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The character sheet for Suikoden Tierkreis.

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    Main Characters 

The Hero / Sieg
Tenkai Star Sieg
Voiced by: Yūki Kaji (JP), Jesse Camacho (US)

The leader of the Starbearers, and one of the first four members of Viele Wege Company.

Ten'ei Star Marica
Voiced by: Maaya Sakamoto (JP), Katherine Lai (US)

The daughter of Elder Rajim and the younger sister of Sisuca. One of the first four members of Viele Wege Company.

Tentai Star Jale
Voiced by: Ryōtarō Okiayu (JP), Jeff Teravainen (US)

The son of Selen, as well as one of the four founding members of Viele Wege Company.

Tenki Star Liu
Voiced by: Tetsuya Kakihara (JP), Cameron Ansell (US)

A former member of the Scribes, who left three years ago because he refused to hide from the world and wanted to know what it was like, and ended up in Citro Village.

Voiced by: Katsuyuki Konishi (JP), Daniel Tirado (US)

Dirk is the popular leader of Citro's Defense Corps, who taught the other members how to fight in battle.


    Plot-Related Starbearers 

Tenju Star Rajim
Voiced by: Akihiko Ishizumi (JP), Jeff Teravainen (US)
"Dear me... I don't know whether to think you kids are very brave or very reckless."

The village elder of Citro Village. He have two daughters named Sisuca and Marica. Fifteen years before the start of Suikoden Tierkreis, Rajim found a newborn baby boy around the area of the Fortress Ruins. Rajim raised the baby like his own son with the help of her daughter Sisuca, and they named him Sieg.

Chitatsu Star Hotupa
Voiced by: Keiji Fujiwara (JP), Ian Busher (US)

A trader and wanderer member. His specialty is opening and closing Gateways.

Chikai Star Moana
Voiced by: Yuki Matsuoka (JP), Lucinda Davis (US)

A girl from a tribe of Wanderer. She travels from world to world with Hotupa, selling different foods and items. She provides quest jobs for the Starbearers, and is called "Matchmaker Moana" for her ability of finding the right job for the right people.

Chiin Star Erin
Voiced by: Mamiko Noto (JP), Carrie Finlay (US)

The daughter of Logan, the innkeeper of the Grayridge Village who rebelled against the Order. She pretended to work as Macoute's secretary, following the Order to her father's shock, only to spy on Macoute.

Chisu Star Logan
Voiced by: Daisuke Kishio (JP), Elias Toufexis (US)

A former miner in Grayridge, who currently runs an inn in Grayridge Town. He has a daughter named Erin. His wife died before Macoute became the Order's Chapter Secretary of Grayridge.

Chisoku Star Wahie
Voiced by: Youhei Nishina (JP)

A Guru known for his great knowledge of Gateways.

Chiju Star Zahra
Voiced by: Tokuyoshi Kawashima (JP), Alain Goulem (credited as Al Goulem) (US)

A doctor who loves to treats non-human patients. He believes that medical science can only advance with patients to treat; due to it, he likes when people get sick or injured, so that he can treat them.

Chirei Star Eunice
Voiced by: Tomoko Kobashi (JP), Sophie Bennet (US)

Zahra's kind and warmhearted nurse, who treas any patient regardless of their race, origin, or appearance.

Ten'ei Star Neira
Voiced by: Sayaka Ohara (JP), Lissa Hostland (US)

The High Priestess and leader of the Porpos-kin, highly respected by her kind. She is devoted to the Sea Goddess, Ninulneda.

Chiman Star Nimni
Voiced by: Rina Satou (JP), Eva Almos (US)

Nimni is very loyal, and will follow any directions his leader gives him. Though the Porpos-kin are not known to fight, he is also quite strong. Whenever something remarkable happens, he always says "This day shall be remembered!", his catchphrase. In general, Nimni is very calm and helpful to his teammates. Like all other Porpos-kin, he believes in and worships Ninunelda.

Chiku Star Nemne
Voiced by: Tomoko Kobashi (JP)

A Porpos-kin warrior who live in Naineneis. Like the other porpos-kin, she protects and follows priestess Neira.

Tenkan Star Zenoa
Voiced by: Sayaka Ohara (JP), Jude Beny (US)

A mysterious mage. Even though she has a little knowledge about the One King, she knows a lot about the Starbearers and Mark of Stars.

  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Buried deep, deep in there, she's not a bad person. She does have a soft spot for Sieg, which she admits to in the best ending.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Apparently.
  • So Proud of You: If Sieg collects all 108 Stars, she remarks on how great a leader he became before disappearing back into the Ethos.

Tenhei Star Chrodechild
Voiced by: Paku Romi (JP), Patricia Mackenzie (US)

The first princess of Astrasia. The leader of the Blades of Night's Veil, highly regarded for her skills with a sword. She fights with the Magedom of Janam against the Order of the One True Way.

Chiki Star Meruvis
Voiced by: Tokuyoshi Kawashima (JP), Andreas Apergis (US)

A Blades of Night’s Veil member. He was second in command, and served Chrodechild faithfully. Chrodechild considered him to have the finest blade arm of all the Blades, but he believes that Chrodechild is superior.

Chimei Star Roberto
Voiced by: Daisuke Kishio (JP), Julie Lemieux (US)

The youngest member of the Blades of Night's Veil. Before he became a member of the Blades, Roberto was a Knight's servant, but when the Order came, Roberto couldn't fight to save his kingdom.

Tenson Star Fredegund
Voiced by: Ami Koshimizu (JP), Kate Hutchinson (US)

The second princess of Astrasia, and also an ex-general of the Order. She is a great swordsman who has yet to be defeated in battle.

Chikou Star Guntram
Voiced by: Hiroshi Tsuchida (JP), Alain Goulem (credited as Al Goulem) (US)

The King of Astrasia's servant. When the Order came, he did not accept their teachings, and formed an Astrasian resistance against them.

  • La Résistance: Leads the resistance against Order in Pharamond.
  • Large Ham: Chrodechild mentions how he and Nimni will get along just fine.
  • Old Retainer: To the previous king.

Tensui Star Manaril
Voiced by: Sayuri Yahagi (JP), Alyson Wener (US)

The only princess of the Magedom of Janam, the daughter of the Mage Lord and second Empress, Lady Rizwan. She is also the only person to the date that could read the Chronicles. Her biological half-brother is Shams, the son of the third Empress, Lady Kureyah. Manaril was locked inside an underground training facility that was built inside the Arcane Academy. Her brother Shams seems to share a strong siblings bonds with her.

  • Blessed with Suck: She's a Reader, capable of transcribing information from Chronicles, which takes a huge toll on her body and is obviously extremely painful. According to Rizwan, Readers rarely survive more than a few years of work.
  • An Ice Person
  • Ill Girl: Reading the Chronicle has done nothing good for her health.
  • Little Miss Badass: Despite said ill health, she's a more than adequate mage.
  • Love Martyr: For Rizwan.
  • Ms. Exposition: One of the few benefits of her ability is that she can explain a lot about the Chronicles.
  • Save the Princess: Double subverted. Sieg's initial reaction to finding out she's being locked in the basement and worked to death is to try to get her out, but Taj talks him out of trying anything right then. But once the Company is about to split with the Magedom anyway, the first thing he does is rescue her.
  • Squishy Wizard
  • Token Mini-Moe

Tenrou Star Shams
Voiced by: Ai Orikasa (JP), Cameron Ansell (US)

The son of the Mage Lord and Lady Kureyah of the Magedom of Janam. Being the only son of the Mage Lord, Kureyah tried her best to make Shams become the next king to Janam, one of her motives to her marriage to the Mage Lord, and her attempt to convince her parents to send the soldier of Salsabil to Janam.

Chimou Star Asad
Voiced by: Kenichi Suzumura (JP), Elias Toufexis (US)

A former general from the Magedom of Janam.

Chiketsu Star Mubal
Voiced by: Kenji Nojima (JP), Alex Ivanovici (US)

A Magedom of Janam's scholar and researcher of Chronicles, under Lady Rizwan.

Tengou Star Diulf
Voiced by: Tetsu Inada (JP), Bob Brewster (US)

The King of the Tribe of the Furious Roar from Cragbark.

Chikou Star Servillah
Voiced by: Kiyomi Yazawa (JP), Patricia Summersett (US)

A subordinate of King Diulf of the Tribe of Furious Roar. She seems to be stern, and keeps her honour by restricting herself from doing childish things like Lycia always does. She grew up next to Eusmil, and the two had been competitive ever since they were young. Servillah does not attempt to hide her dislike of Eusmil and enjoys the idea of competing with her.

Chikyou Star Lycia
Voiced by: Mai Aizawa (JP), Lois Delar (US)

A playful subordinate of King Diulf of the Tribe of Furious Roar.

  • Big Eater: So much so that her perpetual day is just eating pekklar meat to her heart's content.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The Red to Servillah's Blue.

Tenan Star Luo-Tao
Voiced by: Junji Majima (JP), Carlos Diaz (US)

A man from Woodland Village. After Lao-Kwan's death, he join in the Viele Wege Company and becomes a Starbearer.

Chifuku Star Len-Lien
Voiced by: Sayuri Yahagi (JP), Alyson Wener (US)

A childhood friend of Liu, who was tasked with protecting Lao-Kwan before her death.

Ten'yuu Star Ordovic
Voiced by: Kenta Miyake (JP), Bob Brewster (US)

The voice and guide of the Auster Folk for many years, residing in their Ancestral Altar.

Chisyu Star Kashgar
Voiced by: Nobuaki Kanemitsu (JP), Marcel Jeannin (US)

The stubborn chief of Lugenik. Kashgar and the order's belief are similar; due to it, Kashgar allied and support the order.

Chiaku Star Diiwica
Voiced by: Mika Teratani (JP)

An Oracle soldier who guards the ancestral Altar. She takes great pride in her ancestors and as an Oracle Soldier.

Chiyuu Star Indrik
Voiced by: Takumi Yamazaki (JP)

An Auster Folk who lives in Lugenik. He works in the Ancestral Altar as a guard with Diiwica.

    Other Starbearers 

Chizen Star Anya
Voiced by: Kiyomi Yazawa (JP)

A young girl from Grayridge Town. She talks a lot and loves to spread gossip around.

Tenkyu Star Selen
Voiced by: Kiyomi Yazawa (JP)

A very tough woman, also known as Storm. Selen lives in Citro Village and is the mother of Jale.

Chiyou Star Sisuca
Voiced by: Satomi Takasugi (JP), Alessandra Cannito (US)

Marica's older sister. She found Sieg when he was a baby and adopted him. She continuously claims to be Sieg's mother, which annoys Sieg a lot. She also has a very lovely singing voice, and can give Nemne lessons.

Chimou Star Tongatihi
Voiced by: Nobuaki Kanemitsu (JP)

A former Wanderer trader who retired at a young age. During his time as a Wanderer trader, he made a lot money and became successful.

  • Didn't Think This Through: He's spent god knows how long trying to figure out how to put windows in the Corridor. Then Sieg points out that Gateways do exactly the same thing.

Chiko Star Gadburg
Voiced by: Youhei Nishina (JP)

The former blacksmith of the Royal Family of Astrasia. As the smith of the Blades of Night’s Veil, he is the only one who is capable of forging the black blades they use.

Tenko Star Luvais
Voiced by: Takumi Yamazaki (JP)

The Magedom of Janam's ex-Captain.

  • The Lost Lenore: Why he is so eager to bring down the Order, since his wife (who unknowingly had joined the Order) died from a relatively light illness and refused treatment.

Chihei Star Muro
Voiced by: Chikara Ousaka (JP)

A young male Auster Folk from Lugenik. He felt unhappy in his village and left.

  • Defector from Decadence: Sort of. He left his people because they sided with the Order.
  • Face of a Thug: Because it's very rare for Auster Folk to be outside their homeland, people instantly assume he's a demon and run away when they see him.
  • Gentle Giant: Very strong and very kind.
  • Nice Guy

Chisyu Star Semias
Voiced by: Youhei Nishina (JP)

An old man who loves to gamble a lot.

Chizou Star Wustum
Voiced by: Kouzou Douzaka (JP)

A man who worked as a chef at the Magedom of Janam's Imperial Palace. He is very talented at cooking, and cooks food which pleases people when they eat it. He ran away after seeing that Danash VIII and Shairah were not worthy to eat the food he cooked.

Chibaku Star Nomno
Voiced by: Kouzou Douzaka (JP)

A Porpos-kin warrior from Naineneis that loves to sleep.

Chitou Star Yadima
Voiced by: Daigo Nakayama (JP)
"Never you mind, I'll be fine! Beasts have to hunt for food, but only humans can grow crops! I reckon that's one of them things that separates us from animals!"

An old farmer from Citro Village who maintains a large farm in the Citro Plain. Sieg and his friends often visit his field to help.

Chiken Star Icas
Voiced by: Kyosuke Suzuki (JP)

A notorious flirt who hits on every girl he finds, regardless of how they look. He travels around the world, and once even intended to travel to another world via the Wanderer's gateway to search for more ladies.

Chitan Star Morrin
Voiced by: Hiroko Kataura (JP)

A woman infatuated with Icas. When Icas left her, she and her younger brother, Yovel, went to search for him.

  • Playing with Fire: Morrin can learn fire spells from the chronicles.
  • Tsundere: Morrin - Type A. Given just what kind of person Icas is, she has right to become one.

Chikaku Star Yovel
Voiced by: Chikara Ousaka (JP)

A male in his teens. He is travelling with his big sister, Morrin, looking for Icas. He seems like a scaredy-cat first sight, but he has a determined and brave personality hidden inside of him. He despises both his sister and Icas.

  • Butt-Monkey: Poor Yovel. As if having his sister drag him around isn't enough, at one certain quest he is unable to take off his mask thanks to a certain prankster.
  • Cool Mask: Subverted. Morrin makes him wear it because he doesn't look intimidating enough otherwise.
  • Hero-Worshipper: Yovel is this to Sieg.
  • Mr. Fanservice

Tenritsu Star Geschutz
Voiced by: Hideyuki Umezu (JP)

A man from the United Kingdom of Ritterschild. He is the captain of one unit in the Belfar Agency. With Minen and Buchse on his party, he went off to the Magedom of Janam in order retrieve the Chronicle of Fierce Regalia.

Chikei Star Minen
Voiced by: Tomoko Kobashi (JP)

A lady from a very influential noble family. Her family founded the Belfar Agency, and provides her with lots of connections.

Chison Star Buchse
Voiced by: Atsushi Abe (JP)

A sharpshooter for the Belfar Agency in Ritterschild. He follows orders under his Captain, Geschutz.

Chiziku Star Khemia
Voiced by: 鈴木恭輔 (JP)

A gun manufacturer.

Chisei Star Hafin
Voiced by: Mitsuhiro Sakamaki (JP), Brett Schaenfield (US)

Asad's deputy in the Mage Company in the Magedom of Janam. He was saved by Asad when his hometown was occupied by the Magedom. Ever since then, he loyally worked under Asad.

Chiyuu Star Nakil
Voiced by: Atsushi Abe (JP), Sonja Ball (US)

A scout for the Magedom of Janam. He works under his Captain Asad.

Chisui Star Sotah
Voiced by: Akihiko Ishizumi (JP)

An extremely intelligent old man who lives in Tehah Village. He loves to share his knowledge to people, and when asked, he immediately answers any question.

Tenkuu Star Nhazu
Voiced by: Hiroko Emori (JP), Lucinda Davis (US)

An apprentice of Dogha, admiring Dogha's ability on predicting the avalanche in Ch'olui Mountain.. He lives along with his mother in Tehah Village.

Teni Star Dogha
Voiced by: Akihiko Ishizumi (JP)

A mountaineer from the Ch'olui Mountain, known to predict avalanches in the mountain.

Chiin Star Maybelle
Voiced by: Mayuki Makiguchi (JP)

A girl who likes to fantasize a lot about her love life. As a result, she believes in fated love and destiny, which made Sieg at first unwilling to interact with her, as it was similar to the Order's motto. She is also very determined, shown by how much effort she exuded in searching for the hero (she even put up a search quest in the headquarters).

Tenbi Star Sphiel
Voiced by: Mayuki Makiguchi (JP)

An odd woman that people have mistaken for a "Snow Fairy". She always appears to be half asleep, or at least uninterested in what is going on around her. She appears to have met Dogha before, but cannot remember how or when.

Chisou Star Balsam
Voiced by: Mitsuhiro Sakamaki (JP)

An old intelligent man and inventor. Two of his creations are the lift in the Grayridge Mine, and a mechanical android named Yod.

Chisyun Star Yod
Voiced by: Hideki Nakanishi (JP)

A mechanical android created by Balsam, running on a power unit Balsam worked on for five years.

Tenshou Star Zayin
Voiced by: Youhei Nishina (JP)

Zayin is a battle android from another world. He was developed with an extremely advanced technology to prevent the One King from coming into their world.

Chizen Star Nuzhat
Voiced by: Natsuki Mori (JP)

Hailing from the Magedom of Janam, she is the mentor of Mubal and Rizwan.

Chiyuu Star Rekareka
Voiced by: Hiroko Kataura (JP)

A successful Wanderer trader, doing anything to help her son Tuhululu understand the trading business and raise his confidence.

Chikou Star Tuhululu
Voiced by: Hideki Nakanishi (JP)

A Wanderer trader. He was always seen by his mother Rekareka's side; she taught him everything he need to learn about trading, and since then he's helped his mother.

Chiretsu Star Numnu
Voiced by: Miwako Suguro (JP)

A young male Porpos-kin from Naineneis. He acts like he loves humans and enjoys spending time with them, but his true plan is to play pranks on them. Even if he was scolded, he will continue to prank people.

Tenken Star Dromon
Voiced by: Nobuaki Kanemitsu (JP)

The leader of Lonomakua Pirates, which originated from Lonomakua Island. After 9th world is fused, Lonomakua Island disappeared along with the pirates' hideout, leaving Dromon and his pirates stranded until Sieg met them again.

  • The Big Guy
  • Cultured Badass: Dromon, despite his and his family's lowbrow status, insisted on Felecca and Xebec being educated. As a result, Xebec spent time at an elite academy in the islands, and Felecca attended school in Pharamond.
  • Improbable Weapon User: Dromon dual-wields anchors.
  • Promotion to Parent: Implied for Dromon, given his Team Dad attitude towards Felecca and Xebec and his insistence on them having an education outside of piracy.
  • The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: At least, not when they're with you, since there are no water or ship to ship battles to speak of.

Tenzai Star Felecca
Voiced by: Junko Ueda (JP)

The only female in Dromon's pirate gang. Dromon and Xebec are her brothers.

  • Cultured Badass: Dromon, despite his and his family's lowbrow status, insisted on Felecca and Xebec being educated. As a result, Xebec spent time at an elite academy in the islands, and Felecca attended school in Pharamond.
  • Cuteness Proximity: Felecca loves cute things. She always wanted to pet a Porpos.
    • Manaril and Autar garner similar reactions.
  • Pirate Girl
  • The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: At least, not when they're with you, since there are no water or ship to ship battles to speak of.
  • Stripperiffic

Tenpai Star Xebec
Voiced by: Atsushi Abe (JP)

Dromon and Felecca's younger brother. In the Academy, Xebec met the nation's princess, Hina. After graduating with honors, Xebec returned to his life as pirate, helping his brother and sister.

  • Cultured Badass: Dromon, despite his and his family's lowbrow status, insisted on Felecca and Xebec being educated. As a result, Xebec spent time at an elite academy in the islands, and Felecca attended school in Pharamond.
  • Knife Nut: Xebec's staring weapon.
  • The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: At least, not when they're with you, since there are no water or ship to ship battles to speak of.
  • The Smart Guy

Chibun Star Gorno
Voiced by: Kenta Miyake (JP)

An Auster Folk who lived in Lugenik. When the Order came and said that his creations were predetermined, he left, and moved to Mount Svatgol.

  • Hair-Trigger Temper
  • Ham-to-Ham Combat: There's a sidequest where he gets into a battle of craftsmanship with himself from another world. Both of them are, of course, shouting at the top of their lungs the whole time, WITH ALL CAPS.
  • No Indoor Voice: Lampshaded during a quest with his otherworld self.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: Looked at from the opposite side. Several characters express astonishment that the artwork he produces was made by someone so big, loud, grumpy, and uncomplicated-looking.

Chishuu Star Autar
Voiced by: Yuko Mizobe (JP)

A Furious Roar child from Cragbark.

Tenyu Star Chein
Voiced by: Miwako Suguro (JP)

Originally from another world, but when her world fused with Sieg's, she forgot everything from her world. Chein is a tough young woman who spends her time around Marsinah Plains doing her training.

Chihi Star Ouragan
Voiced by: Mitsuhiro Sakamaki (JP)

An assassin with a mysterious background. He was hired to kill Icas by a girl he left heartbroken and angry.

Chikyu Star Yula
Voiced by: Mayuki Makiguchi (JP)

A young woman from the Empire of the North Star. She is also a respectful and a strong swordswoman who gained praise from the Princesses of Astrasia.

Chian Star Mourgent
Voiced by: Tokuyoshi Kawashima (JP)

A legendary blademaster, known to have the most superior skill in Astrasia. After his disappearance, many thought he was dead.

Chisa Star Amaralicht
Voiced by: Tsubasa Takanohashi (JP), Ross Wegeshder (US)

A calm and nice volunteer soldier living in the Kingdom of Astrasia. He has a younger brother name Quillard.

Chiyou Star Quillard
Voiced by: Junko Ueda (JP)

A rash, hotheaded youth. He is a volunteer soldier from the Kingdom of Astrasia. Amaralicht is his older brother.

Tensatsu Star Bosche
Voiced by: Tooru Akiyoshi (JP)

A burly adventurer who was born on the road with his traveling parents. Bosche doesn't know his nationality and he stopped traveling the world when he met a beautiful lady named Lathilda in Noslaw Woods. Soon, Lathilda became his wife.

Chisatsu Star Lathilda
Voiced by: Natsuki Mori (JP)

A former lady-in-waiting of Pharamond. When her homeland fell into Order's control, in despair, she left and went to Noslaw Woods.

Chiri Star Lubberkin
Voiced by: Daigo Nakayama (JP)

A man from Grayridge Town. In his younger years, he worked as a miner in Grayridge Mine, but he accidentally fell through a Gateway. It brought him to another world (Other Marica's), where people abused him all the time.

  • Cowardly Lion: He may burst into tears at the slightest provocation, but he's also very quick to conclude that if the Order messed up his hometown, he's joining the Company so he can take them down.
  • Ocular Gushers: Given all the crap he has gone through, can you really blame him?
  • Trapped in Another World

Chikyou Star Hina
Voiced by: Mika Teratani (JP)

A princess, and the niece of the Chief of the Lonomakua Islands. She studied in Lonomakua Academy, where she met Xebec.

Chikei Star Darrow
Voiced by: Tooru Akiyoshi (JP)

A soldier of the Order from Cynas, who fell in love with Savina. Although their relationship was prohibited by the Order, they continued to see each other secretly until they were discovered.

Chisou Star Savina
Voiced by: Yuko Mizobe (JP)

A young woman from Cynas who fell in love with Darrow, a soldier of the Order.

Ten'yuu Star Megion
Voiced by: Kouzou Douzaka (JP)

Diulf's rival. Megion and Diulf competed to become the King of the Furious Roar, but because Megion believed that fighting the One King was more important, he withdrew and left the Furious Roar.

Chisin Star Eusmil
Voiced by: Hiroko Kataura (JP)

A Furious Roar woman from Cragbark. In her younger years, Eusmil and Servillah developed a rivalry. Since then, Eusmil became very competitive with Servillah. When Megion left Cragbark, Eusmil and Nictis accompanied him.

Chitai Star Nictis
Voiced by: Kenta Miyake (JP)

A Furious Roar man loyal to Megion. When Megion left Cragbark, Nictis and Eusmil went with him.

Chima Star Namna
Voiced by: Tsubasa Takanohashi (JP)

A faithful Porpos-kin who serves directly under priestess Neira. He cares deeply for her being.

Chibi Star Taj
Voiced by: Atsushi Abe (JP), Sonja Ball (US)

A young boy from a noble family. His family got executed when they ploted against Danash VIII. When it is his turn to be executed, Sham protected him with his own life. Ever since then, Taj became his bodyguard and servant.

Tensoku Star Tsaubern
Voiced by: Tsubasa Takanohashi (JP)

A young man from the Halnish Family, a noble family in Ritterschild. He likes pretty high places and is well acquainted with the Belfar Agency. He knows Minen's aristocratic background, and he believes that Yula is the War Priestess Mayula of the Empire of the North Star.

  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: Has a strange sense of humor and loves to stand around high places for no particular reason, but is also far more in tune with politics than almost anyone else in the Company.
  • No Sense of Personal Space: Apparently.
  • Tickle Torture: Gives one to Buchse near the end of the game. Buchse is not pleased.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Like Yula, he insists that it is just coincidence that he has a lot in common with a certain noble of Ritterschild.

Chiraku Star Ramin
Voiced by: Hideki Nakanishi (JP)

A traveling musician. His music causes fury in people, making them pick fights with each other.

  • Brown Note: It's unknown which has the effect of making people angry - the music, the instrument, or Ramin himself.
  • Ham-to-Ham Combat: There's a sidequest involving a version of him from another world. They quickly wind up yelling various insults at each other, apparently unaware that calling your alternate-universe self "low-born" implies the same thing of you. Funnily enough, when they start fighting, their music cancels each other out, resulting in BGM failure...
  • Hate Plague
  • Jerkass: The low-born comment!
  • Magic Music
  • Nice Hat
  • Too Dumb to Live: Sieg has to haul him bodily out of Cragbark before he starts trying to rile up the Furious Roar and gets himself ripped to shreds.
    • Subverted in a sidequest. Sieg panics because alternate-universe Ramin decided to drop by Pharamond, which is, as he puts it, "chock-full of people with swords." Turns out other!Ramin's music just makes people laugh really, really hard instead of making them angry.

Chisatsu Star Misrach
Voiced by: Tooru Akiyoshi (JP)

A rebel from Salsabil. He hates that Salsabil was reduced to a vassal state in the Magedom, and formed the Salsabil Liberation Army.

Chichin Star Nofret
Voiced by: Mika Teratani (JP)

A treasure hunter that came from another world with her underlings.

  • Adventurer Archaeologist
  • Dark-Skinned Blonde
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: She puts on an air of being a heartless grave robber, but she's actually a total sweetheart and a Mama Bear, even making it a point to focus on finding buried heirlooms for Shams and Manarol. It's at this point that Sieg emphatically insists that she join his group.
  • Mama Bear: Has shades of it towards Shams and Manaril, due to the unique circumstance in how she's connected to them.

Chikai Star Gilliam
Voiced by: Hiroshi Tsuchida (JP), Alain Goulem (credited as Al Goulem) (US)

An Order Soldier that works under Macoute. After Macoute was removed from the position as head of Grayridge, Gilliam managed the town.

Chii Star Yomi
Voiced by: Daigo Nakayama (JP)

A traveling performer from the Empire of the North Star. He likes when people appreciate his way of dancing.

Chiei Star Chihaya
Voiced by: Miwako Suguro (JP)

A traveling performer from the Empire of the North Star. Her partner is Yomi, who dances while she is playing her flute.

  • Casual Kink: Her relationship with Yomi is stated to be that of master (Yomi) and slave (Chihaya)(?).

Tenkou Star Tigre
Voiced by: Nobuaki Kanemitsu (JP)

A friend and an assistant of King Diulf. The one who is looking over Cragbark, every time King Diulf is away.

Chizoku Star Mun-Tsang
Voiced by: Tomoko Kobashi (JP)

A former Scribe member, exiled to the woods. She failed to steal the Tatau Council from Lao-Kwan; her tattoo changed to red as a symbol for his crime.

Chikatsu Star Keflen
Voiced by: Kyosuke Suzuki (JP)

Keflen went to the desert ruin to look for Belemuel, but before he could summon him, the One King destroyed his world. Luckily, the desert where the ruins are located fused with Sieg's world.

Tenshou Star Belemuel
Voiced by: Chikara Ousaka (JP)

A mysterious man the party encounters at the end of the ruins where Keflen had been found earlier. Belemuel has the same method of appearing out of nowhere like Zenoa.

Chido Star Hao-Shi
Voiced by: Hideyuki Umezu (JP)

An aggressive member of the tribe of the Scribes.

  • Enemy Mine: He still shows hostility even after he joins.

Chihi Star Kow-Low
Voiced by: Kiyotaka Furushima (JP)

A member of the Tribe of the Scribes who live in the Woodland Village.

Chii Star Rufa
Voiced by: Yuko Mizobe / 溝邉祐子 (JP)

A mysterious girl found in the ruins of Rarohenga.

Ten'i Star Enumclaw
A mysterious warrior, who can terminate a Formless Demon.


    The Order of the One True Way 

General tropes

  • Anti-Villain: Some of them; the Aster Folks are the most notable example.
  • Battle Couple: Conon and Fergus, Nova and Sophia, Vaslof and Resno.
  • Because Destiny Says So: This trope is the foundation of The Order of the One True Way. Followers believe in it so strongly that they don't even think to move to safety when a cleric announces that lightning will strike and kill in a crowd, because destiny said that it would happen. Disconcertingly for the heroes, all of their predictions do come true. The priests can predict the future because Valfred can read their world's Chronicle, a history of all its natural events. It doesn't say anything about what people will do, though, and it can (and has) been rewritten to suit the Order's desires.
  • Co-Dragons: The archivists, for Valfred.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Fredegund, Diadora, Nova, Sophia and the Aster Folk.
  • Hopeless Boss Fight: Everyone but Macoute and Beardsley pulls this at least once. Offen happens when the party meets a new archivist.
  • One-Winged Angel: The archivists can became one by 'fusing' with a False Chronicle. Everyone but Nova, Diadora, Vaslof and Resno ends up becoming one.

Voiced by: Kinryū Arimoto (JP), Glenn Bowser (US)

The Chancellor of the Order of the One True Way. He does not shy away from using his army to expand the reach of the Order.

Voiced by: Kiyotaka Furushima (JP), Bruce Dinsmore (US)
"Heh heh heh... What's this— Porpos-kin? How adorable. The very sight soothes my heart! But on the other hand... it... it is... It is your fault that I have been turned into this!"

He is an Archivist of the The Order, and is partnered with Fergus. Not much is known about Conon, except that he is very serious about acquiring the Chronicles, like his partner.

Voiced by: Hideyuki Umezu (JP), Martin Kevan (US)
"Shrimp! Are you calling me a shrimp?! Well... well... maybe you're right! It's your fault that I've got that reputation even in the Order! And that is why they did this to me, just like that youngster Conon!"

An archivist for the The Order of the One True Way, working under Valfred. He was assigned to look for the False Chronicles with his partner Conon.

Tenman Star Diadora
Voiced by: Yoshiko Sakakibara (JP), Patricia Summersett (US)

The lead archivist at the library in the Town of the Way, the stronghold of the Order of the One True Way in the town of Cynas. She wasn't originally a Starbearer, but upon the fusion of worlds, she received the Chronicle of her world and became a Starbearer.

Tenbou Star Nova
Voiced by: Rikiya Koyama (JP), Brett Schaenfield (US)

Nova is part of the Order, and a minor antagonist that Sieg and the Viele Wege Company fought on several occasions. His daughter is very afraid of him because of a traumatic experience.

  • Dual Boss: With Sophia.
  • Love Martyr: To his daughter, Sophia.
  • My Greatest Failure: An unfortunate accident caused him to briefly go crazy and attack his wife and daughter. Sophia survived, but Nova is now even more determined to protect her to make up for it.
  • Papa Wolf
  • The Quiet One
  • Stone Wall: Every time you fight the two of them, Nova is standing in front and absorbing all the damage while Sophia nukes you with spells from the back. His stats reflect that too.
  • Sword and Sorcerer: The sword.
  • 24-Hour Armor: He doesn't even have a sprite where he isn't wearing a helmet, so the only time in the entire game you can even see his face is one animated cutscene.

Tenkoku Star Sophia
Voiced by: Mamiko Noto (JP), Carrie Finlay (US)

A dedicated servant of the Order of the One True Way that works as one of the archivists in the great library of Cynas. Nova was her real father. She was fatally wounded when Nova went berserk as a result of receiving the mark of the Sacred Twin Blades, subsequently causing her to fear Nova and having her memories of him wiped from her mind. In need of a father figure, her mind had replaced Nova with Valfred, who had then gave her the Mark of the True Chronicle.

Tenfu Star Resno
Voiced by: Natsuki Mori (JP), Holly O'Brien (US)

An Auster Folk who lives in Lugenik. Like her husband Vaslof, she serves the The Order of the One True Way.

  • Big Damn Heroes: In her first appearance, she and Vaslof bail the party out when they're attacked by Conon and Fergus, thinking it's a mugging. Later, they help the hero to escape from the sand monsters of Fort Arc.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The Blue to Vaslof's Red.
  • Worthy Opponent

Tenmou Star Vaslof
Voiced by: Kenta Miyake (JP), Marcel Jeannin (US)

An Auster Folk, who works for The Order of the One True Way. He is Resno's husband. Vaslof is a loyal soldier, and believes in honor and justice.

  • Big Damn Heroes: In his first appearance, he and Resno bail the party out when they're attacked by Conon and Fergus, thinking it's a mugging. Later, they help the hero to escape from the sand monsters of Fort Arc.
  • Friendly Enemy: Vaslof quite likes the hero, even though he's on the other side.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The Red to Resno's Blue.
  • Worthy Opponent

Voiced by: Katsuyuki Konishi (JP), Aron Tager (US)

The Order head of Grayridge Town for many years.

Voiced by: Takumi Yamazaki (JP), Sean Baek (US)
"The One King's descent will soon be upon us! Lord Valfred's ideals— the One True Way— shall flourish! And I refuse to let you ruin it! I shall use this power, bestowed on me by Lord Valtred, to eliminate you! ONE WORLD!!! ONE FUTURE!!!"

An Order general.

     The One King 

The One King
Tenkai Star The One King
Voiced by: Hiroshi Tsuchida (JP), Alain Goulem (credited as Al Goulem) (US)

The Order of the One True Way in many worlds worshiped the One King and awaited his arrival. He would arrive when 12 worlds were "fused" with that world, which usually meant a century to wait. However, many leaders of the Order learned of a ritual that would allow the One King to arrive much quicker. Because of this, the worlds within the Infinity began to diminish quickly, giving the One King an incredible amount of power. He arrives in Sieg's world towards the end of the game, acting as the Final Boss.


Other characters

     The Magedom of Janam's royalty 

The royalty

  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing:
    • The Mage Lord Danash VIII himself who is introduce to Sieg as a kind and generous ruler, is later revealed to be a Manipulative Bastard who like pitting people or groups against each other in order to make them compete for his approval and, therefore contribute more to the Magedom. Which is why The Empress Consorts have deep hatred for each other.
    • Sairah. At first, she seems the nicest of the three Consorts, until she uses the Blades and the Company as bait in an attack, with the goal that they'll take most of the damage and her own Mage Corps will get all the glory.
  • Dark-Skinned Blonde: Rizwan and Kureyah.
  • Ret-Gone: Danash, alongside his three wives and the rest of the Magedom of Janam, is wipped out by a world fusion caused by Valfred.

Danash VIII
Danash VIII
Voiced by: Keiji Fujiwara (JP), Stephen Shellen (US)

The eighth Mage Lord of the Magedom of Janam, and father of Shams and Manaril. He is a very cunning individual, using tricks when necessary to increase his country's power, though he hides this cunning personality by acting kind and generous. Sieg himself claimed that Danash was no different from Valfred; a future Danash wanted and a future already predetermined seemed pretty much the same to Sieg.

  • Bald, Black Leader Guy: He is the Mage Lord, the 'king' of the Magedom.
  • Foil: To Sieg. Both are leader that fight against the order, but while Sieg tend to inspire trust and valorize mutual help, the emperor act by manipulating his underline and exiting the rivalry between them. The opposition becomes obvious when several character serving the magedom to join Sieg’s company.
  • Manipulative Bastard
  • Polyamory: Deconstructed. His various wives hate each other and are constantly jockeying for power, and the resulting infighting has turned the Magedom into a Decadent Court.
  • Scarpia Ultimatum: He tries to blackmail Chrodechild into marring him by taking the Blades hostage.

Voiced by: Ai Orikasa (JP), Catherine Kidd (US)

The first wife and the first empress consort of Danash VIII. She is in charge and the Commander of the Royal Mage Forces.

Voiced by: Takako Honda (JP), Jude Beny (US)

The second wife of Mage Lord of the Magedom of Janam, and the mother of Princess Manaril. She is the woman who took the charge of the Arcane Academy and the Chronicles.

  • Abusive Parents
  • The Archmage: Head of the Arcane Academy.
  • Break Her Heart to Save Her: She says a lot of really nasty and callous things when the gang shows up to rescue Manaril, thereby assuring that she'll leave with them instead of continuing to be a Love Martyr.
  • Dying Moment of Awesome: Whatever else she may have done, shoving the world fusion out of the way enough to save Salsabil was pretty awesome.
  • Hidden Heart of Gold: In order to survive the power struggle in the Magedom, she has no choice but to use any means to retain her status. Her final moments also show that she truly cares for Manaril.
  • Kick the Dog: She is not kind to her daughter. At all.
  • No Pronunciation Guide: The voice acting usually calls her "Lizlan".
  • Pet the Dog: Her comment after the party rescues Manaril suggests that she let them leave in order to save Manaril's life.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: She's forcing Manaril to read the Chronicle so that they have more information they can use to improve their magic and fight the Order.

Voiced by: Natsuki Mori (JP), Holly O'Brien (US)

The third wife and the Third Empress Consort of Danash VIII. She is from Salsabil. Her mother is Furat and her father is the Viceroy of Salsabil, Masrur. She and Danash VIII had a son name Shams.

    Kingdom of Salsabil 


The former King of Salsabil. After the alliance with the Magedom of Janam, he descended the throne and became the Viceroy of Salsabil. He have a wife name Furat and a daughter name Kureyah. He is Shams' grandfather.

The former Queen of Salsabil, and the wife of Masrur. She and Masrur have a child name Kureyah. Her grandson is Shams.

    The Scribes 

Voiced by: Hiroko Emori (JP), Lucinda Davis (US)

The Elder of the Scribes. She lives in Woodland Village along with the Scribes. She has tattoos all over his body like the other Scribes. Her Tattoo is a False Chronicles from her original world, and it is called Tatau Council.

    Characters from other worlds 

Other Marica
Tenkai Star Marica
Voiced by: Maaya Sakamoto (JP), Katherine Lai (US)

Bright and witty, the "Marica of the other world" has shown the capability of wielding a giant axe, which she obtained by laying her fingers on a mysterious book in her world. She arrived on Sieg's world by the Gateway, chasing after the Renegade.

Tenkai Star Atrie
Voiced by: Junko Noda (JP), Gianpaolo Venuta (US)
"We have to accept the outcome, but we can't blame our past selves, they didn't know the future."

A male in his teens from another world, in which he is the leader of the Starbearers. The situation on Atrie's World isn't much different from Sieg's World; they are on the offensive, but they haven't won.

Voiced by: Hidenobu Kiuchi (JP), Bruce Dinsmore (US)

A member of the Tribe of the Furious Roar, and a close friend of Sieg as well. He was a subordinate of King Diulf alongside Servillah and Lycia.

Nameless Hero

  • All There in the Manual: He only appears in the artbook, and his armor hints that he is the Tenkai Star who forcefully became the current One King.


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