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Wake him up early, will you?!

"There I was, on the one-yard line ready to score a touchdown to win the Super Bowl, when the new guy's alarm clock went off! If he wakes me up one more time like that, he's gonna get struck by Lightning!"

Our lives are increasingly filled with small electronic devices that make annoying shrill noises at us, usually when we least want them to. This often results in sudden, shocking violence toward such devices. Thus, makers of alarm clocks will never go out of business.

The oldest examples of this trope are all alarm clocks (or occasionally the even older non-digital form of the annoying wake-up, the rooster). Only with the arrival of the ubiquitous cell phone, has this trope wandered out of the bedroom and into public places.

The advent of cell phones has also instituted the expansion of the trope to violence directed toward devices owned by people other than yourself. It's not all that easy to justify whacking someone else's alarm clock (unless it's that pesky rooster owned by the neighboring farmer), but grabbing and smashing the cell phone of an inconsiderate owner — say, someone talking loudly and obnoxiously in a public place, or someone who forgot to turn the phone's ringer off before entering a movie theater — is not only simple, but may be considered a form of public service. (We do not support doing this in real life. You may get hurt or charged with a crime. On the other hand... Worth It.)


Other annoying modern noisemakers that may also be subject to this trope include smoke detectors/fire alarms, car alarms (usually requires demolishing the entire car to stop the noise), and carbon monoxide detectors.

Subtrope of Percussive Shutdown. A common tactic if the cruncher is Not a Morning Person. A typical reason for this reaction is I Was Having Such a Nice Dream. See also Cutting the Electronic Leash, a cellphone-specific and generally less violent related trope, Agitated Item Stomping, Shoot the Television. May go hand in hand with That Satisfying Crunch (for which this is a Sub-Trope).


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    Asian Animation 
  • Oye Golu: At the beginning of "Oye Chiku", Adi's alarm clock goes off and Golu hits it with a hammer.
  • The Simple Samosa episode "Sumo Momo" begins with Samosa being woken up by his alarm clock, which he then throws onto a wall, causing it to break and land in a box of broken alarm clocks.

    Comic Strips 
  • Garfield does this regularly to his alarm clock. Other times, he has done it to anything that made a ringing noise, including a telephone (at least twice) and an ice cream truck.
  • Alice from Dilbert once did this during a meeting where she was explaining the benefits of titanium rods like the one that happened to be in her possession at that time. A cell phone goes off and she shows just one of the reasons why they are so useful. She hands the offending co-worker the titanium rod with what's left of the cell phone stuck to it with a simple "It's for you."
  • Peter does it in a FoxTrot Sunday strip when the alarm clock interrupts a dream about making out with swimsuit models.

    Fan Works 
  • In Progress, Princess Luna is startled awake by Sundance's alarm clock and blasts it through a door and an outside wall. To be fair, it was her first time ever using one.
  • In the fanfic The Powers of Harmony, Twilight Pulls an interesting take on this. The alarm goes off, so she throws it out the window hard enough for it to fly for hundreds of yards. It hits one of her bodyguards.
  • Hobbes does this with a doorbell in Calvin and Hobbes: The Series.
  • In the fanfic The Best Night Ever (a Whole Plot Reference to Groundhog Day below), Prince Blueblood whales the springs out of the alarm clock for playing "Equestria Girls" every bucking iteration of the loop. And remember, this is a pony doing the Ring Ring Crunch; a hooved mammal.
  • Summer Days And Evening Flames: Gilda's first morning with an alarm clock, since she is now a Royal Guard cadet, she needs to wake up on schedule. Unlike most examples, Gilda comes to regret the event, since it leaves her talons aching for a few days, she needs to spend precious money to buy a new one, and the only one she could afford is a cuckoo clock with a pop-out bunny.
  • In the fanfic A Slice of Life, Celestia does this to her alarm clock. It's vaguely ironic that the Sun Princess, responsible for bringing the dawn at the beginning of each day, is not a morning pony.
  • In Ben 10 Hero High Earth Style, Gwen gets Ben an alarm clock for his birthday specifically because it can't be crunched as it is locked in a clear case which requires one to be awake enough to unlock it before it can be shut off.
  • In Being Dead Ain't Easy, to put it simply, Seto Kaiba is not a morning person.
    When the alarm goes off at 5:30AM, I hafta duck 'cause instead of turnin' it off, the freak groans, grabs the clock, and chucks it across the room. The poor clock smashes against the wall and dies.
  • In Time Travel? Really! Rose smashes her alarm clock every morning after it goes off and then casts Reparo on it.
  • In THE GREENGRASS COMPLEX Harry shoots his alarm clock every morning. According to Neville, six thousand have been destroyed in this manner.

    Films — Animation 
  • In the Soviet short His Wife Is a Hen, the husband has this reaction to the alarm clock after awaking from his nightmare.
  • Carl Frederickson in Up pounds his alarm clock with a fist to stop its ringing. This gets a Call-Back later when he's in the South American wilderness. A frog chirps and wakes him, and gets rewarded with the groggy thump of a fist.

  • The song "Alarm Clock" by The Rumble Strips deals with exactly this: Well I don't like doing things/That other folks tell me to do/So I hit him with a hammer/And now he's quite subdued.
  • The "Weird Al" Yankovic song "Ringtone", a lament about the anguish of having annoying cell phone music, includes the stanza "Well, it made my wife so sick, she smashed my iPhone with a brick, but I had it fixed and now it's just fine". Oddly, most of the other lyrics (and the video) display violence toward the cell phone's owner rather than the device itself.
  • The song "Cellphone Vigilante" by The Arrogant Worms has the protagonist doing this to people's cellphones going off in appropriate situations.

  • The cellphone variant was used in "The Frequent Flyer"; a very funny parody of "The Ancient Mariner" by Sebastian Faulks on The BBC Radio 4 literary Panel Game The Write Stuff.
  • Used regularly in the narrative intros and outros to Bleak Expectations. Anytime Elderly Pip gets frustrated with Mr. Sourquill's gadget of the week it's guaranteed to be broken in some manner or another. A notable example being the clock which gives various dings and chimes for every hour, minute and second; it suffers a very quick Appliance Defenestration.

    Video Games 
  • Wario Land II starts off with one of the most elaborate examples. The Black Sugar Gang sneaks into Wario's Castle in order to steal his treasure, and as part of the scheme, they place a living Waddling Head alarm clock in the castle which proceeds to wake up Wario and distract him from their thievery. The first level is completed upon destroying the clock.
  • Suikoden Tierkreis has a weird variation on this trope. One character, Nomno, is a Heavy Sleeper, reflected in combat by a unique ability called "Waking" that causes him to start every battle asleep, then gain the "Fury" status effect when he wakes up.
  • In the Super Famicom version of ClockWerx, the protagonist's destruction of his alarm clock somehow sends him to a Clock Punk dimension which he spends the game trying to escape.
  • In Cool Spot, Spot smashes an alarm clock with a hammer when you run out of time.
  • In ROBLOX Pokemon Brick Bronze The player character smashes their alarm clock when they wake up, also throwing it out the window.

    Web Animation 
  • ALARM By Mesai is a short film that is essentially built around this trope about a young man with apparent insomnia dealing with his Crazy-Prepared system that wakes him up in the morning: involving a Sound System, his Cellphone, and multiple traditional alarm clocks to try and keep him awake. Eventually he gets sick of this system: screaming as another Alarm Clock rings at him which he promptly tosses and breaks against the wall before leaving his apartment only to find out that he was asleep the whole time and has slept through the entire day. Waking up to see that the alarm clock on his desk is still ringing, he pulls out his handgun and shoots the alarm clock to destroy it.
  • Killer Bean (from the aptly-named Killer Bean 2) does this too, but with more violence.
  • On the first episode of Bad Days, Spider-Man crunches his alarm clock on waking up. A wastebasket full of broken alarm clock bits shows this is a daily occurrence.
  • In the Minecraft animation If Herobrine Had a Brother, Herobrine turns off his already beat-up alarm clock by slamming a pickaxe through it.

    Real Life 
  • This is one justification for robotic alarm clocks like "Clocky" that actually run away and hide after you hit the snooze button once. Then you have to get up and look for the clock when it rings again.
  • The cheaper alternative, of course, is to just put the clock across the room, where you can't reach it from the bed. Then again, there are accounts of people demonstrating the ability to deal with such troubles and stay asleep.
  • The Gun O'Clock toy-clock-thing.


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