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Hello there. I am clemont107, an avid horror-film fan, and music and computer obsessed Geek. I also like listening to (and attempt to compose) trailer music, though I usually prefer sound-design thriller tracks as opposed to conventional orchestral "epic music" tracks, mostly because the former sound more intense and gritty to me. My DeviantArt page can be found here.

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    Favorite Filmmakers, Actors, Producers, etc. 

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Works I am interested in

    Anime and Manga 
    Films — Live-Action 
    Video Games 
    Western Animation 

    Tropes that describe me 
  • Animesque: Some of my art fits this, but it's also inverted in that I often draw anime characters in a Western Animation artstyle, especially that of Family Guy.
  • Berserk Button: Several:
    • Name-calling. I don't like it when people call me names, and I don't like it when people call other people names.
    • Having one person do all the work by themselves. It's stressful for them, and I would rather have people divide the work together.
    • Wasting time. Time is something one can never get back, so I prefer to be most efficient with things.
    • Politics. I just try to avoid discussions about it, for my sanity's wellbeing.
  • The B Grade: I try to avoid B-grades or lower, but sometimes I cannot help it.
  • Break the Cutie: Essentially happens to me when I least expect it.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Sometimes I get so obsessed with some thoughts in my head that I forget other things, to my detriment.
  • Cosmic Plaything: Somehow a lot of bad things happen to me. I'm really unlucky.
  • Curious as a Monkey: I tend to be interested in a lot of new things I end up learning about. Sometimes this backfires.
  • The Cynic: I always hope for the best but also prepare for the worst outcome.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: I like dark colors and horror movies but I'm usually a pleasant person.
  • The Eeyore: Downplayed, but I feel that bad things keep happening to me for some reason and this causes my outlook on life to be worse off.
  • Fat Idiot: Inverted. I'm slightly overweight but I'm actually quite smart when it comes to computers, mathematics and other fields. But I do make a lot of mistakes.
  • Geek: I like video games, movies and television shows, and computers.
  • Gentleman and a Scholar: While I'm jerkish sometimes, it's never about bragging about my knowledge of things. I try use my knowledge to help others succeed.
  • Goth: Downplayed, but I do like wearing dark clothes and listening to rock/metal music.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Sometimes if I get insulted or something bad happens to me, I get upset easily. I try to control this though.
  • Hell Is That Noise: I'm a fan of these kinds of sounds.
  • Heroic Self-Deprecation: Downplayed. I know that I'm pretty smart but sometimes I doubt myself when I have to complete an assignment, because I don't know if I can do well.
  • The Insomniac: Most nights I have trouble sleeping, for some reason.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: I'm generally a nice person, but sometimes I freak out quite easily if something unexpected happens or if I can't get any sleep.
  • Mood-Swinger: Sometimes I get really happy for a bit, thinking about something, and then I get back to reality and then enter my "sad phase".
  • Nervous Wreck: Sometimes if something unexpected happens to me, I am reduced to this.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: I have a fear of accidentally causing this.
  • The Omniscient: What I aspire to be.
  • Previews Pulse: I like these sounds in trailer music, particularly sound-design suspense tracks.
  • Sleep Deprivation: This happens a lot to me because of stress, work, and a lot of other things I didn't plan for.
  • The Smart Guy: I know a lot of stuff about computers, mathematics, and sciences, though there are a lot of things I still don't know about.
  • Stepford Smiler: Sometimes I try to keep a happy smile, but I'm not truly happy most of the time.
  • Marnie
    • I think Marnie would take part in environmental activism in her free time, because it would allow her to interact more with Pokémon and help protect them. I could see her adopting a Granola Girl aesthetic on occasion while doing so.
    • I also think Marnie would try to compose electronic music in her spare time, including trailer music. She would specialize in sound-design trailer music, getting into this hobby because she was a bit disappointed that there was a shift in focus away from sound-design towards orchestral content in recent years.
  • Mina Ashido
    • I think that Mina would do cosplays as a hobby, dressing up as other, different characters, sometimes from other franchises. To complete the cosplay, she would even get in-character and act as if she were actually the character she was cosplaying as, in a form of Method Acting.
  • Penny
    • I think Penny would be interested in the rainforest and would love to travel there to explore and find new species of creatures as well as archaeological artifacts from ancient civilizations. She would also use technology to identify and help Pokemon there in a form of environmental conservation, similar to how contemporary environmentalists do in Real Life.