diamonds. Those who cannot fit inside this order must be purged!
  • Rage Quit: When it became clear they would likely never get control of Earth, they incubated the Cluster to destroy it, letting Rose and the Crystal Gems believe they were able to save Earth, unaware of this current threat until Peridot told them. It's revealed during "Monster Reunion" that they were also the ones responsible for corrupting various Gems by releasing a weapon after the Diamonds pulled out.
  • Rule of Symbolism: The diamond we see on their outfits symbolizes the creation of life. They did, in fact, create new Gems... by plundering the Earth's resources. There are also parallels that can be drawn with viruses; they use up a planet's resources to make more of themselves and expand their empire, and they're created by Injector machines which look like a bacteriophage virus.
  • Scary Dogmatic Aliens: Their Planet Looter tendencies heavily imply they're Aliens as Conquistadores, plundering planets without caring about the life located on them. Some of them may fill the "Aliens as Nazis" mold (Peridot hypocritically refers to human life as an "infestation", while Jasper is The Social Darwinist), but they do so in radically distinct ways, and given how it's still miles beneath their core objective, it's unclear if the whole species truly hates other life or simply regards it as irrelevant.
  • Servant Race: The Gems are an artificial race created to be essentially the entire population of an interplanetary empire. There are many different kinds of Gems, each made for a specific task. Some are definitely more "servile" than others (contrast the foot soldiers, builders, technicians, and handmaidens/living status symbols with the aristocrats, generals, and thinkers), but all of them are made to serve the interests of their creators and ruling authority, the Diamonds. It's only the Crystal Gems who decided to stop following their creators' orders and be something other than what they were made for.
  • She's Got Legs: Pearls are shown to have rather very long and rail-thin legs.
  • Shocking Defeat Legacy: The Crystal Gems standing up to Homeworld at all was highly unexpected. Losing Earth as a colony and Pink Diamond seems to have weighed heavily on Homeworld's members that survived and society as a whole.
  • Sigil Spam: The generic diamond shape, the three triangles, and the four diamonds making one big diamond are very prominent among Homeworld bases.
  • Sleeves Are for Wimps: Most of the Gems don't exactly wear long sleeves on their outfits.
  • Smug Super: Most of the Homeworld Gems are highly overconfident in their powers.
  • Social Darwinism: The core of their Hive Caste System. The Diamonds are supposed to be the most powerful beings in the universe, with White at the top and Pink at the bottom, resulting in the latter's authority being overruled by her superior siblings, much to her resentment. Even the very bottom of the caste, Pearls, look down on organic life possibly as a coping mechanism for being made to obey every order from their owners. When Pink Steven proved to be more powerful than White, it shakes up the caste system as White realizes if she is unable to control Pink Steven, she is essentially flawed for not being the most powerful anymore and has a Villainous Breakdown at this turn of events.
  • Sorting Algorithm of Evil: Zig-zagged.
    • The first Homeworld Gem we are introduced to is Lapis Lazuli, who is a Person of Mass Destruction who stole a huge portion of the ocean, if not all of it, in the second episode she was in.
    • She was followed by Peridot and Jasper, who, while both very competent, did not possess Lapis's massive firepower.
    • Afterwards, Lapis and Jasper fused into Malachite, who combined their powers to a greater degree than them separately and was an even bigger threat than either of them, even thought Lapis is forced to represent Homeworld and is no longer considered a villain. And she stayed at the bottom of the sea for a whole season while the Gems mostly focus on finding Peridot despite claiming they're still looking for them, and was eventually beaten by Alexandrite and the Watermelon Stevens in her reappearance.
    • The Cluster was introduced shortly after the Crystal Gems captured Peridot, and while it is said to be capable of destroying Earth by merely taking its physical form, Steven manages to convince it to bubble itself, removing any threat it posed without a single punch thrown by the Cluster.
    • The Ruby Squad appear shortly after the Cluster is bubbled, and quickly are proven to be Harmless Villains, except for the unhinged Eyeball, who Steven still deals with easily.
    • The Cluster and Malachite being dealt with are followed by Jasper having some time in the spotlight, and while powerful enough to defeat Amethyst in a fight, she was beaten thoroughly by Stevonnie and later Smoky Quartz before becoming corrupted due to her own actions.
    • Next was Aquamarine and Topaz, who are scarily efficient, although not seeking a direct confrontation.
    • After this, the Diamonds themselves finally take center stage.
  • Stupid Evil: They tend to be overly destructive to the planets they conquer, leaving them nothing but withered husks of rock and taking everything without thinking about saving resources from them for later. Surprisingly Realistic Outcome naturally bites them in the butt as a result, since it means they have a lack of resources instead of a steady supply of them.
  • Sufficiently Analyzed Magic: It seems that they've managed to reverse-engineer Gem abilities to some extent. Most notably, the Gem destabilizers seem to be directly based on Yellow Diamond's own abilities.
  • Suppressed History: Judging by Rhodonite's comments, the average Gem believes that the Earth was destroyed by "the Diamond attack", which presumably happened at the end of the Gem Rebellion or sometime after. Only a few selected by the Diamonds seem to be aware the Earth is still intact (albeit expecting it to be destroyed by the Cluster soon).
  • Sycophantic Servant: All Homeworld Gems were created by the Diamonds to serve them, and all of them regard and treat the Diamonds with god-like reverence. Even the Diamonds themselves see some of it as excessive, though their extremely low tolerance for insults and failure is clearly encouraging such behavior.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: In general, Gems made to serve Yellow Diamond (Peridot, Jasper, Yellow Pearl) are tomboyish to some degree; they're arrogant, rude, assertive, hammy and wear form-fitting suits. Peridot is also a technician/engineer and Jasper is a soldier, jobs that would be considered traditionally male. In contrast, Gems made to serve Blue Diamond (Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli, Blue Pearl) are conventionally feminine, composed, soft-spoken, have a habit of clasping their hands and wear flowing dresses or skirts.
  • Underestimating Badassery: Considering that many Homeworld Gems considered they could stop Rose Quartz and her army quite easily (at first), the war-torn battlefield of fallen warriors is more than enough evidence of this trope in action.
  • Vast Bureaucracy: Implied given that with an Empire that large somebody has to run it; Jasper and Peridot never got back to Homeworld and nobody there seemed to even notice until Peridot made direct contact with Yellow Diamond.
  • Vestigial Empire: They're running low on resources, so new Gems are weaker without the standard abilities possessed in "Era 1", and they have to compensate with high tech prosthetics. However, Peridot developing powers anyway suggests modern Gems have the same potential, they're just being underestimated.
  • Walking Spoiler: Directly tied to the backstory of the Crystal Gems.
  • You Are Number 6: Gems are identified by their "Gem Type", "Facet", and "Cut" or "Cabochon." (Peridot, for example, identifies herself as "Peridot, Facet 25FL, Cut 5XG"). While an efficient and practical way of differentiating what must be a very large number of otherwise perfectly identical Gems of the same type, it is lacking in the personality that just a Gem type implies. A Gem identifying herself by her gem type is equivalent to a human identifying him/herself as "Builder" or "Engineer".


The Great Diamond Authority

See here.

Yellow Court

See here.

Blue Court

See here.

Pink Court

    Rose Quartzes (Zoo) 

Rose Quartzes
Left to right: Superfan Rose, Shy Rose, and Hippie Rose

Voiced by: Kimberly Brooks

Yellow Diamond: She was shattered by a Rose Quartz! The entire cut of Gem deserves the same fate!
Blue Diamond: But they were hers.

A caste of Quartz-type Gems created for Pink Diamond. After Rose Quartz (the individual) led the Crystal Gems in driving Homeworld off Earth, all of them were bubbled and kept in the Zoo.

After the events of "Change Your Mind", all of them are released from their bubbles. Two years later, three of them come to Earth with the Zoomans/Famethyst to learn about their saviors the Crystal Gems... which is the last thing any of them need.

  • All There in the Script: The three Rose Quartzes in "Rose Buds" are referred to in the credits as Superfan Rose, Hippie Rose, and Shy Rose.
  • Ambiguous Situation: It's unclear at what time during the war they were bubbled. The defending Zircon in "The Trial" mentions Pink Diamond didn't have any in her guard or entourage when she was shattered, so they might have been removed already, or could have just never been in those specific positions to begin with.
  • Big Beautiful Woman: All Quartz soldiers resemble large, bulky women, but Rose Quartzes in particular look somewhat more human-like and conventionally pretty than the others.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Their bubbled gems appeared in "That Will Be All", and they ended up being the focus of the plot of "Rose Buds" two seasons later.
  • Cool Big Sis: Much like Amethyst, they were made by Pink Diamond and are thus the equivalent of Steven's older sisters. However, this time Steven points this out In-Universe.
  • Does Not Wear Shoes: Hippie Rose Quartz walks about barefoot, in contrast to Shy and Superfan who wear uniform boots.
  • Do You Think I Can't Feel: When they realize that they're making everyone feeling awkward, Shy Rose mentions that they aren't oblivious to the response from others. After all, they had to deal with millennia of being scapegoated for Pink Diamond's actions. Even if it's all in the past, it still hurts.
  • Et Tu, Brute?: While they have Undying Loyalty towards Homeworld, they admit they were hurt that their own Diamond impersonated them and let them take the fall for her actions. It meant not seeing the Earth for millennia, being threatened with shattering, and realizing they are a walking Trauma Button for practically every modern Gem.
  • Freudian Trio: The three Rose Quartzes introduced in "Rose Buds" act as a trio.
    • Superfan Rose is The McCoy. She is hyperactive, talkative and tends to behave in the moment with little forethought. Being a Loony Fan of Steven, she has a bad habit of hanging off of everything he does with no sense of personal space.
    • Hippie Rose is The Kirk. She is the most chill and goes along with the other two without complaint.
    • Shy Rose is The Spock. She is quiet, introverted and is the most conscientious of everyone else, having figured out how uncomfortable they make everyone before the others ever could.
  • G-Rated Stoner: The white-haired Rose is extremely chill, and so relaxed that you'd think she was on some kind of drugs were that physically possible. The credits even call her "Hippie Rose".
  • Genki Girl: Superfan Rose Quartz is the most excited of them, full of energetic, over-talkative enthusiasm, ready to discover the wonders of Earth.
  • Identical Stranger: Shy Rose is nearly identical to the Crystal Gem Rose, having the same hairstyle and Gem placement, but her skin is a slightly darker pink, she lacks Rose's cleavage, and she has a different uniform and voice.
  • Innocently Insensitive: All three of them merely existing put the main cast on edge for a number of entirely understandable reasons, but the spunky one has only heard stories about Earth and is acting like an overenthusiastic tourist the entire time.
  • Massive Numbered Siblings: By the end of "Rose Buds", Steven begins to consider them as his siblings, due to all of them being created by Pink Diamond. And while Steven only met three of them, there's a lot more of them.
  • Misplaced Retribution: All of them are being punished for what Rose did, and Yellow Diamond wants them shattered. Presumably, the Diamonds assumed Rose's "defect" inherent to her Gem type and wanted to feel like they were punishing Pink Diamond's killer. Made even worse when it turns out that Pink wasn't shattered by a Rose Quartz at all.
  • Nice Girl: While they may differ in personality, the three Rose Quartzes that come to visit Steven are all kind and welcoming. Also, considering all the other Rose Quartzes are seen either joyfully having fun or relaxing, it implies they're this as well.
  • One-Shot Character: Only appeared in person in "Rose Buds".
  • The Scapegoat: When Pink Diamond started her rebellion, they were poofed and bubbled en masse for six thousand years. Three Roses admit that it hurt a lot to know that they weren't trusted.
  • Sealed Good in a Can: They're bubbled in a secure chamber in the Zoo. Though they presumably worked for Homeworld, the overall portrayal of Homeworld Gems suggests they aren't generally evil, which is confirmed in "Rose Buds".
  • Shrinking Violet: The shy Rose Quartz, whose hairstyle and Gem placement is identical to the Crystal Gem Rose.
  • Stepford Smiler: While they are genuinely happy to see Steven, three Roses later admit how much it hurts that their Diamond impersonated them, and how they were scapegoated. They were just doing their job when caring for humans on Earth.
  • Stone Wall: A Tweet by Ian Jones-Quartey implies they had a defensive role in Homeworld's military, as seen by our Rose's weapon being a shield.
  • The Three Faces of Eve: Each member of the Rose Quartz trio from "Rose Buds" represents one of the many masks the Crystal Gem Rose has worn in her life.
    • Superfan Rose is the Child, the immature, silly, and excitable one who is always in awe of the wonders of organic life (or at least Steven).
    • Shy Rose is the Mother, the wise, dignified, and emotionally mature one who knows what's going on better than anyone.
    • Hippie Rose is the Seductress, who at least takes an interest in Pearl, saying in a sensual tone that "if I could have had a Pearl, I would've wanted her to be just like you" and offers Garnet a shoulder-massage in a flirty manner.
  • Tragic Keepsake: The only reason they haven't been shattered is so Blue Diamond can visit the Zoo and stare at them to remind herself of their creator.
  • Unseen No More: Before Future, we only saw them in gem form, and had to guess their appearance based on the Crystal Gem Rose Quartz (who wasn't a real Rose Quartz).
  • Valley Girl: Hippie Rose Quartz has a mellow, laid-back, easygoing, California-like personality.

    Pink Diamond's Pearl 

Pink Diamond's Pearl

WARNING! This character is a Walking Spoiler. Potential unmarked spoilers for season 5 and beyond!
Click here for her detailed look 
Voiced by: Deedee Magno-Hall

"I could imagine it if you would like me to, my Diamond."

The Pearl owned by Pink Diamond. She is first brought up by Blue Zircon in "The Trial", wondering what she was doing that would prevent her from noticing Rose Quartz's assassination attempt on Pink Diamond. She was unable to attend the trial and give testimony, but flashbacks have expanded on who she was and her role in Pink Diamond's shattering.

  • Absence of Evidence: As Defense Zircon pointed out in "The Trial", even if Rose Quartz somehow managed to sneak past the rest of Pink Diamond's entourage, or came upon her when she had sent them away for whatever reason, her Pearl should have been able to give her a warning. The Diamonds take their Pearls with them everywhere they go, even for things that they wouldn't let any other Gem see (Blue Diamond took her Pearl with her to Earth, the Yellow and Blue Pearls were present during the conversation between their respective Diamonds in the bubble room), so there shouldn't have been any circumstance where Pink Diamond sent her Pearl away.
  • Ambiguous Situation: Judging by Blue and Yellow Pearls' reactions, something must've happened to her. For whatever reason, she wasn't brought up as eyewitness testimony, meaning either;
    • She wasn't present when Pink Diamond got shattered, so her testimony would've been worthless to the investigation. However, as Blue and Yellow Pearls have always been seen in the accompaniment of their Diamonds even when Rose and the Crystal Gems' Pearl attacked the Cloud Arena (meaning that this wasn't a rule modified to fix a loophole in the Pearls' routine), if her Pearl was still alive at the time Pink Diamond was shattered, then where was she? Why didn't she warn Pink that Rose was approaching?
    • She was unavailable to provide testimony due to being shattered, defected, corrupted, or some other reason. Due to Homeworld's faster-than-light travel and teleportation as well as rejecting the orders of the Diamonds being considered treasonous, a loyal and intact Pearl should've been able to attend the case. As it turns out, she defected to the Crystal Gems, along with her owner.
  • Breaking Old Trends: When we finally get a look at her, we find out that, unlike the other Diamonds' Pearls, she used the colors of all four Diamonds in her appearance and her gem does not match the placement of her Diamond's.
  • The Butler Did It: She didn't warn Pink about Rose because "Rose Quartz" was actually her shapeshifted into Rose's form, helping Pink to fake her own shattering.
  • The Ghost: She's mentioned when Defense Zircon comments that she didn't warn Pink Diamond that Rose was nearby and armed. Subverted when it turns out she's one of the main characters.
  • Grew Beyond Their Programming: She was given to Pink thousands of years before her mistress was given the Earth as her first colony. Her sole function was to make Pink happy. Even then, she acted... robotic, and seemed incapable of thinking for herself. Pink's Pearl gradually loosened up as they explored the planet, and even admitted to her Diamond, she was beginning to have fantasies of them running off together. She became horrified at her own confession and fusion attempts requesting she be replaced, but Pink Diamond encouraged her to never stop growing. While she does return to her servant role six millennia later, with Pink Diamond's son Steven becoming her new owner, she does not return to her old robotic personality, even acting more as her Diamond's guide and mother figure than his servant.
    Pink Diamond's Pearl: [singing] Who do I wanna be? I'm the master of me! And isn't the thought enough to lift me off of the ground?
  • Heel–Face Turn: She wasn't exactly a villain, but she did serve Homeworld, specifically Pink Diamond. Eventually, she and her Diamond defected and formed the Crystal Gems in an attempt to save Earth.
  • Identity Amnesia: When she's hit by her co-worker Spinel's Gem Rejuvenator, she reverts back to when she was made and comes to believe Greg Universe is her owner due to him unintentionally answering as her master. It's only when Steven and Greg fuse into Steg that they manage to break through to her and restore her memories.
  • Kindly Housekeeper: A made-to-order Pearl for a Diamond, she's a perfectionist at everything she does. Even her outfit screams "nanny". It's heavily implied she was made to be a governess for Pink Diamond after the original Pink Pearl became too familiar with her.
  • Mysterious Past: As she explained in "Now We're Only Falling Apart", she was given to Pink Diamond, not created by her own mistress. Given her gem placement and outfit incorporating all the colors of the Diamond Authority, it's highly likely White Diamond made her as a replacement for Pink's original Pearl, who was forcibly removed from her post after fraternizing with Pink Diamond, and made this Pearl's gemstone be on her forehead to remind Pink that she will always be watching her.
  • Non-Indicative Name: While she is Pink Diamond's Pearl, she is not Pink Pearl. The original Pink Pearl is another character altogether.
  • No Respect Guy: Homeworld really doesn't seem to be acknowledging that not only is she Pink Diamond's Pearl, but also the one who helped her stage a rebellion as Rose Quartz, fake her death, and live a happier life on Earth, thus more than fulfilling her purpose to make Pink happy. Yellow Diamond poofs her the moment she comes to her Diamond's aid in "Together Alone", and White Diamond mind controls her in "Change Your Mind".
  • Pet the Dog: While she makes a remark towards a very small Amethyst by stating she's "not the best example", she at least isn't outright cruel to her, such as not calling said Amethyst an overcooked runt.
  • Replacement Goldfish: She was given to Pink Diamond to be a "more sensible" Pearl than her previous one, Pink Pearl, ostensibly with the mission of keeping her in line with White Diamond's will better than Pink Pearl did. Ironically, the original Pink Pearl was replaced for the grievous offense of laughing and playing with Pink Diamond, as well as getting damaged on the job. This Pearl helped Pink create a criminal alias, inspired her to rebel and sabotage her own colony, fell in love with and fused with her (repeatedly), and then conspired to fake her assassination and concealed the truth for 6,000 years afterward. With that said, Pink could never return her Pearl's feelings knowing that she was a replacement and the reason why.
  • Right Man in the Wrong Place: It turns out that she was the one who first suggested that Pink Diamond disguise herself as a Quartz and explore Earth in person. The Earth would've been colonized otherwise if she hadn't.
  • Team Mom: Seemingly of the Pearls. Not much is shown, but we see both Blue, and even Yellow Pearl, treat her with mutual respect.
  • Two Aliases, One Character: "A Single Pale Rose" reveals that she is actually the Crystal Gem Pearl.
  • Undying Loyalty:
    • Defense Zircon at the trial pointed out one of the biggest discrepancies in Pink Diamond's assassination; she, as the made-to-order handmaiden of a Diamond, should have been there by her side. Blue and Yellow Pearl acknowledged this much with an expression. As Defense Zircon points out, even if Rose could have gotten past all of Pink Diamond's security, at the very least, Pink's Pearl would have been able to warn her owner of Rose approaching. Only another Diamond would have had the authority to dismiss her. In reality, she was there by Pink Diamond's side all along — but she didn't warn Pink about Rose because Pink is Rose, and they were working together to frame Pink's death.
    • When Greg unintentionally answers as her master, she vows to serve him as long as he exists. This becomes exploited by Steven, who fuses with his father, which, in a way, causes him to no longer exist and allows their fusion to finally break through to her.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: She suggested the Rose Quartz form to her Diamond, which Pink recreated down to the smallest hairs so that she could visit Earth in disguise. This led to all the other Roses getting scapegoated, poofed and bubbled. No wonder Pearl looks awkward and guilty on seeing them when they come for dinner.
  • Walking Spoiler: Even mentioning her brings up the uncertainty of Pink Diamond's killer. And it's hard to say much about this Pearl without revealing that she's... our Pearl. She's also not Pink Pearl, whom she replaced, likely for getting too familiar with Pink Diamond.


Nephrite Facet-413 Cabochon-12
Voiced by: Aparna Nancherla

"No please no, we're all gonna be...
No please no, we're all gonna be...
No please no, we're all gonna be..."

A dropship captain serving Pink Diamond during the rebellion, she was caught up in the corruption wave while trying to rescue her crew, becoming the Gem Monster known as "Centipeetle".

See her folder here for tropes regarding Nephrite.


Left to right from the top: Noggin, Baby, Fisto, Footy, Patch, Nosey, Chesto, Brainy
Voiced by: Susan Egan, Zach Callison (Fisto)

Small sapient rocks created by Pink Diamond, who were also her playmates. While on Homeworld, Steven accidentally creates another Pebble, Baby.

  • Ambiguous Gender: While Gems have female voice actors and use feminine pronouns, Fisto is voiced by Zach Callison and wears pajama-like clothing instead of the dresses that the other Pebbles wear.
  • Ambiguous Situation: Pebbles are so different than previously established Gems, both in terms of physiology (entirely made of stone instead of Hard Light from a gemstone Heart Drive) and creation (spontaneously made by the Diamonds, like Steven and Rose's plant creatures, no Injectors or Kindergarten involved), it's hard to say if they even are "Gems". It doesn't help that they're not generally acknowledged, basically being treated like furniture. The official word is that they are Gems.
  • Astonishingly Appropriate Appearance: Brainy and Noggin have their gems on the top of and the back of their heads, respectively making them look like hair buns fit for a servant.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: The littlest ones shy away or hide from anyone other than Pink Diamond and her son Steven. This is because Pink treated them as people, not objects. It's heavily implied they were her only friends besides Spinel once she was disseized of her Pink Pearl, long before she was given her replacement Pearl.
  • Fantastic Racism: Even more so than Pearls, Homeworld treat Pebbles like objects — often literally. They're quite surprised when Steven (and Pink Diamond before him) said "thank you". Peridot and Squaridot even use "pebble" as a Fantastic Slur.
  • House Fey: They live in the walls and do various chores, much like brownies.
  • Lilliputians: Tiny, lumpy rocks that live in the walls and do odd jobs for their Diamond.
  • Meaningful Name: All of them except Patch and Baby are named after where their gems are. Patch, whose gem replaces her eye, is named after an eyepatch, while Baby is the youngest of the Pebbles.
  • Mistaken Identity: They think that Steven is Pink Diamond all because he said "thank you" to them and believe that Pink's just playing games with them again. They do appear to have realized that Steven doesn't have Pink's memories when he sings "Familiar", though, but one of the Pebbles still refers to Steven as "Pink" in "Together Alone".
  • Mouse World: They live and work in the machinery that makes up the buildings and structures of the Gem Homeworld. You can't see them, not unless you look for them.
  • No Name Given: Unlike the Ruby Squad, they're never given individual names and are referred to as a group. Quidd, a collectible trading app with connections to Cartoon Network, gives them names that presumably come from the show's model sheets.
  • The Noseless: They don't have noses, though Nosey does have her gem positioned like one.
  • No Sense of Personal Space: They have no qualms about getting inside "Pink"'s mouth, and one of them even builds a house in there.
  • Ridiculously Cute Critter: Tiny people with simple designs and proportionally large heads. Steven thinks they're cute.
  • Rock Monster: Unlike most Gems, who project Hard Light bodies, the Pebbles' bodies seem to be actual pebbles, though they still have gemstones.
  • Rubber Man: Another use of their shapeshifting powers is stretching their limbs so they can rappel down objects.
  • Servant Race: They are the lowliest class of Gem who live in the walls of the Diamond palace. They seem to be made by Diamonds from a bowl of small rocks to perform various tasks, such as reconfiguring their rooms, tailoring outfits, acting as combs, and harmonizing when their Diamond starts singing. They tend to stay out of sight unless requested, although they will come out to actively interact with people they're fond of. Pink Diamond ended up with many as her playmates, and they quickly warm up to Steven too.
  • Shapeshifter Weapon: Like Bismuth, they can form tools with their hands. So far, there have been examples of hammers, sewing needles, knives, hooks, and scissors.
  • Shout-Out: They're tiny, friendly servants with squeaky voices who live in the walls, a clear parallel to Cinderella's mice friends. At one point they even stitch a pink dress together out of random scraps of repurposed cloth.
  • Significant Double Casting: They have the same voice actors as Rose (just like Pink Diamond) and Steven (just like Steven's plant creatures) — except for Blue Diamond's comb, which has the same voice actor as she does.
  • Silicon-Based Life: They're small rocks given life by Pink's sweat.
  • Token Good Teammate: Unlike most Homeworld Gems, who have an arrogant and/or mean streak, the Pebbles are very friendly and kind. They're seen as very enthusiastic and cheering when Steven plans to halt the Gem empire invading other worlds.


Voiced by: Sarah Stiles

"Who am I? WHO AM I?! What are you even saying?
I'm the loser of the game you didn't know you were playing!"

The antagonist of Steven Universe: The Movie, a pink Gem with long, rubbery limbs. She holds a deep grudge against Steven and wants to perform a Happy Ending Override by destroying him and all organic life on Earth with a giant injector.

See her page for tropes regarding her.

White Court

    White Diamond's Pearl (MAJOR SPOILERS) 

White Pearl/Pink Pearl/Volleyball
Click here for her original look 
Click here for her most recent look 

Voiced by: Christine Ebersole (when controlled), Deedee Magno-Hall (as Pink Pearl)
"I was badly hurt. How did you stop hurting?"

An aberrant Pearl owned by White Diamond, who serves as her representative. She used to belong to Pink Diamond, and was mind controlled by White Diamond, only being freed from her control thousands of years later.

During the events of Steven Universe Future, she lives on Earth and starts going by the nickname "Volleyball".

  • All There in the Script: Called "White Pearl" in the credits for "Legs From Here to Homeworld", and Pink Pearlnote  in the credits for "Together Alone" and "Change Your Mind".
  • Alternate Identity Amnesia: Has no idea what happened to her for the last 'eight millennia White Diamond was controlling her.
    Steven: Can you remember anything that happened while you were under White Diamond's control?
    Volleyball: Nope! Eight thousand years, just—blip—gone!
  • Ambiguous Disorder: She is implied to have some form of PTSD from Pink Diamond lashing out during her temper tantrums. The trauma manifests through her crack being unable to heal despite her gem being fine.
  • Angst? What Angst?: In-universe, Pearl and Steven find it rather disturbing that Pink Pearl talks very calmly about her time as being White Diamond's Meat Puppet and how Pink Diamond hurt her. In fact, this becomes a plot point in "Volleyball". It takes Pearl fusing with her and talking it out for them to acknowledge the shared trauma.
  • Badly Battered Babysitter: She was made to serve an immature god-like being with a tendency to destroy things during her tantrums. Since the other Diamonds kept Pink Diamond isolated, Pink Pearl was the only Gem around to calm her down after her tantrums. Unfortunately, one time she was too close when the tantrum started and permanently lost her left eye.
  • Bare Your Midriff: Her outfit forms an open diamond shape over her stomach where her gem is located. Strangely, her gem location mirrors Pink Diamond's (and vice versa, as Pink Diamond's Pearl's gem matches the location of White Diamond's), while Yellow Pearl and Blue Pearl's gem locations match their owners'. This is because she was Pink Diamond's original Pearl, Pink Pearl.
  • Blemished Beauty: She has a scar all across her left eye. Considering a gem's physical projection cannot normally gets scarred, it can come off as weird and unsettling. That doesn't make her look any less adorable, however.
  • The Confidant: If Steven's flashback dream is any indication, she was a playmate and confidant of Pink Diamond's during her time as Pink Pearl.
  • Deliberately Monochrome: Like White Diamond, White Pearl's color scheme is all white, black, and gray. This is a result of being mind controlled by White Diamond; every other Gem who gets mind controlled by her gains the same colors.
  • Dissonant Serenity: She constantly speaks in a near-emotionless condescending tone, despite the obvious terror of the subjects around her. Carries over even after she is freed from White Diamond's control. It becomes especially distressing when she describes getting hit with Pink's Sonic Scream with the exact same tone of voice.
  • Empty Shell: She appears to be devoid of any thought or emotion other than what she is made to be. She was anything but this back when she was Pink Pearl. Luckily, once White Diamond is defeated, her original personality returns.
  • Enigmatic Minion: Pearls are normally low-ranking, homogenized, anthropomorphized fashion accessories. White Pearl possesses seemingly vast power, a voice distinct from every other Pearl seen thus far, and countermands the authority of both Yellow and Blue Diamond without so much as a word of protest from either. Later, she sits on White Diamond's throne in White's stead. Again, no one protests to this. "Change Your Mind" reveals that White Pearl isn't so much a "minion" as a physical extension of White Diamond herself.
  • Eye Scream: There are scars where her left eye would be. Oddly, the way it's drawn almost makes it look like the intact eye is just painted on. "Volleyball" reveals that she got the scar from Pink Diamond lashing out at her during one of her tantrums.
  • Facial Horror: Half her face is covered in what are either scars or cracks. They somehow extend not only where she would have an eye, but into her hair. She did not have this feature back when she was Pink Pearl, and she still has it when she becomes Pink Pearl again in "Change Your Mind". Not only that, the crack on her left eye worsens in Steven Universe Future.
  • Fish out of Temporal Water: Even aside from the fact that she will discover and have to accept that Pink Diamond is gone and that she was replaced, she will likely learn the changes made on Homeworld since Era 1.
  • Foil: To the Crystal Gem Pearl, her successor. While the Crystal Gem Pearl acted robotic towards Pink Diamond, but eventually grew beyond her role and helped her stage a rebellion, Pink Pearl acted playful towards Pink Diamond, only to be forcibly removed from her and given to White Diamond.
  • Freudian Trio: Of the Gems who were close to Pink Diamond, Spinel (Id) follows her desires for Revenge and attempts to destroy Earth after having Gone Mad From The Isolation, Crystal Gem Pearl (Superego) is The Smart Guy of the Crystal Gems, and Pink Pearl/Volleyball (Ego) has a balanced and playful personality.
  • The Gadfly:
    • In "Together Alone", she shows up to Steven's Era 3 ball to deliver this gem: "To those in attendance of the Era 3 ball, White Diamond... has more important things to attend to", though it's actually White Diamond herself being a Troll given that White Pearl's being controlled by her.
    • Given that Blue Diamond mentions that the caterpillar-like alien creatures Pink Diamond brought to the ball are chasing the Pearls down the halls and that if she keeps up her misbehavior, White will take away her Pearl, it's implied that Pink Pearl had a hand in helping Pink Diamond release those creatures at the ball, if not outright persuaded her to do it.
  • Ghostly Glide: She glides about everywhere on the tips of her toes. In fact, the only part of her body that moves individually is her mouth. The whole effect makes her rather eerie. As Pink Pearl, she appears to move more naturally. In "Change Your Mind", when White Diamond becomes more animated, so too does White Pearl in response.
  • Hell Is That Noise: Most Gems have a distinct instrument cue or leitmotif that accompanies their presence on screen. White Pearl is accompanied by a quiet, low frequency screeching noise that ominously sounds like the gears spinning in a wind-up toy. When the other Diamonds and Crystal Gems are assimilated by White Diamond too, the noise is heard when they are on screen as well.
  • Innocently Insensitive: Unintentionally pushes both Steven and Pearl's buttons by praising Pink Diamond constantly and making excuses for her behavior.
  • Line-of-Sight Name: Steven nicknames her "Volleyball" to differentiate her from the Crystal Gem Pearl because Pearl was coaching a volleyball game between Quartzes before he went to talk to her.
  • Lipstick Lesbian: She's one of the more girly Pearls we've seen, and, as our Pearl puts it, she's "still got it bad" for Pink Diamond.
  • Living Statue: Her extreme rigidity, monochrome color palette, and seemingly cracked face (and hair) make White Pearl resemble a porcelain doll.
  • Love Martyr: She deeply loved Pink Diamond despite her mistress having a bad habit of lashing out in a sudden temper tantrum and destroying things, even if it were an accident. One time, she was badly hurt when she was standing too close to Pink Diamond after White Diamond ignored her demands for a colony of her own. The psychological trauma manifests in her physical form even after her gem was repaired.
  • Meat Puppet: "Change Your Mind" confirms that White is not just speaking through her Pearl, but actually controlling her like a puppet while staying in her room. She not only speaks with the same voice but gives orders in her place, even going as far as to sit on White Diamond's throne. Until the end of "Change Your Mind", everything she says as White Pearl is actually White Diamond talking.
  • Morality Pet: It's revealed she was this to Pink Diamond before the latter's Heel–Face Turn. Pink greatly treasured her Pearl's friendship and tried to be kind to her. White took away Pink Pearl not only out of punishment towards Pink, but also because Pink scarred her Pearl to the point where she couldn't function and the Reef can't heal her. Pink Diamond felt extremely guilty about hurting her only friend, and more so that White took her.
  • Mouth of Sauron: Since White Diamond doesn't leave her ship, she sends her Pearl out to speak to anyone outside like the other Diamonds, and she even takes White's place at the Era 3 Ball, including sitting on her throne. To hammer this home, White Pearl, instead of being voiced by Deedee Magno-Hall like the other Pearls, has the same voice as her mistress, Christine Ebersole. It's later revealed that White Pearl is merely a Meat Puppet of White Diamond.
  • Mysterious Past: Steven has a dream where he and White Pearl play happily together, the latter tinted pink (and credited as "Pink Pearl") and lacking her scar. Given most of his other dreams were Past-Life Memories, it suggests she used to belong to Pink Diamond and was taken away and repurposed into White Pearl by White Diamond, which is later confirmed.
  • Nice Girl: In Unleash The Light, she acts friendly towards Steven and is very happy about Homeworld changing for the better. In "Volleyball," she's perfectly cordial to the other Pearl, if Innocently Insensitive about their mutual baggage, and says she considers warping her to the Reef a trivial matter that Steven need not have concerned himself with.
  • Non-Standard Character Design: Aside from her scarred face, she is an audible variant. Instead of being voiced by Deedee Magno-Hall like all other Pearls seen so far, she is instead voiced by Christine Ebersole, who also voices White Diamond. This is because she's being mind controlled by White Diamond.
  • Not Quite Back to Normal: When freed from White Diamond's control, Pink Pearl regains her original color scheme, but her face is still damaged since it was caused by Pink, not White.
  • Not So Stoic: When Steven and Connie interrupt the usual order of a ball to dance together and accidentally fuse in the process, her facial expression dramatically switches from a smile to a frown, though it's actually White Diamond's frown given that she's controlling White Pearl.
  • Only Friend: She and Pink Diamond used to be this for each other.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: When she stops smiling in "Volleyball," it means things are about to get serious. It's when the Reef tells her that the damage to her face is psychological, and Pink Pearl refuses to believe that. Then she breaks down when Steven uses his sonic scream in a fit of anger.
  • Perpetual Smiler:
    • Like her Diamond, she usually has a serene, unflinching smile. When she stops smiling, it tells that something went horribly, horribly wrong in that regard, such as seeing Steven and Connie fuse together.
    • The flashback of her as Pink Pearl shows her usually smiling as a sign of her jovial nature, but it's a lot more natural and changes normally.
  • Pinocchio Nose: A very twisted variant; the further Volleyball denies and makes excuses for Pink Diamond's past behavior and how she was (unintentionally) hurt by her, the worse the cracks on her face grow.
  • Secret Relationship: As seen in Steven's dreams, she and Pink were close, but Gems fraternizing with Diamonds is strictly forbidden in Homeworld's social strata, so they had to keep their friendship a secret (tricking Yellow into thinking Pink Pearl was merely being subservient).
  • Ship Tease: With the Crystal Gem Pearl. They end up sharing a strong emotional bond over their mutual past and emotional trauma with Pink Diamond, and they even become a fusion at one point.
  • Significant Double Casting: Notably averted, but also played straight. She's the first Gem not to have the same voice actor as the other Gems of the same type (all the other Pearls being voiced by Deedee Magno-Hall). Instead, she has the same voice actor as her master, White Diamond. Deedee Magno-Hall voices her during her time as Pink Pearl. Her original voice and personality were overridden by White Diamond's when she was taken away from Pink Diamond and made into White's Mouth of Sauron, returning only when freed from her control.
  • Sinister Surveillance: She claims to be sitting in for White Diamond at the Era 3 Ball, as White is too busy to attend herself. She then spends the entirety of the ball silently staring down at the proceedings, judging everything and everyone beneath her. The heavy implication is that White Diamond is indeed in the room, regardless. "Change Your Mind" outright confirms this.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: She has very little screentime, but reveals that Pink Diamond got her Character Development to become Nice to the Waiter because Pink hurt her by accident and greatly regretted it. Not to mention her getting replaced led to our Pearl inspiring Pink Diamond to visit the Earth.
  • Stepford Smiler: Depressed variety. She never stops smiling even when talking about how Pink Diamond had dangerously destructive tantrums whenever the other Diamonds didn't give her what she wanted. She tries to pass off the fact that she was a victim of Pink Diamond's violence at least once and how this caused permanent damage to her face as a "funny story". Her unwillingness to admit Pink deeply hurt her caused the cracks to worsen instead of heal.
  • Straight to the Pointe: She is always standing on the tips of her toes, even when moving. She moved more naturally as Pink Pearl before White Diamond took control of her.
  • Subordinate Excuse: It's implied in "Volleyball" that her feelings for Pink were more than platonic.
  • Trauma Conga Line: Let's see... she was hurt and traumatized by Pink Diamond's tantrums, then was ripped away from her mistress and possessed by White Diamond for eight millennia, forced to be her Meat Puppet and representative in court manners. After all this, she wakes up after Steven frees her from White Diamond's control, confused about what happened and not knowing where she is. Which means very soon she's going to learn that Pink Diamond is dead, that she was replaced with another Pearl, and that she was used as an avatar of White's tyrannical rule so most of Homeworld now lives in fear of her.
  • Uncanny Valley Girl: White Pearl is a rather unsettling presence, with the multitude of scars over what used to be her left eye, stilted speech, limited facial movement, and just floating around without changing the posture of her body when moving. Altogether, she resembles a porcelain doll that's been damaged. Everything excluding her cracked eye is justified by the fact that White Diamond is mind controlling her.
  • Uncatty Resemblance:
    • Besides sharing a color scheme, White Pearl shares White Diamond's Perpetual Smile and immobility, though White Pearl still moves around, just by way of an unsettling Ghostly Glide.
    • When still serving Pink Diamond, she had her color scheme except with some black. Even after, she still has the same gem placement and clothing that exposes it.
  • Unknown Rival: Unintentionally antagonizes Crystal Gem Pearl by talking about how close she was to Pink, though this quickly fades.
  • Used to Be More Social: Seen laughing and playing games with Pink Diamond in happier times before Pink scarred her and White turned her into an emotionless Mouth of Sauron.
  • Vocal Dissonance: White Diamond's mature, seductive voice does not match White Pearl's waifish appearance at all.
  • Walking Spoiler: It took until the last several episodes of the fifth season for White Diamond to even be as so much as referred to by name within the show. In addition to being her personal handmaid, White Pearl is the first member of her court to be recognized at all, though she is originally from Pink Diamond's court. It is also difficult to talk about White Pearl for an extended period without mentioning that she was once Pink Pearl.
  • When She Smiles: Is seen laughing and playing with Pink Diamond (in the dream guise of Steven) as Pink Pearl.
  • Wound That Will Not Heal: White Pearl is missing an eye from when Pink Diamond yelled in frustration after White refused to give her her own colony. Even when freed from White Diamond's control, the cracks remain, and it in fact worsens in Steven Universe Future. Not even Steven or the Reef (where Pearls were made and repaired) can fix her, and it's shown to be psychological. We never see if it ever healed or not.
  • Your Mind Makes It Real: Steven Universe Future implies that the crack on her face is a psychological effect originating from when Pink accidentally injured her. It traumatized her so badly that she subconsciously keeps the crack from healing, and it even gets worse at one point in "Volleyball" when she denies there's a problem.

Unknown or Multiple Courts



"And a fusion like me... is unforgivable. When my– our Morganite found out, let's just say... we were replaced."

A Homeworld Gem that was the former superior of a Ruby and a Pearl until she kicked them out for Fusing into Rhodonite.

  • Aborted Arc: She was mentioned to set up an episode about Rhodonite's backstory that never made it past the development stage.
  • Ambiguous Situation:
    • Given that morganite is a fellow beryl mineral to emerald and aquamarine, it's likely that Morganite is of equal rank to Emerald and Aquamarine.
    • Morganite often comes in light pink and purple but is not a type of quartz. If the implication behind this is that she used to work under Pink Diamond, it is currently unknown how non-quartz gems were sorted out among the remaining courts once Pink was no longer part of the Diamond Authority.
  • Bad Boss: She abandoned her Ruby and her Pearl just for being different Gems that Fused together, then presumably had them replaced rather immediately. It was revealed in an interview that this was after rejuvenating the two seventeen times for showing affection to each other.
  • The Comically Serious: One concept art shows her staring deadpan at her happily smiling Ruby.
  • Determinator: Instead of replacing them like Rhodonite believed when Morganite first caught her Pearl and Ruby together, she had them rejuvenated. The two continued falling for each other in spite of having their memories wiped, so Morganite just kept rejuvenating them, racking up a total of seventeen rejuvenations before the two finally fled from her.
  • Fantastic Racism: Just like many others on Homeworld, she looks down on different Gems Fusing together, which led her to kick Ruby and Pearl, or rather Rhodonite, out of her ranks.
  • Giant Waist Ribbon: Her concept art shows that she wears an obi which has long strands that drag behind her.
  • The Ghost: She is never seen onscreen.
  • Hime Cut: Her concept art shows that she has a hairstyle similar to this.
  • Ironic Name: Morganite is said to counter stress and promotes love, trust, self-esteem, and joy. Her replacing her Ruby and Pearl for Fusing with each other is likely a huge source of Rhodonite's paranoia and Nervous Wreck tendencies.
  • Pink Is Feminine: She is pink and is very ladylike in appearance.

    The Jades 

The Jades
A pair of (quite different-looking) Jades: a yellow one from Yellow Diamond's court and a green one from Blue Diamond's. Seeing the disruption the Crystal Gems cause at a Homeworld ball by fusing, they decide to join in and fuse themselves.

For their Fusion, see Lemon Jade's folder here.

    Aubergine Pearl
Voiced By: Deedee Magno-Hall
A dark purple Pearl who is now working as a tour guide on Homeworld.
  • Ambiguous Situation: It's unknown what Gem she belonged to.
  • Breaking Old Trends: Besides the Crystal Gem Pearl, she's the only Pearl so far who isn't shown wearing leotards. She also has uniquely narrowed eyes.
  • Ms. Exposition: Fitting for her role as a tour guide, she lectures other Gems about Homeworld's history and current state.
  • One-Shot Character: She only appears in "Homeworld Bound".
  • Prim and Proper Bun: She has a braided bun on her head. Oddly enough, it resembles a turban.

    Flint and Chert
Flint (right) and Chert (left)
Voiced by: Michaela Dietz (Chert), Kimberly Brooks (Flint)
Two Quartzes that were shattered some time ago that were put back together by Yellow Diamond.
  • All There in the Script: Their names are only mentioned in the credits.
  • Astonishingly Appropriate Appearance: Flint's pants and boots fade from white to black, as if they were covered in flint.
  • Back from the Dead: Yellow took most of their shards and pieced them together, bringing them back to life.
  • Foil: Chert is an orange Quartz with her gemstone on her nose, while Flint is a darker Quartz with the gemstone on her chest. They look like Jasper and Amethyst respectively, but judging from Chert's reaction, they have the exact opposite of their relationship. Chert is voiced by Michaela Dietz, who is Amethyst's voice actress, and Flint is voiced by Kimberly Brooks, who is Jasper's voice actress. Chert is short and chubby like Amethyst, whereas Flint is tall and muscular like Jasper.
  • Lantern Jaw of Justice: Flint is notably designed with more chiseled facial features, and considering how she was shattered for rebelling against Homeworld's backwards rules, it's obvious she isn't a bad person.
  • One-Shot Character: They only appear in "Homeworld Bound", besides a very brief cameo in "The Future".
  • Token Good Teammate: If their personalities from their original concepts are still canon, they were presumably shattered because they refused to fight against other Gems or organics.
  • True Companions: Chert pulls Flint into a hug after the latter is restored and doesn't let go until they get startled by Steven's outburst, implying them to be inseparable.

Video Games

    Lonely Pearl 

Lonely Pearl
Click here to see her Corrupted form 
Voiced by: Deedee Magno-Hall

A lonely Pearl who appears in the app game The Phantom Fable and resides in the titular book. She was abandoned by her master and is fought in the Pearl section of the game.

  • Ambiguous Situation: Whether or not Lonely Pearl actually existed is never really specified, considering how the end of the game reveals that the entire game was just a story.
  • Animal Motifs: Moths. She was left alone in the library with only moths for company. And her corrupted form was a giant moth.
  • The Eeyore: She's depressed, due to feeling abandoned.
  • Eyes Out of Sight: Like Blue Pearl, her eyes are always covered by her bangs.
  • One-Shot Character: Her only appearance is in The Phantom Fable.
  • One-Winged Angel: She turns into a giant moth to fight Steven, Connie, and Pearl.

    Demantoid and Pyrope
Demantoid (left) and Pyrope (right)
Voiced by: Melissa Fahn (Demantoid), Kari Wahlgren (Pyrope)

Two different kinds of Garnet that are the main antagonists of Unleash The Light.

  • Beauty, Brains, and Brawn: Pyrope is the Beauty and Demantoid is the Brains to Hessonite's Brawn. It's even referenced in their gem placements.
  • Big Bad Duumvirate: Of Unleash the Light.
  • Blow You Away: Pyrope can create powerful whirlwinds with her fan.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Their Gem types were both mentioned in "Together Alone" as types of Garnet almost a year before appearing in the game.
  • Combat Hand Fan: Pyrope's main weapon, coherent with her Lady of War and elegant baroque fashion style.
  • The Dragon: Pyrope thinks Demantoid is this to her, but it's subverted in that Demantoid has her own plans, and cooperates with Pyrope for logistical support only.
  • Evil Power Vacuum: What they want to profit from, taking the place of the Diamonds after Steven dismantled the empire.
  • Ham and Deadpan Duo: Pyrope is a self-obsessed ham while Demantoid speaks in a robotic manner.
  • It's All About Me: Pyrope believes that she should lead Era 3 because all of her Gems love her, even though her colonies are shown to be in shambles and the Gems living there are utterly miserable.
  • Kicking Ass in All Her Finery: Though Pyrope spends most of the game hiding in the palace, when you finally face her she packs a real punch in that Showgirl Skirt ballgown with the frilly fans.
  • Meaningful Name:
    • Pyropes are said to enhance the charm and charisma of their owner. However, they are used to provide energy to carry on one's endeavours, but this Pyrope is an Orcus on His Throne who's delusional over her own charisma and likability.
    • Demantoids provide brightness of mind, and their name means "similar to a diamond", fitting since this Demantoid wants to take over the Gem empire in place of the Diamonds. On the ironic side, they are said to reduce loneliness, while she prefers to act on her own.
  • Not So Stoic: After their defeat, Demantoid's anger takes over her cold, taciturn demeanor, and Pyrope does the same with her noble lady act.
  • Orcus on His Throne: Pyrope spends the whole game in her room and only fights the Crystal Gems when they reach her there.
  • Palette Swap: They look very similar to Hessonite, which makes sense, since they're the same Gem type.
  • Pimped-Out Dress: Pyrope wears one.
  • Propaganda Machine: Gems living on their colonies are forbidden from receiving transmissions from the outside world.
  • Self-Disposing Villain: After the Crystal Gems defeat the light monster, Demantoid and Pyrope get into a fight and poof each other.
  • Showgirl Skirt: Pyrope's.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: Demantoid is a green, short Gem dependent on limb enhancers much like a pre Heel–Face Turn Peridot. Adding to the similarities, they're both Era 2 Gems, and that period's scarcity of resources caused their short statures.
  • Upper-Class Twit: Pyrope's plan amounts to locking herself in a fortress and then stealing the credit for Demantoid's work. She also is one of the few characters who does not see through Hessonite's disguise.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Demantoid agrees with Steven that a new era is necessary for Gemkind to advance. Unfortunately, she thinks it's necessary to destroy the remaining colonies to create it.


    Lapis Lazuli 

Lapis Lazuli
Voiced by: Jennifer Paz

"Just let me do this for you!"

A Gem from Blue Diamond's court with water-manipulating powers who was poofed and trapped in a mirror after being mistaken for a Crystal Gem during the war. After being used as a tool for around 5,000 years, she was set free by Steven in "Mirror Gem". She used to despise Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl for leaving her in the mirror and for being the main reason why Homeworld mistook her for a Crystal Gem, but after they saved her in "Super Watermelon Island", she has been in good relations with them. She loves and respects Steven and has become fiercely protective of him after he freed her. While originally extremely fearful of the prospect of being caught up in another war, after forming bonds with the others and coming to see the Earth as her home, she officially joined the Crystal Gems.

See her page for tropes regarding Lapis Lazuli.


Voiced by: Shelby Rabara

"'Go to Earth,' they said. 'It'll be easy,' they said..."

A technician from Yellow Diamond's court who was sent to Earth to check on the progress of the Cluster. She was stranded on Earth after the Crystal Gems crashed her ship in "Jail Break". After the Crystal Gems captured her, she developed a friendship with "the Steven" and formed a tenuous alliance with the Crystal Gems to stop the Cluster. In "Message Received", she defected from Homeworld to become a full member of the Crystal Gems.

See her page for tropes regarding Peridot.

    The Off Colors 

Off Colors

"Off-colored" Gems are Gems who are considered to be purposeless and inefficient to Homeworld's ideals and goals due to defects or outlawed fusions, often also not fitting in any of the Diamonds' courts. For this reason, they are looked down upon, and any Off Colors are to be exterminated, causing some to become fugitives.

See their page for tropes regarding the group and the individual members.

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