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Members of Yellow Diamond's Court in Homeworld society.

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    Yellow Diamond 

Yellow Diamond
Voiced by: Patti LuPone

The first member of the Diamond Authority to be mentioned, and the second to appear, she commands Homeworld's military and is in charge of the Cluster geo-weapon project.

For her tropes, see her page.


Voiced by: Kimberly Brooks

"Fighting is my life! It's what I was made for!"

A warrior from the Gem Homeworld who fought against Rose Quartz's army more than 5,750 years ago. She returns to Earth as Peridot's escort.

See her page for tropes regarding Jasper.

    Yellow Diamond's Pearl 

Yellow Diamond's Pearl / Yellow Pearl
Voiced by: Deedee Magno-Hall

"All rise for the luminous Yellow Diamond!"

A Pearl owned by Yellow Diamond who serves as her secretary.

  • All There in the Script: Called "Yellow Pearl" in the credits.
  • Arc Symbol: As with Jasper and Peridot, she has a Diamond on her uniform.
  • Astonishingly Appropriate Appearance:
    • Unlike the Crystal Gem Pearl, her nose is consistently inclined upward, so she's always sticking her nose up at everyone.
    • Her head is shaped like an onion, an edible bulb that's infamous for making people cry. When Blue Diamond breaks down over "Rose Quartz" not remembering the weapon that killed Pink Diamond and Emotion Bombs everyone, Yellow Pearl's crying more intensely than anyone else in the room.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: Though he trolls her at first, Steven treats Yellow Pearl kindly, and she notices. Despite her stern nature, she seems genuinely concerned for Pink Diamond's well-being when explaining the party rules and the importance of not angering the Diamonds. When he asks her what she likes to do, it takes a few minutes for her to mellow after seeing a flattering image that Blue Pearl did of her, and she actually laughs while posing.
  • The Bore: Apparently, she has no concept of fun whatsoever, even pronouncing the word with difficulty like it's a completely foreign term.
    Yellow Pearl: What is... "fu-un"?
  • Character Development: Like Blue Pearl, she goes from an obedient servant of her Diamond to an independant Gem who pursues her own hobbies, such as being a broadcaster and a model, the latter of which she does on Earth, the same planet her (now former) Diamond has vowed to destroy for millennia.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: She is yellow, befitting her owner.
  • The Comically Serious: Her stern, no-nonsense attitude combined with her lack of knowledge of Earth customs become a source of hilarity in the "Diamond Days" arc.
    • In "Familiar", she calls Steven "Pink Steven", "Just Steven", and "Pink Lasagna".
    • In "Together Alone", she replies to Amethyst's remark about the Era 3 Homeworld Ball being "dry" that liquids are forbidden.
  • Deadpan Snarker: By the time of The Movie, she seems to have developed some shade, making a snarky comment under her breath at White Diamond's expense.
    White Diamond: Cut the feed.
    Yellow Pearl: Your time is up, anyway. [Blue Pearl snorts]
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: She actually loosens up when Steven asks what she likes doing for fun, and she sees the drawing that Blue Pearl did of her.
  • Everyone Has Standards:
    • She looks horrified and stops typing when Defense Zircon asks why Pink Pearl wasn't around to warn her Diamond of Rose Quartz's ambush.
    • When instructing "Pink Diamond" on the party rules, she seems very concerned for Pink's well-being in not angering the Diamonds. It isn't just that the Diamonds tend to lash out at anyone in the vicinity and Yellow Pearl fears her Diamond's temper; she tells "Pink" that angering the Diamonds will hurt Pink as well.
  • Exact Words: In "Familiar", she calls Steven "Pink Steven" and "Just Steven" because he told her to. Then he catches on, and jokingly tells her to call him "Lasagna", which she does.
  • Foil:
    • To the Crystal Gem's Pearl: A shrill, egotistical, primped up secretary - in contrast to the self-conscious, multi-talented warrior that we're familiar with.
    • To Blue Pearl as well, who appears to have neither the voice nor the autonomy of Yellow Pearl.
  • Girl Friday: Pearls are just meant to stand around, looking pretty, but Yellow Diamond's Pearl also serves her as a secretary, screening Yellow Diamond's calls.
  • Hammy Herald: Part of her job seems to be acting as Yellow's herald during public appearances. She does so by proudly and theatrically announcing her Diamond, normally with an over the top The Magnificent title attached.
  • Happiness in Slavery: She seems very self-satisfied with being Yellow Diamond's lapdog, and even tries to show up Blue Diamond's Pearl. Her condescending attitude toward Peridot and joy at Yellow Diamond talking her down suggests she takes pride in working closely with her Diamond, even if she's just a glorified secretary. Ultimately, however, she isn't too upset about no longer serving Yellow Diamond as a result of the new Era 3 rules.
  • Hidden Depths:
    • Unlike the other characters affected by Blue Diamond's Emotion Bomb during "The Trial", who at most only shed a Single Tear, Yellow Pearl went full waterworks not unlike how Steven would when he was affected, implying there may be quite a bit of empathy underneath her smug exterior.
    • She turns out to be a surprisingly good singer in "That Will Be All", when Yellow Diamond asks her to sing a song to cheer up Blue Diamond. Having the same voice as the Crystal Gem Pearl likely helps.
    • "Jungle Moon" shows she enjoys photography, or at least posing for photos, as there is a surreptitious selfie of her and Yellow Diamond together stored in the databanks of the jungle moon base among the relevant files.
    • In "Together Alone" she's shown to enjoy modelling after seeing Blue Pearl's sketch of her from "The Trial" and asks her to do another couple of sides while posing.
    • By the time of The Movie she appears to be operating the gem equivalent of a TV station with Blue Pearl, implying some significant technical aptitude.
  • Jerkass: According to Peridot, a Pearl's job is to simply stand around and serve her owner dutifully. However, this Pearl is obnoxiously arrogant and pompous (in stark contrast to Blue Diamond's Pearl, who is quiet and demure). She even smirks and glares at Peridot while Yellow Diamond is speaking. Working directly under Yellow Diamond, one of Homeworld's rulers, seems to be the cause of this attitude.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: She does show a nicer side to people she's more familiar with.
  • Leotard of Power: A yellow one, as befitting her color scheme and name.
  • Light Is Not Good: She is colored bright yellow, and a stuck-up jerk.
  • Morality Pet: She's the only gem other than Blue Diamond that Yellow Diamond is at least "kind" to, in her own way. She was allowed to speak to Yellow Diamond in an annoyed tone when Peridot calls the private line (though her tone wasn't directed at her), and spoken to without any irritability. In "That Will Be All", Yellow Diamond asks her to sing a song for Blue Diamond in a tone that wasn't commanding as expected, but indicated that cheering up Blue was urgent.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Her skimpy outfit consists of a low-cut leotard, shoulder frills and knee-high tights. Justified in that Pearls are supposed to stand around looking pretty, and on top of it, Yellow Pearl takes calls for Yellow Diamond.
  • Narcissist: Her slavish loyalty seems only second to her own ego. Yellow Pearl complains about Blue Pearl making supposedly-classified drawings as a hobby until she finds one of herself, at which points she decides to become Blue Pearl's model.
  • Not So Above It All: In "Together Alone", while she comes across as the more serious-minded, fun-hating one, when Steven is planning for Pink Diamond's Era Three ball, Blue Pearl reveals that she draws sketches, and while Yellow Pearl objects at first, she shows admiration for Blue's sketching talent, and urges Blue to draw Yellow while posing in a different angle.
  • Not So Similar: Being the same type of Gem, Yellow Diamond's Pearl and the Crystal Gem Pearl have some obvious similarities, but this one is clearly all snob, no class.
  • Obstructive Bureaucrat: She refuses to let Peridot speak with Yellow Diamond (due to her not having clearance to use the communication beacon), and nearly cuts her off before Yellow Diamond steps in.
  • Pet the Dog: She remarks that Blue Pearl's drawing of her is "Not Bad" and appears concerned when Yellow Diamond prepares to reprimand Stevonnie.
  • Pimped-Out Dress: Her outfit is fairly fancy, even having some fringe.
  • Punch-Clock Villain: Implied; while she is a stick in the mud and stern about following rules, she's only doing what she was meant to do.
  • Really 700 Years Old: She's shown to have been made quite a while before Earth was set to become a colony, if the picture of her with Yellow Diamond in "Jungle Moon" is anything to go by.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The Red Oni to Blue Pearl's... Blue. She's loud, sassy, and smug in stark contrast to Blue Pearl's quiet, composed passiveness.
  • Sadist: It soon becomes clear that she enjoys watching other Gems squirm.
  • Sassy Secretary: Her voice (differentiated from that of the Pearl we know by being much more nasal) and attitude, combined with the fact that she answers the communicator for Yellow Diamond, brings this image to mind.
  • Slapstick Knows No Gender: In a flashback from "Change Your Mind", Blue Diamond mentions that she and other Homeworld Pearls got chased down the halls by caterpillar-like alien creatures Pink Diamond brought to a ball.
  • Smug Smiler: Her first appearance in "Message Received" included her looking down on Peridot during the latter's chat with Yellow Diamond, with a very condescending grin on her face.
  • Smug Snake: She's extremely smug and self-important, somehow making Peridot look humble by comparison.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: She is much more polite to Steven when he's revealed to be Pink Diamond, who manages to coax a laugh out of her when she reveals she likes modeling for Blue Pearl.
  • Uncatty Resemblance: Like Yellow Diamond, she has a yellow coloration, pointy hair, and prominent shoulderpads (although hers are ruffles).
  • Vile Villain, Laughable Lackey: Yellow Diamond has a stern gravity about her (most of the time). Yellow Pearl is just comically smug by comparison.

Yellow Diamond's Ruby Squad

    In General 

The Ruby Squad
Voiced by: Charlyne Yi

Amethyst: Man. Rubies are dumb.

A squad of five Rubies who come to Earth pursuing the leader of the failed Earth mission. Unlike the last group of Rubies, they have a variety of appearances and personalities. Their Gems are, respectively, on the chest (Doc), stomach (Navy), left shoulder (Army), left thigh (Leggy), and in place of the left eye (Eyeball).

Tropes applying to all
  • Adorable Evil Minions: All of them fit this trope to a T, even though it's really a bit of a stretch to actually call any of them 'evil' except for Eyeball and possibly Navy.
  • Affably Evil:
    • Evilness being a stretch aside, they're still invading aliens from Homeworld. That said, they willingly go with the Baseball challenge, might've just left if Ruby and Sapphire didn't fuse into Garnet, and are rather cordial when the Crystal Gems lie to them about Jasper being on Neptune (with Eyeball even thanking Steven for the tip).
    • Sadly Eyeball at least proves that it's unwise to push them, Steven's attempts to befriend her in "Bubbled" resulting in her pulling a knife on him and forcing Steven to eject her into space.
    • Navy keeps a friendly smile while trying to throw Steven, Lapis and Peridot out of the Roaming Eye.
  • All There in the Script: The crew gave them all nicknames, which can only be seen in the credits. In a concept drawing that didn't make the episode, Steven would've given the group their nicknames. They do end up being given these nicknames when they return in "Back to the Moon".
  • Anime Hair: They all have square afros, which seems to be a trait of Rubies in general.
  • Arc Symbol: Unlike the Ruby Guards, they wear yellow diamonds (or yellow triangles in the cases of Doc and Navy). However, they don't notice that Crystal Gem Ruby doesn't have one.
  • Astonishingly Appropriate Appearance: Like everyone else, the placement of their gems reflects their personality.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: Incompetent they may be, but when angered they are a force to be reckoned with. This is especially true of Eyeball, who turns out to be completely unhinged.
    • Navy is also a nasty piece of work, she tricked Steven into thinking she wanted to defect but she only wanted to get her old spaceship back - and see the look on Steven's face when he realizes he's been tricked. Disturbingly she maintains her sweet personality even after The Reveal.
  • Body Motifs: All of them have gem locations related to personality.
    • Doc's gem is on her chest. She is wholeheartedly dedicated to her job as leader.
    • Eyeball, who has her gem in place of an eye, is the Ruby most focused on the mission. She keeps her eyes on the prize and is blind to how those actions might have consequences. She's also a key eyewitness to Rose shattering Pink Diamond.
    • Army has her gem on her arm, and she's very combative. She strong-arms people.
    • Navy has her gem on her navel, and she has a similar calm and friendly personality as Steven and Rose, whose gems are in the same location. Except for her Soft-Spoken Sadist tendencies.
    • Leggy has her gem on her thigh, and is quite unsure. Having wobbly knees is often a metaphor for being unsure or scared.
  • Conservation of Ninjutsu: When acting as a team the Rubies are a bunch of incompetent screwups, and so painfully stupid none of them notice another Ruby appearing out of nowhere and awkwardly pretending to be part of their squad. But as both "Bubbled" and "Room for Ruby" demonstrate for Eyeball and Navy respectively, they're far more formidable and dangerous when operating alone.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: For all their flaws, they are incredibly powerful for such little gems, and both episodes we've seen featuring one of the squad on their own have had them display a much greater level of competence than they have with the rest of the group.
  • The Ditz: All of them. Our Ruby infiltrates the squad, and they don't notice a sixth member because Doc forgets to count herself. And when they leave, they seem to forget that what they believed to be one of their own had just fused with another Gem because this time when Doc does a headcount, she remembers to count herself. Then, in "Back to the Moon", they readily believe that Earth's sun is capable of "tanning" a Jasper until she appears curiously similar to an Amethyst.
    • Averted for Navy, who turns to be clever enough to trick Steven and recover the Roaming Eye.
  • Dumb Muscle: For all their incompetence, they're still very strong. During the baseball game, they hit the ball so hard as to send it miles away or break the bat.
  • Equal-Opportunity Evil: While every other Homeworld Gem has shown contempt and disgust toward other forms of life, the Ruby Squad are perfectly amiable to (what they think are) humans and culturally sensitive to the point of absurdity. They were told to check a barn only after beating its residents at a game of baseball, and leave the planet forever if they lose. This supposedly being a "human thing" is sufficient reason for them to agree to such terms.
  • Failed a Spot Check: They managed to miss the barn and Crystal Gem Ruby sneaking up across an open space. They also don't notice that Crystal Gem Ruby is not wearing a Homeworld uniform as well as how incredibly nervous she looks, or that there is an extra Ruby in their midst. Later, they don't notice Ruby and Sapphire flirting shamelessly with each other during the entirety of the baseball game, though Eyeball appears suspicious when Ruby helps Sapphire practice batting. In "Back to the Moon", they also fail to notice Amethyst's very obvious gem poking out of her chest.
  • Fate Worse than Death: Being thrown into the empty void of space as an immortal being who doesn't need oxygen with no hope of rescue is anything but pleasant. The Crystal Gems eventually decide just leaving them floating in space would be too cruel, and so decide to eventually do something about it, but as of "Room for Ruby", it looks like Navy's likely to retrieve them. As of "The Trial" Eyeball at least has been returned to Homeworld unharmed, so it's likely the others were too.
  • Fish out of Water: Their understanding of humans is more or less limited to "they exist".
  • Five-Man Band: An interesting example as they didn't fit this format from what we see of them initially.
    • The Leader: Doc, the one who gives out orders.
    • The Dragon: Eyeball, who's probably the smartest and most dangerous of the Rubies.
    • The Evil Genius: Navy, who proves to be an excellent manipulator.
    • The Brute: Army, the most agressive Ruby.
    • The Dark Chick: Leggy, the youngest member and very likely the least malicious.
  • Harmless Villain: In a stark contrast to the rest of the Homeworld Gems, none of the Rubies are particularly effective in their job. They don't have a malicious bone in their body, they act markedly stupider (and a good bit more gullible) than other Gems, and seem to be absolutely clueless about Earth and humans themselves. Even after realizing they've been tricked, they still end up defeated not through physical force, but instead a very obvious lie. This eventually ends up subverted with Eyeball, who's perfectly willing to murder Steven with a knife if it means taking back Rose Quartz's gem. It later ends up subverted again with Navy, who successfully tricks Steven into thinking she wants to join the Crystal Gems only to gleefully stab him in the back, steal back the Roaming Eye and throw him in the sea.
  • Identical Twin ID Tag: They have different costumes, slightly different shades of red skin, and different Gem placements. Eyeball, Leggy and Army are wearing the Yellow Diamond uniform, Doc is wearing what are basically suspenders and a visor, and Navy's outfit carefully bares her gem.
  • Ironic Name: Rubies (the real-life gemstone) are said to sharpen the mind and aid in concentration. These Rubies' minds... are not very sharp at all, and several of them have trouble concentrating.
  • Manchild: They act more like a bunch of overexcited preschoolers than soldiers, and the Crystal Gems treat them as such.
  • Meaningful Name: Except for Doc, all their nicknames are based on where their gems are located. On top of that, Navy and Army are also names for military branches (appropriate for members of a warrior caste). Doc is most likely a nod to the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs character, a.k.a. the de facto but idiotic leader to a group of diminutive people. It's also an unintentional pun: when the squad fuses, Doc is the middle gem - all the other Rubies 'dock' with her as the arms, legs and head.
  • Minion with an F in Evil: The Ruby Squad are really, really not suited to "fascist thug" duties. They not only accept a baseball game with stakes incredibly lopsided against them, most of them (with the obvious exception of Eyeball) come across as relatively friendly dorks, as opposed to brutish stormtroopers - especially Leggy, who's awkward, cowardly and forgetful.
  • Non-Humans Lack Attributes: Navy and especially Doc's uniforms would be quite risque if their chests weren't flat and featureless.
  • Not-So-Harmless Villain: When properly angered, they fuse into a giant intimidating Ruby, though they're not any smarter.
    • Eyeball and Navy are also proof that they can be dangerous individually when put in the right circumstances.
  • Not So Similar: While they're nearly identical looks-wise, they, unlike the Ruby Guards, have distinct personalities and uniforms.
  • Planet of Steves: Again, each one of them is named Ruby, made even more apparent during their roll call. They have no problems referring to each other as "Ruby", even if this is more confusing to them than they realize. For convenience, the staff came up with the names that are used in the credits, but were cut from the episode and therefore didn't exist in-universe until "Back to the Moon", when Steven gives them their nicknames. Eyeball takes offense at Steven referring to her by this nickname, though.
  • Punny Name: Army and Navy's names are both military units and referring to their gem locations (Arm and Navel).
  • Quirky Miniboss Squad: And they barely even qualify as minibosses. Interestingly, if "Bubbled" and "Room for Ruby" have shown anything, at least two of them display a far higher and extremely unexpected level of competence on their lonesome than they had with the others, possibly meaning the quirkiness isn't so prevalent once they're separated from the rest of the squad.
  • Super Gullible: Oh, you have no idea how they are:
    • About six thousand years ago, Eyeball was tricked by Pink Diamond and her Pearl into thinking Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond. In her defense, though, it was very convincing and the other witnesses were fooled as well.
    • "Hit the Diamond" is driven by their willingness to accept any statement at face value, even statements made by someone who couldn't have been acting more unnatural about it if she tried. The event was eventually solved by telling them that Jasper is on Neptune (an icy gas giant and somewhere she could not possibly get to, given that she lacked a ship).
    • This continues in "Back to the Moon": Amethyst is almost entirely unconvincing as Jasper, right down to having an exposed gem on her chest and claiming that she's purple rather than orange because of a tan, and yet somehow they buy it right up until they actually see that it's Amethyst.
    • Ironically, in "Bubbled", Eyeball is so determined not to be fooled again that she doesn't believe Steven when he's telling her the truth.
  • Thrown Out the Airlock: All of them ultimately end up flushed out into deep space when they're sucked out of the Moon Base's airlock.
    • Eyeball gets thrown out a second airlock when Steven jettisons her from his air bubble.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Navy and Leggy are girly girls to the tomboys that make up the rest of the squad. They even have slightly pinker color schemes.
  • Verbal Tic: "Hup, hup, hup!"
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: They haven't appeared in Future although Eyeball is no longer with them. Presumably the others were more accepting of Era 3's changes.


"Focus, Rubies! This is an important mission from Yellow Diamond, so we can't mess it up."

The leader and face of the group. Her gem is on her chest.


Ruby-1F4 Cut-4ND ("Eyeball")
"I'm Ruby-1F4 Cut-4ND. I fought in the war for Earth."

A veteran of the Crystal Gem rebellion, and probably the most mission-focused Ruby. Has all the social skills of a turnip. Her gem is in place of her left eye.

  • All of the Other Reindeer: Following the initiation of Era 3, she and Aquamarine were cast out and forgotten for hating the new "Gem savior". At least, that's what she and Aquamarine claim.
  • And Then What?: Steven points out that even if she did manage to take his gem, she would still be stranded in space with no way back to Homeworld so she could gain the fame she desired. Unfortunately, she's too Ax-Crazy to care.
  • Avenging the Villain: Tries to kill Steven thinking he is his mother, who killed Pink Diamond. However, unlike Jasper, she has another, more selfish motive as well.
  • Ax-Crazy: Eyeball is revealed to be completely off her rocker in "Bubbled", attempting to essentaily disembowel Steven by removing his gem and fantasizing about being a legend and being awarded her own Pearl. Steven even tells her how insane her plan is, stating that even if she kills him, she has no way to get to Earth or Homeworld. Eyeball doesn't care.
  • Bruiser with a Soft Center: Eyeball cries when she see Amethyst-as-Jasper getting too close to Doc.
  • Butt-Monkey: Poor Eyeball is always being tricked by Pink Diamond.
  • Cassandra Truth: As it turns out, she was completely correct when she said that Steven's gem isn't a Rose Quartz. What she didn't realize is that he's actually a Pink Diamond.
  • Covert Pervert: Eyeball gets creepily gleeful at the idea of getting her own Pearl.
  • Cry Cute: Eyeball in "Back to the Moon" when she sees Jasper (who's really Amethyst in disguise).
  • Depraved Dwarf: Tiny, easily-angered, violent, and at least a little perverse.
  • Didn't Think This Through: Gee, Ruby, you really didn't expect your fusion with Aquamarine to be recognized by Steven and his friends even though your gemstones are literally on Bluebird Azurite's face?
  • Evil Laugh: Eyeball giggles insanely when fantasizing about being awarded her own Pearl.
  • Eyepatch of Power: Eyeball's gem is in her left eye in a manner resembling this trope.
  • The Farmer and the Viper: Steven helps heal her cracked Gem and tries reaching out to her. She pays him back by trying to kill him.
  • Final Boss: In a sense, she's the final antagonist in Season 3.
  • Glory Seeker: Delights at the prospect of killing Rose('s reincarnation as Steven), since the Diamonds would handsomely reward her. She could only giggle madly at the notion of having her own Pearl.
  • Hero-Worshipper: Eyeball has a deep admiration for Jasper, another Rebellion veteran, despite apparently never personally meeting her.
  • Hidden Depths: While floating in space alongside Steven, Eyeball shows herself to be introspective, longing for closure after Pink Diamond's shattering and disappointed with the dead-ends and trickery she encountered on Earth.
  • Irony:
    • She prides herself on being a living example of what a homeworld solider should be... but if she got what she really wanted and pursued a relationship with Jasper, the two of them would soon become off-color outcasts to their society.
    • She wants to poof "Rose" and bring her gem back to Homeworld. First, if she did tear out Steven's gem, she'd have to face Pink Steven. And even if Eyeball did get his gemstone to the Diamonds, she'd have been in a boatload of trouble for handing Pink Diamond's gem to her grieving kin.
    • She opposes Homeworld's reforms, yet she willingly engages in fusion with Aquamarine, despite cross-gem fusion being highly looked down upon prior to Era 3.
    • She is a loyal follower of the Diamonds and refers to Pink Diamond's shattering as a tragedy, yet she has no problem threatening the life of Pink Diamond's love interest Greg Universe, as well as blackmailing her son, Steven.
  • Karma Houdini: Eyeball tries to murder "Rose" after he saves her, but suffers no consequence but being disliked by other gems in Era 3 for hating Steven.
  • Knife Nut: Eyeball's gem weapon is a chisel-like dagger.
  • The Lancer: She is much more gruff and serious than the lead Ruby.
  • Mask of Sanity: She seems stable when around her fellow Rubies, but when alone with Steven, she reveals that she's prone to very self-destructive violence.
  • Missing Steps Plan: Eyeball decides to attack Steven to take Rose's gem to Homeworld, even when they were in deep space with no way to get there.
  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Played With. In Homeworld's eyes, taking down Rose Quartz was seen as an act of heroism, so when Eyeball managed to take down Steven (who was believed to be Rose by Homeworld), she was celebrated and praised for a time, until Era 3, in which Eyeball is cast out and forgotten for what she did to Steven, whom Homeworld now loves due to changing the Empire for the better. Needless to say, she doesn't take it well at all.
  • Not-So-Harmless Villain: When not under Doc's command, Eyeball is very violent and too brash to be reasoned with. Steven nearly learns this the hard way.
  • Old Soldier: Eyeball fought for Homeworld in the war for Earth, making her at least 5,000 years old.
  • Only Sane Man: Eyeball is a lot smarter and more focused than her teammates. She turns out to be anything but sane, though.
  • Pet the Dog:
    • She actually thanks the Crystal Gems after they seemingly give her and the other Rubies Jasper's location, proving she does have a degree of politeness.
    • She doesn't get mad when Leggy continuously grabs her for defense, despite growling at Steven when he touches her arm.
  • Psycho Lesbian: The idea of getting her own Pearl leaves her a little... excited.
  • Psychopathic Womanchild: All the Rubies act childish, but Eyeball does so in a very negative way. She's impulsive, violent, stubborn, and gets so overcome with glee over the idea of getting famous for killing Rose/Steven that she immediately tries to do it even if that would cause her to lose her one chance of survival.
  • Redemption Rejection: Along with Aquamarine, she refuses to redeem herself when she and Steven meet again in "Bluebird", and for the first time in the series, Steven is forced to accept her as someone he can't change.
  • Right for the Wrong Reasons: She refused to believe Steven's gemstone is a Rose Quartz gem out of pure distrust. Several major revelations later, it turns out she was technically right.
  • Shell-Shocked Veteran: Eyeball fought in the original war for Earth, and is the quietest and angriest of the group.
  • The Smart Guy: It's heavily implied that Eyeball is the smart girl among them. She's aware of Ruby and Sapphire's continuous displays of flirting. "Back to the Moon" reveals that, while still somewhat ditzy, Eyeball is a veteran of the Gem War, hero worships Jasper, and was present when Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond, so she's been alive longer than the rest of her squad, at least.
  • Sociopathic Soldier: It becomes apparent that Eyeball is not sane in "Bubbled", to the point of fully intending to stab Steven to death, even if it would leave her alone in the void of space for eternity with no way to actually benefit from it.
  • Sore Loser: After losing the baseball game, Eyeball lets her growl and death glare do the talking, though this is likely just her anger at being tricked.
  • Taking You with Me: Eyeball pulls Steven along with her in "Back to the Moon" after he throws them out of the airlock.
  • Thousand-Yard Stare: Eyeball is bug-eyed with a bag and diluted pupil, an early indicator that she has been through more than any of her fellow Rubies.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: the cold, war veteran Tomboy to Aquamarine’s Snobby, Sophisticated Girly girl.
  • Too Dumb to Live: As Steven points out, even if Eyeball does take his Gem, what then? She'd still be stuck in space. She doesn't care.
  • Ungrateful Bastard: What does Eyeball do to repay Steven for fixing her gem? She tries to murder him, even though she thought he was his mother. Even when she returns in "The Trial", she has nothing but contempt for him.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Eyeball was the most prominent eyewitness... to Pink Diamond Faking the Dead.
  • Villain with Good Publicity: Prior to Era 3, she was praised and celebrated for a time for helping find "Rose Quartz" and bring her to justice.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: She and Aquamarine bicker a fair bit after they un-fuse in "Bluebird", only to immediately perk up and fuse back together when they remember how much they both hate Steven.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: She and Aquamarine run off in "Bluebird", swearing they'll hate Steven forever, and are never heard from again.
  • When She Smiles: She gives off a genuine smile in "Hit the Diamond" while reminiscing over what happened "last time", and also in "Back to the Moon" when "Jasper" tells her to file a report for her on Homeworld and "Bluebird" while bonding with Aquamarine over their shared hatred of Steven.
  • Would Hurt a Child: She actually attempts to disembowel Steven in order to rip his Gem out, though she doesn't know what a child is.
  • You Are Number 6: In "Back to the Moon", Eyeball introduces herself as Ruby Facet 1F4 Cut 4ND.


"RAAAH! I'll tear you limb f- huh?"

An aggressive and hot-blooded Ruby whose gem is on her left bicep.

  • The Big Guy: Hot-Blooded and aggressive, constantly trying to pick a fight.
  • Big Ol' Unibrow: Army is the only one with a single, thick eyebrow.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Garnet isn't even fazed by Army's attempt to attack her, and in fact coos at the little Ruby before she just stuffs the small Gem under her arm.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: Tries to charge Garnet (who's over twice her size and surrounded by allies) alone in "Back to the Moon". It doesn't work out well.
  • Perpetual Frowner: Army hardly smiles.
  • Sore Loser: Army is the most vocal about losing games.


"What a turn of events!"

A quiet and cheerful Ruby with her gem on her navel.

  • All of the Other Reindeer: Says that the other Rubies are mean to her, though this was probably a lie.
  • Bare Your Midriff: Navy's gem is on her navel, and her uniform is designed to show it.
  • Becoming the Mask: While this doesn't actually happen, Garnet's "Welcome to the Party!" balloon reveals that she saw a future in which Navy genuinely pulled a Heel–Face Turn and joined the Crystal Gems.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: She is the nicest of the Ruby Squad, but is not above emotionally manipulating Steven and the others, and brings him along for the betrayal just to see the look on his face for doing the same thing he did to her and her squad.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: "Room for Ruby" has her pretending to love Earth and everything on it so she could convince Steven, Peridot, and Lapis to let her drive the Roaming Eye so she could throw them out and take it. She even admits that she could have just stolen it as soon as she saw it, but she wanted to see the look on Steven's face when he was betrayed by his "favorite Ruby".
    Navy: I could have done that, but then I would never have gotten to see the look on your face when you were tricked by your favorite little Ruby!
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: Navy is usually serenely happy, and she's just as much The Ditz as all the other Rubies.
  • Cute and Psycho: She's happy and upbeat, even when shoving people out of a ship and describing her delight at them feeling betrayed.
  • The Cutie: Navy is serene and friendly. When she wants to take advantage of (and get back at) the Crystal Gems, she insincerely dials up the cuteness just for the sake of stabbing them in the back.
  • Defeat Equals Friendship: Subverted. She actually takes advantage of Steven's belief that she'd become his ally after being defeated to backstab him.
  • Dissonant Serenity: Claims that getting mad is the only thing she can't do, and even when stealing the Roaming Eye back and mocking Steven, she maintains her normal tone and demeanor. She did very briefly look angry after crashing to Earth, so this might have just been a lie.
  • The Dog Bites Back: From her perspective, not only have Steven and the Crystal Gems lied to her and her crew twice over, but also left them stranded in space for who knows how long after shoving them out an airlock, stealing their ship, and never doing anything to rescue them, with the only reason for her meeting them again is because she literally crash-landed back to Earth. With that in mind, it's not hard to see that yes, she wouldn't have a problem with betraying them and taking her ship back.
  • The Evil Genius: She's revealed to be a great manipulator and is possibly the smartest Ruby aside from Eyeball.
  • The Fake Cutie: Navy intentionally puts on a sweet facade and acts like a Love Freak in order to manipulate Steven and get others like Lapis and Peridot to underestimate her.
  • The Farmer and the Viper: In "Room for Ruby", Steven spends the entire episode helping Navy get used to life on Earth and welcomes her with open arms, with Peridot and eventually Lapis joining in... at which point Navy stabs them in the back.
  • Faux Affably Evil: She keeps up her affable attitude even when she's saying that the only reason she didn't steal back their spaceship immediately was because she wanted to see the looks on their faces when they got betrayed.
  • Foil:
    • To Peridot. When Peridot first came to Earth she was afraid of it and distrustful of the Crystal Gems, but she eventually warms up to both over time. In contrast, Navy embraces the Earth and her new "friends" immediately, but reveals that this was just an act to get back at the Crystal Gems for tricking her team. Also, in "Message Received", Peridot appears to betray the Crystal Gems before it's revealed that she was trying to get Yellow Diamond to spare the Earth because of its resources. Navy instead pretends to defect from Homeworld to steal back Roaming Eye, at which point she happily betrays Steven and escapes.
    • To Pink Diamond. Both are cheery Gems with their gemstones on their navels and have a penchant for manipulation. But while Pink Diamond is good-hearted and has no malice in her even when manipulating others, Navy is a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing who is outright sadistic towards the people she manipulates.
  • Genki Girl: Subverted when her cheery, bright disposition is revealed to be a façade for her manipulative side.
  • Graceful Loser: Navy finds joy in everything, so the outcome of the baseball game was irrelevant to her.
  • The Heart: The most serene, peaceful and polite Ruby in the squad. "Room for Ruby" shows that she definitely has a clever and cunning side to her.
  • Heel–Face Mole: Pretended to forsake Homeworld in order to steal the Roaming Eye back.
  • Karma Houdini: Downplayed. While she faces no comeuppance for her betrayal, it's implied she'll be even more mistreated than she previously was, for not only being a Ruby, but failing to retrieve Jasper. Also, considering her main motivation was to rescue her friends from drifting in outer space forever, she arguably didn't have much bad karma in the first place.
  • Like a Duck Takes to Water: Navy appears to adapt to Earth far more quickly than Lapis did, leading the latter to resent her. Lapis is happy to find out that Navy adapting to Earth so quickly was a ruse so she could get the Roaming Eye back.
  • Manipulative Bitch: Exploits Steven's good nature to get her ship back and get Revenge on him for tricking her.
  • Noblewoman's Laugh: Lets out one at the end of "Room For Ruby."
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Navy keeps up her ditzy behavior to trick Steven into letting her access to the Roaming Eye, before ejecting him and the others out into the ocean.
  • Performance Anxiety: Navy gets stage fright if forced to talk to an audience.
  • Perpetual Smiler: She's always happy and smiling.
  • Smarter Than You Look: After all her previous appearances as a ditzy Minion with an F in Evil, Navy reveals she can be quite clever, playing on Steven's good nature to get her ship back.
  • Soft-Spoken Sadist: Even after revealing her true intentions, Navy speaks in the same airy half-whisper.

  • Stripperiffic: Navy has a backless uniform that opens up at the collar. It's more silly than sexy-looking, as there's nothing on her chest for this to expose.
  • Sugary Malice: In "Room for Ruby", she still maintains her sweet personality, even after it's revealed that she's still on Homeworld's side.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: While we do find out what becomes of Eyeball, we never really find out where Navy stands in Era Three. Did she come to accept Steven and the changes he made to Homeworld, or does she still hold a grudge against Steven and remain an enemy?


"Yeah, what ARE we all doing here?"

The newest Ruby on the squad, and still uncertain and nervous. Her gem is on her left thigh.

  • The Baby of the Bunch: Concept art indicates Leggy was created the day before the mission. Given her personality, this shows.
  • Character Development: Downplayed in "Back to the Moon" compared to "Hit the Diamond". She's still a gullible Forgetful Jones, but talks a bit more often, shows more emotion, and is more comfortable with holding the Rubies so they can all fuse.
  • Child Soldier: According to her concept art, Leggy was literally made the day before she was sent out on her first mission.
  • The Cutie: With Navy. Leggy is naive and timid.
  • Forgetful Jones: Poor Leggy always manages to forget what their mission is.
  • Friendly Enemy: Is seen as this by Lapis and Steven. The former briefly smiles at her and the latter is willing to peacefully talk to her.
  • Naïve Newcomer: Awkward, oblivious, and is referred to as a newbie by their leader.
  • Out of Focus: Is the only member of the Ruby squad not to make a physical appearance after "Bubbled".
  • Really Was Born Yesterday: Concept art states that Leggy is performing her first mission, and, if Rebecca wasn't just using the phrase "made yesterday" to highlight her being a newbie, she really was made the day before and put on a mission a day later.
  • Security Cling: Does this twice on Eyeball in "Hit the Diamond".
  • Shrinking Violet: Leggy is the shy and insecure member of the Ruby Squad who is timid, forgetful and fearful, often hiding behind other objects.
  • Token Good Teammate: Downplayed but she's the only one of the Squad that isn't overly antagonistic towards the Crystal Gems, has betrayed them or tried to murder them.
  • The Watson: Is the one who asks about Pink Diamond (whose name was revealed by Jasper in the previous episode), allowing Eyeball to explain who she is for both her and the fans.

Other Gems

    The Topazes 

The Topazes
"Do you ever miss being fused?"

A silent pair of huge, imposing Homeworld Gems, usually fused together into an even larger Topaz, that came with Aquamarine to Earth to kidnap humans for the Zoo.

  • '50s Hair: Sport a forward facing flat top.
  • Anti-Villain: They outright say they find their missions "miserable" and sincerely want to help Steven and Lars escape, but the thought of being separated and shattered makes them turn back.
  • Astonishingly Appropriate Appearance: Their gemstones are in the place of their ears and their club weapons resemble halves of a cotton swab.
  • Being Evil Sucks: They outright hate the missions they're forced to do and are clearly upset about it, but have to pretend everything is fine out of fear of punishment.
  • Beware the Quiet Ones: They were ready to fight Aquamarine so that Steven and Lars could go home.
  • Big Guy, Little Guy: Huge Gems (especially when fused) that follow the child-sized Aquamarine.
  • Brawn Hilda: They look incredibly masculine but are referred to with feminine pronouns and have a woman voice actor, although Gems are technically genderless.
  • Bruiser with a Soft Center: Turns out under the stoic facade, their fused form is an emotional, helpful Gem.
  • The Brute: Like Jasper, only there's two of them.
  • Caged Inside a Monster: They fuse and refuse to capture whatever is in between them - in their introduction, the humans that were made priority by Peridot's earlier report.
  • Carry a Big Stick: Both of them have a huge club as their Gem Weapon, which when fused combines into a double-ended one. This makes them somewhat unique as they're the first Gems in the show to have the exact same weapon.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Decided the best course of action when the Crystal Gems began to attack was to try and block them with the humans they've kidnapped stuck in their body and was about to crush Jamie's skull in if they didn't comply otherwise.
  • Cool Helmet: Both of them sport translucent visors similar to Peridot's, only amber-colored. When fused, their gems on either side of their heads just happen to complete the look.
  • The Dividual: They're physically identical save gems placed on opposite sides, spend most of their time fused together, and act in complete unison even when they're not fused.
  • The Dreaded: Pearl and Garnet are both shocked when they hear that an Aquamarine and Topaz have arrived on Earth.
  • Dumb Muscle: They're very strong, especially when fused, and Aquamarine sees them as unintelligent, insulting them to their fused form's face, saying that the mission was so simple that even she could do it. Their silence makes it hard to gauge if she's right, but they at least seem unwilling to try much besides what they're directly ordered to do. Ultimately subverted, as they're no less intelligent than a normal Gem when their fusion actually talks.
  • Elite Mook: According to Rebecca on CN Side, Topazes are very high ranking Yellow Gems.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: It's unclear to what degree, but the two of them decidedly care about one another a great deal, to the point their fusion outright says she doesn't think either could handle their situation without the support of the other.
  • Expy: According to this podcast, the Topazes are based on Takeo Gōda from My Love Story!!.
  • Final Boss: Of Season 4 alongside Aquamarine.
  • Fusion Dance: They spend most of their appearance fused into a single huge Topaz. They even weaponize the fusion dance to trap people inside their torso. Similar to Garnet, they genuinely care about each other and fear being separated.
  • Giant Mook: Individually the two Topazes, while stronger than the Rubies, don't seem nearly as strong as Jasper (though she's not a normal Quartz), as Steven and Connie are able to hold their own with them individually while Jasper took one of Steven's fusions to fight effectively. Their fusion form, however, is both huge and powerful enough to overwhelm them.
  • Identical Twin ID Tag: One has her gem on the left side of her head while the other has it on the right side, showing that they're two halves of a pair.
  • In a Single Bound: Able to jump up high enough to reach the ship that they and Aquamarine used to get to Earth while it was in the air, which is surprising given her Mighty Glacier battle style and likely how large their fusion is in terms of mass.
  • The Juggernaut: Not even the Crystal Gems could lay a finger on them, and Steven and Connie could barely fend them off while unfused. Aquamarine on their side only made them more of a brutal combination.
  • Leitmotif: One more disturbing and harsh than Jasper's, as it's nothing but noise.
  • Living Emotional Crutch: Comments by their fusion imply that they could not handle the stress of their job if they did not have each other for support.
  • Meaningful Name: Topazes are associated with emotional strength and stability in relationships. The two Topazes are happiest and strongest when they're together.
  • Mighty Glacier: Clearly not as fast as Jasper but they make up for that in their steadfast offense.
  • Mirror Character: Topaz and Topaz initially seem to just be a living weapon, exactly what Peridot accused Garnet of being. Turns out that, also like Garnet, being fused together constantly gave them a strong emotional bond which led to them having sympathy for others. And like Ruby and Sapphire, they find the idea of being forcibly separated terrifying.
  • No Name Given: Their individual designation names are unknown.
  • Not So Stoic: They are moved to tears by Steven and Lars being happy they have each other's company even in such a perilous situation.
  • Punch-Clock Villain: Played with. They don't bear any actual ill-will towards the Crystal Gems or the Earth, and their fusion is so moved by Lars and Steven's bonding moment that she tries to help them escape, but they still ruthlessly follow Aquamarine's orders because they know what could happen to them if they refuse.
  • The Quiet One: They remain quiet during mission. This is apparently a coping mechanism.
  • Recurring Extra: Future shows them in the background in various places of Little Homeworld and Homeworld, enjoying their lives in Era 3.
  • Silent Antagonist: When acting as an antagonist, they remain entirely silent.
  • Silent Partner: To Aquamarine, who does all the talking when they're on missions. Aquamarine likes to ask the Topazes rhetorical questions, not expecting a response in return.
  • The Stoic: During missions, they are unfailingly stonefaced, be they fighting the Crystal Gems, getting ready to start executing their captive humans, or listening to Aquamarine's condescension to others or themselves. However, they are moved to tears when they overhear Steven and Lars' conversation.
  • Suddenly Voiced: To highlight her reveal as Not So Stoic; the first time they speak is when breaking down in tears upon witnessing Steven and Lars' Friendship Moment.
  • Top-Heavy Guy: They have very tiny legs compared to their heavy built.
  • Trapped in Villainy: They consider the missions they've been part of to be "horrible", but keep doing them because they don't see any way out.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: They inadvertently damage an old Gem artifact called a Harmony Core, setting off the others across the universe and triggering the plot of the "Harmony" comic mini-series.
  • The Voiceless: They've yet to talk on-screen while not fused together, though they do in a brief appearance in the comics.
  • Vocal Dissonance: Giant, imposing Gems with a sweet, gentle voice.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: Dual Boss version with Aquamarine. They mark the first time the Gems have gone up against an Elite Mook and almost effortlessly beats ALL of them, including Alexandrite. They are also one antagonist that reverts to evil after being talked down by Steven. For all Steven's positivity, the Diamond Authority is too huge for some Gems to consider rebelling.

    Prosecuting Zircon 

Prosecuting Zircon

Voiced by: Amy Sedaris

"As we can see from this specimen, humans are loud, absolutely hideous creatures that serve no purpose whatsoever. What sort of Gem would turn on her own kind for this? I'll tell you what kind- [points to Steven] that kind."

A yellownote  Homeworld Gem assigned to prosecute Steven in the case of Rose Quartz shattering Pink Diamond.

  • All There in the Script: "Prosecuting Zircon" is the name the credits use to distinguish her from the other Zircon.
  • The Cameo: She briefly appears in The Movie during Steven's transmission, thankfully alive and well.
  • Classy Cravat: As befitting a lawyer, the Zircon's design includes a cravat pinned in place with their gems. Hers in particular is styled like the diamond insignia.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: In "Homeworld Bound", she's seen on what amounts as a campaign poster, not only confirming that she's safe, but she's running for office against the other Zircon as well!
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: She genuinely seems completely lost when trying to explain Rose's motive for defending humans, only able to see them as weird looking, loud, and without purpose. To the point of seeing the mere fact she would defend such things as a crime in and of itself.
  • Fantastic Racism: Display a large amount of it towards humans, calling them weird looking, loud and without purpose.
  • Foil: Whereas Defense Zircon is nervous, hard at work, and ultimately willing to realize that one of her leaders have likely used Rose as a scapegoat, Prosecuting Zircon is smug, doesn't even bother to put any real work into condemning "Rose", and attempts to flatter the Diamonds to make her case.
  • Hate Sink: Like Holly Blue Agate, Prosecuting Zircon is made extra hateable to make the Diamonds look a smidge better by comparison. In her case, she's haughty, arrogant and apathetic to the suffering of others—made especially evident by the fact that she doesn't care at all about the fact that her opponent will be executed if she loses the case.
  • Hidden Depths: She, like Lapis, only sheds a Single Tear in the face of Blue Diamond's Emotion Bomb and seems to be generally unaffected by it, only looking a bit confused. If the fan theory that "the less you cry, the more you've suffered in the past" in regards to Blue Diamond's powers is correct, what kinds of things has she been through?
  • High-Class Glass: Like her blue counterpart, she wears a monocle. She demonstrates however that the monocles can produce holographic screens.
  • Innocently Insensitive: Despite the Diamonds clearly being distressed and arguing with each other after Defense Zircon makes a treasonous statement about how a Diamond must've been behind Pink Diamond's death, then seeing Defense Zircon get poofed during the quarrel, Prosecuting Zircon thinks it's perfectly fine to ask if she won the case by default. Of course, Yellow Diamond poofs her too.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: Defense Zircon concedes that Prosecuting Zircon has a seemingly watertight case against "Rose Quartz" by using Lars as material evidence and Eyeball as a witness.
  • Lack of Empathy: She barely sheds any tears at all when Blue Diamond releases her sadness wavenote  and her response to Defense Zircon getting poofed not even two seconds ago is to ask if she won the trial without showing any concern for her opponent.
  • Light Is Not Good: While not as apparent with the courtroom's lighting making her come off as having a Sickly Green Glow, Zircon is a bright yellow colored villain similar to the other yellow court antagonists. Interestingly enough, sketches show that she was designed with a star motif which up until that point was used for heroes rather than villains.
  • Mysterious Past: Given that she, like Lapis, only sheds a Single Tear in the face of Blue Diamond's Emotion Bomb and seems to be generally unaffected by it, it implies that she suffered the same amount of emotional pain as a Gem who spent five thousand years trapped in an inescapable And I Must Scream situation and later months trapped in a fusion under the ocean.
  • Professional Butt-Kisser: Is even more obnoxious than Holly Blue Agate when it comes to sucking up to the Diamonds. Yellow Diamond tells her to get on with it.
    Prosecuting Zircon: My Diamond. My brilliant, opulent, radiant, glimmering
    Yellow Diamond: "My Diamond" will suffice or we'll never get through this.
    Prosecuting Zircon: Of course, my Diamond.
  • Shout-Out: In episode 10 of the Official Steven Universe Podcast, Rebecca Sugar noted that the Zircons' monocles were references to Le Monocle, a pre-WWII Paris nightclub that catered to lesbians (for women at the time, wearing a monocle was the equivalent of a modern-day gay pride symbol). Their prominent noses were based on Jughead Jones.
  • Smug Snake: Rubs it in Defense Zircon's face about how hopeless it is to defend "Rose Quartz" and rests her case after simply stating the known facts, spending the rest of the trial standing with an apathetic Reverse Armfold or giggling at her opponent's failures. Yellow Diamond eventually gives her a metaphorical "Shut Up!" when she poofs her after basically saying "So I won, right?" after Defense Zircon drops a Drama Bomb on their Berserk Button.
  • Sudden Name Change: The show's soundtrack calls her "Green Zircon" (even though she's actually yellow).
  • Too Dumb to Live: So the Diamonds are having a private argument and Defense Zircon was just poofed moments ago for starting it, what does Prosecuting Zircon do? Interrupt and ask if she won. It earns her a poofing by Yellow Diamond.


Voiced by: Jinkx Monsoon

"It's over! I've got you now, you miserable Off Colors!"

An angry Gem captain hunting the Off Colors after they earned her enmity. Former owner of the Sun Incinerator.

  • Anime Hair: Has a ridiculously big, spiky hairdo that's similar to White Diamond's, but with three tips rather than five.
  • Arch-Enemy: Seems to have become this to the Off Colors, but the exact circumstances happened offscreen. Though it's highly likely that the Off Colors stealing one of her ships (and crashing it) then stealing a second ship, the Sun Incinerator, from 67 sentries had a lot to do with it. According to Word of God, nearly everyone Lars has messed with in his adventure answered to Emerald.
  • All There in the Manual: Since she's only shown in-series above the waist over video conference, we only know her full design from production art.
  • Big Ol' Unibrow: She either has a unibrow with lightning shaped sides or a sort of head crest that resembles a unibrow.
  • Boring, but Practical: So, Lars and the off colors have escaped with her ship. What does she do? She just tracks them down using the signal set off by the Sun Incinerator, which her ship can read from all across the galaxy.
  • Butt-Monkey: Has her best spaceship stolen from the heart of Homeworld despite it being guarded by 67 Citrine guards by a bunch of Off Colors, her attempts to retrieve it are fooled time and time again, her attempts to intimidate the guy who stole the spaceship are seen through since she would never hurt it, and to top it all off, said Off Colors not only get to escape with her spaceship, but force her to retreat. Practically the only good thing that happens to her is shoot down Stevonnie's spaceship, and even then, this doesn't help her main goal (get her spaceship back) at all!
  • Companion Cube: Her ship, the Sun Incinerator. Lars realizes that she keeps letting the Off Colors get away with it because she deeply cares about it, describing it as her "best friend".
  • Emerald Power: Emeralds are apparently very high ranking gems in Homeworld's army, though as she's mostly seen captaining a ship, we haven't seen any personal powers from her.
  • Eyepatch of Power: Like Squaridot and Eyeball, the gemstone in her right eye invokes an eyepatch. Unlike them, she's much higher in rank, as she has elite Gems under her command and is extremely high ranking.
  • Fatal Flaw: Both wrath and, strangely enough from a Homeworld Gem, sentimentality. The anger part is obvious, since her anger usually clouds her judgement and makes her lose a lot of her intimidating attitude, but the sentimentality part comes when talking about the Sun Incinerator. Because she loves the spaceship that much, she's unwilling to hurt it for the sake of retrieving it, which the Off Colors have taken advantage of to make her a complete joke.
  • General Failure: Emerald is high in the ranks of Homeworld's hierarchy, and generally does seem to be competent, but her reluctance at directly harming her ship gives the Off Colors many opportunities to outwit her.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Judging from what we see in "Lars of the Stars", it doesn't take a lot to get her riled up and shouting. Specially if it involves Lars or the Off Colors.
  • Hidden Depths: For all her anger and bluster, she's scared of damaging the Sun Incinerator because it's her ship and she loves it.
  • Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain: The Off Colors continually make a fool out of her. Partly because she's holding back on them because she's scared of damaging the Sun Incinerator.
  • Ironic Name: Emeralds, in gemology, are known to promise good luck. This Emerald had her ship stolen from her, and all attempts to reclaim it result in her simply floundering.
  • It's Personal: Her rivalry with the Off Colors became personal to her when they stole the Sun Incinerator from her.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: Once the Star Skipper takes off her warship's weapons, Emerald retreats right away rather than continue following after the Off Colors.
  • No Indoor Voice: She shouts most of her lines out of anger.
  • Noodle Incident: Mentions a few that occurred between her and the Off Colors offscreen between "Lars' Head" and her debut. Most of which ended poorly for her.
  • One-Shot Character: Only appears in "Lars of the Stars", though she's later mentioned in "Jungle Moon" and "Your Mother and Mine".
  • Pointy-Haired Boss: Emeralds are supposed to be among the most highest ranked Gems in the Gem Homeworld Hierarchy. This Emerald is regularly treated as a joke, and her constant tantrums and lack of control doesn't help her case.
  • Shout-Out: Given that Lars, in her introductory episode, is dressed as a reference to Captain Harlock, Emerald herself is probably a reference to Emeraldas.
  • Smug Snake: Makes herself look like a big deal whenever she's on-screen, but it doesn't take long to see this as all talk.
  • Villain of Another Story: Is apparently Lars and the Off Colors' Big Bad, but as the story is told from Steven's perspective most of that is offscreen.
  • Villainous Breakdown: By the time we meet her, the Off Colors seem to have driven her well into a meltdown. Them escaping with said ship, and forcing her to retreat as well, only worsens said breakdown.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: We never find out how her feud with the Off Colors resolved. Lars' comments in Future imply the Off Colors still have a Gem spaceship in Era 3, but if they kept the Sun Incinerator specifically or gave it back to Emerald as a peace offering is unspecified.

    Nephrite (XJ Cut-763) 


An unseen Nephrite who commands the fleet, for an invasion lead by Yellow Diamond. She's briefly mentioned in the episode "Jungle Moon".

  • Forced into Evil: From what we hear on the other end of Yellow Diamond's conversation with her, she begins having second thoughts about invading a possibly sentient alien race, but is forced to do so anyway, once Yellow Diamond threatens to shatter her.
  • The Ghost: She's never seen on-screen, only shown talking to Yellow Diamond in Stevonnie's dream vision.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: It's highly implied that Pink Diamond got the basic idea of rebelling from her.
  • Spiky Hair: From her silhouette on Yellow Diamond's "phone", we can deduce that her hair is stylized like spikes.

Video Game Gems


Voiced by: Shelby Rabara

"Prepare for humiliating defeat!"

A Peridot that appears in Save The Light as an antagonist. She originated from a Zeta Kindergarten.

  • Advertised Extra: Has about five minutes total of screen time, in a 10+ hour game.
  • Artificial Limbs: Like our Peridot, Squaridot has limb enhancers. Unlike our Peridot, the arm portion of Squaridot's limb enhancers look more like a bullet, and have a hole in the center.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Gets captured by Hessionite's ship during its own attempt to finish Hessionite's mission.
  • The Cameo: Makes one in The Stinger of Unleash the Light.
  • Catchphrase Insult: Just like our Peridot loves calling people "clods," Squaridot's favorite insult is "pebble". Though she'll readily say "clod" as well, when trading insults with Peridot:
    Peridot: You don't have to do everything your superiors say! You don't have to do any of it!
    Squaridot: But that's... treason! Y-you misguided... PEBBLE!
    Peridot: Pebble?! Hah! Well, do you know what you are?!
    Steven: Oh-hho-kay, you two, maybe we should breake it up and —
    Peridot: You're a shallow strata, Zeta Kindergarten... CLOD!!
    Squaridot: Clod?! Me, a clod?! You're the clod, CLOD!
    Peridot: You're the cloddiest clod I've ever seen clodding around, clod! CLODDD!!
  • Dragon Ascendant: Becomes the Big Bad of the Peridot DLC in Unleash The Light. Although the truth is slightly more complicated.
  • Eyepatch of Power: Like Eyeball, Squaridot's gem is located in her left eye, seemingly invoking this trope.
  • Hazy Feel Turn: After being saved from Hessionate's AI, she promises not to tell the Diamonds about the Crystal Gems... but is left at a loss on what to do with herself when she discovers the Diamonds aren't in charge anymore.
  • In-Universe Nickname: "Squaridot" is Steven's nickname, her actual "name" just being Peridot.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: Was bubbled during the events of the Steven Universe finale, which means she has no idea that she no longer has to answer to the Diamonds.
  • Portmanteau: "Squaridot" is a combination of Peridot and square, which is the shape of her hair.
  • Redemption Rejection: Steven tries to convert her to the Crystal Gem's side like he did with Peridot, but it fails and she's poofed and bubbled.
  • Replacement Flat Character: She is remarkably similar to Peridot pre-redemption, and serves as a foil to show how Peridot has grown. Justified, as individuality is highly discouraged on Homeworld and Gems of the same type have also showed similar personality traits before, so it's likely this behavior is indicative of baseline Peridots in general.
  • Saying Too Much: Accidentally gives away that Hessonite took the Light Prism to the Strawberry Battlefield. When she realizes her mistake, she tries to attack, and gets poofed for her effort.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: Garnet poofs her, and presumably put her bubbled gem in the temple just like Peridot was. The Stinger of Unleash The Light shows her laughing while piloting her damaged pod, hinting she was freed with the corrupted gems.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: To both pre-Heel–Face Turn Peridot (her nature as a Peridot with the same general personality), and Eyeball (the same Gem placement, hairstyle, and getting into combat with the Crystal Gems). Justified in regards to Peridot, as Homeworld highly discourages individuality and Gems of the same type generally share some personality traits.
  • We Will Meet Again: Heavily implied at the end of Unleash the Light, when a pod that resembles hers is seen moving through space, with a Peridot's cackle.


Click here for her form in Unleash the Light 

Voiced by: Christine Baranski

"Ah, the Earth. Did you miss me?"

A pompous Homeworld commander that appears in Save The Light as an antagonist. She is a Homeworld Garnet.

  • The Ace: She is a frighteningly capable fighter even without her prism, to the point that she has never lost once.
  • Afro Asskicker: She has a bright yellow afro and can hold her own against the Crystal Gems.
  • Arrogant Kung-Fu Girl: She's well aware of what a formidable warrior she is, and she doesn't hesitate in letting others know about it.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: She's a high-ranking commander in the Homeworld hierarchy. She's also not afraid to step into the fray herself if that's what it takes to complete her mission.
  • Badass Cape: She wears an orange cape with a high collar and a diamond-patterned interior.
  • Big Bad: She's the main antagonist of Save the Light, with Yellow Diamond serving as the Greater-Scope Villain.
  • Big Ol' Unibrow: Has one.
  • Bishie Sparkle: These appear on occasion to emphasize her connection to light. Her ship's exit hatch even has a build-in floodlight for dramatic entrances.
  • Broken Ace: Should you prevail in the final battle, Hessonite will reveal that she suffers from severe self-doubt, believing she needed the Prism (rather than it needing her) in order to be perfect despite her own formidable skills.
  • …But He Sounds Handsome: While in her Paper-Thin Disguise in Unleash The Light, she says she could only wish to be the wonderful, powerful Hessonite.
  • Canon Character All Along: It's greatly implied (and confirmed by Ian Jones-Quartey) that Hessonite is not a true Canon Foreigner, but a very minor character from the show given a major role: In "Monster Reunion", one of Centipeetle's drawings displays a yellow figure with a puffy afro, giving orders. This is implied again when an uncorrupted Centipeetle/Nephrite mentions taking orders from a Hessonite in "Legs From Here to Homeworld".
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: She cannot fathom why her prism would prefer freedom over being used as a weapon.
  • Evil Counterpart: To Garnet. Both are the leaders of their respective teams (what with Hessonite commanding Squaridot), both are noted to be more or less perfect, and both of them have learned to hide their doubts to fit that role. And, more obviously, they're both garnetsnote .
  • Facial Markings: The small white triangle over her eye isn't a partial visor according to the creators but rather a prism shaped marking on her face.
  • Final Boss: Of Save the Light.
  • Flash Step: Oddly, doesn't use this ability in battle, though she does repeatedly to make her escape after a verbal confrontation. Word of God confirms that this is the absurdly-quick-movement kind, not full teleportation.
  • Foreshadowing: Her Villainous BSoD upon realizing that she isn't perfect mirrors White Diamond's Freak Out at discovering that she's flawed.
  • Graceful Loser: Should the Crystal Gems defeat her, Hessonite will not only yield the Prism, but leave to determine for herself whether or not she's perfect as Homeworld claims. In addtion, it's implied that she keeps the continued existence of the Crystal Gems a secret.
  • Hartman Hips: One of the features she has in common with her Crystal Gem counterpart.
  • Heel–Face Turn: As of Unleash The Light.
  • Hidden Depths: At the end, Hessonite reveals her crippling self-doubt about her own abilities, and admits that Steven deserves to "own" the Prism. Should Steven encourage the Prism to make its own decisions, Hessonite seems legitimately impressed by his wisdom, willingly accepts the Prism's choice, and resolves to find answers for herself as to whether she's truly perfect, rather than follow Homeworld's doctrine.
  • Ironic Name: "Hessonite" comes from "hesson", ancient Greek for "inferior". Although, given her Broken Ace moment after her battle...
  • It's All About Me: Unlike the other Homeworld Gems, she almost completely ignores the Crystal Gems in favor of getting back her favorite weapon. And depending on the ending, she decides to go on a journey of self-discovery rather than report the presence of the Crystal Gems to Homeworld.
  • Kicking Ass in All Her Finery: Her fancy cape stands out compared to the practical jumpsuits worn by most Homeworld soldiers.
  • Knight of Cerebus: She quickly changes the tone to a much more serious one whenever she shows up in Save the Light.
  • Large Ham: Much like the culmination of Peridot's redemption arc, Hessionate transforms into a bombastic figure after her Heel–Face Turn, proclaiming that she's become "the humblest gem in the universe."
  • Light 'em Up: One of her primary attacks is to stab the ground, sending a glowing white triangular blast across the floor to explode beneath an enemy.
  • Light Is Not Good: She has a bright orange color scheme and light-based powers, but she is definitely not a hero.
  • Lightning Bruiser: She's very light on her feet, and her high defense means that you'll be fighting her for a while. And, of course, she hits pretty hard, too.
  • Magic Knight: While she mainly uses her sword in combat, she can also summon light warriors using her prism. Even without the prism she has a couple of magic attacks.
  • Mighty Glacier: During her boss battle she stays in one place and tanks hits before retaliating with devastating sword strikes. Odd, considering she's a Lightning Bruiser.
  • Muscles Are Meaningless: Hessonite has the same figure as Garnet, including very thin arms, and is even stronger than her.
  • The Noseless: Hessonite is only officially illustrated in the art style for Save the Light (even in a drawing by the show's creator), which draws very few characters with noses. Since some gem types lack noses, and we've not seen another gem of the same typenote , it's impossible to be sure if Hessonite has a nose or not.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: In Unleash The Light, she seems to think a scarf and a pair of goggles will entirely disguise her, even though half her gem's sticking out. It works... on Pyrope.
  • The Perfectionist: The Prism was a gift from Yellow Diamond for supposedly being perfect, and her defeat at the Crystal Gems' hands causes her to go Walking the Earth to determine if she really is perfect or if she and her superiors were wrong.
  • Redemption Rejection: Refuses to join the Crystal Gems after her defeat, instead going and Walking the Earth. Zig-zagged, however, as she doesn't report the Crystal Gems to Homeworld, either.
    • Later subverted in Unleash the Light, as she's pulled more or less a full Heel–Face Turn.
  • Red Right Hand: Her left eye is red.
  • Royal Rapier: Uses a backsword in battle, as befitting her high rank in the gem hierarchy. Its design actually seems similar to Rose's sword, except for a more slender blade.
  • She's Got Legs: Her design accentuates her legs, especially compared to the more top-heavy Quartzes and Topazes.
  • Statuesque Stunner: She stands about a head taller than the Crystal Gem Garnet, easily putting her in this category.
  • The Stoic: She's usually an Arrogant Kung-Fu Girl take on this, rarely losing her poise when addressing her foes.
    • Not So Stoic: She throws quite a fit when angered by the Prism's defiance. And she's much goofier and more dramatic in Unleash the Light.
  • Villainous Breakdown: When she is defeated at the end of Save the Light, her haughty demeanor collapses as she bitterly admits that she needed the Prism to live up to Homeworld's expectations of her. Depending on Steven's choices, she begins to wonder if her superiors were wrong about her being perfect, because how can she lose otherwise?
  • Walking the Earth: After she is defeated at the end of the game, she has a Villainous Breakdown and goes on a journey of self-discovery to learn for herself if her superiors were right or wrong about her being perfect.
  • Womanchild: She tends to throw tantrums when she doesn't get her way.

    Hessonite's Citrine Guards 

Citrine Guards

Hessonite's Citrine Guards, stationed on her warship.

  • The Guards Must Be Crazy: If they'd been positioned throughout the ship, then they wouldn't have to wonder what that mysterious noise (that totally wasn't intruders) was.
  • The Voice: Since you're supposed to be sneaking around on Hessonite's ship, you are kept from entering the room they're in. You can only hear their comments through the door.

    Eye Jasper 

Eye Jasper
Voiced by: Kimberly Brooks

A Jasper who appears in the mobile game The Phantom Fable and is fought in the Amethyst section of the game. She was sent to remove all defective Gems from the Delta Kindergarten.

  • One-Shot Character: Her only appearance is in The Phantom Fable.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: To Jasper, as a brash, angry Jasper against the heroes. She has the exact same character design, except with a round gemstone in her left eye, rather than a kite gemstone in her nose.