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  • The team's reaction to entering Haud Village, a town created by "artists", for the first time.
    Lyon: Is... is the circus in town?
    Georg: I think the town IS the circus.
    Zegai: It is... an attack on my senses.
  • Rahal's disguise invokes Stupid Sexy Flanders towards the rest of the party.
  • Frey and Lyon throwing up in the sea when they were traveling towards the Island Nations.
  • Egbert. Much of what he says about those FILTHY DEVIL GODWINS! is funny. "I'll stab him in the FOREHEAD with my FINGERNAIL!"
    Egbert: I've heard that you're taking a stand against that FILTHY DEVIL, Godwin! You're going to BASH him up good?! This is absolutely wonderful news! That insalubrious blackguard Godwin is truly the very SOUL of evil incarnate! His PESTIFEROUS being spreads evil to everything it TOUCHES! Stormfist USED to be mine, I tell you! It RIGHTFULLY belongs to the House of Aethelbald! He TOOK it from me, he TRICKED everyone! FILTHY, FILTHY, DEVIL! No QUARTER or MERCY for the FILTHY DEVIL! BASH HIS EXECRABLEMALEFICENT RANCOROUSDAMNABLEFACE! DEVIL! PERFIDIOUSMISERABLEODIOUSWRESTCH!! GEETAAAAARRRGH!!!
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  • Kyle explaining to the prince that he wanted to come along to Lunas with him and the Princess. Since he was exempt from Lordlake and Stormfist, he wanted to do something. Ferid's response? "They'd be safer in the jaws of a Creeper!" When you find out what the ceremony entails, you have to give Ferid credit for saving his daughter and sister-in-law from the eyes of a pervert. Also, his reaction when you admit you DIDN'T see anything.
  • Sialeeds wanting to beat some sense into the hero's doppelganger. Lyon stutters at first as if to tell her "how could you?" but really says "How could you not invite ME to slap him senseless too?!"
  • Sialeeds is not to be disturbed while sleeping. Or else you'd get a a big black eye. Poor Lyon.
  • Bath scenes are chock full of humor. Some noteworthy examples include:
    • Three guys with intense hatred on something: Nakula (Nether Gate), Raven (Oboro) and Egbert (FILTHY GODWIN DEVILS!) take a bath together and spend their time with nothing but screaming off curses to their hated subjects, scaring off the perfectly sane Wasil from entering the bath.
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    • Takamu asking Shoon about the map of Stormfist underground passage, with Shoon telling him to go to Egbert... Takamu just keeps asking Shoon like a Broken Record, annoying the latter, until Takamu revealed the truth: He did ask Egbert, but after the first corner is done, he just got about more than a hundred "Filthy devils!".
  • Zwieg intruding on Viki and Lorelai's the bath. They were understandably shocked...until Zwieg points out that Lorelai would do the same thing. She agrees. Cue Viki screaming in terror and running.
  • The furo scene, where Subala and Lun discuss their assets. Subala points out that Lun's grew so big because she's been drinking that... "suff". Lun's mother, Kisara, tells Subala she can have some too, if she likes. Cue shocked responses... until they find out she's talking about Raja's tea...
    • Kisara was talking about how big and round it made Lun's... eyes.
  • The scene where Euram Barrows tries to discredit the Prince in Sable. The group has the bright idea to go with his plan at first, then turn around and reveal it to everyone. Which results in terrible acting all around. Dinn, Sialeeds and Lyon are easily the worst, with Faylen and Faylon not being much better. And, of course, Euram steals the scene. At one point, the Prince is shown looking in dismay at what's happening around him.
  • Any time Mathias says his Catchphrase of exacting swift and final retribution to the enemy and cast their loathsome corpse in the nearest body of water. The presence of that Catchphrase alone is just enough to make people grin.
  • Mueller repeatedly kicking Richard's ass over his fawning "love" for him. Since Richard is a legitimate badass and is considered one of the greatest swordsman in the game makes it even funnier.
  • Nikea is introduces angrily arguing with a guard telling her she can't participate in the Sacred Games because of her gender, even though Falena is a Matriarchy. Apparently no one told her what the prize was.
  • After the group catches Logg and Lun illegally mining for gold in Lunas, the two of them argue with each about how smart it was to mine at night with a lamp (since it led to them being caught extremely easily). After listening to their half-witted arguments, Lymsleia delivers what may be the sickest burn in a video game.
    Lymsleia: Um, Frey? I think the lamp was the brightest thing about these two.
  • Lu's uh... fascination with the robot horse in the Revolving Bridge.
    Lu: Whoaaaaaaaa! So, totally, utterly, awesomely KEWL! It's all, "Hey, I'm a giant robot horsey! Look at me!" Kewl!
  • The traditional Comment Box is a goldmine of hilarious comments and requests from the various members of your army, but once again Egbert manages to take the cake.
    The Filthy Devil Letter (From: Egbert): "You have to send exact copies of this letter to twenty-seven people within twenty-seven days. If you don't, you'll be a 'filthy devil.' FILTHY DEVIL!"
  • Gunde the dwarf's introduction scene features his disbelief over Logg's introduction of his daughter Lun, the Prince, and Lyon the Queen's Knight. He reasons that Logg couldn't possibly have a daughter that cute, leading to...
    Lun: Hey! What are you tryin' to do, embarrass me? What?! You want a piece of me, Mr. Dwarf?! Put up yer dukes!
    Gunde: ...On second thought, this is definitely your daughter.
    Lun: What?!
    Logg: What'n the hell's THAT s'pposed ta mean?!
  • Skald Egan's Crazy Awesome personality leads to a lot of these moments, especially because he plays it up to get others to "compromise" by meeting his insane ideas halfway. One example when a bunch of pirates take over the Nirva lighthouse and threaten to burn it down that night unless they're granted safe passage and immunity. Skald's first plan is to wait until nightfall. When his lieutenant and daughter, Bernadette, assumes he'll launch a night raid, he only states that a lighthouse on fire would be more spectacular at night. Bern is not impressed.

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