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Funny / Suikoden Tierkreis

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  • "Have you perhaps come to profess your undying love for me?"
  • Rajim's recruitment. Sieg and Liu have just returned to the castle after their little adventure in the Ravine of Infinity, only to find Rajim waiting for them. As soon as he sees Liu, he is thoroughly offended that he'd get such "gaudy" tattoos and tries to haul him off to give him a proper lecture... only to get zapped, because the tattoos are a Chronicle.
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  • Any time Macoute comes onscreen after Grayridge is taken over is guaranteed to be one.
  • This exchange:
    Sieg: Hey, windbag!
    Sieg: Okay then. Hey, scumbag!
  • Gorno's ALL CAPS SHOWDOWN!!! with himself from another world.
  • Seeing the prim and proper Neira becoming the all-hammy goddess Ninulneda can be pretty funny, especially considering how sudden those things are.

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