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Characters page for Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia, with characters from the spinoff games in the series.

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Beware: Late Arrival Spoilers are untagged for their respective games.

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Introduced in Final Fantasy Tactics

    Ramza Beoulve 

Ramza Beoulve
A squire in the Order of the Northern Sky who was born into House Beoulve, a respected noble family that serves the kingdom. His belief that one should never sacrifice another's life stems from his strong moral compass. He is the unknown hero of the War of the Lions who stood against the Church of Glabados to save his beloved sister, Alma.

Recruited in his event. Ramza encounters the party in the ruins of a castle and immediately assumes they are bandits, attacking them. After clearing up the misunderstanding, he joins in order to protect his world from the Torsions.

Ramza is able to buff the party with Shout and Galvanize, increasing effectiveness all around by boosting his own and the party's Max BRV, Attack, and BRV Regen stats. His EX ability, Enervate, is a BRV+HP attack that grants BRV to the party while also debuffing the enemy with Enervate, lowering their Attack, Defense and Speed.
  • Aristocrats Are Evil: Ramza attributes some of the other worlds' lack of a Forever War on the fact that they either have a subdued view on class and nobility or that they lack a caste system altogether. Citing how his era of Ivalice is locked in an eternal war because of the views of a corrupt few at the top. However, he is able to see that some of the royalty in the party are definite exceptions to this.
  • Balance Buff: Overall, Ramza's rework on one of the Lv. 70 Awakening batches (in JP) fixes up his turn inefficiency by making his enhanced BRV and HP Attacks hit extra times, along with turning both Extend versions of his skills into stackable unique framed buffs, with his Galvanize Extend now instead acting as an aura that doesn't take up the buff spaces on the other two party members (save for the regen buffs that are still standard and party-wide and still take up space). Shout Extend in particular has Ramza automatically go into an HP damage attack after usage.
  • Big Brother Mentor: Cater teases him for giving brotherly advice to Aphmau, and even calls him "Big Brother Ramza." Ramza says it is because she reminds him of his sister Alma.
  • Culture Clash: Ramza is both shocked and inspired when he hears Laguna talk about how he gave up being a soldier to pursue a career in journalism. He comments that he hopes to make his own world such a place where people aren't locked into some predestined role at birth.
  • Magnetic Hero: Agrias notes his ability to collect allies is just the same as it was in their home world, citing it as one of the reasons she chooses to follow him again.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: His first ability, if it wasn't obvious enough.
  • Rousing Speech:
    • Ramza is on the receiving end of one when he reveals just how awful things in his Ivalice are, people separated and subjugated by their birth and class, as well as the wars being fought for the sake of a few selfish people. Rem starts off by telling Ramza even though her world is also at war, she's learned to ignore it and not let it get her upset, Laguna explains he used to be a soldier but left the army to become a journalist-to-be, and both Terra and Vivi reveal both of them were created/trained to be living weapons of war, but revolted against those purposes and now live for themselves. All of this cheers Ramza up considerably and gives him hope for his own Ivalice.
    • Also doubles as the function of his second ability, which is a potent party-wide buff.
  • Status Buff: His specialty, but at the same time, hinders a bit of his DPS/DPT capabilities. He was considered fairly subpar until his awakening and his eventual rework fixed these problems with well-needed tweaks.

    Agrias Oaks
Knight of the Lionsguard, the crown's personal shields. Amid the rising tensions following the death of the previous king, she is charged with protecting Princess Ovelia. Fiercely loyal and with a strong sense of justice, she is one of the very few truly concerned for the sequestered princess.
Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro

Recruited in her event, "Knight's Honor." Agrias is traveling on her own, thinking she is still in her home world and looking for a village to stock up on supplies, when she sees several unfamiliar knights (Onion Knight, Warrior of Light, Cecil, and Steiner) passing by to fight a pack of monsters. She decides to help them and questions them afterward, wondering who they might serve since they don't wear matching armor. After being apprised of the situation, she remains doubtful until she meets Ramza and he explains everything, to which she questions his reasons for fighting on behalf of other worlds. Satisfied with his answer, she pledges herself to him and the party once again.

Agrias is a supportive fighter, capable of buffing the party with Knight's Pride, which grants a unique Bravery buff to herself that increases her offensive stats while providing BRV/HP regen to the party. Her second ability, Judgment Blade, does area of effect damage and has a chance of paralyzing all foes. Lastly, her EX ability, Hallowed Bolt, damages all enemies and has a chance of silencing them that prevents any usage of any magic-based attacks, effectively making them skip a turn. Her Awakening Ability massively increases her status infliction chance for a single turn, allowing her to paralyze every non-immune enemy in the battle on command with Judgment Blade.
  • Birds of a Feather:
    • With Cecil. Both discuss their loyalty to those they serve and Cecil wonders if he was right to turn against his king when the king was no longer righteous. Agrias assures him that it is their job as knights to not only protect but also make sure their charges stay on the right path.
    • She also relates to Faris, in that they both prefer to dress practically rather than Kicking Ass in All Her Finery... though Agrias does admit she wouldn't mind some lip rouge, once Terra and Yuna say some makeup would look good on her (as a Call-Back to Mustadio saying the same).
  • Death from Above: Both Judgment Blade and Hallowed Bolt strike her enemies from above.
  • Lady of War: Other party members note that Agrias is experienced in battle and a sight to behold.
  • Non-Elemental: All of her attacks are actually like this, and are classified as melee, despite having graphics that show otherwise.
  • Support Party Member: Like Ramza, she specializes in party buffs but also has multi-target damage options. Paralysis and Blind are also rare, which also gives her some utility. However, her damage potential isn't particularly high.


Introduced in Final Fantasy Type-0


A key member in Class Zero who is thoughtful, high-achieving, and capable. In the maelstrom of war, he fights alongside his classmates wielding a deck of magic cards as his weapon. Contrary to his cool demeanor, he is rather hot-blooded and can let his recklessness get the best of him at times. Ace has a passion for chocobos and song.
Voiced by: Yūki Kaji

Recruited in his event. Ace is first encountered protecting a wounded chocobo from a monster, and while he is able to defeat the monster with the help of the party, they are unable to save the chocobo, leaving him feeling the pain of loss for the first time.

Ace deals magic damage with his cards, and they get stronger the more cards he builds into his deck with his skills Burst and Spiral Combo. His EX Ability, Jackpot Shot, is a BRV+HP attack that overflows, deals splash HP damage to other targets, and grants a random unique framed buff out of 4 chosen whenever it is used; each time it is used again however, a different buff of the 4 will replace the prior one each time.
  • Balance Buff: Gets an overloaded rework during his Lv. 70 awakening with notable perks:
    • His Burst turns into a BRV+HP attack, and his Spiral Combo does AoE damage, both with overflow and enhanced potencies on their self-buffs. On top of that, each usage of his Mega-based abilities now grants him a stack of a unique buff that also enhances all of his attacks (including his BRV and HP Attacks). At 5 stacks, the hits and potencies increase even further with less action delay. With this in mind, Ace's issues of turn inefficiency are beyond fixed.
  • Cards of Power:
    • In addition to using them as physical weapons, Ace uses cards to empower himself, shown as floating cards above his head via his original gimmick in both his home game and in NT. Once he reaches three cards (with his BRV Attack giving one card, HP Attack giving 2 cards, and either skill giving all 3), his attacks evolve and become much more powerful.
    • His EX Ability grants 1 random buff out of 4 (which is replaced with each recasting of his EX) more closer to his original mechanic of his floating cards: his Red Card is a party-wide huge attack up (originally meant to be for his Burst, which is instead his first ability), his Blue Card is a party-wide BRV and HP Regen (reference to his Charge ability), Yellow Card is a party-wide Attack + Max BRV Up (reference to his Force ability) and Black/Purple Card is an enemy party-wide speed down effect (reference to his Stop ability).
  • Death Dealer: Ace uses card decks as his signature weapons, while being more 'deck focused' with more magical-raw damage output compared to the likes of Setzer, who in contrast is more gimmicky with more focus on ranged damage.
  • Evolving Attack: With three cards in his deck, Burst becomes Mega Burst and Spiral Combo becomes Mega Spiral Combo, increasing their potency immensely.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Ace turns against the party in Act 2, Chapter 9 after the Cloud of Darkness manipulates him into causing a flood of darkness and restores his memories. She says that Mother will come to them, eventually, and he and his classmates can live in peace in the World of Respite. He decides to use the crystal core of darkness's power to create a new Akademia for his classmates where they won't die instead of continuing on with their journey that may end up with them returning home - but the party fights against him because his actions will unintentionally lead to oblivion.
  • Fighting Your Friend: In Act 2, Chapter 9, he does this to try and protect his classmates' memories of dying from reaching them. It parallels Machina turning against the party in Type-0, adding a layer of irony since Machina is fighting alongside Class Zero this time and trying to atone for when he did it.
  • First Time Feeling: The Final Fantasy Type-0 members have never had to deal with mourning the death of others due to the particular rules of their own universe. When Ace first enters the world of Opera Omnia, one of the first things that happens is he fails to save a Chocobo who dies shortly thereafter, leaving him feeling the pains of loss for the first time.
  • The Gambler: His EX Ability, Jackpot Shot, where he fires a wad of lasers forward from an array of his cards in front. Akin to how his EX Skill in NT works, it gives him and/or his party 1 random unique buff out of 4 to randomly select from (for a set amount of turns) each time it's used.
  • Having a Blast: His Burst and Mega Burst, which was originally one of the main list of attacks used with his original card gimmick. Despite its graphics, it doesn't count as a fire-based attack of any sort.
  • I Choose to Stay: In Act 2 Chapter 9, he decides to make Akademia in the World of Respite so his classmates can continue to live instead of go home where they'd all be dead again. It drives him to conflict with the party, and he changes his mind once he realizes he's playing right into the Cloud of Darkness' plans.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats:
    • Is fairly well-rounded while being a ranged attacker that can deal non-elemental magic damage, and can shave very hard with sufficient DPS, but normally falters in terms of needing to setup for his damage rotations. In terms of stats, he has 4/5 in both Attack and Speed, while having an average 3/5 Initial BRV rating and high base Max BRV at 5/5; the stats that suffer are his low base HP (1/5) and average defense (3/5).
    • Even with his EX, it can fill a number of functions with any one of its 4 random buffs granted; being able to heal/battery, buff the party's stats, or even grant an invisible speed down to all targets.
  • Mortality Phobia: After learning that all of Class Zero with the exception of Rem and Machina die and are presumably forgotten, Ace attempts to usurp the power of the Dark Crystal to create a new Akademeia and completely abandon his homeworld. The other party members even point out he is basically doing the same thing Kuja and Caius are doing, and he is playing right into Cloud of Darkness's schemes.
  • Not So Different: He points out that Garland is just like everyone else in the party - struggling through a cycle of battle. The only difference is that the party fights because they have to protect their own worlds, while Garland enjoys it. It is unclear, though probably unlikely, if Ace knows there's an extra layer here: that everyone in his home world is caught in a "Groundhog Day" Loop of endless war.
  • Pillar of Light: His Spiral Combo and/or Mega Spiral Combo, which is a combo of his original Spiral BRV Attack and his Monolith Beam/Tower Lazer HP Attack back in NT. Only Mega Spiral Combo grants a self-buff to Ace, which is an Attack Up (enhanced further by his rework).
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: He forms this relationship with Machina after they become more open with each other and Ace's Face–Heel Turn is reversed.

    Rem Tokimiya 

Rem Tokimiya
An Agito Cadet in Class Zero at the Akademeia who is sent to partake in the war effort with her classmates. She suffers from an incurable illness, but stands strong to keep others from worrying. Rem and her childhood friend, Machina, are the newest members of the team.
Voiced by: Ryouko Shiraishi

Recruited in the first chapter. Rem has the distinction of being the first character recruited along with Vivi, since the two of them had been traveling together with Mog and Sazh before meeting the Warrior of Light.

Rem comes along with the Cure ability and Swap Turns, which allows her to heal and buff herself and the party and manipulate turn order. Her EX ability, Siphon Delta, is an area of effect BRV+HP Attack with full undivided HP damage to all targets that also heals the party and grants BRV. Furthermore, it inflicts the Siphon debuff on enemies that nullifies the use count consumption for Rem's abilities.
  • An Ice Person: The Caerula Dagger turns Rem's standard BRV Attack into an ice-attribute BRV attack.
  • Extra Turn: Swap Turns allows Rem to give up her turn to another party member, although her turn and the proceeding turn each count as separate turns in the turn count.
  • Healer Signs On Early: Your starting party includes Rem, whose first ability is Cure.
  • Ill Girl: Rem still has her Incurable Cough of Death in this game, but it only comes up rarely, such as when King brings it up, showing that it was an Open Secret back in her world. Even Caius somehow knows about it, offering her a chance to side with him to allow her to escape her fate, which she declines.
  • Shut Up, Hannibal!: She delivers one to Caius when he offers for her to join him to escape her fate and being forgotten. She then follows it up with a Patrick Stewart Speech about facing her fate together with her friends.
  • Throwing Your Sword Always Works: When she performs an HP attack, she joins her daggers at the hilt and tosses them at her enemy resembling her Dagger Boomerang attack from her home game.


An Agito Cadet in Class Zero at the Akademeia who finds it more sensible to wield dual handguns despite his nation being bestowed the power of magic. Although he can be blunt, he genuinely cares about and looks after his friends. Following the will of the Vermilion Bird Crystal, he and his classmates are left to decide the fate of the world.
Voiced by: Tomokazu Sugita

Recruited in Chapter 3 in the Lost Kingdom of Thronus when the party comes across him and he joins because he recognizes his classmate, Rem. King's stoic and blunt nature helps keep the party grounded on more than one occasion.

He is able to deal high ranged damage with Rapid Bullets, and restore his ability uses and buff himself with Reload. His EX ability is Endless Waltz, a 5 hit BRV+HP attack delivered twice. It also grants him the "Less Talk More Action" buff, which grants him a free turn upon inflicting a break.
  • Birds of a Feather: As quiet gunners, he and Vincent spend a lot of time together in cutscenes. He joins in on a conversation with Vincent, Irvine, and Laguna about guns, too.
  • Boring, but Practical: The majority of King's damage is dealt through his Rapid Bullets ability, which deals fair damage. He has excellent longevity in battle thanks to Reload, however, which restores all his ability uses so he can continue spamming Rapid Bullets. Anyone else who can restore ability uses only gives back 1 or 2 uses at most, and that is usually after using an EX ability which is on a recharge rate, while King can use his up to 4 times per battle, which gives Rapid Bullets a massive 40 uses in total, over double the next highest total ability use count of any character, meaning that even though he's the only DPS character with a realized EX weapon with no HP+ attack upgrade, he doesn't need one. As a bonus, Reload also restores his Awakened Ability uses, allowing him to spam that liberally as well.
  • More Dakka: His EX ability, Endless Waltz.
  • Only Sane Man: He often stands as one of the voices of reason, never losing his cool and keeping the party focused on the task at hand.


A stubbornly competitive Agito Cadet in Class Zero who wields a magicite pistol. She has frequent episodes of déjà vu, containing hints of the true nature of the world.
Voiced by: Minori Chihara

Recruited in her event. Cater obstinately refuses to join the party at first, preferring to fight the monsters around them by herself since she's been doing just fine on her own. Once she does, however, she is able to make fast friends.

Cater is capable of area of effect ice damage with Blizzard ROK and buffing her evasive capabilities with Triple Slip.
EX ability: Consecutive Rounds
  • An Ice Person: Blizzard ROK.
  • Bizarre and Improbable Ballistics: Her EX ability, Consecutive Rounds, involves lots of flips and turns as she unloads on her enemies.
  • Counter-Attack: Triple Slip allows her to evade attacks and counter.
  • Evolving Attack: When buffed with Triple Slip, her standard BRV attack turns into the stronger Charged Shot and Blizzard ROK turns into Blizzara ROK.
  • Hot-Blooded: Her tendency to be aggressive towards new people or anyone she finds suspicious (such as Barret due to his gun arm) is pointed out on more than one occasion. The formula of her, Steiner, Fujin, and Barret - all fairly aggressive people - leads to a fight breaking out during Barret's event.
  • Let's Split Up, Gang!: Cater attempts to suggest this, bringing up the point that it would allow them to cover more ground and she's honestly not had that hard of a time on her own so she should be able to handle herself. The party is deadset against this, however, they resort to playing to Cater's ego by complimenting her to convince her to fall in line, which she does.
  • Mage Marksman: She is differentiated by other gunners in the game in that Blizzard and Blizzara ROK are magic attacks.
  • Not So Different: The party compares her to Yuffie, in that they can both be annoying tomboys, which annoys them both at first and they start fighting until they realize they do have a lot in common and put a positive spin on it, becoming friends.


A calm and quiet Agito cadet of Class Zero. Outwardly polite and unassuming, her reliable character and unwavering conviction has at times been the key to Class Zero's survival. On the field of battle, she assails her enemies with strains from her flute, a decidedly unique approach to combat.
Voiced by: Kana Hanazawa

Recruited in her event, "A Gentle Strength." When the party comes across the corpse of a monster, they wonder who could have killed it when they hear a flute playing in the distance. Following the sound, they come across a pack of wolves and Deuce appears to help support the party through it, joining the party afterward to be with her friends.

Deuce is an offensive support type character, able to grant unique buffs with Concerto (which grants the Note buff and increases attack) and hit multiple targets with Dissonant Sonata (which grants the party Crescendo, a BRV regen and Max BRV increase). Her EX ability, Requiem of Ruin, is a 6 hit area of effect attack which grants Note and Fortissimo to the party, which further raises Attack and increases the party's Max BRV overflow limit.
  • Balance Buff: A big one during her Lost Chapter, where her rework finally allows her Note buff to remain on party members when she gets a BRV break, while Dissonant Sonata finally can deal extra hits beyond one to increase her damage output.
  • Birds of a Feather: Eiko notes how she, too, uses flutes as weapons back in her world and says the two of them will get along nicely. While not commented on, Thancred is also a bard and is shown to appreciate her music.
  • Magic Music: The party makes frequent comments about Deuce's beautiful flute playing skill and how it has the ability to increase their spirits and power. Prishe especially loves hearing it because it pumps her up, and her music even compels Lilisette and Penelo to dance. In gameplay, Deuce specializes in increasing the party's magic power.
  • Musical Assassin: She uses flutes as her weapon of choice, a unique weapon type, though even Deuce admits she isn't sure how it works. Eiko notes that she uses similar weapons back home.


An Agito Cadet in Class Zero. Despite her appearance, she is a physical powerhouse, carrying a super-heavy mace as her weapon of choice. Her words and actions stand out as a bit spacy, but she will at times surprise her classmates with incredibly insightful remarks.
Voiced by: Aki Toyosaki

Recruited in her event, "Sincere Strength." Alone in an unfamiliar area, she tries calling out to her classmates with her COMM device but finds that it doesn't work. Attacked by Magitek armors afterward, she starts thrashing them, which the party hears from a short distance away and goes to find her. Though she assumes some of them are enemies at first, she apologizes when she finds her classmates and joins the party afterward.

Cinque is a powerhouse physical attacker. Her first skill, Earthquake, is a group attack that inflicts the Stun debuff on her enemies, which lowers defense and speed. Her second ability, Homerun Swing, is a single target attack that also inflicts Stun. When her enemies have 5 stacks of Stun, both of her abilities become empowered. Finally, her EX ability, Whirling Mace, is a 6 hit group BRV attack and single target HP attack that allows for 200% Max BRV overflow, inflicts 5 stacks of Stun, delays the target, and knocks it back on a hit.
  • Carry a Big Stick: Her maces are classified as a unique weapon type, meaning only Cinque can equip them.
  • Everything's Better with Spinning: Her EX ability, Whirling Mace, has her swinging around in circles towards her foes.
  • Glacier Waif: Noted for the power with which she swings her enormous maces. In gameplay, Cinque is a very powerful DPS unit, though she's a bit on the slower side.
  • Informed Attribute: Her event title, "Sincere Strength," implies that she's a very sincere person. Ashe learns that she is not, since her apology after nearly attacking them is rather flippant, which causes Ashe to dislike her at first. She later gets a lecture from Quistis and Serah about coming to agreed upon meetings on time, to which Cinque apologizes, but after they leave the others point out that apology also wasn't very sincere.
  • The Slacker: She bonds with Zell and Raijin over her tendency to skip classes and dislike of homework, making Eiko think that school isn't all as exciting as people like Quistis or Serah made it out to be.


A calm and collected Agito cadet in Class Zero. She wields a sword that can turn into a whip. Her insightfulness gives her sound judgment and a good ability to read others. A mothering nature earns her the respect of her juniors, but her inability to turn down a request does leave her a bit overwhelmed.
Voiced by: Mayuko Aoki

Recruited in Arc 2, Chapter 1. First encountered by Caius within a Torsion, he charges her to go find Lightning, the knight, and says that her friends should be with her. When she first meets the party she recognizes Ace, and thinks the Warrior of Light is Lightning at first because he is a knight. From then on, after clearing up the misunderstanding and realizing that Lightning lacks memories of being a knight, she nonetheless joins her friends in order to protect the balance between the two worlds.

Seven specializes in taking down one enemy at a time with Catch & Lash, which inflicts the stackable unique framed Snakebite debuff on one enemy at a time (which reduces defense per stack at 3 max) and Elementalash, which strikes an enemy with Fire, Ice, Lightning damage. Her EX Ability, Sadistic Spikes, is an overflowing BRV+HP Attack with 20% HP splash on non-targets and can also be enhanced by Snakebite.
  • Advertised Extra: Despite being the first character recruited in Act 2, and appearing in the chapter's cover art, Seven has a very small role in the story aside from meeting Caius first and introducing the fact that Lightning should be a knight (contrasting most other characters who are unlocked with story chapters). Instead, the focus of the chapter is given to the Farron sisters, Ace, and Rem.
  • Crippling Overspecialization: While Seven has great damage output, she heavily falters in either very long fights (unless she can use her EX often to keep refreshing skill counts for her Catch & Lash) or worse, has huge difficulty in handling multi-target fights. The nature of her Snakebite debuff only being applicable to a single target effectively punishes her for changing targets a majority of the time (as her damage won't have as much potency on a non-Snakebite debuffed enemy), which is something to consider with many multi-target boss fights within the COSMOS and CHAOS/EX+ era.
  • Fire, Ice, Lightning: Seven is unique so far in that she can inflict three different types of elemental damage with Elementalash at the same time, able to hit a wide variety of elemental weaknesses and none of those resistances.
  • Kirk Summation: She gives Caius two of them, with the second one referencing the first one about how he can't go to her world to forget Yeul; even if he does forget, the past stays the same. By the second time, however, he responds with an Armor-Piercing Question and says that she is wrong - in his world, the past was changed, and thus everyone but Serah forgot about Lightning, which gives him the idea that he can change things.
  • Sword Beam: Her Elementalash attack strikes enemies with a Pillar of Light that uses her whip sword as its base, unusually for this trope.
  • Whip It Good: Her whip-sword weapons are classified as whips in this game, allowing Seven to wield any whips.


An Agito cadet in Class 0 whose distaste for killing leads him to battle with his fists alone. Amongst the striking personalities of Class 0, his collected and thoughtful nature stands out as comparatively sensible. Also has a passionate side and hates to lose, and stoically devotes himself to his training.
Voiced by: Miyu Irino

Recruited in his event, "Power of Tranquility." After being briefed of his mission by Materia, he finds himself wandering on his own in search of his friends when he encounters none other than Kefka. Deciding to play it safe, he immediately surrenders instead of fighting, which bores Kefka but he decides to attempt to take advantage of the situation anyway... by bringing the supposed "weakling" right to his comrades in an attempt to taunt and manipulate them.

Eight is a physical attacker specializing in counter attacks. His first ability, Quickbolt Stance, is a one hit BRV+HP attack that grants him the buff "Quickbolt" (enhances his standard BRV and HP attacks and raises his Max BRV, Speed, and Attack). His second ability is Last Stand Rush, a 4 hit BRV+HP attack that grants the buff "Last Stand" (raises Max BRV and Attack further, but increases Eight's damage taken). When both Quickbolt and Last Stand buffs are active, his HP attack turns into Lightspeed Jab. His EX ability, Phantom Rush, is a 4 hit melee BRV+HP attack.
  • Ain't Too Proud to Beg: When he first encounters Kefka, he begs for mercy, though this is an example of Eight taking the far more sensible option to use the situation to his advantage.
  • Birds of a Feather: With Zell and Sabin, upon discussing why they choose to fight with their fists. Deuce and King deduce that they're Not So Similar, however, since Eight is a lot more composed and calculated than they are, while Sabin and Zell let their fists do the talking. Even so, they all still get along, and have a training brawl with Yang and Snow included in the mix as well.
  • Counter-Attack: Eight specializes in these, dodging any attack directed at him and countering for lots of damage.
  • Good Old Fisticuffs: He uses his fists as his weapons, and bonds with the other brawlers immediately upon meeting them and talking about their passion for it.
  • It Gets Easier: Eight actively attempts to subvert this by refusing to use weapons, believing that they trivialize taking lives, especially since the people of Orience already lose their memories of the dead. By relying solely on his fists Eight hopes to remember something about those he kills based on the feelings left on his fists from the deed.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: After begging for mercy from Kefka, he lets himself be captured so Kefka will take him to his classmates. Also combined with Underestimating Badassery, since as soon as Eight sees his friends he frees himself effortlessly, taking Kefka by surprise and infuriating him.


An upbeat cadet from Class Zero who always has a smile on his face. His leisurely tone and jokes are able to dispel tension in even the most dire situations. Though he appears frivolous on the surface, he deliberately tries to lighten the mood and has a stoic side that is reflected in his unique swordsmanship—sundering foes in a single strike.
Voiced by: Ken'ichi Suzumura

Recruited in his event, "The Power of Ignorance." The party comes across the corpses of multiple monsters that seem like they were dispatched in a single strike with a katana. After going through the likely candidates and preparing to find someone like Sephiroth, they instead come across Jack, who is delighted to be reunited with his classmates and joins the party.

Jack is a hard-hitting physical attack unit. His first ability, Ninja Slice, is a 6 hit BRV+HP attack that deals critical damage and increases his critical damage dealt, with extra damage done if he is targeting an enemy not targeting himself. His second ability is Lightning Flash, a six hit area of effect BRV+ area HP attack that also increases critical damage dealt. Both abilities grant Jack the buff "Every Ounce of Strength" (increases his Attack and Max BRV) and he follows his BRV and HP attacks when breaking an enemy or when either breaking an enemy or hitting a broken enemy with both of his abilities with Deliverance, a BRV gain based on his Attack followed by 6 hit BRV+HP attack that moves his next turn to before the target's turn. His EX ability is Transience, which reduces his HP to 1, grants BRV based on the total amount of HP lost, and hits all enemies with an HP attack, followed up by another 8 hit area BRV + area HP attack that deals full damage to all foes. It grants him the Soul Harvest buff (evasion boost and HP heal based on the amount of damage done up to 35% of his maximum HP per turn) and massively increases his evasion even further for a single turn.
  • Black Blood: Jack's skills causes enemies to spray it while Transience causes Jack himself to bleed it prior to the attack to power himself up.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: After the party muses about his lackadaisical personality that stays the same even when he's in battle, Jack starts to consider the idea of becoming a "cool" stoic, aloof hero. This leads to him staying silent when Locke asks him a question because he thought he'd try it out, but Noel and Paine don't think it works for him and ask if they should introduce him to Squall instead. Seven shuts down the idea knowing that Squall wouldn't like it.
  • Katanas Are Just Better: Jack's weapon of choice, which he discusses the benefits of with Cyan.
  • HP to 1: Jack does it to himself with his EX ability in order to deal heavy damage to foes, but he also gets perfect evasion with it for a turn and starts recovering his HP as soon as his following turn.


An Agito Cadet at Akademeia with a polite tone and gentle disposition. One of the smartest even in Class Zero, his intellect is recognized by his peers and he leverages that intelligence to support his comrades. Unfortunately, he is known to ramble without pause to the vexation of those around him.
Voiced by: Yuichi Nakamura

Recruited in his event, "The Power of Knowledge." Retaining his memories and coming from a point after the end of Type-0, Trey reasons that his classmates must still be alive because he remembers them so he searches them out. After meeting some of the party as they're searching for Mog's lost kupo nuts, he ends up joining once he hears his classmates are with them.

First ability: Raining Arrows
Second ability: Dynamite Arrow
EX ability: Grand Delta
  • Badass Back: After he conjures Instant Runes under the enemy and shoots them with his EX ability, Grand Delta, he turns away from them as they explode.
  • Character Filibuster: Played for Laughs, as usual. When he meets Mog, Vivi, and Cait Sith and they notice how he must be a member of Class Zero because of his uniform, Trey starts to explain the reason for their uniforms and ends up launching into an entire history of Akademeia and Rubrum. And all three of them listen to it.
  • Charged Attack: Trey has a unique mechanic where his abilities and HP attack gain charges if he doesn't use them multiple times in a row, allowing them to gain in power and effects.
  • No-Sell: His EX debuff, Fatal Arrow, makes any BRV damage from anyone instantly break the enemy, making it a perfect way to counter enemies that grant themselves large amounts of BRV, especially if they take decreased BRV damage until broken.
  • Rain of Arrows: His first ability, aptly named Raining Arrows.
  • Trap Master: Raining Arrows and Dynamite Arrow both inflict an unique effect on him and the enemy called Arrow Shower and Dynamite, respectively, which deal extra BRV+HP damage after anyone takes a turn for a set number of turns for Arrow Shower or after a set number of turns pass for Dynamite Arrow.
  • Trick Arrow: His second ability is Dynamite Arrow, which sets an explosive trap under foes.


Class Zero's ill-mannered, foul-mouthed problem child. He's not actually looking to pick a fight, but it sure seems as though he is. His grades are poor, but his spearmanship is unmatched, as is his concern for his friends.
Voiced by: Daisuke Ono

Recruited in his event, "The Power of Action." When the party's airship is beset by a flying enemy, they prepare to take it down when someone attacks it from the ground with a flying spear instead. When they land and discover Nine, he joins up with his classmates again.

First ability: Primal Roar
Second ability: Whirling Lance
EX Ability: Laser Lance
LD: White Knight
  • Beehive Barrier: His LD ability, White Knight, produces one.
  • Birds of a Feather: With Lann. Neither of them are that smart and it doesn't take long for Lann and Palom to pick up Nine's Verbal Tic. Also averted with Cid Highwind: despite being pretty similar to Cid, they're both too rude to each other to get along.
  • Hypocritical Humor: He agrees with Reynn when she says that Lann saying "yo" at the end of his sentences makes him sound dumb.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: His first ability, Primal Roar, damages enemies with a mighty shout.

    Machina Kunagiri 

Machina Kunagiri
Rem's childhood friend and an Agito cadet in Class 0. Developing an extreme fear of death after the loss of his brother to war, he lusts for power that would allow him to protect those he loves. Perhaps due to his pure and honest nature, he sometimes loses himself to the voices of those around him.
Voiced by: Hiroshi Kamiya

Recruited in his event, "Keeper of Fear." Summoned by Spiritus, Machina retains all of his memories up to the end of Type-0, and is thus surprised to learn his classmates are in this world when Golbez mistakes him for one of them. Afterward, he reunites with the party because he wants to see them again and apologize, expecting his classmates to hate him, only for them to give him a warm welcome... thanks to their lost memories.

Machina is a pure melee attacker, specializing in gaining back some of the BRV he spent on his abilities based on the total HP damage done with them, letting him avoid being broken as well as having more BRV to deal damage with overall. His first ability, Awakening, is a 2 hit BRV+HP attack with no action delay that grants him a buff of the same name, raising his Max BRV, Attack, Speed, and changing his HP Attack to Furious Blades (a 4 hit BRV+HP attack with low action delay), which changes to Furious Blades+ on using Awakening or breaking the enemy, giving it more overflow and making it not cost a turn to use. His second ability, Cyclone Drive, is a 6 hit BRV+HP attack that grants him back some BRV based on total HP damage dealt. His EX ability, Guardian Blades, is a 6 hit AoE BRV attack followed by a single target HP attack that grants him back some BRV based on total HP damage dealt, a buff (Guardian Blades; which raises Max BRV, grants BRV regen, and reduces BRV damage taken) and allows him to Counter-Attack any enemy BRV attacks with a 2 hit BRV attack. His LD ability, Stunning Slash, is an instant 8 hit AoE BRV attack followed by an AoE HP attack with split damage that makes his next ability free to use, grants him a buff that further increases his Attack and BRV overflow and inflicts all enemies with the framed debuff Spiral's Lynchpin that reduces their SPD and makes Machina follow up all of his attacks on an enemy inflicted with it with an additional 4 hit AoE BRV+HP attack that grants him back some BRV based on total HP damage dealt.
  • The Atoner: After realizing Machina has a second chance to save his friends, he is determined to atone for his betrayal.
    Machina: I'll protect you this time. I'll atone for everything.
  • Battle Aura: His first ability, Awakening, gives him one.
  • Commonality Connection: Vaan relates to Machina in that they both lost a brother to war. Furthermore, Vaan sympathizes with Machina when the latter says he struggled to find someone to blame, wrongfully turning his ire on Class Zero like Vaan did to Basch.
  • Cool Sword: Machina wields his regular drill rapiers, but in this game they're classified as normal swords, which means any sword wielder can equip one.
  • Easily Forgiven: By Trey, who remembers everything that Machina did from his introduction. Trey is just happy that Machina's fighting alongside him this time and they go on to have a friendly discussion with each other, to Machina's great relief.
  • My Greatest Second Chance: Machina views his coming to this world as this, since he wants to save his friends. Jecht and Kain also reminded him of that in his last Lost Chapter cutscene after he shares his time to them.
  • Poor Communication Kills: He is unable to tell his classmates of their deaths until it's too late and Ace turns against them to protect Class Zero from the fates that await them if they were to ever go back home to Orience. He apologizes once everyone gets their memories back.
  • Sand In My Eyes: After Aerith, Tidus, and a few of his classmates ask him what he wants to do If We Get Through This..., his response that he just wants to go to school with his classmates again causes him to cry... and deny it, claiming that it started raining and he needs to run away to take shelter.
    Aerith: But... it's not raining...
    King: He's a terrible liar.
    Tidus: He's a little... strange, isn't he?
  • Spectacular Spinning: As can be expected with his weapon of choice, most of his attacks involve either drilling into the enemy, attacking them with short-ranged beams of energy that extend from and spin around his body or for his LD debuff followup, a leaping Spin Attack.

     Kurasame Susaya 

Kurasame Susaya
Voiced by: Takahiro Sakurai

Recruited in his event, "The Ice Reaper." Summoned by Materia to help guide and support the other warriors, which is slightly complicated by none of his class remembering him as their memories are from after his death. Despite now knowing of his death and seeing his students having forgotten him, Kurasame takes pride in Class Zero's growth and strength and comfort in that while no one in Orience may remember him those he meets from other worlds will.

Kurasame is an Ice-element melee attacker, specializing in debuffing enemies with his unique "Ice Prison" debuff, which reduces their Speed and Ice Resistance while increasing their HP damage taken, while buffing himself with "Silent Instructor" which grants him Ice Enchant and grants the entire party Increased ATK and Max BRV. His first skill is Iceblade Slash, a BRV+HP Attack that applies his "Silent Instructor" buff while increasing the stack of existing "Ice Prison" debuffs, up to a max of 5. His second skill is Multi Blizzaga MIS-II, an AoE BRV+HP Attack that applies the Ice Prison debuff. His EX ability is Ice Reaper, an AoE BRV+HP attack that grants him the Ice Pillar Buff which lets him execute a 2-hit (3 Hit with EX+) BRV+HP Attack after every HP Attack.
  • An Ice Person: Specializes in Ice Magic, either through his enchanted sword or through conjured glaciers.
  • Cool Sword: Literally. He can use any one handed sword, however.
  • Forgotten Fallen Friend: As is standard in his home world, everyone lost their memories of him after his death, including his class. This carries over into Opera Omnia as Class Zero were taken from a point after his death, resulting in none of them recognizing him.
  • Human Popsicle: Inflicts this on his enemies through his EX Ability.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler: His death comes fairly late into his origin game's story, but is immediately mentioned shortly after his initial appearance in Opera Omnia.
  • Military Mage: Like the rest of Class Zero and the Dominion of Rubrum's army. This is evident in the naming scheme of his Blizzaga spell, which reads more like a Weapon/Munitions Label than just a spell.
  • So Proud of You: Expresses pride in Class Zero's strength, noting that they have gotten stronger from their experience in the world of Opera Omnia.

Introduced in Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles


An earnest young man from the village of Tipa, where he lives with his family. Annually he sets out with his friends as part of Tipa's crystal caravan, a perilous quest for myrrh needed to purify the village's crystal. Loves striped apples; doesn't care for star carrots.
Voiced by: Kengo Takanashi

Recruited in his event, "Caravan of Hope." When Ciaran meets Materia, he is not enthusiastic about being summoned from his world because he has work that needs to be done, but she insists that his perspectives and experiences with memory loss are necessary to guide the party in this world. After meeting the party and realizing there are other Clavats like Yuri, Chelinka, and Layle, he feels more comfortable and fits right in with his kind demeanor.

Ciaran is an attacker with plenty of support capabilities whose abilities' potency increases based on how many Droplets of Myrrh he has (which also enhances the party's Initial BRV, Max BRV, Attack, and Defense based on the number of stacks). When he has at least one Droplet, his basic HP attack turns into Soulshot, which is a stronger attack that provides BRV to the party. His first ability, Bash, is a melee BRV+HP attack that grants the [Crystal Caravan] buff (raises his Max BRV and the party's Attack) and increases his Droplets of Myrrh by 1. His second ability, Holystrike, is a holy melee BRV+HP attack that becomes Holyrastrike at 5 Droplets of Myrrh and consumes them. His EX ability is Caravan Memories, a 5 hit group BRV+HP attack that increases his Droplets of Myrrh by 2.
  • All Your Powers Combined: His EX ability, Caravan Memories, conjures Instant Runes representing the other races in Crystal Chronicles, and by extension the other members of his caravan.
  • Both Sides Have a Point: He believes that Materia made a grave error in taking people's memories without their consent. However, he doesn't think that losing memories is as terrible a thing as the other party members believe, describing them as the contents of the pack you take on your journey. Too few make it impossible to proceed, but too many can weigh you down just as much.
  • Canon Foreigner: The original Crystal Chronicles game let the player create their own character by choosing a race and gender, but for Opera Omnia they decided on just bringing in the default Clavat type on the cover of the game, who is named Ciaran in the manga adaptation.
  • Commonality Connection: He, the twins, and Layle all quickly form a rapport on the basis of being Clavats despite them all being from very different time periods.
  • The Confidant: He becomes this for Ace throughout Act 2, Chapter 9, when Ace struggles with the return of his memories and death that his classmates faced in their world. He listens to Ace's problems and offers advice without judgment.
  • Heroic Self-Deprecation: Ciaran downplays his fighting skills as just things he's picked up on the road.
  • Light The Way: Holystrike and Holyrastrike do holy elemental damage.
  • Mellow Fellow: He is noted as one almost immediately, and Yuri and Chelinka explain to the party that it is a common trait of Clavats. His gentle, easygoing nature makes him a welcome part of the team.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • He is apparently older than Layle despite looking like a teenager because in the original game, the character models never change no matter how many ingame years pass before completion.
    • A CC-style targeting ring appears under his feet and moves to the enemy before he executes his skills.
  • Older Than They Look: Sazh gets exasperated at the thought of another child being forced to fight by the gods, but a confused Layle states that Ciaran is older than he is.

    Yuri and Chelinka 

Yuri and Chelinka
A young and inquisitive Clavat. He lived peacefully with his twin sister, Chelinka, his father, Latov, and the other villagers until a mysterious man attacks and drastically alters their lives. As his father would have wished, Yuri bravely opposes the Lunites in order to protect Chelinka and his friends.
Yuri voiced by: Kumiko Higa
Chelinka voiced by: Naomi Kurokawa

Yuri and Chelinka appear in Chapter 11 of the main story. The two appear lost in the Dimensions' Labyrinth when the party finds them, and while they are searching for a way home they show little concern about their predicament, noted by the party as seeming quite mature for their age. When presented with the opportunity to join the party for strength in numbers, they eagerly accept and look forward to making new friends. While only Yuri participates in battle, he needs Chelinka to draw out the power of the crystal he bears while he directs its power.

Yuri is able to deal high damage with Power of the Crystal. Rela Crystal grants him a powerful BRV+HP regen buff in Chelinka's Prayer, but without this buff Yuri will lose HP with each skill usage. His EX ability, Clavatian Sword, reduces enemy BRV to 0 before inflicting a five hit AoE holy element physical BRV+HP attack. Afterward, it restores 1 use to both of his abilities, raises his party's BRV and inflicts Holy Resistance Down to all enemies while also granting the buff [United Halves - Crystal Wielders], wherein Chelinka appears alongside him to grant the party Attack Up, an increased Max BRV overflow limit, and HP and BRV Regen.
  • Adaptation Personality Change: In the original game, Yuri remains a mostly Cheerful Child after the Time Skip but becomes much more focused and serious. Opera Omnia gives him more of the goofy Cloudcuckoolander tendencies he had as a young child.
  • Adorably Precocious Child: The maturity they have for their age is often pointed out by the other characters, though Yuri is quick to point out that Chelinka is still afraid of ghosts.
  • Cast From Hit Points: A mechanic true to their lore; without Chelinka's powers, Yuri will have trouble accessing their crystal powers (as Chelinka herself cannot use their crystal directly, and only Yuri can). In Opera Omnia however, this is represented as Yuri draining his half of his own HP whenever he attempts to use his Power of the Crystal attack without the Chelinka's Prayer buff. Though the issue with that is even his normal BRV Attack also drains a percentage of his HP without the buff active, making it a bit frustrating to use him when he can HP Attack just fine in comparison. Thankfully, his EX+ allows him to start the battle with the buff already active, making it a much lesser issue
  • Commonality Connection:
    • Yuri and Chelinka bond with Fang and Vanille when they realize they're all from small villages where everyone knows each other, and each of them miss those days.
    • Later they, Reynn and Lann, and Palom all discuss what it's like to be a brother-sister twin duo.
  • Disappeared Dad: Yuri sides with Krile when a discussion comes up about whether the trope Daddy Had a Good Reason for Abandoning You is ever valid, since both he and Krile were left behind by their father figures to protect them. Laguna and Galuf argue that sometimes they have to, because otherwise they'd be worried too much about keeping their children safe, and they would have something to look forward to when they get back home. This resonates with both Noctis and Edge, who both lost family to their enemies.
  • Glass Cannon: Despite his HP being easily drained without the buff and being below average, Chelinka's Prayer upon activating will instantly heal Yuri while giving him HP Regen, and his Prayer-enhanced BRV Attack and both of his skills regardless have very high base potencies that allow him to shave off targets with complete ease. Additionally, his Attack and Max BRV are a high 5/5 on base value. Though this means Yuri is fairly high maintenance for a selfish DPS, he at least hits quite hard for all it's worth.
  • Light The Way: Rela Crystal deals light elemental damage via a Pillar of Light. Without Chelinka's Prayer prior however, it'll drain Yuri's BRV to 0 before dealing the BRV damage.
  • Non-Action Guy: Aside from Mog, Chelinka is the first person to join the party and not directly participate in combat. Instead, she provides magical support through her twin brother Yuri. She eventually appears during battles when Yuri uses his EX ability to buff the party.
  • Percent Damage Attack: One of the few units that can inflict BRV damage based on a percentage of the enemy target's BRV amount, via his Power of the Crystal skill's first hit (boosted further with his 15CP passive from 1/4th to 1/2). Compared to other skills with percentage damage (compared to the likes of Bartz and Gilgamesh) when Yuri is fully decked out with his 15CP passive and awakened, it becomes one of the most potent non-EX abilities in the game just on its second normal BRV hit alone.
  • Sibling Team: Twins Yuri and Chelinka function together as a single playable unit, though Chelinka only appears in cutscenes and when Yuri's EX buff is active.
  • That Came Out Wrong: Describes Ciaran as having "good-guy vibes gushing out everywhere," to Chelinka's embarrassment.


A confident and free-spirited Clavat who is always there when you need him. As a Crystal Bearer with a crystal shard embedded in his right cheek, he can telekinetically control gravity and move objects at will. With an addiction to trouble, he soon finds himself caught up in a battle over crystals.
Voiced by: Makoto Yasumura

First appears in Chapter 7 of the main story. Layle approaches the party while they're in Imber Manor, revealing that he is also a member of the Returners in this world sent to gauge the party and Mog.

Layle excels in launching enemies with his gravity powers, doing magic damage with Field Burst to debuff targets' hidden chase HP values and using Energy Gain to remove a chunk of that said chase HP to increase their vulnerability to launching. His EX Ability, Gae Bolg, is a BRV+HP Attack that inflicts massive damage and also guarantees a free launch upon it connecting while also granting the unique framed buff, Clavat Heart; all party members gain an Attack + Max BRV up buff while also being able to decrease enemy chase HP further with their attacks.
  • Death from Above: His first ability, Field Burst, which is the only way to inflict the Force debuff on an enemy target.
  • Diving Kick: Somewhat. His EX ability also involves him riding on a large spear head to dive at his target while he floats to summon it beforehand.
  • Gravity Master: All of his attacks are gravity magic, as in his home game. His rare personal debuff known as Force also cuts the targets' chase HP value by a notable amount, allowing him and his teammates to reach a launching threshold faster.
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: Keiss suspects this about him, or at least he starts to wonder if Layle really is, in fact, bothered by the people who fear his powers. He theorizes that this is the reason why Layle has spent so long with the party in the World of Respite instead of traveling on his own - he likes being around people who don't look twice at the fact that he's a crystal bearer.
  • Improbable Weapon User: Gravity balls, which function as throwing weapons.
  • Launcher Move: Layle specializes in this, able to launch enemies into the air in some fashion (or make launches easier and more frequent via reducing the hidden "chase HP" value of the enemy target) with both of his attacks and his EX ability.
  • Stereotype Flip: When Yuri says that Clavats are often called the tribe of unity and friendship, Sazh asks Layle if that applies to him, too. He then goes on to explain that he can't say, and there are plenty of argumentative and short-tempered Clavats out there. Layle himself normally comes across as a suave Deadpan Snarker, nothing like Yuri, Chelinka, and Ciaran.


A tough Selkie male who cozies up to tribes he dislikes for his own purposes. Far from subservient, though, he carries conviction and works lightheartedly for the sake of his dream. He and Layle recognize each other's abilities and rely on the other while on their numerous jobs together.

Recruited in his event, "Reliable Partner." Summoned by Materia, he isn't too enthused about being in this world and denies the notion of protecting it to Materia until she explains one of his allies is already here. The first person he finds, however, is the Emperor, and lacking information he decides to serve him - only for the Emperor to attempt to take him down as soon as he finds the party. Somewhat annoyed at Layle for leaving their world, he nonetheless joins the party.

First ability: Selkie Throw
Second ability: Hero Support
EX ability: Sky High
  • Knife Nut: Keiss wields throwing daggers.
  • Launcher Move: Like Layle, Keiss also specializes in this, although in an unique and arguably in a much more effective way: instead of being able to easily launch enemies himself, his second skill, Hero Support, instead grants one of the other 2 party members a buff that lets them instantly launch an enemy that also moves his next turn behind the selected party member, which plays into his support role as described below.
  • Support Party Member: Like described above, Keiss' main ability is the let the other party members shine: he grants the party a buff that lets them always deal critical hits, he can choose either of the other 2 party members as a target of his buff as described above, and he's the only character in the game with special launch-only commands that either automatically break the target's BRV and grant the party a large amount of BRV or grant the party BRV before his HP attack, letting both him and the third character hit harder during a chase, and he also has an unique buff that increases the amount of HP damage that party members deal during a launch. With all this, the party can deal massive amounts of damage with little effort via launches, especially if they're also using Pandemonium as their summon, whose passive effect also further increases the party's BRV and HP damage during launches.
  • The Quisling: He tries to become one to the Emperor, at least to make a Batman Gambit and fake his way into the Emperor's good graces in an attempt to find Layle, but the Emperor sees right through his ruse.


A survivor of the wise Yuke tribe, a people who once fell to ruin. With a crystalized midsection, Amidatelion possesses the power of summoning as a crystal bearer, and sufficient strength to defeat Layle despite his gravitational attacks. Amidatelion's purpose is the resurrection—that is, reviving the Yuke tribe's shattered crystal.

Recruited in their event, "The Yuke Cometh." Amidatelion is summoned by Materia and given a full breakdown of the situation. Though concerned with what happened to the rest of the Yukes after their death, Amidatelion gives their full support to the party after reuniting with Layle, putting him in their debt once again.

First ability: Comet
Second ability: Megaflare
EX ability: Yukish Ultima
LD: Crystal Idol
  • Ambiguous Gender: They have a female voice, but as the Yuke in Crystal Bearers only exist as spirits possessing an Animated Armor and the only outside indicator of their gender is the shape of their wings of their armor and they can easily possess a different armor if needed as they did in the original game, their actual gender is largely nonexistent.
  • Exposition Already Covered: Layle tries to explain the situation to them but Amidatelion says Materia already covered it; Materia was just happy to have a willing audience for once.
  • Extra Turn: They're the only character who has the unique ability to outright delete enemy turns with their second skill and LD ability: while this may be similar in function to delaying enemy turns, something other characters are capable of, it's much more effective in creating long, unbroken strings of ally turns, something that greatly benefits launches. They're also the only character who can essentially delay/delete multiple enemy turns for every enemy at the same time with their LD ability.
  • Improbable Weapon User: Amidatelion uses their wings as an equippable weapon, considered the Unique type.
  • Summon Magic: Two of their attacks, Comet and Megaflare, utilize the summoning of Bahamut.
  • You Owe Me: Amidatelion acknowledges that Layle paid his debt to them by saving the Yukes, but he owes them again for sticking around to help in this world.


Rumored to be a forest-dwelling witch. Rarely does she leave the forest village. An abandoned child she found and raised would trigger the wheels of Sherlotta's destiny upon coming of age. While rather overprotective of those close to her, she has little patience for anyone else.

Recruited in her event, "Someday Never Ends." Sherlotta wakes up in the middle of an unfamiliar forest and hears fighting nearby, so she goes to investigate to find the party in battle with a behemoth. At first, her only interest is going back home to her "kiddo," but after relating with Sazh and Laguna as a parental figure, she decides to stick around and help the party out.

Sherlotta is a support unit, capable of buffing the party and granting tons of BRV. Her first ability, Light of the Crystal, is a BRV-granting ability with no action delay, which grants the Radiance of the Crystal buff. With her unique buff active, Sherlotta's BRV attack turns into Tranquil Light, which grants more BRV to the party, and her HP attack turns into Hurl Staff, which is a BRV+HP attack and inflicts the Light of Denial debuff. Her second ability is Crystal Generation, which raises the party's BRV and deals several multi-target HP attacks equal in power to her and the other party members' current BRV, essentially functioning as a full-party normal HP attack command without using up the other characters' turn or BRV. Her EX ability, Pulse of the Crystal Core, cuts enemy BRV down to 1/5 of its current value, gives BRV to the party, and grants Light of Creation to the party, which increases HP damage dealt.
  • Casual Danger Dialogue: When she meets the party, they're fighting a behemoth and she doesn't hesitate to walk right up and ask them who they are, completely nonplussed by the monster.
  • Continuity Nod: The staff she uses in "Hurl Staff" is a malevolent, sentient artifact from Echoes of Time that goes from an Artifact of Doom to a Butt-Monkey in her hands as she continually insults and abuses it for trying to hurt her adopted child.
  • Improbable Weapon User: Though she doesn't actually use them for fighting directly, her equippable weapons are her unique ribbons (despite the fact that she conjures a Magic Staff for her Hurl Staff ability).
  • Mama Bear: She bonds with Sazh and Laguna over being protectors toward their children or child-figures. All Sherlotta wants to do is get back home faster so she can watch over her "kiddo," completely uncaring of the conflict between the gods.
  • No Name Given: Not her, of course, but the protagonist for Echoes of Time. She instead uses "they" pronouns and refers to them as her "kiddo", since their name, race, and gender are customizable.
  • Refusal of the Call: When she first met Materia, Sherlotta basically ignored everything she said and didn't realize she was talking to a goddess, and just walked away to try to go back home. Unfortunately for Sherlotta, she ended up waking up in the World of Respite anyway.
  • Throwing Your Staff Always Works: After using Light of the Crystal, her HP attack turns into Hurl Staff, in which she conjures a staff out of Hammerspace to throw it at her foes, which does BRV+HP damage, grants her BRV, and inflicts the Light of Denial debuff (which lowers Initial BRV).

Introduced in World of Final Fantasy

    Lann and Reynn 

Lann and Reynn
Lann: A young boy wielding in his left arm the power to tame Mirages. Though normally carefree and happy-go-lucky, he can be serious and dependable when push comes to shove. He journeys with his twin sister, Reynn, to the world of Grymoire.
Reynn: A young girl wielding in her right arm the power to tame Mirages. Cunning and cautious, she keeps her clueless younger brother in line. She is terrified of ghosts and has a habit of spouting her extensive knowledge when annoyed.
Lann voiced by: Souma Saitou
Reynn voiced by: Sora Amamiya

Recruited in the event "Mysterious Twins from a Mysterious World." The party first comes across Lann as he is trying in vain to tame a few wolves that are attacking him, so the party helps him fight them off. He recognizes them all, though they don't remember him in turn, and when they try to explain the situation to him he doesn't understand in the least. Later, they reunite with his sister, Reynn, who was discovered by separate members of the party, and they join forces since the twins are unable to open a portal back home to Grymoire.

The twins specialize in area of effect damage with multiple elements. Their first ability, Thunder & Geocrush, is a multi-hitting BRV+HP attack that does lightning and earth damage and grants them the buff Mirage S. Their second ability, Blizzard & Water, does ice and water damage, lowers speed, and grants them the buff Mirage L. Once both Mirage buffs are active, both basic abilities deal more BRV damage and inflict full HP damage to all enemies. Their EX Ability, Sonic Fangs, breaks all targets and does fire damage, dealing full HP damage to all enemies and granting the twins the unique buff Stack Enchant, enhancing their elemental BRV damage.
  • Commonality Connection: Reynn and Chelinka bond over how they're the more responsible sibling in their respective twin pairs, and when they learn that Porom is the same way they look forward to meeting her one day, too. Later, when they do meet her, they form a "Big Sister Alliance" to keep their brothers in line.
    • Similarly, around the same time, Lann forms the "Little Brother Alliance" with Palom and Yuri because they've had enough of their sisters trying to control them. As soon as the two groups meet, the sisters tell off their brothers and reprimand them for various things until they give up.
  • Elemental Powers: Lann and Reynn have access to five different elements, which is more than average.
  • Have We Met?: As soon as Lann meets the party, he is ecstatic to be reunited with them again, though no one recognizes him. It isn't until later that Edgar deduces there are alternate versions of them in a different world somewhere.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: When Agrias and King meticulously plan out a strategy for attacking a band of monsters, Lann can't pick up on any of it and thinks their plan necessitates charging right in, to the exasperation of Agrias and Reynn.
  • Secret Keeper: They become this for Sherlotta who intimidates them into never revealing her cat form, since they know about it from the version of Sherlotta from their world.
  • Sibling Team: Unlike other twins Yuri and Chelinka, Lann and Reynn are always fighting together in battle as a single unit.
  • Super-Deformed: Clashing with this game's main art style (which is already fairly Super-Deformed), the twins are locked into their Lillikin form, to their frustration and confusion.
  • Your Magic's No Good Here: Lann and Reyn are unable to access their short cut to Grymoire, nor are they able to transform into their normal Jiant forms, being stuck as Lillikins here. Furthermore, they are unable to use their prisms or mirages, meaning they have to fight under their own power.


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