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The Suikoden series has quite a lot of humor inherent, pulling the whole gamut with all 108 characters in each game...

Viktor: Hey! Do you know where Mathiu lives?

  • "Scholteheim Reinbach III"
    • "Me sir? I'm just a poor jujube vendor, with hungry kids waiting at home..."
  • Nash trashtalking Sierra during the Neclord play in III.
    • Nearly anyone who comes into contact with Sierra makes knocks about her age, including the cooking game NPC in II.
  • Also mentioned on the Awesome page, Geddoe's response to Luc's impassioned rant about the fate of the world is
    • Geddoe: ...Have you finished your speech, kid?
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  • "Riou, do you...want my carrots?" This line is a bit of a Memetic Mutation in the fandom.
  • Viktor's poor attempt at a lion flag for his mercenary fortress, and everyone's reaction to it.
  • Every single word out of Egbert Aethelbald's mouth.
    Egbert: I've heard that you're taking a stand against that FILTHY DEVIL, Godwin! You're going to BASH him up good?! This is absolutely wonderful news! That insalubrious blackguard Godwin is truly the very SOUL of evil incarnate! His PESTIFEROUS being spreads evil to everything it TOUCHES! Stormfist USED to be mine, I tell you! It RIGHTFULLY belongs to the House of Aethelbald! He TOOK it from me, he TRICKED everyone! FILTHY, FILTHY, DEVIL! No QUARTER or MERCY for the FILTHY DEVIL! BASH HIS EXECRABLEMALEFICENT RANCOROUSDAMNABLEFACE! DEVIL! PERFIDIOUSMISERABLEODIOUSWRESTCH!! GEETAAAAARRRGH!!!
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  • Nina's hilariously creepy infatuation with Flik, including her stealing his bandanna and washing it for no apparent reason, causing Flik to be late for a strategy meeting because he was chasing her down.
  • Nanami's introduction, which involves her tackling Riou, slamming him into a rock wall hard enough to leave an indent, dragging him around, and practically throttling him in her excitement.
  • Your initial encounter with Ronnie Bell, who's accosting two other people (who are also Star of Destiny character) for calling her "giant woman". The two people try to clarify and defend themselves... while keeping saying "giant woman" with every other sentence. Just as Ronnie is about to beat them up, you, unseen by Ronnie or the people she's confronting, are offered an opportunity to nip the fight in the bud with one of the two available options. The first one has you calling the guys Ronnie is accosting (since you had met up with them earlier in the game). The second option? "Hey, giant woman!"
    Ronnie Bell: Eeeeek! Who was it this time?!

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